Best Puzzle Games for iPhone and iPad in 2022

best problem solving game on ios

Puzzle games are the chameleons of the gaming world. They can adopt the flair of an RPG, disguise themselves as an adventure game, and even hide in plain sight as a minimalist game. Puzzle games are always different, and they can vary from extremely complex to super simple.

A great puzzle game will keep you entertained for hours as you try (and a lot of times fail) to progress in the game. You may get frustrated, you may put down your iPhone or iPad in anger, but the game will keep you coming back for more because you sure as hell aren't going to let a game get the best of you. The sheer force of will required to continue you in a well-crafted puzzle game is something a lot of gamers have a love-hate relationship with, but there's no denying its power. Here are my top picks for the best puzzle games for iPhone and iPad.

Red's Kingdom

Monument valley.

  • Slayaway Camp

Ultra Flow 2

You must build a boat.

  • Photographs

Donut County

Lumino city.

Red's Kingdom on iPad

Red's Kingdom is a perfectly crafted adventure puzzle game that has a lot of depth. The goofy but heartwarming story with its colorful characters is bound to grab your attention, and the incredibly fun gameplay never seems to go stale as the game layers in plenty of elements to surprise you at every turn.

Red's Kingdom opens the doors to its world and allows you to take non-linear paths giving you the opportunity to explore different areas and find alternate routes to hidden treasures. Although it's a puzzle game at its core, the game feels more like an action-adventure game than anything else. I can't recommend Red's Kingdom enough .

$3 - Download Now

The Room on iPad

I couldn't make a list of best puzzle games without including the super creepy puzzler The Room 3. The entire Room series is worth a download, but The Room 3 is especially fun If you enjoyed playing Myst back in the day.

The Room offers complex box-related puzzles along with an atmospheric storyline and unsettling clues to the reality behind the madness. The visuals are outstanding, and the soundtrack is just as spooky as everything else, playing The Room 3 is a full experience.

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$4 - Download Now

best problem solving game on ios

Another puzzler with eerie visuals and a compelling tale, Monument Valley offers a variety of 3D maps to conquer — all while transporting you into a strange world of crows, block creatures, and breathtaking Escher-style landscapes.

Monument Valley has been praised by critics and player alike, earning accolades such as Apple's Game of the Year 2014 and the Apple Design Award 2014. Plus, the game has over 20,000 ratings and holds a 4.5 rating overall.

Once you're done with the original, don't miss out on the critically-acclaimed follow-up, Monument Valley 2 ($5) .

Slayaway Camp (17+)

best problem solving game on ios

Slayaway Camp is a morbidly funny take on the puzzle genre that tasks you with going on a killing spree, and no one you meet is safe!

You'll need to slide around each scene and murder your victims in a particular order to reach the portal to advance to the next area. With plenty of obstacles such as fire pits, open water, and cops, you'll need to be smart during your rampage.

Taking its inspiration from classic 80s horror films, the violence in this game is over-the-top, extremely fake, and incredibly funny.

best problem solving game on ios

A film-noir inspired comic book adventure, FRAMED is a unique puzzle game with great visuals to boot and compelling story to boot!

The story is told in comic book form with panels, but they are all jumbled up, and you'll need to put them in the right order to progress forward.

The comic book art is stunning, and all hand-crafted, and the mysterious storyline will keep you glued to the game for hours.

Once you're done with FRAMED, make sure to grab the sequel, FRAMED 2 ($5) for even more graphic novel panel puzzle solving.

best problem solving game on ios

The matching game that started a 2048-clone phenomenon, Threes brought smarts (and some great background music) to the puzzling genre.

Threes may be a game comprised of numbers, but you need no real mathematical skill to excel at this game — just an open mind and a penchant for thinking ahead.

Best of all, you can always find new paths to pursue, new tricks to test, and new methods for matching; the game is always different, though the numbers remain the same.

$6 - Download Now

best problem solving game on ios

Ultra Flow 2's simplicity is probably its greatest strength. The game has a fun and engaging soundtrack and focuses more on hand-eye coordination than serious brainpower.

That being said, it's still not easy. It's in the sweet spot: challenging enough that your mind gets a workout, but easy enough that you're never stuck on the same level for longer than a handful of cracks at it.

Free - Download Now

best problem solving game on ios

From Square Enix popular GO series, comes the mobile addition to the Deus Ex franchise that has everything you could want in a puzzle game.

Deus Ex GO never gets boring, as the game layers in complex systems to solve each puzzle. Defeating enemies, hacking computers, and sneaking your way around the map are just a few of the techniques you'll need to apply to be successful.

If you're a fan of Deus EX or the other games in the GO series, downloading Deus Ex GO is a no-brainer.

$5 - Download Now

best problem solving game on ios

If you need a game to help you relax after a long day, Prune may be the perfect puzzler for you.

Prune tasks you with cutting trees in different patterns to reach the sunlight, all while avoiding the dangers of the world around. Its minimalist design and very limited color scheme allow you to focus in on the game in a very relaxing way, making it perfect to help you unwind.

best problem solving game on ios

Do you ever look at your city's public transportation and think you could design it better? Well, Mini Metro will let you try to create your own subway system.

Minimalist in design but complex in its mind-boggling puzzles, Mini Metro provides hours of fun — even if for some of those hours you will be scratching your head.


You Must Build A Boat takes the classic formula of match-three and combines it with a challenging and frantic RPG, with a dash of endless runner and building.

Embark on a journey of battling monsters and getting them to join your ranks as you recruit them for your boat, which grows bigger and bigger with every conquest. Battle by matching blocks in groups of three or more to attack, defend, cast magic spells, unlock chests, and more. Watch as your boat continues to grow, and as more creatures join your ranks and offer valuable services and upgrades. And since your matches can be chained, the possibilities for huge combos can be done.

You Must Build A Boat is one of my favorite match-three RPGs ever, and it's well worth picking up. You won't regret it.

Photographs - Puzzle Stories


From the same guy who brought you YMBAB, comes a new puzzle game that focuses on the narrative. Say hello to Photographs.

Photographs is an interesting one because you'll be searching around and solving puzzles, but as you do, you'll uncover and hear a story to go along with each scene. And not only will you be immersed by the captivating stories, but the beautiful pixel art and music pair along with the narratives so perfectly.

Each story takes place in a different setting and will feature unique gameplay mechanics. And while the game is fairly short (only takes about three hours to complete), it's an experience that you need to try out.


If you like the panel puzzle concept like FRAMED, then you'll get a kick out of Gorogoa as well.

The gameplay of Gorogoa is interesting and fairly unique. You'll have several hand-drawn panels that you need to arrange and combine in order to solve the puzzles they contain. It's simple but complex at the same time. The art is also beautiful, and everything becomes animated once you figure it out. The entire concept of Gorogoa is something you've not seen before in other puzzle games, so it's definitely an experience you should check out if you're a puzzle fan.

Donut County

Donut County is one of the most quirky and interesting puzzle gams you'll come across. Think of reverse Katamari Damacy.

Meet BK, the raccoon. He has a device that creates donut holes in the ground, which basically helps him steal trash in order to win stupid prizes. One day, he ends up falling into one of his own holes and finds his best friend, Mira, along with other Donut County residents, such 999 feet underground. They demand answers!

The gameplay of Donut County involves exploring the home of each character, who also have their own distinctive stories to tell. You'll move the hole around to swallow up their stuff, and the hole grows as you get more trash in it. You can combine items for fun effects, and catapult things out of the hole if needed. Sometimes you'll have to in order to solve the puzzles that await you.

It's a puzzle game, though it doesn't always feel that way. After all, you are controlling a big old hole in the ground and devouring everything that's in the way. Honestly, what else do you need in a game?


This puzzle game will help you find your groove and relax at the same time.

ELOH is a musical puzzle game that's all about finding the right position for the blocks to help guide the balls into the correct holes. As you progress through the game, the puzzles get a bit harder, but they all have one thing in common: rhythm. The blocks that you'll need to move also take on more creative shapes and forms and some can only move in a certain way. The game looks beautiful, has over 90 stages, and there's no time limits or other stress factors. Just find your rhythm and solve the puzzles. No stress or in-app purchases!

Lumino City

If you're into beautiful games that look as good as they play, then you must get Lumino City. It was painstakingly hand-crafted from real-life paper, cardboard, miniature lights, and motors to create a wonderful little world that we can all interact with.

Lumi's grandfather has been kidnapped from Lumino City, and it's up to you to help Lumi explore the city to find out what happened to her grandfather. The city is full of realistic puzzles that are all connected and intertwined together, and you can interact with everything through simple touch controls.

The game is a bit long in the tooth at this point, but it's still a must-have in our book.

What are your favorites?

Have a favorite puzzle game, I want to know about it! Leave a comment down below or hit me up on Twitter .

July 2019: Added more puzzle games to the list.

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best problem solving game on ios

The 25 Best iPhone Puzzle Games

Few types of games are as engrossing as a well-made puzzler, and the fact that the iPhone and iPod touch can put one in front of us wherever we are can be a real lifesaver.

best problem solving game on ios

Few types of games are as engrossing as a well-made puzzler, and the fact that the iPhone and iPod touch can put one in front of us wherever we are can be a real lifesaver. Whether you prefer color-matching puzzlers, ones with a role-playing or wordplay twist, or something that mimics the feel of tackling a physical puzzle, the App Store is absolutely loaded with stellar options that can fit nearly any interest or block of available time. Here are our picks for the 25 best iPhone puzzle games today, which we'll update as new and more perplexing puzzlers pique our interest.

best problem solving game on ios

Where better to start than with perhaps the world's most beloved casual match-three puzzler? Bejeweled ($0.99) challenges you to match up three or more like-colored gems on a board, with a few play variations (like the chill Zen mode and frantic Blitz) thrown into the mix. It's accessible but requires a high level of focus to master, and it looks and plays great on iPhone. No wonder it's a smash.

best problem solving game on ios

Distinct visual styling and intuitive touch controls make Hundreds ($4.99) an excellent iOS puzzle experience. Each stage presents a series of floating balls, which you must touch and hold to expand; the goal is to hit a total of 100 between them. The levels soon become deviously clever and challenging, and while it's slightly easier to play on a big iPad screen, it remains sharp on iPhone.

best problem solving game on ios

Word games don't always count as puzzlers, but the intelligent and bewitching SpellTower ($1.99) definitely does. You'll compile words based on the jumble of letters found on the screen, and in the puzzle mode, each move you make adds a line to the board; reach the top, and you're toast. The balance between wordplay and clearing the board makes for a tense and tantalizing puzzler.

best problem solving game on ios

Puzzle games don't need to move at breakneck speed to be enthralling. Case in point: QatQi (Free), an entrancing experience that moves at your own speed and tasks you with placing a certain number of letters to build words within limited space. The hook is that you'll discover the map's layout along the way, forcing you to make smart and conservative placement choices.

best problem solving game on ios

Circadia ($0.99) is a very unique entry on this list, as it hits on a rare element for puzzlers: rhythm. Against stark black backdrops, you'll tap colored dots to emit sound waves, which radiate outwards from the center. Your goal is to make all of the colored waves hit the white dot(s) at the same time. It starts simply enough, but quickly becomes tremendously difficult; it's a real head-scratcher!

best problem solving game on ios

Everybody knows Tetris ($0.99), and nearly every game-playing device released in the last 25 years has hosted some version of the line-clearing puzzler. The iPhone version from EA offers a couple of variations on the theme, including the classic marathon mode and a new one-touch option, which lets you pick from preset block destinations. Even the iconic 8-bit music is here!

best problem solving game on ios

One of the greatest indie sensations of the past several years, World of Goo ($4.99) is all about creating structures to reach a goal. However, your materials consist of various sticky creatures, which can connect from afar and in some cases have special abilities, but will also wobble like crazy once fixed in place. Brilliant scenarios, visuals, and music all make this one truly special.

best problem solving game on ios

While it initially found fame on the iPad, The Room Pocket (Free) brings the award-winning and atmospheric puzzler to iPhone in stellar fashion. The Room serves up a series of puzzle boxes to unlock and conquer, which is accomplished by turning the objects, looking at every little detail, and prodding to uncover their secrets. Fantastic puzzle designs and presentation make it memorable.

Scribblenauts Remix ($0.99) originally began life on the Nintendo DS, but the series finds its most comfortable home on the iPhone. In this puzzle-platform hybrid, you'll play a young boy tasked with solving various challenges by spawning items, which is done by tapping in words. It's a delightfully creative and open-ended affair that can be played again and again with fresh results.

best problem solving game on ios

Blending the equally strong allures of match-three puzzlers and card games, Chip Chain (Free) smartly spices up the former approach by using the look and feel of the latter. You'll place colored and numbered chips on the game board and use the special cards that appear, all with the aim of matching up like chips and creating the titular chains to maximize points. Plenty fun for free!

best problem solving game on ios

Utter chaos defines Super Monsters Ate My Condo! (Free), Adult Swim's blindingly vivid take on the color-matching puzzler. In this amusing affair, you'll link up like-colored floors in a building by swiping out unneeded ones (kind of like in Jenga), with giant, angry monsters causing havoc on either side based on what you trash. It's delightfully bonkers throughout.

best problem solving game on ios

Puzzle games are plenty addictive on their own, but adding a fast-paced role-playing aesthetic makes 10000000 ($1.99) particularly gripping. Matching like-colored icons doesn't simply remove them from the board -- it also makes your little side-scrolling hero attack enemies, open doors, and more. Speed and accuracy are key for lasting as long as possible through the dungeon.

best problem solving game on ios

Girls Like Robots ($2.99) is a tile-arrangement puzzler that tasks you with aligning characters based on their affections for the neighbors. As the title implies, girls dig robots, but they hate nerds; and nerds hate being in close proximity to each other. The list goes on and on, and each mission challenges you to place every tile while maximizing happiness. It's quirky and smart!

best problem solving game on ios

Wrapping a rope around an oddly shaped wooden object just sounds like a chore in real life, but in Zen Bound 2 Universal ($2.99), it's an amazingly meditative task. Equally challenging and chill, the goal in each stage is to cover as much of the surface as possible with the virtual rope by spinning the object around. It's a definite one-of-a-kind, and a longtime iPhone favorite.

best problem solving game on ios

Promising to "punch your brain in the face," Puzzlejuice ($1.99) merges three kinds of puzzlers into one, blending falling blocks, wordplay, and color-matching into one brain-tickling experience. What could have been a messy hodgepodge of disparate elements is actually an engaging and smartly presented puzzle affair, one that's packed with personality and challenge.

best problem solving game on ios

Mixing match-three gameplay with a role-playing aesthetic and fantastic hand-drawn visuals, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes ($4.99) puts a new spin on the classic RPG franchise by having warriors battle it out with puzzle mechanics. You'll line up like-colored soldiers to unleash attacks, with each faction delivering a distinct experience. It's engaging and hugely attractive.

best problem solving game on ios

One of the App Store's most popular games of all time is also one of its best and most accessible puzzlers. Cut the Rope ($0.99) is based around just that: slicing strings with your fingers to guide candy to a cute alien creature. However, the breezy initial levels give way to much more complicated physics puzzles that require multiple timed actions and considerable thought.

best problem solving game on ios

We have trouble considering Angry Birds a proper puzzler, but its swine-starring sibling entry Bad Piggies ($0.99) fits the bill. Each stage finds you building a vehicle using available parts, and then helping it find its way to the goal via wheels, balloons, wings, jet engines, and more. It's a series of puzzling scenarios to solve as you see fit, with extra stars given for smart building.

The average Polymer ($2.99) game board looks messy and intimidating. Your goal is to shift the entire rows and columns, Rubik's Cube-style, to connect the various little pieces to generate much larger shapes, which can then be cleared from the board. Polymer's creation-focused approach gives it a distinct feel, with timed and endless modes included. How big of a shape can you make?

best problem solving game on ios

Best known in some circles for surviving a silly copyright claim challenge, the EDGE series serves up some of the best puzzle experiences on the iPhone. EDGE Extended ($2.99) is the latest and greatest, challenging you to guide a cube across maze-like grids that begin with straightforward paths before giving way to mind-melting, skill-testing deathtraps. Tread carefully.

best problem solving game on ios

Pulling together core elements from better-known puzzlers like Lumines and Bejeweled, Radballs ($0.99) soars thanks to a mix of stellar gameplay and flashy presentation. You'll swipe together like-colored balls, which are cleared from the screen thanks to a rhythm-matched moving line, and the bold visual skins and thumping electronic pop tracks make a really significant impression.

best problem solving game on ios

Puzzle Quest is the elder statesman of the puzzle/RPG mash-up genre, but for our money, we'd recommend the greatly enhanced and expanded Puzzle Quest 2 ($1.99). As with the original, the game uses Bejeweled-esque matching gameplay to let you whip spells at opponents during an epic quest, and the sequel pumps in more variety while also adding excellent online play.

best problem solving game on ios

Long a favorite of hardcore puzzle aficionados, Drop7 by Zynga ($2.99) is an engaging original option that finds you dropping colored and numbered discs into a grid, with the intention of clearing them and triggering chain reactions based on the displayed digits. Success requires considered actions and ample strategy, and there's a free ad-based version for dabblers to check out.

best problem solving game on ios

Bust-a-Move is a storied match-three puzzle franchise with arcade origins, and New Bust-a-Move ($4.99) brings the experience to iPhone in solid fashion. Commanding a launcher at the bottom of the screen, you'll aim the colored balls and try to pair them with those already on the board, thus clearing them. Poor decisions can fill the board quickly, causing a quick (but adorable) demise.

best problem solving game on ios

Marble-matching games have been big hits on the iPhone, and we're particularly partial to Luxor Evolved ($0.99), which puts a vibrant twist on the formula with flashy, retro-stylized graphics and dizzying power-ups. The colored balls still creep along the pathways, and you're still tasked with clearing them before they reach the end, but this take has a bit more punch than most.

