• • Worked with a team of developers to create a web application for a client, resulting in a 30% increase in client's customer engagement
  • • Assisted in the troubleshooting and resolution of 50+ user-reported issues

5 Entry Level It Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

Customize this resume with ease using our seamless online resume builder.

Average resume stats for your industry

Top Skills for Entry Level It resume

  • Communication
  • Organisation
  • Analytical thinking
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Accountability

Resume Example Fold Background

Try more resume templates

Traditional Entry Level It Resume Template


Timeline Entry Level It Resume Template

Resume Guide

How to write an entry level it resume, entry-level it resume objective: how to make it great, entry-level it resume summary tips, entry-level it resume with no experience, skills to include on an entry level it resume, resume tips for entry-level it technical support positions, other sections to include on your resume, that’s how to write a great entry level it resume.

Entry Level It resume example

If the information technology field was a building, you'd want to reach the penthouse.

But that requires getting your entry level IT resume past the hiring manager who acts as the bodyguard.

When you make the decision to pursue a career in IT, it’s important to take a hard look at your prior experience.

By carefully thinking about your past roles through the lens of the role you’d like to get, you may find a treasure trove of relevant experience.

And that experience will be necessary to write an effective entry level IT resume that stands out and makes the recruiter take notice.

You have to show that you have the skills and attitude to make it in the competitive IT field.

Even if you don't have a ton of experience, your entry level IT resume can make an impact. So you should have an idea on how to write a resume .

That's what this guide is here to do for you.

This guide will provide you with the following

  • 8+ entry level IT resume samples that will show you what will catch a recruiter’s attention
  • How to write a solid entry level IT resume with no or little experience
  • The achievements and activities you can showcase in your resume
  • Specific guidelines for seeking an entry level position in technical support

After reading this guide, you’ll be able to confidently present yourself to a recruiter and separate yourself from the competition to land your first job in the IT world.

Many employers post a job looking for a “unicorn.” They want someone with years of experience looking to make an entry-level salary.

If you see a job posting that interests you, don’t stress that you don’t have a ton of experience.

For an Entry level IT resume, no one is going to expect you to be a master at building IT teams.

We’re here to help you get noticed and get interviewed.

Focus on the following sections in your resume to have a higher chance of making it past the initial round of resume reviews.

5 sections that make up a great entry level IT resume

  • Resume objective or summary
  • Work experience
  • Certifications or Training

One main goal is to showcase your soft skills throughout your resume.

While you may lack some of the skills listed in job postings, “soft skills” can be surprisingly important and many skills are transferable into IT roles.

For example, if you’re looking to start in a help desk position, things like communication, customer service, familiarity with Microsoft Office, and other common skills can be a huge boost to your resume.

Above all, make sure you tailor any past experience to the job you’re seeking. Connect the dots so the recruiter sees how your talents match up with what they are looking for in a candidate.

For more information on the best resume formats, read our guide: The Best Resume Formats You Need to Consider (5+ Examples Included) .

An entry level IT resume objective can be tricky to write. How do you sum up what you’re looking for in a career in one sentence?

Good news—you don’t have to.

Traditional career objectives are out, at least in the eyes of hiring professionals.

Don't say things irrelevant to the position you’re trying to get. It wastes words and won’t make a difference.

Here is an example of a standard objective:

Notice how that doesn’t actually say anything of substance?

Instead use a headline-style line that states the specific job you are seeking:

This will show that you took the time to personalize your resume rather than send out the same file to everyone.

If you’re looking to craft a compelling resume objective instead, read our writing tips at 10 Resume Objective Examples You Need to Steal (How-to-Guide) .

Since you’re relatively (or completely) new to the IT industry, you need a great summary to catch attention.

But what can you say when you’ve had such little experience?

The summary should display what you bring to the table that will benefit the company’s IT department. Take this opportunity to make your professional skills shine.

To take things a step further, you should also use this section to list personal qualities that aren’t found elsewhere in your resume. Keep them focused on the job description.

One common mistake is to substitute skills and experience with goals in the summary, like in this example:

Does that say, “Qualified Applicant” to you? Probably not. It gives no real information on what the candidate can actually do for the company—just what the candidate believes he/she can do.

Instead, choose 3-4 impressive items from your resume that show you’ll be an asset for the organization.

You can also add in a statement that shows personal growth or desire to learn.

Also, remember that quality experience doesn’t have to be IT-related. The summary can highlight other skills that are relevant to the position.

These can include:

  • Ability to work independently or as part of a team
  • Success at respecting and meeting deadlines
  • Attention to detail and quality
  • Knack for juggling multiple tasks and priorities

Remember to be honest about what you can do and have done or your application will land in the “Do Not Hire” pile.

For more tips on crafting an attention-grabbing resume summary, check out our guide Resume Summary: How-To Guide (30+ Examples You Need To See) .

How can you grab attention when you don’t have much (if any) experience?

With the correct resume type , and some knowledge on how to build eash ot its sections. For an entry-level job applicant, the functional skill-based type of resume could be most benefitial, as it is concentrating on skills not experience.

First, avoid showing off irrelevant information to appear better suited for the company.

  • • Managed staff of 10 for company events and trade shows.
  • • Responsible for all budget development and management.
  • • Named ‘Employee of the Month’ on three occasions.
  • • Ensured strict enforcement of all brand standards.

This shows professional qualities that aren’t needed for an entry level IT person.

Focus on important skills: hardware/software usage or installation, training, and security.

