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Sportsbooks Reviews

Looking for a sports betting site to play with, but not sure which one to make your home? Take a look at the sportsbooks and reviews provided on our site, and make an educated decision.

There are many options to choose from out there, and many sportsbooks present solid value and unique selling points. But the key is to find a site that best suits your unique needs as a bettor.

Sportsbook Bonuses

The best sportsbook bonuses are available to right here on this site. Our long standing relationships with the biggest brands in sports betting allow us to offer you bigger bonuses!

As well as verifying for quality and trustworthiness, players looking to open a new account with a sportsbook generally make their selection based on the best sports betting bonuses they can find. The offers vary a great deal from book to book, so it�??s good to review them with a keen eye before picking your sportsbook.

Top US Sportsbooks

sportsbook review

sportsbook review

Top 5 Online Sports Betting Sites – Best Sportsbooks of 2024

sportsbook review

Comprehensive Guide to Online Sports betting

If you’re a sports enthusiast with a passion for predicting outcomes, winning, and playing big, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the ultimate guide to online sports betting in the USA!

Our comprehensive guide will reveal the top online sports betting sites for US players and provide expert insights on selecting the best sportsbook, safe gambling tips, and winning strategies. Get ready to elevate your game and embark on an exciting journey through the world of real-money sports wagering!

What Is Online Sports Betting?

Online sports betting refers to wagering on sporting activities for real money. The events can be real world events such as world cup, virtuals like virtual leagues, or e-sports like CSGO.

Betting is done on a web-based platform known as a sportsbook (a bookie) which offers multiple betting markets per event.

How to Identify the Best Us-Licensed Sporstbooks

The best sports books have a higher customer rating and many positive reviews. A good sports gambling platform has the following:

Promotions and Bonuses

Many players like promos since they allow you to boost your bankroll. Top sportsbooks provide deals such as free bets, welcome offers, reload bonuses, referral bonuses, and VIP perks.

Payment Methods – Convenience and Transaction Speeds

High quality sportsbooks provide a wide array of payment options. The methods range from e-wallets to cards and bank transfer. Also, some operators support crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Doge, Ethereum and others.

Although most operators support instant deposits, withdrawals may take even up to 10 days to clear. Therefore, consider joining bookies with fast transaction speeds to prevent delays during cashouts.

Website Layout and User-Friendliness

Well-designed sports betting sites load quickly, even in devices with low processing speeds. Besides, they are easy to navigate and you can access dozens of betting lines in a single page.

Mobile Compatibility – Mobi-Site and Apps

Nowadays, most bettors have smartphones and tablets. If you are such a player, be sure to join an operator with a mobile friendly site and a native Android/iOS app.

Reputation – Licensing Information and Safety

Safety is important in the cyber space since cybercriminals can bypass a weak system and steal banking details and other sensitive info. Therefore, your sports betting online service should be SSL-protected.

Additionally, it must hold a verifiable sportsbooks online gambling certificate from a trusted licensing body. Avoid platforms without a license since they are either illegal or scam sites collecting private data.

Customer Support – Available Channels and Waiting Time

Although most operators have sophisticated systems, something can go wrong while betting or processing payments. Therefore, stick to bookmarkers with 24/7 customer support and short waiting time.

Also, there should be multiple communication channels including e-mail, social media, phone, and a chat feature. Interestingly, some companies have a special customer support team that guides new players on different ways to bet on sports online.

The representatives might also provide you with information about responsible gambling, bonus terms, available promos and VIP deals.

Online Sports Betting Basics

Sports betting involves four things, identifying events you wish to predict, analyzing them, making selections, and placing your stake. However, you should only play on US-licensed platforms to prevent the risk of losing your money.

How to Place a Sports Bet

To place a real money bet, follow these steps;

Step 1: Access your bookie account by providing login credentials.

Step 2: Once you are in, add funds if your balance is below the minimum betting amount.

Step 3: Peruse the betting markets and identify events you want to bet on.

Step 4: Predict the outcome of the events. You may select your favorite team to win or predict other markets such as goal scorer, totals, and Under/Over. Your bet slip can have a single prediction (a single bet) or multiple predictions (a Parlay or a Multibet).

Step 5: Select your bet amount (e.g., $150).

Step 6: Click the “Place bet” option to submit your predictions.

Step 7: Wait for the outcome of the event. Remember that you can only win if your prediction is correct. However, some bookies allow you to cash out before the games begin.

Types of Sports

Most bookmarkers offer a wide variety of sports to cater for the needs of different punters. Nonetheless, sporting activities with more fans attract more betting action than those with less viewership.

Popular ones include American football, Soccer, Rugby, Tennis, and Basketball. Others include horse racing, virtuals, e-sports, MMA, ice hockey, golf, cricket, volleyball, and more.

Most bookmakers experience a spike in betting activities during key events such as world cup, NBA finals, Bowl events, and NCAA championships. Therefore, only join sport betting sites that offer promos during such events to get the best value.

Types of Sports Bets

Online sportsbooks provide several markets under each upcoming event. Popular bet types in football include;

In moneyline betting, you select the outright winner in a particular matchup. For instance, if team X is playing with team Y, you can select X to win the game.