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19 Best Puzzle Games for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

  • by Jennifer Uwadiare
  • September 10, 2021

Best Puzzle Games for iOS

The best puzzle games for iOS will keep you occupied for hours as you attempt (and frequently fail) to move through the game.

Furthermore, you may feel frustrated and toss your iPhone or iPad down in frustration, but the  game  will have you coming back for more since you won’t let a game get the best of you.  

Many gamers, on the other hand, have a love-hate relationship with the sheer willpower required to keep playing a well-designed  puzzle game , but there’s no denying its potency.

Some of the best puzzle games for iOS are:

1. Flow Free

Flow-free  is one of the best puzzle games for iOS. Flow Free is a simple puzzle app for the iPhone that requires you to link matching-colored dots with a pipe to form a Flow.

However, It may appear simple, but there’s a catch: you can’t cross any lines without first using a bridge or tunnel.  

Additionally, in Time Trial mode, you can play against the clock or choose Free Play. Looking for a game that will help you unwind?

Or perhaps you’d prefer a fast-paced game? That, as well as everything else, is within your capabilities.  

There are over 1,500 free levels to play, as well as new Daily Puzzles added every day to put your mind to the test.

Furthermore, there are ten board sizes to choose from, with difficulty growing as the size increases and additional levels to purchase once you finish the free ones. 

2. Red’s Kingdom

Red’s Kingdom  is a well-made puzzle game with a lot of depth.

Furthermore, the game’s extremely engaging action never gets old, as the game layers in lots of components to surprise you at every turn, and the game’s amusing yet uplifting plot with its colorful characters is guaranteed to catch your interest.  

Additionally, Red’s Kingdom allows you to explore its realm and locate other routes to hidden treasures by taking non-linear paths.  

3. Lara Croft Go

Lara Croft Go  is also one of the best puzzle games for iOS. It takes the legendary explorer on an unusual journey.

Croft must conquer several environmental problems in this game, with each level requiring her to move from space to space while avoiding trips, vaulting over obstacles, and even defeating monsters.  

Despite the slower speed, new design, and shift in perspective, Lara Croft Go manages to keep the tone of the jazz source material, which is surprisingly rewarding.

With over 115 riddles to solve, there’s much to do here due to updates. 

4. Cryptogram-cryptoquote

Cryptograms  is a free puzzle game by Razzle Puzzles in which the goal is to decrypt famous quotations.

Cryptograms will appeal to everyone who enjoys fascinating quotes and word puzzles. In the cryptograms contained in this puzzle game, a 1-to-1 substitution cipher is used.  

Furthermore, aside from the letters, no other aspects of the phrase have been altered, such as spacing and punctuation.

However, all comments in this puzzle game are quoted from people who are reasonably well-known to highly well-known. Test your English language and grammatical skills to see if you can decode the quote. 

5. The Room

I couldn’t compile the best puzzle games for the iOS list without including  The Room 3,  a terrifying puzzle game. Room 3 is extremely entertaining if you enjoyed Myst back in the day.  

The Room has challenging box-related riddles, a dramatic plot, and startling clues to the truth behind the madness.

Playing Room 3 is a complete experience, with stunning images and a piece of creepy music to match. 

6. Causality

You will be guiding tiny astronauts along roads in this bright and appealing indie game. You’ll have to control the space-time continuum to get the small astronauts safely to each exit.  

Additionally, each level is filled with peril, including collapsing tiles and strange alien tentacles, as well as switches to press and other assistance.

In addition, time-warp portals transport your astronaut to a different area and timeline. Does it sound like it’ll mess with your head?  Causality  will undoubtedly do this. 

7. Slayaway Camp

Slayaway Camp  is a morbidly humorous puzzle game in which you are faced with going on a murder spree while leaving no one alive. 

Furthermore, to progress to the next area, you must glide across each scenario and murder your victims in a specific order.

You’ll need to be cautious throughout your rampage due to a multitude of hazards such as fire pits, open water, and officers in your path.  

Additionally, the violence in this game is over-the-top, exceedingly false, and highly humorous, drawing inspiration from famous 1980s horror flicks. 

8. Zulu-logical puzzle

Learn about “ Zulu, ” a new brain logic game that is now available on all devices. The most basic logical game in which all that is required is to clear the field of all symbols.  

Additionally, this game is enjoyable and straightforward for both children and adults due to its friendly UI, soothing colors, and clear characters. 

Prune  is one of the unique and best puzzle games for iOS. It, like trimming a Bonsai tree, has a calming effect.  

However, this calm and serene puzzler takes a few turns along the road, providing a little complexity while maintaining its distinct personality. 

10. The Container

The container is one of the best puzzle games for iOS we’ve come across in a long time. It’s entertaining, a touch addictive, and unique among the applications we’ve evaluated.  

Additionally, it’s based on the well-known “bean counting” principle, but with several new and exciting activities added in.

On iTunes, there has been a lot of positive feedback.  

In addition, correct answers unlock levels and extras, and there are tips and awards to keep you interested.

Furthermore, We’re also excited to participate in upcoming national competitions with cash awards. 

11. Mini Metro

Mini Metro  is one of the best puzzle games for iOS. Do you ever believe you could improve the design of your city’s public transportation system?

On the other hand, Mini Metro allows you to try your hand at building your own subway system.  

However, Mini Metro is a minimalist game with sophisticated puzzles that will keep you entertained for hours, even though you will be scratching your head for some of those hours. 

12. Lumino City

If you enjoy gorgeous games that look like they play,  Lumino City  is a must-have.

It was also painstakingly hand-crafted using real paper, cardboard, miniature lights, and motors to create a lovely little world with which we can all interact.  

Lumino grandfather, on the other hand, has been kidnapped from Lumino City, and it’s up to you to help her figure out what happened to him.

Furthermore, the city is chock-full of genuine puzzles that are all linked and interrelated, and everything can be interacted with using simple touch controls. 

This puzzle game will let you unwind while also assisting you in finding your rhythm. It’s also one of iOS’s top puzzle games.

Eloh  is a musical puzzle game in which you must place the blocks in the correct order to guide the balls into the appropriate holes.  

However, the puzzles become more difficult as you go through the game, but they always share a fundamental trait: rhythm.

Furthermore, the blocks you’ll be moving take on increasingly inventive shapes and forms, and some of them can only travel in particular directions. 

In addition, there are no time constraints or other stress elements in this game, which is visually stunning and features over 90 stages.

Settle into a groove and work your way through the challenges. 

14. The impossible Letter

The impossible Letter  isn’t your average puzzle game. This program will play havoc with your sight, possibly driving you insane.

Additionally, on a screen full of letters, you must locate the mismatched letter. It’s easy to learn yet challenging to master, and it’ll help you pass the time.  

Furthermore, this game has the potential to become addictive, so proceed with caution.

For colorblind users, there is a colorblind option, and the user interface is primary enough for users of all ages. 

15. Marvel Puzzle Quest

Marvel Puzzle Quest  is also one of the best puzzle games for iOS. It is a match-three game that introduces superheroes to the puzzle genre.  

Furthermore, you’ll be able to create your Dream Team from characters such as Wolverine, the Hulk, Spider-Man, Dead Pool, and others.

You can compete in Player vs. Player tournaments with your friends, form alliances with your favorite villains and heroes, and keep up with the latest Marvel news.  

Additionally, each hero/villain you select will have unique abilities to aid you during the game. It doesn’t matter if you join up a hero with his foe; it’s entirely up to you how you put your squad together. 

Framed  is a unique puzzle game with great visuals and a compelling story! It’s a film noir-inspired comic book adventure. It is one of the best puzzle games for iOS.  

Furthermore, the story is told in the manner of panels in a comic book, but they’re all jumbled up, and you’ll need to place them in the correct order to move further.

Additionally, the gorgeous, hand-crafted comic book imagery will keep you engaged in the game for hours, as will the mystery tale. 

17. Donut County

Donut County  is one of the strangest and most intriguing puzzle games you’ll ever play.

Imagine Katamari Damacy in backward. Furthermore, BK, the raccoon, is someone you should get to know.  

He has a gadget that makes donut holes in the ground, allowing him to steal trash and earn ridiculous prizes.

Additionally, He falls one of his holes one day and discovers his best friend, Mira, as well as other Donut County residents, 999 feet underneath. Answers are required.  

18. Photographs-puzzle Stories

Photographs  is an intriguing game since you’ll be searching for clues and completing puzzles.

But you’ll also discover and hear a story about each scene as you go. It is one of the best puzzle games for iOS.  

Not only will you be engrossed by the compelling stories, but the exquisite pixel art and soundtrack will perfectly complement the narratives.  

Additionally, each story is situated in a different location and will have its gaming elements. While the game is brief (about three hours to complete), it is an experience that you should attempt. 

19. You Must Build a Boat

You Must Build a Boa t blends the basic match-three formula with a frantic and challenging RPG, as well as a dash of endless runner and construction.  

Furthermore, begin an adventure of defeating monsters and recruiting them to join your ranks as you recruit them for your growing boat.

To fight, defend cast magic spells, unlock chests, and more, match blocks in groups of three or more in a row.  

Additionally, as your boat expands, new creatures join your crew and provide valuable services and upgrades. Because your matches can be strung together, you can create massive combos. 

Finally, if you’re looking for a casual game that you can pick up and play whenever you want, these excellent and tough puzzle games are ideal.

The difficulty levels, subjects, and whether the puzzles are for adults or children vary.  

Furthermore, this list contains several puzzles that you can attempt to solve. Furthermore, some things are suitable for children, while others are suitable for adults.

Whichever app you choose, you’ll be in for a difficult assignment. 


Jennifer Uwadiare

Hi. I am Jennifer E odibo-Uwadiare. I studied accounting and finance at Accra Institute of Technology and graduated in the year 2016. I am a content writer @ Krafty Sprouts Media, LLC.

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iOS Hacker

Best Real Driving Simulator Games For iPhone And iPad

Best graphics design apps (canva alternatives) for iphone and ipad, how to backup iphone and why it is so important to do so, apple launches a new apple developer youtube channel.

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5 Best Free Multiplayer Puzzle Games For iOS Devices

best problem solving game on ios

Are you ready for a mind-bending adventure like no other? Imagine the thrill of competing against your friends and family in the most challenging and exciting puzzle games on iOS.

Picture the satisfaction of solving a complex puzzle and seeing your loved ones struggle to keep up. Imagine the laughter and bonding that comes from working together to solve a mystery and beat the clock. You can have these experiences with our list of the top five multiplayer puzzle games for iOS.

But be warned; these games will test your wit, skill, and endurance. Are you up for the challenge? So, don’t wait any longer; check out our curated list of the best multiplayer puzzle games for iOS, and get ready to test your limits and have fun with your loved ones.

How Puzzle Games Are Different From Other Games

Puzzle games are a unique video game genre that requires players to use critical thinking, logic, and problem-solving skills to progress. They differ from other types of games, such as action or adventure games, which focus on fast-paced gameplay, quick reflexes, and physical challenges. Instead, puzzle games offer a more cerebral experience, challenging players to think strategically and creatively.

Some examples of popular puzzle games include Tetris, where players have to rotate and fit falling shapes into a grid, creating a complete line, and Minecraft, where players have to gather resources, build structures and defend against monsters.

Another example is Portal, where players have to solve a series of physics-based puzzles using a particular gun that creates teleportation portals. These games offer unique challenges and require players to think outside the box to find solutions.

In contrast, action games such as Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto focus on fast-paced combat and high-stakes missions, while adventure games like The Legend of Zelda or Uncharted center around exploring vast worlds, solving mysteries, and uncovering hidden secrets. Puzzle games are a distinct genre that offers a different type of gameplay experience that is both mentally stimulating and satisfying.

Why Choose These Games?

When choosing multiplayer puzzle games for iOS, these five are excellent options: Tangle Master 3D, Puzzle Quest, I’m a Puzzle, Brain It On!, and Room Escape Game. Each of these games offers a unique and challenging experience for players to test their problem-solving skills, precision, and, in some cases, strategy.

They also provide the added excitement of playing with others in a multiplayer mode, whether competing against each other or working together to solve the puzzles. With various types of puzzles, from physics-based to match-3, these games offer something for every puzzle lover to enjoy.

Brain It On

 This multiplayer game features a variety of physics-based puzzles that players must solve by drawing lines and shapes. Players have to solve the puzzles by drawing lines and shapes that interact with the objects on the screen. The game offers a multiplayer mode where players can compete against each other to solve the puzzles the fastest. It’s an excellent game for players who love physics-based puzzles and challenging their problem-solving skills.

You can download Brain It On from the App Store for free .

I’m a Puzzle

“Imagining a puzzle is like diving into a sea of wonder and discovery. Each piece holds a unique story, waiting to be unlocked and pieced together to reveal a larger, more magnificent picture. The website “Im a Puzzle” is a portal to this captivating world, offering an unparalleled selection of jigsaw puzzles that will challenge and delight puzzle enthusiasts of all skill levels.

With its user-friendly interface, high-quality images, and an endless variety of puzzle designs, “I’m a Puzzle” is the ultimate destination for puzzle enthusiasts seeking an immersive and satisfying puzzle experience. It’s not just a website, it’s a journey of the mind and a celebration of the beauty and mystery of the world around us.

You can visit I’m a puzzle website on your iPhone and play all the games there.

Puzzle Quest 3

This game is a multiplayer match-3 game where players must match gems to progress through the levels. The game has various levels, and players must match jewels of the same color to pass the ranks. The game offers a multiplayer mode where players can compete against each other, and the game’s objective is to match the most gems in the least amount of time. Puzzle Quest is an exciting and challenging game that can be played with friends and family.

You can download the Puzzle Quest 3 game from the App Store here .

Room Escape Game

This multiplayer game features various escape rooms that players must solve by finding clues and solving puzzles. Players must solve the puzzles by finding clues and solving puzzles in a limited amount of time. The game offers a multiplayer mode where players can work together to solve the puzzles and escape the room. It’s an excellent game for players who love puzzles and enjoy working together to solve them.

All these games are available for iOS devices and offer a fun and challenging multiplayer experience. They are perfect for players who love puzzles and enjoy the challenge of competing against others.

You can download Room Escape game from the App Store for free .

Tangle Master 3D

 This is a multiplayer game where players rotate a 3D shape to untangle it. The game has various levels and different colored lines representing different players. Players must turn their bodies and straighten the lines without crossing other players’ lines.

The game’s objective is to separate the lines as quickly as possible, and the player who does it in the least amount of time wins. The game offers various levels with increasing difficulty and has a global leaderboard where you can compete with players worldwide.

You can play Tangle Master 3D game in Safari browser by opening this link.


These five multiplayer puzzle games for iOS offer various challenges for players of all skill levels. From Tangle Master 3D, where players must untangle lines to I’m a puzzle where players must jumble the cards in a specific spot in a limited amount of time, these games offer unique and engaging gameplay experiences.

Whether you prefer to play alone or with others, these games provide hours of entertainment and a way to exercise your problem-solving skills. If you are a fan of puzzle games and looking for fun and challenging multiplayer games, these games are worth checking out.

  • iPhone games

best problem solving game on ios

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The 10 Best Brain Games for iPhone/iOS and iPad

Mehedi Hasan

Memory gets dull with aging, not for all, but it’s a common thing for most people. It does not mean that the brain got weakened; you can always strengthen your brain power with a few exercises of your brain’s cognitive processes. You can do that easily on your iPhone or iPad. AppStore is filled with lots of self improvising brain games for iPhone. A lot of those games use certified methods for brain training in their game environment. You will get a suitable one for free, some might require paid subscriptions, but these games are beneficial for improving your brain power and memory over time.