  • • Implemented lead tracking software for events and trade shows. Trained 5 staff members on the platform.
  • • Installed new VOIP phone system to increase productivity and reduce costs.
  • • Performed risk analysis for the company's web-based platforms and increased network security by developing and implementing proper protocols.

Now that seems more like a person the company will want to hire, doesn’t it?

Also, don’t list skills instead of past accomplishments.

  • • Highly competent manager or staff, projects, and finances.
  • • Dedicated customer service professional with advanced interpersonal communication skills.
  • • Expert programmer with the ability to code quickly with minimal errors to the delight of management and clients.
  • • Developed scalable, distributed data architectures for several research projects.
  • • Increased hardware productivity by 20% while reducing raw material consumption with 20% by improving process controls.
  • • Installed inventory tracking software system that reduced inventory costs by 35%.

Remember, IT experience can come from anywhere.

Volunteer for charitable, religious, or non-profit organizations that can’t afford an IT staff. Or offer to work for free in exchange for a professional reference.

For more ideas on how to create an actionable resume experience section, check out our guide How to Describe Your Resume Work Experience .

When it comes to an entry level IT resume, there are two types of skills that you can highlight your technical skills and soft skills.

Technical skills to include on your entry-level IT resume

  • Programming languages
  • Operating systems
  • Hardware/software
  • Methodologies

A common mistake is to put all technical competencies on your resume. A better tactic is to only put the skills relevant to the role for which you are applying.

For example, a network support position doesn’t require Java or Dreamweaver skills.

Showcase the soft skills that show the type of person/employee you are. These can make you stand out from the candidates who only focus on the technical.

Interpersonal skills to include on your IT resume

  • Adaptability
  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Interpersonal
  • Perceptiveness
  • Decision Making
  • Dependability

These skills can make your resume unique, but don’t overuse them or use them improperly.

After all, if a person you don’t know says that he/she is honest, will that make you trust him/her?

Ironic, isn’t it?

Are you still not sure what skills will win recruiters over? Check out our guide on How to Create A Resume Skills Section To Impress Recruiters (+10 Examples You Need to See) .

You can get an entry level technical support position even if you don’t have an extensive IT background.

Here are some tips for you to consider while creating your technical support resume:

  • Emphasize your educational background and accomplishments, including GPA and awards
  • Highlight transferable technical and “soft” skills that relate to a support position
  • List strengths that are desirable and relevant to the IT field
  • Keep employment history brief and focused on outcomes rather than outputs

You also need to show you can solve issues quickly and efficiently.

Your resume will be more attractive to hiring professionals by showing a mix of service and support experience.

Depending on the company, job seniority level and your location, you may want to include more sections to your Entry Level IT resume:

  • Language skills
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Volunteer work
  • LinkedIn on Resume
  • Certifications

Now you know what you need to do to get the recruiter’s attention. Some key points to remember:

  • Tailor the information in the resume to the job description and company
  • Focus on your accomplishments more than your skills
  • Translate your skills and previous experience to the IT sector
  • Include statements about personal/professional growth and discovery
  • Don’t say anything you don’t mean or can’t do—it will cause serious issues later in the hiring process
  • Gain experience through volunteer, part-time, or freelance work

entry level it resume example

Looking to build your own Entry Level It resume?

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How to Write an Entry Level IT Resume [With 3 Examples]

How to Write an Entry Level IT Resume [With 3 Examples]

Madison Norton

When we speak to entry-level IT professionals, it isn’t uncommon for us to hear -

“I sent 400 applications and only got 2 calls, is it normal? Is finding an IT job that hard? Is my entry-level IT resume that bad?”

Not having an experience hurts your chances for sure, but it isn’t the end of the road .

The key is to differentiate yourself from the rest by writing an entry-level IT resume.

While you work on improving your qualifications (projects, certifications, etc) - this guide will help you perfect your IT resume with no experience .

Let’s start by looking at some entry-level IT resumes that you can drive inspiration from. But if you feel you need more inspiration, browse our 500+ resume examples library.

  • Entry Level IT Resume with No Experience Example

entry level it resume with no experience

  • Entry Level IT Resume with 6 Months of Experience Example

entry level IT resume with 6 months of experience

  • Entry Level IT Support Technician Resume Example

it support technician resume example

  • How to Write an Entry-Level IT Resume

After reviewing thousands of entry-level IT resumes, here’s our take on how you should write yours:

  • Unprofessional templates, odd white spaces, and general ill-fitting resume templates lead to rejection. That’s why select the right entry-level IT resume template.
  • Avoid writing paragraphs, try to use bullet points and short sentences. 90% of rejected entry-level resumes fail to do this.
  • Carefully put an objective summary, your top skills, any past relevant experience or projects, education, and IT certifications as individual sections.
  • Now, make sure your objective is less than three lines, communicates your skills, past relevant experience, and why you are applying for this IT role.
  • While listing any relevant past experience, follow the STAR method to impress the hiring manager.
  • On the education section - list your degree and year. Add your GPA only if it is more than 3.7.
  • While listing your certifications - make sure to list the date on which you completed the certification.
  • When your list your skills - focus on IT technical skills and leverage this section to add relevant keywords.
  • If you still wish to add soft skills, add them in a separate section.

If you have no experience to show at all (not even from student jobs that could potentially show transferable skills) - put the following sections in your resume instead (in this order):

  • Resume header with full name, contact information, links, and objective summary.
  • Relevant IT projects.
  • Certifications

If you follow the advice given above - you’ll be able to beat 90% of competing job applications.

