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Importance Of Completing Assignments on Time: the Benefits of Time Management

Importance Of Completing Assignments on Time: the Benefits of Time Management essay

Why completing assignments on time is important

  • Bempechat, J., & Shernoff, D. J. (2012). Parental influences on achievement motivation and student engagement. In S. L. Christenson, A. L. Reschly, & C. Wylie (Eds.), Handbook of research on student engagement (pp. 315-342). Springer.
  • Cooper, H. (1989). Homework. White Plains, NY: Longman.
  • Cooper, H., Robinson, J. C., & Patall, E. A. (2006). Does homework improve academic achievement? A synthesis of research, 1987–2003. Review of educational research, 76(1), 1-62.
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  • Kohn, A. (2006). The homework myth: Why our kids get too much of a bad thing. Da Capo Press.

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the importance of turning in assignments on time

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Turning In Assignments On Time

“my professors say my ideas are great, but my grades suffer because i hand in my assignments late. do you have any suggestions”.

Sandy Maynard

To change your behavior, you must start placing as much value on the timely completion of your assignments as you do on their overall quality.

List the characteristics that make you proud of your work-it’s original, unconventional, and so on – and add “completed on time” to that list. In addition, set deadlines for completing portions of each assignment, rather than thinking only of the project’s final due date.

Finally, schedule appointments with your professors to get feedback about your ideas, discuss an outline, or review your progress. This holds you accountable-and shows your professors that you’ve gotten serious about meeting deadlines.

Identifying Learning Disabilities

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the importance of turning in assignments on time

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How to Submit Assignments on Time

clock and calendar

Struggling to Submit Assignments on Time?

Picture this: after a long week, you’re sitting on the couch with a snack rewatching your favorite show. It’s around ten at night, the blanket’s warm, and you’re comfier than you’ve ever felt before. Right before you fall asleep, you get a nagging feeling you forgot something. You shoot up as that cold pit of dread hits – you have an essay due at midnight. And you haven’t even started writing. Worse, you don’t even know what to write about. If you’ve had this experience or a similar one, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Every semester, thousands of students struggle to submit assignments on time.

And that feeling, that cold pit of dread, still haunts some of us years after graduation. Notably, graduates report having nightmares of missing that important assignment.

Many don’t start working until the last second for a variety of reasons. Indeed, while the stereotype for a procrastinator is the lazy, uncaring college student, many have other responsibilities that take up a lot of time. And with the college mental health crisis being a hot topic in higher education, there’s a lot more to consider than simple laziness.

However, there are methods you can use to turn in work on time. From detailed planning to consistent schedules, students can build basic time management skills as they adjust to college life.

Why it Matters

While these skills are very important later in life, students may not realize how vital it is to turn in homework on time. They don’t see why it matters if they submit their essay at 11:59 pm or 2:30 am. As long as it’s in. But most college professors set some sort of penalty for late work and some can be devastating.

Indeed, the best student can turn in the highest quality essay and still receive a failing grade if it’s submitted late. And the strictest instructors don’t care if you have a valid reason. However,  late policies  vary from professor to professor. Some will give full points as long as you either submitted high-quality work or reached out to them ahead of time. Others won’t accept an essay if you turn it in even a minute after the deadline. In the middle, you’ll find instructors who deduct points based on how many days late you are.

Regardless, unless you find one of those kind professors, your grade will suffer. And you may find yourself repeating the class if your grade takes too many hits. Truly, it’s important to submit assignments on time.

student completing work inside of a clock

4 Tips to Submit Assignments on Time

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to just start submitting work on time. No one can wake up one day and have it all together. If it were that simple, we wouldn’t have so many students procrastinating their way through a degree. To succeed, you have to retrain your brain and build  time management skills .

Below we will go over some of the ways you learn how to submit assignments on time.

1. Create a Calendar

Once you start a semester or recognize your struggle to stay on schedule, you should create a calendar of all of the assignments and due dates. Your professor will either provide a schedule or you can find one in the  syllabus . Using these resources, plot all of your courses’ assignments in either a planning notebook or on your phone for the entire semester. You’ll likely need to update them as you go and due dates change. Whether you go traditional or digital should depend on what tool you’ll actually want to use.  

Either way, you’ll have a tool that can help you submit assignments on time.

Indeed, some people love to buy  notebooks and planners , but then never touch them. They tuck them away one day and never pick them back up. Or they don’t update them when due dates change. Indeed, there is no button to quickly change what you’ve written.

But, notably, we tend to remember things better once we’ve written them down. Thus, they can help improve your memory overall. And some students don’t like notifications or will casually snooze them as soon as they go off. For them, a planner works best to help them submit assignments on time.

Going Digital

Today, our phones come with calendars built-in,  apps  that allow you to create events and set reminders weeks in advance. Thus, even the basic ones are perfect for students. You should set up a handful of notifications to go off days and weeks before your due dates. And for those big assignments, you may want to set up reminders two to three weeks beforehand.

If the basic calendar apps aren’t your cup of tea, there are many specialty options designed for students. They’ll allow you to create custom schedules for each of your classes, color code assignments, and more.

In the end, calendars are helpful as they help you remember assignments. Digital ones send you regular customizable reminders. And planners allow you to visualize the work ahead. Whatever your preference, we recommend creating a calendar to help you submit assignments on time. You may even consider using both to ensure that your work gets done.

falling asleep on campus with textbook on face, not submitting work on time

2. Create (and Stick to) a Schedule

Creating a schedule  is one of the best ways to stay on track in your courses. We’ve all gotten caught up with friends, our favorite show, or just a really good nap before and pushed our homework to the side. Indeed, most of us when left to our own devices will choose fun and relaxing options before doing schoolwork. And that’s okay – you deserve to rest, too. Naps and friends still should be a part of your weekly schedule, but you need to make sure you have time for everything.

Thus, we recommend setting a specific time to read, study, and write essays each week. If possible, it should be at the same time week after week. This scheduling will help you build a routine, which can help you submit assignments on time. Notably, building a routine makes it easier to sit down as you’ll feel that it’s time to work. Instead of thinking “I’ll do it later,” and then finding that you’re too exhausted later, you’ll get your work done

And it may actually help you see your friends more, as procrastination often costs us more free time than it saves. For example, you tell people you can’t come out as you have to do your essay, but, instead, you deep clean the oven. Your essay still needs to be written and you miss another possible night out tomorrow.

3. Ask for Help

A common reason students put assignments off is that they’re confused or frustrated by something. Maybe the rubric wasn’t clear or they don’t understand some of the content. Instead of asking for help, they’ll think “I’ll do it later.”

For some, later ends up being the night before it’s due. Students stay frustrated at the thought of the essay or worksheet and don’t want to touch it. And because the assignment needs extra work to get around the confusion, they end up spending hours on something that could have been finished in one. These students don’t submit assignments on time because they need help and don’t know how to ask for it.

Truly, people of all ages struggle with asking for help. They feel like a burden or want to do it all themselves. However, knowing when you need help is a sign of wisdom, not weakness. We can’t know or do everything ourselves.

If you’re falling behind because you’re confused,  email your professor , use online resources, ask a classmate, or try your college’s tutoring center.

stressed at laptop

4. Be Kind to Yourself

Finally, one way to help yourself submit assignments on time is to let yourself off the hook. Basically, don’t be hard on yourself when or if you fall behind.

Negative thinking often becomes circular thinking . We fall into a pit of bad thoughts and anger pointed at ourselves. And when we reach that point, it becomes harder and harder to get back on track. We think we should have been able to do this whole college thing with ease and we’re lesser for struggling. But it’s simply not true. Many of us will miss a deadline in our lives, whether at school or work or with another responsibility. It happens. As we said at the beginning of this article, there are a hundred different reasons students fall behind.

Many of us have jobs, some of us have families, and the student mental health crisis is real. Don’t be too hard on yourself for missing a deadline or two. Continue to reward yourself for your hard work and aim to do better.

Final Thoughts

Lakewood University is an accredited online school that offers a variety of degree and certificate programs. We have rolling enrollments and asynchronous courses. In other words, you don’t have to worry about missing a lecture or running late to class. If you plan on enrolling in college while working, Lakewood University offers the flexibility you need to earn your degree.

Don’t hesitate – reach out to our admissions department today to learn more !

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The Benefits Of Doing Homework In Time: 5 Things You Might Not Know

In general, students may scoff at homework because it takes up their time, is a lot of work, and seems to be never-ending. However, sometimes can be enjoyable and fun. If you have a clear understanding of how doing your homework on time can bring you some great benefits, you are more likely to try and get those questions, projects, reports and other assignments done in a timely fashion.

Here are 5 surprising facts about doing your school work on time

  • It teaches you about time management. Yes, this may seem like it’s not related. You may think a benefit would be something like you would know more math or you would be a better writer or something like that. Yet this benefit, that of being skilled with managing your time, is something that will benefit you in every area of your life.
  • It teaches you how to be a proficient problem solver. Yes, it applies to all subjects and other issues that may come up in your life. Often while doing your homework you are forced to look for solutions to problems and look at the problems from a different perspective. The teacher doesn’t always explain everything you need to know. You have to learn how to find it yourself.
  • Teaches you how to take an active part in your own education. You are responsible for what you learn, how you learn it and how much you remember. You are also responsible for how you use the information you’ve learned. This can promote some deep thinking, as well as helping you to see the bigger picture in life. Instead of always asking, when will I ever use this again? Ask yourself how you think you can apply what you’ve learned to problems that arise in everyday life.
  • Teaches you how to work independently as well as work in a group. Most assignments are given and must be completed at home by yourself. However some projects are given that require you to work in a group with other students. Most of the time, class time is given but sometimes you must arrange to meet with the other group members outside of class.
  • Teaches you the importance of taking action, of planning your schedule and of staying organized. All these benefits are very valuable to have.

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Order research papers from professional writers here - they write essays term papers and theses.

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4 Tips for Completing Your Homework On Time

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the importance of turning in assignments on time

  • B.A., English, University of Michigan

Homework, a necessary evil according to many teachers, has a lot of students tied up in knots. Some students can never seem to get things turned in on time. In fact, many students do not even realize that they  have  homework until a friend from class texts them or they overhear someone in the halls talking about Ms. So-and-so's terrible, no-good, awful, horrifying worksheet for Chemistry that is due the next day. These five tips for completing your homework on time, however, should help you get that homework finished on time. 

Tip 1: Rely On a Planning System

Most of you by now are well acquainted with a homework planner. It has the dates, the school subjects you are taking, and a whole lot of blank space to write down your homework assignments. Use these planners if you have them. Writing with an actual pencil or pen may seem almost archaic what with technology virtually doing everything for us, but the kinesthetic movement of writing down an assignment into one of those little squares (Language Arts test tomorrow - STUDY TONIGHT), will actually help solidify that homework in your brain.

Plus, when you are packing up to go home at the end of the school day, all you have to do is open up that planner to see which books, folders, and binders need to go home with you so you will not miss out anything that you need to do that evening.

Some people  hate  using planners. They'd rather walk on a pile of crushed glass than actually write something down in a planner. That's quite all right. One student kept a wadded up piece of paper in his pocket where he'd scrawl his assignments. It worked for him, so it was fine. For those of you not keen on planners or crumpled up notes, your phone can come in really handy. Just download a productivity app and type your assignments in there. Or, keep track of all the work due in the notes section of your phone. Or, snap a picture of the homework board in each teacher's class before you head out into the hallway. Or, if you are really dead-set against anything planner-related, then just send yourself a text after each class with your homework assignments for the night.

No matter which planning system you prefer, use it. Check off each item once you get it in your backpack. Your brain can only process so much information at a time, so you absolutely must write your homework down if you plan to complete it on time. 

Tip 2: Prioritize Your Homework Assignments

All assignments are not created equal. It's strongly recommended you use a prioritizing system when you sit down at home with your homework. Try a system a little something like this:

  • Examples: Studying for a major test coming up tomorrow. Finishing a major project due tomorrow. Writing an essay worth a LOT of points that is due tomorrow. 
  • Examples:  Studying for a quiz coming up tomorrow. Completing a homework sheet that is due tomorrow. Reading a chapter that is due tomorrow. 
  • Examples: Studying for a spelling test that will occur on Friday. Writing a blog and posting it on the class board by Friday. Finish a book upon which you will take a quiz on Friday.
  • Examples: Reviewing chapters for the midterm exam. Working on an on-going project, research paper, or long assignment due at the end of the quarter. Completing a packet that isn't due for two weeks. 

Once you've prioritized the work you have to do, complete all the 1's first, then the 2's, moving down as you go. That way, if you find yourself pressed for time because Great-Grandma decided to stop over for family dinner and your mom insisted you spend the evening playing bridge with her despite the fact that you have hours of homework ahead of you, then you will not have missed anything vitally important to your grade. 

Tip 3: Get the Worst Assignment Over With First

So, maybe you absolutely hate writing essays (But, why, though when all you have to do is follow these essay tips? ) and you have a major essay staring you in the face that  must  be completed before tomorrow. You also have to study for a major math test, complete a social studies blog by Friday, study for the ACT  next month, and finish up your science worksheet from class. Your "1" assignments would be the essay and the math test. Your "2" assignment is the science worksheet, the "3" assignment is that blog, and the "4" assignment is studying for the ACT. 

