How to Create a Summary in Word: Step-by-Step Guide

Creating a summary in word can be a useful tool for condensing large documents or articles into a more manageable format. whether you’re a student trying to extract key points from a lengthy research paper or a professional looking to provide a concise overview of a report, using word’s summary feature can save you time and effort. in this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the process of creating a summary in word..

How to Create a Summary in Word: Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Open your Word document

The first step is to open the document that you want to summarize in Microsoft Word. You can either create a new document or open an existing one.

Step 2: Enable the summarize feature

Once your document is open, navigate to the “Review” tab in the Word toolbar at the top of the screen. Here, you’ll find an option called “Summarize”. Clicking on it will open a drop-down menu.

Step 3: Choose the percentage of the summary

In the drop-down menu, you’ll see various options for the percentage of the summary you want Word to create. These percentages range from 5% to 100%. Select the percentage that best suits your needs. A higher percentage will produce a more detailed summary, while a lower percentage will provide a more concise overview.

Step 4: Review and edit the summary

Once you’ve selected the desired percentage, Word will generate a summary of your document in a new window. Review the summary to ensure it accurately captures the essence of your original document. Edit it if necessary by adding or removing sentences or adjusting the wording to improve clarity.

Step 5: Save the summary

After you’re satisfied with the summary, save it by clicking on the “Save” button in the summary window. You can choose to save it as a separate document or overwrite the original document with the summary, depending on your preference and requirements.

Step 6: Customize the summary settings

If you’d like to further customize the summary settings, you can do so by clicking on the “Options” button in the “Summarize” drop-down menu. Here, you’ll have additional options such as setting the maximum number of sentences or highlighting key points. Adjust these settings according to your specific needs.

Step 7: Finalize and use your summary

After customizing the settings (if desired), you can generate another summary or continue working with the existing one. Your summary is now ready to be used for presentations, sharing with colleagues or clients, or any other purpose that requires a condensed version of your document.

  • Open your Word document
  • Enable the summarize feature
  • Choose the percentage of the summary
  • Review and edit the summary
  • Save the summary
  • Customize the summary settings
  • Finalize and use your summary

By following these step-by-step instructions, you can easily create a summary in Word. It’s a valuable feature that can help you save time and extract the most important information from your documents. Give it a try and see how it can simplify your work!

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create effective executive summary slides

word summary presentation

Business communications often require a brief, at-a-glance overview. This is commonly referred to as an executive summary (although many audiences beyond executives will benefit from one). Despite their ubiquitous presence in business settings, summary documents that are clear and concise can be challenging to design. In this article, I’ll aim to ease some of that pain by exploring executive summary slides through an example , sharing best practices , and offering alternative layouts so that the next time you need to build a one-page, data-driven recap, you are set up for success!

What is an executive summary slide?

An executive summary slide is a one- or two-page overview of a much longer presentation added to the start of a deck. The goal is to provide a reader with the main messages, so they don’t have to read the entire communication. Executive summary slides often retain the horizontal orientation of the rest of the slide deck. Since they are meant to be read, rather than presented, they generally include more text than a traditional slide. (Important reminder: the slides you present to audiences live should not contain a lot of text !)

Any time you are planning to circulate your presentation, consider creating a summary view. Or better yet, only send a recap page .

Let’s look at an example.

An executive summary example & makeover

Here’s a genericized executive summary slide based on material provided by a recent client. This recap was created to give the VP of Sales a comprehensive overview of last quarter’s sales performance across all three company brands (A, B, and C). The full presentation deck contained about 30 slides, with detailed sections for each brand. The distinct brand colors were used throughout the deck to make the presentation and summary cohesive and easy to navigate.

Sample executive summary slide with bulleted text, a graph and a data table

As in any makeover, it’s helpful to start by assessing both what’s working and what could be improved. Starting with the positives, I appreciate the use of color. Typically I’d argue against this much color in a single view; however, the three colors have sufficient contrast and make it easy to navigate through the larger presentation by searching for a distinct brand color. Also, it may not be immediately apparent, but the stacked bar chart is a solid choice and works well to explain sales performance over time by each contributing brand. 

That said, there are some opportunities to transform this executive summary into a cohesive, comprehensive, and concise data-driven overview. Let’s step through each of the changes I’d make, along with the reasoning behind them.

Craft an engaging slide title 

The title of any document is often the first place an audience will look. Use this precious real estate wisely! When constructing a summary—or any slide for that matter—make sure the title states the main takeaway and sets the tone for the rest of the page. You can learn more about crafting strong slide titles in the linked article.

In the original example, it’s clear that sales increased year over year (YOY) based on the title, but was the increase enough? Should the focus be on the quarterly performance? Let’s modify the slide title to refocus our message, and use more concise language so it fits on a single line.

Updated slide with an improved slide title

Use basic story structure

A summary should be a complete overview of the entire communication, with an obvious beginning, middle, and end. Many summaries tend to only focus on the insights or data without a clear introduction or conclusion, and this example is no exception. 

Given that this is a quarterly update, let’s ease into the Q3’21 analysis by first sharing the big picture (the beginning of the story). How are sales doing overall on an annual basis? I could also include some essential background information, like the fact that only three brands contribute to sales—two of which launched recently—before jumping into quarterly performance. Only after level setting the audience, then I can dive deeper into how each brand performed compared to its quarterly sales goal (the middle). And finally, the conclusion should be a strong takeway: Brand C markedly exceeded its quarterly sales goal, so let’s replicate the same sales strategy for some of the other lines of business (the ending). 

Notice the distinct sections of the story . Having a clear narrative in mind will help further improve the design of the summary slide.

Design for scannability 

Recap slides contain large volumes of information, which can make them complex to navigate. Help your audience digest a dense document by creating easily-discernible sections. Think about grouping related text and graphs. It’s also a good idea to include text headers for each section so that someone scanning for just a few seconds will still understand the main points. 

We can use the three sections we defined in our story—annual performance (beginning), quarterly performance (middle), next steps (ending)—to segment the slide. I’ve crafted pithy headlines and created two main columns which group the data and supporting text. For now, I’ve left placeholders for some descriptive insights.

Updated slide to include a new side-by-side layout. The left section is for analysis and data regarding the annual sales growth, while the right section dives deeper into the quarterly performance.