Also, a hiring manager would consider your application a lot more seriously as your being so thoughtful with your entry-level IT resume.

All good so far, right? And, we understand that you aren’t a copywriter who can write these entry-level IT resume sections without sweating.

That’s why we will show you how you can perfectly write each of these sections. And, we will give you templates to write yours as well.

  • Example Entry-Level IT Resume Objective

Aspiring IT Support professional with deep expertise in hardware troubleshooting, technology deployment, network troubleshooting, and virtualization. Dean’s List for all semesters. Actively exploring opportunities to solve complex networking problems.

This IT objective is extremely brief, very impactful, and would keep the hiring manager interested in your application.

If you wish to create a similar entry-level IT resume objective without the pain, simply fill out the template below.

Entry-Level IT Resume Objective Template

Aspiring IT [target job title] professional with deep expertise in [skill 1], [skill 2], and [skill 3]. Achieved [add your top achievement here]. Actively exploring opportunities to solve [a specific interest of yours] problems.

  • Summary or Objective for your Entry-level IT Resume with No Experience?

If you have no IT experience, we recommend that you write an objective instead of a resume summary. An objective can more meaningfully convey your existing skills, how they are relevant and why you are applying for a position.

A resume summary would only help if you are an entry-level IT professional with 0-1 year of experience. And, if that’s the case, here’s an example and a template for you.

  • Entry Level IT Resume Summary for 0-1 Year Experience IT Professionals

IT Support professional with 8 months of managing ACME’s intranet and handling all IT tickets. Evolved and scaled IT systems at ACME and now exploring more challenging IT support opportunities.

Use the template below to write an impactful entry-level IT resume summary.

Template for Entry-Level IT Resume Summary

IT [job title] professional with [0-1] month(s) of [core expertise, core responsibilities]. [Achieved something] at [current company] and now exploring more challenging [job title] opportunities.

You now should be able to effortlessly write your own entry-level IT objective or summary.

Once you’ve shown a hiring manager that you are skillful and passionate about information technology - it’s time to give them exactly what they want to read further.

We will do that by showcasing relevance through:

  • Any work experience with transferable skills.
  • Project work performed that displays technical proficiency in IT.
  • Certifications that show commitment to learning.
  • Skills that show you are relevant to the position.
  • Relevant education and a great academic record.
  • Right Way to Fill Work History When You’ve No IT Experience

When you write your work history section, you either:

  • Have internships or other jobs whose experience would help display your proficiency with IT systems.
  • You have no internship or experience but have worked on technical IT projects in college or a personal capacity.

When writing an entry-level IT resume where you can show any past experience that can highlight transferable skills - follow these steps:

  • Look at the job description, and extract key skills a hiring manager would want a potential candidate to have.
  • Explain how your past experience involved leveraging those skills or solving similar problems.
  • Make sure to list your work experience in form of a bulleted list.
  • Follow the STAR method while writing your experience.
  • Make sure to re-read your entry-level IT resume

But what if you have never worked any job before? Not even an internship!

In that case, we advise that you rename the “Work Experience” section of your entry-level IT resumer to “IT Projects”. Now, you can list your projects in a no-experience IT resume in two ways.

Here are two formats for entry-level IT resumes.

Format Entry-level IT Resume With No Experience #1

[Name of IT Project] [Date/Duration]

  • [bullet list item #1 e.g. performed network testing for 100+ connected gateways]
  • [bullet list item #2 …]
  • [bullet list item #3 …]

Note - use this format only when you are listing a large project. It would make little sense to list smaller projects in that way. If you have done multiple-smaller projects, use the resume format provided below.

IT Projects [Date/Duration]

  • [Project 1] [one line description e.g. performed network testing for 100+ connected gateways]
  • [Project 2] [one line description …]
  • [Project 3] [one line description …]

If you have done any IT internship, list that within the work experience section.

Example of Listing Internship on an Entry-Level IT Resume

IT Support Intern | May-June 2021 Nyoom Technologies | New York, NY

  • Assisted with day-to-day IT support queries from Nyoom staff, achieving a 95% success rate.
  • Participated in training and development sessions with a staff mentor to develop my IT support and customer service skills.
  • Collaborated with IT support staff to update support documentation, empowering staff to address IT issues independently
  • Entry Level IT Skills for Resume
  • Database maintenance
  • Systems administration
  • Customer service
  • Collaboration
  • Microsoft Office suite
  • Troubleshooting

These skills are expected from every entry-level IT candidate. If you are applying for a specific role e.g. IT Network Administrator - highlighting your IT networking skills would be the best.

  • Certifications for Entry-Level IT Resume
  • CompTIA Network+
  • CompTIA Security+

These certifications are very commonly expected from entry-level IT resumes with no experience.

  • Add Keywords to Your Entry-Level IT Resume

While writing your entry-level IT resume, pick relevant keywords from this list and add to your resume:

  • System administration
  • IT networking
  • IT infrastructure
  • Database administration
  • Ticket management
  • Patch management
  • System upgrades
  • Network configuration
  • Real Entry-Level IT Resumes and What They Can Improve

Entry-Level IT Resume Feedback #1

entry level it resume example with feedback to improve 1

If we were to improve this entry-level IT resume, we would:

  • Lead with IT skills instead of experience using a functional or a combination resume format.
  • The date the IT support technician certification was completed should be listed.
  • The entry-level IT candidate should make devices, vendors, services, applications, etc that they worked with more visible as that’s the information a hiring manager would look for.