Over/Under bets involve predicting if a particular team might score more or less than a particular number of goals. For example, if you pick over 2.5, you can only win if the side you’ve selected wins with 3+ goals.

In Totals, you predict exact goals at the end of the game. For example, in a matchup between team A and B, you can predict the full-time results to be 3:2.

Point Spread

Point spread requires a bettor to select margin of victory. For instance, you can bet the underdog to lose by a specific spread.

Props involve predicting specific events within a game. For instance, you can bet on the first side to score or the total points a player might score.

You can bet on future outcomes such as the next NFL champion.

Parlays are several bets combined in a single bet slip. For instance, you can build a 5-team parlay by predicting the outcomes of 5 matchups.

In general, parlays have bigger payouts than single bets, especially if you wager on teams that are equally strong. However, the chances of winning a multibet are minimal since all the selected outcomes must be correct.

Some operators offer sports betting jackpots with big payouts. The pots have several pre-selected games that you need to predict correctly to win the cash prize.

Fiat Money and Crypto Betting

Fiat money betting refers to playing with real-world currencies such as USD. On the contrary, crypto sports betting involves playing using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Doge, and Ethereum.

Playing with crypto coins is more advantageous since you bet anonymously. Besides, third parties might find it difficult to track your money and gambling activities.

Pre-match Betting

In sports, pre-match betting refers to wagering on events before they commence. For example, you can bet on games that will kick off in a few minutes, an hour, a day, or several days.

If it is a winning parlay, you’ll only get your payout after the final whistle of the last game. In case a game is canceled or postponed, the best online sports betting sites either refund your stake or consider it a winning bet.

Live Betting

The best sports betting sites enrich your betting experience by providing a live betting page. Live betting option allows you to bet, even if the events have begun. Like pre-match betting, the live option has multiple markets.

For instance, you can place an over/under bet, a moneyline bet, or even build a parlay. Additionally, some operators provide a live betting section with additional features such as the cashout button.

E-sports Betting

E-sport is a new sportsbooks online betting category that lists markets on multiplayer video game tournaments. Popular games include League of Legends, CSGO, and DOTA 2. In CSGO, for example, you can either bet on the Terrorists (T) or Counter-Terrorists (CT) to win.

Sportsbook Features

Established operators have added new features to their sites to enhance your gambling experience. Some features you may encounter in established online sports betting sites include;

1)   Live streaming

The streaming feature allows you to watch live events directly on your browser. Therefore, it might be helpful if you want to watch the match while placing live bets.

2)   Stats feature

Like the streaming option, the stats page displays real-time updates of ongoing events, including scores, cards, corners, and other metrics. Besides, it shows head-to-head history, rosters, winning percentages, and even the next matchups.

3)   Cashout

Bookies with a Cashout feature allow you to cancel your bet before the games begin. However, the sportsbook only refunds a fraction of your initial stake.

4)   Live betting

The live betting feature enables you to wager on ongoing events. However, the markets are volatile since the odds change if one team scores. Other game stats like the ball possession, red/yellow cards, and time may also affect the odds.

5)   Casino and racebook

The best online sportsbooks offer additional services such as betting on horses and playing online games to keep players active. Therefore, if you like betting on sports while wagering on casino games or greyhounds, you can pick an online sportsbook that offer such services.

Safe Gambling Tips

While playing, keep these safe gambling tips at your fingertips to prevent frustration.

1)   Observe bankroll management guidelines

Bankroll management is important while playing games of chance. Firstly, don’t place stakes that you can’t risk losing. For example, don’t gamble on a single event with all your bankroll, even if it is a favorite.

Secondly, don’t chase your losses. Stop playing if you realize you have lost a significant amount in a short time frame since you might lose more if you try to recover it by betting.

2)   Avoid bad bets

Don’t pick markets that have a low probability of winning. For example, it is risky to place a $1000 bet on an underdog team, even if it is on a winning streak.

3)   Limit your gambling activities

You can prevent addiction by setting limits in your online sportsbook account. The best bookies have tools that enable you to minimize your losses by limiting your bet amounts, deposit amounts, and playing time.

Others have a self-exclusion tool which prevents you from using your account for a specified period. You can self-exclude for a week, a month, three months, or more.

4)   Bet on the favorite.

While building your bet slip, always select the stronger side to win. Betting on the underdog is risky, especially if it is not in a good form.

5)    Analyze teams

Although it is impossible to win all your bets, you can only make accurate predictions if you do thorough research. Seasoned punters check head-to-head history, lineups, available strikers, injuries, playing tactics, and other relevant details to make informed decisions.

Sports Betting Online: How to Get Started

Dozens of bookies are licensed to offer betting services to American players. However, they don’t accept every user that registers. The sites uphold strict gambling guidelines imposed by different states to prevent underage gambling and fraud.

Therefore, you cannot play if you don’t meet some registration conditions. In most states, you cannot join a bookie if you are below 21 years. Others don’t allow betting sites to accept players that reside outside their borders.

As a punter, it is a prerequisite to have an internet-enabled device, an online sportsbook account, and stable internet connectivity. To get started, find a legit online sports gambling operator and sign up.

Also, verify your account and set a payment method to prevent issues at a later stage. Once you add a payment gateway, you can fund your account and start playing.

