Essay on Recycling for Students and Children

500+ words essay on recycling.

Recycling is a method of procedure that includes the collection and breaking down of waste material to create something new out of it. The process was introduced sot that the non-biodegradable materials can be melted or break down to create something useful. After the effects of global warming and pollution have become known to men the process of recycling has become more important.

Essay on Recycling

Why We Need Recycling?

We need recycling for many reasons. But most importantly, it will help us to save our planet. Besides, recycling saves the earth by facilitating the reprocess of paper which will save millions of trees.

Also, recycling saves a lot of energy because many things that we recycle can easily be converted into virgin materials. In addition, it saves a lot of resources too.

Moreover, recycling reduces the burden of the environment. As we save energy the number of greenhouse gases and oxides are produced in less quantity. Because most of the toxic gases are produced by factories.

In addition, recycling reduces the amount of waste, that takes years to decompose. Also, the recycled material can be sold. We use this recycled material for the manufacturing of many new products. So, ultimately recycling saves money.

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The Process of Recycling

The various materials that we recycle have to go through a process that refines and purifies them. Besides, different materials go through a different process and in this topic we will discuss the recycling process of various materials.

Paper- It is the most used material on the earth. Paper is made up of two materials water and wood. For recycling paper firstly they break it down in small pieces and dissolve it into water. After that, they add chemicals that filter out the ink and dirt from it. In addition after filtering the paper takes the form of a mush called the pulp and this pulp is later converted into clean paper.

Metals-  The metals are first shredded into small pieces and then they were melted and after that remolded into new shapes.

Glass- The recycling of glass is the easier they just break it into pieces and then they melt it and recast them.

Plastic- They also follow the same process as plastic. But, the process of plastic recycling is a little bit complex because they have to sort out the different types of plastics. As there is a diverse variety of plastic with different properties.

How Can We Contribute to Recycling?

Almost everything that we use can be recycled whether it is household materials like paper, plastic, metal, glass, furniture, toys, artifacts, vehicles, etc. Besides, opt for things from the market that can easily be recycled. Also, try to use merchandise that is made up of recycled products.

In addition, sort your waste and dump your recyclable waste in the recycle bin so that the authorities can recycle it.

To Sum it up, recycling is a small step by humans to save the environment . But this small step is very effective in the long run. Also, before throwing away the waste we should check it to see if there is a recyclable product in it or not.

FAQs about Essay on Recycling

Q.1 List some benefits of recycling. A.1 There are many benefits to recycling like:

  • It reduces the amount of waste produced by us.
  • Conserves natural resources such as water, wood, and minerals.
  • It prevents the overuse of resources and helps in preserving them.
  • In addition, it saves energy.

Q.2 Give an important fact related to recycling. A.2 An important fact can be that recycling reduces the amount of waste which goes to landfills. Also, lesser density in landfill means less amount of methane and other gases is released into the air.

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Essays About Recycling: Top 5 Examples Plus Prompts

Essays about recycling raise awareness regarding the planet’s destruction; see our top essay examples and prompts to create a powerful piece.

An American disposes of about 1,800 pounds of garbage annually into a landfill. To visualize it better, one mature male cow has the same weight. Because there are at least 332 million Americans in the country , it’s no wonder there’s an ongoing problem with garbage disposal. 

Recycling is an excellent way to deal with this dilemma. Through recycling, used materials can be salvaged and reprocessed to create new products. However, there are specific steps to follow to recycle each material the right way. Regardless, recycling helps a lot in the preservation of natural resources and benefits many aspects of human lives.

Below are essay examples to read to know what a great essay about recycling looks like:

1. Essay on Recycling for Students and Children by Anonymous on

2. essay on recycling- concept, benefits & importance of recycling by anonymous on, 3. reuse reduce recycle by anonymous on, 4. recycling of materials by anonymous in studycorgi, 5. the value of recycling by anonymous on, 1. my way of recycling, 2. how to recycle, 3. why we should recycle, 4. recycling in different countries, 5. generating income from recycling , 6. why people don’t recycle, 7. if we stop recycling, 8. eco-warrior inspirations.

“…recycling is a small step by humans to save the environment. But this small step is very effective in the long run.”

The author briefly explains what recycling is, ensuring the definition is straightforward so the readers can easily understand it. This essay delves into why recycling is necessary, especially for its role in saving the planet. It also discusses the recycling process, focusing on common materials such as paper and plastic. Finally, the essay concludes with what people can do to participate in recycling.