Entry Level IT Resume Feedback #2

entry level it support desk resume feedback -2

  • The resume is more than one page, that’s not helpful for an entry-level IT resume. Reduce it to one page.
  • Reduce the skill section by using commas instead of adding them to a new line.
  • Since the candidate already has an IT background, it would help them if they write an objective explaining how their skills are transferable and better explain why they are applying for the position.
  • The resume template used in this entry-level resume has too much whitespace that unnaturally extends the length. Select a better resume template.
  • Use more IT specific keywords e.g. troubleshooting systems, networking, Linux, etc.

Entry Level IT Resume Feedback #3

entry level it resume feeback to improve 3

  • Turn the two lines under the existing experiences into bullet points following a STAR format.
  • Add any relevant IT certification or IT education in a separate section.
  • Reduce the number of soft skills used as they are adding fluff to this entry-level resume. The resume currently appears to be from a candidate that hasn’t proactively learned anything about information technology.
  • List your college/university and your major/minor. List your GPA if your GPA is more than 3.7.
  • Remove the strength section as it is adding no value to your resume.
  • How to Improve your Entry-Level IT Resume Even Further?

Reach out to your contacts, colleagues, friends, mentors, etc within the target IT role and ask them for feedback on your entry-level IT resume.

Madison Norton

Madison Norton

VP Marketing & Resume Expert

Madison is the VP Marketing and General Manager at VisualCV . He's a seasoned marketing leader, resume writing and career marketing expert and now helping people grow their own career marketing strategies to build a career they love.

Madison on LinkedIn

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Resume formatting tips and examples for all jobs and experience levels. Learn how to best format your resume and land that dream job!

August 8, 2023

Madison Norton

Our 2023 Free Resume Writing Guide is filled with quality job search tips, resume examples and information you need to know before writing your resume or CV.

January 30, 2023

The complete guide to using a two-column resume template [with examples]

What is a two-column resume, and why should I use one? With stylish templates and efficient use of space, a two-column resume is great for any job-seeker.

April 22, 2022

Ben Temple

Community Success Manager & CV Writing Expert

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How to Write an Information Technology Resume (With Examples)

Browse examples, tips, free templates, and in-demand skills for your information technology resume.

[Featured Image] A potential employer sits at a meeting table and smiles at a prospective employee holding their information technology resume.

A resume serves as your first impression to potential employers. It must be thoughtful, organized, and easy to read. Resume templates can be helpful tools to get you started, but many of the ones you’ll find online are hidden behind a paywall. Additionally, they don’t provide you with any guidance on how to effectively demonstrate your IT skills. The following article walks through each step you’ll need to take to craft an impressive information technology resume. Below, you’ll find free templates, action verbs for describing your accomplishments, and example sections for every level of experience. 

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Best resume format for information technology (IT)

Rather than choosing a format based on your industry, consider choosing one based on your strengths. Three primary types of resumes are listed below, alongside who might be best suited for each one: 

Chronological. Chronological resumes focus on your career path. These types of resumes are well-suited to those who can show linear, chronological growth from education or credentials to entry-level work experience and beyond. If you earned a degree and began working in your field immediately after graduation, you may be a good candidate for the chronological resume format. 

Functional. Functional resumes focus more heavily on skills and credentials than your career path and prior work experience. You might consider using the functional resume format if you have alternative education credentials such as certifications or want to emphasize your skill set above all. If you’re switching to an IT career from a related role, a functional resume could be a good fit for you.

Combination. As the name suggests, combination resumes showcase skills alongside career progression. If you have some work experience and specific skills you consider strengths, a combination format might be most suitable for your resume. 

Read more: Types of Resumes: Choosing the Right Format for Your Needs

Free information technology resume templates 

One of the easiest ways to obtain a resume template for free is through Google Docs. Once you’re on docs.google.com, search for the Template Gallery near the top right of the page. Scroll down to review your options. You’ll likely need to adjust the templates a bit to suit your needs, so we recommend one with fewer graphical elements (such as the page break lines in the Swiss template) for simplified editing. Here’s a quick breakdown of your other options:

Serif. This resume template suits someone who wants to adhere to the chronological format . It begins with experience, followed by education, followed by a projects section. On the right side, a panel taking up a third of the page is dedicated to skills, awards, and languages. For an IT role, you might consider swapping the awards title for technologies so that you can include any IT platforms or tools you’re familiar with in addition to (or instead of) programming languages. 

Coral. The Coral resume template is well-suited for the functional resume format . It begins by showcasing your skills, then moves on to experience, followed finally by education and awards. You might consider adding a section below awards or replacing the awards section with technologies or tools. Certification or awards can be included under education if you decide to replace the awards section. 

The Muse’s Google Docs template . In addition to the built-in options on Google Docs, The Muse designed a resume template that you can access via Google Docs. Beginning with a summary, followed by professional experience, volunteer work, skills, and finally, education, this template can be a great starting point for someone who wants to follow a combination resume format . As an IT professional, you might consider swapping volunteer work for tools and technologies or highlighting relevant extracurricular activities. 

Of the above options, only The Muse’s template includes a summary. We recommend including a summary at the top of your resume to include any highlights or strengths you’d like to draw attention to immediately. If you want to use another template that doesn’t include a summary, you can add one yourself by copying the font style from the title of another section and entering it at the top of the page (after your personal information and before the first section).

How to fill out each section of your information technology resume

Now that you’ve chosen a template, it’s time to personalize it with your information. Talking about yourself and your accomplishments can be challenging, especially when you have limited space. Consider browsing job listings for positions you find desirable. This can help guide your decision-making process regarding which points will be most effective to include. 

