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Work Experience

  • No physical exertion required
  • Somewhat stressful due to frequent student activity
  • Light work: Exerting up to 20 pounds of force occasionally, and/or up to 10 pounds of force as frequently as needed to move objects
  • Respond to visitor & parent requests as appropriate
  • Greets every guest and caller warmly, providing information and assistance as needed
  • Receives and distributes all mail, packages and other correspondents to their respective locations
  • Review Calendar requested for conference room usage on campus. Approve or decline based on campus guidelines, and reassignment as needed. Print daily calendar for each conference room and place on doors
  • Process payment request forms for front office expenses
  • Participates in and completes training programs successfully offered to increase skill and proficiency related to assignments
  • Reviews current developments, literature and technical sources of information related to job responsibility
  • Follows company policies, and federal and state laws
  • Ensures adherence to good safety procedures
  • Consults directly with CSUSA personnel when applicable
  • Greets and directs walk-in traffic providing general information and making referrals to offices and services as appropriate
  • Answers phone inquiries by providing general information and/or connecting calls to offices and services as appropriate
  • Maintains confidentiality of records as appropriate
  • Serves as liaison for administrators and teachers
  • Ensures Front Office is organized and information sheets for parents are stocked
  • Maintains inventory of office supplies, ordering from outside vendors or bookstores, as needed within available budget with direction from Principal or Business Administrator
  • Provides passes to students as appropriate
  • Orients and situates substitute teachers
  • Has the ability to work and interact with individual at all level of the organization
  • Has the ability to organize, prioritize and manage multiple priorities
  • Has the ability to prepare comprehensive business reports, including writing report sections, integrating content, and formatting business documents

Professional Skills

  • Experience in clerical work in office setting
  • Communicate and interact effectively with multiple stakeholders
  • Has the ability to establish a set of operating principles and routines; driving projects to completion, while insisting on highest level of quality
  • Embraces feedback and constructive criticism in the spirit of constant improvement
  • Actively participates in professional development opportunities
  • Takes on additional roles and responsibilities as assigned
  • NVQ 2 or GCSE’s at A – C, or equivalent

How to write School Receptionist Resume

School Receptionist role is responsible for training, interpersonal, software, events, travel, immigration, finance, health, negotiating, spanish. To write great resume for school receptionist job, your resume must include:

  • Your contact information
  • Work experience
  • Skill listing

Contact Information For School Receptionist Resume

The section contact information is important in your school receptionist resume. The recruiter has to be able to contact you ASAP if they like to offer you the job. This is why you need to provide your:

  • First and last name
  • Telephone number

Work Experience in Your School Receptionist Resume

The section work experience is an essential part of your school receptionist resume. It’s the one thing the recruiter really cares about and pays the most attention to. This section, however, is not just a list of your previous school receptionist responsibilities. It's meant to present you as a wholesome candidate by showcasing your relevant accomplishments and should be tailored specifically to the particular school receptionist position you're applying to. The work experience section should be the detailed summary of your latest 3 or 4 positions.

Education on a School Receptionist Resume

Make sure to make education a priority on your school receptionist resume. If you’ve been working for a few years and have a few solid positions to show, put your education after your school receptionist experience. For example, if you have a Ph.D in Neuroscience and a Master's in the same sphere, just list your Ph.D. Besides the doctorate, Master’s degrees go next, followed by Bachelor’s and finally, Associate’s degree.

Additional details to include:

  • School you graduated from
  • Major/ minor
  • Year of graduation
  • Location of school

These are the four additional pieces of information you should mention when listing your education on your resume.

Professional Skills in School Receptionist Resume

When listing skills on your school receptionist resume, remember always to be honest about your level of ability. Include the Skills section after experience.

Present the most important skills in your resume, there's a list of typical school receptionist skills:

  • Demonstrates proficient use of computer software – Windows (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint); Student Information System (SIS) and email communications
  • Possesses good knowledge of company and departmental policies and procedures
  • Has the ability to consistently be at work, be on time, follow instructions, respond to management direction and solicit feedback to improve performance
  • Establishes excellent interpersonal skills between all constituents: being courteous, professional, and helpful; Oral (including presentations), Written, Interpersonal (active listening), Negotiating and Influencing

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School Receptionist: Job Description & Responsibilities

school receptionist job description resume

As educational institutions continue to grow, so does the need for organized and responsible personnel. One such personnel is the School Receptionist. This article will look at the School Receptionist job description, responsibilities, the importance of their role in educational institutions, and the benefits a School Receptionist can enjoy in their day-to-day work.

Explanation of School Receptionist position and responsibilities

The School Receptionist is a key member of staff in educational institutions. They are responsible for handling all incoming and outgoing phone calls, greeting and assisting visitors, and ensuring that the school runs smoothly. They are required to work closely with students, parents, teachers, and administrative staff to provide support and guidance.

In addition to their administrative tasks, the School Receptionist is responsible for maintaining a safe and secure environment within the school premises. They monitor the entrance and exit of students and visitors, regulate access to the school, and maintain school records.

Importance of School Receptionist role in educational institutions

The role of School Receptionist is critical to the successful operation of educational institutions. They are the first point of contact for all visitors to the school, and as such, they create the first impression of the institution. The School Receptionist is the face of the school, and they play a vital role in promoting the school’s image, values, and mission.

Furthermore, the School Receptionist is responsible for ensuring that school records are kept confidential and up-to-date. This includes maintaining attendance records, student data, and handling sensitive information.

Benefits of being a School Receptionist

Aside from the satisfaction that comes with helping to shape and mold the future generation, being a School Receptionist offers numerous benefits.

Firstly, School Receptionists typically enjoy flexible working hours, which enables them to attend to personal and family matters. Moreover, School Receptionists have opportunities for professional and personal growth as they get to interact with different members of the school community.

The School Receptionist is an integral part of any educational institution. Their roles and responsibilities are critical to ensuring that the school runs smoothly and that visitors are welcomed warmly. Being a School Receptionist also offers numerous benefits, including flexibility and opportunities for growth.

Job Description

As a school receptionist, you will be responsible for the smooth operation of the school’s front desk. Your core duties and responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

Overview of job duties and responsibilities

  • Greeting visitors, answering phone calls, and responding to emails
  • Managing the school’s schedule and calendar
  • Directing visitors to the appropriate areas of the school
  • Maintaining accurate records and files
  • Handling administrative tasks, such as photocopying and data entry
  • Assisting with student enrollment, attendance, and records
  • Liaising with teachers, staff, parents, and external partners

Required education and qualifications

To qualify for this position, you will typically need a high school diploma or equivalent. Additional education or training in office administration or customer service is a plus. Experience in a similar role, particularly in a school setting, is highly valued.

Skills needed for the position

As a school receptionist, you should possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both oral and written. You should be able to multitask and prioritize effectively. You must be detail-oriented and proficient in using office software and equipment, such as Microsoft Office and copiers. Proficiency in Spanish or other languages can also be beneficial.

Availability and work hours

The work schedule for school receptionists typically follows the school year calendar and is generally Monday through Friday during school hours. However, some schools may require receptionists to work before and after normal school hours or on weekends for special events or meetings. You should be flexible and willing to accommodate these schedules as needed.

A school receptionist is a vital member of a school’s administrative team. This role requires excellent communication, organizational, and multitasking skills, as well as a high level of professionalism and compassion. If you have a passion for helping others and working in a fast-paced environment, this could be the perfect job for you.

Receptionist Duties

As a school receptionist, your duties go far beyond greeting visitors and answering phone calls. Your role demands a high level of communication skills, organization, and multitasking abilities to handle diverse administrative tasks.

Greeting visitors and maintaining visitor records

Your first responsibility is to receive and welcome visitors to the school. You must be courteous, professional, and helpful in answering their questions and directing them to the appropriate department or person. Besides, you should maintain a record of visitors’ details, including their names, purposes of the visit, and the time they spent on the school premises.

Answering phone calls and responding to emails

As the first point of contact for callers, you will receive inquiries, complaints, and requests. You must possess excellent listening, understanding, and problem-solving skills to address these issues promptly and professionally. Additionally, you need to respond to emails and other written communications in a timely, accurate, and eloquent manner.

Scheduling appointments

Your role also involves scheduling appointments for parents, students, and staff members. You must maintain a calendar of events, meetings, and other schedules and notify the relevant parties in advance. You need to have excellent time-management skills to ensure that appointments do not overlap or conflict with each other.

Processing paperwork and documentation

As part of your administrative duties, you will handle various paperwork, forms, and documents. You must be detail-oriented, accurate, and proficient in data entry, filing, and record keeping. Besides, you should have a basic understanding of confidentiality and privacy laws to ensure that such documents are secure and confidential.

Handling administrative tasks

As the school’s front desk officer, you will perform various administrative duties, including typing, photocopying, faxing, scanning, and emailing documents. Additionally, you will help in updating school databases, preparing reports, and responding to queries from other staff members.

A school receptionist’s role is critical in ensuring the smooth running of a school’s administrative functions. Therefore, to excel in this role, you need to be an excellent communicator, an excellent multitasker, and be detail-oriented, among other essential skills.

Communication Skills

As a School Receptionist, communication skills are crucial to your success in the role. Excellent communication skills enable you to interact with students, parents, teachers, and staff members effectively. Furthermore, it helps in building relationships and fostering a positive school environment. Your communication skills reflect the school’s image, and thus mastery of this skill is essential.

To learn effective communication skills, consider taking professional training or attending workshops. You can also observe and model effective communication by watching experienced School Receptionists in action. Additionally, reading books on effective communication could also help you understand and sharpen your communication skills.