Ordinarily, you would start with the science worksheet because you  love  science, but that would be a big mistake. Start with those "1" assignments and knock out that essay first. Why? Because you hate it. And completing the worst assignment first gets it off your mind, out of your homework cache, and makes everything that comes after it appears to be really, really easy. It will be an absolute  joy  to complete that science worksheet once you have written the essay. Why rob yourself of joy? 

Then, once you've completed the stuff due first, you can focus on putting in a little bit of time on the ACT. Easy peasy.

Tip 4: Take Planned Breaks

Some people believe that sitting down to complete homework means that you literally park your behind in a chair and you don't move it for the next four thousand hours or so. That is one of the worst study ideas in history. Your brain only has the capacity to stay focused for about 45 minutes (maybe even less for some of you) before it goes on the fritz and starts wanting to make you get up and dance the Roger Rabbit. So, schedule your study time with breaks actually built in . Work for 45 minutes, then take a 10-minute break to do whatever it is people your age like to do. Then, rinse and repeat. It looks a little something like this:

Homework Time:

  • 45 minutes: Work on "1" assignments, starting with the absolute worst.
  • 10 minutes: Get a snack, play Pokemon Go!, surf Instagram
  • 45 minutes: Work on "1" assignments again. You know you didn't finish.
  • 10 minutes: Do some jumping jacks, dance the Macarena, polish your nails.
  • 45 minutes: Work on "2" assignments and maybe even finish with any 3s and 4s. Put everything in your backpack.

Completing your homework on time is a learned skill. It requires some discipline and not everyone is naturally disciplined. So, you have to practice checking that you have everything you need for homework when you are still at school, prioritizing your work, plunging into the assignments you loathe, and taking planned breaks. Isn't your grade worth it?

You bet it is. 

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5 Tips on How to Improve Your Time Management in College

A top-down view of a desk with a laptop and an open notebook.

1. Learn how to say no to things

Social life in college can be exciting. Meeting new people, exploring your campus, and having fun is all important.

However, at a certain point, socializing can distract you from what you’re at college to do – study. Learning how to say no to invitations was one of the most important things I learned during my first semester at college.

While I tend to get bad FOMO (fear of missing out), I have to remind myself that there will always be more opportunities to socialize. At a certain point, going to social events isn’t worth getting behind on your work. 

2. Create a routine for yourself

Moving away from home and living on your own for the first time can be hard. It’ll likely take some adjusting to find your “place” at college.

When I started classes in college, I realized that I only had class for about 3-5 hours every day instead of 7 in high school. This created the illusion that I had an infinite amount of free time.

After some adjusting, I learned that I needed to build a new routine for studying, grocery shopping, exercising, and cleaning in order to manage my time better. Creating a routine can take some trial and error as well as some time.

It took until my second semester to figure out how to best utilize my time . It’s important to tune into your own rhythm to figure out what time of day is best for studying, exercising, and sleeping. This will help you to feel more productive and in line with your body. 

3. Utilize your syllabus

College courses are different from high school classes for a number of reasons. There’s usually less busy work and more large essays, exams, and projects. You usually spend less time in the classroom and more time independently working. 

The difference that I found most difficult was that your professors won’t remind you about upcoming assignments and due dates like your teachers in high school do. Instead, they include all due dates and assignments in the semester-long syllabus.

At first, this led me to miss due dates and get behind on my work. I quickly learned that I should be utilizing the class syllabus, instead of leaving them to collect dust.

I started reading my syllabi closely and marking down every due date, field trip, and exam in my personal planner. I also found it was helpful to mark down what date I would need to buy my materials and books by in case I needed them for a specific project.

For my art studio classes, I also noted what my upcoming projects were so that I could have more time to brainstorm an idea.

4. Avoid perfectionism 

I used to be a terrible perfectionist in high school. I would hold off on submitting my assignments for as long as possible in order to turn in my very best work.

When I got to college, I realized that simply wasn’t an option anymore. It’s more important to turn in whatever work you have finished on time even if it’s not your best work.

Turning assignments in late can be considered disrespectful to the professor because they carefully create their semester schedule with little room to stray off track. So, it’s important to turn in assignments on time in order to get the most out of the class.

Also, in my experience, many of my professors are open to assignment resubmissions, which allowed me to earn a better grade on an assignment.

5. Create a schedule that works for YOU

One of the many joys of college is the freedom to make your own class schedule. Not only can you choose what courses you sign up for, but you can also choose the time, day of the week, and professor. This allows you to personalize your schedule and to sign up for classes at times when you are most productive. 

For my first semester of college, I signed up for all morning classes because that’s what I was used to in high school, and I assumed that it would be best for me in college.

However, I am not a morning person and I quickly realized that I had made a mistake. The entire semester I felt awful getting up early, would be late to class, and was exhausted and unproductive when I got back to my dorm. I was miserable.

So, when it came to creating a schedule for my second semester, I knew I needed to change my class times around. I decided to sign up for only afternoon and evening classes because I am the most productive at that time of day. This allowed me to have a slow start to my morning and not feel rushed to get to class.

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The community here is very close and people love their school. The summers here are great, and there is tons do during the school year, from sporting events, to school activities.

The bonds made between the students and stuff are unmatched. Saint Bonaventure is truly a community that will stick with you forever.

I found Ohio Northern a few months into my second semester as a senior in high school and I am so thankful I did. I immediately felt at home on campus.

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10 Useful Tips for Students to Submit Assignments on Time

submit assignment on time

We all have been on the receiving side of the terror that comes with running late to turn in your assignment. As a student, one of the most critical skills you can develop is submitting your assignments on time. Late submissions can result in lost grades, missed opportunities, and added stress, making it essential for students to understand the importance of timely submissions.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll share a wealth of tips and strategies that can help you ensure timely submissions and help you stay on top of your coursework - 

1. Create a schedule

The first step in submitting assignments on time is to create a schedule. This can prove to be a useful step in the entire process. A schedule will help you keep track of your deadlines and plan your time accordingly. You can use a physical planner or a digital calendar, whichever works best for you. Make sure to include all of your assignments, exams, and other commitments in your schedule so that you have a clear understanding of how much time you have available.

2. Start timely

It is essential to start working on your assignments as early as possible. Waiting until the last minute to start your assignment can result in stress and decreased quality of work. By starting early, you’ll have enough time to review and refine your work, ensuring that you submit a high-quality assignment. Having said that, we understand and aren't too optimistic that balancing school life and homework can be a task. In that case, you can always start with the easy part so that it can create a sense of winning, which will eventually lead you to complete the entire assignment.

3. Break down tasks

Breaking down a large assignment into smaller tasks can make it seem more manageable and help you avoid procrastination. By setting deadlines for each of these tasks, you can keep yourself accountable and ensure that you’re making progress toward your end goal. Another way to go about it is to prioritize tasks based on their importance and urgency, making sure to complete the most critical tasks first.

One of the key benefits of breaking down tasks is increased productivity. When students are faced with a large and complex assignment, it can be easy to become overwhelmed and demotivated. However, by breaking the assignment down into smaller tasks, students can focus on one component at a time, making it easier to make progress and complete the assignment in a timely manner. This can help students to avoid procrastination and ensure that they are making progress toward their goals.

4. Use tools and resources

There are many tools and resources available to help students stay organized and on track. For example, you can use online citation generators to help you format your bibliography correctly or use productivity apps to stay focused and avoid distractions. Utilizing these tools and resources can save you time and help you submit your assignments on time. One such assignment help website is Desklib; here you can find study material and documents in abundance where as a student you can have access to help conveniently. 

5. Ask for help

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your teachers, tutors, or classmates if you need help. They can provide you with valuable feedback and insights that can improve your work and ensure that you’re on the right track. Furthermore, if you’re struggling with a particular aspect of an assignment, seeking help can save you time and prevent you from making costly mistakes.

Asking for help is a critical aspect of student success, especially when it comes to completing class assignments. Whether students are struggling to understand a complex concept or need assistance with a specific task, seeking help can provide them with the support they need to succeed. 

6. Manage your time effectively

Effective time management is necessary in order to turn in an assignment timely. When writing an assignment, make sure to allocate your time wisely and prioritize tasks based on their importance and urgency. This step can also help improve the quality of the final product. It is important to take regular breaks, review the work completed so far, and make any necessary revisions. By managing time effectively, it is possible to allocate sufficient time for these activities, ensuring that the final product is of the best possible quality.

7. Stay organized

Staying organized can also help to prioritize tasks and deadlines. When working on an assignment, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the many tasks and deadlines involved. However, by staying organized, it is possible to see the big picture and prioritize tasks in a way that ensures that everything is completed on time and to a high standard.

Make sure to keep all of your notes, materials, and other resources in one place so that you can easily access them when you need them. You can also use a filing system or an online storage solution to help you stay organized. 

8. Set realistic goals

It’s important to set realistic goals for yourself when submitting assignments. While it’s great to strive for excellence, setting unrealistic goals can result in added stress and decreased productivity. Make sure to set achievable goals and focus on making progress towards your goals rather than striving for perfection.

9. Eliminate distractions

Distractions can have a significant impact on your productivity and ability to complete a task at hand. While working, make sure to eliminate distractions by creating a conducive environment for studying like turning off your phone, or using a noise-canceling app. I know this might sound and feel a bit tough at first but trust me, it only gets better from hereon. This step will get the work done effectively and timely. 

10. Reward yourself 

In the end, do not forget to pat yourself on the back. After having completed the assignment, it is equally important to reward yourself for your hard work and achievements. 


In conclusion, submitting your assignments on time is crucial for your academic success. We hope that we could help you a little by providing you with these tips. We hope that the above-given tips will help ensure that your work is completed to the best of your ability and submitted on time.

Remember, consistent effort and planning can go a long way in achieving your goals.

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10 Ways To Improve Time Management For Students

Parent helping student with homework surrounded with school supplies

Learning how to manage time effectively is an important skill for students to master.

But many students struggle with finding the time to complete all their assignments, leading to overwhelming feelings of stress and frustration.

To help, we’ve created a list of time management strategies for students of all ages to help students (and their parents) put the days of last-minute project panic and school stress behind them.

Why Is Time Management Important For Students?

Good time management skills help students prioritize tasks so they are able to complete school work and assignments on time. Students are able to plan ahead, set aside the time they need for projects and assignments, and make better use of that time.

Becoming better at managing time allows students to become more organized, more confident, and learn more effectively. It can also help students avoid the dreaded procrastination problem , which can be a slippery slope to stress, frustration, and poor grades.

Effective time management skills are especially important for high school students. As students enter high school, they have to deal with more subjects, assignments, tests, and extracurriculars. Good time management skills can help keep them on track and reduce stress as they take on more work.

So how can you help your child learn to manage time more effectively?

Check out these time management tips and learn how your student can start being more productive.

10 Effective Time Management Tips For Students

  • Create a Master Schedule

Make a master schedule your child can use to block off time to work on his or her assignments. This will help your child prioritize projects and provide a structure to help keep him or her on track to meet due dates. Use a different color for each subject so your child can follow the schedule quickly and easily.

Download your own master schedule here:

oxford learning time management master schedule

Download the Printable Version Here!

  • Use an Agenda

Help your child look ahead to all upcoming assignments and record the due dates in an agenda. Use the agenda to schedule in TV and computer time too—this will help your child avoid falling into a trap of wasted hours in front of a screen instead of working on assignments.

  • Eliminate Distractions

Between cell phones, social media, and friends, there are a lot of activities that can distract students from their school work. When it’s time to get down to work, have your child turn off his or her cell phone and sign out of social media accounts. Any time on the master schedule that is dedicated to working on school work should be cell phone and television-free!

Find more tips on how to focus on homework .

  • Set Goals For Each Study Session

Help your child set specific goals for each day, like how many pages of a book report to write or how many math questions to complete. The agenda and master schedule will help with planning your child’s daily goals so assignments can be completed on time.

  • Start Working On Assignments Early

Good time management skills mean not leaving assignments until the day before they are due. Sit down with your child each week to review upcoming assignments and tests and add them to his or her master schedule and agenda. Schedule time to start working on them well before they are due so your child isn’t stressed and scrambling to meet the due dates.

  • Make a Project Plan

Creating a project plan can also help avoid last-minute panic. An overwhelming amount of work is a common cause of procrastination, which can lead to poor time management. Help your child break down assignments into smaller chunks, each with its own separate due dates. This will encourage your child to plan ahead and start working on assignments earlier.

Learn more about why students procrastinate .

  • Work On One Thing At A Time

It might seem like more is being accomplished with multitasking, but splitting attention between more than one task isn’t an effective way to learn. Your child should work on one task at a time, giving it his or her full attention. Focusing on one task will help him or her complete it more efficiently and effectively.

  • Study In Shorter Bursts

For every 30 minutes of school work, have your child schedule a short 10-15 minute break to recharge. Trying to work on one thing for too long can actually cause students’ minds to wander more. Taking short breaks is a good way to give your child’s brain a chance to recharge so he or she can come back more focused.

  • Start Early In The Day

Encourage your child to work on assignments earlier in the day, or right after school. Have your child look over his or her agenda and master schedule to find out what needs to be completed that night and get started early. Waiting to start until later in the evening means your child has less time (and energy), leading to delayed bedtimes, unfinished assignments, and more stress for everyone.