Keep in mind that employers often use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to parse through large amounts of resumes at once. These systems rely on keywords to determine which candidates are the best matches. Paying close attention to recurring keywords in job postings will give you an idea of the most in-demand skills and qualifications for information technology resumes. 

Read more: Resume Keywords: How to Find the Right Words to Beat the ATS

How to write an IT resume summary

A resume summary is a professional introduction that typically comprises two to three sentences. You can use your summary to highlight the experiences and skills you’re most proud of. It helps employers determine whether or not you have the background required for a given position, so make sure you focus on your strongest points. Consider browsing job postings and noting requirements that overlap with your experience.

If you don’t yet have any experience, you might instead write a resume objective. An objective is a short summary that conveys your career goals to prospective employers. Objectives are ideal for recent graduates with no work experience. However, keep in mind that you can include projects or academic achievements in your resume summary as long as they effectively demonstrate your skill set. 

Example for someone with no experience

Motivated team player eager to gain experience with cloud computing and network administration. As a Google IT Support Professional Certificate holder, I’m well-versed in best practices for customer service, debugging, and troubleshooting. I’m proficient with systems such as Linux, Command-Line Interface, and Domain Name Systems.

Read more: Transferable Skills: How to Use Them to Land Your Next Job

Entry-level example

Driven and detail-oriented computer science graduate with a Bachelor of Science from the University of London . I am proficient in programming languages Python and C++, and skilled in technical support, maintenance, and development. I have over a year of experience working with operating systems software. 

Mid-level example

Dedicated IT professional with a Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate and four years of experience in information security ( InfoSec ). Languages and technologies I’m proficient in include Python, SQL, Linux, and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools. 

Senior-level example

Ambitious IT manager with proven experience leading DevOps and Agile software development teams. Well-versed in risk management, cloud infrastructure, and virtualization. As a certified IBM IT Scrum Master , I am confident in my ability to optimize ticketing systems and facilitate fast-paced, iterative development cycles. 

Read more: How to Write a Resume Summary [+ Examples]

How to list information technology resume skills and proficiencies

To get your brainstorming session flowing, browse job postings for relevant positions and the chart below. It contains in-demand technical skills and workplace skills (sometimes referred to as soft skills or interpersonal skills) for IT professionals. Consider making a note of each one you possess to plug them into your resume. 

How to list your experience

Using versatile language helps emphasize your communication skills. In the following sections, you’ll find action verbs that you can use to avoid repeating the same language on your resume. Consider selecting a few terms that best match your work history and accomplishments. 

Instead of saying “I worked on…” 




Instead of saying “I led…”

Instead of saying “i changed/improved” .


Instead of saying “I supported…” 



Instead of saying “I researched…” 



Assisted customers with hardware and software installation and configuration

Provided comprehensive support to internal and external users by answering questions and addressing technical tickets

Updated customer information using company software and protocols

Administered organization-wide cybersecurity training to employees 

Analyzed system performance and deficiencies to identify improvement opportunities

Troubleshooted customer networks and developed solutions to address recurring issues

Developed and guided the implementation of cybersecurity policies aligned with industry protocols and compliance

Planned and executed a new network architecture to reduce energy consumption and improve overall system performance

Collaborated with the software development team to initiate bug fix releases to our mobile application that contributed to a 15 percent increase in sales

How to include your education and certifications

Each of the free resume templates listed above include a dedicated section to showcase your education. If you haven’t yet graduated or have an incomplete degree, you can still include the  credits you have completed. You’ll need to include: 

The name of your school

The degree you obtained (or credits and relevant coursework)

The location of your school

The date you graduated or duration attended

Your field of study

GPA (optional)

If you received any awards, achievements, or participated in any relevant programs, feel free to include them. You may also include any certifications you’ve earned. 

Read more: How to List Education on a Resume

5 relevant certificate programs for IT professionals at every level

Jobs in the IT industry often emphasize continued education due to the ever-evolving nature of technology. Earning certificates can be a great way to demonstrate your ability to keep pace with technological advancements and showcase your skills. In the following sections, you’ll find five relevant certificate programs for IT professionals at each experience level. 


Google IT Support Professional Certificate

IBM IT Support Professional Certificate

System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services offered by Google

IBM IT Project Manager Professional Certificate

IBM IT Scrum Master Professional Certificate

Site Reliability Engineering: Measuring and Managing Reliability offered by Google

Cloud Computing Specialization offered by the University of Illinois

Development of Secure Embedded Systems offered by EIT Digital

Networking and Security Architecture with VMware NSX offered by VMware

Modernizing Data Lakes and Data Warehouses with Google Cloud offered by Google

Reliable Google Cloud Infrastructure: Design and Process offered by Google

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Professional offered by Oracle

Machine Learning Engineering for Production (MLOps) Specialization offered by DeepLearning.AI

IBM AI Enterprise Workflow Specialization

Leadership and Critical Thinking Specialization offered by Tecnológico de Monterrey

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7 Information Technology (IT) Resume Examples for 2023

Stephen Greet

  • IT Resumes by Experience
  • IT Resumes by Role

Few businesses or organizations can do without an IT guru these days. As an IT professional, you could be providing support for a large company or a small start-up. 

No matter your preference, the opportunities are limitless, and whether you’re just starting or looking to move to the next level, you may feel overwhelmed with all the job choices and the best way to  build your resume . 

We’ve researched countless IT resumes and asked what employers are looking for in 2023 to come up with  seven IT resume samples for you to use as a guide when  crafting your own resume . Plus, we have some tips to help you tailor your resume to the position you’re looking to land!