Pick Your Best Sportsbook for the Best Sports Gambling Experience

Online sports betting is fun since you get money if your teams win. As a player, always maintain a positive play through bankroll management, setting deposit limits, and limiting playing time.

Are you a starter? Register with any of the US-licensed sportsbook betting sites listed above to enjoy higher odds, top-notch security, and state-of-art sports betting features.

Online Sports Betting FAQs

Can i edit a sports betslip after submitting my prediction.

No, bookmakers don’t allow players to alter the content of the bet slip once they submit their selections. However, some renowned operators allow you to settle the bet using the cashout button. Though, the button might only appear before the events begin.

Can is bet anonymously?

For anonymous betting, join a bookie that supports cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

What can I do to win most bets?

As a player, always analyze the teams to identify the favorite. Also check sports news to see if there are issues that may affect a team’s performance. Nonetheless, winning is not a guarantee since mistakes happen in the arena.

How much can I win per week in sports betting?

Betting cannot be a source of income, even if you are a seasoned gambler. Sports betting experts recommend that you play for fun and have a gambling budget. Besides, avoid betting with funds meant for other purposes such as rent or school fees.

Which is the best US-licensed bookie?

Nowadays, many legal betting operators meet all the standards set by their licensing bodies. If you want a good site, pick one on our top 10 list to enjoy high-quality services.

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sportsbook review

Trusted Online Sportsbook Reviews for 2024

  • Written by Dave Consolazio
  • Last updated Feb 28, 2024

Our independent team has more than a decade of experience writing sportsbook reviews . Whether you’re a staking rookie or a seasoned pro, we can help you find your new favorite site. Read on to find honest evaluations of the top online bookmakers, expert analysis, and which sites to avoid.

The Sports Geek’s Recommended Online Sportsbook Reviews 2024

Top 5 sports betting site reviews.

We’ve been reviewing sportsbooks since 2008. We constantly update our rankings to reflect the ever-changing market. The following five bookmarkers are currently our top-rated sports betting sites :

BetUS Voted #1 Overall Sports Betting Site

BetUS consistently ranks as the top US sportsbook amongst our team of experts. The site has around-the-clock customer support via phone, highly competitive odds, and exceptional bonuses, including a welcome promotion of 100% up to $2,500 with a 10x rollover requirement.

Sports Welcome Bonus: 100% up to $2,500

Crypto Welcome Bonus: 150% up to $3,750

Accepts players from all 50 states

Free picks, predictions and tips via BetUS TV

Additional services: Online Casino & Racebook

Deposit bonuses expire 14 days after being credited

Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada Top Cryptocurrency Betting Site

Bovada is an all-around sports betting site with an impressive range of sporting, entertainment, political and financial betting lines. Cryptocurrency users can benefit at Bovada, with a boosted welcome bonus of 75% up to $750 and fast payouts of less than an hour via six popular coins.

Sports Welcome Bonus: 50% up to $250

Crypto Welcome Bonus: 75% up to $750

Same-day payout options

Comprehensive prop builder feature

Additional services: Online Casino, Racebook & Poker Room

Restricted states: NY, NJ, NV, MD, DE


BetOnline Huge Variety of Live Betting Coverage

BetOnline succeeds where many other sportsbooks fail. They cover an incredible range of niche sports including eSports and handball. Crypto users will be pleased with 18 different coins accepted for both deposits and withdrawals. The 48-hour payout window for these is in line with the industry average.

Sports Welcome Bonus: 50% up to $1,000

Crypto Welcome Bonus: 100% up to $1,000

Live match trackers in live betting section

Dedicated eSports tab with live and futures lines

Additional services: Online Casino, Racebook, & Poker Room

Restricted states: NV, NJ


Everygame Best Option for Low Budget Players

Everygame is an excellent option for those on limited budgets. Minimum deposits start at $20, and the lowest possible stake is usually $1. However, it’s the low rollover requirement on bonuses which really make Everygame stand out. The welcome bonus of 50% up to $200 comes with a 4x rollover.

Sports Welcome Bonus: 100% up to $500

Free Bets Regular Free Bet Offers

Regular free-to-enter competitions

Bet booster feature which offers enhanced odds

Additional services: Online Casino & Poker Room

Restricted states: MD, WA, NY, LA, MO, NJ

All Sportsbook Reviews

Us sports betting site reviews.



International Sports Betting Site Reviews

Sports Interaction

How We Review Online Sportsbooks

Over the last 15 years, we’ve developed a fool-proof way of testing, evaluating and ranking online sportsbook sites. We look at key factors such as site security, banking methods , bonuses and overall site usability. However, we also expand our criteria when necessary to ensure we’re focusing on what really matters. For example, in our NFL sportsbook rankings, you’ll find specifically-tailored sites with exceptional Super Bowl prop bets, league futures and player-specific over/unders.

Safety and Security

We test each bookmaker to ensure adherence to industry standard player safety protocols. Site-wide TLS encryption and mandatory identity verification are the bare minimum we’ll accept.  We then prioritize sites with additional security features such as anti-money laundering policies, third party-auditing, and licenses from respected bodies. For example,  BetNow  is licensed and regulated by the Curaçao eGaming commission.