In addition to focusing on the scannability of the document, I also want to ensure that the visuals are easy to skim. I can improve the stacked bars on the left by emphasizing the first and last bars so that a busy executive can quickly find evidence of the YOY increase. Tables don’t generally make for quick reads, so I’ll opt to visualize the data table on the right-hand side for faster processing. The results look like the following.

Updated slide includes a newly formatted stacked bar chart and a horizontal bar chart

Write in complete sentences 

Try to avoid using bullets in a summary view unless you are listing elements. With bulleted text, your audience has to spend mental energy connecting the distinct points. In an executive summary, the goal is to inform and persuade an audience, and a few well-constructed sentences will accomplish this better than disjointed thoughts. 

Taking the original bulleted points and elaborating further on the story, I’ll create mini-paragraphs above each graph.

Updated executive summary slide to include descriptive text & analysis

The summary slide is starting to take shape! As a final check, I’ll want to ensure that all of the text and visuals work to reinforce each other. If there is any unrelated information, that’s an indication that I need to expand my narrative or exclude these details from the overview. This is a concept is known as vertical logic .

I also want to ensure that it’s easy to navigate between reading and scanning the visuals. The clear sections certainly help with this, but let’s take things a step further by using similar colors in the written text.

My final revised executive summary could look like the following.

Executive summary slide

Comparing the before and after, notice how much easier it is to interact and skim the view on the right, despite the fact that the revised version is denser! Moreover, the key takeaways are now unmistakable, giving an audience a much fuller understanding of the latest sales performance.

Before and after view of executive summary makeover

While these changes did take a considerable amount of effort, especially when energy was already spent on the presentation slides, I’d argue it’s worth it. An executive summary is often created for a high-stakes communication to senior staff—hence the name. Moreover, this summary may be the only thing your audience ever looks at !

So far, we’ve explored best practices when it comes to a summary slide via an example. In the next section, I’ll share some alternative samples and layouts that cover a wider variety of content.

Executive summary slide templates & layouts

Since many audiences crave something to reference either before or after a meeting, I make it a habit to build summary slides for every presentation. Over time, I’ve found that two distinct layouts meet most of my needs.

Side-by-side layout

The most common design is similar to the makeover I shared above, where there are two side-by-side graphs or sections.

Side-by-side executive summary slide

This template works well anytime you want to communicate a big picture understanding (section on the left) and then get into more granular details (area on the right). Or, if there are two graphs you want to share, it’s nice to split the slide in half so there is balance in the design. Here are a few additional examples.

Sample executive summaries

Single visual layout

The second layout contains a single graph with more descriptive text. This works well when you need to set a deeper amount of contextual information as there is extra white space to use.

Executive summary slide template

Here are a few samples of how this layout could look with data and supporting text.

Examples of executive summaries

These certainly aren’t the only possible layouts, but two that I rely on most frequently despite the presentation. You’ll encounter scenarios where you don’t have a visual or maybe you have more than one or two charts. It’s still important to craft a strong title, leverage story structure, write in complete thoughts, and focus on scannability.

Below are a few executive summary slides that required multiple visuals.

Executive summaries with three or more graphs on a slide

Final thoughts

Creating a single-page summary is not an easy feat, but it can help your audience gain a deeper understanding of your presentation when done well. 

If you have other approaches and thoughts on executive summary slides, please share them in the related community conversation .


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Top 10 Work Summary Templates with Samples and Examples

Top 10 Work Summary Templates with Samples and Examples

Anushka Bansal


Imagine stacking up a 20-page annual report, project report, or future work plan, on your managers table. You overlook the fact that the table already has a ton of documents. As a result, your report will end up getting mixed or misplaced in the pile of reports and other plans. And after all the organizational hurdles even if it makes it to the hands of your manager, it’ll probably irk and bore your manager to death with  20 long pages. You wouldn’t want that, right?

And the solution is one concise work summary that you can simply mail over to your manager. Whether you want to present your report on audit , training , or internship if your data is complex or cluttered the readers might not pay attention. To save time and make the reading experience a breeze , investing in work summary templates for your business is a good idea. It does not matter what type of report you are dealing with, what matters is that the message and the data in your reports are understandable. In other words, your work summary should emphasize the  takeaways and significant aspects of a subject in the most effective manner possible. In Case of emergencies, summaries  are more important than long reports where you'll be left flipping through pages trying to gather relevant information.

Checkout SlideTeams Work Order Proposal for emergency situations and get ready to dodge bullets and jump over hurdles. 

If you’re looking to summarize your report and plans too, we’ve got expert designed templates ready right here! These templates are 100% editable and content-ready; these provide you with a structure to build your work summaries. With the desired flexibility to edit, they can be tailored to specific objectives like annual reports, work plans or resume summary. 

Let’s explore the templates 

Template 1: Annual Work Summary Report PPT Template 

If you want to present work activities  your company performs, then, this twenty-three slide annual work summary report deck is ideal for you. Use this complete deck to provide an  overview of your accomplishments, mission statement, strategic work plan, and core values of your company, etc., in a crisp, clear and digestible manner. Download these slides now and consolidate your financial statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.

Annual Work Summary Report PPT Template

Download Now

Template 2: Project Statement of Work bifold Summary PPT Template 

Use this PPT Template to prepare a concise project work summary. The Layout spans over four pages and covers  project details and a defined scope of work. There are separate tables provided to record objectives, deliverables, and a tentative budget schedule. This will enable you to provide your stakeholders with key takeaways. Utilize the last slide to provide your contact information and mailing address, which readers can use to reach out for further clarification and inquiries. Download Now!

Project Statement of Work bifold Summary PPT Template

Download Now!

Template 3: Resume Template with Work Summary PPT Template

Work summary is a vital aspect in job resumes. It gives the recruiter a thorough understanding of your experiences, skills, and areas of expertise at a glance. This PPT Template displays work summary on a concise timeline, you can showcase your previous job designations, descriptions, and companies you’ve worked for. Present your experience in an organized manner. Download Now!

Resume Template with Work Summary PPT Template

Template 4: One-page Work Plan Summary PPT Template

A work plan is fundamental to every organizational process. To ensure your plan is concise, easy-to-comprehend, and can be viewed at a glance, this PPT Template is for you. This Layout is designed for IT Projects. Record the objectives and other details of the project. The table provided for estimated budget and timeline can be used to track  progress and expenditure through the course of the project. Form and assign the tasks to team members, defining their roles and responsibilities. The workflow can be presented in four phases; planning, designing and development, testing, and launching. Use the template to list the outcomes of each phase. Download Now!