Dealing with difficult and challenging conversations is an inevitable part of your role as a School Receptionist. Despite your best efforts to maintain a positive school environment, conflicts and misunderstandings are bound to arise. However, with excellent communication skills, you can navigate these conversations with ease. Here are some tips on how to handle challenging conversations:

  • Listen attentively and empathize with the other party’s feelings and sentiments.
  • Avoid interrupting the other party and allow them to express their concerns and expectations fully.
  • Gather all the facts and information necessary to address the issue effectively.
  • Stay calm and avoid getting defensive or emotional.
  • Offer solutions that satisfy both parties and ensure a positive outcome.

Multitasking while communicating is another critical skill that you must master as a School Receptionist. Multitasking is vital because you often have to handle multiple tasks simultaneously while communicating with different people. For instance, you may have to answer phones, reply to emails, and attend to visitors while attending to a student or teacher’s needs.

To multitask effectively while communicating, consider the following tips:

  • Prioritize tasks based on their urgency or importance
  • Learn to delegate tasks that can be performed by other staff members
  • Use tools such as reminders and to-do lists to manage tasks effectively
  • Stay focused on the task at hand and avoid distractions
  • Learn to manage your time effectively to ensure that all tasks are attended to promptly.

Effective communication is a vital component of being a successful School Receptionist. Learning to communicate effectively, handle difficult conversations, and multitasking while communicating will help you excel in your role and create a positive school environment.

Technology Skills

Technology is at the heart of many school operations, and often times a school receptionist must have a firm grasp on a variety of technology skills. Here are some of the key skills required for a school receptionist:

Using school software and databases

As the gatekeeper of information, a school receptionist must be able to navigate various school-wide databases and software programs to retrieve information on students, faculty, and staff. This includes knowing the ins and outs of the school’s student information system, as well as any other databases or software that are used for attendance, grading, or scheduling.

Typing and data entry

In addition to knowing how to navigate various databases and software programs, a school receptionist must also have strong typing and data entry skills. As they are often responsible for recording and entering various types of information into school databases, a receptionist must be comfortable with typing quickly and accurately.

Managing social media accounts

Many schools have a social media presence, and a school receptionist may be tasked with managing and curating content for those accounts. This can include posting updates or event information, responding to messages or comments, and even creating graphics or other visual content to accompany posts.

A school receptionist must be comfortable with technology and willing to learn new programs and systems as needed. By mastering these technology skills, a school receptionist can help ensure the smooth operation and organization of their school.

Administrative Duties

As a School Receptionist, a major part of your responsibility is to maintain and organize student records. This is crucial because these records contain essential information that can be important in decision-making for school activities, promoting academic success, and ensuring student safety.

You will also be tasked with filing and record keeping, which is an essential administrative duty in any organization. Filing and record keeping involve creating and managing structured documentation, archiving files correctly, and utilizing technology for efficient access to data. As a School Receptionist, it is your duty to ensure that all records are up to date, accurate, and properly formatted.

Assisting with school events and functions is also another essential duty in your job description as a School Receptionist. You’ll be required to help organize and manage school events such as parent-teacher conferences, annual school concerts, sports day, or even graduation ceremonies. You’ll need to coordinate with other administrators, teachers, and other staff to ensure that all activities run without any glitches. The goal is to create a positive atmosphere where students can feel supported academically, emotionally and socially.

In addition, you may also be responsible for coordinating with parents, guardians, and stakeholders on various occasions such as meetings or consultations. You will need to ensure that everyone who requests an appointment with a teacher or other administrative members is properly booked, scheduled, and the necessary paperwork is in place.

Your day-to-day administrative duties will vary depending on the needs of the school. To effectively fulfill your responsibilities, you’ll need to have excellent organizational skills and be diligent and reliable in completing administration tasks. Attention to detail, time-management skills, and competency in managing electronic data systems are essential skills for every School Receptionist.

The Administrative Duties of a School Receptionist are critical to the school’s smooth running by providing well-organized and coordinated record-keeping, event monitoring, and administrative support needed for the daily operations of the school. Your efforts are vital to support both the students and the school’s faculty as they engage in successful education and drive the school’s mission.

Safety and Security

Ensuring the safety and security of students, staff, and visitors is a top priority for school receptionists. As the first point of contact for anyone entering the school premises, receptionists must be alert and proactive in responding to potential threats or emergencies.

Protocol for emergencies

Receptionists play a critical role in emergency preparedness and response. They must have a clear understanding of the school’s emergency protocol and be able to execute it efficiently in the event of an emergency. This includes notifying appropriate authorities, directing staff and students to safe areas, and providing updates and instructions as needed.

Monitoring CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras are an important tool for monitoring activity on school premises. Receptionists should be trained on how to effectively use the security cameras and be vigilant in monitoring them for any suspicious activity. If something out of the ordinary is observed, receptionists should immediately alert the appropriate authorities and take appropriate action to prevent any potential harm.

Dealing with unauthorized visitors

In order to maintain a safe and secure environment, it is important for receptionists to be able to identify and deal with unauthorized visitors. This may include asking for identification or verifying the purpose of their visit. If necessary, receptionists should be prepared to deny entry or contact the appropriate authorities to handle the situation.

Keeping confidential information safe

Receptionists often have access to sensitive and confidential information such as student records and personal identifiable information. It is essential for receptionists to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of this information. They should be trained on proper data security and privacy policies and be diligent in safeguarding any confidential information they come across.

Safety and security are key responsibilities of school receptionists. They must be well-trained in emergency response protocols, vigilant in monitoring security cameras, able to deal with unauthorized visitors, and committed to protecting the confidentiality of sensitive information. By fulfilling these responsibilities, receptionists can contribute to creating a safe and secure environment for students, staff, and visitors.

Interpersonal Skills

As a school receptionist, it is essential to possess excellent interpersonal skills to build strong relationships with students, parents, and faculty members. Building these relationships is critical since they form the foundation of a positive school culture, leading to increased student achievement and retention rates.

One of the key areas a school receptionist should focus on is conflict resolution. Due to the diverse backgrounds, opinions, and beliefs of staff and students, conflicts and misunderstandings can arise. Effective conflict resolution requires active listening skills, clear communication, empathy, and problem-solving abilities.

Dealing with sensitive situations and emotional reactions is another crucial aspect of the school receptionist’s role. This can involve comforting grieving parents or dealing with irate individuals. In such scenarios, the school receptionist should maintain composure, be empathetic, and provide information and assistance as needed.

Moreover, the school receptionist must be equipped with stress and anxiety management skills. The job can be stressful, especially during peak periods such as registration and exam time. Techniques, such as deep breathing, mindfulness, and time management, can be helpful in alleviating stress and anxiety.

The school receptionist plays a critical role in facilitating an excellent school experience for students, parents, and faculty. Possessing good interpersonal skills, including conflict resolution, handling sensitive situations, and managing stress and anxiety, is essential in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the job effectively.

Examples of Successful School Receptionist

In this section, we will discuss successful School Receptionists and what makes them exceptional in their role.

Case studies of successful School Receptionist

One example of a successful School Receptionist is Mary. Mary has been working for the same school for 10 years and has built strong relationships with students, parents, and staff. She is known for her friendly and welcoming demeanor, and her ability to multitask and handle challenging situations.

Another successful School Receptionist is John. John is relatively new to the role, but he quickly adapted to the demands of the job. He is highly organized, efficient, and pays close attention to detail. John communicates effectively with the school community and resolves issues promptly.

What makes a School Receptionist exceptional

A School Receptionist can be considered exceptional if they possess the following qualities:

1. Exceptional Communication Skills

The ability to effectively communicate is crucial for School Receptionists. They must be able to convey information clearly, answer questions from students, parents, and staff with patience and professionalism, and be able to diffuse difficult situations.

2. Strong Organization and Multitasking Skills

School Receptionists must have strong organizational skills to keep track of numerous administrative tasks, student attendance, managing phone and email correspondence, and other duties. Multitasking and time management skills are highly valued in this role.

3. Positive Attitude

A positive attitude can make all the difference in creating a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for students, parents, and staff. School receptionists with a positive attitude help to set the tone for the entire school.

4. Compassionate and Empathetic

School Receptionists interact with parents and students experiencing various challenges, and they must approach these interactions with compassion and empathy. The ability to understand and provide support to those in need is highly valued.

Profile of a successful School Receptionist

An ideal profile of a successful School Receptionist includes the following:

Experience and Qualifications

A School Receptionist should have a high school diploma or equivalent, with office management experience, excellent computer and typing skills, and some customer service experience. Previous experience working in a school setting is highly desirable.

Personal Qualities

A successful School Receptionist should demonstrate strong communication, organizational, and multitasking skills. They should possess a positive attitude, show compassion and empathy, and be able to work independently.

Job Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a School Receptionist includes, but not limited to, answering phone calls and emails, welcoming visitors, managing student attendance, providing support to school administrators, managing schedules, and performing other administrative tasks as needed.

A successful School Receptionist is a valuable asset to any school. They play a critical role in ensuring students and staff can navigate the school environment smoothly. Potential hires should possess the necessary qualifications, personal qualities, and job responsibilities to be successful in this role.

Professional Development

As a School Receptionist, professional development is crucial to your success in your role. You need to be up-to-date with the latest developments in your industry and equip yourself with the skills and knowledge required to handle any challenges that come your way. Here are some ways to enhance your professional development:

Continuing Education Opportunities

Continuing education opportunities are a great way for School Receptionists to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in their field. Taking classes, attending conferences, and workshops can sharpen your skills and keep you informed about the latest trends and technologies. You can look for opportunities offered by industry organizations, community colleges, and universities.

Certifications and Training

Getting certified can add more credibility and value to your resume. Certifications are typically designed to demonstrate your mastery of a particular subject. Earning certification can help you stand out from your peers and increase your chances of getting promoted. Some certifications that can be beneficial for School Receptionists include Certified Administrative Professional (CAP), Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), and Google Certified Educator.