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It resume example with 13 years of experience

Why this resume works

  • Numbers (aka metrics) are the easiest way to quantify your abilities and show employers you made a significant contribution to your workplace.
  • So although it’s a challenge, try to keep your  resume’s skills section  brief. We’d recommend listing only six to eight skills with most of them from the  job description .
  • Of course, don’t falsify any information. You don’t need to have  every  skill from the job description, so don’t feel you have to lie just to get the job 

Professional IT Resume

Professional it resume example with 16 years of experience

  • Think about past projects and roles that underscore your abilities, and quantify those actions with metrics.
  • You might spend a little more time on your resume upfront, but trust us, you’ll thank yourself—and us later!
  • Choosing a professional but creative style like one of our  free Google Docs resume templates  or  Word interactive resume samples  can set you apart from the competition; though we suggest avoiding cutesy fonts, too much color, and disorganized sections, you can instead try:
  • Rearranging sections of your resume 
  • Adding color to section headings, and 
  • Increasing/decreasing margins and spacing to fill one page

Entry-Level IT Resume

Entry-level it resume example with 3 years of experience

  • Your objective is an opportunity to tell employers a number of things in a few sentences:
  • Explain how your previous experience (whether a relevant internship or even volunteering) has provided you with the background to adapt to the position at hand.
  • Showcase your abilities and what you can offer—reiterate that you have the skills ( found in the job description) the employer is specifically seeking.
  • Emphasize that your qualities, characteristics, and skills are aligned with the company’s overall mission. 
  • Most importantly, though, expound on your responsibilities in each work experience bullet point, and highlight your indirect and direct impact in your previous positions, even if you don’t think they’re relevant. 

Experienced IT Project Manager Resume

Experienced it project manager resume example with 12 years of experience

  • Most IT positions will require a bachelor’s, and project management definitely requires it! 
  • Some employers prefer you have your PMP certificate, and others will require it. There are lots of other certs out there, too, so be sure you’re certified, or at least taking steps to complete certification in the areas your dream job requires.  
  • We suggest weaving your skills throughout your work experience using bullet points for a powerful, easy-to-read snapshot of your impact. 
  • Another winning tip is to pepper your bullet points with active verbs and plenty of metrics that demo your very best work while connecting your resume story together. 

Technical Support Specialist Resume

Technical support specialist resume example with 3 years of experience

  • For instance, highlight your software competencies, problem-solving skills, and customer-centric services in your technical support specialist resume .

IT Specialist Resume

IT specialist resume example with 7 years of experience

  • Your IT specialist resume should underline your troubleshooting, system infrastructure, and performance optimization skills.

IT Director Resume

It director resume example with 21 years of experience

  • List your work history in reverse-chronological order (your most recent work experience at the top of your resume).
  • Demonstrate increased responsibility, supervisory roles, and impressive metrics as you move from your oldest to your most recent position. 
  • Start each bullet point with an active, power verb like “directed” or “upgraded” rather than vague verbs like “assisted” or “helped.” Not only will this method reduce unnecessary words, but most importantly, it demonstrates your initiative, which is exactly what IT hiring personnel want to see. 

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Entry Level Information Technology Resume Examples


When applying for an entry-level position in the field of Information Technology (IT), having a well-crafted resume can make all the difference. A strong resume not only showcases your skills and qualifications, but also demonstrates your potential value to prospective employers. In this blog post, we will provide you with two examples of entry-level IT resumes that you can use as a guide when creating your own.

Resume Example 1

123 Main Street, Anytown, USA

(123) 456-7890 | [email protected]

Highly motivated and detail-oriented individual seeking an entry-level IT position. A quick learner with a passion for technology and a strong problem-solving ability. Looking to utilize my technical skills and knowledge to contribute to the success of an IT team.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

XYZ University, Anytown, USA

Graduation: May 20XX

Technical Skills

  • Programming languages: Java, Python, C++
  • Database management: SQL, Oracle
  • Operating systems: Windows, Linux
  • Network fundamentals: TCP/IP, DNS
  • Web development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

IT Intern, ABC Company, Anytown, USA

June 20XX – August 20XX

  • Assisted in the installation and configuration of computer hardware and software
  • Provided technical support to employees, troubleshooting hardware and software issues
  • Performed regular system maintenance and updates
  • Assisted in creating and maintaining documentation for IT processes and procedures

Resume Example 2

456 Oak Avenue, Anytown, USA

(555) 123-4567 | [email protected]

Highly motivated and detail-oriented recent graduate in Information Technology seeking an entry-level position. Passionate about learning new technologies and solving complex problems. Dedicated to providing efficient and effective IT solutions to enhance productivity and streamline operations for organizations.

Associate Degree in Information Technology

Anytown Community College, Anytown, USA

  • Programming languages: Java, C#, Python
  • Database management: MySQL, Oracle
  • Operating systems: Windows, macOS
  • Network administration: TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP

IT Help Desk Intern, XYZ Corporation, Anytown, USA

August 20XX – December 20XX

  • Provided technical support to employees, assisting with troubleshooting hardware and software issues
  • Assisted in network setup and configuration, ensuring smooth data flow and connectivity
  • Created and updated user documentation and training materials
  • Assisted in performing system backups and data recovery procedures

Creating an effective entry-level IT resume requires highlighting your technical skills, education, and any relevant experience. The two examples provided here serve as a starting point to inspire and guide you in crafting your own resume. Remember to tailor your resume to the specific job you’re applying for, and highlight any relevant coursework, certifications, or projects you’ve completed. By presenting yourself as a motivated and skilled candidate, you will increase your chances of landing your desired entry-level IT position.