 One-page Work Plan Summary PPT Template

Template 5: Summary on Operational Excellence and Costs PPT Template

Use this PPT Template to record the costs and operational performance of facilities services. The slide  has infographics to display and comprehend complex information and data. The bar graph displays the Operational Cost Comparison by Gross Square Footage. The line graph below shows the operational cost trends. Use this template to convey complex and cluttered data in an organized manner. Download now!

Summary on Operational Excellence and Costs PPT Template

Template 6: Work Completion Strategic Initiatives Report PPT Template 

This PPT Template will help you tabulate your work competitions strategies in a brief and an organized manner. The table has four columns; Goals, action plans, company initiatives, and results. There are sections for objectives like improving operational excellence, talented staffing, and enriched communication. Based on the objective you can plan out the above given four features. This will help you prepare a focused plan to achieve the objectives. Download Now!

Work Completion Strategic Initiatives Report PPT Template

Template 7: Company’s Work Management Gantt Chart PPT Template

To plan projects and track the flow of work, use this PPT Layout. This Gantt Chart will enable you to plan tasks for three months. Divide the tasks into two phases: pre-construction and construction. List the sub-tasks under the heads, and track the percentage completion of each task in the column alongside. The  chart  helps you plot the quarterly schedule of tasks and activities. Download Now!

Company’s Work Management Gantt Chart PPT Template

Template 8: Company’s Statement of Cash Flows PPT Template

Cash flow statements are crucial for assessing a business's financial health by providing insights into its actual cash inflows and outflows, ensuring better liquidity management and strategic decision-making. With this PPT Template, you can compare the outflows and inflows of any two given years. The net cash flow from operating activities enables you to track the increase or decrease in the overall profit margins. The comparison between cash flow from investing activities of year one and two, will help you recognise the areas in which the expenditure that went up, and enable you to make budget control plans. Download Now!

Company’s Statement of Cash Flows PPT Template

Template 9: Project Details and Scope of Work PPT Template

This PPT Template enables you to present a concise project report to manager and top management. Record project details such as title, department, client, manager, submission date, report author, client contact, and project start and end dates in a table.  The scope of work outlines the responsibilities and defines the tasks and activities that  the team will handle. Based on the premise of the work, you can plan assessment metrics and KPIs. Download Now!

Project Details and Scope of Work PPT Template

Template 10: Objectives and Schedule PPT Template

Use this PPT Template to prepare a concise project work summary. There are separate tables that depict   objectives, deliverables, and a tentative budget schedule. You can add a deadline for all  deliverables in the table. A description of the expenditure can be added in the budget table. This will enable you to provide your clients, employees, investors and stakeholders with key takeaways. Download Now!

Objectives and Schedule PPT Template


Work summaries provide concise overviews of project progress, highlighting key achievements and challenges. These offer stakeholders and recruiters a comprehensive understanding of the accomplishments, facilitating   decision-making. With your to-the-point summaries, make it easier for managers and recruiters to read and comprehend and leave a lasting impression. While you save their time, we will make your life easy, by streamlining this process with our content-ready Work Summary PPT Templates. 

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Top 10 Summary Brief Templates To Kickstart a New Project

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Top 10 Annual Report Summary Templates with Samples and Examples

Top 7 Weekly Summary Templates With Samples and Examples

Top 7 Weekly Summary Templates With Samples and Examples

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Five ways to make summary or paraphrasing of Word documents

There are many online tools that will summarize or paraphrase a long Word document into something shorter and more readable.  These five tools also have other uses.

Originally, Word 2007 had an Auto Summarize feature, but it was dropped in Word 2010, so Word users will need to rely on external paraphrasing services.

A paraphrase is a rephrase of a text or passage using different words.  It is tough to create complete and coherent statements which have not already been made. Which is why a paraphrasing tool could become your greatest instrument in academic or professional writing. 

Many people use paraphrasing to improve their writing skills. Nevertheless, keep in mind that paraphrasing is not the same as summarising.

Every day, most people find it challenging to come up with new concepts. It can be challenging to come up with a new spin on an old idea.

The paraphrase tool can help you out if you’re stuck in one of these situations.

There is always the possibility that your writing will be like that of another writer, posing significant risks of plagiarism. Paraphrasing can be a solution to plagiarism issues and using a paraphrasing tool will save you from risking academic dishonesty from the get-go.

Luckily, there are a few external paraphrasing tools out there, some offer premium features at an extra cost but there are free services too – we have listed below some of the best ones to use.

A personal favourite that I use during my current studies, QuillBot provides writing and research tools to help you bring your work to life. QuillBot’s paraphraser can rewrite any text in a variety of ways, with three free modes and four premium modes to choose from. The site is quite easy to navigate and fairly quick with paraphrasing.

The link is:

The good thing is you’ll be able to use at least two modes for free without even signing up!

word summary presentation

The mode you select determines what the QuillBot AI will concentrate on.

Standard Mode – Free mode that keeps a middle-ground, it will modify the input without changing the meaning behind the statement.

Fluency Mode – Free mode that improves the fluency of the writing whilst fixing grammatical errors.

Creative Mode – Free mode when you sign up for Quillbot, the sentence is changed the most, but it is also the most likely to contain errors compared to the other modes.

Creative+ Mode – Premium mode available when you purchase Quillbot Premium membership. Paraphrases text with the most originality and expression.

Formal Mode – Premium mode available when you purchase Quillbot Premium membership. Perfect for academic or professional reasons as the paraphrases are more refined and within a professional manner.

Shorten Mode – Premium mode available when you purchase Quillbot Premium membership. Perfect for assignments that have a limited word count, provides meaning in a clear and concise manner.

Expand Mode – Premium mode available when you purchase Quillbot Premium membership. Will add appropriate words and phrases to your source text to make it longer. This option is useful for writers who must meet a word count quota.

Freeze Words

Quillbot has the option to freeze certain words that you don’t want to be modified with the Paraphraser.

