10 Other Words for “This Shows” in an Essay

words to replace shows in an essay

Showing how one thing affects another is great in academic writing. It shows that you’ve connected two points with each other, making sure the reader follows along.

However, is “this shows” the only appropriate choice when linking two ideas?

We have gathered some helpful synonyms teaching you other ways to say “this shows” in an essay.

  • Demonstrating
  • This implies
  • This allows
  • This displays

Keep reading to learn more words to replace “this shows” in an essay. You can also review the examples we provide under each heading.

Removing “this” from “this shows” creates a simple formal synonym to mix up your writing. You can instead write “showing” in academic writing to demonstrate an effect .

Typically, this is a great way to limit your word count . Sure, you’re only removing one word from your essay, but if you can find other areas to do something similar, you’ll be more efficient .

Efficient essays often make for the most interesting ones. They also make it much easier for the reader to follow, and the reviewer will usually be able to give you a more appropriate grade.

Check out these examples if you still need help:

  • The facts state most of the information here, showing that we still have a lot of work to do before moving forward.
  • This is the only way to complete the project, showing that things aren’t quite ready to progress.

2. Demonstrating

Following a similar idea to using “showing,” you can also use “demonstrating.” This comes from the idea that “this demonstrates” is a bit redundant. So, you can remove “this.”

Again, demonstrating ideas is a great way to engage the reader . You can use it in the middle of a sentence to explain how two things affect each other.

You can also review the following examples:

  • These are the leading causes, demonstrating the fundamental ways to get through it. Which do you think is worth pursuing?
  • I would like to direct your attention to this poll, demonstrating the do’s and don’ts for tasks like this one.

3. Leading To

There are plenty of ways to talk about different causes and effects in your writing. A good choice to include in the middle of a sentence is “leading to.”

When something “leads to” something else, it is a direct cause . Therefore, it’s worth including “leading to” in an essay when making relevant connections in your text.

Here are some examples to help you understand it:

  • This is what we are looking to achieve, leading to huge capital gains for everyone associated with it.
  • I would like to direct your attention to this assignment, leading to what could be huge changes in the status quo.

4. Creating

Often, you can create cause-and-effect relationships in your writing by including two similar ideas. Therefore, it’s worth including “creating” to demonstrate a connection to the reader.

Including “creating” in the middle of a sentence allows you to clarify certain causes . This helps to streamline your academic writing and ensures the reader knows what you’re talking about.

Perhaps these essay samples will also help you:

  • We could not complete the task quickly, creating a problem when it came to the next part of the movement.
  • I thought about the ideas, creating the process that we know today. I’m glad I took the time to work through it.

5. This Implies

For a more formal way to say “this shows,” try “this implies.” Of course, it doesn’t change much from the original phrase, but that doesn’t mean it’s ineffective.

In fact, using “this implies” (or “implying” for streamlining) allows you to discuss implications and facts from the previous sentence.

You will often start a sentence with “this implies.” It shows you have relevant and useful information to discuss with the reader.

However, it only works when starting a sentence. You cannot use it to start a new paragraph as it does not relate to anything. “This implies” must always relate to something mentioned before.

You can also review these examples:

  • I appreciate everything that they did for us. This implies they’re willing to work together on other projects.
  • You can’t always get these things right. This implies we still have a lot of work to do before we can finalize anything.

“Proving” is a word you can use instead of “this shows” in an essay. It comes from “this proves,” showing how something creates another situation .

Proof is often the most important in scientific studies and arguments. Therefore, it’s very common to use “proving” instead of “this shows” in scientific essays and writing.

We recommend using this when discussing your experiments and explaining how it might cause something specific to happen. It helps the reader follow your ideas on the page.

Perhaps the following examples will also help you:

  • They provided us with multiple variables, proving that we weren’t the only ones working on the experiment.
  • I could not figure out the way forward, proving that it came down to a choice. I didn’t know the best course of action.

7. This Allows

Often, when you talk about a cause in your essays, it allows an effect to take place. You can talk more about this relationship with a phrase like “this allows.”

At the start of a sentence , “this allows” is a great way to describe a cause-and-effect relationship . It keeps the reader engaged and ensures they know what you’re talking about.

Also, using “this allows” directly after expressing your views explains the purpose of your writing. This could show a reader why you’ve even decided to write the essay in the first place.