Networking with other School Receptionists

Networking with other School Receptionists can provide you with valuable insights and advice. Joining associations and attending local chapter meetings can help you interact and connect with other receptionists in your area. This can be an excellent way to share best practices, discuss new techniques, and learn about the newest technology being used in the field.

As a School Receptionist, investing in professional development is a great way to ensure success in your role. It is essential to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in your field, and expanding your knowledge and skills will help you to become more valuable to your organization. By taking advantage of continuing education opportunities, earning relevant certifications, and networking with peers in your industry, you can take your career to the next level.

Future of School Receptionist Role

As with most professions, the role of the School Receptionist has undergone significant changes in recent years, with trends indicating further evolution. This section will examine some of the changes and trends, as well as the influence of technology, and provide insight into the future of the School Receptionist role.

Changes and Trends in School Receptionist Position

Traditionally, School Receptionists have been responsible for managing the administrative tasks of schools, such as greeting visitors, directing calls, and managing paperwork. However, the role has evolved to include a wider variety of responsibilities, including event planning, social media management, and data entry.

One significant trend in the School Receptionist position is the requirement for more advanced technical skills. As schools continue to adopt technology into their curriculum and operations, School Receptionists are expected to have knowledge of various software applications, as well as be able to troubleshoot technical issues.

Additionally, there is a growing demand for School Receptionists to possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, as they often function as the “face” of the school. They must be courteous, professional, and able to communicate effectively with a diverse range of individuals.

The Future of Technology in the Role

The future of the School Receptionist role is closely tied to the evolution of technology. As schools continue to integrate technology into their operations, the School Receptionist will need to keep pace with new software applications and devices.

One trend that is likely to continue is the use of digital receptionist systems. These systems allow visitors to check in, manage their appointments, and even receive directions through a tablet or kiosk. This can free up the School Receptionist to focus on other tasks and reduce their workload.

Another trend is the use of chatbots or virtual assistant technology. These tools can be integrated directly into a school’s website or social media accounts, allowing visitors and parents to access information quickly and easily. School Receptionists may be required to manage and oversee these tools, as well as train others on how to use them effectively.

Future Expectations and Job Outlook

As schools continue to evolve, the expectations for School Receptionists are likely to become more complex. In addition to traditional administrative tasks, they may be required to manage communication channels, oversee technology systems, and manage events.

The job outlook for School Receptionists is healthy, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting a 10% growth rate for administrative assistants and secretaries, which includes School Receptionists, between 2019 and 2029.

The School Receptionist role is evolving, with changes and trends indicating that they will need to be comfortable with technology and possess excellent communication skills. The use of digital receptionist systems and virtual assistants is expected to grow, while the need for skilled School Receptionists is projected to increase. Those interested in pursuing a career as a School Receptionist can expect to enter a dynamic and rewarding profession that will continue to evolve in the coming years.

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school receptionist job description resume


What Does a School Receptionist Do?

Find out what a school receptionist does, how to get this job, and what it takes to succeed as a school receptionist.

school receptionist job description resume

Table Of Contents

School receptionist job duties.

  • School Receptionist Salary & Outlook

School Receptionist Job Requirements

School receptionist skills, school receptionist work environment, school receptionist trends, how to become a school receptionist, advancement prospects.

  • Job Description Example

School receptionists are the face of a school. They greet students, parents and other visitors as they enter the building each day. They may also be responsible for answering phones, scheduling appointments and handling other general administrative tasks.

School receptionists play an important role in maintaining a positive image for their school. They interact with people on a daily basis and often have a chance to make a lasting impression. This makes them an ideal point of contact for resolving any issues that arise between a student or parent and the school’s administration.

A school receptionist typically has a wide range of responsibilities, which can include:

  • Interacting with teachers and other staff members to answer questions or resolve issues
  • Providing administrative support to school principals by managing their calendars and arranging meetings with staff members
  • Coordinating school events such as parent meetings, school plays, and field trips
  • Collecting and distributing mail and messages to teachers and staff members
  • Answering phones and greeting visitors when they arrive at the school office
  • Maintaining school records such as class rosters and student transcripts
  • Handling cash transactions such as issuing lunch tickets or collecting fees for field trips
  • Providing basic customer service such as answering phones, greeting visitors, and scheduling appointments
  • Receiving, processing, and responding to student paperwork such as enrollment forms, disciplinary notices, and letters from parents or guardians

School Receptionist Salary & Outlook

School receptionists’ salaries vary depending on their level of education and experience, the size of the school, and the geographic location of the job.

  • Median Annual Salary: $31,500 ($15.14/hour)
  • Top 10% Annual Salary: $57,500 ($27.64/hour)

The employment of school receptionists is expected to grow at an average rate over the next decade.

Schools will continue to employ receptionists to greet and direct visitors, answer phones, and organize and distribute mail. However, schools may use technology, such as electronic visitor management systems, to reduce the need for receptionists.

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A school receptionist typically needs to have the following:

Education: Most employers require school receptionists to have at least a high school diploma or GED certificate. Some school receptionists may also choose to pursue an associate’s degree in business or office administration.

Training & Experience: School receptionists typically receive on-the-job training from their new employer. This training may include learning the school’s policies and procedures, the school’s computer system and the school’s student database. The training may also include shadowing a current school receptionist to learn the daily tasks and procedures.

Certifications & Licenses: School receptionists do not need a certification or license to get a job. However, some schools may prefer candidates who are certified.

School receptionists need the following skills in order to be successful:

Communication: Communication is the act of conveying information through verbal or nonverbal means. As a receptionist, you should be able to communicate effectively with students, parents and faculty. You should be able to answer questions, relay messages and provide information to others in a clear and concise manner.

Organization: Organization is a crucial skill for a school receptionist to have, as they often handle many tasks throughout the day. They should be able to prioritize tasks and keep their desk and files organized. This can help them to be more efficient and make it easier for them to find important documents or information.

Customer service: Customer service skills are an important aspect of the job of a school receptionist. They are the first point of contact for many people, including parents, students and teachers. They should be friendly and welcoming to everyone they meet. They should be able to answer questions and solve problems.

Multitasking: A receptionist often has many tasks to complete in a short period of time. They are responsible for answering phones, greeting visitors, taking messages, filing paperwork and other duties. A receptionist with multitasking skills can complete all their tasks efficiently.

Technology: The ability to use technology is an important skill for a school receptionist. You should be able to use computers, phones and other devices to perform your job duties. You should also be familiar with software programs like email, word processing and scheduling programs.

School receptionists work in the main office of a school, where they answer the telephone, take messages, greet visitors, and perform other clerical duties. They may also be responsible for maintaining student records, preparing reports, and performing other administrative tasks. School receptionists typically work during regular school hours, although they may be required to work additional hours during special events or to cover for absent colleagues. The work can be stressful at times, especially when dealing with irate parents or students, but most school receptionists find the work to be rewarding and enjoy being a part of the school community.

Here are three trends influencing how school receptionists work. School receptionists will need to stay up-to-date on these developments to keep their skills relevant and maintain a competitive advantage in the workplace.

More Focus on the Student Experience

The student experience is becoming increasingly important in today’s education system, as schools are placing a greater emphasis on creating a positive and welcoming environment for students.

School receptionists can play an important role in creating this type of environment by providing excellent customer service and maintaining a clean and organized office space. They can also help to create a sense of community within the school by getting to know students and their families.

More Schools Are Using Technology

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in the classroom, as more schools are using it to improve learning outcomes. This includes the use of technology in the reception area, which allows schools to better manage the flow of visitors and information.

Receptionists who are familiar with technology will be in high demand in the years to come, as they will be able to utilize it to improve the efficiency of the school’s operations. In addition, they will need to be able to effectively communicate with parents and other stakeholders using technology-based tools.

Greater Emphasis on Customer Service

As businesses become more reliant on customer service, schools are beginning to place a greater emphasis on hiring receptionists who have strong customer service skills.

Receptionists who are able to provide excellent customer service will be in high demand in the years to come, as businesses look for ways to improve the customer experience. By developing these skills, receptionists can set themselves apart from the competition and ensure that they are hired by the best companies.

A school receptionist career can be a great way to get your foot in the door of the education field. As a receptionist, you’ll have the opportunity to work with students and teachers on a daily basis, which will give you a better understanding of the school system and its workings. You’ll also gain experience working with people from all walks of life, which is an important skill for any professional to have.

As you progress in your career, you may want to consider specializing in education or becoming a school secretary. This would allow you to take on more responsibilities and further develop your skills in this area.

The school receptionist is the first person that visitors to the school meet. It is important to be professional and courteous at all times. The school receptionist may be responsible for answering the telephone, taking messages, greeting visitors, and providing general information about the school.

The school receptionist may be responsible for maintaining the school’s website and social media accounts. The school receptionist may also be responsible for managing the school’s email accounts. The school receptionist may be responsible for ordering supplies, maintaining the school’s inventory, and scheduling appointments. The school receptionist may also be responsible for managing the school’s finances. The school receptionist may be responsible for preparing reports, maintaining records, and performing other clerical duties.

The school receptionist may be promoted to a position such as office manager, administrative assistant, or school administrator. The school receptionist may also be promoted to a position in the school district office.

School Receptionist Job Description Example

The first point of contact for anyone visiting our school, the school receptionist is a key member of our team. We are looking for a professional, courteous and welcoming individual to join our team and provide an excellent first impression to everyone who visits us.

As our school receptionist, you will be responsible for greeting visitors, answering incoming calls, managing the school’s main email inbox, handling enquiries and directing visitors to the appropriate staff member or department. You will also be responsible for managing the school’s main entrance, ensuring that only authorised personnel are allowed access to the building.