Just click the frozen icon in the top right corner and select the word/s within your statement that you wish to freeze. Quillbot will provide a list of recommended words and once you’ve selected those words, they will be placed under the Frozen Words category. For free users, you can only freeze 1 word but if you sign up to premium, you’ll be able to freeze unlimited words and phrases.

word summary presentation

If you are still unhappy with the sentence Quillbot has provided you, you can modify the synonyms.

Simply select the words or phrases within your sentence and choose a synonym from the drop-down menu.

word summary presentation

There is also a scale slider that lets you adjust the number of changes will be applied to your sentences. The less changes in Synonyms, the more accuracy of the sentence and the more changes, the less accuracy of your sentence. Only premium users can achieve the highest level of changes.

word summary presentation

Quillbot also has several Extensions available for Google Chrome, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs – making it quick and easy to download and access.

Premium Membership

There are monthly, half-year or annual plans with extra options.

word summary presentation has a variety of features including essay rewriting, plagiarism prevention and rephrasing articles. The tool focuses on maintaining original meaning of the sentences, whilst changing its structure. can be used online across all devices including IOS and Android. It is simple and straightforward to use.

The link is:

Unfortunately, one downside is if you do have an ad blocker, you will need to disable it before given permission to use the paraphrasing tool.

word summary presentation

Simply add your text or upload a Word Document or PDF using the Upload button in the bottom left corner, and your paraphrased text will appear on the right side.

word summary presentation

One bonus is there isn’t any payment or sign up required to use the tool. You can also paraphrase up to 1,000 words at a time.

Additionally, you can paraphrase in multi-languages, which can be chosen from the bottom right corner drop-down box.

word summary presentation

The mode you select determines what the AI will concentrate on

Fluency Mode – it will swap words with fluent synonyms.

Standard Mode – chooses the best synonyms to deliver the best results.

Creative Mode – will modify the sentence structure whilst still maintaining readability and flow, whilst also choosing different synonyms within the sentence.  

word summary presentation


A grammar and spelling checker, plagiarism checker, and paraphrasing tool are all included in Duplichecker.  You get everything you’ll ever need for your writing task in one package, it is absolutely free and there is no requirements to sign up prior to using the tool.

Using Duplichecker’s paraphrasing tool, you can simply paste the original text or upload a file and select Rewrite Article after confirming the captcha. Within seconds, you’ll have a paraphrased material that’s totally unique.

The link is:

word summary presentation

In one go, Duplichecker’s users can paraphrase up to 2000 words at a time. Compared to other free paraphrasing sites that only provide a limit of 500 words at a time, which is a great bonus.

Duplichecker offers custom-paid plans if the 2000-word limit isn’t enough. From $10 per month, you can boost your word limit to 30,000, obtain a custom-made plagiarism report in pdf format, and make use of many more features.

word summary presentation

Wordtune works similarly to any paraphrasing tool, but it offers the advantage of using artificial intelligence and linguistic models as part of the rewriting process. Using past data, Wordtune learns patterns that lead to rewrite suggestions. The Wordtune translation tool makes it easy to translate your thoughts and expressions into correct sentence structures if you don’t speak English natively.

word summary presentation

It is possible to translate and rewrite documents from various languages into English using the Rewrite tool. Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Hebrew, and Russian are presently supported.

Wordtune is available as a Google Chrome Extension. Simply go to the Chrome Web Store and install the browser extension there.

Although Wordtune is free to use, you will still need to sign up prior to using it.

Go to any website where you plan to write (e.g. Word online, Facebook, Google Docs, Gmail), start writing, and then highlight the text you want to use. There will be a purple Wordtune icon above your pick when you make your selection.

word summary presentation

Wordtune Modes

There are four modes that Wordtune offers, however you will need to be a premium member to utilise them.

Casual and Formal Tone – a feature which makes the sentence sound more casual or formal.

Shorten or Expand Mode – make any sentence shorter or longer.

Premium membership is available at $9.99 per month giving additional features, service and support.

If you’re wondering if the Premium membership is worth it, they also offer a free 7-day trial to try out the premium services.

Wordtune also offer discounts for eligible students, educators, non-profits and NGOs.

word summary presentation

Prepost SEO

The Prepost SEO paraphrasing tool alters synonyms and sentences to create reworded content unique from the original content.

The link is:

The Paraphrasing tool is totally free to use without any need to sign up. Users also have an unlimited amount of uses per day. There is the option to copy and paste over content to paraphrase, or you can also upload files in .doc/.docx/.txt/.pdf format.

Prepost SEO also has the option to exclude certain words from your content that you do not wish to be paraphrased. Simply type out the words you wish to exclude, separated by a comma, prior to selecting the paraphrase button.

word summary presentation

Prepost SEO modes

The Prepost SEO paraphrasing tool has several different modes:

Simple Mode – this mode replaces synonyms from the text, there is no limit with the number of words that can be paraphrased within this mode.

Advanced Mode – It is possible to add your own terms if you are not satisfied with the automatic substitution of synonyms. Paraphrasing has no word limit in this mode.

AI Mode- Besides changing words, it also rewrites phrases to break down complex statements into smaller chunks of information. It has three sub-modes, which are as follows:

Fluency – Correction of grammatical inaccuracies, allows the use of up to 5000 characters.

Standard – Text is easier to read when the sentence structure is rewritten in this mode, allows the use of up to 5000 characters.

Creative- Completely paraphrases sentences, reducing the possibility of plagiarism. Allows the use of up to 5000 characters.

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Download Free Executive Summary Templates

By Kate Eby | April 2, 2018 (updated April 4, 2024)

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This article includes a comprehensive collection of free executive summary templates, all of which are easy to download, share, edit, and print. 

Included on this page, you’ll find a simple executive summary template , a business executive summary template , a executive summary slide template , an project executive summary template , and a research report executive summary template , among others. Plus, check out our list of helpful tips for completing these executive summary templates .

Simple Executive Summary Template

Simple Executive Summary Template

Download Simple Executive Summary Template Microsoft Word | Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Docs  

Make a positive impact with this dynamic, simple executive summary template — before you submit your report or business proposal. In the Overview section, give a brief rundown of what your proposal will entail. In the Problem Summary section, define your target market and the problem(s) they face; in The Solution section, explain to your readers how your project or product will solve your target audience’s problem. 

For helpful examples of executive summaries, see this collection of executive summary examples . 