Best Brain Games for iPhone/iOS

Brains games will always be exciting only if you have good logical thinking ability. However, we have tried a lot of brain games for iOS already. Some of them are quite compatible. We also found some games that are very much creative and unique.

And we tried to list them together so that you get to learn all these best brain games in one place. You may not like all of them. To find the most appropriate one for you, it’s better to check their short details we have attached in the list.

1. Lumosity: Brain Training

Lumosity: Brain Training

You need to use your logical thinking, scientific explaining capability, and brain to solve all these puzzles. All these science-based games are designed in a way that will improve your memory, attention, cognitive skill, flexibility, speed, and problem-solving ability.

Important Features

  • You can begin the game with a free 10-minute test that will help you test your baseline score.
  • There will be more than 40 different games to try.
  • This game will show your performance with a detailed report.
  • This game is integrated with the most popular languages, so you don’t have to play it in English.
  • You are allowed to make a personalized set of games from a collection of different games.

Pros: It is developing day by day. So, you will get new features and tests regularly.

Cons: The customer support of this game is not very active, according to some users.

2. Left vs. Right

Left vs Right

However, you will find lots of games with different categories here. Using the colorblind mode, you can play a unique game too.

  • There will be 6 different categories of games designed to test different IQ skills.
  • In total, there will be 51 games in different categories.
  • You can play this game for free, but for the premium subscription, you have to pay.
  • It will show your score history and analyze your performance.
  • After winning levels, you can collect tokens and use them to unlock some of the premium levels.

Pros: There is a special category for the strength level called “just right challenge”.

3. Brain Dots

Brain Dots

You have to be aware of the power of gravity. Neither the dots will stay straight nor the lines you will draw. So, you have to use your brains to find the appropriate line placement and draw it.

  • This game is good to improve your flexibility in thinking.
  • You can collect over 25 different types of pens with a variety of colors and sizes.
  • You can share your achievements on different social media.
  • More than 3 million stages have already been created for this game. So, there is no way you can be disappointed by the number of levels.
  • It has a twist of elements of riddle and “Escape the Room” features that make it even more exciting.

Pros: This game is good for players of any age.

Cons: Commercials in the levels irritate some of the users.

4. Peak – Brain Training

Peak - Brain Training

You can choose whichever you love to try first. The insights into your performance will show your level of mental strength and IQ. So, you can test your ability with this game very easily.

  • There are more than 45 different funny and reward-winning games.
  • 6 different categories of games are developed to boost your brainpower.
  • Coffee break is a type of game that you can try to relax.
  • Some kill based workouts will be there, including Weakest Link, Low Rank, etc.
  • This multiplayer brain game for iOS lets you compete with your friends.

Pros: This game provides you with an opportunity to join the advanced Training modules to develop a collaboration with university students and scientists.

Cons: Fullscreen 30-second commercials ruin the interest of some players.

5. Clockwork Brain Training | Memory & Attention Game

Clockwork Brain Training

  • The background of this game is decorated with ancient elements and wallpapers.
  • More than 17 challenging mind games will be there to sharpen your memory.
  • You can collect tokens to unlock new gaming modes.
  • When things seem very difficult for you, you can get hints from some powerful Petbots.
  • If you want to get some rough and tough levels, you try the difficult Insane rounds.

Pros: This game views weekly and monthly graphs to show your progression in your performance.

6. Tricky Test 2™: Genius Brain?

Tricky Test 2™: Genius Brain?

I don’t think it will be very easy to play. You can’t use your mechanical gaming strength or physical power to win, but your intelligence and brain will only work to get the absurd solutions to these puzzles.

  • This game will set a timer to solve puzzles in the given time. So, you have to be careful while thinking about the solution.
  • You will get around 111 puzzles and brain teasers that you can solve only in 120 minutes.
  • You can boost your mathematical analytic ability by playing “Find Out if You’re a Genius″.
  • “Test Your Friends Mode” is another tricky level that you can use to challenge your friends.
  • You can’t answer the puzzles and teasers accurately if you don’t think out of the box.

Pros: This game is developed for playing with family members and friends.

7. The Moron Test: IQ Brain Games

The Moron Test: IQ Brain Games

  • There are 6 different levels full of challenging mind games.
  • Over a hundred games are available in different categories.
  • There are tons of funny characters, and the music is also very entertaining.
  • This game shows a global leaderboard and achievement lists.
  • You can try memory games, knowledge games, trivia games, and logic games.

Pros: Shape puzzles are the most entertaining and challenging part of this game.

Cons: Some players think it a little bit easier and suggest it for the kids and teenagers.

8. 100 Logic Games – Time Killers

100 Logic Games - Time Killers, brain games for iPhone

It includes hundreds of minigames containing sudoku, puzzles, matching, and other brain exercising tasks. This game is free to play and requires an in-app purchase for having an ad-free environment.

  • Offers around ten thousand levels for puzzle games.
  • Includes a pinch-zoom function for puzzles.
  • You can take notes within the game while solving complex puzzles.
  • It offers very swift and snappy operations and includes timed hints facilities.
  • You can check the progression conditions for all the mini-games individually.
  • Includes supportive puzzles and problem-solving games dedicated to brain stimulation.

Pros: It integrates Game Center facilities with leaderboards access. You will like its automatic saving facilities and super-fast responsiveness.

Cons: Some users faced sudden loading issues while playing for a long time.

9. IQ Test: Brain Cognitive Games

The Moron Test: IQ Brain Games

This game uses the Culture-free testing method by R. Cattell. The interface is very smooth, and you will love the responsiveness of the whole ecosystem.

  • Offers professional grade tasting methods for reliable IQ tests.
  • You can test the intelligence level of your friends and family members.
  • As it provides 100 percent certified test results, this will surely boost your self-esteem as you know about your real IQ level.
  • It offers functions that let you know your intellectual age.
  • Allows advanced comparison systems, and users can find out about celebrities who are similar or close to their IQ level.

Pros: It is free to download and widely accessible. The results are provided in numbers that are highly comprehensible.

Cons: Some users did not like the process of paid access to useful features.

10. Brain Training

Brain Training

It is equipped with Game Center facilities, so the players will be able to check leaderboards. Don’t wait; get ready to compete with your friends, and reach different milestones of the game.

  • Covers all the aptitudes such as logic, word knowledge, math, music, memory, puzzles, concentration levels, spatial, etc.
  • Offers daily tests with different difficulty levels.
  • You will be able to check the improvement ratios of your IQ by giving tests every day.
  • Includes lots of challenging puzzles to solve and regular IQ exams of four different types.
  • This game is suitable for people of all ages and offers challenging tasks that require operations from both the left and right sides of the brain.

Pros: It provides test results with full details and suggestions for possible improvements. The game interface and overall navigation system are very snappy and smooth.

Cons: Some players found the game too hard to solve.

Our Recommendation

It is the toughest part today to fewer the list of recommendations. You must see that all these 10 best brain games for your iPad and iPhone are near to be equally challenging and exciting. However, Brain Training and Lumosity are the hardest games among them. If you don’t like to try them and plan to spend your time with less attention, try The Moron Test or Brain Dots.

And if we think rationally, no prioritizing level of hardness, the Left vs. Right will be the best for you. If you spend a few minutes checking the details, I think you have already got your answer.

Finally, Insights

You have now learned about the best brain games for iPhone/iOS and iPad. If you really wish to improve your IQ and mental strength, then these games are a must-have for you. They are scientifically tested to do so. That’s why I suggest not to spend your time on silly games that will do nothing but to make you addicted and try these brain teasers. After trying one, please share how you are doing with that. Your experience will motivate others to try the game. Thank you for your endless support.

Mehedi Hasan

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Best Logic Games for iOS and Android to Test Your Brain

Logic means anything where you’ve to use your mental ability to calculate the situation and find a solution to it. While games like 2048 , Sudoku, and other crosswords are go-to games when it comes to logic. But, there are more puzzle games rather than logic games. With that said here are the best logic games on iOS & Android, to brush up your mind.

Table of Contents

Best Logic Games

1. brain training.

As the name suggests, Brain Training will put your mental ability to test. It targets skills like logic, memory. There are multiple games within the app such as the Hexa puzzle, block puzzle, Sudoku, Line puzzle, etc. I mostly play Lazer, which involves moving elements to make the laser hit the final block. The app has banner ads at the bottom with no option to remove them. All you can do is simply shut the internet while playing and you’ll have a cleaner playthrough.

It’s a great past-time app where you need a bit of logical skill, and hence great for players of any age.

Get Brain Training (Android) 

Logic Games

2. Logic Master

Logic Master is a game that can also be played by kids as the puzzles are rather easy to crack. It has over 200 problems that help in improving memory and concentration. A player needs logical thinking as well as a creative mindset to solve and unlock levels to proceed in the game. You get instructions for every level as all of them are different. The UI is filled with colorful and hand-drawn graphics in addition to music and sound effects which are great for kids.

There is absolutely no ads in the game. So have a blast playing it.

Get Logic Master (Android)

Logic Games Master

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3. Brain it On!

As easy as this game might seem, it put my mental confidence to test. The game comprises of multiple stages that have different tasks. For instance, drawing a shape to put a ball in a cup or keeping the ball in the air for a few seconds. The game becomes even harder as you just have a limited number of steps to hit the perfect score. There are 240 puzzles in total which unlock as you move ahead. The game comes with ads, however, you can remove it by purchasing the Premium version for $1. This also unlocks all levels and hints.

Get Brain it On ( iOS | Android ) 

Brain it On! Logic Games

4. River Crossing

I remember this one back when Flash games were rad. The overall concept doesn’t change, as you have to move characters from one section of the river to the other with some rules and restrictions. The aim is to keep the number of moves as low as possible which opens advanced levels. There are no ads in the game, however, you need to watch a sponsored video to get hints. River Crossing is only available for Android but you can try a similar game for iOS .

River Crossing problems date back to 9th century in Latin manuscript Propositiones ad Acuendos Juvenes “Problems to Sharpen the Young”.

Get River Crossing (Android)

River Crossing

5.  Tricky Test 2

It took me quite some time to solve the first stage, so you can take a guess of how interesting it would be. There 111 puzzles in total, to test your logic, memory, and mental abilities. You must also know if you’re able to solve all of these within 120 minutes, which is almost impossible you’ll be crowned as a genius.  The game is free and you can see clues for each level. However, to see the solution you need coins that can be bought from the store.

For anyone who loves to think out of the box rather than conventional solutions.

Get Tricky Test for ( iOS | Android ) 

Logic Games Tricky Test 2

6. Tiny Room Stories

If you’re a fan of Sherlock Holme’s deduction and logical thinking skills, you’ll love this. Tiny Room is a game where you are a private detective and you’re on a mission to help your missing father. It has amazing graphics out of all the apps on this list. You need to find clues and solve them to move ahead in the investigation.  The initial stages of the game are comparatively easy but as you move ahead you’ll see major plot twists. The app is free however you’ll find ads after each successful level. You have the option to remove the ads and gain free hints with a pass that costs $1.

All the levels are in 3D and you can interact by zooming and rotating the gameplay screen.

Get Tiny Room (Android)

Tiny Room Stories

7. That Level Again

It’s a simple logic game and you might find a bit resemblance with the original Dave. In this game, you have to toggle, jump on platforms, and find your way through a door, by escaping pointed spikes that kill you on contact. However, unlike Dave, all the levels are the same, but the way you solve them is different. Hence, you get 80 unique ways for the same passage making it very unusual gameplay. If you want to remove ads and get free hints, you can buy the game for $1.5.

Get That Level Again ( iOS |  Android ) 

That Level Again

8. Can You Escape

This one is a classic puzzle and logic game if you have an eye for details. There is just one job for a user – To find the key to escape the room. These clues vary from mini-puzzles to finding hidden objects that lead you to clues, which lead you to the next room after you solve them. There are 12 rooms in total in the app. The game has annoying banner ads if you can ignore them, great. However, there is no option to subscribe to remove the ads.

You can find an array of these sort of games like Can You Escape Titanic, Can You Escape an Island, etc.

Get Can You Escape ( iOS | Android ) 

Can You Escape

9. REBUS – Absurd Logic Game

Rebus follows a very minimal and illustrative style in the form of brain teasers. The concept of the game is simple, you have to connect an illustration with one or more alphabets and form a word. Besides normal guesswork, you also have to think about every possible outcome that it can have and probably keep guessing until you get the right answer. You receive coins for every right answer which you can use to see hints. there’s also an option to buy these coins from the setting tab.

Get REBUS – Absurd Logic Game ( iOS | Android )

REBUS - Absurd Logic Game

10. Ordinary

Ordinary is a blend of Sudoku and Picross. The game just has two rules, cover each number with the same line length and covering all dots with a line. I’m sure that sounds confusing, therefore you can refer to the tutorial section in the game for more clarity. This is a free and open-source puzzle game. Hence there are no annoying ads or in-app purchases.

As the game has only one solution, no trial & error but pure logic would only work.

Get Ordinary for ( iOS | Android ) 


11. Hello Human

You might fight it amusing but this one has made game’s instructions a part of the challenge. You work through puzzles with an AI guiding you with fun responses through the tasks. This chatty AI throws easy puzzles at first but slowly you get a grip of harder tasks as you move ahead in the game. Some of these puzzle use, phone’s hardware or involve flipping the screen in weird ways. The game has 40 levels and you can jump to any level after you complete the game. You can buy the app for $4.

Monochromatic UI where you solve puzzles with an AI.

Get Hello Human for ( iOS | Android )

Hello Human

12. Through the Darkest of Times

It’s a strategy game where you are a part of a resistance group who’re trying to save as many lives from Nazi atrocities.  The is divided into 4 chapters. As a leader, you’ve to make strategies to gather information, recruit followers, and make people aware of Nazi intentions. The real struggle is to do all of this while staying undercover and not getting caught by patrolling soldiers at any cost.  The app is more than 700MB and costs $6.99.

Narrative style gameplay where you have to strategize without getting caught.

Get Through the Darkest of Times for ( iOS | Android ) 

Through the Darkest of Times

Closing Remarks

Now, don’t sit back and relax and put your mind to work. If you get bored of these anytime, you can get back to some mind-relaxing games , so you can redo a failed attempt with more focus. I hope you solve these logic games, enjoy!

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' src=

Vaibhav is a broadcast journalist with a keen interest in tech. He doesn't believe in fanboying a specific product. He writes about things he believes are actually helpful in some way to the user.

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The 12 Best Logic Games for iPhone

' data-src=

Logic games cause many beneficial effects on people, such as strengthening their problem-solving ability, establishing cause-effect relationships, developing the function of thinking quickly and making the right decision, and gaining motivation and concentration. 

We have reviewed many logic games that will be enjoyed by those who love to exercise their brain, and we have listed the most entertaining and addictive ones for you. Here are the best logic games for iPhone!

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $19.99

Flow Free is an enjoyable puzzle game. Players will attempt to solve the puzzle by combining the matching colors with the pipe and matching all of the colors. Players must take care not to cross or overlap the pipes when combining colors. The game includes over 2500 free levels, daily puzzles, ten different board sizes, and purchasable level packs.

Flow Free on the App Store

Peak – Brain Training

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $34.99

Peak – Brain Training has 45+ games covering six categories aimed at improving mental skills and is among the best logic games for iPhone. Players can play skill-based games like Weakest Link, Low Rank, Coffee Break, and The Total Workout with Peak. Games of Peak provide development in many areas such as concentration, problem-solving, and memory strengthening. Game lovers can challenge their friends and track their progress. To learn more detailed information, visit Peak’s website .

Peak – Brain Training on the App Store

Also Read: The 8 Best Chess Apps for iOS and Android

Zuzu · Binary Puzzle Game

Price: Free

best problem solving game on ios

Zuzu · Binary Puzzle Game is an excellent game to test your logic and skills. The game is liked by sudoku lovers because it is similar to sudoku. The players’ goal in the game is to fill the board using logical determination. There are only two tile colors in the game, orange (zero) and blue (one). Players must arrange each row and column with an equal number of red and blue tiles and no more than two adjacent tiles of the same color. Check out Zuzu’s website for more detailed information.

Zuzu · Binary Puzzle Game on the App Store

REBUS – Absurd Logic Game

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $4.99

REBUS – Absurd Logic Game is a logic and design game and stands out among the best logic games for iPhone. The game manages to attract the attention of logic game lovers with its stylish graphics and unique mind games. REBUS provides a straightforward but unpredictable experience.

REBUS – Absurd Logic Game on the App Store

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Brain Games!

best problem solving game on ios

Brain Games is a brilliant game with straightforward logic. 

The goal of the game is to move the colored shapes into a large rectangle. The game features beautiful retina graphics and 90 levels that will train and challenge your brain. Brain Games is iPod Touch and iPad compatible.