BuildFreeResume.com has a consumer rating of 4.83 stars on Sitejabber .

sample resume entry level information technology

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"The best way to predict the future is to create it." -Abraham Lincoln

If you want to build a rewarding IT career, you need to make smart choices.

Your first job strengthens the foundation of your career and sets the tone for future success. This is why landing an entry-level IT job in a top company is essential.

And to land a great entry-level IT job, your resume needs to be compelling enough. It should help you beat the competition and get you an interview call for your dream IT job.

Lucky for you, this blog will help you do the same and give you clarity on the following related questions:

  • Which is the best entry-level IT resume format?
  • What are the different sections that an entry-level IT resume must have?
  • How to write an entry-level IT resume header?
  • How to draft an impeccable internship section of your IT entry-level resume?
  • How to list the details of your academic & extra-curricular credentials in an entry-level IT resume?
  • What are some entry-level IT skills?
  • What is the salary of an entry-level IT professional?
  • What are some useful tips to create the best resume for IT freshers?

Entry-level IT Resume Format

To exhibit your potential in an entry-level IT resume with no experience, you need to pick the most suitable resume format.

Given below are three formats that you can choose from:

Reverse-Chronological Resume Format : One of the most suitable resume formats and hence the most recommended format is the reverse-chronological format. As a fresher without any work experience, this format can make your most recent education or internship stand out upfront.

Functional Resume Format : This resume format is suitable for candidates who have career gaps and multiple career changes. Hence, it would not be very suitable for entry-level resumes.

Combination Resume Format : This resume format is generally opted by candidates who have extensive years of work experience and therefore, we don't recommend using this format for your entry-level IT resume.

Also read: How to build a chronological resume in 2023?

Entry-level IT Resume Sections

A resume is ideally divided into various sections to enhance its readability and appeal.

Your entry level IT resumes should comprise of the following standard sections:


Also read: What are the top 5 resume sections in 2023?

Entry-level IT Resume Header

Many candidates make the mistake of writing "CV" or "Resume" as the header which hampers their resume's ATS-friendliness.

Stand out from the pile of applicants by writing your full name as your entry-level IT resume header. You can use the font size ranging from 16 to 20 points.

Your entry level IT resume header should ideally look like the following snapshot:


Also read: How to write a resume header in 2023?

Entry-level IT Resume Personal Information

No matter how impressive your entry-level IT resume is, if the recruiters cannot contact you, you will not get shortlisted.

Therefore, you must ensure that the personal information section of your entry-level IT resume must be error-free.

You need to provide the following information as part of your personal details:

  • Contact Number: A reachable contact number with an ISD code and a + sign before it.
  • Professional Email Address: Provide your official email address that has your real name.
  • Current Location: Mention your state and country if you are willing to work abroad else simply mention your current city and state.
  • LinkedIn/GitHub profile: Add a link to your LinkedIn or GitHub profile so that the recruiters can review your work online.

Here is an example of a perfect personal information section of an entry-level IT resume:


Also read: How to draft a personal information section on a resume?

Entry-level IT Resume Profile Title

Your current professional title is generally written as the profile title of a resume.

However, being a fresh graduate with no experience, the title of your internship position can be written as your resume's profile title.

In case you don't have any internship experience, you can either skip writing a profile title or you can write "IT Graduate" as the profile title of your entry-level IT resume.

You can use the font size of 14-16 points to write your profile title.

Take a look at the below-given sample for reference:


Entry-level IT Resume Internship Section

Having some type of internship experience can help your resume stand out from the rest.

In this section, you must describe the work that you did during your internship. Ensure that the work is relevant to the job description provided in the listing.

To give a clear description of your internship experience, you must follow the below-given pointers:

  • Instead of a bulky paragraph, frame one-liner bullet points to enhance readability
  • Use the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, and Result) format to frame your bullet points
  • Begin your sentences with action verbs to emphasize your work
  • Whenever possible, use numbers and figures to describe your accomplishments vividly
  • Bold keywords to draw the recruiter's attention to key details and bucket similar points under a common heading

Take a look at the following examples to understand why it is important to follow the above pointers:


Entry-level IT Resume Example 1

"As an IT support intern for XYZ Company, I played a key role in examining administration activities to preserve and reset all passwords whenever I was required to do so. I cooperated with 2+ IT vendors to fix any issues which were related to hardware, software, and LAN/WAN Connectivity. In my employment as an IT intern, I have also collaborated with cross-functional teams to carry out any disaster recovery and executed effective security procedures."


Entry-level IT Resume Example 2

  • Played a key role in examining administration activities to preserve & reset all passwords whenever required
  • Collaborated with 2+ IT vendors to fix issues related to hardware/software and LAN/WAN Connectivity
  • Coordinated with cross-functional teams to carry out disaster recovery & execute effective security procedures
  • Designed 3+ applications using C++, JavaScript, etc. to write reusable programs
  • Integrated Instagram login feature for the Clamp Mobile app and increased ~20% app usage
  • Isolated sections of codes to verify 100% correctness on multiple devices and ensure compatibility standards
  • Applied Agile software development methodology for module testing during the development process
  • Performed unit tests on the android emulator to verify the smooth functionality of the apps

Additionally, here are two entry-level IT resume examples to demonstrate the difference bucketing and highlighting can make:


  • Analyzed 85+ systems and conducted required repairs & improvements
  • Configured 100+ desktops & fixed hardware/software issues to boost 5% productivity
  • Documented upgrades to the systems & user information; improved efficiency by 10%
  • Coordinated with the 20+ IT staff to resolve technical issues for clients


Systems Analysis & troubleshooting

Documentation & Customer Servicing

Take a look at the following snapshot of the internship experiecne section in an entry-level IT resume:


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Entry-level IT Resume Education Section

As an entry-level IT candidate, you need to emphasize your academic accomplishments since you lack professional experience.