Simple, powerful project management with Smartsheet. See for yourself.

word summary presentation

Smartsheet is a cloud-based platform that allows teams and organizations to plan, manage, and report on projects, helping you move faster and achieve more. See Smartsheet in action.  

Watch a free demo

Business Executive Summary Template

Business Executive Summary Template

Download Business Executive Summary Template Microsoft Word | Microsoft PowerPoint | Adobe PDF  

Fill out this business executive summary template to ensure that your business report is influential, and that your project or product proposal receives approval. Write a high-level overview of what your project or product will entail (an elevator pitch ). Briefly describe the problem that your project or product will solve and your target market, and include brief analytical data to support your claims and your proposed next steps. 

Learn more about how to write an effective executive summary .

Executive Summary Slide Template

Executive Summary Slide Template

Download Executive Summary Slide Template Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides  

 Use this free template to outline your next big presentation or keep it updated as a live meeting record that documents your evolving internal business plans or funding needs. The customizable PowerPoint slides feature an executive summary template and an outline that you can turn into the separate sections of your presentation. The customizable slides are formatted to outline the important elements of a formal business plan summary.

One-Page Executive Summary Template

One Page Executive Summary Template

Download One-Page Executive Summary Template Microsoft Excel  |  Microsoft Word  | Adobe PDF

This template is designed to fit your executive  project status update on one page. Take advantage of the short sections and bullet points to keep it concise and hook the reader with the most attention-grabbing information. Organize and emphasize the most important information by customizing the subheadings based on your document’s purpose.

Find more free Microsoft Word executive summary templates for any project here .

Executive Summary Checklist Template

Executive Summary Checklist Template

Download Executive Summary Checklist Template – Microsoft Word  

In your project report or proposal, the executive summary is the first thing that your audience reads, so it’s important to make a positive impression in the limited space that you have. Use this executive summary checklist template to make sure that your executive summary is as clear and dynamic as possible and to increase the likelihood that your project receives approval. By doing so, you can ensure that all sponsors, team members, and other stakeholders know, at a glance, the project’s goals and the results they can expect from implementation.

Executive Summary Outline Template

Executive Summary Outline Template

Download Executive Summary Outline Template – Microsoft Word  

This template is the perfect tool for organizations that want to present all project proposal details in an easy-to-read outline format. Provide a brief project overview (your elevator pitch), a broad-strokes summary of your project’s goals and purpose, and the metrics you’ll use in assessing project success after launch. The template helps ensure that you consider all aspects of your proposed project, including competitive analyses, risks, key milestones, project costs, and resource estimates.  

For tips and resources, see this comprehensive list of free executive project status templates .

Startup Executive Summary Template

Startup Executive Summary Template

Download Startup Executive Summary Template Microsoft Excel  | Microsoft Word  | Adobe PDF  | Smartsheet

Startups seeking funding online on platforms like AngelList and Gust use investor profiles to spark interest and earn social proof for their venture. This template acts as a one-page pitch that serves as your company profile on these platforms. You can repurpose this template and save it as a customized PDF summary memo to land your next meeting with investors.

Executive Summary Proposal Template

Executive Summary Proposal Template

Download Proposal Executive Summary Template Microsoft Word  | Adobe PDF

Project proposals outline the required resources and project objectives, and summarize key information from the main body of content. This template highlights the specific purpose for your proposal and the compelling points the proposal introduces. Use the executive summary to kickstart your project planning.

Research Report Executive Summary Template

Research Report Executive Summary Template

Download Research Report Executive Summary Template Microsoft Word  | Adobe PDF

Use this template as a synopsis of the research results for reports. This executive summary is formatted to accommodate in-depth reports that need space to use charts and tables to illustrate research data. The template is designed to summarize technical information in a concise manner, and features clear subheadings that communicate key findings to readers of various expertise and interest.

Project Executive Summary Template

word summary presentation

Download Project Executive Summary Template Microsoft Excel  | Microsoft Word  | Adobe PDF

Keep all of the project stakeholders in the loop with this project management summary template. You’ll find space to highlight project milestones, monitor new requests, and provide brief status overviews. 

For more specialized use cases, check out our roundup of free executive project status templates .

Business Plan Executive Summary Template

Business Plan Executive Summary Template

Download Business Plan Executive Summary Template Microsoft Word | Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides

This executive summary template is designed to get your business plan noticed and reviewed. This document helps you present key information to an external audience and ensure you include more attention to detail than a standard business plan document. Use bullet points and clear, formal language to guide the reader to the most important information about your company.

One-Page Business Plan Executive Summary Template

Business Plan Executive Summary Template

Download Business Plan Executive Summary Template – Microsoft Word

Perfect for small businesses and large organizations alike, this business plan executive summary template provides the perfect framework for companies to outline their mission, vision, company structure, and relevant history, all on a single page in Microsoft Word. Use the template’s Products and Services section to describe your offerings, the unique value of your proposal, and your competitive advantage. Under the Market Analysis section, state the market opportunity that your proposal addresses, the target market, and why your proposed solution is superior to that of your competitors.

Marketing Plan Executive Summary Template

Marketing Plan Executive Summary Template

Download Marketing Plan Executive Summary Template – Microsoft Word  

Marketing professionals, advertisers, and brand managers can all use this template to communicate a marketing plan to stakeholders and make it clear what the target audience is, what the strategy and objectives are, and how the product will have a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Use this template as an outline to ensure that you account for all aspects of your proposed marketing plan, including the target audience’s spending habits, relationship to your product, and how your marketing campaign will result in increased foot traffic and sales.

Construction Project Executive Summary Template

word summary presentation

Download Construction Project Executive Summary Template Microsoft Excel  | Microsoft Word  | Adobe PDF

This template summarizes the construction project plan and highlights the important schedule milestones, budget data, bid estimates, and timeline details. Use this executive summary to report on the essential detail from the construction plan and keep all of the various stakeholders informed on the critical project information.

Learn more about construction project management by reading “ Construction Project Management 101 .”

What Is an Executive Summary Template?

An executive summary is a brief document that precedes a longer report or proposal as an abbreviated, high-level version of it. A template prompts you to explain the target audience’s problem, and how your proposed solution will solve it. 