Banking Methods

Each sportsbook accepts a different range of banking methods for deposits and withdrawals. We look for sites with a wide range of popular payment methods. These include Visa and Mastercard, as well as  cryptocurrencies  like Bitcoin, digital payments through MatchPay, and bank transfers. The more options given to players, the better. We then look at minimum and maximum limits. We prefer sites with low minimum deposits and withdrawals, and high upper limits to ensure maximum flexibility. Last but not least, we evaluate the payout speed, process and fees attached. If a site like  Bovada  offers fee-free, same-day withdrawal options, they are going to rank higher in our evaluations.

Bonuses and Promotions

Players should be rewarded for staking at sportsbooks. We rate sites higher that offer a great range of  betting bonuses  for new and returning players alike. Generous welcome bonuses are common, so we look for extras like reload promotions, loyalty programs, free bets, tournaments, and more. We also look at the terms and conditions of each bonus to ensure they’re fair and achievable. The welcome bonus at  Everygame  is an excellent example, as it comes with a 4x rollover requirement on bets with odds higher than 1.5 (-200). This is far more achievable than a bonus with a 10x or even 20x rollover requirement. For variety of bonuses, we like  BetUS’  huge range of reload promotions including free bets, contests, and a tiered loyalty program.

Customer Support Features

We hope nothing goes wrong, but if so, it’s crucial to know that customer support is on hand. Almost all sportsbooks have an email/contact form for less urgent inquiries. However, we only recommend bookmakers with 24-hour customer support. Most sportsbooks offer this through an around-the-clock live chat feature. This is a great start, though we prefer toll-free phone support too. BetNow customer support, for example, is available toll-free on 1-844-823-8669, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

User Interface and Mobile Compatibility

We test every sportsbook on iOS, Android, Windows smartphone and tablet devices to ensure we cover all bases. We evaluate  dedicated betting apps  and optimized mobile sites in the same way. First, we look at the user interface and ensure that navigation is clear and easy, even on smaller screens. Then, we place bets in landscape and portrait mode to test out any special features like the live betting area, prop builders and contests. Sportsbooks can gain extra points in this area if they offer exclusive perks to players betting on a mobile device. For mobile betting, we recommend  MyBookie . The site offers a high contrast design and user-friendly, two-tap navigation to key areas such as the cashier, odds and promotions pages.

Variety of Betting Markets and Lines

We recommend sites with exceptional coverage of betting markets players care about, including NFL, NBA, NHL and  MLB odds . We prefer sportsbooks that also offer international leagues, niche sports, entertainment, political and  prop bets . Our top site for sporting variety is Bovada. In addition to a wide range of international sports leagues, Bovada has an exceptional range of obscure sports, financial lines, and fun  entertainment bets . For example, you can bet on who Kim Kardashian will date next. That said, Bovada truly stands out from the crowd by offering players the chance to request odds. Simply  @bovadaofficial  using #WhatsYaWager on X (formerly Twitter) with your requested bet.

Why Trust Our Online Sportsbook Reviews

Here at The Sports Geek, we take pride in being a team of gambling experts who meticulously test each and every betting site we review. If our experts don't feel comfortable placing bets with their own money at an online sportsbook, we won't recommend it.

15+ Years of Experience

Since 2008, we've been helping people bet on sports safer, smarter and more successfully.

50+ Sportsbooks Reviewed

We've developed a detailed method of evaluating and comparing sportsbooks to feature only the best.

20+ Gambling Experts

Our independent team writes from their own expert point of view with no outside influences.

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Meet Our Team of Betting Site Review Experts

We recruited an independent team of sports betting experts to bring you only the best reviews, predictions and tips. From veteran sports journalists to former international athletes, each member of The Sports Geek team brings a unique perspective to their work. Here are a few of our top contributors:

Taylor Smith

With nearly a decade of sports writing experience, Taylor has covered almost every major US sporting event including March Madness and The Stanley Cup. He currently resides in Long Island with his fiancé and beloved cats.

Isabel Davies

Isabel is our most experienced sportsbook reviewer and has evaluated hundreds of sites since she joined The Sports Geek team. In her spare time, Isabel can often be found cheering on Notre Dame’s football team.

Zack McGovern

Zack has racked up more than ten years of sports betting experience across the NFL, NCAA, and MMA. His knowledge of obscure international sporting events is second to none.

Eddie Thompson

After earning his degree in English Language, Eddie made a career out of his passion for online gaming and began writing professionally. He’s a life-long Pats fan and famously bet the Patriots moneyline during halftime of Super Bowl 51, much to the envy of The Sports Geek office.

What’s in Our Sportsbook Reviews?

We’ve refined our review method to evaluate all key aspects that make the sites worthwhile. In our sportsbook reviews, you’ll find:

We review the security features that are currently in place at each sportsbook. These include industry-standard measures such as TLS encryption, identity verification and more.

Sportsbooks accept various deposit and withdrawal methods. We cover the variety of options, as well as the speed of the transactions, minimum and maximum limits, and fees attached.

We’ll assess the availability of sporting leagues and the variety of bets available. Moreover, we’ll highlight when sportsbooks offer unique entertainment, political, and eSports betting opportunities

Sportsbooks offer a wide variety of bonuses, so we compare and contrast to highlight the best value. In addition to bonuses, we’ll cover wagering requirements and minimum deposits needed.