  • Many scenarios work here. This allows us to explore different situations to see which works best.
  • I found the best way to address the situation. This allows me to provide more ideas to upper management.

8. This Displays

It might not be as common, but “this displays” is still a great choice in academic writing. You can use it when discussing how one thing leads to another .

Usually, “this displays” works best when discussing data points or figures . It’s a great way to show how you can display your information within your writing to make things easy for the reader .

You can refer to these examples if you’re still unsure:

  • We have not considered every outcome. This displays a lack of planning and poor judgment regarding the team.
  • I’m afraid this is the only way we can continue it. This displays a problem for most of the senior shareholders.

9. Indicating

Indicating how things connect to each other helps readers to pay attention. The clearer your connections, the better your essay will be.

Therefore, it’s worth including “indicating” in the middle of a sentence . It shows you two points relate to each other .

Often, this allows you to talk about specific effects. It’s a great way to explain the purpose of a paragraph (or the essay as a whole, depending on the context).

If you’re still stuck, review these examples:

  • There are plenty of great alternatives to use, indicating that you don’t have to be so close-minded about the process.
  • I have compiled a list of information to help you, indicating the plethora of ways you can complete it.

10. Suggesting

Finally, “suggesting” is a word you can use instead of “this shows” in an essay. It’s quite formal and works well in academic writing.

We highly recommend using it when creating a suggestion from a previous sentence . It allows the reader to follow along and see how one thing affects another.

Also, it’s not particularly common in essays. Therefore, it’s a great choice to mix things up and keep things a little more interesting.

Here are a few essay samples to help you with it:

  • You could have done it in many other ways, suggesting that there was always a better outcome than the one you got.
  • I didn’t know what to think of it, suggesting that I was tempted by the offer. I’m still weighing up the options.

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Synonyms of show

  • as in to display
  • as in to reveal
  • as in to prove
  • as in to guide
  • as in to steer
  • as in to appear
  • as in display
  • as in appearance
  • as in exhibit
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Thesaurus Definition of show

 (Entry 1 of 2)

Synonyms & Similar Words

  • talk (about)

Antonyms & Near Antonyms

  • demonstrate
  • communicate
  • misrepresent
  • gloss (over)
  • counterfeit
  • substantiate
  • authenticate
  • corroborate
  • walk through
  • superintend
  • indoctrinate
  • materialize
  • spring (up)
  • rematerialize
  • melt (away)

Thesaurus Definition of show  (Entry 2 of 2)

  • demonstration
  • affectation
  • performance
  • impersonation
  • dissimulation
  • double cross
  • dissembling
  • double - dealing
  • faithlessness
  • unfaithfulness
  • straightforwardness
  • outspokenness
  • forthrightness
  • plainspokenness
  • genuineness
  • artlessness
  • openheartedness
  • first blush
  • implication
  • resemblance
  • representation
  • insinuation
  • make - believe
  • make - belief
  • Potemkin village
  • presentation
  • extravaganza
  • presentment

Synonym Chooser

How is the word show different from other verbs like it?

Some common synonyms of show are display , exhibit , expose , flaunt , and parade . While all these words mean "to present so as to invite notice or attention," show implies no more than enabling another to see or examine.

When is it sensible to use display instead of show ?

The synonyms display and show are sometimes interchangeable, but display emphasizes putting in a position where others may see to advantage.

When would exhibit be a good substitute for show ?

The meanings of exhibit and show largely overlap; however, exhibit stresses putting forward prominently or openly.

When might expose be a better fit than show ?

The words expose and show can be used in similar contexts, but expose suggests bringing forth from concealment and displaying.

When can flaunt be used instead of show ?

While the synonyms flaunt and show are close in meaning, flaunt suggests a shameless, boastful, often offensive parading.

Where would parade be a reasonable alternative to show ?

Although the words parade and show have much in common, parade implies an ostentatious or arrogant displaying.

Phrases Containing show

  • make a show
  • show (someone) the door

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Thesaurus Entries Near show

shoving (off)

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  1. 10 Other Words for "This Shows" in an Essay

    “This shows” is a common phrase used in essays to demonstrate how one thing leads to another. “This demonstrates” is a great formal synonym that’ll help to spice up your academic writing. Try “suggesting” as an alternative that shows how one thing could have created another.