Brain Games! on the App Store

Where’s My Water? 2

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $0.99

best problem solving game on ios

Where’s My Water 2 is a free Disney game with interesting puzzles. There are over 100 levels in the game, as well as mechanics tailored to each character, themed ducks, and clues. In the game’s ‘Duck Rush’ levels, players must dig quickly to collect as many ducks as possible. By cutting through the dirt, players will assist their friends in channeling fresh water, purple water, and steam.

Where’s My Water? 2 on the App Store

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Brain It On!

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $3.99

Brain It On is a game with tricky and challenging puzzles that will challenge your brain and deserves to be among the best logic games for iPhone. In physics puzzles, players will draw shapes to solve the puzzle. The game allows players to fight with their friends. Each puzzle in the game has multiple solutions, and players aim to find the best solution. Browse Brain It On’s website to learn more details about the game.

Brain It On! on the App Store

Cross Fingers

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $29.99

best problem solving game on ios

Cross Fingers is an unusual game that features a massive tangram puzzle that will improve your dexterity. In Cross Fingers, players will try to put together solid pieces. There are 840 various levels to complete in the game.

Cross Fingers on the App Store

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Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $4.99

best problem solving game on ios – Number Games is one of the games in which you will have fun while training your brain. The game has thousands of classic sudoku puzzles and includes daily tasks. Game lovers can effortlessly get rid of the stress of the day and keep their brains active with is a game that people of all levels can enjoy and one of the best logic games for iPhone. Players can play by choosing the level they want. The game offers many handy features to sudoku lovers like game hints, automatic control, and highlighted copies. – Number Games on the App Store

Build a Bridge!

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $9.99

Build a Bridge is a physics-based crafting game in which you put your engineering skills to the test. Each level is more difficult and detailed than the one before it. The players’ goal is to build a strong structure without going over budget. Players in Build a Bridge must be efficient and measured. Players can test the durability of their bridges using the game’s 3D model feature. Build a Bridge includes a variety of materials such as wood, cables, and metal, as well as 86 beautiful levels, detailed environments, a realistic physics engine, and other features.

Build a Bridge! on the App Store

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Price: $5.99

Threes is a stunning game beyond your imagination. The game comes in one simple game mode and offers endless challenges. Players get access to a sweet cast of characters and a lovely soundtrack with Threes. For more information about Threes, check out the website of the game .

Threes! on the App Store

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is a breathtaking game that attracts attention with its unusual style. Om Nom will be guided through the game by the players. Cut the Rope is a thrilling game with inventive physics-based hidden rewards. The game has 17 boxes with 425 levels and excellent graphics. Also, the game’s premium membership disables ads and IAPs and offers free daily bonuses and power-ups.

Cut the Rope on the App Store

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best problem solving game on ios

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best problem solving game on ios

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The best logic games for iPhone

When it comes to gaming, some of the most challenging ones are the logic-based games. While these ones don’t always have the fanciest and slickest graphics, most in-depth stories, and a bevy of characters, they do force you to think through your moves, strategize, and often leave you puzzled or searching for help. Here’s a collection of logic-based games that are sure to entertain you with a variety of themes and goals.

8 Feb 2021, by  Cherry Mae Torrevillas

Zuzu Logic Puzzles · Play and earn rewards icon

Zuzu Logic Puzzles · Play and earn rewards

Zuzu Logic Puzzles · Play and earn rewards screenshot

Enjoy Zuzu, the best logic puzzle app - a binary puzzle game that tests your logic and skill! If you like Sudoku puzzles, you will love Zuzu!

Your goal is to fill in the board using only logical determination, similar to Sudoku. Tap a tile on the board to set or change its color. Like the binary number system in general, there are only two tile colors, orange (0) and blue (1). Zuzu games begin with an unfinished grid that must be filled in correctly according to three rules listed below.

  • Strategies of different levels of complexity
  • Track your best and average solve times over history
  • Play on your phone and tablet
  • Enjoy online or in offline mode

Flow Free icon

  • Over 2,500 free levels available in Free Play mode, and new Daily Puzzles every day
  • 10 different board sizes
  • Track your completion of each level in Free Play mode
  • Clean vector graphics and animations

Peak - Brain Training icon

Peak - Brain Training

Peak - Brain Training screenshot

  • Free games that challenge your Memory, Attention, Mental Agility, Language, Coordination, Creativity and many more
  • Compete with friends by comparing your brainmap and game performance
  • Get access to Peak Advanced Training Plans
  • Available for Apple Watch with 3 games that assess your memory and attention

REBUS - Absurd Logic Game icon

REBUS - Absurd Logic Game

REBUS - Absurd Logic Game screenshot

If you love mind games, check out REBUS, which is touted as being an “absurd logic game” with stylish graphics and “crisp insanity.” No matter if you want to play for two minutes or two hours, it will require you to make associations, use your best logic skills, and get your brain working! Its smooth gameplay, pleasing design, and good mix of difficulty levels will make you come back for more. Some of the puzzles are super easy, most are challenging, and some are downright impossible. This one will require some extremely creative thinking for sure.

  • Good variety of difficulty levels
  • Encourages creative thinking
  • Eye-pleasing design
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Free with in-app purchases 

Brain Teasers 3 - logic unblock glass blocks free riddles addicting games! icon

Brain Teasers 3 - logic unblock glass blocks free riddles addicting games!

Brain Teasers 3 - logic unblock glass blocks free riddles addicting games! screenshot

Brain Teasers 3 will help you keep your brain healthy with its addictive puzzles. All you have to do is place the colored blocks into a big rectangle at the top of the puzzle, using your finger. Sound easy? It really isn’t. If you like solving puzzles, you’re going to enjoy this app with 90 levels. You can share your high scores to Twitter and Facebook too, if you want to boast to your friends. There are different levels of difficulty from which to choose. Start out with the easy levels to learn how to play and go from there. What will be your high score?

  • Use your logic skills
  • Move the colored blocks
  • More difficult than it looks
  • Share scores to social media
  • Free logic game for iPhone

100 Logic Games - Time Killers - FREE Brain Teasers Puzzle Pack  ! icon

100 Logic Games - Time Killers - FREE Brain Teasers Puzzle Pack !

100 Logic Games - Time Killers - FREE Brain Teasers Puzzle Pack  ! screenshot

100 Logic Games will give you more than 100 games to test your brain power. You can choose from a wide range of difficulty levels, sizes of puzzles, and more. Save your progress, use hints, restart, and undo. If you have some spare time and want to use your brain, play Parks, Snail, Skyscrapers, Hidden Path, Masyu, Hitori, Hidden Stars, Box It Up, and many more. There are more than 10,000 puzzle levels in all, and you get auto-save and quick resumption of games if you decide to quit for a while and go back. The app is free but you can pay to remove the ads for $7.99

  • Over 100 logic games
  • Work your brain
  • Many levels of difficulty
  • Different puzzle sizes
  • Free with in-app purchase to remove ads

Logic Puzzles Daily - Solve Logic Grid Problems and Be a Puzzler Egghead icon

Logic Puzzles Daily - Solve Logic Grid Problems and Be a Puzzler Egghead

Logic Puzzles Daily - Solve Logic Grid Problems and Be a Puzzler Egghead screenshot

Here’s an app that will put your logic puzzle solving skills to the test. You must work your way through levels of puzzles by using logic and deduction. Each level gets more difficult and you can work your way up the Leaderboards. Measure yourself against other players and invite your friends to join. There are achievements to earn, over 100 free puzzles to solve and many in-app purchases for additional puzzle packs. Although the gameplay is very simple, the puzzles will definitely provide the challenge that you desire.

  • Solve logical puzzles
  • Each puzzle gets more difficult
  • There are over 100 free puzzles
  • Global leaderboards and achievements
  • In-app purchases for puzzle packs

The Room Pocket icon

The Room Pocket

The Room Pocket screenshot

Imagine being stuck in an eerie and creepy room and you need to solve a series of puzzles in order to escape? That's the exact premise with The Room Pocket app. In this game you will be moving through a series of rooms that are filled with clues you need to find and then piece together in order to solve the mystery. It's great for quick gameplay here and there, or you can find yourself completely lost in it for hours. The 3D graphics are beautiful and help to draw you in and the challenge of the mysteries will often leave you baffled. As the designer explains this one has many layers to it, and you'll soon discover that for yourself.

  • Work your way through the rooms
  • Beautiful 3D graphics
  • Find the clues and use them to solve the mystery
  • This one can keep you busy for hours

Can You Escape icon

Can You Escape

Can You Escape screenshot

  • There are eight free rooms
  • There are two bonus rooms
  • Find the hidden objects and use them to solve the puzzle
  • The rooms very in difficulty
  • The game is challenging and addictive


Where's My Water? 2


Who says kids can't enjoy the fun of logic games? The Where's My Water? 2 app is one that has been designed by Disney specifically for kids, but adults can have just as much fun with this one. This is the sequel to the original game and differs by offering a selection of new locations. There are more than 100 levels and now there is a Challenge mode to enjoy. The premise is the same as the first; you must guide the fresh water, steam, and purple water to where it should be depending on what the Swampy's friends and him need. Guiding the water and steam uses logic, puzzle-solving skills, and will test their understanding of physics.

  • A logic-based game for kids
  • Uses physics
  • All the original characters are back with new locations
  • Guide the fresh water, steam, and purple water through the puzzles

Machinarium icon


Machinarium screenshot

  • A strange and unique world awaits
  • The characters are all machines
  • You will be solving puzzles and testing out your building skills
  • The game has won awards for its illustrations and its gaming

Cross Fingers icon

Cross Fingers

Cross Fingers screenshot

Are you a fan of puzzles? If so the Cross Fingers app can provide you with the kind of gameplay you love and offers up some pretty big challenges. There are an incredible 840 levels to solve here so you have many hours of puzzle-solving ahead of you. This one will put to the test your brain of course as well as your imagination skills as you work to put all the solid pieces together in this tangram puzzle. If you want to be able to replay the levels an unlimited amount of time you can unlock Arcade Mode and work at getting the top score.

  • Solve the 840 tangram puzzles
  • The puzzles will test your problem solving skills, reflexes, mind, and speed
  • You can unlock the Arcade Mode for even more fun
  • The game controls are simple to pick up on

Sudoku ∙ icon

Sometimes you just feel like a classic kind of game and when that's the case you can check out the Sudoku ∙ app. You've got four levels of difficulty here making it great for beginner and advanced players. If you happen to think of yourself as a gifted player be sure to check out the "Impossible" level. You've got a number of options available to you here such as being able to turn off or on the timer, you can use your right or left hand, and the screen won't turn off while you play even if you are taking a long time to make your next move. You won't lose your progress since your turn is saved and the game will ensure you don't enter the same numbers more than once.

  • The classic numbers game
  • There are four levels of difficulty
  • Players can take advantage of a number of smart features


15 Best Puzzle Games For Android And iOS In 2022

best puzzle games

A mong the various games we have played, puzzle games have been a part of our childhood, and we all have loved the way such games acted as brain teasers and helped stimulate our nervous system.

As we grow up, we need such mind-teasing games for the healthy working of our brain cells . And as most of our time is spent online, why not make room for online puzzles and keep our brains refreshed?  Therefore, my new list will include the best puzzle games you should consider downloading on your device for all the perplexity you need.

15 Best Puzzle Games For Android and iOS 

Chess light – puzzle game, brain it on, monuments valley, escape puzzle game, move the block, jigsaw puzzles real, smart: brain games and logic puzzles, sudoku – puzzle game, 2048 original.

Hocus is a mind-bending perspective puzzle game. It is currently one of the top-rated puzzle games on the Play Store right now. In this game, your goal is to get a cube to the red finish marker as fast and efficiently as possible. It might look easy to play but can be pretty challenging.

One of the most incredible things about this game is that it lets you create and play other user-created puzzles. With over 100 puzzles, you can easily play this game for a few hours whenever you are bored.

  • Pros : Pick up and play game, easy to learn
  • Cons : Can get repetitive
  • Availability : Android and iOS

Amid all the available puzzle games online, Threes has a similar concept of sliding tiles to form a particular number, in this case, three and its multiples. When you start playing the game, it will give you a walk-through on how to play it so that it gets easier for you.

Threes: best problem solving games

It follows a simple drill of sliding the tiles and joining them to add the two titles. Even though it is an easy process, it will still take a while to join the tiles. It starts with making a three, followed by other multiples of three. Each step expects you to make one, and you have to use your brain while sliding to form the desired number.

The game has ease of flow, and once you start playing it often, you will enjoy it, and sliding tiles to form numbers will be your everyday goal.

  • Pros : Addictive in a good way
  • Cons : Can stutter sometimes

Mekorama is an adorable 3D puzzle game just like Treasure Tracker and Monument Valley. In this game, you control a cute little robot and navigate it through different puzzle rooms, each with different mechanics. Due to the variety in obstacles, the game keeps being fresh.

Whenever you finish a level, you unlock five more. So you won’t ever feel stuck, and the progression will be pretty open-ended. With over 50 levels to unlock, the game is quite a delight for those who like a challenge but want a laid-back experience.

  • Pros : Looks quite good considering its a mobile game
  • Cons : Might not run properly on older phones

Chess Lite

Chess light is a puzzle game based on, you guessed it, “Chess!”. The game puts you in over 180 different chess scenarios where you have to find a way to win. The game is free and comes with no ads, which is rare for games these days.

There are even six different difficulty options if you find the game is hard or too easy. You can even receive a hint if you feel like you are stuck. Fans of chess will definitely want to check this game out.

  • Pros : Huge variety of puzzle combinations
  • Cons : Have to know the basic rules of chess

Brain It On is an apt puzzle app to use when you want to challenge your brain. When I used the app, I could not help but scratch my head into how exactly can I play the simplest-looking game. The game works in a horizontal format and has a number of levels to reach.

You have to begin playing without doing much; open up the app, and select the first level (the first few levels are unlocked while others are locked), and start puzzling. Before you start, you have to make any shape of your choice on a plain canvas, beginning the main way of playing the game.

Brain It On: best puzzle games

This means that the app needs you to do something on the canvas to execute a particular task. For instance, there will be a situation wherein you have to make something so that a glass kept on the canvas falls on the ground.

As the levels increase, the difficulty of the puzzle increases, which makes Brain It On one of the best Android puzzle games as well as on iOS. Furthermore, you can upgrade the app to get rid of ads.

  • Pros : Simple UI
  • Cons : Need to watch ads for hints

Monuments Valley is a puzzle video game wherein you are required to use your brain and help the character reach the destination. Anyone talking about puzzle games ought to mention Monument Valley. Hence,  it had to make an entry on my list of best puzzle games.

Monument Valley: best puzzle games

While in the game, you have to play to puzzle to start playing the actual. The game is interesting as it has a 3D setting, and it is pretty fun to play.

The only drawback of the game is that it is a paid app, which slightly gets disappointing. Nonetheless, if spending money on apps is not a problem for you, Monuments Valley 1 and 2 are must-have puzzle games.

  • Pros : Intriguing concept
  • Cons : Paid app


Empty is a puzzle game similar to Monuments Valley, at least in terms of its artistic design. It’s a very zen-like puzzle game with a laid-back approach. Meaning you can play the game and not feel frustrated but rather healed.

The gameplay is quite simple, where you have to clear the room by rotating it. The game aims to teach us the value of simplicity in life with each level. It is entirely free and comes without any ads, which is quite rare for a game nowadays.

  • Pros : Relaxing music and style
  • Cons : Simplistic gameplay

The Two Dots Puzzle game moves around the two dots present on the app. You have to connect the dots in a way they meet each other, and a connection between the two is formed. 

When you open up the app, the app will give a gist of how to play the game by letting you connect the two dots available on the screen. Once the process gets completed, you can start with the first level of the game, which will eventually take you up the hill of the more and more levels (with new ways of playing).

Two Dots: Best games to tease your brain

Keep in mind that you can connect the dots horizontally, vertically, or form a right-angle but can’t connect them diagonally. Additionally, you get limited moves, so you have to hurry up and use your brain before you make a move.

When you are at a particular level, you will be given some targets to make you cross the level. The initial levels are pretty straightforward, and you will feel like a pro until you reach more levels and realize it’s not as easy as it appeared.

  • Pros : Engaging
  • Cons : Can lag sometimes

Escape Room is one of the puzzle types wherein you have to look for objects smartly. The game has a storyline where a girl introduces you to the game’s concept, following which you can start playing.

With a medieval backdrop, the game also provides you with a limited number of hints so that you move ahead with ease in situations when you get stuck.

Escape Puzzle Game

The game begins with the first level (and moves up more levels), wherein you have to find a given number of objects and use them in the scene itself. You will have to tap on the various things placed and find the hidden things or combine two things to repair an item — the possibilities of proceeding ahead are many.

While the Escape Room is intriguing, the difficulty level makes it one of the well-suited puzzles for adults. However, kids can also play it to sharpen their brains.