We include a thorough evaluation of the live betting site (if the bookmaker has one), including the variety of events covered, mobile compatibility, and live streaming features.

We’ll give you a rundown of how the sportsbook works on popular smartphones and tablets. We’ll also clarify whether the site has a dedicated, downloadable app versus in-browser.

After testing customer support contact options, efficiency and helpfulness, we’ll give an honest review of how they responded to our inquiries and highlight areas of improvement.

Blacklisted Sportsbooks in 2024

Unfortunately, not all bookmakers meet our high standards of fairness, safety and transparency. The following sites are plagued with accusations of rigged games, rejected payouts, and poor customer support. For that reason, we recommend avoiding the following sportsbooks:

  • Winnings being confiscated
  • Slow and refused payouts
  • Lack of customer support
  • Predatory terms and conditions
  • Slow software
  • Payment issues
  • Reports of rigged games
  • Spam marketing
  • Slow payments

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Sports Betting Sites

Best Betting Sites 2024 – Top-Rated Sportsbooks for Online Sports Betting

The Best Online Sportsbooks on the Planet – reviewed by our experts.

Find the right site for You.

Complite reviews

You can trust these American sportsbook reviews , because our team has systematically gone through more than a hundred online sportsbooks. Scroll down to find our verified reviews.

This is a list of our top online sportsbook reviews .

How we do rate the best sportsbooks?

  • Website design
  • Robust markets for a variety of Sports
  • Big bonuses
  • Is it legal?
  • Is it safe?

The 10 Best Betting Sites in the United States for 2024

Bovada leads the way for online sports betting in the usa as the best betting site for many bettors.

Bovada Mobile Aspect Ratio 500 1080

Great betting guides and articles

Odds updated quickly in live betting

Good variety of betting options

No Live Chat Customer Support

The Bovada Sportsbook really stands out for its selection of sports and political odds.

Bovada offers solid welcome bonuses. At 50%, it is at the standard level.

Bovada is a top betting site in the US for how nice it is to use their well-designed and extensive sportsbook. They also provide great betting guides across a number of convenient articles.

BetOnline is best for live betting in the USA & offer competitive odds with fast payout rates

BetOnline Mobile

They offer Cryptocurrency bonuses

Odds archive for researching

Live betting with in-game stats

No Live Streaming

BetOnline has a good amount of lines. Their odds archive is an especially great resource for studious bettors.

Their welcome bonus is standard, but you can grow it by depositing with Cryptocurrencies.

If you are a numbers-bettor, this site is great for you. Their archive and live statistical updates make this a great place to learn and hone your craft.

GT Bets is a great sportsbook & friend of the mobile bettor

GTBets Sign-up Screen One

Lots of betting lines and ddds

Frequent special promotions

Navigable Site

Lowered deposit maximums for new members

GTbets sportsbook offers a 100% welcome bonus, but it can only be worth a maximum of $250. They also have bonus offers and promotions just for NFL gamblers to increase their bankroll!

GT Bets offers plenty of betting markets. These include especially good markets for eSports.

On top of a big selection of odds and generous bonuses, GT Bets has a very navigable site. This is easily one of the best online sports betting sites in the United States.

MyBookie’s online gambling on sports is safe & secure

MyBookie Mobile

Bitcoin boost on your first five deposits

Earn high-tech gadgets with their loyalty program

Read their helpful sports news articles

Bitcoin withdrawals are not allowed

MyBookie’s welcome bonuses can be claimed more than once. And they give bigger amounts for Bitcoin!

MyBookie offers standard odds. Their news section is a good resource for sports wagering-related insights.

MyBookie has good auxiliary assets. Their welcome bonuses will help extend your entertainment budget for months.

BetUS offers diverse betting options & an intuitive betting experience

BetUS Mobile Screenshot

Huge welcome bonus

Their VIP program will reward big players

The latest odds are always up to date

No live streaming

You can choose from different welcome bonuses when you sign up at BetUS

BetUS has tons of sports betting markets, whether these are sports in the US or from around the world.

Feel free to contact BetUS’s friendly customer service team

Everygame and America’s best customer service

Everygame sportsbook Home

Superb customer service with a great track record

Generous 100% welcome bonus

Weekly stake-backs

In addition to a full collection of sports odds, Everygame offers nice stake-back promotions.

At up to a 100% match, the Everygame welcome bonus is among the best for sports bettors.

Everygame is a quality bookmaker for its big bonuses. This is a long-standing trusted top sportsbook, and we recommend it highly. loves American players and provides great sports betting experience

sportsbetting mobile


24/7 Customer Service

Reduced juice specials

Mainly focused on sports betting

Older Site Design

The welcome bonus is not the most generous in the industry. However, with their reduced juice promotion, you can place more bets on some of the best odds.

They have solid odds. They focus mainly on sports, so these selections are pretty good.

In spite of the older design, this sports gambling website allows you to make a lot of different types of sports wagers.

Great NFL welcome bonus at BetDSI

BetDSI Mobile

Some of the biggest welcome bonuses

Get even more with Bitcoin

Daily payout bonuses

NFL Prop Bet Options

BetDSI has big welcome bonuses. At 100%, or 150% with Bitcoin, you’ll be betting for a long while after you sign up here.