The ideal candidate for this role will have previous experience working as a receptionist, excellent customer service skills and a friendly, approachable manner. They will also be well-organised, efficient and able to multi-task, with excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Answer all incoming calls in a professional and courteous manner, screening calls as necessary
  • Greet all visitors to the school in a warm and welcoming manner
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of school events, activities, and policies
  • Handle all inquiries and requests in a timely and efficient manner
  • Direct visitors and callers to the appropriate staff member or office
  • Monitor and maintain the security of the front desk area
  • Update and maintain the school’s visitor log
  • Manage the school’s lost and found
  • Keep the reception area clean and organized at all times
  • Perform light office duties as needed, such as filing, photocopying, and collating
  • Assist with special projects as needed
  • Adhere to all confidentiality policies and procedures

Required Skills and Qualifications

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Proven experience as a receptionist or similar role
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, with aptitude to learn new software and systems
  • Solid organizational and time-management skills
  • Friendly and professional demeanor

Preferred Skills and Qualifications

  • Associate’s degree or higher
  • Bilingual (fluent in English and another language)
  • Experience working in a school or other educational setting
  • Experience with student information systems
  • Exceptional customer service skills

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school receptionist job description resume

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  • School Receptionist

5 Amazing school receptionist Resume Examples (Updated 2023) + Skills & Job Descriptions

Build your resume in 15 minutes, school receptionist: resume samples & writing guide, percy foster, professional summary, employment history.

  • Answer phones and take messages
  • Prepare documents and reports as needed
  • Handle inquiries from students, parents, and staff
  • Prepare and distribute student and staff identification cards
  • Process paperwork and manage filing systems
  • Ensure the school office is neat and well-organized
  • Maintain a professional appearance and demeanor

Do you already have a resume? Use our PDF converter and edit your resume.

Pete Roberts

  • Manage the school's front desk operations
  • Provide general administrative support as needed
  • Input data into the school's computer system
  • Assist with school events and activities

Andrew Yates

  • Monitor and direct incoming and outgoing mail
  • Greet visitors and direct them to the appropriate person or office

Derek Jones

Xaviero evans.

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school receptionist job description resume

Table of Content

  • Introduction
  • Resume Samples & Writing Guide
  • Resume Example 1
  • Resume Example 2
  • Resume Example 3
  • Resume Example 4
  • Resume Example 5
  • Jobs Description
  • Jobs Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Soft Skills
  • How to Improve Your Resume
  • How to Optimize Your Resume
  • Cover Letter Example

school receptionist Job Descriptions; Explained

If you're applying for an school receptionist position, it's important to tailor your resume to the specific job requirements in order to differentiate yourself from other candidates. Including accurate and relevant information that directly aligns with the job description can greatly increase your chances of securing an interview with potential employers. When crafting your resume, be sure to use action verbs and a clear, concise format to highlight your relevant skills and experience. Remember, the job description is your first opportunity to make an impression on recruiters, so pay close attention to the details and make sure you're presenting yourself in the best possible light.

school receptionist

  • Operated multi-line telephone system to independently handle over calls each day
  • Welcomed all customers with friendly greeting, answered general questions, gathered nature of visit and directed to specific offices
  • Directed incoming calls to internal personnel and departments, routing to the best-qualified entity to respond to callers’ needs
  • Provided clerical support to company employees by copying, faxing and filing documents.

school receptionist Job Skills

For an school receptionist position, your job skills are a key factor in demonstrating your value to the company and showing recruiters that you're the ight fit for the role. It's important to be specific when highlighting your skills and ensure that they are directly aligned with the job requirements, as this can greatly improve your chances of being hired. By showcasing your relevant skills and experience, you can make a compelling case for why you're the best candidate for the job.

How to include technical skills in your resume:

Technical skills are a set of specialized abilities and knowledge required to perform a particular job effectively. Some examples of technical skills are data analysis, project management, software proficiency, and programming languages, to name a few. Add the technical skills that will get hired in your career field with our simple-to-use resume builder. Select your desired resume template, once you reach the skills section of the builder, manually write in the skill or simply click on "Add more skills". This will automatically generate the best skills for your career field, choose your skill level, and hit "Save & Next."

  • Computer Literacy
  • Database Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Data Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Business Acumen
  • Process Improvement
  • Visualization
  • Financial Management
  • Customer Service
  • Presentation
  • Written Communication
  • Social Media
  • Risk Management
  • Supervisory
  • Relationship Management

How to include soft skills in your resume:

Soft skills are non-technical skills that relate to how you work and that can be used in any job. Including soft skills such as time management, creative thinking, teamwork, and conflict resolution demonstrate your problem-solving abilities and show that you navigate challenges and changes in the workplace efficiently. Add competitive soft skills to make your resume stand-out to recruiters! Simply select your preferred resume template in the skills section, enter the skills manually or use the "Add more skills" option. Our resume builder will generate the most relevant soft skills for your career path. Choose your proficiency level for each skill, and then click "Save & Next" to proceed to the next section.

  • Communication
  • Interpersonal
  • Time Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • Critical Thinking
  • Adaptability
  • Organization
  • Public Speaking
  • Negotiation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Attention to Detail
  • Self-Motivation
  • Stress Management
  • Collaboration
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Professionalism
  • Documentation
  • Relationship Management.

How to Improve Your school receptionist Resume

Navigating resume pitfalls can mean the difference between landing an interview or not. Missing job descriptions or unexplained work history gaps can cause recruiters to hesitate. Let's not even talk about the impact of bad grammar, and forgetting your contact info could leave your potential employer hanging. Aim to be comprehensive, concise, and accurate.

Carl Foster

  • Monitor and order office supplies
  • Schedule appointments and maintain calendars

Unexplained Year Gaps and Missing Job Experiences are a No-no

Gaps in your resume can prevent recruiters from hiring you if you don't explain them..

  • It's okay to have gaps in your work experience but always offer a valid explanation instead of just hiding it.
  • Use the gap to talk about positive attributes or additional skills you've learned.
  • Be honest and straightforward about the gap and explain it using a professional summary.

How to Optimize Your school receptionist Resume

Keep an eye out for these resume traps. Neglecting to detail your job roles or explain gaps in your career can lead to unnecessary doubts. Grammar blunders can reflect negatively on you, and without contact information, how can employers reach you? Be meticulous and complete.

Francis Thompson

  • Assist with school events and activitiess
  • Input data into the school's computer systems
  • Manage the school's front desk operationes
  • Schedule appoitments, and maintain calenders
  • Maintain a profesional appearence, and demenor
  • Prepare, and distrubute student, and staff identification cards.
  • Ensure the school office is neat an well-organised
  • Prepare and distribute student and staff identifaction cards
  • Manage the school's front desk operatons

Avoid Spelling Mistakes and Include your Contact Information

Missing contact information prevents recruiters from understanding you're the best fit for the position..

  • Make sure you're not missing contact information on your resume. That should include your full name, telephone number and email address.
  • Make sure to use a professional email address as part of your contact information.
  • Highlight your contact information and double check that everything is accurate to help recruiters get in touch with you.

school receptionist Cover Letter Example

A cover letter can be a valuable addition to your job application when applying for an school receptionist position. Cover letters provide a concise summary of your qualifications, skills, and experience, also it also gives you an opportunity to explain why you're the best fit for the job. Crafting a cover letter that showcases your relevant experience and enthusiasm for the Accounts Payable role can significantly improve your chances of securing an interview.

To the Hiring Team at JPMorgan Chase

I am writing to express my interest in the Lead School Receptionist role at JPMorgan Chase. As a School Receptionist with 13 years of experience in Administrative & Clerical, I am confident that I have the necessary skills and expertise to succeed in this position.

Throughout my life, I have pursued my passion for Customer Service and have gained experience in this field as a result. This experience has given me valuable skills such as Decision Making and Problem Solving, which I am excited to bring to this position. I am eager to work with a team that shares my enthusiasm as a School Receptionist and help your organization achieve its well determined goals.

I appreciate the opportunity to apply for the Lead School Receptionist position. I am confident that I can make a valuable contribution to your organization and that together there is no challenge that we cannot overcome. I will be waiting, hopeful for what the future will bring.

Showcase your most significant accomplishments and qualifications with this cover letter. Personalize this cover letter in just few minutes with our user-friendly tool!

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School Receptionist Resume

School receptionist resume example.

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School Receptionist Job Description

School receptionist duties & responsibilities.

To write an effective school receptionist job description, begin by listing detailed duties, responsibilities and expectations. We have included school receptionist job description templates that you can modify and use.

Sample responsibilities for this position include:

School Receptionist Qualifications

Qualifications for a job description may include education, certification, and experience.

Education for School Receptionist

Typically a job would require a certain level of education.