  • Get 8-10 Hours Of Sleep

Getting enough sleep is important to help your child recharge his or her mind and have the energy needed to stay on track the next day. Use your master schedule to mark a cut-off time for homework each night as well as a set bedtime. Following this routine will help make sure your child has time to unwind at the end of each day and get the sleep he or she needs.

13 Fun Reading Tips To Turn Your Reluctant Reader Into A Book Lover

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What is Ungrading?

What is Ungrading?

Holiday Learning Tips To Keep Kids Motivated

Holiday Learning Tips To Keep Kids Motivated

10 Tips To Boost Productivity This School Year

Enrichment, Goals, High School, Homework

10 tips to boost productivity this school year.

Does Your Child Have These 7 Essential Skills?

Does Your Child Have These 7 Essential Skills?

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Importance of Completing Assignments on Time

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Published: Aug 24, 2023

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Table of contents

Introduction: the value of punctuality in education, building a foundation of responsibility, fostering effective time management skills, promoting consistent learning and retention, preparing for future endeavors, enhancing academic performance and feedback, reducing stress and anxiety, cultivating a positive work ethic, conclusion: the pathway to holistic academic growth.

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the importance of turning in assignments on time

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Five Ways to Turn Assignments in on Time

When you are in college, you may find that it is impossible to balance the demands of school, your job, and your family. Time management is critical to organization and success. It is important that you turn your assignments in on time, or your grades will slip. Sometimes, you may need to use an essay writing service or change your schedule so that this is possible. Take a look at these five ways to make sure your assignments are turned in on time.

1. Create a Schedule

the importance of turning in assignments on time

2. Use an Essay Writing Service

the importance of turning in assignments on time

3. Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

the importance of turning in assignments on time

4. Read Your Assignment Instructions Ahead of Time

the importance of turning in assignments on time

5. Go to Class

the importance of turning in assignments on time

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Helpful Genius

Get it done: The Importance of Completing Assignments on Time

the importance of turning in assignments on time

Completing assignments on time is more than just meeting a requirement or fulfilling an academic obligation; it carries significant weight in the realm of education. Timely assignment completion plays a crucial role in ensuring academic success and fostering a positive learning environment. 

It requires planning, organization, and prioritization of tasks. By adhering to deadlines, students learn to allocate their time wisely, juggle multiple assignments, and balance their academic workload. These skills are not only valuable during their educational journey but also in future endeavors where time management plays a vital role.

Getting work done on time helps reduce stress and anxiety levels too. Procrastination and last-minute rushes can lead to heightened stress, negatively impacting the quality of work and overall well-being. When assignments are completed on time, students can approach their tasks with a clear mind, devote adequate attention to detail, and produce their best work.

Benefits of Timely Assignment Completion

Finishing assignments contributes to improved time management skills. By adhering to deadlines, students learn to plan and allocate their time effectively. They develop the ability to break down tasks into manageable parts, set priorities, and create realistic schedules.

Reduced stress

Procrastination and the pressure of looming deadlines can lead to heightened stress and feelings of overwhelm. However, when students complete assignments within the given timeframe, they experience a sense of accomplishment, alleviating stress and promoting a more positive mindset. Reduced stress levels allow students to focus better, maintain clarity of thought, and produce higher quality work.

Enhanced Learning

When assignments are submitted on time, students have the opportunity to receive timely feedback from instructors. This feedback allows for a deeper understanding of the subject matter, clarification of concepts, and the chance to address any misconceptions or gaps in knowledge. By engaging in this feedback loop, students can consolidate their learning, reinforce key concepts, and apply their newfound knowledge to future assignments and examinations.

Positive impression on instructors

Consistently meeting deadlines demonstrates professionalism, reliability, and respect for academic requirements. Instructors are more likely to view students who complete assignments on time as motivated and dedicated learners. This positive impression can lead to increased support, guidance, and opportunities for academic growth, such as participation in research projects, recommendation letters, or mentorship opportunities.

Time Management Strategies for Assignment Completion

Breaking down assignments into manageable tasks.

One effective strategy for managing assignments is to break them down into smaller, more manageable tasks. Rather than tackling the entire assignment at once, divide it into smaller components or steps. This approach helps prevent overwhelm and allows you to focus on one task at a time, making the overall assignment feel more achievable.

Creating a Schedule and Setting Milestones

Establishing a schedule and setting milestones is crucial for effective time management. Allocate specific time slots for working on your assignments and create a realistic timeline for completing each task. Setting milestones helps you track your progress and provides a sense of accomplishment as you reach each milestone. Additionally, incorporating regular breaks and allowing for flexibility within your schedule ensures that you maintain focus and avoid burnout.

Prioritizing Tasks Based on Importance and Deadline

Prioritization is a key aspect of time management when it comes to assignment completion. Evaluate the importance and urgency of each task, considering factors such as due dates, weightage, and their contribution to your overall grade. Prioritize tasks accordingly, focusing on those with closer deadlines or higher importance. 

Utilizing Tools and Techniques for Time Management

Various tools and techniques are available to aid in time management for assignment completion. Utilize digital or physical planners, calendars, or task management apps to organize your assignments, deadlines, and milestones. Consider using productivity techniques such as the Pomodoro Technique, which involves working in focused bursts followed by short breaks, to maximize productivity and maintain concentration.

Remember, finding a time management approach that suits your personal style and preferences is key. Experiment with different strategies and refine your approach as you learn what works best for you.

Tips for Meeting Assignment Deadlines

Setting realistic timeframes.

One of the most important tips for meeting assignment deadlines is to set realistic timeframes. Evaluate the scope and requirements of each assignment and allocate sufficient time for research, planning, writing, and revising.

Avoiding Distractions and Proactive Time Management

Distractions can significantly impact your ability to meet assignment deadlines. Create a conducive work environment by minimizing distractions such as social media notifications, email alerts, or noisy surroundings. Practice proactive time management techniques like time blocking, where you allocate specific periods for focused work and eliminate potential distractions during those times.

Seeking Clarification and Asking for Help

When faced with assignment tasks that seem unclear or confusing, seeking clarification is essential. Reach out to your instructors, teaching assistants, or classmates to clarify any doubts or uncertainties regarding the assignment requirements. By seeking clarification early on, you can avoid misunderstandings and ensure that you are on the right track.

Proofreading and Editing for Quality

To ensure that your assignments meet the required standards and are of high quality, allocate time for proofreading and editing. After completing the initial draft, take a break and then review your work with a fresh perspective. Look for errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and overall coherence. Make necessary revisions and edits to improve the clarity, organization, and flow of your assignment. Taking the time to proofread and edit ensures that you submit polished work that reflects your best efforts.

By implementing these tips for meeting assignment deadlines, you can enhance your productivity, minimize stress, and increase your chances of submitting high-quality work. Remember, effective time management and proactive planning are key to successfully meeting assignment deadlines and achieving academic success.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

Online Exclusives

Should students have to turn in their assingments on time?


Photo courtesy of shuttershock.com

Turning in late assignments can lead to a huge build-up of work and a lack of knowledge of class content.

By Paige Tasin , Social Media Manager May 16, 2022

The 2021-22 school year was an interesting adjustment for many students. Everyone was forced to relearn how to manage time while balancing a busy schedule. With the calm and relaxed policies during the “COVID” year bleeding over into a full in-person school year, the question has arisen if these policies should be changed. The biggest debate is over late assignments. Should students truly have all quarter to complete their assignments? Or would a stricter policy allow for less stress overall? In most cases, the latter might be true. 

At the end of every quarter stress seems to pile up on everyone. There is no denying that this is an anxiety-ridden time for everyone. But, should it truly be as stressful as it is? Many students wait until the last minute to turn in old assignments. Their grade may look dauntingly low until they turn all of these in. Therefore, many would likely have less stress if they were able to see a more accurate representation of their grade beforehand.

Many students find themselves with a couple of classes that the grade is just very inaccurate until the end of the quarter. It is not until they turn in all of their missing assignments that the grade actually depicts what it should be. 

It is easy for students to choose the route that feels easy in the short term, but in the long run, it only ends up hurting them more. 

Many students even have to go back to units they worked on months ago to complete all their assignments. The result is usually much sloppier work, as students struggle to remember the details of that unit.

Many students would have a more fulfilled educational experience if their assignments were due during the unit they were taught in. 

Another argument comes in the form of tests. Although students might believe that a smaller workload of assignments might help them stress less and focus more on the test at hand, is it fair to argue that tests would be less stressful if students did the assignments revolving around the contents of the test? These worksheets are designed to cover the content discussed in class and will likely assist on tests and better prepare students for the content of these assessments.

Although it seems tedious and time consuming at the time, it will give students exactly what they need in order to be successful on assessments. 

Students will also be less stressed if they are completing assignments that allow them to critically think about the subjects they are covering in class. It is an essential part of learning core content. The purpose of school is essentially to learn and gain valuable skills despite the fact that it feels, to many people, as if its sole purpose is to get good grades and build a résumé .

Additionally, having deadlines prepares students for the real world. Most jobs do not have flexible deadlines, but instead have short-term ones. In some businesses, employees have minutes or hours to complete work, without the luxury of taking it home or doing it over the weekend. The school could build students up to the short-term deadlines by changing its policy.

Having to complete many assignments piled on top of each other is an incredibly difficult task and one that can easily be avoided. The quality of work and amount of stress will be lower if these assignments are spread out over time.

Overall, students would have work of much higher quality if they worked on their assignments on a more spread out basis. The level of stress would also be lower if students completed them on time, as it would allow for a more thorough understanding of the material and would not cause the cramming of assignments at the end of the quarter.

Photo of Paige Tasin

Paige Tasin is a senior and is the Social Media Editor for the Observer. She runs cross country and track for WCHS. She loves spending time with her friends...

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  • Winston Churchill High School 50 Einstein 44 Dec 6 / Girls Basketball
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  • Winston Churchill High School 2 Walt Whitman 1 Nov 10 / Varsity Girls Field Hockey
  • Winston Churchill High School 1 Urbana 3 Nov 10 / Varsity Girls Volleyball
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Pictured from left to right: Rockville Town Squares Ice Skating Rink, Winter City Lights, Downtown Holiday Market, Ford’s Theatre “A Christmas Carol.

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Winnie the Pooh: Blood And Honey marks the beginning of a horror saga, grossing 5.2 million USD against all expectations.

“Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey” proves remakes can be disappointing in all genres

WCHS junior Emilia Desiderioscioli works on her recreation of the Virgin of Guadalupe during AP Art History. APAH gives students the understanding of how art has been made over time, not just how to make it.

Drawing outside the box: underrated art classes WCHS can take

Starbucks releases it new holiday cups around the holiday times. It is very popular amongst WCHS students. The Starbucks hot chocolate comes in their new holiday cups.

Sipping through the sweetest rankings of hot chocolates

Without doubt, college is expensive. This is why WCHS must offer students guidance on money-saving tactics such as scholarship opportunities.

Easy to get lost in the sea of scholarships: WCHS should spread financial aid opportunities

Distractions in class are limited by the amount of game websites blocked. However, this creates an issue where some educational sites used in class are blocked as well.

  • Observations

MCPS takes a byte out of internet access

Winnie the Poo: Blood And Honey is the beginning of a potential horror saga, grossing 5.2 million USD against all expectations.

Blood and Honey: children’s classic turns to horror

WCHS seniors Joey Kaplan and Eric Bomfim cohost the WCHS talent show produced by the 2024 SGA  on December 6, 2023.

2024 SGA produces WCHS Got Talent

Multiple parents line up in the side parking lot at WCHS to drop off their kids Tuesday, November 20. Although its 5 minutes until school starts, parents and student drivers are still arriving and are rushing to leave.

Crashes in the community calls for MCPS safety concerns

Sabrina carpenter released her new Christmas EP titled Fruitcake including popular hit, A Nonsense Christmas and five new tracks.

Sabrina Carpenter serves up a holiday treat with “Fruitcake” EP

The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The student news site of Bellaire High School

Three Penny Press

Why do students procrastinate teachers confirm that 11:59 is the magic hour.

Ella Goodweather , Reporter Feb 21, 2021 3 Comments

Ella Goodweather

More stories from Ella Goodweather


Photo provided by Ella Goodweather

The timeline of students turning in assignments before class the next day.

You have definitely done it before. We all have. Your teachers did it. Your parents did it.

So, you turned in that assignment due at midnight at 11:59 pm. Do you think your teachers noticed that you and your friends do this? Well, they know. And we know too. 

A right-before-the-deadline student myself, I interviewed my teachers and peers to find out why so many of us do it. I found that it happens in every subject and grade. As junior Eden Barr quotes one of her teachers saying, “ungodly hours of the night.” 

So again, why did we do it? Procrastination, sleep schedules, work, clubs or extracurriculars. Maybe we work best at night, have home responsibilities or need time to relax from our busy schedule. Or maybe we prioritized other responsibilities or homework assignments and we do not always have the resources you need to complete your assignments. The fact is, at some point, we barely turned in that assignment before the deadline. 

I recently asked four Bellaire students if they do this and they gave me a variety of answers. However, the consensus was that it is easier to start with the assignments they want to do and leave the other ones off. 