BetDSI offers plenty of odds on major sports such as NHL, MLB and NBA. However, if prop bets are your favorite, you will find a better selection at other online sportsbooks.

With huge welcome bonuses, this is one of the top gambling sites for US players. This is even more true if you are betting with Bitcoin.

BetNow is easy to navigate & their customer support is always open

betnow mobile

Easy site to navigate

Great teasers and parlays

Excellent racebook with competitive odds

High withdrawal fees

At up to 150% of your initial deposit, the welcome bonus here is worth getting excited about.

In addition to the typical parlays and moneylines, BetNow also offers weekly specials like King of the Hill and golf tournament bets.

BetNow offers solid welcome bonuses and fun sports betting promotions. Their customer service is easy and helpful.

WagerWeb doubles your first deposit when you bet online

WagerWeb Mobile

30% Welcome Bonus

Great mobile betting design

Low wager starting bets

Difficult to contact customer service

WagerWeb’s current welcome bonus can be worth up 30 percent of your initial deposit.

They have it all: lines, spreads, futures, parlays, and live betting. The starting bet is $2 minimum, so you have lots of opportunities to bet on your favorite teams.

WagerWeb has a great mobile version. They have extensive odds and generous bonuses, making them a quality option—so long as you don’t mind customer service that can operate on delay.

Online Sportsbook Reviews

If you are looking for the best places to bet in Canada, you are on the right page. We have researched the options out there to construct a comprehensive list of the best Canadian sportsbooks.

Whether it’s great bonuses, odds on the most popular sports in Canada, or betting on horse races, we have the options for you. 

How to recognise a great Canadian sportsbook?

  • Available to legally bet in Canada
  • Fast payouts
  • Common deposit methods in Canada
  • Website is easy to use and access

The 6 Best Betting Sites in Canada for 2024

Best overall canadian online sportsbook.


Sports Interaction

Great selection of odds

Fast and reliable payouts

Attractive website

Not the highest welcome bonus

If you use a debit or credit card here, you do not have to pay any fees! Some other forms of payment such as e-Transfers and wire transfer have fees, though.

Sports Interaction payouts usually process and cash back is received in two or three business days.

SIA is a great sports gambling site for Canadians. They offer a great selection of odds, a beautiful and well-designed website, live sports betting, and secure payouts. While their website bonus is not the highest, the overall package at Sports Interaction makes it the top choice for many Canadians.

Bodog – The lowest deposit fees for Canadian players

Bodog Mobile home page

Minimum deposit is only $10

Good promotions

Fun live betting options

Does not always post odds early

Most withdrawal and deposit methods are free at Bodog. If you want a physical check, you will have to pay a hefty fee.

Bodog pays out fast and reliable, averaging a few days for direct bank transfers and even less time for Bitcoin.

Created by Canadian Calvin Ayre, Bodog knows the Canadian sports betting market well. They offer great odds on North American sports and charge no fees on most types of transactions. Bodog runs fun promotions, especially on North American sports, that are worth checking out.

Bet365 – The best mobile betting site in Canada


Huge Sportsbook

Offers live streaming

Great live betting

Not the best bonuses

Bet365 only charges fees on deposits by Fast Bank Transfers under a certain threshold, and if you request multiple withdrawals by Wire Transfers within a 28-day period. Everything else is free.

Generally fast payouts, taking on average one to three business days to process and receive.

Bet365 is one of the biggest sportsbooks in the world for good reasons. They are a leader in mobile betting and offer a huge selection of markets. And while they do not offer the best welcome bonus, they do offer live streaming and some fun ongoing promotions.

Tiger Gaming – The best bonus for Canadian players

Tigerbetting Mobile

  • Tiger Gaming

Large number of markets

Lots of ways to make deposits and withdrawals

Limited customer service options

Deposits are free here, and they allow for one free withdrawal per month. Additional requests are charged a 1% fee.

Quick withdrawals, especially if you are using an eWallet. They guarantee eWallet withdrawals in 24 hours.

Tiger Gaming offers one of the biggest welcome bonuses we have seen, worth up to $1,000. They pride themselves on fast payouts and a good-sized sportsbook. Tiger Gaming is also a popular choice for poker rooms, which you can access from the same account.

Betway – The best UFC betting site for Canada

betway mobile

Fun odds and parlays

Good live betting

Offers a “Free Bet Club”

Not the fastest payouts

Most forms of transactions are free, although credit cards will charge you $5.00 for a cash advance when you make a deposit.

Not the fastest payouts in sports betting industry, as they have a 72-hour hold time before they process your request. Most requests are received in five days.

Betway is a fun betting site with great odds on UFC. They also offer daily odds specials, with extra juice on preset parlays. They are a great site for live sports betting and offer a “Free Bet Club,” when you bet $25 or more on parlays in a week. Just be patient when requesting a payout.

Spin Sports – The best soccer betting site in Canada

Spin Palace Mobile Screenshot

Spin Palace Sports

Great mobile betting experience

Huge range of soccer betting markets

Wide range of eSports

Making deposits and withdrawals at Spin Sports is free. The minimum deposit amount is also low at only $10.

Fast payouts, with most processing in 48 hours upon request.