While executive summary templates can vary, they typically include the following sections, each of which should be no more than five sentences: 

  • Overview: Briefly describe what your report or business proposal will entail, and why it’s necessary. You should be able to describe your proposed project or product in a few sentences to management, key stakeholders, and potential investors.  
  • The Problem: Describe your target audience. What problem are they facing? What issue needs a solution that your proposal will address? This is a great opportunity to identify your target audience and the challenges they face, so that it’s clear how your proposed solution is positioned to fulfill that business opportunity. 
  • Why should a client or end-user choose what you have to offer over competitors’ offerings? 
  • How does your target audience benefit from your solution, in particular?  
  • What is your proposed strategy? 
  • What resources are required? 
  • What is the proposed business-proposal timeline? 
  • What evidence do you have to support your proposal?
  • Proposed Steps: Describe what is required to implement your solution. What, in particular, would your company or client have to enact to produce the desired solution?

Streamline Your Executive Summary Process with Smartsheet for Project Management

From simple task management and project planning to complex resource and portfolio management, Smartsheet helps you improve collaboration and increase work velocity -- empowering you to get more done. 

The Smartsheet platform makes it easy to plan, capture, manage, and report on work from anywhere, helping your team be more effective and get more done. Report on key metrics and get real-time visibility into work as it happens with roll-up reports, dashboards, and automated workflows built to keep your team connected and informed.

When teams have clarity into the work getting done, there’s no telling how much more they can accomplish in the same amount of time. Try Smartsheet for free, today.

Discover a better way to streamline workflows and eliminate silos for good.

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10 Free Executive Summary Templates in Word, Slides, & ClickUp

Praburam Srinivasan

Growth Marketing Manager

February 14, 2024

Executive summaries are a key part of any business plan and there’s a lot riding on their success!

Despite being a small piece of a larger proposal, executive summaries serve a big purpose in project management and will be read by every stakeholder, higher-up, or investor you hope to impress. So they must be handled with care.

Your executive summary should be short and sweet, but it also needs to pack a punch. Different than an abstract, the executive summary provides a condensed variation of what your project proposal explains in length. Think of it as the highlight reel or SparkNotes version of your more-detailed project documents .

The thing is, executive summaries are all about strategy. They may be brief, but they’re intentional! And there’s a secret to nailing the perfect summary for your proposal every time—templates. 🙂

Executive summary templates are the only surefire way to guarantee you’re hitting the most impactful points, every time. Plus, they help you save time writing them and make the overall process significantly less stressful and more formulaic.

Follow along to learn more about executive summary templates and the must-have features to look for before you download. Even access 10 of the best free executive summary templates for any type of proposal! Whether you use ClickUp, Word, PowerPoint, or the like, we’ve got a template to make your summaries significantly easier. 🙌🏼

What is an Executive Summary Template?

Top features to look for in executive summary templates, 1. clickup executive summary doc template, 2. clickup whiteboard executive summary template, 3. clickup executive memo template, 4. clickup program summary template, 5. clickup payroll summary report template, 6. clickup executive board report template, 7. clickup executive project status report template, 8. microsoft word executive summary template, 9. powerpoint executive summary template, 10. executive summary google slides template, who benefits from using an executive summary template, in summary, choose an executive summary template by clickup.

Avatar of person using AI

First things first— what is an executive summary?

An executive summary boils down the key points from a larger report or proposal into a brief and easily digestible document. This summary will give the reader a solid grasp on what’s to come and will cover the main takeaways from the larger body including the project plan , the problem it aims to solve, the project scope , cost breakdowns, OKRs , and more.

The length of your summary will vary depending on the complexity of your project, but a good rule of thumb is to think of it as a “section” rather than a full-length document of its own.

When it comes to executive summaries in project management, here are the five major points to cover in your executive summary:

  • Project description : This is how you’re going to hook your reader! Stick to two or three sentences that summarize the project and its purpose.
  • The problem you’re solving : Why are you making this product? Use this opportunity to dive into the reasons why people need this solution.
  • Market analysis : This includes your target audience, any research you’ve done, and data that helps support why your product will succeed.
  • The process : Without going too deep into the workflow, what will it take to get this project off the ground? Describe the resources, budget, people, and time needed to make your project possible.
  • Future projections and next steps: What’s in it for the reader? How will this project create profit for those involved and what do the next steps look like to reach the project’s goal ?

That sounds like a lot to remember, right?

So take some of the pressure off of your summary process by investing your time more productively—in a customizable executive summary template that guarantees results! Think of your executive summary template as training wheels on a bike or bumpers at the bowling alley—except everyone uses them, even the most seasoned project managers in the game!

Like other project management templates , these pre-built documents will guide you in the right direction, no matter your budget or project type! The best templates will be easy to use, share, and complement your project management software . That way, your project proposal, summary, workflow, and progress can all exist on the same platform. This not only helps you save time but is crucial for streamlining processes and keeping your management team on the same page.

But what else should you look for in your executive summary template?

We’ve covered the five big sections of every successful executive summary, but what features should you look for in the actual template?

Highly visual : When people think of summaries, it’s easy to think of a blank page. Instead, you should think of your summary as a presentation aid. The more visual, engaging, and interesting your summary looks, the easier it will be for stakeholders to grasp it. Next time you go to open a new document, try looking at digital whiteboard software to take your summary further.

Collaboration tools : Live editing, comments, @mentions, and screen sharing are huge assets for your template. The summary will only get stronger with more eyes on the draft, and collaboration features will help the team work together and present alongside each other without overlap!

Sharing and permissions : Make sure your executive summary is accessible! Not everyone will use the same project management software as your team, but custom sharing and permission options will give you the power to choose who can edit, view, and distribute your work.

Integrations : More integrations will give you the ability to add more context to your summary and make it more valuable in the long run. Embedding, especially! Adding in important data, media, charts, and links will make your summary mean so much more than a simple document.

10 Free Executive Summary Templates You Have to Try

Executive summaries are deceptively short tasks!

While they may be brief in length, a lot of work, strategy, and thought goes into ensuring their success. And since the summary will be viewed by everyone involved and sometimes be the first thing they see, it’s crucial that it’s done correctly every time.

So before you spend another second sweating in front of your multi-page proposal, turn to one of these 10 free executive summary examples to kickstart your strategic messaging.