Employers hiring for the school receptionist job most commonly would prefer for their future employee to have a relevant degree such as Bachelor's and Collage Degree in Faculty, Administrative Assistant, Arts Administration, Spanish, Education, Management and Marketing, Social Media, Bookkeeping, Management, Dance

Skills for School Receptionist

Desired skills for school receptionist include:

Desired experience for school receptionist includes:

School Receptionist Examples

  • Microsoft Word (.docx) .DOCX
  • PDF Document (.pdf) .PDF
  • Image File (.png) .PNG
  • Keep reception area organized, neat, and clean
  • Monitor conference room calendars ensuring rooms are not double booked
  • Maintain employee/intern/co-op/contractor sign in and sign out tracking sheets and assist with inputting weekly time tracking data
  • Update and distribute organization’s phone extension list as needed
  • Maintain and update a front desk resource manual
  • Assist with coordinating visitors for Pro-Pay meetings and DSP meetings as requested
  • Perform miscellaneous administrative tasks to support department team members as requested
  • Gives routine information to individuals with inquiries about the school
  • Initial review of enrollment documents
  • Assist with coordination of school events and processing, production & distribution of memos, newsletters
  • Ability to attain CPR and First Aid Certification as required
  • Team player willing to roll up sleeves and do whatever it takes to get the job done
  • Must be able to travel between school campuses during the work day as needed
  • Order and distribute school uniforms
  • Produce academic and school culture reports (report cards, progress reports)
  • Review Calendar requested for conference room usage on campus
  • Assist with preparation of materials for mailing, including preparing labels, stuffing envelopes
  • May perform various functions relating to students, such as locker assignments, emergency cards, record keeping, attendance, health room
  • Communicate information to staff, students, parents through various means, writing, public announcement systems, radio
  • Interact with and provide assistance to teachers, students, principals, custodians, nurse, district personnel and parents
  • Assist Administrative Assistant, Attendance Specialist and Library Media Specialist if necessary
  • Developing/preparing meeting agendas
  • Entering/gathering IT data
  • Running report cards and honor rolls
  • Maintaining students records/files
  • Signing in guests
  • Handling parent and sponsor requests
  • Maintaining the building calendar through Outlook with appointments
  • Managing and posting homework hotline
  • Managing and posting daily/weekly tutoring rosters with houseparents, and other office duties as assigned
  • High integrity to be a role model for the children
  • Able to secure Child Abuse, FBI and State Police clearances
  • Performs a variety of clerical tasks which may include scheduling and maintaining records of school activities, tracking student attendance, check-in/check-out of supplies and materials, photocopying, typing, data input, sorting mail, making up file folders, and/or transmitting/receiving fax documents and email
  • Schedules appointments and meetings, which may include reserving conference rooms and facilities, organizing materials, sending out meeting notices, arranging for catering services, and maintaining calendars
  • Responds to telephone requests for specific materials to be mailed and assists with mailing general school information to parents
  • Responds to telephone and written requests for school information
  • Calls parents on waiting list when an opening at the school arises
  • Answers telephones, routes and screens calls, responds to inquiries from the public, and provides information about the organization
  • Greets all visitors and monitors the front reception area
  • Maintains and communicates corporate and school contact information
  • Opens and sorts mail, collects and distributes parcels, transmits and delivers facsimiles, assists with copying, mailing, and other administrative tasks as needed
  • Point of contact for parent complaints
  • Experience working in a school office setting highly desired
  • Must be able to present a professional office with great customer service skills
  • Must have a positive attitude and be able to collaborate with others, while helping to maintain a pleasant working environment
  • Ability and willingness to take directions
  • Monitors office equipment and ensures proper service/maintenance (i.e., copy machines, postage machine)
  • Orders supplies pertaining to copy machines and front desk area
  • Keeps supply room neat & tidy
  • Prepares package/labels and track special mail for UPS, DHL, FedEx
  • Prepares packages for courier services to the schools
  • Is familiar with general policies, school information, websites, and provides instruction for public
  • Performs other duties as delegated by Executive Assistant or VP of Education
  • Follows federal and state laws, company policies
  • Serves as building receptionist
  • Greets and assists office visitors in a positive and professional manner
  • Responds to customer services needs over the phone in a timely, responsive way
  • Maintains student demographic information in the District software system including but not limited to address, phone number, and custody changes
  • Two (2) years of experience and/or training in a field related to the title of this position
  • Monitors and uses the security radio as needed
  • Assists internal callers with classroom emergencies
  • Extracts students from class as needed to meet with administrator(s)
  • Provides authorization for students to return to class after visiting the main office
  • Uses copy, printer, and fax machines regularly
  • Assists with sorting and distributing USPS and interschool mail package deliveries
  • Enters student fines into District software as needed
  • Organizes and distributes student activity cards
  • Documents lost and found items turned into the office
  • Assists with student cumulative folders
  • Uses intra-school communication systems including intercom, alarms, paging, as required
  • Undertake a variety of administrative duties to support the team and the School such as booking of taxis and car parking arrangements for staff and visitors to the School
  • Providing a responsive telephone service for the School, accepting internal and external calls as they arise, providing advice and guidance or forwarding as necessary
  • Ensuring that effective processes are followed when dealing with mail management, both internal and external to the University
  • Acting as the key contact for stationery stock takes for either of the School sites, liaising with the Finance office to replenish and order new items
  • Works in standard office and school building environments
  • Occasional overtime may be required by the supervisor
  • Receiving, dating and processing student work in accordance with School procedures
  • Assisting, where necessary, with School events such as Open Days
  • Undertake Asylum and Immigration checks for visitors/applicants/speakers to the School on arrival at Reception
  • Receiving and document lost property and deal with unclaimed property following the School’s procedure

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school receptionist job description resume

  • Resume and Cover Letter

Receptionist Job Description

2 min read · Updated on September 03, 2019

TopResume Editor

In order to ensure your professional resume will support your goals, use this receptionist job description to inform what you should highlight on your resume.

By reviewing job description examples, you'll be able to identify what technical and soft skills , credentials and work experience matter most to an employer in your target field.

Receptionist Job Descritption

Greet vendors, customers, job applicants and other visitors and arrange for transportation services when needed. Direct visitors by maintaining employee and department directories. May operate a switchboard to route incoming calls and place outgoing calls. Maintain security by following procedures, monitoring logbook and issuing visitor badges.

Requires a high school diploma or its equivalent with 0-2 years of experience in the field or in a related area. Has knowledge of commonly-used concepts, practices and procedures within a particular field. Rely on instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform the functions of the job. Work under immediate supervision. Primary job functions do not typically require exercising independent judgment. Typically reports to a supervisor or manager. Possess excellent communication and multitasking skills, a positive attitude and a strong work ethic.


Greet clients as soon as they arrive and connect them with the appropriate party

Answer the phone in a timely manner and direct calls to the correct offices

Create and manage both digital and hardcopy filing systems for all partners

Make travel arrangements and schedule meetings based on all partners' itineraries

Deal with bookings by phone, e-mail, letter, fax or face-to-face

Complete procedures when Guests arrive and leave

Prepare bills and take payments

Take and pass on messages to Guests

Deal with special requests from Guests

Answer questions about what the hotel offers and the surrounding area

Deal with complaints or problems

Answer telephone calls and take messages or forward calls

Schedule and confirm appointments and maintain event calendars

Check visitors in and direct or escort them to specific destinations

Inform other employees of visitors' arrivals or cancellations

Enter customer data and send correspondence

Copy, file and maintain paper or electronic documents and records

Handle incoming and outgoing mail

Receptionist top skills & proficiencies:

Customer Service

Overachieving Attitude

Verbal and Written Communication


Problem Solving Skills

Accuracy and Attention to Detail

Interpersonal Skills

Telephone Skills

Microsoft Office Skills


Customer Focus


Handle Pressure

  • Supply Management

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Receptionist Resume Sample [Job Description, Skills & Tips]

Background Image

A receptionist does much more than welcome, greet, and direct a company’s guests or clients. 

The job includes maintaining the security and telecommunications systems, providing information to customers by answering or redirecting their inquiries, and offering administrative support within the company, among others. 

As such, it’s not surprising at all if you’re stuck trying to put all that effectively on your receptionist resume. 

Fortunately, though, with the right guidance, writing an impactful receptionist resume can be easy, and we’re here to help!

Read our article to learn all you need to know about writing a receptionist resume! Here’s exactly what we’ll cover: 

  • Receptionist Resume Example (Better Than 9 Out of 10 Examples)

8-Step Guide to Write Your Receptionist Resume

  • 20+ In-Demand Skills to Put on Your Receptionist Resume

So let’s get to it! 

Receptionist Resume Example (to Inspire You)

receptionist resume example

Not sure where to start with your resume? Reviewing a receptionist resume example is a good start!

The resume example above does everything right, including: 

  • Follows the chronological format. As the most popular format among recruiters worldwide, the chronological resume format is the way to go.
  • Has a memorable resume profile. To show the recruiter they’re relevant as an applicant, the candidate has written a captivating resume summary. 
  • Includes professional contact details. In addition to the must-have contact details, the receptionist resume example above also lists the applicant’s LinkedIn and Skype handles.
  • Lists quantifiable achievements. The candidate has built a work experience section that focuses on achievements to stand out from other applicants. 
  • Has a short education section. With plenty of work experience to show for, the receptionist resume example keeps their education section short. 
  • Includes relevant skills. The candidate doesn’t list every skill under the sun, but only the ones that are relevant to the position. 
  • Uses optional resume sections the right way. By adding their certificates and languages, the candidate has even better chances at standing out from the competition.
  • Is based on a well-designed resume template . To avoid the hassle of building their resume from scratch, the receptionist resume example above was built using a plug-and-play template.   

Inspired by the receptionist resume example above?

Now it’s time to write yours! Below, we’ll walk you through the 8 essential steps for creating an effective receptionist resume, starting with:

#1. Choose the Right Format and Layout

When it comes to resumes, the structure is everything. 

You can be an amazing professional and you still won’t stand much chance if:

  • Your resume sections are all out of order.
  • Your resume is very hard to follow because of a messy structure.
  • The resume looks unprofessional because you picked the wrong font . 

So, before you can start filling out the contents of your receptionist resume, you’ve got to first make sure its format and layout are just right.

When it comes to your resume format, the choice is quite easy. 

Out of the three resume formats ( chronological , functional (also known as skills-based), and combination ) you should go for the chronological resume format . It’s the most popular among recruiters everywhere in the world and successfully highlights your skills and achievements by putting your most recent work experience first. 