Spin Sports is a great online sportsbook for Canadians. They are known for offering competitive soccer odds and plenty of action, both pre-match and live on thousands of games. Add in fast payouts and a huge number of markets on other sports, and you can have a lot of fun at this sportsbook.

Our Process for Online Sportsbook Reviews

Bubble for Facts

All American Reviews

We periodically put all major US and Canadian sportsbooks through our systematic, exhaustive, and objective analysis. We evaluate, score, and compare every site on usability, customer support, bonuses, and more. We are proud to only recommend the best online sportsbooks.

The best sportsbooks for every purpose

It doesn’t matter if you like baseball, football, esports or politics, you can be sure that one of our top online sportsbooks will have exciting markets to bet on today!

We really do it

We know how to bet already, but we still test how it works at each sportsbook. We create a real account and take screenshots of the process so nothing comes as a surprise to you! Read more below.

How do we build our betting site reviews?

Our review process is thorough and our experts are the best in the business. We make sure we carry out a thorough analysis of all the top-tier online providers available in the United States. This is how we do it.

What’s important when signing up at online sportsbooks?

The first thing we do is sign up to start using the betting sites. We don’t want any test accounts. We create our own accounts and use these sites as any customer would. 

The signing-up process at the betting site should strike a balance between convenience and security . Thus it should be fast and streamlined, and also include a bit of security to keep our gambling wallets and identities safe. 

The sign-up process at Bovada is an example.

It is very fast and easy, even though it includes two extra security features. First, you will have to confirm your phone number. Second, you will create a PIN. If you want to talk with customer service or make changes to your account, you will need this PIN.

Bovada then sends a welcome email that lays out all the details for the site. It is a great way to be welcomed to the site. They are an awesome mix of comfort and security. 

Bovada Landing page

Sign Up Screen 1/3

Click 'Bet Now' anywhere on this page

Account Creation Bovada

Fill in your personal details

Security steps

Create a security code – required for withdrawals

We Claim Bonuses from Online Sportsbooks

The bonus is one of the biggest identifiers for a sportsbook, and as such, it is a key piece in determining which are the best US betting sites. 

We look deeper than the headlining dollar amount because sometimes looks can be deceiving. That's why we also look at percentage match, rollover requirements, and how easy it is to claim.

Some sites require codes, while others have all your options in a convenient drop-down menu. 

Nevertheless, the welcome bonuses are only part of the promotions each online sportsbooks offers. We look at the total package, which includes promos such as rebates, the possibility of a free bet, and even birthday specials. 

The welcome bonus at Everygame is a perfect example of what we are looking for because you can choose a huge welcome bonus with a 200% match, or you can choose a smaller, but still respectable, 50% match with lower rollover requirements.

While some people want a high match, others want a shorter rollover for faster payouts. Either preference is fine! Thus, Everygame offers a top welcome bonus : You get to choose!

Payments are a Cornerstone of our Website Reviews

Bitcoin Image

Money is often the reason why we sign up at sportsbooks. Naturally, our online sportsbook review process looks at this from two angles.

  • How fast and easy can you get your payout, and
  • How convenient are there deposit methods

Payouts should be fast, cheap, and accessible for bookmakers listed as a top choice. This is key to running a safe sports betting site, and for that reason, the best online sportsbooks will also accept a number of deposit methods, including a number of cryptocurrencies. 

This should be as easy as possible! 

Everygame combines ease and security in their payment system: for example, our Bitcoin deposits took less than 15 minutes. 

It is also one of the few sites that conducts its transactions through an encrypted connection. This extra layer of security did not require any additional effort on our part but made transactions extra secure and anonymous.

Intertops secure bitcoin payments

Stay safe by depositing with Bitcoin at Everygame

Payment methods: On good betting sites, common and widely accepted payment method cards like Visa, Mastercard, or Discover should be available. However, these typically can't be used for withdrawals, which might involve fees and waiting periods for checks or wire transfers.

Placing Sports Bets Online: Options, Ease, and Excitement

This is the meat of the whole online sportsbook. Our experts go through each of our reviewed sportsbook operators and place bets across a number of sports.

We place parlays, we bet live, and we review the markets, including props. 

Our betting analysis asks the following questions:

  • How easy is it to bet? 

The betting interface is everything and we love when parlays and straight bets are easily accessible. Having fewer restrictions on which bets can be folded together, for example, is an important part of an intuitive betting experience. 

  • How extensive are the markets?

As sports betting fans, we look for breadth and depth: We want to be able to bet on anything from the NFL to marble racing. Basically, the more sports the better. We also look for a variety of bet types because the best online sportsbooks will have a large number of parlays and lots of props.

  • Is live betting convenient and exciting? 

For an exciting live betting experience, we want odds that update all the time alongside the game information. Seeing how they correlate is what sports betting is all about. 

We Care About Customer Service, Safety & Security in Our Reviews

Customer service

Our values also take customer service seriously. We contacted customer service via live chat, email, and phone calls. We also review the FAQs and community forums at each and every sportsbook for our reviews.

It’s important to know someone is there for you to answer basic questions. This builds credibility and helps gain our trust. Plus, it’s important for navigating the idiosyncrasies of each US online sportsbook. 

The FAQs at Bovada really stand out for the instructional videos. This really makes it super clear. Although the text is useful, having a video makes following along that much easier.