Highlight your educational qualification and scholastic knowledge that is in line with the job requirements to increase your chances of getting shortlisted.

Provide the following details of your education in your IT intern resume:

  • Name of the school/university you attended.
  • Name of the courses you pursued.
  • The location of the school/university.
  • Admittance and graduation dates.
  • GPA if it is higher than 3.5.

To see what an ideal education section looks like, refer to following sample:


Also read: How can you list your education on your resume?

Entry-level IT Resume Extracurricular Activities & Volunteering Experience

To make up for the lack of professional experience, you can list extracurricular activities and volunteer experiences that you may have in this section.

You can mention the projects you were involved in that can shed light on your productive participation or association with reputed organizations.

You can list your extracurricular activities and volunteering experience as shown in the sample given below:


Also read: How to write a resume with no experience?

Entry-level IT Resume Skills

To rank high in the ATS (Applicant Tracking System), which is used by recruiters to pick the most suitable resumes, the skills that you list in your entry-level IT resume must be strategically selected.

You can pick the most suitable skills (that are true to you) from the job description provided in the listing.

Here are some of the key skills of an entry-level IT professional:

While the following are examples of technical skills of an entry-level IT professional:

Refer to the following entry-level IT resume sample showcasing an ideal skills section:


Also read: What skills should you put on a resume in 2023?

Entry-level IT Resume Objective

The objective section of your entry-level IT resume must highlight your best academic accomplishments and tell the recruiters how you can leverage your knowledge and skills to benefit the company.

Limit your resume objective to 3-4 lines and avoid writing about your personal agenda or goals.

The ideal way to compose an entry-level IT resume objective is given below:


Also read: How to write a resume objective in 2023?

Entry Level IT Job Salary


  • According to Indeed dot com The average salary for an entry-level IT Technician is $16.00 per hour
  • According to salary dot com The average salary of an entry-level IT professional in the USA is $63,521
Also read: How to negotiate your salary in 2023?

Entry-level IT Resume Sample

To help you get a visual perception of an ideal entry-level IT resume, take a look at the following sample:

  • Software : CRM Software
  • Languages : Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Eclipse
  • Operating Systems : Linux, Unix, MS-Windows
  • Analyzed & troubleshot 100+ systems and performed required repairs & modifications
  • Installed & configured 200+ desktops & identified & resolved hardware/software issues to bolster productivity by 10%
  • Documented upgrades to the systems & maintained user information; improved overall efficiency by 15%
  • Coordinated with the IT staff & interacted with 10+ customers on a daily basis to resolve technical issues
  • Played a key role in monitoring administration activities to maintain & reset all passwords and monitor all requests
  • Liaised with 3+ IT vendors to resolve issues related to equipment, hardware, & software and LAN/WAN Connectivity
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to perform disaster recovery & implement effective security measures
  • GPA: 4.5/5.0
  • Fundraiser at ChildGrowth NGO | May '18 - Present
  • Organized various events and fundraised $10k from anonymous sponsors for the organization
  • Taught Mathematics & Computer Science to 30+ students over the weekends
  • Member of the Red Cross Society | May '17 - Present
  • Captain of the University's Basketball Team | Apr '18 - Jan '20
  • Languages : English (native), Spanish (working proficiency), and German (fluent)

Resume Tips for IT Freshers

To help you ensure that your resume for IT fresher is impeccable, given below are some tips on the best industry practices you can follow:

  • Avoid making your resume for IT fresher longer than a page.
  • Quantify your achievements and internship duties wherever possible to create more impact.
  • Use easy to read fonts like Arial, Calibri, and Times New Roman to enhance the ATS-friendliness of your IT freshers resume.
  • To ensure that your resume is cohesive, use the same date format (DD/YY or DD/YYYY) throughout your resume.
  • Proofread your resume to avoid grammatical errors and typos as surveys show that 77% of hiring professionals reject resumes for the same reason.
  • Leave ample white space between resume sections to avoid making your resume look cluttered.

Key Takeaways

Here are the key takeaways from the blog:

  • Structure your entry-level IT job resume by using the reverse chronological resume format.
  • Maintain your individuality by writing your full name as the resume header.
  • Provide a valid profile title that identifies your professional status.
  • Describe your experience in one-liner bullet points and avoid paragraphs.
  • Compile your framed points under buckets and bold your achievements and contributions.
  • Use suitable keywords to make sure that your resume gets picked by the ATS.
  • Give an overview of your resume by composing an entry-level IT resume objective.

You can also use Hiration's AI-powered Resume builder to create an ATS-friendly resume within minutes. Additionally, reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any career-related queries.

sample resume entry level information technology

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sample resume entry level information technology

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Entry Level Information Technology Resume

Sample Entry Level Information Technology resume will help all the prospective technicians to prepare a job winning resume. It contains all the necessary information that should be present in a resume including skills, educational qualifications and job experiences. The motive of providing this sample resume is to help all the candidates applying for this job to know the basic qualifications they should possess.

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