Here’s what it looks like: 

receptionist chornological resume

Now, when it comes to the layout, you’ll have to keep a few more things in mind:

  • Keep your resume short. Unless you have 10+ years of experience, a 1-page resume is your best bet that recruiters will go through your entire resume. After all, they receive hundreds of applications daily—they don’t have time to read your resume if it’s the same length as a short novella. 
  • Picking the right font size and style. Go for 11-12 pt font size for the body of your text and 13-14 pts for the section headers. As for the style, we recommend using a font that’s casual but professional, such as Ubuntu or Roboto. 
  • Using section headers. Section headers are a good way to clearly separate your resume’s sections. 
  • Saving your resume as a PDF file. Unless otherwise instructed in the job description, save your resume as a PDF . That way, you can be sure it will open as you intended it despite the device or OS that opens it. 

Or Skip Formatting and Layout Altogether By Using a Resume Template!

Imagine this:

You spend hours and hours tweaking your resume layout, only for it to look like a generic, black-and-white resume.

Not a good feeling, right?

Want to skip ahead of all the formatting hassle and jump right into filling in your contents? AND come out with a visually-appealing, short-n-snappy resume, all at the same time?

All you have to do is pick one of Novorésumé’s free, plug-and-play templates ! 

Our resume templates were made in collaboration with professional recruiters, which means they are easy to read and scan (and they’re ATS-friendly to boot!). 

And the best part? The templates look absolutely gorgeous (especially when compared to a standard black-and-white resume ): 


#2. Add More Than Your Traditional Contact Details 

The contact information section is the most straightforward part of writing a resume. 

Basically, all you have to do is list the following details:

  • Professional title. 
  • Phone number.
  • Location (city and state/country).

Here’s how all that looks like on a receptionist resume: 



[email protected]

Scranton, PA

If you want to add some flavor to this section and you’re active on LinkedIn, you can include your profile’s URL link too. 

#3. Write a Compelling Resume Summary Summary/Objective

Put simply, your resume profile is a summary of you as a professional. 

The 2-3 sentence short paragraph goes at the top of your resume and aims to tell recruiters just enough to convince them to deep-dive into the rest of your resume.

Depending on your work experience level, you can write a resume profile as:

  • A resume summary . If you are experienced in the field use a resume summary to sum up your title and years of experience, as well as your top skills and achievements.
  • A resume objective . If you don’t have a lot to show for in terms of work experience, then you should go for a resume objective . To ace, it, mention any degree names or experience related to the field, the skills that you can offer the company, and your interest in working there. 

Here’s what a receptionist resume summary looks like:

Detail-oriented receptionist with 4 years of experience in customer service. Efficient in performing the administrative and front-desk tasks of large-scale offices. Fluent in Spanish and proficient in MS Office Suite. 

And here’s a receptionist resume objective:

Motivated communications graduate looking to apply their people and organizational skills as a receptionist at Company Z. Worked as Resident Assistant for 3 years and has hands-on experience on front desk duties, helping students solve problems, and dealing with administrational tasks.

job search masterclass novoresume

#4. Make Your Work Experience Count 

Consider your work experience section as the backbone of your receptionist resume - it’s what recruiters will be checking to see whether you’ve got what it takes to excel at the job.  

To make this section count, first, make sure to format it the right way. Here’s what that involves: 

  • Start with your current/most recent position and go backward in time. Keep your work entries relevant - the paper delivery job from your teens won’t help land you a receptionist job. 
  • Begin each work entry with your professional title. Underneath, add the company's name and location, the period you worked there, and 3-5 of achievements and responsibilities in bullet points. 
  • List fewer bullet points (1-2 for each work entry) as you go back in time. Your job from 10 years ago doesn’t need to be as comprehensively described as your last one.

After you’ve handled the formatting, you’ve got to make sure your professional experience shines through brighter than other candidates’. 

As hard as it may sound, we have some very effective tips to make that happen, including: 

  • Focus on achievements over responsibilities whenever it’s possible. After all, recruiters know what the responsibilities of a receptionist are pretty well - it’s your achievements that can really help you stand out. 
  • Quantify your achievements whenever you can. For example, instead of saying “handled incoming and outgoing calls effectively,” say “handled 100+ incoming and outgoing calls on a daily basis.”
  • You can use the following formula to quantify your achievements : “accomplished X as measured by Y by doing Z.” 

Here’s how a well-written work achievement would look like in a receptionist resume:

  • Consulted regarding a redesign of the office scheduling system, increasing accuracy by 38%.
  • Achieved 95% customer satisfaction score based on feedback forms.
  • Handled successfully 100+ phone calls daily with no complaints during the last 2 years.

And here’s a less convincing achievement:

  • Answered questions.
  • Provided good customer service.
  • Made phone calls.

The first example is achievement-oriented and the recruiter reading it knows how, exactly, you excelled at your last role.

The second example, though, is not as much. The recruiter knows that you worked as a receptionist… and that’s about it. They have no idea if you excelled at the role or not.

If you do have to list responsibilities and tasks on your Receptionist resume, make sure you’re using dynamic action words and strong verbs !

#5. Include Your Education 

The next step in creating your receptionist resume is to list your educational background.

Start by following this format:

  • Add your latest and highest degree first. 
  • Start off with the degree name, then the institution’s name, and the dates attended. 
  • Don’t add your high-school education if you hold a Bachelor’s Degree or higher. 

Here’s how the education section should look like in a receptionist resume:

BA in Communication 

Penn State University, PA

Now, if you don’t have any work experience at all, you can use your educational history to help you stand out.

In such a case, you can make this section more elaborate by mentioning:

  • Academic merits and achievements
  • Relevant coursework taken
  • Extracurricular activities  

BA in World Literature

  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude
  • Graduated first of the class in Communications
  • Resident Advisor for 3 years

#6. Include Industry-Related Skills

You can definitely tell a good receptionist by the skills they possess. 

And that’s exactly why the skills section is another receptionist resume must-have. 

Of course, this includes a balance between soft skills (e.g. communication skills , time-management, multi-tasking), and hard skills (e.g. Microsoft Office, Supply Management). 

Keep in mind, however, that the key here is to list the right skills and not every single skill that you possess.

Sure, knowing Adobe Illustrator is great, but it won’t help much with your job as a receptionist. 

So, first, go through our list below and include the must-have receptionist skills in your resume (the ones that you do possess, that is).

Then, go through the job ad you’re applying for and see if you missed an important skill or two. Make sure that the skills you’ve listed match the ones required for the role (as long as you actually possess them, of course).

20+ Receptionist Soft and Hard Skills to Put on a Receptionist Resume

Receptionist soft skills.

  • Verbal and written communication
  • Professionalism
  • Customer focus
  • Organization and planning
  • Handling pressure and tolerating stress
  • Attention to detail
  • Reliability
  • Multitasking
  • Conflict resolution
  • Problem-solving
  • Prioritizing
  • Time Management

Receptionist Hard Skills

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook)
  • Administrative skills
  • Supply management
  • Typing skills (include WPM)
  • Information management software
  • Use of office equipment (fax machines, copiers, etc)
  • Multi-line phone systems

#7. 5 Additional Sections to Take Advantage Of

At this stage, if your resume is already a full one-pager, you can just skip this section altogether.

If, on the other hand, you’ve got some space left (e.g. if you don’t have a lot of work experience), you can make use of these extra sections to give your receptionist resume an edge:

  • Awards and certifications. Are you certified in office management? Do you have any awards for excellent performance in any of your previous roles? These are definitely things you should include in your receptionist resume. 
  • Languages. Whatever your position might be, knowing an extra language or two can always come in handy.
  • Volunteer experience. Volunteering can be a great way to show you also care about giving back to the community. If you’re a recent graduate, volunteering experience can also show employers that you’re familiar with hard work.
  • Internships. Got any past internship experience? Make sure to include that in your resume, along with your main tasks and achievements there. 
  • Hobbies and interests . Show the recruiter who you are outside of work. Who knows, maybe it’ll help you establish rapport with your interviewer!

The thing about extra sections is that they work on two levels: if you’re lacking work experience, they can definitely help you land an entry-level job, whereas if you’re experienced in the field, they can set you apart from other applicants with similar work experience and skills. 

Here’ an example of how extra sections should look in a receptionist resume:

Examples of Extra Sections


  • Microsoft Office Specialist - Issued by Microsoft
  • Certified Business Officer - Issued by the Management and Strategy Institute

Volunteer Experience

Front Desk Assistant  Scranton Community Center 06/2010 - 10/2012

  • Helped staff with daily clerical tasks and activities
  • Got hands-on experience doing administrational work
  • French (Fluent)
  • German (Intermediate)

#8. Don’t Forget to Include a Cover Letter

Including a cover letter with your resume is an inseparable part of sending a job application.

As such, it’s safe to assume that it should be just as good as your receptionist resume. 

Keep in mind, though, that a cover letter shouldn’t just rephrase whatever you mentioned in your resume.

Rather, you should use it to:

  • Summarize your most important skills, achievements, or experiences.
  • Expand on any information you couldn’t talk about in detail in your receptionist resume.
  • Mention what you know about the organization you’re applying for (and why you want to work there).

Here are our tips on creating a compelling receptionist cover letter:

  • Tailor your cover letter to the specific job position you’re applying for. Instead of using a generic cover letter introduction, start your cover letter by introducing yourself and mentioning exactly why you want to work for that company.
  • Use the body of your cover letter to talk about your skills, achievements, and qualifications in more detail. 
  • Write a strong cover letter ending by including a strong call to action. 
  • Make sure that your cover letter looks as compelling as your resume by using one of our cover letter templates . 
  • Learn more about how to write a compelling cover letter by checking out our cover letter tips .

Not sure what a good receptionist cover letter looks like? Check out our top cover letter examples !

We hope you are feeling more confident about creating your receptionist resume and we are sure you will get hired in no time!

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  • Cashier Resume
  • Waiter Resume
  • Server Resume
  • Barista Resume
  • Bartender Resume

Key Takeaways 

Follow the steps we outlined above, and you’ll have yourself a job-winning receptionist resume in no time!