Do our teachers notice?  

While many teachers are aware of their students’ habits of the late-night-assignment turn-ins and all-nighters, they are more cognizant of whether a student turns in an assignment in the first place.

AP English Language and Composition teacher Jeffrey Waller said it does not stick out to him when an assignment is turned in late at night on the HUB unless it has passed the deadline. 

However, teachers do notice when Remind messages are sent to them right before a deadline or in the middle of the night. 

AP US History teacher Patricia Edaburn said about 30 percent of the time, she will receive a Remind message late at night on a Sunday. 

Dr. Waller can relate. He also procrastinated in his high school days. 

“Students get in a bad pattern where they come home and crash,” Waller said. “I suspect that virtual school has messed up students’ sleep patterns even more. I see assignments are submitted at all hours of the night.” 

Edaburn senses that some of the students who turn in assignments late waited to the last minute, but at least they are getting their assignments in. 

Edaburn, along with many Bellaire teachers, understands that this is not a typical year, and understands the difficulty many students have with time management. Students at home struggle with a lack of structure or other responsibilities in the home, due to the pandemic. And teachers like Edaburn will accept assignments, even if they have passed the deadline.

“Better late than never,” Edaburn said. 

Has online school made students more likely to turn in their assignments late at night? Junior Crystal Tang and sophomore Anna Bronk said yes, as deadlines are now at midnight.

IB Astronomy and AP Physics C teacher James Newland said he used to make his assignments due at the end of the school day, but he learned that it is unreasonable for all his students to make this deadline, especially during virtual school. 

Also, home situations due to the pandemic may also affect students’ habits. While some students are prone to procrastination, waiting until the last minute, others are busy taking care of younger siblings or with a job. Newland, Edaburn and Waller each agree that flexibility is important for their students’ success. 

Each one of the teachers and students I interviewed agree that time management is key to success, yet so many students still struggle with it. Junior Sam Yifrach keeps an agenda and calendars his deadlines.

“I do my homework in the afternoon and then video games at night,” Yiffrach said. “I know a large group of students do it the opposite way, playing video games first then homework, but it is hard to gauge how much time you need for homework this way, and you will get too tired.” 

Barr also sees this among her friends. 

“Almost every single person I talk to has turned in something after the deadline,” Barr said. “Mostly, this is because of the time management struggle. During virtual school, it feels like I have more time than I actually do.” 

Newland, Edaburn and Waller all notice time management being a struggle for their students. 

“A lot of my students are spread too thin,” Waller said. “It’s hard to have self-discipline. The mentality is ‘oh, it’s not due until tomorrow, so I don’t need to do it right now’.”

Does procrastination work? Tang said, in some cases, it does. 

“It can make you more productive,” Tang said. “Sometimes, I will work faster since I am working close to a deadline.” 

In other cases, procrastination will not work. Barr said that procrastinating makes an assignment more stressful than it needs to be. 

Is there a pattern in which students procrastinate? Yiffrach said that while he almost never procrastinates, it is more likely for him to procrastinate on the assignments that take the longest. Bronk also said that she will procrastinate on the assignments that are not as easy or fun as the other assignments. Tang also relates to both Yiffrach and Bronk’s view. 

“A lot of procrastination is due to the sense of dread and not knowing how much time and energy it will require,” Tang said. 

Will the procrastination end? Edaburn is hopeful that her students will finally put it to rest. 

“When you have no other choice, you do it,” Edaburn said. “The motivation is there when you have to meet a deadline to get paid or not get fired.” 

Tang hopes to stay on top of things in the future due to the higher stakes. Barr said she will also be less of a procrastinator in the future. 

“Procrastinating is just part of life and growth,” Barr said. “It’s just human nature to sometimes do things at the last minute.”

This graphic reflects societys tendency to place labels on identities and brand women with stereotypes that are usually extremes or inaccurate. The common image of feminists is associated with the extreme actions of certain groups instead of the majority of neutral feminists.

What are we?

Keiths Kitchen - Beef Wellington

Keith’s Kitchen – Beef Wellington

Volunteers were assigned the task of walking dogs from their cages to the play pin area. Some dogs were carried when they refused to move or got too frightened.

Helping Homeless Cats, Dogs

Applicants are pressured to write about their traumas in their college essays. This can cause many negative mental and emotional consequences.

No pain, no gain: The trauma essay in college applications

At the Belles 2023 Spring Show, senior Belle Alex Alleyne performs in a group routine to True Colors. She has been taking dance lessons since she was five and is now on the Belles Honor Corps.

An underdog in the world of sports

A clown doesnt go to BISA best. Another student makes fun of him.

[EDITORIAL] Our many colors

A women in Manchester protests against the villain behind the Russia Ukraine war. Putin breaks families apart; most Russian citizens do not even want this war, and yet they have to fight.

The Russian misconception

Putting money in a bank is a big step forward. Having this initiative will make your transition into adulthood much smoother.

What’s the cost of being unbanked?

Student coughing after vaping. Vaping results in many negative health effects.

Clouding our minds

A treble clef with TikTok colors. This is to show TikToks influence on the music industry.

The downfall of the music industry

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Cynthia C. • Oct 24, 2022 at 11:23 pm

I agree; I work full-time, am single, have one income, three kids, no joint custody, practices every day for them, homework, dinner, and baths. etc. so I do my work at night. Some nights I am more tired and get less accomplished. In my literature classes, writing takes an enormous amount of time. Reading is daunting as my eye sight is poor, and even if it weren’t research and writing takes a long time. So, I have been working on one of my classes assignments for about six days now, it was due tonight at 11:59. I got stuck on a page break that kept doing what it wanted. So after I gave up and went to submit, it was seconds past 11:59 so the entire week 9 folder was gone. I didn’t even realize it counted in seconds. 11:59 is 11:59 to me. This is not a reflection of, oh your going to have to meet deadlines at work and so on get over it, your fault. This is reality; this is not a robotic world. And no job that I can get into is ever going to say; you’re fired; you’re seconds late. This discounts all of the work that was put in. Professors don’t see what goes on behind closed doors to get this work done, and lastly, I am the one paying for these classes. That is commitment right there; I am choosing to sacrifice my money to better my future (goal), which shows a lot more responsibility in the workforce than a few seconds of delayed turn-in on deadlines.

Carol Gaylord • Mar 14, 2022 at 4:38 pm

I agree with the teacher especially this year and last year due to covid 19 if the student is getting the work in is a good thing That is like when kids shoe up a few minutes late to class I myself being a parent of 4 childrem my focus would not be on the minutes the student shows up late for class my focus would be on the student showing up to class. It’s the same thing as parents, teachers , role models need to focus on what the child, student, peers progress on their lives journey not their downfalls. Let us encourage one another to do better as an example not a dictator. Do as I say not as I do. Hypocrites are what they are called. The last thing a teacher, parent, etc. needs to be called is a hypocrite. We all need to be role models but most of all is we all need to be authentic Real to each other. 😊💞

Confess your faults one to another and thou shall be healed. Amen

Carol Gaylord • Mar 14, 2022 at 4:36 pm

I agree with the teacher especially this year and last year due to covid 19 if the student is getting the work in is a good thing That is like when kids shoe up a few minutes late to class I myself being a parent of 4childrem my focus would not be on the minutes the student shows up late for class my focus would be on the student showing up to class. It’s the same thing as parents, teachers , role models need to focus on what the child, student, peers progress on their lives journey not their downfalls. Let us encourage one another to do better as an example not a dictator. Do as I say not as I do. Hypocrites are what they are called. The last thing a teacher, parent, etc. needs to be called is a hypocrite. We all need to be role models but most of all is we all need to be authentic Real to each other. 😊💞

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Why is it Important to Do your Homework in Time?

the importance of turning in assignments on time

  • Education Posts

It happens quite often that students perceive the home task as an additional burden to all the load of the work to be undertaken throughout a course. And they cannot cope with their homework due to lack of time. It happens since the majority of students do not perform homework immediately when they come home. Of course, it is understandable since they have other activities except performing all academic tasks. But if you want to be a successful student and do your homework in time, never put off till tomorrow what you can do today!

Why is Homework Important?

Homework provides students with necessary practice in writing, thinking, reading, and problem-solving. Doing homework in time is very important since it will show your professor that you are a serious student who is interested in the subject. If you perform all your tasks on time, this will result in good grades. In case you will have bad test results, you can fail the class. Performing all assignments in time will help you to learn how to properly manage your time. Also you should note that doing your homework in time will help you to build a sense of responsibility and stay focused.

Do not ignore performing homework tasks since it gives your brain a chance to continue learning and find more interesting information that will help you during classes or even in your future career. Though students understand that they should perform their tasks in time, they may simply forget about one of them as they are overloaded with tons of different assignments. Sometimes, there are also such situations when students are really frustrated. It occurs when they have to do their homework as well as go to work or maybe they feel sick or have some family troubles. We are all humans and we don’t know what to expect from tomorrow, in what situation we may find ourselves. But please do not worry since there is a little surprise for you, whenever you are lost and don’t know how to perform your task in time, you can always find real help right here – qualitycustomessays.com.

This is a usual practice of the educational process to give homework to students on a day-to-day basis. Does this strategy give results? Here are some reasonable arguments about the importance of homework. In fact, there is something hidden in our nature that pushes us to homework. Not depending on the age or social status, we complete different assignments in order to polish some skills. Do not get deluded that only students ought to deal with home assignments. Even mature people, for example, singers or actors, need to do repetitious things to learn and develop in the professional sphere.

There is no surprise that tutees regularly get something to do at home. A teacher is in charge of finding the most appropriate pieces of work and deciding on the frequency of the practice. Here is controversy. The majority of undergraduates witness suffering from the great amount of material to be covered in time after classes. The others claim that they truly derive pleasure from completing homework and admit how advantageous it is for them. So, is homework an effective method for students’ development?

Why Homework is Good

Digging deeper.

First of all, we should clearly understand the essence of the collocation ‘daily homework’. It means a particular amount of work to be completed by a student on his or her own to deepen the knowledge of a topic.

Learning to be responsible

It is worth mentioning that homework is vital not only in terms of learning. It also gives a possibility to get mature by taking the responsibility. One of the features of homework that definitely works for this is the presence of deadlines, which means you should submit a paper within the given amount of time. If not, a student will be punished by various means, for example, by lower points, additional tasks, etc. That is why there is motivation to plan the work and accomplish it on time.

Getting skills on time management

What is more, we can also count to benefits of homework that it teaches to sort out priorities and, accordingly, devote time to the most crucial tasks. For sure, it never happens that you need to work on just one paper at a time; more often, you have a couple of deadlines, especially when the end of a semester is about to come. The best solution here will be to schedule your time and be attentive to the deadlines, so that you do not miss anything out.

Revising the information heard during lectures

Some people are so gifted that they grasp all the necessary information during a lecture, some even do not write any notes. But this is just the minority, most students forget what was discussed at a class the next day. The home task helps to recall and revise. There is research on the human perception that brings in the data that during listening we can memorize only up to twenty percent of the presented information. The rest eighty percent could be gained with the help of processing information on your own, due to the reading activity, exercising, etc.

Therefore, we come to a conclusion: homework takes its rightful place among the most helpful educational practices. It is oriented at encouraging awareness and understanding among learners. Refreshing something that you have heard in a class will serve for collective information to your long-term memory storage. Then, before an exam, there will be no need to cram everything in a night. This is a real chance to pass exams successfully not applying much effort.

More than Just a Practice

We can consider homework to be both practice and experience. Regarding an exact subject, let us say physics, a class program involves having a look at main formulas and concepts of problem-solving, whereas, at home, you employ them to resolve an appropriate exercise. The time limit at school doesn’t give a possibility to cover all the possible problems. Undertake more of them as a part of your home task. It will make you thrive from being well-rounded in a subject. There is enough work performed behind each skill you have. The more you practice, the more erudite you become! Change the way you view things and think of homework as of valuable practice, which you can have for free.

The Problematical Issue of Motivation

You can easily imagine what happens every evening in thousands of homes: a schoolchild and a list of tasks given by a teacher. The characters may vary, but the course of action remains to be unchanged. Parents usually try to help and to counsel their youngsters to cope with the tasks successfully. It can be performed quite differently, some couples find it acceptable to explain something from time to time, while others fall back upon such methods, as bribery, reasoning, and threats. The problem remains unsolved these days. How to make a child or a student be eager to complete homework?

There is a great number of children who feel stressed at school. Having spent more than a half of a day at this place, they still have something to accomplish at home. Many doubt whether it could ever be efficacious if it evokes such unpleasant emotions in kids. Let us specify the strong and weak sides of the practice of assigning home tasks.

Advantages of Homework

It helps students to reinforce what they have learned at school. Moreover, it may encourage a kid to do additional research on the subject that has lightened the sparkle of interest in him or her. Juniors who take charge of something feel more confident and independent; being in such a state helps them to grow up. The fact of having own role has a serious influence on the personality pushing to acknowledge one’s maturity and powers to move on. What is also beneficial is that being involved in exercising a kid is kept away from the TV and video games.