ClickUp Executive Summary Doc Template

Here’s the ClickUp Executive Summary Doc Template to help you write a compelling teaser for your project proposal. You’ll know exactly what to add with the help of a guiding question at the top of each section. Once you’re finished, delete the questions for a cleaner document! 🤩

You can explain the value proposition of your proposal to your audience (like potential investors) with this template’s interactive features. Provide details about your business plan or project proposal, including the company’s mission statement, goals, project objectives , products, and target market.

The document breaks down key topics into sections, so you won’t have to spend extra time formatting! Template highlights include: 

  • Project Overview : A brief description of your proposed project
  • Focused Issue : The customer feedback or problem the project aims to solve
  • Project Highlights : Market analysis results and project strengths
  • Finance : Financial projections and requirements

Pro tip : Customize your executive summary template with your branding and basic information. Then, save and apply it to future executive summaries so you’ll always have access to pre-filled documents at a moment’s notice!

ClickUp Whiteboard Executive Summary Template

ClickUp’s Whiteboard Executive Summary Template  is a perfect tool for project managers who want their executive summary to be an interactive experience that keeps the reader’s attention throughout your pitch. 

With a digital whiteboard, you can communicate your ideas visually and make a lasting impression on your audience. You’ll also need a set of productivity tools to organize your thoughts, create charts, annotate images, and assign actionable tasks. 🎯

Enter: ClickUp Whiteboards !

Using ClickUp’s Whiteboard as an executive summary tool, your content can double as a working canvas and an engaging presentation from start to finish. 

ClickUp Whiteboards offer embedding, rich text editing, resource linking, and more to make designing executive summaries easier. In its basic form, Whiteboards are made of these powerful elements:

  • ClickUp Cards (tasks) you can add to the Whiteboard as you work through your ideas
  • Objects (shapes, sticky notes, images)
  • Connectors (arrows, lines)

Not sure what steps to take first on your Whiteboard? We got you covered with a Getting Started guide in the template!

ClickUp Executive Memo Template

Like executive summaries, executive  memos  are short-form documents containing the latest project information for key stakeholders. The purpose of an executive memo is to communicate important information to the intended audience, such as the status of a project, policies, or cross-functional procedures and processes in the company.

Depending on how often your audience expects an executive memo to arrive in their inbox, you should start building a central wiki where all of your memos will be stored for record-keeping purposes.

The reality is that schedules, deliverables, stakeholders, and collaborators for any given project are likely to change at some point. In some cases, we get so bogged down in work that we neglect to update documentation for days or weeks. 🗓

ClickUp Docs seamlessly integrate into your tasks and projects. You are only a few clicks away from retrieving any documentation to reference or update within the platform.

Try it for free today! Connect the ClickUp Executive Memo Template to workflows by creating nested subpages for each memo in the template and linking the subpages to the memos. Your stakeholders will appreciate the digital trail!

ClickUp Program Summary Template

The length of time it takes to complete a program may vary from months to even years. Unlike projects, they’re about the benefits, transformation, and change of the organization. For this proposal type, we can’t use a basic executive summary template! 

ClickUp’s Program Summary Template offers you a one-stop shop for creating a high-level overview of the programs you run in the organization. ⚡️

Your program summary document should include the following sections to make it as effective as possible: 

  • Program name and purpose : Clearly state the name and provide a brief description of its purpose and objectives
  • Target audience or beneficiaries : Identify the target audience or beneficiaries of the program or initiative (and any relevant demographic information)
  • Key activities and project milestones : Provide an overview of the timeline, including the start and end dates, and major phases
  • Measurable outcomes and impact : Identify the measurable outcomes or impact the program is expected to achieve and how it will be evaluated
  • Funding and partners : Give information on the funding source and any partners or collaborators involved in the program or initiative

Check out our detailed program management guide for tips, examples, and features for a successful program!

ClickUp Payroll Summary Report Template

An employee payroll summary report is usually prepared for HR or Finance personnel responsible for processing payrolls. In this report, payroll expenses are summarized for the period of time specified, for example, a month or quarter in the past. 

During a payroll review, management will ensure compliance with labor laws and consider the payroll expenses against the budget. There are several uses for the payroll report, including identifying any discrepancies or errors that might occur in the payroll process and tracking the progress of payroll-related projects or initiatives. 📊

You can collaborate with your cross-functional partners with ClickUp’s Payroll Summary Report Template and save the extra time of sending back-and-forth emails! Simply highlight any text to add a comment, or @mention members to call out action items.

Throughout the template, you’ll find organized tables similar to those on a spreadsheet within a ClickUp Doc. Once you have finished editing the template, you will be able to update the Doc’s settings to protect the content and share it with your team.

ClickUp Executive Board Report Template

An executive board report is a document that gives an overview of an organization’s progress, performance, strategies, and health. Typically, it contains information about the company’s finances, operations, and goals. The company’s staff and operations are also included if any major changes have been or are about to occur. 🔮

In this ClickUp Executive Board Report Template , you’ll find guiding prompts along with powerful visuals that will help you create a professional report:

  • Key Areas of Focus : Project goals that were set at the beginning of the year and a breakdown of month-over-month updates
  • Critical Success Factors : Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relevant and critical to the board
  • Financials : Update on the company’s financial health and a breakdown of month-over-month numbers
  • Challenges and Action Plans : Tasks in progress to resolve challenges

Download project charter templates to establish your project’s scope!

ClickUp Executive Project Status Report Template

Here’s the ClickUp Executive Project Status Report Template if your executives like to visualize project performance!

By using visualization, complex data and information can be made easier to comprehend and accessible. This is relevant for senior management who may not be actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the project.🛠

The template includes different task views (List, Kanban board, Timeline, and Table) to compare project performance against goals or benchmarks. The results? Better-informed decisions and hours saved from building short-lived reports!

Pro tip : Add a Gantt view to your template and view multiple projects in one place!

Microsoft Word Executive Summary Template

The simple outline in this Word document will help you write an executive summary. It includes sections on business objectives, target audiences, competition, risks, and opportunities, which will guide you in the process of creating your document. 

Visuals like charts, diagrams, and graphics engage your audience better than any other type of content, so don’t forget to include them in your document. 🎨

We know building visuals in Word is a time-consuming task, so here are a few guides to help you get the most out of your visual content! 