Before you leave to work on your resume, though, let’s recap the key learning points we covered above:

  • Use a resume summary or objective to summarize your experiences and show the recruiter that you’re relevant for the role.
  • Mention achievements over responsibilities when possible. This helps show the recruiter how you excelled in your previous role.
  • Quantify your work experiences by using the XYZ formula.
  • Use some of the optional resume sections to help you stand out. This includes languages, hobbies, extracurricular activities, and more.

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7 Receptionist Resume Examples for 2023

Stephen Greet

  • Receptionist Resumes
  • Receptionist Resume by Experience
  • Receptionist Resumes by Role
  • Write Your Receptionist Resume

Receptionists are found anywhere that requires a patient and professional approach to keeping an office on schedule.

Whether you’re interested in working in healthcare as a medical receptionist or as a front desk receptionist for an insurance firm, you must ensure your resume makes a great first impression.

Nothing is trickier than staring at a blank screen and waiting for inspiration for the perfect resume , but that’s why we’re here. We’ll guide you through some of our top  resume tips  and ensure you have the tools and resources you need for success.

These receptionist resume samples have been used to land actual receptionist jobs in 2023, so they’re an excellent place for you to get started.

Receptionist Resume

or download as PDF

Receptionist resume example with 5 years of experience

Why this resume works

  • There are tons of different kinds of receptionists working in a whole range of industries. Make it clear what kind of offices you’ve worked at when discussing your work experience.
  • A  resume objective  (the two sentences below the job title) is by no means required on your receptionist resume. In fact, you’re likely better off not including one. There are a few exceptions to this rule, like when you’re undergoing a career change or want to take the time to customize it to each job for which you apply.
  • However, if you’ve attended some college or earned a degree, then be sure to include it; it’ll be valuable in the eyes of your employer. If not, no worries. Just list the highest level of education you’ve obtained.

Front Desk Receptionist Resume

Front desk receptionist resume example with 6 years of experience

  • If you have a lot of experience as a receptionist, one way to expand your career (and possibly make more money) is to become a Certified Administrative Professional (CAP). That requires studying for an exam, but for some people, it’s worth it.
  • Try a reverse-chronological  resume format  to help you show steady career progression. 
  • For example, perhaps you could tie the creation of reports in Excel to the number of manual hours saved.

Entry-Level Receptionist Resume

Entry-level receptionist resume example

  • Customer interaction, scheduling, and telephone communication are great examples—even if these examples come from internships, academic projects, or community volunteering.
  • If you’ve ever received an award at work (even before your time as a receptionist), then make sure to mention it! Try to explain the context of the award (why you got it) without getting into too much detail. It’s a great way to show that you’re responsible and qualified.
  • Focus on activities that demonstrate leadership or serious dedication.

Veterinary Receptionist Resume

Veterinary receptionist resume example with 3 years of experience

  • That’s what you need to give yourself a deserved head start. In particular, show how your streamlined check-in and check-out processes and your input in improving post-outcomes.

Salon Receptionist Resume

Salon receptionist resume example with 4 years of experience

  • Additionally, show how you collaborated with the rest of the team to deliver exceptional services, leading to higher satisfaction ratings and turning first-time customers into loyalists.

Medical Receptionist Resume

Medical receptionist resume example with 5 years of experience

  • There are a number of organizations that grant these certifications. The largest one is the American Red Cross.
  • Don’t hesitate to list any medical-specific  skills  you have, like electronic medical records (EMR) and insurance claims/coding.
  • Fit your resume onto a single page (working with a  resume template  can help with this), or risk your medical receptionist resume ending up in the trash bin.
  • Two quick levers to modify the number of pages are page margins and font size.

Dental Receptionist Resume

Dental receptionist resume example with 8 years of experience

  • Any domain-specific experience that you have provides a great opportunity to customize your resume for each job description . Simply mention those skills (such s “Paterson Eaglesoft”) in the  resume skills  section of your dental receptionist resume .
  • One clear and direct way to show how you can get things done is to start each work experience bullet point with a strong action verb. In the resume above, words like “Confirmed,” “Assured,” and “Scanned”) do exactly that.
  • We have a selection of classy accent colors you can choose from within our AI-powered and  easy-to-use resume creator . 

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  • Administrative Assistant
  • Office Assistant
  • Human Resources

Formatting Your Receptionist Resume

Job seeker reviews qualifications and accomplishments to build job application for next role

The key to creating an exceptional receptionist resume is choosing the perfect format. While the format might seem like an arbitrary decision, it’s what will ensure your resume is readable, logical, and complete. A resume with no format at all is likely to be disorganized, and a resume with the wrong format won’t highlight the right information. Your resume’s structural foundation should allow all the other aspects to fall neatly into place.

You can  format your resume  by taking a few simple steps:

  • Choosing between reverse-chronological, functional, and hybrid formats
  • Listing your contact information to create a header
  • Taking ATS and readability into account

school receptionist job description resume

Reverse-chronological, functional, and combination/hybrid formats

Before you can start writing your resume, you need to decide which particular format you’ll use. The three most popular  resume formats  in 2023 are reverse-chronological, functional, and combination/hybrid. Each of these styles has its benefits and disadvantages, and plenty of job candidates have found success using all of them.

Which resume format should you choose for your receptionist resume?

  • The  reverse-chronological format  is the most common option across industries. With this format, relevant work history is listed and explained in reverse-chronological order. This means your most recent position will be listed first. The main advantage of the reverse-chronological format is that it highlights your most recent, and likely most relevant, achievements, which should represent the high point of an upward career trajectory.
  • The  functional format  is meant to highlight and showcase the candidate’s skills. Work experience is pushed to the bottom of the document, while abilities and areas of expertise take center stage. While this can be a good option for younger candidates with little experience, many job recruiters are especially interested in work history, the very category that this format marginalizes.
  • Combination/hybrid resumes  seek to make the most of both the reverse-chronological and functional formats. A hybrid resume will usually include work history listed in reverse-chronological order alongside a prominent skills component.

For your receptionist resume, it’s usually best to go with the reverse-chronological format. Recruiters and hiring managers are primarily interested in your work experience, so it makes sense to make it easy to find what they’re looking for.

school receptionist job description resume

Contact info and header

At the top of your resume, you need to lay out your name and contact information. This brief header will act as a business card, letting people know immediately who you are and how they can contact you. Stating this information clearly at the top of the page, as seen in our numerous  resume samples , will make it easier for recruiters to spot and file your resume.

Receptionist resume blue contact header example

In 2023, the header for a receptionist resume should include:

  • The job title you’re seeking
  • A phone number
  • City and state 
  • A professional social site, like LinkedIn, if you have one

To make it as easy as possible for recruiters to contact you, it’s important to make your header stand out. You can do this by increasing the font size for your name, using a splash of color, and/or bolding labels like “phone” and “email.”

school receptionist job description resume

Passing ATS and ensuring your receptionist resume is readable

We live in an increasingly technological world, something you’ll have to keep in mind when creating your receptionist resume. These days, many companies screen applicants using an applicant tracking system (ATS). This technology rapidly checks resumes for certain keywords before determining which candidates deserve a look from recruiters. For your resume to make the cut, you’ll need to consider how ATS works and what it looks for.

You can maximize your resume’s chances of finding favor with ATS by adopting a few key strategies. First of all, use an ATS-friendly file type like .pdf or .docx. Also, sprinkle some central keywords throughout the document, especially phrases that correspond to the soft and hard skills you’ve gained as a receptionist. Finally, make sure you avoid putting these keywords in the header where ATS might not find them.

It’s also important to make your resume as readable as possible. Maximize readability by taking a few basic steps:

  • Include 1-inch margins (ideally) on every side of the document.
  • Use a simple font like Times New Roman or Arial.
  • Use 11-12-point font for general text and 14-16-point font for headers.
  • Keep the titles of sections short and specific.
  • Keep the entire resume on a single page.
  • List your skills in a succinct, concise fashion.

Our convenient and  easy resume builder  takes all this into account, ensuring that your resume will be easy for recruiters to read.

Writing Your Receptionist Resume

Happy employee sips coffee and works on blue laptop at new job

If writing your receptionist resume seems a daunting task, you’re far from alone. Lots of people worry they’ll make costly mistakes and ruin their chances of landing the job. At this stage, it’s important to take a deep breath and acknowledge that you have what it takes to  write a fantastic resume . All you need to do is take it step by step and use our resume builder. This methodical approach will take the stress out of the process while helping you create a resume  that makes you stand out as a candidate.

Here’s what you’ll have to consider:

  • Objective/Summary
  • Work experience
  • Receptionist skills 
  • Education and certifications
  • Projects, interests, and/or hobbies
  • Tailoring your resume to the job
  • Editing and proofreading

school receptionist job description resume

Do you need an objective or summary on your receptionist resume?

Some candidates place a brief description at the top of their resumes to draw immediate attention to their strongest qualities. These descriptions can take the form of an objective or a summary. A  resume objective  spells out the candidate’s career goals while a resume summary succinctly states a candidate’s qualifications. As you apply for receptionist positions, you’ll have to decide whether either of these options is right for your resume.

  • A resume objective is ideal for candidates who are seeking to make a career change. Pronouncing your goals in a new field and explaining how your current skills will translate to your career as a receptionist will present you as a stronger applicant.
  • A resume summary is great for someone with years of experience as a receptionist. The summary gives you a chance to highlight all you’ve accomplished.
  • Including neither an objective nor a summary might be the right call for certain applicants. If you think your experience speaks for itself or if you simply don’t have room on the page, there’s nothing wrong with skipping this step altogether. Ultimately, you get to determine the best way to showcase your talent and experience.