Disadvantages of Home Assignments

On the contrast, sometimes, children are so overloaded with homework, that they literally do not have time for anything else. Being chained to computer screen or books, students do not always devote time to have a breath of fresh air. Having no free time, how can a kid become acquainted with all the beauty of nature?

Homework may create an opposite effect when a child will be totally exhausted or will hate school and everything connected with it. There are so many children who wake up with a feeling of loathing because a school day is ahead.

Developing this type of attitude may have a negative impact on the performance and level of education. So, in the future you will notice how destroying school dislike may be. Playing games and having fun together with friends should be an integral component of childhood. It is vital not to let a kid be deprived of simple happiness to communicate with friends, playing tricks and discovering the World together.

Homework may be one of the reasons to prevent a person from developing social skills. Poring over books should not displace contacting and spending quality time with peers.

To sum up, despite all the positive sides of homework, we should keep in mind a couple of essential things. Some periods of a school term or academic year may be rather strained and burdensome. To avoid this, you should be very careful about planning your schedule and not put aside things that have been assigned to you recently. Prioritize the tasks according to their deadlines. Only being organized, you have a chance to ace. Perceive homework as your chance to polish skills, practice, focus on the concrete issues that are worth attention, learn how to deal with problems, and master your skills.

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Process Communication

Videos in Education: A Beneficial Trend for Studying

Videos in Education: A Beneficial Trend for Studying

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10 Super Useful Time Management Tips for College Students

10 Super Useful Time Management Tips for College Students

Table of contents

the importance of turning in assignments on time

Meredith Sell

Junior year of college, my schedule was totally packed. Between a full class load, working two campus jobs, writing for the student newspaper, and singing with the gospel choir, I had a lot to manage. 

the importance of turning in assignments on time

Sometime during the spring semester, I created a spreadsheet that outlined my days, hour by hour.

My goal every week (along with completing assigned readings and submitting assignments on time) was to finish my weekend homework on Saturday, so I could have Sundays totally off from school. The spreadsheet and my old-fashioned paper planner — where I kept track of every assignment and deadline — made this seemingly impossible feat possible .

I’d work in the library on Friday nights until it closed, and sometimes repeat the act on Saturdays, but Sundays were homework-free.

Time management is a challenge for many college students. But to succeed in higher education, you need to make time work for you. 

That’s why we compiled 10 time management tips to help you out 😉

Save time and write essays faster using AI > Save time and write essays faster using AI >

Time saving tool for students

The Basics (and Benefits) of Good Time Management

Managing your time is like managing your money:

You have a limited amount — of cash or minutes — so you work to make the most of what you have . 

This probably involves some restriction (of spending or how many extracurriculars you sign up for). Maybe you decide not to play intramural volleyball because you’re already taking tennis class and you need more time to study physics.

Or you might designate certain times for certain tasks, the way a good budget sets aside a portion of each paycheck for expenses like rent. Let’s say, you have an hour break between classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so each day, you head straight to the library to tackle reading assignments without distractions.

Think of time management as budgeting your time. You know how much time you’re working with (24 – 6-8 hours for sleep each day = 16-18 hours) and how much homework and reading you have to do. All you need to do now is assign tasks to time.

Practice discipline up front, and you’ll reap the benefits of guilt-free time that you can spend however you want — with no anxiety creeping in about that assignment you haven’t started.

10 Tips for Optimal Time Management

Before you look at our tips, make sure you’ve checked off these time management steps:

✔ Go through your syllabus from each class.

✔ Organize your assignments, deadlines, and schedule in one place, like a digital calendar or paper planner.

✔ Use color-coding or another method to distinguish homework assignments from events, classes, and social plans.

Make sure you know exactly what’s on your plate, what’s coming up and how much time you’re working with. Then, use these tips to make the most of your time:

1. Identify your time management style — and shortcomings.

Do you tend to get sucked into one project and, three hours later, realize you’ve finished one thing but have 10 other tasks still staring you down? Or do you take a more squirrel-like approach, jumping from task to task and struggling to check anything off?

Reflect on where you get stuck with time management — and use that information to strategize solutions.

If you get caught up in individual tasks, try setting a timer so you’ll know when to move on. If you’re always multitasking, try focusing on just one task for 20-45 minutes and don’t move on to the next task until after that time period (or you’ve finished the task in question). 

If you have a hard time getting started, play around with the Pomodoro Technique: 

🍅 Set a timer for 25 minutes.

🍅 Work on one task during those 25 minutes.

🍅 When the timer goes off, take a 5-minute break. Then start the cycle over again.

‍ The idea is to understand your tendencies (distraction, hyper-focus without completion, etc.) and then find an approach that combats those shortcomings and promotes productivity.

2. List your priorities. Then refine your list.

Is there a certain class you absolutely must get an A in? One you know will be especially hard?

Are you also juggling work and a serious relationship? Going to school while caring for kids?

Think through your priorities — in school and out of school. Make a list for: the semester, this month, and the current week. Now, organize your to-do list with those priorities in mind.

the importance of turning in assignments on time

What is a must-do? What could wait until after the semester ends or after you turn in that big paper?

Making priorities on the semester, month, and week levels will help you keep the big picture in mind , while also handling any surprises that arise. One week, your priority may be to research a paper for a history class. Next, you may aim to get ahead in reading for your global literature class, so later this month, when family is in town, you’ll have extra room in your schedule to spend time with them.

Write out your priorities and keep them somewhere easy to reference. As the semester continues, revisit them and adjust your weekly and monthly priorities as needed.

Use your list of priorities to hone in on what’s important — and stop multitasking. Instead of splitting your attention between five different assignments, focus on one at a time , starting with the top item on your priority list.

  • If you’re struggling in your general education astronomy class, but your accounting class (which counts toward your major) has a big exam this week, studying for your exam should be the bigger priority. 
  • If you’re in the middle of reading tomorrow’s assigned text for your British literature class, but you need to pick your kids up from daycare in ten minutes — put the book down and go get your kids.

The progress may feel slow when you’re only doing one thing at a time, but track your time and the tasks you accomplish, and you’ll see almost immediate improvement to your productivity.

3. Create a visual plan.

Are you more of a visual thinker? Do progress bars and illustrations mean more to you than percentages?

Then scrap the traditional to-do list — at least for bigger assignments. Instead, try a more visual approach:

  • Use a bulletin board and index cards or sticky notes to show where you are in the process of researching, writing, and revising a senior thesis. You can use the same columns for all assignments (for example: Research, First Draft, Second Draft, Final) or create different columns/progress steps for each assignment. Every time you complete a step, move that assignment’s card to the next ste p.

the importance of turning in assignments on time

  • Create a Gantt chart to map out the different steps and the time needed for each step. Work backwards from your project’s due date to where you are now, giving yourself enough time to complete each task. 

the importance of turning in assignments on time

Gantt charts can be especially helpful for collaborative or group projects, where each person has different responsibilities. My junior year, I used a Gantt chart to plan and track progress on a collaborative book project, where I was working with other students to write, design, edit, and print a book over the course of the semester. Gantt charts clearly show how each step is connected to the others, and how one missed deadline has ripple effects on everything else. They also show you, at a glance, exactly how much time you’re working with.

4. Get accountability.

Some people work best alone, but others need study buddies or a group to help them stay on-task. If that’s you, seek out accountability by finding a classmate or group of fellow students to study with. You might be in the same class — or you might all just prefer to camp out in the library with company. 

the importance of turning in assignments on time

The key here is that your study buddy or group helps you focus and isn’t a distraction. If your BFF is always interrupting your train of thought to gossip, you might need to study with someone else.

If you’re struggling to find anyone to study with, check with your university’s academic resource center. They may organize study groups, know about existing ones — or offer some advice for how you can effectively study on your own.

5. Find out what time of day you focus best — and reserve that time for homework.

Are you an early bird? A night owl? Does your brain fire up in the late afternoon?

Use this information to your advantage and schedule your study sessions for your brain’s peak time. Block it off on your calendar and set a routine.

  • Early risers might get up with the sun and study quietly at breakfast.
  • Midday minds may grab a quick lunch between classes and tuck away in a corner on campus with their laptops and textbooks.
  • Late-night learners might hole away in the library or residence hall lounge and take copious notes while others socialize or snooze.

Guard your prime time from competing activities. Find a place where you won’t be interrupted — and then go the extra mile and remove technological distractions.

6. Silence your phone, turn off notifications, and stay off social media.

One minute on TikTok easily turns into two hours. A quick scroll on Reddit or Instagram and you’ve completely forgotten what you’re supposed to be doing instead.

But you can make technology work for you.

Start by silencing your phone and turning off notifications from whatever social media apps you have. Then, if needed, use a tool like BlockSite or Freedom to keep yourself away from distracting websites during your study hours.

the importance of turning in assignments on time

You don’t have to give up social media altogether, but consider your priorities from earlier — is scoring another follower or like on the ‘Gram really where your energy belongs? Or is your priority to ace your next test?

Embracing digital boundaries will help keep your mind focused on the task at hand.

7. Use other tools to improve your time management.

Setting a timer and installing BlockSite or Freedom on your browser is just the beginning of how you can harness tools to keep yourself focused, on task, and working efficiently.

You can also use:

  • Wordtune for shortening your essay writing and editing time.
  • Wordtune Read for speeding up your research process (and completing reading assignments more efficiently).
  • Evernote (or Google Drive ) for collecting all of your notes in one easy-to-reference place.
  • Toggl Track to track your time (the app even has a Pomodoro timer built-in).
  • Todoist for organizing to-do lists — and keeping lists easily accessible across your devices.

8. Turn procrastination into productivity.

You’ve been sitting at your desk for 30 minutes, chewing your eraser and flipping from window to window on your computer. You’ve made zero progress on researching your expository essay, which is due next week and is your top priority for today. It may be time to let those priorities flex.

If you’re not getting anywhere with your main task, choose a different, easier, or more interesting task from your to-do list.  

Avoid things that will take a lot of time and energy. The goal here is to accomplish something in a few minutes, so you can build some momentum that will carry you into your main task. 

And even if that strategy doesn’t work — you do the starter task and go right back to staring at the screen — you’ve at least checked something off your list.

9. Take physical breaks.

Working for three-hour chunks — whether on schoolwork or at a desk job — is not sustainable. Breaks are necessary for long-term productivity. And the best breaks from brain work are physical.

Instead of spending your break scrolling your phone or opening another window on your laptop:

🚶🏼‍♀️ Walk the hall or wander campus. 

🚽 Use the bathroom.

🦘 Do some pushups, jumping jacks, air squats.

🎶 Put on some music and dance for 10 minutes.

the importance of turning in assignments on time

Just about anything physical and tactile will give your brain a much-needed break from mental work, and your eyes a break from the screen or text. When you return to your desk, you’ll find you’re refreshed and more able to focus.

10. Log every completed task.

If you still feel like you’re accomplishing nothing, this little trick can show you how much you’re actually doing. Throughout the day, take note of every little task you complete — like a to-do list, except it’s a done list. 

  • If you organize your to-do list, write that down.
  • If you do some initial research for an assignment, log it.
  • If you read 5 of the assigned 20 pages, make a note.

the importance of turning in assignments on time

Every little bit of progress is progress, and sometimes, just seeing that we’ve done a little bit can motivate us to do more. 

Pair this with tip #8 (turn procrastination into productivity) to build that task-oriented momentum, and soon enough, you’ll be writing down the fully completed tasks that have been hanging over your head all week.

Finding What Works for You

The best time management hacks vary from person to person. Some people need a detailed calendar where everything is scheduled. Some people need visuals and task lists to keep them on track. 

What works for someone else may not work for you. That’s okay — and expected!

Play around with these tips, run some experiments on yourself, and find out what does and doesn’t work for you. Then stick with what works and share the word. Who knows? You might just become your classmates’ time management guru.

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Time management

Contributed by: Kaitie Christensen and Nathan Lachner

Working backwards to reach your goal

An essay should express continued thought and/or research on a particular subject. It is harder to collect and research information when it is all done at the last minute. Time management is integral to academic writing, especially with longer essays. Utilize these tips to make the writing process as smooth as possible.

Assess the work that needs to be done

  • The page or word count
  • Expectations such as audience and research
  • Think about all of the stages of writing: research, drafting, writing, and revision.
  • Think about how much time you would need to comfortably complete each step. How long will it take you to research? How long will it take you to draft? How long will it take you to write and revise?

Plan your execution

  • Determine a steady pace for your execution of the essay
  • Time until the deadline

Consider time for revision

  • Don’t plan to finish on the day of the deadline. It is ideal to finish the writing at least one day in advance to read over the essay and check for mistakes or possible revisions.
  • If you plan your essay accordingly, the process will be less painful. You will be able to submit your essay on time.

Once you familiarize yourself with the assignment, you can work backwards from your due date to create a plan. This may feel overwhelming at first, but taking it a step at a time can help you feel confident and in control.


Backplanning emphasizes working backwards from the day the assignment is due to the first day you begin in order to work through all the steps of the writing assignment. Know your own preferences and set a schedule for yourself so that the writing process can be as smooth and productive as possible.  The stages below may give you an idea for how to begin breaking up the steps of the assignment.