“Given the fact that we are living in a world that is predominantly surrounded by a host of climate issues. We need to focus [on] recycling for [a] better, safe and clean environment.”

The essay blames overpopulation and industrialization for ruining the environment. It also mentions that recycling is critical to saving the Earth before listing five of its benefits. Finally, the author concludes by urging the readers to do their part in protecting the planet through recycling.

“The importance of reduc[e] reuse recycle is ever-increasing with the rising pollution levels in the world… With so many benefits, the human race needs to realize its significance to save the world for its coming generations.”

After an impactful introduction shifting the readers’ attention to the fact that recycling saves the environment and helps man produce without the need to sacrifice more resources, the essay goes on to explain three other great benefits of this practice. These are: conserving energy, reducing pollution (global warming), and saving money. The writer also demands teaching younger generations about the current environmental problems so they can help the older age group in saving the planet.

“The present world is faced with complex environmental problems, and there is general misinformation on environmental concepts… Advocates of environmental consciousness must strive to stop the complex explanations, and focus more on unvarnished terms which will give Americans an easy description of what is expected of them.”

Acknowledging that both developed and developing countries are affected by waste disposal, the author then looks for the causes. They start by analyzing man’s garbage disposal habits, which weren’t a problem at the beginning of time since most trash was organic. That is until the start of the agricultural revolution, followed by the rapid population increase. The essay shares studies and cites them throughout the piece as the writer discusses relevant points connected to the topic. 

“Recycling is the process of making use of waste or used materials in a more effective manner. Actually, if we want to leave this planet productive and healthy for the future generations, recycling is mandatory or crucial in [the] modern world.”

The writer is adamant about instilling in his readers the reality that recycling is not an option. Instead, it’s a requirement that we must do to keep something for the future. They mention how negligent people are in wasting this planet’s little resources, opening the entire human race to many risks. The essay also mentions recycling’s importance to the environment and the economy, saying it should start at home and, when done by everyone, will make a massive difference to the world. 

You need excellent grammar and syntax to create an engaging and readable piece. See our guide on grammar and syntax to improve your writing.

8 Prompts on Essays About Recycling

Try these prompts to jumpstart your essay writing:

For this writing prompt, talk about what you can do as an individual to help in recycling. It can be the small things, such as segregating reusable materials at home or posting about the benefits of recycling on your social media pages. You can also mention that writing your essay about recycling is a way to contribute to this vital movement by spreading knowledge and awareness.

Essays about recycling: How to recycle?

Many know what recycling is, but not everyone understands the steps they should follow to achieve recycling’s goals. So, in your essay, explain how to recycle correctly. You can also add how recycling can be a fun activity for anyone of all ages. For instance, you can put instructions on how to assemble a bowling game with recycled bottles. Doing so will give family members something to bond over during holidays and weekends. Additionally, interview data or surveys to gather public information on how the average person recycles.

Because there are already many pieces explaining why recycling is essential, make your essay stand out by connecting it to relevant events. For example, you can start your essay with recent news about global warming, such as a severe storm in your area that affected many. Then, link your article to how recycling can help prevent these disasters.

Countries have ways of dealing with scarce resources and executing garbage disposal practices. For this prompt, discuss how different communities recycle their trash. First, discuss the best recycling countries like Germany and South Korea and their practices. Then, pick out what the rest of the world should apply in their recycling regimen.

There are many ways that recycling products can be turned into a business. From selling reusable materials like metals and plastic bottles to opening a vintage clothes store, show the opportunities recycling offers. Don’t forget to add eco-friendly business practices and encourage your readers to support those that promote sustainable living.

Although recycling has many advantages for the environment, some cons prevent everyone from infusing recycling into their everyday lives. Openly discuss the lack of programs educating people on how to recycle, why many think recycling is inconvenient, and other restraints. Remember to include possible solutions to these limits.

In this prompt, create an imaginary scenario where no one recycles. Detail what will happen to the community, environment, and nature. Aside from losing space due to garbage, we’ll also have to deal with health hazards and possibly new diseases. You can also debate a positive sequence, where people may find a way to control garbage through new technologies or operations.

In this essay, discuss a person, business, or organization that is an eco-warrior and inspiration. It can be your school, office, or someone at home. Talk about how they carry out proper recycling, who pushed the ideas to fruition, and what they do with the materials they recycle. You can also comment on what facets of their recycling program you want other places to copy or which parts they could improve. Use anecdotes and research data to support your opinion for a compelling essay.