  • Pros : Story format
  • Cons : Adverts
  • Availability : Android

Move The Block is one of the classic sliding puzzles (among free puzzles) where you are required to slide the objects (in this case, blocks) to win the puzzle. The puzzle game has a number of levels under Basic, Premium, and Old categories (eight to be precise), with each level coming with sub-levels.

move the block

When you start with the first level, you will be guided around the game and the options available for you to use and play with ease. The game is an interesting one, and as you move forward, you won’t even realize how addictive the game will get, and you will end up playing it more than the allotted time period.

Of course, as you move up the levels, the levels will get difficult, and you might need the help of the hints available at your disposal. This is where the game’s drawback appears; to get each clue, you have to watch an ad video that makes it annoying.

  • Pros : Daily Rewards
  • Cons : Mid-gameplay ads

If you haven’t played a jigsaw puzzle, have you ever played a puzzle at all? One of the classic puzzle games of all time, the game’s name is enough to be one of the best free online jigsaw puzzles.

The game follows the simple process of joining the puzzle pieces and forming a single picture. The app provides you with various options to choose from: be it pictures related to nature, animals, aerial, and many more, and you can pick the ones you like and arrange the jigsaw puzzle.

Jigsaw: best puzzle games

Before the pieces are spread around, you will be given a small glimpse of the whole picture to start playing. You can further view the image again and again to get a better idea.

The game makes sure it twists your brain and acts as an element of nostalgia when jigsaw puzzles are actual board games.

  • Pros : Various Puzzle options
  • Cons : Ads, ads, ads

Skillz is one of the mobile puzzle games that tease your brain and puts your brain to some good use.

The app lets you decide if you want to play as a single-player or play a multi-player game. Upon choosing, there will be a number of levels, and you will be taken to the first level. As a reminder, other levels will be locked until you pass the initial ones. Hence, skipping levels is not an option. In addition to this, there is an option to replay the game if you weren’t satisfied with your previous performance.

Skillz: best puzzle games

The levels include searching for a particular number or letter among the same numbers or letters, thus testing your brainpower and speed. The game proves pretty addictive as the urge to cross all the levels takes over once you start playing it. However, the presence of ads is a problem.

  • Pros : Single/Multi-Player option
  • Cons : Time-based gameplay

Among the various puzzle game apps, Smart is a game that includes several brain teasers and logic puzzles, giving us an opportunity to play free puzzles.

The game has various color-coded levels (Blue, Violet, Gold) and other levels (Left & Right, Block Game, and Pipeline), each level coming with loads of sub-levels for you to enjoy the puzzle maker.

Smart: Brain Games

Selecting the levels and then the sub-levels will let you into your puzzles with tutorials so that you can get the hang of the game before starting. There are various puzzle options, which will ensure you don’t get bored with the game. While the gameplay is as smooth as butter initially, the more levels you reach, the more difficult it gets.

Overall, Smart is a fun game to play and rates you in areas such as memory, imagination, problem-solving, flexibility, speed, and attention so that you eventually improve in the areas. Additionally, you earn points and diamonds each time you cross a level.

  • Pros : Loads of game options
  • Cons : Slightly confusing app

Sudoku is another puzzle that is a classic and one of the best mobile puzzle games. Bringing the daily newspaper puzzle game to your smartphones, Sudoku is all about arranging numbers both vertically and horizontally.

The number count is from 1 to 9 in a 9×9 grid (also a standard format). You have to ensure that each grid doesn’t have the same number to make the perfect Sudoku. The game allows you to get hints, undo a particular entry, erase it or pencil it off. 


Additionally, Sudoku gives you daily challenges for further brain stimulation, lets you change the game’s theme, and lets you remove ads by making purchases.

While the game appears difficult when you start playing it, it eventually gets fun to play and easier once you get the hang of it. Being one of the vintage free puzzle games, it reminded me of the days when I used to play Sudoku from a newspaper back in school.

  • Pros : Great brain teaser
  • Cons : Takes a while to launch

2048 is one of the types of puzzles we have heard of before. It is a sliding puzzle requiring us to slide the blocks and eventually arrange four blocks in the ‘2048’ manner. While there are many apps with the 2048 moniker, it is present on my list of best puzzle games due to the high ratings and downloads.

2048 Original: Problem solving game

When you open up the app, you are asked to select the grids (4×4, 5×5, 6×6, 8×8, 3×5, 4×6, 5×8, 6×9) you want to play the game on. Once you select the grid of your choice, you can start playing the game. Remember, grid sizes mean that the difficulty is more with an increase in grid size.

2048 Original is one of the best puzzle apps, given that it activates the brain cells so badly, fulfilling the purpose of a puzzle game. If you want to tease your brain hard, you need 2048 on your smartphone.

  • Cons : Frequent ads

Types Of Puzzles

For those who think that puzzles are all about finding the puzzle pieces and completing a jigsaw, you need to know that there are many kinds of puzzles available for us to play with. These include riddles, trivia puzzles, math puzzles, pattern guessing, logic puzzles, and many more. This list contains puzzles such as trivia, sliding, logic, paper-and-pencil puzzles, among its various types. Hence, read on for more:

F requently Asked Questions

Are puzzle games good for you.

Online puzzle games keep your mind sharp . Just as we need a physical workout to maintain our fitness, we need mind exercises (in the form of puzzles and more) for brain fitness. I hope my list of best free Android puzzle games (iOS too) acts as a helping tool to keep you busy in something productive other than just social media.

Do puzzle games help with problem solving?

It’s a well-known fact that video games improve problem-solving skills. One research even says that children’s creativity is enhanced by playing any kind of video game, including violent games. However, that’s not the case when the children use other forms of technology, such as a computer or cell phone.

Do let me know which games from our best puzzle games list you liked the most. If you have more suggestions to make, I will take them and add the best ones to my list.

Until then, keep on puzzling your brain and make it fitter and better!

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best problem solving game on ios

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It looks great, too. And while the controls are a bit wonky on the iPad, there's still a thrill to be found in solving the crime and stopping the bad guys.

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Detective Grimoire

Basically, if your game has the word 'detective' in it, it's going to end up here.

This time, you're a gumshoe trying to solve a ridiculous murder in a swamp. You point and tap through a series of puzzles and bizarre encounters with the eccentric locals. Detective Grimoire is brilliantly written, full of weird characters, and filled with clever puzzles. If you like your crime-solving to be full of giggles, this is the game for you.

5 Detective Games: Criminal Case

Detective Games: Criminal Case

In the future, mysteries and crimes are still a thing. In Detective Games: Criminal Case, you will need to be solving crimes, figuring out who the killer is, and using your technological advances to keep ahead of those who are up to no good. You will need to capture criminals, investigate crimes, and fight against the clock as these killers can escape.

This game also has different modes, allowing you to play a variety of detective games on your iPhone.

6 The Shivah: Kosher Edition

The Shivah: Kosher Edition

Much like Shoestring (a.k.a. the greatest TV programme ever made), The Shivah is about a part-time sleuth looking to get to the bottom of a mystery. The local Jewish rabbi, who was lacking funds and membership to keep his synagogue open, recently received a bunch of money from an estranged member of his congregation. At first, it may seem like a blessing but might end up as more of a curse.

This may be a short game, but it's full of intrigue and some brilliant ideas. Well worth a look.

7 Detective Jackie - Mystic Case

Detective Jackie - Mystic Case

Detective Jackie is looking to solve the murder of a young girl, but this case isn't as straight forward as one would have guessed. This case is a little strange, with some myths turning out to possibly be true. You will need to solve the case while dealing with mythological paintings, finding strange secrets, and uncovering many answers that might just lead to more questions.

This game has you trying to understand and decide what's real and what is just make-believe.

8 Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

A grisly iOS turn from the son of the top-hatted puzzle-solving professor. This is a game of crime-solving and logic that'll leave even the most determined detectives scratching their heads from time to time. There are crime scenes to poke through, interviews to conduct, interrogations to handle, and plenty of murderers to uncover.

You will even spend time finding contradictions in case files, understanding what is really going on, and questioning witnesses to find out what they are keeping a secret. Towards the end of your case, you can face the culprit and argue with them, trying to make sure that the truth is told.

9 Mystery Manor: hidden objects

Mystery Manor: hidden objects

Mystery Manor is a hidden object, detective game, where you need to unlock new areas by finding objects that will help you solve mysteries. There are a bunch of different artifacts and interesting creatures that you can find, as well as secrets, puzzles and mini-games to add to the gameplay.

Though this detective game for iOS isn't as serious as some of the others, it's a fun time.

10 Detective Story: Jack's Case

Detective Story: Jack's Case

Mixing hidden object games and narrative mystery games, Detective Story: Jack's Case has you following a case where a strange package has arrived in the office of your detective agency. This wasn't the only strange occurrence, as you then got a phone call, from a stranger called Jack, who has given you one hour to save someone's life. From there, you need to investigate the crime, solve quests, find hidden objects, and get through some tough quests.

There are a lot of different characters to interact with, interesting clues, and mini-games!

Sadly, this one concludes our list of best detective games for iOS. We hope you've found something that's going to spark the detective instinct and the quick wit of Sherlock Holmes within you! If you've wondered on here and you have Android instead, we have an even bigger list of Android detective games .

Cristina Mesesan

Grindstone characters looking lovingly at a Nintendo Switch

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The best puzzle games to play right now

On your phone, computer, or console

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It’s no understatement to say puzzles form the backbone of video games as a medium of entertainment.

For me, it started with games like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past , in which dungeons contained numerous mysteries that pushed me to consider, and then reconsider, how I used Link’s vast arsenal of tools to accomplish a task like, say, opening a secret door to a room. And while several adventure games make problem-solving a key aspect of exploring, just plain old puzzles also have played a large role in the history of video games.

It could be the picture book-esque stylings of point-and-click games like Goragoa or the mind-bending worlds of Cocoon , developers continue to shower fans of games with all kinds of brainteasers. Even in the past two years, I’ve seen word games — still puzzles! — take on a new level of widespread popularity through the breakout success of games like the New York Times’ Wordle and now Connections .

There are truly too many puzzle games to choose from. If we really wanted to get philosophical, we could extend this designation to the vast majority of games. So we here at Polygon decided to start by writing up some of our personal favorite puzzle games. From classic match games like Puyo Puyo to the deviously clever visual puns of Baba Is You , here are Polygon’s favorite puzzle games. — Ana Diaz

Baba Is You

An image of the game Baba Is You. There are moveable blocks of text that say “open” and “push.” Baba stands in front of a door with a key.

Where to play: Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC

Baba Is You is a word game and an environmental puzzle game, but not in the way that either of those genre terms typically get used.

In this game, the words you select change the environment around you and the entire conditions of the game itself — almost like you’re the level designer. The top-down, 2D game starts simply enough, giving you rules in the form of text on the screen like “Baba is you” (you control a little sprite named Baba), “rock is push” (if you run up against a rock, it’ll move), and “flag is win” (touch the flag to complete the level). But each of those pieces of text can be moved around on screen to spell out different commands, thereby changing the entire world. Pushing these pieces of text to instead make them say “rock is you” turns the rock into a playable character, while Baba simply stands there motionless.

That might not sound too complicated, until the game introduces a ton more objects and actions, thereby allowing you to feel like even more of a galaxy-brained genius upon figuring out how to reorder them in your favor. Like the best puzzle games, Baba Is You will make you feel both smart and stupid constantly — but mostly smart, because you’ll be training your brain to think in ways that are entirely new. — Maddy Myers

  • $15 at Steam
  • $15 at Nintendo
  • $7 at Google Play

The Case of the Golden Idol

A murder occurs in The Case of the Golden Idol, involving spontaneous combustion

Where to play: Nintendo Switch, Windows PC

Much like Return of the Obra Dinn (more on that in a sec), the real work of playing The Case of the Golden Idol doesn’t involve anything you do on screen — it happens in your head as you sort through the clues the game has provided.

In this game, it’s not just one event that you need to unravel, but a whole series of mysterious and fantastical murders to solve, one by one. The killings take place over the course of several years, each of them related in some way to a magical object with extraordinary and lethal powers (the titular Golden Idol). Like Obra Dinn , all you get are glimpses of each murder, but not a whole cutscene — just an unsettling, looping animation of the victim’s final moments. As the omnipresent investigator, you can sort through the character’s pockets and explore the victim’s surroundings, which will allow you to put together clues and make an accusation — in the form of a written logbook that has predetermined phrases for you to select.

In that way, Golden Idol involves some process of elimination, since there are only ever so many words that you can put into your logbook to describe the murder’s events, but those words might not make any sense to you until you’ve fully processed the scene and the clues. Again, this is a game that unfolds in your head and not on screen — because once you know whodunit, selecting the words that describe the solution is a total breeze. This is a game that will have you wishing you could erase your memory and play it again. Luckily, there’s some fantastic DLC for it and a sequel on the way. — MM

  • $12 at Steam
  • $18 at Nintendo

A little beetle character looks up in a green glowing room at another bug with tendrils touching an orb in Cocoon

Where to play: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

It’s difficult to communicate the terms of a puzzle without using a single line of dialogue or piece of text, yet that’s precisely what Cocoon does throughout its short (four-to-five-hour) but monumentally impressive run time. You play as a cute little bug exploring a series of strange sci-fi worlds using mysterious, glowing orbs to transport yourself to and fro. Environmental hazards abound, but the path beyond each of them always turns out to be head-slappingly simple, requiring you to just look at the minimal tools at your disposal and using them to your advantage. The pulsing synth soundtrack will accelerate in a hopeful direction whenever you get closer to solving a puzzle, which helps. The only frustrating part is that Cocoon still has boss battles in between its oodles of environmental puzzles, and these are fine but not nearly as fun as, well, the puzzles. That’s why you’re here, after all. — MM

  • $25 at Nintendo
  • $25 at Steam
  • $25 at PlayStation


Connections puzzle on top of a purple background

Where to play: NY Times Games

Sometimes you want a gorgeously rendered puzzle game that you can sink hours into on your PC or your console. And other times, you want “grid on phone.”

“Grid on phone” is having a moment in the puzzle genre — trivia games like the Immaculate Grid or Vulture’s Cinematrix have captured the hearts of nerds of all stripes. But for my money [ Ed. note: Those games are all free] the New York Times’ daily Connections is the most complete and satisfying version of “grid on phone.”

Each day, players are presented with a four-by-four grid of words. The goal is to find four groups of four connected words: Maybe they rhyme, or have to do with a connected topic, or can all use the same prefix or suffix. Some are harder than others — in each set of four groups, typically two are pretty easy and two are pretty difficult — and Connections editor Wyna Liu is quite skilled at tricking you into thinking you’ve found a group where one doesn’t exist. That level of difficulty is what makes Connections challenging and fun, and when you manage to guess the most difficult group of the day first, it’s a great feeling. — Pete Volk

Ice Cave level of Grindstone on Nintendo Switch

Where to play: iOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One

Capybara Games’ Grindstone is one of my go-to games if I’m just traveling with my iPad. You play as an ogre-like miner who slays monsters and collects items called grindstones. To collect these stones and complete each level, you’ll chart a path through a corral of monsters by connecting creatures of the same color. If you slay more than 10 monsters in one turn, you’ll be rewarded with a shiny grindstone that allows you to continue your chain attack with a differently colored monster.

Grindstone is polished down to the most minute details. The developers honed in on a strong sense of style that leans into colorful, cartoony art and quirky character design. Even small actions, like slicing through monsters, feels oh-so satisfying as your little ogre grunts and rips through all the little creeps.

I also personally like that you can play through the campaign and upgrade your character. So while it’s a puzzle game, the game does have a progression element where you power up your little miner. What’s more is that this part of the game also introduced certain strategy elements, so you might need to plan out what items and upgrades you’ll want depending on the specific challenge of each level. — AD

  • $20 at Steam
  • $20 at Nintendo
  • $20 at PlayStation

Lumines Remastered

A Tetris-like grid in Lumines, with a face behind the grid.

Where to play: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One

Have you ever loved a game that you absolutely suck at? That’s me with Lumines Remastered . On its face, this game has a rather simple premise that will feel comfortable to fans of other falling-block games, but it never fails to kick my ass.

In the main mode, you work with a generously wide board that’s 16 blocks long and 10 high. As you play, a two-by-two square composed of smaller blocks falls from the top of the screen. Each of these squares has its own combination of two different colors of blocks. For example, the first level has a silver-and-orange theme, so one square might have three orange blocks, and then one silver block in the upper right corner. You clear the board by arranging these smaller squares so that the smaller blocks of the same color stack to form other square and rectangular shapes. You lose the game once the blocks stack up and surpass the height of the board.