  • Explore ideas
  • Brainstorm using an objective such as a research question as guidance
  • Write down all the thoughts
  • Cluster ideas and thoughts by similarities and how they relate to each other
  • Easier to write a thesis statement once you have a solid idea of the topics your paper will discuss!
  • It’s okay to leave blank spaces where you intend to come back and revise
  • Helps to finalize the organization, structure, and flow of ideas, and to identify places that needs more analysis or research

You can do this step by yourself, with a friend, or with a consultant at the Writing & Speaking Center!

  • Take time to fill in any blanks or remaining questions
  • Read the paper over for purpose and comparing it to the prompt
  • Check the strength of the thesis, organization, and evidence
  • Smooth out anything that sounds awkward or rough
  • Fix small mistakes like citations and formatting

You may choose to have a break between editing and re-reading in order to clear your mind after you have walked away.

  • Give your assignment one last read before submitting.

You may choose to complete one step of the writing process per day, break your paper up into pieces or allot time for feedback (such as the Writing & Speaking Center). Whatever you choose to do, pace yourself and remember to schedule breaks such as weekends to give yourself a chance to walk away from the assignment and to relax!

We will be taking some time off to enjoy Tet Holidays, from an 24th to Feb 2nd and back to work at Feb 3rd.

How to Manage Time Effectively for Assignments?

 / July 29, 2023

the importance of turning in assignments on time

Tick-tock, tick-tock – have you ever wondered why time seems to slip through our fingers when we are faced with assignments? The battle to conquer deadlines can feel like an endless struggle no matter at what stage of academic life you are in. Fear not! We all have been there. Students often take help from websites   such as Myassignmenthelp , which is an  assignment help company . The professionals assist students to manage their time well and finish off their academic responsibilities on or before time.

the importance of turning in assignments on time

Therefore, if you, too, are seeking ways to overcome this misery and understand the benefits of continuing education in a timely manner, this blog is for you. Today we will dig deeper and weed out the secrets of mastering the art of time management for assignments! 

In this fast-paced world where distractions lurk at every corner, it is crucial to hone our time wielding skills. Hence, let us set out together on the journey of efficiency and productivity, unlocking the hidden vault of tips, tricks, and strategies to transform the way you approach your academic tasks. But first, let us start with knowing the importance of mastering this skill.

Time Management – The Fuel You Need For A Productive Drive

Time management is especially crucial for academic assignments as students juggle multiple subjects, coursework, and extracurricular activities. Effective time management in this context involves planning, organizing, and allocating sufficient time for research, writing, and revisions. Let us explore the various reasons why time management is of utmost importance for academic assignments.

1. Meeting Deadlines

the importance of turning in assignments on time

Academic assignments come with specific deadlines, and failing to submit them on time can result in penalties, reduced grades, or even academic consequences. Time management ensures that students can complete their tasks well before the due date, providing ample amount of time for revisions and avoiding last-minute panic.

2. Maintaining Quality of Work

Rushing through assignments due to poor time management can compromise the quality of the work produced. When students allocate sufficient time for research, critical thinking, and writing, they can produce well-structured and well-researched papers that demonstrate a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

3. Handling Multiple Assignments

the importance of turning in assignments on time

In academic settings, students often have multiple assignments and projects to complete simultaneously. Effective time management allows them to prioritize tasks, allocate time appropriately for each, and avoid feeling overwhelmed by the workload.

4. Engaging in In-depth Research

Quality academic assignments require extensive research to support arguments and claims. Proper time management enables students to spend adequate time researching and gathering relevant and credible sources to enhance the assignment’s credibility and depth.

the importance of turning in assignments on time

5. Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination is a common challenge among students, often leading to rushed and subpar work. Time management techniques, such as setting specific time blocks for working on assignments, helping students overcome procrastination, and maintaining a consistent pace in their work.

6. Seeking Help and Feedback

Time management provides students with opportunities to seek help and feedback from teachers, professors, or peers. When assignments are completed well in advance, students have time to clarify doubts, seek guidance, and incorporate valuable feedback to improve their work.

7. Balancing Academics and Extra-curricular

Effective time management enables students to strike a balance between academic commitments and extracurricular activities. By allocating time for both, students can excel in their studies while pursuing their interests and passions outside the classroom.

8. Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Properly managing time for academic assignments reduces the stress and anxiety associated with looming deadlines and incomplete tasks. Students can approach their work with a clear and focused mind-set, leading to better performance and overall wellbeing.

9. Improving Time Estimation Skills

Time management for academic assignments helps students develop better time estimation skills. Over time, they become more adept at gauging how long tasks will take, allowing for more realistic planning and allocation of time for future assignments.

10. Building Discipline and Responsibility

Learning time management skills fosters discipline and responsibility in students. They learn to prioritize their academic responsibilities, adhere to schedules, and take ownership of their learning process.

Effective time management is a fundamental skill for academic success. By cultivating time management skills early on, students can not only excel academically but also develop valuable life skills that will serve them well in their future endeavors.

Tips & Trick To Master The Skill

Let us now explore the tips and strategies to manage time efficiently for successful academic assignments.

1. Create a Schedule and Set Priorities

  • Develop a weekly or monthly schedule that includes all academic and extracurricular activities.
  • Set clear priorities for each assignment based on deadlines and importance.
  • Allocate more time to complex tasks or assignments that require extensive research.

the importance of turning in assignments on time

2. Break Down Assignments

  • Divide larger assignments into smaller, manageable tasks.
  • Set specific goals for each task to track progress effectively.
  • This approach helps prevent feeling overwhelmed and promotes steady progress.

3. Use a Planner or Time Management Tool

  • Utilize a physical planner or digital time management tool to keep track of assignments, deadlines, and study sessions.
  • Set reminders for upcoming tasks to ensure timely completion.

4. Avoid Procrastination

  • Identify the reasons behind procrastination and work on addressing them.
  • Use techniques like the “Two Minute Rule” – if a task takes less than two minutes, do it immediately.
  • Reward yourself for completing tasks promptly to reinforce positive behavior.

5. Create Dedicated Study Spaces

  • Designate specific areas for studying and completing assignments.
  • A dedicated study space helps improve focus and productivity.

6. Minimize Distractions

  • Identify common distractions and find ways to minimize or eliminate them during study sessions.
  • Turn off notifications on electronic devices, or use apps that block distracting websites.

7. Practice the Pomodoro Technique

  • Divide study time into intervals of 25 minutes (Pomodoro) followed by a 5minute break.
  • After four Pomodoro, take a longer break (e.g., 1530 minutes).
  • This technique helps maintain focus and prevents burnout.

8. Utilize To-Do Lists

  • Create daily to do lists with specific tasks to accomplish.
  • Crossing off completed tasks provides a sense of achievement and motivation.

9. Set Realistic Goals

  • Be realistic about what can be achieved within a given timeframe.
  • Avoid overcommitting to tasks that may lead to rushed and subpar work.

Define and organize clear goals

10. Practice Time Blocking

  • Allocate specific time blocks for different tasks or subjects.
  • This method promotes focused work and prevents multitasking.

11. Prioritize Health and Wellbeing

  • Ensure adequate sleep, regular exercise, and a balanced diet.
  • A healthy body and mind are essential for maintaining focus and productivity.

12. Use Online Resources Wisely

  • Take advantage of digital tools and resources for research and organization.
  • Online databases, citation generators, and note-taking apps can streamline the academic process.

13. Seek Help When Needed

  • Do not hesitate to ask for help from teachers, professors, or classmates if you are facing difficulties with assignments.
  • Seeking assistance early on can prevent misunderstandings and improve the final output.

14. Plan for Unforeseen Events

  • Leave some buffer time in the schedule to accommodate unexpected interruptions or emergencies.
  • Flexibility is crucial to adapt to unforeseen circumstances.

15. Review and Reflect Regularly

  • At the end of each day or week, review the progress and evaluate the effectiveness of time management strategies.
  • Adjust the approach as necessary to improve efficiency and productivity.

Now that you know all about time management, you, too, will be able to balance your life efficiently. Initially, you might need to take assistance from professionals of Myassignmenthelp, an  assignment help company. 

With these hacks, you can bid farewell to procrastination and embrace a newfound harmony between time and accomplishment. Rewrite the story of how you conquered your assignments, one well-managed minute at a time!

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the importance of turning in assignments on time

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Time management - the fuel you need for a productive drive.



the importance of turning in assignments on time

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the importance of turning in assignments on time

How to Get Students to Turn in Assignments On Time

Laney Lee

Is getting your students to turn in assignments on time becoming a daily battle? Join the club, my friend! This is a common struggle in the life of a middle school teacher. It doesn’t seem to matter whether I’m dealing with homework assignments, lab reports, or even larger projects, getting students to actually turn in complete assignments by the due date is surprisingly difficult.

Now, don’t get me wrong…this isn’t all students. There are a lot of students that turn in their school work and daily homework without any struggle at all. But there’s always that handful of students (you know the ones) that just can’t seem to stay on top of deadlines and assignments. If you’ve got a group of those students in your classroom, this post is for you! Here are my best tips for encouraging students to turn in assignments on time.

Set clear expectations

If your middle schoolers are anything like mine, they are all about finding “loopholes” to get out of completing their work. It’s natural. The way to prevent students from talking their way out of timely assignment completion is by establishing a clear and consistent policy when it comes to things like homework completion and submission. I recommend reviewing your expectations on a semi-regular basis (perhaps every month or at the start of each quarter.) It’s also a good idea to send a copy of your policies home for parent review in addition to posting a copy on Google Classroom (or whatever digital platform you use.)

As you work to develop your policies and expectations regarding student work, there are a few things you should consider:

Homework Policies

For most teachers, homework makes up part of the overall course grade. It gives students the opportunity to practice and review the content learned in class. Whether it’s a unique assignment or simply leftover classwork that required additional time, there will be times when students are expected to complete work at home.

In my experience, homework is often the biggest offender when it comes to missing or late work. Setting clear expectations (and following through on these expectations) is a good way to cut down on late or missing homework assignments.

As you develop your homework policy, here are a few questions to consider:

  • Where can students find homework assignment information? (Homework board, Google classroom, etc.)
  • How much worth will be given to individual homework assignments?
  • Will you accept homework submitted after the assignment deadlines? If so, what penalty will students face?
  • Where are students expected to turn in their homework assignments? (Homework tray, digital submission, etc.)
  • Will you accept assignments in different formats? (Either Google docs or paper submission)
  • What are your expectations for students making up assignments after an absence?

Missing Work

What happens when students don’t turn in their assignments? Well, that’s up to you. Every teacher has their own approach when it comes to missing assignments or unfinished work. Some teachers prefer to offer extra time for students to make up missing assignments. In this case, students typically will earn a lower grade for the late assignment.

Personally, I have a zero tolerance policy for missing smaller assignments (homework, science worksheets, etc.) When a student doesn’t turn in their classwork or homework tasks in a timely fashion, they receive a zero and a phone call home to parents. This is always a hard lesson the first or second time it happens, but for most students, they learn quickly to pay closer attention to due dates the next time.

Missing Projects

How will you handle missing larger assignments and projects?

A missing project could have a detrimental effect on a student’s report card. I certainly don’t want one assignment to completely tank a student’s grade. For this reason, I choose to make each of my projects worth a test grade. Students that don’t complete their projects on time must sit for a test instead. Students that did turn their assignment in on time are exempt from the test and are able to use the test time for something fun like independent reading or science choice menus.

When it comes to projects, here are a couple of other tips for helping students to turn in assignments on time:

Don’t assign projects for home completion.

Instead of sending projects home to be completed and then returned to school, set aside class time and materials to work on each project. Not only does this decrease the number of students who simply won’t complete the project, it also cuts down on incidents of well-meaning family members completing the work instead of the student. When the project is done during class time, it has to be their own work.

Break each project into smaller assignment chunks.

Assign a different due date for each part of the assignment rubric. Instead of turning in one HUGE assignment at the end of the project, they will turn in a few smaller pieces of the project, on at a time. This allows you as the teach to monitor progress and prevent students from falling through the cracks.

Be creative with incentives.

So you’ve got homework policies. You’ve set clear expectations. You’ve done “all the right things” and you still have students that rarely complete homework? Add some incentives! These little bits of encouragement should make turning in timely and complete assignments something exciting to work for. Here are a few ideas:

Give extra credit for turning in assignments before the due date.

Students may earn extra credit points for completing assignments before the scheduled due date. If you choose to allow this, I recommend making a stipulation for accuracy in order to prevent students rushing through work and making careless mistakes in an effort to “get it done early.”

Offer the occasional homework pass.

I love gifting spontaneous homework passes! Occasionally, I’ll pass out a homework pass to anyone who has turned in a complete assignment on time. My students don’t know when these are coming, which encourages some to always turn their work in on time, just in case today is a homework pass day!

Let them earn additional test points.

Consider letting students earn an additional 5 or 10 test points based on the number of assignments they turn in on time. For example, you might choose to offer 10 bonus point to any student who didn’t miss a single assignment during the month or quarter.

Give “Skip a question” passes to be used on tests.

I use these passes similarly to homework passes. They make a great “surprise” incentive for students who have turn in their work on time.

How do YOU get students to turn in assignments on time?

Do you have any additional tips or strategies that work well in your classroom? I’d love to hear them! Consider dropping a comment below or hopping over to our Facebook community to share you ideas with other science teachers, just like you!