Read these essay writing tips to use them in your writing.

recycling essay 150 words

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Recycling involves the process of collecting, processing, and reusing materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash. Essays could discuss the benefits of recycling on the environment, economy, and communities, the challenges and solutions to effective recycling systems, and public policies that encourage or mandate recycling. A vast selection of complimentary essay illustrations pertaining to Recycling you can find in Papersowl database. You can use our samples for inspiration to write your own essay, research paper, or just to explore a new topic for yourself.

Why should Recycling be Mandatory?

Even though you may think this essay is trash. Please don't throw it away. Recycle it instead. Did you know that Americans throw away enough aluminum every month to rebuild our entire commercial air fleet. Recycling has been around for many years but the people on the earth are not taking it seriously. The waste on the earth is piling up and keeps accumulating everyday which can be reduced by recycling. With people speaking out about recycling and how the […]

Is Recycling Good for our Environment?

What is Recycling? How is Recycling done? Why should people Recycle? What is affected by Recycling? Recycling is the process of reusing material, It is done by breaking down material and using it for something else, like aluminum, If people recycle then future populations will also have raw materials. The atmosphere is affected by not Recycling. Recycling is the process of reusing material. For example, an aluminum can take only 60 days to be brought back onto the Supermarket shelf […]

Our Planet is Drowning in Plastic Pollution

In 2018, recycling and not littering has become very common for an average person in California. Despite the hard work and dedication to recycling and giving people fines for littering any piece of trash, we still have a problem with plastic waste and taking care of the environment. Recycling bins are known to be around for a while now and are used to help reduce the polluting of our environment. However plastic waste is the one product that is destroying […]

Recycling should be Mandatory

All around the world countless numbers of people like the thought of recycling, but most individuals never choose to recycle. Recycling is a process in which you take materials that you would normally throw away and reuse them to form new products (Rinkesh). University students around the world studied that environmental awareness has to do with how much we choose to recycle (Ramayah). For the people who do choose to recycle trash or other recyclable goods usually do it to […]

Education and Awareness of Recycling

For the past few days of lab, we have been focusing on our field study report and our topic is on recycling. Specifically, we have been focusing on the recycling of aluminum cans. There are benefits when it comes to recycling and there are also consequences if we do not recycle. According to, the amount of aluminum cans sent to landfills every year is nearly around $1 billion. The amount of aluminum cans thrown away worldwide each year is […]

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Plastics and Toxins

Introduction 1) Plastics i) Plastic consumption ii) Recycling initiatives 2) Biodegradable i) Are there biodegradable alternatives ii) Obstacles faced 3) Toxins i) Toxins in household items ii) Alternatives iii) Toxins in clothing 4) Regulations on toxin production 5) Personal commodity used Plastic is a synthetic material which is made from a wide range of organic polymers like polyethylene, PVC, and nylon, and could be molten and shaped while they are soft. Today, the world`s population has found plastics to be […]

Benefits of Recycling

There is an increased demand for electronic devices all over the world, especially for those desiring to make life simpler and safer. These devices have many positive effects on human life, but they also take a major toll on the environment, contributing to major pollution and waste. Since the 20th century, the increase in production of human waste has stimulated quick steps to be taken in developing different methods of recycling products. The increasing disposal of products being consumed, like […]

What is Recycling?

Recycling is the process of treating used or waste materials to make them suitable for reuse. The phrase "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" has been spread across the nation. However, recycling is still a problem across the U.S. Not only are we not recycling enough, but sometimes we don't recycle correctly. There are many ways that the efforts toward recycling could be increased with help from the federal government. Although recycling has been around for some time, it has not been able […]

Environmental Benefits of Reycling

The amount of waste the United States makes in one year is sickening. United States residences waste around 4.7 pounds of trash each day. There are 326 million people in the United States. If you multiply 4.7 by 326 million, it will equal 1.53 billion pounds of trash. We may not think that we waste that much but if we do the math then we simply use too much. We consume too many natural resources when we don't need to. […]

Recycling of Plastic

For every innovation there are consequences. Plastic is a common term for synthetic material made from a wide range of organic polymers ( The term plastic is used unusually lightly in today’s world, ignoring its massive negative impact on our environment and overall health. For over 50 years, we have used plastic in our everyday routines, from brushing our teeth with a colorful synthetic material to purchasing plastic phone cases with aesthetically pleasing designs. Today we live in the “Age […]