If you decide to include a summary or objective, you must make them clear and succinct. Here are two examples that would do a prospective candidate more harm than good:

  • Objective : I’m really excited to start work as a receptionist, something I’ve been thinking about for years. Getting a job as a receptionist would truly be a dream come true.
  • Summary : I’m a great receptionist who has worked for several major companies. During my time in the profession, I’ve learned all the strategies and techniques necessary to excel.

These examples are boring and vague. They tell recruiters nothing about the candidate’s specific capabilities, and they take up valuable space while accomplishing nothing.

These examples, on the other hand, effectively convey talent, experience, and strength of purpose:

  • Objective : Tech-savvy and organized professional seeking a receptionist position where typing and interpersonal skills will prove beneficial. Motivated to leverage retail experience and customer care to enhance office dynamics, efficiency, and environment. 
  • Summary : Seasoned receptionist currently serving at the front desk of a large car dealership with years of experience inputting complicated data. My empathy coupled with quick thinking and resourcefulness has contributed to company reputation and lifelong customer satisfaction. 

These successful examples include traits, skills, and goals. They’re also specific and concise, providing recruiters with as much information as possible in a small amount of space.

school receptionist job description resume

Receptionist job experience

First and foremost, recruiters are going to be interested in your work history. Try to include 2-4 jobs relevant to the position you’re currently applying for; however, if you lack receptionist experience, you can include positions that  may seem  irrelevant. As you write your work experience, consider how you may have used receptionist skills in previous positions, and draft your bullet points with those duties and accomplishments in mind. If you’ve held many relevant positions throughout your career, then use your judgment to determine which jobs will most help your chances.

school receptionist job description resume

Receptionist job experience bullet points

Beneath each job title in the work experience section, you should include 3-6 bullet points that briefly explain your obligations and accomplishments. You can employ some stylistic tricks to get the most out of these descriptions.

Start the bullet points with forceful action verbs in the past tense. This type of language demonstrates your tangible role with the company or organization. You can also leave out the personal pronoun “I.” The reader already knows you’re the subject of every sentence, and full sentences with a subject and a predicate take up too much space. If your bullet points are phrases rather than full sentences, make sure you don’t put a period at the end.

Don’t succumb to these sorts of bullet points:

  • I was in charge of all sorts of important tasks.
  • Almost every single day, I had to deal with some unforeseen circumstance.
  • The offices saw tons of traffic on a daily basis, and I had to document all the visitors and make sure they had legitimate reasons for being on the premises.

These examples are vague and sloppy. They use too much space to say very little, and they don’t focus entirely on the candidate’s actions and obligations.

Here are some better examples:

  • Oversaw scheduling and communication of many facets of the company’s operations, including customer service, accounting, and partner relationships.
  • Determined how best to deal with disruptive and unexpected visitors, successfully de-escalating 100% of situations through step-by-step company methods.
  • Documented visitor activity and monitored visitor logs for security threats, reporting unusual activity to security within 20 seconds. 

The language in these bullet points is succinct and powerful, letting recruiters know your exact impact.

school receptionist job description resume

Quantify your value as a receptionist

You should supplement the effective use of language with meaningful statistics. Quantifiable data will show recruiters that you’re not all talk. Any number that demonstrates the impact you had in your previous positions will go a long way toward convincing recruiters that you have what it takes to be a difference-maker.

While you don’t want numbers to overtake your entire resume, about 60% of your bullet points should employ the use of metrics. 

Keep the following in mind to quantify your receptionist impact:

  • Include any metrics showing your contribution to a company’s growth or efficiency.  
  • Describe how you saved quantifiable assets like time or money for the organization.
  • Quantify everything you can. Scan your resume for words like “many” and “several,” then try to replace them with numbers.
  • If you can’t remember an exact number, feel free to use a range. 
  • Always place statistics within the context of your specific contributions.

A resume summary example from a programmer resume

Best receptionist skills to Include

The skills section of a resume gives you the chance to sell yourself to recruiters. It’s important to mention both hard skills and soft skills in the document. Hard skills are technical and measurable, and, for a receptionist, they include things like:

  • Foreign languages
  • Database management experience
  • Technological know-how or typing speed

Soft skills, on the other hand, are not quite as easy to measure and encapsulate habits, traits, and disciplines. Examples include:

  • Attention to detail
  • Communication skills
  • Open-mindedness

When listing your skills, use some of the same keywords you see in the job description for the position. This will draw the attention of ATS systems and human readers. Try to list 5-10 skills, depending on the amount of space you have available.

school receptionist job description resume

Including education and certifications on your receptionist resume

While most receptionist jobs require only a high school diploma, it still makes sense to include all the education credentials you’ve acquired. This includes associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and any additional higher education. You should also include any certifications you’ve received as a receptionist, especially those pertaining to a specific subcategory of the profession. These details could set you apart from other applicants.

school receptionist job description resume

Does your receptionist resume need projects, interests, or hobbies?

There’s some debate about whether projects, hobbies, and interests belong on a resume. In general, it’s better to skip these types of personal details in favor of adding more skills and work experience. There are particular cases, however, where this background information could work in your favor. For anyone fresh out of school or new to the workforce, projects and interests can help get a foot in the door.

Some candidates simply lack the relevant work experience they’d like to put on their resume. If you find yourself in that position, projects and hobbies give you another way to show recruiters why you would make a great receptionist.

When listing projects and hobbies, make sure you choose details related to the job you’re seeking. Pick interests requiring skills that would translate well to a receptionist position. Projects worth listing include organizing a food drive and creating a new club in school. These types of endeavors require the same skills and habits that recruiters will be looking for in a receptionist.

Hobbies and interests  like researching your ancestry and planning parties are also smart to include. By showing recruiters that you’re employing the skills you’ll need on the job, you can make up for a lack of experience.

school receptionist job description resume

Customize your receptionist resume for the position

Every receptionist job you apply to will have its own set of responsibilities and expectations. To give yourself the best chance of success, you should create a separate version of your resume for each application. This doesn’t mean you have to start the document from scratch. Simply look for skills or certifications that are stressed in a particular job advertisement and make corresponding adjustments to your original document.

school receptionist job description resume

Edit and proofread your receptionist resume

This might be the most obvious step in the entire process, but it’s one that far too many people overlook. A few typos or spelling errors might not seem like a big deal, but recruiters will take it as a sure sign of carelessness. When competition for a position is fierce, you can’t afford to put yourself in a hole. Re-read the document several times before sending it, and take advantage of our  quick and easy resume checker  to spot pesky issues concerning consistency, active voice, resume length, and more.

Land Your Receptionist Job

Portfolio of past work experience proving impact on the job with statistics, graphs, and examples

There’s a basic roadmap all job seekers should follow in creating the perfect receptionist resume. It looks something like this:

  • Choose the format that works for your career path
  • Create a header with contact information
  • Decide if you need a resume objective or a resume summary
  • Write out your work experience with strong, active language
  • Include your hard and soft skills
  • Create customized versions of your resume for every job
  • Revise and proofread

Once you’ve followed the steps above and completed your resume, give yourself a hearty pat on the back. All this hard work should pay off in the form of greater attention from recruiters. Before you know it, you will have landed your next job!

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    Summary Organized and responsive Receptionist with over five years of experience in customer service. Seeking a position where I can make a positive contribution by improving office processes and developing streamlined systems. Excellent time management, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Education West Pembroke High School

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    Receptionists are the unsung heroes of the office world, juggling phones, emails, and walk-ins like an octopus playing the drums. But if your resume isn't up to snuff, you'll be left watching from the sidelines. Don't fret! Our guide is here to help you craft a resume that's as polished as your people skills.

  17. Receptionist Job Description

    TopResume Editor In order to ensure your professional resume will support your goals, use this receptionist job description to inform what you should highlight on your resume.

  18. Receptionist Resume Sample [Job Description, Skills & Tips]

    Content Top ↑ Receptionist Resume Example (to Inspire You) 8-Step Guide to Write Your Receptionist Resume #1. Choose the Right Format and Layout #2. Add More Than Your Traditional Contact Details #3. Write a Compelling Resume Summary Summary/Objective #4. Make Your Work Experience Count #5. Include Your Education #6.

  19. 7 Receptionist Resume Examples for 2023

    7 Receptionist Resume Examples. for 2023. Stephen Greet August 25, 2023. Receptionists are found anywhere that requires a patient and professional approach to keeping an office on schedule. Whether you're interested in working in healthcare as a medical receptionist or as a front desk receptionist for an insurance firm, you must ensure your ...

  20. What Does a School Receptionist Do? (With Duties and Skills)

    A school receptionist uses a combination of customer service and clerical skills to keep administrative tasks organised, communicate with people who contact the school and assist visitors who enter the facility. They often interact with administrators, teachers, students, families and guests and serve as primary contact for the school.

  21. Receptionist Resume Examples and Templates for 2023

    Use This Template. 1. Write a compelling profile summarizing your qualifications. When applying for a receptionist position, you need to show potential employers that you have the right balance of customer service skills and technical ability to handle the front end of the business. A key place to highlight these skills is in the profile ...

  22. Receptionist Resume Examples & Samples for 2024

    Expert Approved Handpicked by resume experts based on rigorous standards Diverse Examples Tailored for various backgrounds and experience levels Looking for cover letter ideas? See our sample Receptionist Cover Letter. Find out what is the best resume for you in our Ultimate Resume Format Guide. Additional Administrative Resume Samples

  23. Receptionist Resume Examples for 2024 (+Duties & Skills)

    Entry-Level Receptionist Resume Job Description. Job ad wants these receptionist skills: (1) take phone calls (2) collaboration (3) MS Office. Took 10+ phone calls and phone orders per shift. Collaborated with 30+ employees to maintain 96% positive customer scores.