Let’s Stay Connected!

Continue the discussion in my Facebook Group for Middle School Science Teachers or my Classroom Management Facebook Group .

Or get free science resources delivered straight to your inbox by signing up for my newsletter! I promise to never be spammy. I’m just a regular teacher who likes helping teachers teach and students learn. 

Receive over 100 pages of FREE science resources immediately after signup!!

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the importance of turning in assignments on time


the importance of turning in assignments on time


the importance of turning in assignments on time

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the importance of turning in assignments on time

Middle School Science Lessons for Teaching Simple Machines

Download ready to use resources now, follow me on.

the importance of turning in assignments on time

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Want to Be a Better Leader? Stop Thinking About Work After Hours.

  • Remy E. Jennings,
  • Allison S. Gabriel,
  • Klodiana Lanaj

the importance of turning in assignments on time

Research found surprising benefits of turning your attention away from your job at the end of the workday.

It’s not uncommon for managers to continue thinking about their job, even after the official workday is over. This may involve ruminating about an issue with an employee, trying to think of a solution to a client problem, or creating a mental to-do list for the next day. But new research shows that this tendency may not be beneficial, particularly for people new to a leadership role. In fact, constant rumination leads managers to be more depleted and less able to show up as leaders — something even their employees can pick up on.

Are you a manager who often finds yourself thinking about work late into the night? Do you tend to continue to stress over work-related problems, or do you switch off your mind and relax in the evening?

the importance of turning in assignments on time

  • RJ Remy E. Jennings is an Assistant Professor of Management and Dean’s Emerging Scholar in the College of Business at Florida State University. Her research focuses on leadership development and effectiveness, employee well-being, and positive mindsets at work.
  • Allison S. Gabriel is the Thomas J. Howatt Chair in Management and Faculty Director of the Center for Working Well at Purdue University’s Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business. Her research focuses on emotions at work, employee recovery and well-being, interpersonal processes, and motivation.
  • KL Klodiana Lanaj is the Martin L. Schaffel Professor at the Warrington College of Business at University of Florida. Klodiana studies leader effectiveness and well-being with a focus on understanding mindsets and behaviors that best enable leaders to be successful at work and to thrive at work and beyond.

Partner Center

More Americans think foreign policy should be a top US priority for 2024, an AP-NORC poll finds

In this time of war overseas, more Americans think foreign policy should be a top U.S. priority for 2024

FILE - President Joe Biden, right, meets with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, center, and Olena Zelenska, left, spouse of President Zelenskyy, at Mariinsky Palace during an unannounced visit in Kyiv, Ukraine, Monday, Feb. 20, 2023. More Americans think foreign policy should be a top focus for the U.S. government in 2024 amid ongoing wars in the Gaza Strip and Ukraine, with a new poll showing overseas concerns and immigration rising in importance, even as they’re overshadowed by long-standing economic worries. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, Pool, File)

WASHINGTON -- In this time of war overseas, more Americans think foreign policy should be a top focus for the U.S. government in 2024, with a new poll showing international concerns and immigration rising in importance with the public.

About 4 in 10 U.S. adults named foreign policy topics in an open-ended question that asked people to share up to five issues for the government to work on in the next year, according to a December poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

That’s about twice as many who mentioned the topic in the AP-NORC poll conducted last year.

Long-standing economic worries still overshadow other issues. But the new poll's findings point to increased concern about U.S. involvement overseas — 20% voiced that sentiment in the poll, versus 5% a year ago.

It also shows that the Israeli-Hamas war is feeding public anxiety. The conflict was mentioned by 5%, while almost no one cited it a year ago. The issue has dominated geopolitics since Israel declared war on Hamas in Gaza after that group's Oct. 7 attack on Israeli soil.

Four percent of U.S. adults mentioned the conflict between Russia and Ukraine as something for their government to focus on this year. That’s similar to the 6% who mentioned it at the end of 2022.

Foreign policy has gained importance among respondents from both parties. Some 46% of Republicans named it, up from 23% last year. And 34% of Democrats list foreign policy as a focal point, compared with 16% a year ago.

Warren E. Capito, a Republican from Gordonsville, Virginia, worries China could soon invade Taiwan, creating a third major potential source of global conflict for the U.S. "They would love to have us split three ways,” he said of China, and "we're already spread so thin.”

Immigration is also a rising bipartisan concern.

Overall, the poll found that concerns about immigration climbed to 35% from 27% last year. Most Republicans, 55%, say the government needs to focus on immigration in 2024, while 22% of Democrats listed immigration as a priority. That's up from 45% and 14%, respectively, compared with December 2022.

Janet Brewer has lived all her life in San Diego, across from Tijuana, Mexico, and said the situation on the border has deteriorated in recent years.

“It’s a disaster,” said Brewer, 69, who works part time after running a secretarial and legal and medical transcription small business. “It's crazy.”

The politics of foreign military aid and immigration policy are entangled, with President Joe Biden 's administration promoting a $110 billion package that includes aid for Ukraine and Israel that remains stalled in Congress while Republicans push for a deal allowing major changes in immigration policy and stricter enforcement along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Brewer said she wouldn't vote for Biden or a Republican for president in 2024, and may opt for independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr. But she also questions whether a change in the White House would necessarily improve immigration policy.

As for foreign aid, she said: “I know that we need to help. But come on. We’ve done enough.”

Even as immigration and foreign policy rose as concerns, those issues were no match for worries about the economy. Inflation has fallen, unemployment is low and the U.S. has repeatedly defied predictions of a recession — yet this poll adds to a string of them showing a gloomy outlook on the economy.

Some 76% of U.S. adults said this time that they want the government to work on issues related to the economy in 2024, nearly the same as the 75% who said so at this point in 2022.

About 85% of Republicans and 65% of Democrats name the economy as a top issue. But Republicans are more likely than Democrats to want the government to address some specific economic issues: on inflation 41% vs. 22% and on government spending or debt, 22% vs. 7%.

Meanwhile, 3 in 10 U.S. adults listed inflation as an issue that the government should focus on, unchanged from 2022.

The economy is a top issue mentioned by 18- to 29-year-olds (84%), followed by inflation specifically (39%), personal finances issues (38%) and foreign policy (34%). In the same age bracket, 32% mentioned education or school loans as something for the government to address in 2024. That's despite the Biden administration trying new, more modest efforts to cancel debts after the Supreme Court struck down its larger original push.

Among those 30 and older, only 19% mention student loans. But Travis Brown, a 32-year-old forklift operator in Las Vegas, noted that he's back to getting calls seeking payment of his student loans.

“Right now, with the economy, wages are not matching,” Brown said. “Blue collar’s going away and I don’t see how that’s going to boost an economy. An economy thrives off the working class. Not off the rich.”

Brown also suggested that the U.S. is too focused on shipping aid to its overseas allies.

“I care about others, I do,” he said. “But when you sit here and say, ‘I just sent $50 million over to Israel’ and then I go outside and I see half a neighborhood rundown … you’ve got to take care of home.”

One possible sign that larger sentiments on the economy could be improving slightly is that overall mentions of personal financial issues declined some, with 30% mentioning them now compared with 37% last year. Drops occurred for Democrats, 27% vs. 33%, and among Republicans, falling to 30% compared with 37% in 2022.

One-quarter of U.S. adults say 2024 will be a better year than 2023 for them personally, and 24% expect it will be a worse year. Some 37% of Republicans expect it’ll be a worse year for them, compared with 20% of independents and 13% of Democrats.

Just 5% of U.S. adults are “extremely” or “very” confident that the federal government can make progress on the important problems and issues facing the country in 2024, with 7% of Democrats and 11% of independents being optimistic, compared with 1% of Republicans.

Brown is a Democrat but said he was disillusioned enough to perhaps sit out the presidential election — especially if it proves to be a 2020 rematch between Biden and former President Donald Trump, who has built a commanding early lead in the 2024 Republican primary.

“I don’t think I will participate and maybe that’s bad,” Brown said. “But, it’s like, you’re losing faith.”

The poll of 1,074 adults was conducted Nov. 30–Dec. 4, 2023, using a sample drawn from NORC’s probability-based AmeriSpeak Panel, designed to represent the U.S. population. The margin of sampling error for all respondents is plus or minus 4.0 percentage points.

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ABC News Live

24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events

Welcome to Stage 6 of the Eagles’ grieving process. Time for desperate solutions to save the season.

Feed A.J. Brown. Stop having Haason Reddick drop into coverage. And make one slight but important change to restore some calm and clarity to the offense's lines of communication.

Eagles coach Nick Sirianni speaking to the media at the NovaCare Complex.

Usually, it would seem a bit overwrought to compare a football team’s losing streak to the kinds of trauma that afflict people in their everyday lives. But this is Philadelphia, and we’re talking about the Eagles here — the Eagles, who have lost four of their last five games and are free-fallin’ like Tom Petty — so the normal standards of perspective and measured discourse don’t apply.

By my guessing and gauging, Eagles fans have already progressed to the sixth of what psychologists and psychiatrists call the seven stages of grief. They went from Stage 1 (shock) to Stage 2 (denial) right after those back-to-back blowouts by the 49ers and Cowboys. Hey, the Eagles were tired. Their recent schedule had been a gauntlet. (Remember how often that word got thrown around in November?) They’d pull out of it. Lots of season left. They’d be fine.

But that last-minute collapse in Seattle to Drew Lock and the Seahawks, just after the demotion of defensive coordinator Sean Desai, brought on Stages 3 (anger) and 4 (bargaining) in short order. Anger … yeah, no one was hiding that. The bargaining/rationalizing was subtler. Hey, the defense did hold the Seahawks to 20 points. Maybe Matt Patricia can help. I mean, what’s he gonna do? Start dropping the team’s best pass rusher into coverage more often? Wait, don’t answer that.

Needless to say, Stage 5 (depression) fell over the region like a black blanket late Sunday afternoon once the Cardinals finished off their 35-31 victory at Lincoln Financial Field. I suspect most people are still stuck in Stage 5, but come this Sunday at MetLife Stadium, at least a few fans are likely to move right into Stage 6: hope.

As bad as the Eagles have been lately, the Giants are still worse. So if we assume the Eagles win Sunday and finish the regular season 12-5 (a big assumption at the moment, I know), they’ll still be in the playoffs as, in all probability, the NFC’s No. 5 seed. They’d face an underwhelming team from the NFC South in the wild-card round, and you only have to look back to the 2012 Baltimore Ravens, who lost four of their final five regular-season games, to find a team that shook off a late slump and went on a surprising run to a Super Bowl victory. Granted, that Ravens team had a functional defense, and the Cleveland Browns already have signed Joe Flacco. But hey, Stage 6!

» READ MORE: Forget it: The Eagles and their defense aren’t good enough

So in the spirit of that irrational optimism, here are three measures the Eagles could try to get themselves turned around. Are they extreme? Yep. Will they work? Got me. But the bottom line is that the Eagles are past the point of staying the course.

Throw the ball to A.J. Brown on every play.

I’m only half-kidding here. Brown is the best player on the Eagles’ offense, and the gap between him and his teammates is wider than it has been at any time during his two seasons here. The offensive line is very good but not the dominant force it once was. Jalen Hurts either cannot or is choosing not to run the ball as frequently and effectively as he did in 2021 or 2022. DeVonta Smith reportedly has a mild ankle sprain, but it was serious and painful enough that he left the locker room Sunday on crutches and in a walking boot. Brian Johnson hasn’t been outguessing many defensive coordinators.

» READ MORE: A.J. Brown isn’t a selfish diva. He’s trying to handle social media and mind his mental health.

Given all those factors, the Eagles should lean into the reality that they have one of the three or four best wide receivers in the NFL. They didn’t against the Cardinals — Johnson and Hurts targeted Brown just five times — and it cost them. This is not about appeasing Brown, who has declined to speak to reporters over the last week-plus and done little to hide his exasperation with the direction of the offense. The Eagles don’t need to feed him the ball to get him happy again. They need to feed him the ball because he and the Tush Push are the two surest things they have going for them.

Have Haason Reddick go after the quarterback on every play.

I’m not really kidding here at all. Reddick has 27 sacks over his last 33 regular-season games. Yet Patricia dropped him into pass coverage seven times Sunday, the most that Reddick ever has with the Eagles, and Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray went 7-for-7 in those instances. Nick Sirianni justified this odd strategy by claiming that the Eagles like to be unpredictable, to keep an opposing offense off balance. But there isn’t an offensive play-caller in the NFL who wouldn’t settle for being surprised that Reddick was attempting to cover a tight end.

Move Johnson from the sideline to the booth.

From Sirianni’s struggles to control his emotions to Johnson’s spotty play-calling to the communication breakdowns that marred the Eagles’ next-to-last possession against Arizona, the offense’s entire operation seems to be missing a sense of calm oversight. Putting Johnson high above the action might provide more of it. He isn’t necessarily opposed to calling plays from up there. “I’ve done it both ways, and I don’t know that one way is necessarily better than the other,” he told reporters during training camp. He just prefers to interact with players face-to-face during a game.

Sorry. No more time for preferences, not unless the Eagles themselves are resigned to the inevitability of Stage 7: Acceptance of their loss.