Recycling and Waste

Before we start discussing the benefits of recycling and how we can promote it into our communities, we need to know what recycling is. Recycling is the process of converting old, unused and waste materials into a new form of usable materials. We can recycle metals, wood, glass, plastic, paper, and textiles to use it again and again. Recycling has so many benefits for individuals, community, and environment. Recycling helps us reduce pollution. By recycling waste, we reduce the number […]

Food Waste in United States

In average, an American citizen will produce 4.4 pounds of trash in a single day. With the population of the United States being about 324 million, this equates daily to about 700,000 tons of trash produced. The biggest amount of wasted resources, though, is food waste. 1.3 billion tons of food is lost or wasted across the globe in the span of one year (Loki). The effect of this kind of waste on the environment is extremely destructive and detrimental. […]

Persuasive Speech on Recycling: Harnessing Resource Efficiency for a Future

The Essence of Recycling “In a broad sense, recycling is part of an ethic of resource efficiency – of using products to their fullest potential. When recycled material, rather than raw material, is used to make a new product, natural resources and energy are conserved. This is because recycled materials have already been refined and processed once; manufacturing the second time is much cleaner and less energy-intensive than the first. For example, manufacturing with recycled aluminum cans uses 95 percent […]

Selecting of Material which Will Provide Less Carbon Footprint

Introduction Mike Biddle said:’ There is no rubbish in the world. The reason why we call them rubbish is that we do not know how to use them in the correct way.’Since polymer was used to make tires, a large amount of scrap tires have been produced every year: In 2017, the production of tires increased, and the mass of scrap tires was over 13,000,000 tons. This fact arouses social concern, and the research on tires has become more and […]

Nike’s History, its Position and Purpose in the Market

The human population is constantly growing and with that growth, come new minds whom have a vision for creating innovative products that will revolutionize the world. In the early 1970’s, there were two men with a vision who changed the athletic world forever. Phil Knight, a University of Oregon track student athlete, and his coach, Bill Bowerman, were the visionaries and creators for a brand of athletic gear recognized by the masses worldwide. This gear can be found in any […]

Climate Change, Construction Safety and Green Buildings

Global warming is a majorly discussed topic in this era. Whenever a heat wave or flood occurs in any region, people cannot stop themselves from bringing up the global warming subject because it is an issue that concerns everyone, whether we agree on it or not. Global warming is defined as a gradual increase in the Earth's atmosphere and oceans' average temperatures, resulting in a permanent change of the Earth's climate. The planet is warming based on data and facts […]

The Unsung Heroes of Recycling: a Dive into the World of Scrap Metal

Picture this: you're walking past a junkyard or a construction site, and you see piles of metal - old cars, broken appliances, wires, and whatnot. It might look like a heap of junk, but in reality, it's a goldmine, an essential part of our recycling and sustainability efforts. Let's roll up our sleeves and explore the underappreciated world of scrap metal, shall we? First off, let’s talk about cars. Ever wondered what happens to your ride when it's past its […]

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Essay About Recycling Recycling is the process of breaking down used materials and turning this waste into new repurposed objects that can be used again for other everyday living. As single-use plastic and plastic production increases, awareness is an incredibly necessary step so people can make the right choices and protect the world they live in. Recycling is an extremely vital process. As the environment becomes more at risk due to carbon emissions and general neglect, taking care of disposing of trash in environmentally friendly ways is crucial and just one small step in the bigger picture of recycling. Several college courses today will have certain modules that focus on ethical reproduction, or the importance of recycling and the benefits of recycling. It can often be mandatory in certain institutions that a waste management course is completed as part of a broader curriculum within a course. Our writers can put together an essay on recycling whenever a student needs it. Our persuasive essay styles are a good example for students who are looking to gain a better understanding of the advantages of recycling and how it can benefit businesses and the world. The topics our writers cover help to prepare students for ethical business practices and provide a good groundwork for environmental courses. We provide free sample papers that outline the various types of recycling. If a student needs a research paper about recycling or an argumentative essay on recycling then we provide these also.

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    Recycling is the process of reusing material, It is done by breaking down material and using it for something else, like aluminum, If people recycle then future populations will also have raw materials. The atmosphere is affected by not Recycling. Recycling is the process of reusing material.

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