The live chat is typically the fastest way to get assistance. It stands out for delivering complete and specific information in a friendly and professional way. Choose an online sportsbook that values your personal data safety as much as you do. It'll need your ID and financial details for withdrawals, so pick one with a reputation for consumer data protection and regulation by a reputable authority. Using our recommended legal options ensures safe and secure online betting.

Responsible Gambling

In the realm of sports gambling, safety, and responsible gaming reign supreme. Gambling online, above all, is for entertainment. Staying within an allocated budget ensures its healthy enjoyment. Signals of spiraling control could be betting while inebriated, chasing losses, or breaching budget boundaries. Our endorsed betting sites promote safe betting and permit voluntary self-exclusion.

Handy resources for responsible gambling include:

  • Responsible Gambling Council – A global non-profit entity.
  • Nevada Council on Problem Gambling – A Nevada-specific non-profit aid.
  • National Problem Gambling Hotline – A call away for assistance.
  • International Center for Responsible Gambling – A hub of research and resources.

Remember, gamble safely and responsibly.

Casino, poker, bingo available at gambling sportsbooks

Most online sportsbooks do not limit themselves to sports betting. Many sports bettors don’t limit themselves to sports betting either. Our US betting sites review process looks at the casinos, poker, and bingo as well.

And it’s all housed under the same roof . With the same login credentials from the sportsbook, you can enjoy the casino, poker, and other games.

We look for poker tournaments with big prizes, live dealers, and a variety of casino games. 

BetNow is especially great when it comes to its casino offerings. They take it seriously, and it shows! 

You can claim a 100% casino welcome bonus three times. If that wasn’t enough, they also have a 12% casino rebate program. Thus, you can fully enjoy their live dealers and extensive casino games.

Live Streaming at Online Sportsbooks

Live streaming is something that really takes an online sportsbook to the next level . This feature gives users the option to watch the game in the same window as the odds. The odds update live with the progress of the game.

Some sites have stats from the game that update live, alongside the odds. Others include full-blown live streaming.

BetDSI is one of the few US online sportsbooks that offer live streaming directly on their site. It is not available for all games, but it is a possibility. 

We review the best sports betting sites from around the world

Our sportsbook review process takes a global perspective . We review sites from around the world. You can even sort our reviews by geographical region . Betting markets are a key component of these reviews, as what players want will change around the world. Check out our reviews for sportsbooks available in Canada, Ghana, Nigeria, or even for each US State. 

Mobile website and betting app reviews

Mobile Review

Our sportsbook reviews adhere to the Mobile First approach. This is how we produce the most rigorous and useful betting sites reviews.

We prioritize the mobile version for two reasons.

  • Whether iPhone or iPad, the mobile version tends to be newer
  • People bet more on mobile devices

By testing on both the mobile and desktop , we make sure to cover all the bases. If it doesn’t work on mobile, it doesn’t work for our reviews. 

With the majority of players accessing betting sites via their mobile Apple or Android devices, our reviews prioritize the mobile version. 

Why play and gamble online vs offline?

Every year a larger percentage of sports bettors move online . The perks and ease of online betting have improved over the years since it first started in the 1990s. 

For us, the four main benefits of online betting are:

  • Convenience

What beats being able to bet from wherever you want? No need to go to a physical shop or casino, which could be hundreds of miles away. 

We prioritize the mobile version of all the online sportsbooks, so you can play on-the-go if you like.  

By being able to bet online, you can save money on refreshments and travel. It is all-around more comfortable and enjoyable not to have to be in an offline sportsbook with other bettors yelling or distracting you. Convenience is a big pull for online sports betting

  • Better odds

Online sports betting brings choice . If you open accounts at more than one online betting site, you can compare odds between betting markets . This would be much harder or impossible at offline bookies. 

You can enjoy the excitement of betting on your most important games without having to travel and without dealing with the chaos of an offline betting site.

This helps you get the best value for your dollar. Online sports betting gives your the opportunity to be a smarter bettor.

  • Variety of Bets

Online sports betting brings choice which opens up the possibility of discovering new passions.  The amount of betting markets at online betting sites leaves retail sportsbooks in the dust!

Our online sportsbook reviews take into account the variety of betting options. This includes online casinos, obscure sports, and even bets on the weather. 

The Internet allows you to shop around , so you can figure out which sports and games are most fun for you. 

  • Bonuses and perks

The competition of online betting sites also means they work harder for your attention . While at offline bookies, you may only have a few choices in your region, with online sportsbooks, you can choose from many options.

This means they offer great bonuses . These bonuses are key parts of our US betting site review process because they are so key for a great betting experience. Many of them will offer a free bet as part of the welcome package.

These sportsbooks have gone through our intense review process. We look at everything: bonuses, user interface, and more!

Online betting is legal in many states. All of our recommended sites are available for US bettors.

Typically, yes, online betting is more convenient and you'll also get better odds online. Offline betting involves lots of travel, expensive drinks, and limited markets. Buildings and staff cost money, and operators need to watch out for their profit margins. Online sportsbooks have a competitive edge here, and you'll feel it in your wallet.

By signing up at any of the above sportsbooks, which we have verified and tested.

You often need only an email and a phone number. To receive a payout, you may also need proof of address and identification.

Bovada logo

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