Lumines Remastered feels great to play and has a great sense of style to boot. The game has a rhythmic pace to it because the squares and rectangles of the same color don’t clear until a cursor aligned with the beat passes over them. I personally think fans of Tetris Effect will love it for its pulsing electronic beats and dazzling visual effects. I might not always get as far as I want, but I’ll always come back for more. — AD

  • $15 at Xbox

A game board from Peggle, with bowling pins in the background

Where to play: Android, iOS, PlayStation 3, Windows PC, Xbox 360

Peggle was released in 2007 and it’s still one of the best puzzle games of all time. A mix of Japanese gambling arcade game pachinko, pinball machines, and centuries-old billiards game Bagatelle, Peggle is played by launching a ball from the top of the screen to bounce around and clear a board full of pegs. It’s a mix of luck and strategy in deciding where to aim the ball to maximize the amount of pegs that are lit up or cleared. It’s pure serotonin when you make huge combos or clear the board — set to an epic rendition of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9, particularly “Ode to Joy.”

I remember playing Peggle on Xbox Live Arcade, but it’s now available on basically all platforms. PopCap eventually released Peggle Nights and Peggle 2 , plus Peggle Blast for mobile devices, among others. From its major success, Peggle has almost become a genre: There’s roguelike Peglin , dungeon crawler Roundguard , and role-playing game Beast Breaker , if you’re looking to spice up the original gameplay. — Nicole Carpenter

  • $1 at Steam

Cover art for Picross S for Nintendo Switch

Where to play: Nintendo Switch

Nonograms like Picross are a tried-and-true puzzle format. In Picross games, you fill in boxes on a grid to reveal a picture by using numbered hints assigned to each line. My personal favorite version of it is Sega’s: the Picross S games for Nintendo Switch. Sega released the first Picross S in 2017 and has released more than eight different versions of it since. (I played Picross S4 and 5 , and enjoyed those ones specifically.)

Picross games have a laid-back feel that’s notably less frantic than some of the other options on this list. You can learn the basics in minutes and kick back once you do. I personally appreciate how the Picross S series feels great to play in a digital format since it gives you all the notation tools you need to succeed.

Picross would make the perfect match for the sudoku-inclined. I’d also venture to say that its laid-back gameplay and almost pen-and-paper feel would make it a great next step for any fans of word games wanting to try something new. It is the perfect game to play on a lazy Sunday morning as you drink a giant cup of coffee. —AD

  • $8 at Nintendo

Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On!

A field of cute horses race around the track in Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On!

Where to play: iOS, Nintendo Switch

One of my favorites puzzle game genres is “improbable mashup of solitaire with something else” (see the entry for Regency Solitaire in this list), and you don’t get more improbable than Pokémon developer Game Freak’s collision of frantic, high-speed card-clearing with a surprisingly deep and tactical horse-racing sim. Originally appearing on Nintendo 3DS, Pocket Card Jockey is now available in a remake for iOS (via Apple Arcade) and Nintendo Switch. The game involves clearing hands of cards very quickly against the clock to determine your success in various phases of the horse race, but there’s a load of other stuff going on too, including managing your horse’s positioning on the track, its levels of energy and stamina, and so on. There’s even an involved and lengthy career mode where breeding and stable management comes into play. Super cute and accessible on the surface, Pocket Card Jockey is a deep, hypnotic, and exciting mashup of sports and puzzle game under the surface. —Oli Welsh

  • $7 at Apple Arcade 1 month

Pokémon Puzzle League

Two players go head to head in Pokémon Puzzle League

Where to play: Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack

When I’m hanging out with family around the holidays, there’s always one game that comes out. It’s not a sleepy-eyed Mario Kart or anything like that, no — we just love to play Pokémon Puzzle League .

Originally released on Nintendo 64 in 2000, we now enjoy the game by playing it via the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscription . The game is basically Tetris Attack (also known as Panel de Pon ) with a Pokémon skin. You navigate a one-by-two cursor that flips the blocks from one spot to another. So if you have a red “fire-type” block sitting to the left of a blue “water-type” block, it will swap their spots so the blue one is on the left and red is on the right. Then, you just try to match up lines of three of the same color or more. When you get into it, the game can take on a dizzyingly fast pace that can hook you in for hours.

With a soundtrack that contains cutesy versions of classic tracks like “ Pokémon World ” and crunchy animated visuals from the early era of the franchise, it will tickle any longtime fans of the series. However, it still holds up as a great puzzle game and is a joy to play in local co-op with the non-Pokémon lovers in my life. —AD

  • $50 at Best Buy

Puyo Puyo Tetris

A screenshot of a flat playing field in Puyo Puyo Tetris

Where to play: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One

If there is one game on this list that has an uncanny ability to leave me and my friends red-eyed and wondering how it’s already 3:00 a.m., it’s Puyo Puyo Tetris .

The game combines Puyo Puyo — the beloved color-matching game from Sega — and Tetris , the classic falling-block game with tetrominoes. It’s kind of a matter of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” and Tetris certainly doesn’t need any fixing. Puyo Puyo Tetris (and its accompanying sequel) have long been my couch co-op Tetris game of choice.

While the game does have single-player content, I’ve only ever played it with others. In a match, each person gets to choose between playing with the Puyo Puyo mode or Tetris mode. You can play with up to four people at once, and clearing lines on the board in the Tetris version or matching colors in the Puyo Puyo version sends attacks that fill up your competitors’ boards with gray blocks or Puyos.

Puyo Puyo Tetris blends the two classics excellently, even if my groups tend to skew toward the Tetris side of things. I’ve had friends jump in with Puyo and it provides a new kind of challenge as a Tetris player. The one drawback? Some might find the voice-over of its cartoon characters a tad annoying, but even their grating nature can be endearing in its own way, especially if you’re one to shout into the late hours of the night. — AD

  • $4 at PlayStation

Puzzle & Dragons Story

A board in Puzzle & Dragons Story, with a dragon in the background and a match puzzle to solve

Where to play: iOS

Puzzle & Dragons Story is an Apple Arcade game that combines creature battling and match-3 systems. The classic tile-matching gameplay is where you’ll be attacking the monsters you’re fighting — what you match determines how hard you hit, what element is boosted, or when you heal. It’s one of those games that looks easy, but there’s a lot of strategy involved when you get into the depths.

The franchise has been around since 2012 in several different forms on mobile, but Puzzle & Dragons Story is the latest release, removing the microtransactions from the game — one of the big things the game has been criticized for in the past. Between the dungeons, Puzzle & Dragons Story is filled out with a dramatic narrative that’s easy to consume in small bites, making this one of my top games for whenever I’ve got a spare moment. — NC

  • $0 at Apple

Regency Solitaire

An oval card layout in front of a painting of a dawn meadow with stags in Regency Solitaire 2

For soothing, smooth-brain puzzling in the true casual-gaming tradition, you can’t do better than this elegant solitaire variant with a Jane Austen-inspired storyline. In 2015’s Regency Solitaire and its 2024 sequel you play Bella, a social-climbing debutante whose pursuit of the perfect marital match is punctuated by lots of attractively arranged tableaux of cards to clear by clicking on them. And the clicking feels great — developer Grey Alien Games is a master of this sort of thing, so the crisp sound effects and light arcade-style scoring systems are perfectly tuned to keep you pleasantly engaged, but not too excited. The Austen pastiche is pretty funny, too. There’s not much to choose between the first and second games, but Regency Solitaire 2 looks better on modern displays, and is a tad more refined. (The original is available on Switch and PC; Regency Solitaire 2 is on PC only.) — OW

Return of the Obra Dinn

Return of the Obra Dinn - looking at a corpse on the deck

The vessel Obra Dinn left port with 60 souls aboard and returned with none alive. It’s your job to deduce what happened to each member of its crew and how they met their fate. You’re given a crew manifest, some sketches, and a pocket watch. Using this device next to a corpse or other points of interest presents you with a snapshot of how the incident occurred and a bit of dialogue, allowing you to piece together events as you explore more of the ship.

The first handful of deductions are relatively simple, but as you cross names off your list, evidence becomes increasingly obscure, forcing you to fill in the blanks by cross-referencing new information as it becomes available. You have an unlimited amount of time to come to your conclusions before departing, but the Obra Dinn isn’t a particularly hospitable place. From the moment you step aboard, the eerie silence is punctuated only by your footsteps and the groaning of the vessel against the increasingly restless tide. Even with the knowledge that I could leave at any time, I found myself occasionally jumping at shadows and wondering if I wasn’t joined by some spectral passenger.

The first-person perspective might throw someone that’s unfamiliar with the genre, but the simple control scheme and leisurely pace ensure that it remains accessible for anyone looking for a puzzle game that offers an honestly unique experience. — Alice Jovanée

Several fruit surround a honeydew melon in Suika Game

Suika Game was one of my most-played games last year, and will likely be in the running in 2024, too. Even with so many hours logged, I’m not good at Suika Game , and I’m not sure I ever will be . And yet, I keep playing — the fruit-merging game has its hooks deep in me. It’s, again, one of those deceptively simple games: Just combine two of the same fruit and keep fruits from spilling out of the box? Easy, right? No! This is like Tetris if it had bounce physics, so you also have to worry about fruits shooting themselves out of the box with a weird bounce. Though I get frustrated, I keep coming back because it is a compelling mix of skill and luck — but likely mostly luck. You can only play Suika Game on Nintendo Switch in the United States right now, but there’s hope for it coming to mobile. — NC

  • $3 at Nintendo

The Witness

The Witness - sandstone and boathouse

Where to play: Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One

If you want to go on a philosophical journey into the heart of puzzles as an art form — and who doesn’t? — there is perhaps only one game that can take you there: The Witness , the abstract, first-person puzzle adventure that was designer Jonathan Blow’s follow-up to Braid . In a way it recalls Myst ; you wander around a strange, idyllic, deserted island, solving puzzles to unlock new areas. But in The Witness , absolutely all the puzzles, which you access via panels in the game world, are 2D maze puzzles, variations on an original design of Blow’s. Through countless permutations, Blow builds upon this simple puzzle concept, turning it into a language in its own right and a dialogue with the player — like Bach turning a simple melody into the Goldberg Variations. It’s one of the most rigorous and challenging explorations of game design ever, and an essential experience for the true puzzle connoisseur. — OW

  • $40 at Steam

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The 10 Best Puzzle-Adventure Games for iPad in 2024

Titles with great stories and head-scratching puzzles

best problem solving game on ios

  • University of Texas at Arlington

Some of the best iPad games are in the puzzle/adventure genre, like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, but there's nothing quite like the games that immerse you in the story, dazzle you with beautiful landscapes, and taunt you with some of the most difficult puzzles ever presented. But it's not all about difficult puzzles. While a few games on this list will have you pulling your hair out or searching Google for hints, others are more about the fun, the adventure, or simply the strange and eerie.

The Tiny Bang Story HD

Interesting combination of hidden object and puzzle games.

Beautiful artwork.

Good variety of puzzles and difficulty.

Not for players who don't like jigsaw puzzles.

No tutorial or instructions.

A great point-and-click adventure game that is perfect for the whole family, "The Tiny Bang Story" depicts life on Tiny Planet after a meteor crashes to the ground. A hidden object game that has you collecting jigsaw puzzle pieces, you'll need more than sharp eyes to get all of the objects together. Many pieces will require you to solve puzzles before they become available. There's no dialogue in the game, and those looking to become immersed in a story might become frustrated, but the beautiful graphics provide nice eye candy and the simplistic style works.

Download For :


Gorgeous art and fun music. No dialogue.

Charming storyline.

Hints and a built-in walkthrough to help players with difficult-to-solve puzzles.

Scenes of bullying and smoking unsuitable for young children, but game is not for young children.

Difficult to use controls on smaller screens.

An old-school adventure puzzle game wrapped in beautiful artwork, "Machinarium" is not for the easily frustrated. Some of the puzzles are quite difficult in that quite addicting "I have to figure it out" way. A game without dialogue where you control a robot who is able to squish and stretch his body, "Machinarium" offers a unique experience and some interesting puzzles.

Exceptionally absorbing game.

Atmospheric graphics set the mood effectively.

Anyone who loved Myst will love The Room.

It's difficult to become proficient at this game.

Instances of tarot, astrology, or satanic symbolism may offend some players.

While this list is by no means in order of best-to-worst, it would be a crime not to put Apple's 2012 Game of the Year at the top of the adventure-puzzle list. "The Room" has a simple enough concept: You share a room with a safe, and your goal is to open that safe. But don't worry, you'll have a little help. Early on, you'll discover a special eyeglass that will allow you to see objects that would otherwise go unseen. Beautiful graphics and a great feel for creating a scene, the game's addictive puzzles quickly draw you in and their increasing difficulty will keep you there. 

If you've already experienced The Room, you can also check out  The Room Two  and  The Room Three . We also have a list of iPad games similar to The Room .

The Silent Age

Time travel aspect of game is intriguing.

Game has a fun, creepy vibe.

Simple but effective graphics.

Surprisingly short game.

Politically incorrect dialogue may be offensive.

Not many games cast the protagonist as an average Joe working as a plumber. But then again, not too many games use 1972 as a setting. But it works in this adventure game, with Joe the plumber crossing paths with a time-traveling stranger from future that (you guessed it) must be averted. A nice twist on the genre, The Silent Age will have you traveling back and forth between two times in order to gather everything you need to solve the puzzles.

Imaginative and playful puzzles.

Interesting concept of puzzles within story.

Great final act.

It's more an interactive book than a game.

Must be played with sound turned on for audible clues.

Short game.

One of the most inventive games you will ever play, "Device 6" is a mashup of an interactive novel with an adventure puzzle game locked inside of it. As Anna, you are trying to escape a castle on a remote island. The game plays out in the confines of a book, but as you read the text, you will see glimpses of the world around you. And the text itself takes on a strange life of its own, forcing you to rotate your iPad to keep up with it. And interspersed throughout are (of course) a number of great puzzles for you to solve. 


Original concept and whimsical puzzles.

Stress-free gameplay.

Hidden secrets keep things interesting.

Too many easy levels.

Players looking for action won't find it here.

Not a lot of variety.

If you have ever had fun manipulating your hands to make shadowy shapes of bats and ducks on the wall, you will love "Shadowmatic." It's basically a create-the-shape game using shadows. You are tasked with manipulating objects in the middle of the room to create a specific shadowy shape. This game is absolutely gorgeous as well as massively addicting. 

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery

Captivating game.

Tongue-in-cheek dialogue and storyline.

Excellent soundtrack.

Goal of the game is unclear.

Not a lot of gameplay.

Confusing user interface.

"Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery" isn't quite an adventure puzzle, but then again, it's not quite an action-fantasy RPG , either. Designed to take into full account the unique controls of the iPad, you'll be tapping, swiping, and even tilting as you explore and battle your way through the game, which is depicted in a very old-school 8-bit side-scrolling style that has gone 3D. The game is as much about the journey as anything, where even combat becomes its own puzzle.

Patrick Smith (Vectorpark) / Wikimedia Commons/ CC BY-SA 3.0

Exploring the scenes is as fun as solving the puzzles.

Calming without being boring.

Completely different from other games.

Priced too high for a super-short game.

No instructions or tutorial.

There aren't too many games that are extremely fun for both the youngest and the oldest of gamers. A short adventure — don't expect to be playing this one for hours — it is nonetheless very entertaining. It might seem odd to pay for a game that can be solved in a single sitting, but then again, that's much cheaper than going out to a movie. And if you live with a family of puzzle-lovers, there's definitely some value here.

Faithful to the original game.

Oldie but goodie delivers immersive experience.

Integrated hint guide.

Not for players looking for fast-paced action games.

Requires offline note-taking.

"Myst" was originally released in 1993 and was the best-selling game of its time, holding that title until The Sims came along nearly a decade later. A surreal puzzle game, Myst was considered one of the most difficult and beautiful games of its time. And if you really love Myst, you can step into the world in the free-roaming realMyst remake of the game.

Slender Rising

Horror fans won't be disappointed.

Addicting, fun, and terrifying.

Appropriately haunting visuals.

Too scary for children and some adults.

Doesn't offer much of a storyline.

It is not often that an internet meme becomes a game, much less a whole host of games. And while many of the Slender Man games don't live up to the name, a few stick out. Slender Rising works best for those familiar with the legend of the Slender Man, and it doesn't have that "The Room" or "Machinarium" level of difficulty. But if you like puzzle games that are on the creepy side, "Slender Rising" could be your answer.

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Thinkrolls 1: Puzzles for Kids 4+

Logic game for kids & toddlers.