10 Best Games Turning 20 Years Old In 2024

Posted: January 1, 2024 | Last updated: January 2, 2024

2004 was an amazing year for video games. There were so many top-tier groundbreaking titles for both PC and console. Many of the year's best you probably didn't even know came out in '04, as they didn't achieve high status until later.

10 Best PS2 Games Of All Time

While the year is probably not the greatest of all time when it comes to gaming, it definitely goes in the top three of the decade. A few of the best titles did receive an improved or enhanced version, but as long as the OG game released in '04, it will count.

World Of Warcraft

The most important game of the year, world of warcraft.

Blizzard's World of Warcraft won't be everyone's favorite game of 2004, and even at release, it didn't earn a large majority of game of the year accolades. However, there's no denying that WoW is the most important game of '04 in terms of how it changed the industry.

MMORPGs would be totally different today if WoW didn't exist. There's so much to do, and nowadays, it's even better due to the multiple formats. You can play current WoW or the few variants of WoW Classic, sort of like playing older formats in card games. WoW is the only title of the year to be inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame, and it absolutely deserves it.

Half-Life 2

Gordon freeman is back.

In November of 2004, two massive FPS classics came out just one week apart from each other, One on PC and the other on console, and strangely enough, both came from Seattle-based developers. The big title on the PC side was Half-Life 2 from Valve. Starting right where the first game left off, you again play as Gordon Freeman.

Jumping forward in time, you experience a vast dystopian setting with excellent world-building that still holds up. One element that is drastically improved from Half-Life 1 is the side characters. Alyx and Eli are very likable, with good writing, voice performances, and impressive animation for the time. This makes the campaign much more fun to replay than the first title.

It'll Blow You Away

The big console FPS of November was Halo 2 . This game was the point where console FPS titles finally matched their PC counterparts. Halo 2 gave Half-Life a real run for its money, and to be honest, it's better. The story is incredible and so well-crafted.

Bringing in the Arbiter as the primary protagonist this time around was a ballsy move that paid off in spades. You just couldn't help but root for him. The campaign's longer, with more varied levels, plus there was the game-changing online multiplayer. Even the soundtrack's killer. Out of the entire original Xbox library, Halo 2 is the best game on the system.

Ninja Gaiden

A pillar of action gaming.

When Dark Souls released, its difficulty was a shock to the system to many, considering the average challenge of most games at the time. That same shock happened in 2004 with Ninja Gaiden . So many people could not get past the first level, including game testers when the title went through certification. Despite many not getting far, anyone who picked up the game couldn't deny how good it was.

10 Best Action Games From The 2000s

That's the sign of a truly great game when you can play the first level and judge the final quality right then and there. With combat that still holds up and cool interconnected environments, any action game fan must play this title. However, be warned that just because you're a Souls veteran, that doesn't prepare you. Don't expect an easy time.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

"here we go again".

The final main GTA installment before the arrival of the HD Universe was GTA: San Andreas . This game is huge for the time, and it still feels like the largest GTA. GTA5 technically has the largest map, but you only get Los Santos and the mostly desert area of Blaine County.

San Andreas has Los Santos, Las Venturas, and San Fierro all in one game. The map is densely packed, too, which helps it feel even bigger. A lot of games today can go toe to toe with GTA San Andreas in terms of the quality open world, showing just how well this game's aged. The licensed soundtrack is great as well , and it's the last GTA to really have one. GTA4 and 5's licensed music just can't compare to what was on the PS2.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Upping the stealth game.

Out of all the main Metal Gear titles, Snake Eater is the favorite among many, and it's not hard to see why. The story has a classic movie feel, paying tribute to old Hollywood cinema. There's tons of replay value and so many secrets to discover. Above all else, the gameplay was finally improved.

MGS2 wasn't a big leap from MGS1 in terms of stealth mechanics and was still using the outdated radar system. MGS3 finally ditched the radar map and added tons of new mechanics, adding depth. There's camouflage, multiple ways you can play with the enemy, and the new CQC system that would become standard in the franchise. Unfortunately, the original release only had the top-down view camera instead of the third-person one found in later releases. This makes getting through undetected much harder.

Monster Hunter

The start of a legendary series.

Here's one game you probably didn't know came out this year. While the Monster Hunter franchise is one of Capcom's biggest series today, it started off with a very niche Western audience. It's a shame the first title came and went in the States because it really showed the greatness the series would inevitably become.

The animation here for the monsters still looks good today. While you don't get many of the quality-of-life features of newer installments, the gameplay loop remains solid. Monster Hunter 1 hasn't aged the best, but it's a very important game in Capcom's library.

Thief: Deadly Shadows

The end of the original trilogy.

One of the most underrated video game series of all time is Thief. Besides the reboot, these are some of the greatest stealth games ever made. Thief: Deadly Shadows was the final classic Thief title, and while it's the weakest of the trilogy, that's not saying much because they're all fantastic.

The Best PC Games Of The Early 2000s

Stephen Russell voices Garrett once again and nails him as always. You can switch between first and third-person, and it actually works quite well within the stealth genre. Some of the levels are total bangers, too. The one inside the insane asylum is one of the best in the whole series. Deadly Shadows, along with the prior two games, are must-play PC classics.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

The best mario rpg.

A top Mario game for sure, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door remains unbeaten all these years later. It's incredible from top to bottom. The writing, story, and scenarios are all great and memorable. Every chapter has something new to offer, leading to an adventure you'll never forget.

The combat system is the best in any Mario RPG in terms of how simple it is but also with enough depth so that more skilled players can get more out of it. A perfect beginner RPG for anyone, regardless of age. Thousand-Year Door is all-around the best Mario RPG , although Super Mario RPG is definitely a close second.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

The greatest unfinished game ever made.

A question often asked within the industry is why so many games come out unfinished, only to be fixed later. A reason for this is that if the game's already stellar in the first place, you can overlook the bugs and issues. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines is a great example. Released unfinished, it got surprisingly high review scores because the core of the game itself is phenomenal.

The writing's amazing, the characters are great, and the RPG elements are BioWare level and better than what BioWare was putting out at this time. Due to Bloodlines being a PC title, there's many ways you can turn it into a more complete and polished game. The PC platform is great for this, and you'll definitely want to install these before playing.

15 Best PC Games Of All Time, Ranked

10 Best Games Turning 20 Years Old In 2024

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  1. Importance Of Completing Assignments on Time: the ...

    Why completing assignments on time is important Time management is an essential aspect of life that is vital to success. By completing homework on time, students can better manage their time, providing them with more freedom to engage in other activities.

  2. Turning Assignments in On Time

    Advertisement Turning In Assignments On Time "My professors say my ideas are great, but my grades suffer because I hand in my assignments late. Do you have any suggestions?" By Sandy Maynard, M.S. Verified Updated on April 11, 2022 Click to Add Comments

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    It's important for students to learn how to focus on homework so they're completing assignments on time and not rushing through the learning process. Yet despite your best efforts and planning, there will likely come a time when you find yourself running out of time to complete homework assignments.

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    Why it Matters While these skills are very important later in life, students may not realize how vital it is to turn in homework on time. They don't see why it matters if they submit their essay at 11:59 pm or 2:30 am. As long as it's in. But most college professors set some sort of penalty for late work and some can be devastating.

  5. 5 Points About Benefits Of Doing Your Homework In Time

    If you have a clear understanding of how doing your homework on time can bring you some great benefits, you are more likely to try and get those questions, projects, reports and other assignments done in a timely fashion. Here are 5 surprising facts about doing your school work on time. It teaches you about time management.

  6. 4 Tips for Completing Your Homework On Time

    Tip 1: Rely On a Planning System Most of you by now are well acquainted with a homework planner. It has the dates, the school subjects you are taking, and a whole lot of blank space to write down your homework assignments. Use these planners if you have them.

  7. 5 Tips on How to Improve Your Time Management in College

    Turning assignments in late can be considered disrespectful to the professor because they carefully create their semester schedule with little room to stray off track. So, it's important to turn in assignments on time in order to get the most out of the class. Also, in my experience, many of my professors are open to assignment resubmissions ...

  8. 10 Useful Tips for Students to Submit Assignments on Time

    1. Create a schedule The first step in submitting assignments on time is to create a schedule. This can prove to be a useful step in the entire process. A schedule will help you keep track of your deadlines and plan your time accordingly. You can use a physical planner or a digital calendar, whichever works best for you.

  9. How To Get Your College Assignments Done On Time

    Try the Pomodoro technique: decide which task are you going to work on and set the timer to 25 minutes; after this period of time, you are allowed to take a short break (3-5 minutes). Repeat this four times and you'll get 1 hour of pure productive work. Afterward, take a larger break of 15-30 minutes and then repeat the whole cycle.

  10. 10 Time Management Tips For Students

    Good time management skills help students prioritize tasks so they are able to complete school work and assignments on time. Students are able to plan ahead, set aside the time they need for projects and assignments, and make better use of that time. Becoming better at managing time allows students to become more organized, more confident, and ...

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    Completing assignments on time transcends the realm of punctuality; it is an embodiment of dedication, accountability, and effective time management. The importance of this practice extends beyond the classroom, influencing various aspects of students' personal and professional lives.

  12. Five Ways to Turn Assignments in on Time

    Turning assignments in on time is very important, so try to make sure that you do assignments before they are due. 4. Read Your Assignment Instructions Ahead of Time It is important to read the instructions for your assignment ahead of time.

  13. Turning in Assignments On Time Can Actually Hurt Your Grades

    When it comes to college assignments (or exams, or any other sort of performance-based interaction), productivity and performance levels follow a graphed bell curve —called an inverted U—as stress levels increase. This means that if stress levels are too low or too high, how well you do on an assignment will actually decrease.

  14. Get it done: The Importance of Completing Assignments on Time

    Completing assignments on time is more than just meeting a requirement or fulfilling an academic obligation; it carries significant weight in the realm of education. Timely assignment completion plays a crucial role in ensuring academic success and fostering a positive learning environment. ... One of the most important tips for meeting ...

  15. Should students have to turn in their assingments on time?

    Turning in late assignments can lead to a huge build-up of work and a lack of knowledge of class content. The 2021-22 school year was an interesting adjustment for many students. Everyone was forced to relearn how to manage time while balancing a busy schedule. With the calm and relaxed policies during the "COVID" year bleeding over into a ...

  16. Why do students procrastinate? Teachers confirm that 11:59 is the magic

    Teachers confirm that 11:59 is the magic hour - Three Penny Press. Why do students procrastinate? Teachers confirm that 11:59 is the magic hour. The timeline of students turning in assignments before class the next day. You have definitely done it before. We all have. Your teachers did it. Your parents did it. So, you turned in that ...

  17. Why is it Important to Do your Homework in Time?

    Performing all assignments in time will help you to learn how to properly manage your time. Also you should note that doing your homework in time will help you to build a sense of responsibility and stay focused.

  18. Useful Time Management Tips for College Students

    My goal every week (along with completing assigned readings and submitting assignments on time) was to finish my weekend homework on Saturday, so I could have Sundays totally off from school. The spreadsheet and my old-fashioned paper planner — where I kept track of every assignment and deadline — made this seemingly impossible feat possible .

  19. Time Management in Essay Writing

    Time management is integral to academic writing, especially with longer essays. Utilize these tips to make the writing process as smooth as possible. Assess the work that needs to be done Consider your assignment and the amount of work that will need to be completed. Due date The page or word count Expectations such as audience and research

  20. Turning Work in on Time (Work Ethic)

    Completing and turning assignments in on time and when asked is vital to success throughout not only school, but in the work force as well. The implementation of any task at the desired time of a teacher or employer creates a work ethic that is required by any current or future choice of career or job.

  21. How to Manage Time Effectively for Assignments?

    Time management is especially crucial for academic assignments as students juggle multiple subjects, coursework, and extracurricular activities. Effective time management in this context involves planning, organizing, and allocating sufficient time for research, writing, and revisions.

  22. How to Get Students to Turn in Assignments On Time

    Students that did turn their assignment in on time are exempt from the test and are able to use the test time for something fun like independent reading or science choice menus. When it comes to projects, here are a couple of other tips for helping students to turn in assignments on time:

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    Klodiana studies leader effectiveness and well-being with a focus on understanding mindsets and behaviors that best enable leaders to be successful at work and to thrive at work and beyond. It's ...

  24. Importance of Turning in Assignments on Time

    The main reason why turning in your assignments on time is important is because that you're perfect 'A' grade could just drop down to a horrible 'C' or worse. Come on, you're in high school now, your final grade point average is what could make you get into a great college, but also get you rejected.

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    Some 76% of U.S. adults said this time that they want the government to work on issues related to the economy in 2024, nearly the same as the 75% who said so at this point in 2022.

  27. Welcome to Stage 6 of the Eagles' grieving process. Time for desperate

    And make one slight but important change to restore some calm and clarity to the offense's lines of communication. Feed A.J. Brown. Stop having Haason Reddick drop into coverage. And make one slight but important change to restore some calm and clarity to the offense's lines of communication. ... and the gap between him and his teammates is ...

  28. 10 Best Games Turning 20 Years Old In 2024

    The Best PC Games Of The Early 2000s. The early 2000s was the golden age of PC gaming as the industry began to boom, and these games played had a major part in it. Mario Paper Mario: The Thousand ...