  • 4.5 • 14.2K Ratings



Boost your child's brain power and intelligence! Thinkrolls is an award-winning logic puzzle game that helps young kids develop reasoning and problem solving skills through a delightful and engaging gameplay. Get it now and let your little geniuses amaze you with their mental abilities and logic skills! ________________________________ ** Featured 'Best New App' on the App Store's Home Page in more than 70 countries ** ** Ranked #2 in US App Store, Education category ** • Parents’ Choice Award Winner • Named one of the "10 Top Kids Apps of 2014" by USA Today! • "Adorable physics platformer creates little problem-solvers." - Top Pick by Common Sense Media • "Thinkrolls has actually become a family affair...I enthusiastically recommend it." - 148 Apps • "Another smash hit by these ingenious and award winning developers." - Teachers With Apps • Editors' Choice by Children's Technology Review & Tech With Kids ________________________________ THE MISSION Have a blast navigating your Thinkrolls through a series of obstacles in brightly patterned mazes. The goal is to solve the puzzles and roll through the end of the maze where a new Thinkroll waits to be unlocked and lead the next quest! HOW TO PLAY The app offers 207 clever puzzle levels filled with fun science concepts. Seven playful elements with unique physical properties are gradually introduced. Kids will discover through hands-on manipulation how to use these objects to their advantage and clear a path. • Cookies • Munch them to clear a path or resist those treats to avoid getting trapped! • Crates • Push them to fill gaps or stack them to reach higher ground. • Balloons • Burst them on spikes to get them out of your way. • Rocks • Get a crash course in Newtonian physics by dropping heavy, dense boulders to break through cracked ground. • Jelly • Bounce Thinkrolls and objects on springy jellies to launch them up. • Fire • Use ice blocks to put out the fire and safely pass through. • Elevators • Timing is added to the mix! Synchronize movements of two different elevators to navigate through the maze. MASTER THE ART OF THINKING Little players will master the art of thinking while using to their advantage force, acceleration, buoyancy, heat, elasticity and gravity to reach the end of the maze. The puzzles gradually build upon successive science lessons to strengthen observation, creative thinking, logic, problem solving, spatial cognition and memory. There are unlimited tries and no penalties. Thinkrolls not only challenges the brain but also develops and rewards patience and perseverance. As kids try different combinations to achieve their goal, they intuitively learn through trial and error what works. They must think ahead, use precise timing and rely on their memory to reunite their Thinkroll buddies. ________________________________ MAIN FEATURES • 207 levels with mind-sharpening puzzles • Easy mode for ages 3-5, hard mode for ages 5-8 • Hands-on physics lessons • Experiment with gravity, heat, buoyancy, speed, elasticity, friction and other science concepts • Enhance logic, spatial cognition, problem solving, memory, perseverance • 26 hilarious, super smart characters to play with • Fun brain training for the whole family • Track progress for up to 9 player profiles • Supreme design and beautiful artwork • Original soundtrack and sound design • Language neutral game-play • COPPA compliant, no 3rd party ads, no in-app purchases More info: ________________________________ PRIVACY POLICY We respect your privacy! We do not collect, store, or share any personal information or location data. Our apps do not contain third-party ads and are safe for young children. Read our privacy policy here:

Version 1.7

Minor improvements

Ratings and Reviews

14.2K Ratings

Lost cereal case

I told the Thinkrolls to be mindful of their cereal they can trail. They forgot, and it looks like lots forgot. They will avoid certain things using cookies, grates, balloons, rocks, jellies, fire and ice, elevators and then all at once. This could take to the next day, later they might be doing this at night and they’ve never done before, but they’re in luck because they will use different things. Good luck finding blue, pink, red, black, orange, hazel.
My three and a half year old dove right into this game and needed almost no instruction. The game is intuitive, beautifully designed, and artfully executed. He now has the full suite and is working his way through the hard levels. I’m so impressed by how quickly he processes logical puzzles, and the games are so fun that he doesn’t realise he’s putting in some pretty serious mental gymnastic work. Thanks for these beautifully done apps!

Developer Response ,

Thank you so much for your wonderful review!
In thinkrolls you Chase after like other people but not real people like their people that roll and it’s really interesting if you think about it it’s called Thinkrolls because you have to like in chapters you have to like figure out what to do when you have stuff like if you have any like hard stuff it would be a good app to help your thinking

App Privacy

The developer, AVOKIDDO , indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy .

Data Not Collected

The developer does not collect any data from this app.

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


English, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai

  • Developer Website
  • App Support
  • Privacy Policy

best problem solving game on ios

Family Sharing

Up to six family members can use this app with family sharing enabled., more by this developer.

Thinkrolls: Games for Kids 2-8

Thinkrolls Kings & Queens

Thinkrolls 2: Puzzles For Kids

Beck and Bo - Toddler Puzzles

Thinkrolls Kings & Queens Full

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The 7 Best iPhone Apps for Improving at Math

Looking for a little extra math tuition? These iPhone apps will actually make it fun to learn math.

Math can be a difficult subject. If you struggle with math and want to improve your ability with it then you're not alone. Luckily, there are iPhone and Android apps available that can help you improve your mathematical abilities and aid you in gaining a better understanding of the subject.

Here are the best apps for improving your math.

1. Mental Math Learning Game

Mental Math Learning Game is a fun, sleek-looking app that improves your mental math abilities by turning it into a game. It gives you full control over the type of questions you get: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication , or Division , with more available in the Premium version. You can also set the level of difficulty for each type of question, to keep you progressing and improving as you continually use the app.

The Statistics section provides useful data, such as the total exercises you've done, as well as your average score, which can help to paint a picture of your improvement as you use the app over a few weeks or months. You can set Reminders through the app to ensure you keep up the consistency, and the app allows multiple users in case your family or friends want to have a go but you don't want your statistics being skewed by their results.

Download: Mental Math Learning Game (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. Photomath

Photomath has a stunning and simple UI and provides you with solutions to math problems, while also offering step-by-step guidance to solving the problems for yourself. It can either be used to help if you're struggling with a particular equation or as a tool to help you improve at math.

While it doesn't allow dictation, it trumps does offer in-built database of math textbooks with solutions to all the featured problems. Simply type in the title, author, or ISBN of the particular textbook you're looking at and Photomath will bring up the solutions for it, filtered by page numbers to keep things simple.

Download: Photomath (Free, subscription available)

3. MathLearner

MathLearner is designed for kids and students, aimed at helping you to either learn or test math across a variety of mathematical subjects. There are levels that increase in difficulty to help you increase in skill rather than maintain your level of competence, and via Settings you can choose between Beginner , Average , and Expert difficulty levels.

The app also has a Statistics tab that gives you a quick summary of your Accuracy and Average Time completing tests, followed by a Breakdown that gives your total number of answered questions as well as the ones you got correct or incorrect.

While MathLearner is simpler than the other math apps featured in this list, it is perfect for helping you to gradually learn and test yourself at math, particularly your mental math ability.

Download: MathLearner (Free)

While Impulse isn't math specific, it does cater towards math abilities and abilities that indirectly improve your competence with math. When you first load the app, it'll ask you the areas you wish to improve. You can select memory, mental math, and problem-solving, which are all areas that help with math.

Impulse has several tabs to help you train your brain in different ways: Workouts , Games , Puzzles , and IQ tests . You can even track your performance across all of these through each respective tab. Each workout has 10 difficulty levels to choose from, giving you a sense of purpose from the app as you navigate through tasks of varying difficulty.

Impulse is a very popular app that trains your brain across many subjects, so it is well worth using it to assist in improving your math.

Download: Impulse (Free, subscription available)

Sumaze! is a problem-solving app that turns math into a game. It's aimed at mathematicians with a higher skill level than the other apps featured here, so give this if a try if the other apps aren't challenging enough for you.

Sumaze! has games tailored around arithmetic, numbers, logarithms, inequalities and modules, and more. There are lots of levels for each mini-game, so you'll have plenty to do on the app. Unfortunately, there are no statistics or performance breakdowns, so you'll have to track your math progress manually. You also have to get through the Arithmetic levels before being able to unlock any other areas, so it's not quite as user-controlled as it could be.

Download: Sumaze! (Free)

6. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a very popular service that helps you to learn more about a variety of subjects, with a massively populated section for math. Its aim is to provide world-class education to anyone, anywhere. When starting the app, choose the subjects you'd like to learn about, and you'll be given courses based on those choices. Keep in mind that you can always go back and add more subjects later on.

Each course offers its materials in either written or video formats and awards you Mastery Points as you get through the material. You can also take a test based on the course materials to check your knowledge and see how much knowledge you've retained from what you learned.

There is also a Khan Academy Kids app, aimed at kids aged 2 to 8, which is a perfect app for younger family members to start getting some tuition alongside some homeschool math curriculums .

Download: Khan Academy (Free)

Mathway is an extremely popular app that acts as a private tutor for math in the palm of your hand. Covering all mathematical subjects, such as algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics, it provides the answers to all your mathematical questions. While it is important to be aware that having answers solved for you doesn't teach you a great deal, sometimes all you need is to see the answer to an equation or problem in order to realize how you'd work it out for next time.

The app is simple to use and responsive and makes it easy to get answers to your questions. You can take a picture of an equation, say it into your microphone, or simply type it out to get an answer almost instantly. It has an in-built dictionary to help remind you of mathematical terms, and by upgrading your account to Premium it'll give you step-by-step help with equations to help you improve. While Microsoft Edge's math solver provides a helping hand when you're on desktop, Mathway does so while you're on the move and only have your phone available.

Download: Mathway (Free, subscription available)

Improving at Math

These apps should help you improve at math and offer statistics so that you can watch your progress. Regardless of your initial math abilities, these iPhone and Android apps should be able to help you improve, while also making the learning experience a lot of fun.

  • Virtual Experiences
  • In-Person Experiences
  • Hybrid Experiences
  • Experience FAQ
  • Features & Benefits
  • How Pricing Works
  • Client Testimonials
  • Happiness Guarantee
  • Blog Articles
  • Video Library
  • View 48 Experiences

Problem Solving Games, Activities & Exercises for Adults

Here is our list of the best problem solving games, activities and exercises for adults.

Problem solving games are activities that require players to use critical thinking skills to solve puzzles. Example activities include escape rooms, Sudoku, and murder mysteries. The purpose of these exercises is to sharpen reasoning and decision-making skills in group settings and to do team building with employees.

These activities are a subset of remote team games , found in problem solving books , and are similar to team puzzles , team building brain teasers and team riddles .


This article contains:

  • team building problem solving activities for employees
  • free problem solving games for adults
  • virtual problem solving activities for students
  • group problem solving activities
  • problem solving team builders

Here we go!

List of problem solving games & activities

From word and number puzzles to role-playing games, here is a list of inexpensive and free problem solving team builders that help groups practice the art of critical thinking and compromise.

1. Espionage! (Team Favorite)

espionage banner

For an exciting game of social deduction, check out Espionage! This thrilling experience will put your team’s wits and instincts to the test.

Espionage! offers the following:

  • a 90-minute session led by an experienced host
  • undercover teams of agents and spies
  • challenging puzzles, tasks, and maneuvers
  • team conversations to help uncover secret identities

The best part is we will bring all the necessary game materials to your preferred location. If you are interested in boosting communication and critical-thinking skills within your team, then consider Espionage!

Learn more about Espionage!

2. Art Heist: The Vanishing of Van Gogh (Hosted)

best problem solving game on ios

You can turn your team into skilled detectives with Art Heist: The Vanishing of Van Gogh! In this captivating mystery, participants will locate the stolen artwork, The Bedroom .

Key features of this experience include:

  • a 90-minute adventure led by a world-class host
  • detailed puzzles, clues, and mysteries to unravel
  • trails of evidence and hidden secrets
  • group discussions to find the art

Additionally, you can include a cocktail kit to spice up your event. Through Art Heist, you will enhance your team’s ingenuity and problem-solving skills!

Learn more about Art Heist: The Vanishing of Van Gogh .

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3. War of the Wizards (Popular)

war of the wizards banner

With War of the Wizards, teams roleplay as minions of powerful wizards to vanquish forces of evil. Participants will play thrilling games and go on a quest to restore harmony to the realm!

War of the Wizards offers the following:

  • a 90-minute journey guided by a distinguished host
  • immersive storytelling that transports players into a magical realm
  • engaging activities like world-building, role-playing games, and storytelling
  • opportunities for forming alliances, facing challenges, and going on quests

Through the power of imagination and teamwork, your team can overcome tasks and participate in an epic fantasy battle. To improve communication and bonds, include War of the Wizards in your agenda!

Learn more about War of the Wizards .

Sudoku is one of the most popular free problem solving games for adults. The objective of this game is to fill each box of a 9×9 grid so that every row, column, and letter contains each number from one to nine. The puzzle makes a great team challenge. To play Sudoku on Zoom, screen share the game board. Then, turn on the annotation features. Using the add text functions, participants can fill in the numbers on the grid.

We made a starter puzzle you can use in your next meeting or virtual team bonding session:

Sudoku game-board

Here are more online Sudoku puzzles .

5. Crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzles are word games that ask players to fill in words based on clues. Words interconnect, and players must think critically about the surrounding words to select the right phrase for the space.

You can use an online crossword puzzle maker to create a custom puzzle. Here are a few themes you may want to consider:

  • teammates’ tastes and interests
  • company knowledge and history
  • industry terms and trends

Or, create a miscellaneous puzzle just for fun.

We made a sample puzzle you can use for your game:

free crossword template

To complete puzzles during online meetings, you can use the share screen function and add text through annotations.

Or, subscribers can play the New York Times’ daily crossword puzzle virtually . also offers a free daily online crossword puzzle .

Check out more vocabulary games .

6. Online Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are timed games that get groups working together to solve puzzles. Traditionally, players enter a locked room and must complete all puzzles in an hour or two to unlock the door. However, groups can also play escape rooms online.

Digital escape rooms typically come in one of two forms: in a Zoom room and led by a host, or in a choose-your-own adventure format via Google Forms or websites. To play escape rooms virtually, enter a video meeting and follow the prompts, or screen share the Google Form and work out the puzzles together.

Check out our full list of online escape rooms .

7. Murder Mysteries

Murder Mysteries are story-based games that ask players to take on the roles of suspects or detectives while trying to identify a killer. These games often involve reading lines from a script, searching for clues, and occasionally solving puzzles to get hints.

These games make participants pay attention to conversations, analyze other characters’ behavior, and search for hidden meaning in the script. Players must use their powers of observation and logic to unravel the mystery.

Check out our list of Zoom murder mystery games .

8. Treasure Hunts

Treasure hunts are scavenger hunts with intention. While virtual scavenger hunts often ask players to collect random items, treasure hunts require participants to locate clues that lead to other prompts and hints. The game typically ends with players finding a treasure or solving a mystery, sometimes both.

The treasure hunt can have a specific theme such as secret agent missions or a hunt for pirate treasure, or you can run a more general hunt. Teammates can either compete simultaneously via Zoom call, or can play the hunt on an app individually and compete to beat each other’s scores.

Check out our list of treasure hunt apps .

9. Poem or story challenge

Most team building problem solving activities for employees revolve around science, math, and logic. Poem/story challenges rely on writing skills and are sure to appeal to the language lovers on your team.

Each player receives a limited word bank to use to create a story or poem. Then, players have a few minutes to craft their pieces. Afterward, everyone reads out or screen shares their creations.

Here are a few word challenge activities you can do remotely:

  • Found poems or stories : Participants make poems or stories out of words they find by visiting websites, searching emails, glancing out the window, or taking a walk or drive around the neighborhood.
  • Random word generators : Teammates use a random word generator to populate a word bank, and must use each word in the poem or story.
  • Poetry magnets : Group members make poems using poetry magnets. You can send poetry magnet sets to employees and assemble the verses on a cookie pan during a Zoom call. Or, teammates can play with poetry magnets online .
  • Page poems: Participants receive one page of a book or magazine, and must make a poem or story by blocking out other words so only the chosen text remains visible. This activity is part storytelling, part art, since story crafters can illustrate the pages as part of the design.
  • Ransom note stories or poems : Players cut out letters from magazines and must form new words to make poems and stories. Or, players can receive a mix of random letters, form words, and run the text through a ransom note generator .

These activities are suitable for teams and individual players.

10. Moral challenge

Some problems are ethical rather than factual. Moral judgment plays just as important a role in the decision-making process as technical prowess. Players can flex their moral problem-solving skills by tackling ethical dilemmas or social puzzles.

Here are some social problem solving games online:

  • Moral machine
  • Scruples – the game of moral dilemmas
  • Morality play

To play these games, either download the apps, or pull up the website and then screen share the prompts. These games are best played when discussed as a group, because the more belief systems and opinions, the harder an issue is to resolve. These exercises provide practice for real-life conflict resolution.

You can find similar challenges on our list of online personality tests .

11. Frostbite

Frostbite is a group game that hones team leaders’ communication skills while sharpening teammates’ listening and cooperation skills. The premise behind the game is that a group of explorers gets caught in a snowstorm and must build a shelter. Frostbite has paralyzed the leaders’ hands and snow-blinded the rest of the team. The leader must give the team instructions to build a tent that can resist arctic winds.

To play Frostbite, each teammate wears a blindfold. Then, the leader gives directions. Once the structures are complete, players turn on a fan to test whether tents can withstand the wind.

Frostbite is usually an in-person game, however you can also play virtually. In the remote version of the game, teammates construct tents out of cards and tape, while the leader surveys the scene on screen.

This exercise demonstrates the challenges of leading remotely, as teams need to operate with minimal oversight or supervisor observation. Therefore, instructions need to be clear and direct to be effective.

Check out more team building games .

12. Virtual Hackathons

Hackathons are events where participants have a set amount of time to design and pitch a new product or solution. This type of event originated in the programming world and is often used to create new apps, however you can apply the game to any industry or school subject.

Virtual hackathons are online versions of the event. Teams enter the competition, then work with each other via virtual meeting software or remote work communication platforms to design the solution. At the end of the competition, teams pitch ideas to a panel of judges and a winner is decided.

To run a virtual hackathon, first announce the theme of the event and collect sign-ups. So that no teams work ahead, hint at the general idea of the issue, and only explain the precise problem when the event begins. Then, give teams anywhere from a few hours to a few days to complete the project.

Discover more virtual hackathon ideas .

13. Improv games

Improv games are excellent problem solving activities. These exercises force participants to think and respond quickly to keep scenes moving in a logical and entertaining way.

Here are some good problem solving improv games:

Banned words : Performers cannot say certain words. Scene partners will conceive of situations that encourage the actors to use those words, and the actors must find alternatives, such as using synonyms or taking the scene in a new direction.

Scenes from a chat : Audience gives a suggestion for a scene, and players act the scene out. Though it’s a fictional and often ridiculous scenario, actors must react to the situation and solve the problem in order for the scene to end.

Miracle cure : Miracle cure is a quick-moving exercise that follows a simple format. One player declares, “I have a problem.” Another player responds, “I have a….[random object.]” The first player then replies, “great! I can use the [random object] to….” and describes how they will solve the problem.

Check out more problem-solving improv games .

14. Spaghetti Tower

The spaghetti tower is a classic team building game. Participants gather uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows, and must construct the tallest freestanding tower.

During the in-person version, players must construct one tall freestanding tower. However, for the virtual version of the game, players construct individual towers. You can send groups to breakout rooms for the build, then reconvene in the main room for judging. Teams are judged on three main factors: number of towers, height, and uniformity.

This version of the game not only tests the structural integrity of the tower, but also consistency and quality control. This exercise teaches teams to align and collaborate remotely, and produce a consistent product even when far apart.

15. What Would You Do?

What Would You Do? is a simple situational game that challenges participants to react to different circumstances. To play this game, read prompts one by one, and then ask participants to respond with gameplans. You can use the polling or raise hand feature to vote for the best option.

Here are some problem solving scenarios for adults or kids to use in the game:

  • Zombies attack and you have to find a place to hide.
  • You are at the zoo and the animals escape. Which one do you try to corral back into the pen first?
  • After waiting in line for hours, someone cuts in front of you last minute. The person appears to be visually and hearing impaired, and doesn’t notice your protests. An official announces that due to diminishing supply, this individual will be the last in line to be served.
  • You are eating a meal with important clients and/or your partner’s parents, and you want to impress. The individuals make you a dish that does not fit within your dietary restrictions, but you do not speak the same language and cannot explain why you do not want to eat.
  • An imposter has infiltrated the organization, who looks, speaks, and behaves exactly like you. How do you convince your peers that you are the original?

For similar dilemmas, check out this list of Would You Rather? questions.

16. Desert Island Survival

Desert Island Survival is a game that challenges players to prioritize. The premise is that players have been stranded on an island, and must decide what order to perform survival steps.

Here are the possible actions:

  • Set up shelter
  • Explore the island
  • Try to signal for help
  • Make weapons for self-defense
  • Build a raft to escape the island
  • Start a fire
  • Choose a group leader
  • Search for other survivors

All group members must agree on the order of the steps. Players should explain the reasoning for the order of each step while ranking the actions.

Another version of the game involves players receiving a list of 15 to 20 items, and selecting five or so to bring to the island. You can also vary the location of the game, substituting remote islands for destinations like outer space or the distant past.

17. Choose Your Own Adventure

Choose Your Own Adventure stories enable readers to determine the outcome of the story by making decisions. Each action has a consequence that takes the tale in a different direction. Participants can try to guess how the story may unfold by talking through the different choices. When completing the activity in a group setting, the majority of the team must agree on an action before moving forward in the story.

There are a few ways to facilitate these activities online:

  • Play an online role playing video game
  • Watch an interactive movie like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch
  • Read from a Choose Your Own Adventure book on Zoom
  • Click through a Choose Your Own Adventure platform
  • Create your own story using a Google Form

Whichever way you choose to do the exercise, you can use the screen share feature in your virtual meeting software so that listeners can more easily follow along.

18. MacGyver

MacGyver is a show where the hero escapes sticky situations by improvising tools out of unlikely materials. For example, in one episode the hero makes a telescope out of a newspaper, magnifying lens, and a watch crystal.

To play MacGyver, you can either list three to five objects participants can use, or challenge players to use items that are within arms reach.

Simply state a desired end result, such as “a way to open a locked door,” or “a getaway vehicle,” and then ask teams to explain what they will build and how they will build it. To make the activity more collaborative, you can give teams five or ten minutes in breakout rooms to strategize and design a prototype.

19. Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons is a roleplaying game where players pretend to be magical figures and creatures. One player serves as the dungeon master, who guides the game, while the other players pick characters and make decisions to move the story forward. Upon choosing a course of action, players roll a twenty-sided die to determine whether or not the plan succeeds. The game is story-based, the possibilities are nearly limitless, and truly creative problem solving options arise. Also, since gameplay is mostly verbal, Dungeons & Dragons is an easy activity to do over Zoom.

Here are the basic rules for Dungeons & Dragons .

20. Pandemic

Pandemic is a game that pits players against the forces of nature in a race to contain and control disease outbreaks. At the beginning of the game, each player receives a role such as containment specialist or operations expert. Participants must carry out the duties of their roles by choosing appropriate actions. Pandemic is a great game for groups because each team member has a clear part to play, and players must collaborate and work together instead of competing against each other.

To play the game online, you can use a Pandemic game app , or talk through the exercise while one attendee moves and displays pieces on the board.

Note: The subject of this game might hit too close to home for some players, considering recent history. You can find games with similar mechanics that deal with different subject matter, such as Forbidden Island.

Check out more team building board games .

21. Model UN

Model UN is one of the best virtual problem solving activities for students. This exercise casts participants in the role of international diplomats who must negotiate to solve realistic problems. Each player assumes the role of a country ambassador and must form alliances and propose solutions to solve crises.

Here are some sample Model UN scenarios:

  • Human rights violation by powerful country
  • Food shortage
  • Disease epidemic
  • Technology privacy violations
  • Civil war branching into surrounding countries
  • Natural disasters

Depending on the size of the group, participants either take on the part of an entire government of a country, or play a certain role within the government. To carry out the activity on Zoom, players can take turns giving speeches, message other countries privately via the chat, meet in breakout rooms to form alliances or have more intimate discussions, and use the polling feature to vote on propositions.

If politics does not resonate with your group, then you can alter the exercise by applying the same activity structure to a different theme, such as the Justice League, movie characters, business board members, or reality TV stars.

The main purpose of the exercise is to research, talk through problems, and compromise. As long as these elements are present, then the specifics of the setup do not matter.

There are many types of problem solving activities for adults. You can do online problem solving games, which require a different skill set than in-person problem solving. For instance, communication must be much clearer and more abundant when group members are far apart and unable to demonstrate or pick up physical cues.

Though many problem solving games include props and in-person elements, there are many games you can play together online. These exercises work well as educational tools as well as team bonding accelerators. Upon completion, participants are likely to feel a sense of accomplishment and increased confidence. These games are also great practice for real life conflict resolution, creative thinking and team building.

Next check out this list of connection games , this collection of crime-solving games , and this post with conflict resolution games .

We also have a list of the best decision making books and a list of team building problems for work .

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team building event banner

FAQ: Problem solving activities

Here are common answers to questions about group problem solving activities.

What are problem solving games?

Problem solving games are challenges that ask players to think critically and use logic to overcome issues or answer riddles. Examples include sudoku, murder mysteries, and spaghetti towers. These games are also known as “problem solving exercises”, “problem and solution games” and “group problem solving activities.”

What are the best problem solving games for groups?

The best problem solving games for groups include online escape rooms, moral challenges, and improv games.

What are some good problem solving team building activities for students?

Some good problem solving activities for students include crossword puzzles, choose your own adventure stories, and model UN.

How do you play problem solving games online?

The best way to play problem solving games online is to join a video call meeting to talk through the issue. Using the screen sharing and digital whiteboard features helps participants visualize the problem more clearly. Breakout rooms give teams the chance to discuss the issue more intimately.

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  2. best problem solving game apps

    best problem solving game on ios

  3. Best Problem Solving Game Apps

    best problem solving game on ios

  4. Math Word Problem Game for Kids

    best problem solving game on ios

  5. McKinsey Problem Solving Game (Imbellus): Full Practice Guide

    best problem solving game on ios

  6. best problem solving game apps

    best problem solving game on ios


  1. TOP 5 Best Games for iOS

  2. Top 50 Problem Solving Tips

  3. problem solving game

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  5. Application Problem Solving Game (การแก้ปัญหาด้วยผังงาน ) by ปณิธาน งามเสน่ห์

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  1. Top 25 best puzzle games for iPhone and iPad (iOS)

    25 essential iOS puzzle games to start your collection. Updated on April 19, 2023 - re-checked the list. This genre is right at the heart of the mobile gaming experience. Therefore, we decided to create a list of the best iOS puzzle games for iPhones and iPads! It fits the environment perfectly - small, largely static (or at least slow-paced ...

  2. 10 Best iPhone Puzzle Games to Enhance Your Thinking Capability

    When you are solving a puzzle, you keep in mind certain things like shapes, sizes, etc., and visualize the bigger picture. As these games form new brain connections, they can enhance your short-term memory and alleviate brain damage in patients with Alzheimer's disease . #2. Boosts Problem-Solving Ability.

  3. Best Puzzle Games For iPhone And iPad In 2024

    Download Jigsaw now from the App Store for free here. 3. Puzzledom. Prepare to get addicted to Puzzledom, a game that offers a collection of diverse puzzle types. The collection currently includes four popular puzzle games: Connect, Blocks, Rolling Ball, and Escape, making it one of the best puzzle games for iPhone.

  4. 11 Best Puzzle Games for iPhone to Challenge Your Problem-Solving Skills

    Jigsaw Puzzles - Puzzle Games. It is not easy to keep buying puzzle board games every now and then. Hence, the Jigsaw Puzzles on your iPhone might do the job for you. This game is addictive, and you can spend hours playing on this. There are over 13,000+ HD images for free to play with.

  5. 12 Best Puzzle Games for iPhone for All in 2023

    2. Jigsaw Puzzles - Puzzle Games. If you're looking for an engaging jigsaw puzzle experience, Jigsaw Puzzles - Puzzle Games is one of the best iPhone puzzle games. This easy-to-play game offers 13,000+ HD pictures to create using puzzle pieces. It doesn't involve any point system or gimmicks.

  6. The 12 best iPhone and iPad puzzle games

    Monument Valley. Image by IDG. Monument Valley ($4) is the quintessential iOS puzzle game. It's inventive, it's compact, it looks spectacular, and it's perfect for touch. Ustwo's iOS ...

  7. Best Puzzle Games for iPhone and iPad in 2022

    The sheer force of will required to continue you in a well-crafted puzzle game is something a lot of gamers have a love-hate relationship with, but there's no denying its power. Here are my top picks for the best puzzle games for iPhone and iPad. Red's Kingdom. The Room 3. Monument Valley.

  8. Top 8 best games that make you smarter for iPhone and iPad (iOS)

    Strategy games on iOS, or best word games for iPhone and iPad (iOS) So let's go through the top iOS games that make you smarter! Click Here To View The List ». Jupiter Hadley. Jupiter is a prolific indie game journalist with a focus on smaller indie gems. She covers thousands of game jams and indie games on her YouTube channel, letting every ...

  9. The 25 Best iPhone Puzzle Games

    Bust-a-Move is a storied match-three puzzle franchise with arcade origins, and New Bust-a-Move ($4.99) brings the experience to iPhone in solid fashion. Commanding a launcher at the bottom of the ...

  10. 19 Best Puzzle Games for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

    1. Flow Free. Flow-free is one of the best puzzle games for iOS. Flow Free is a simple puzzle app for the iPhone that requires you to link matching-colored dots with a pipe to form a Flow. However, It may appear simple, but there's a catch: you can't cross any lines without first using a bridge or tunnel.

  11. 5 Best Free Multiplayer Puzzle Games For iOS Devices

    When choosing multiplayer puzzle games for iOS, these five are excellent options: Tangle Master 3D, Puzzle Quest, I'm a Puzzle, Brain It On!, and Room Escape Game. Each of these games offers a unique and challenging experience for players to test their problem-solving skills, precision, and, in some cases, strategy.

  12. The 10 Best Brain Games for iPhone/iOS and iPad

    1. Lumosity: Brain Training. Lumos Lab brings an amazing way to check your IQ and to train your brain activity. Lumosity is a mind game for iPhone that basically transforms cognitive and neuropsychological tasks into exciting games. So, it is not just a game, but the storage of a good number of mini-games.

  13. Best Logic Games for iOS and Android to Test Your Brain

    Get Tricky Test for ( iOS | Android ) 6. Tiny Room Stories. If you're a fan of Sherlock Holme's deduction and logical thinking skills, you'll love this. Tiny Room is a game where you are a private detective and you're on a mission to help your missing father. It has amazing graphics out of all the apps on this list.

  14. The 12 Best Logic Games for iPhone

    Brain It On! Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $3.99. Brain It On is a game with tricky and challenging puzzles that will challenge your brain and deserves to be among the best logic games for iPhone. In physics puzzles, players will draw shapes to solve the puzzle. The game allows players to fight with their friends.

  15. The 6 Best Apps to Improve Your Problem-Solving Skills

    Download: Happify for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available) 3. Elevate. Launched by Elevate Labs in 2014, Elevate is a brain game app that focuses on improving its users' reading, writing, speaking, listening, and math skills. It is also one of the best android apps to help you solve math problems.

  16. The best logic games for iPhone

    Enjoy Zuzu, the best logic puzzle app - a binary puzzle game that tests your logic and skill! If you like Sudoku puzzles, you will love Zuzu! Your goal is to fill in the board using only logical determination, similar to Sudoku. Tap a tile on the board to set or change its color. Like the binary number system in general, there are only two tile ...

  17. 15 Best Puzzle Games For Android And iOS In 2022

    Skillz. Skillz is one of the mobile puzzle games that tease your brain and puts your brain to some good use. The app lets you decide if you want to play as a single-player or play a multi-player ...

  18. Top 10 best detective games for iPad and iPhone (iOS)

    A grisly iOS turn from the son of the top-hatted puzzle-solving professor. This is a game of crime-solving and logic that'll leave even the most determined detectives scratching their heads from time to time. There are crime scenes to poke through, interviews to conduct, interrogations to handle, and plenty of murderers to uncover.

  19. The best puzzle games to play right now

    Where to play: Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC Baba Is You is a word game and an environmental puzzle game, but not in the way that either of those genre terms typically get used.. In ...

  20. The 10 Best Puzzle-Adventure Games for iPad in 2024

    Updated on January 22, 2024. Some of the best iPad games are in the puzzle/adventure genre, like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, but there's nothing quite like the games that immerse you in the story, dazzle you with beautiful landscapes, and taunt you with some of the most difficult puzzles ever presented. But it's not all about difficult puzzles.

  21. Thinkrolls 1: Puzzles for Kids 4+

    Thinkrolls is an award-winning logic puzzle game that helps young kids develop reasoning and problem solving skills through a delightful and engaging gameplay. Get it now and let your little geniuses amaze you with their mental abilities and logic skills! _____ ** Featured 'Best New App' on the App Store's Home Page in more than 70 countries **

  22. The 7 Best iPhone Apps for Improving at Math

    5. Sumaze! Sumaze! is a problem-solving app that turns math into a game. It's aimed at mathematicians with a higher skill level than the other apps featured here, so give this if a try if the other apps aren't challenging enough for you. Sumaze! has games tailored around arithmetic, numbers, logarithms, inequalities and modules, and more.

  23. Problem Solving Games, Activities & Exercises for Adults

    4. Sudoku. Sudoku is one of the most popular free problem solving games for adults. The objective of this game is to fill each box of a 9×9 grid so that every row, column, and letter contains each number from one to nine. The puzzle makes a great team challenge. To play Sudoku on Zoom, screen share the game board.