  • How to Make a Flowchart in Microsoft Word
  • How to Make a Timeline in Microsoft Word
  • How to Create a Gantt Chart in Microsoft Word
  • How to Make a Mind Map in Word

PowerPoint Executive Summary Template

A list of presentation templates wouldn’t be complete without the PowerPoint Executive Summary Template! It’s a three-list design used for presenting business objectives on a one-page slide. 

Executive summaries simplify your project proposal content, but you still want to give as much information to your audience, so they get the big picture. 

This template would be perfect to use for investors or stakeholders requesting key information in a single snapshot. 📸

Pro tip : A visual alternative would be #2 on this list—the ClickUp Whiteboard Executive Summary Template. As a presenter with a Whiteboard, you have the freedom to transform your presentation from static to interactive with shapes and images!

Business Executive Summary Template in Google Slides

Google Slides is a powerful presentation tool offering a wide range of features and capabilities. Collaborate in real-time with others, embed multimedia, and add animations and transitions! It integrates with other Google products, such as Google Drive, making it easy to access and share presentations. 🔗

The Executive Summary Google Slides Template covers a basic outline to develop an executive summary. Use the sections included or make a list of the important points you want to cover during a meeting . This list could be as simple as the company description, products or services, market analysis, competitive advantage , and financial information.

Entrepreneurs: Start-ups and small businesses can utilize an executive summary to attract potential investors, partners, and customers. The executive summary allows them to comprehensively present their business model, strategies, goals, and overall plan without going into the minute details, thus saving time while still attracting interest.

  • Start-up Executive Summary
  • Small Business Executive Summary
  • Entrepreneurs Executive Summary

Investors: An executive summary is a valuable tool for investors to get an understanding of a business or potential investment opportunity with minimal time expenditure. It highlights the key elements of a business proposal or plan, helping them to make efficient, informed decisions.

  • Angel Investor Executive Summary
  • Investors Executive Summary
  • Real Estate Investors Executive Summary Template

Your executive summary should complement your larger business proposal or report—similar to the way your executive summary template should complement your project management software!

Creating your executive summary with a template designed to boost your productivity will take your effort, team, and project further in the long run. Plus, it will save you important time in the planning process.

Using ClickUp Docs , its Kanban-like Board view , and Whiteboards are just a few of the many ways you can bring your executive summary to life—and templates make the experience even smoother! But the best part? You can take your next steps directly from the summary itself, making your entire document more valuable throughout the entire project process.

ClickUp is the only productivity platform powerful enough to bring all of your work together across apps into one centralized hub. With over 15 highly visual ways to build your workflow, a rich set of features , over 1,000 integrations , and hundreds of customizable templates for every use case, ClickUp creates solutions for teams of any size and every pricing plan .

Access ClickUp Docs, Whiteboards, Board view, unlimited tasks, and so much more when you sign up for ClickUp today.

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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Presentation Design Guide: How to Summarize Information for Presentations

By Midori Nediger , May 15, 2023

presentation design

Bad presentations. We’ve all had to sit through them.  Heck, we’ve probably all given one or two. I know I have.

You know the type: twice as long as they need to be, slides chock-full of text, no visuals in sight. 

How can you ensure you don’t fall victim to these presentation faux-pas when designing your next presentation for your team, class, or clients?

In this blog, I’ll walk you through tips on how to design an impactful presentation and how you can deliver it with style to leave a lasting impression.

Let’s get started:

  • Include less text and more visuals in your presentation design
  • Identify one core message to center your presentation design around
  • Eliminate any information that doesn’t immediately support the core message
  • Create a strong presentation outline to keep you focused
  • Use text to reinforce, not repeat, what you’re saying
  • Design your presentation with one major takeaway per slide
  • Use visuals to highlight the key message on each slide
  • Use scaffolding slides to orient your audience and keep them engaged
  • Use text size, weight, and color for emphasis
  • Apply design choices consistently to avoid distraction
  • Split a group presentation by topic
  • Use a variety of page layouts to maintain your audience’s interest
  • Use presentation templates to help you get started
  • Include examples of inspiring people
  • Dedicate slides to poignant questions
  • Find quotes that will inspire your audience
  • Emphasize key points with text and images
  • Label your slides to prompt your memory

Watch: How to design a presentation [10 ESSENTIAL TIPS]

Tips for designing and delivering an impactful presentation

What makes a presentation memorable?

It usually comes down to three things:

  • The main idea.
  • The presenter.
  • The visuals.

All three elements work together to create a successful presentation. Just like how different presentation styles serve different purposes, having a good presentation idea will give the audience a purpose for listening. A good presenter communicates the main idea so that the audience cares about it. And compelling visuals help clarify concepts and illustrate ideas.

But how the presenter delivers their presentation and what visuals they use can vary drastically while still being effective. There is no perfect presentation style or presentation design.

Here are some top tips to consider to help you design and deliver an impactful presentation:

Tip #1: Include less text and more visuals in your presentation design

According to David Paradi’s annual presentation survey , the 3 things that annoy audiences most about presentations are:

  • Speakers reading their slides
  • Slides that include full sentences of text
  • Text that is too small to read

The common thread that ties all of these presentation annoyances is text. Audiences are very picky about the text found in presentation slide decks .

In my experiences speaking at conferences and in webinars over the past few years, audiences respond much more positively to presentations that use visuals in place of text.

Audiences are more engaged, ask more questions, and find my talks more memorable when I include lots of visual examples in my slide decks. 

I’m not the only one who has found this. We recently surveyed nearly 400 conference speakers about their presentation designs and found that 84.3% create presentations that are highly visual.

A great example of a high visual presentation is the iconic AirBnB pitch deck design , which includes no more than 40 words per slide. Instead of repeating the speaker’s script on the slides, it makes an impact with keywords, large numbers, and icons:

word summary presentation

Learn how to customize this presentation template:

To help you take your presentations to the next level, I’d like to share my process for creating a visually-focused presentation like the one above. I’ll give you my top presentation design tips that I’ve learned over years of presenting:

  • Class presentations
  • Online courses

You can then apply this process to our professional presentation templates  or pitch decks , creating unique presentation decks with ease! Our user-friendly editor tools make customizing these templates a breeze.

To leave a lasting impression on your audience, consider transforming your slides into an interactive presentation. Here are 15 interactive presentation ideas to enhance interactivity and engagement.

We’ll cover the most important steps for summarizing lengthy text into a presentation-friendly format. Then we’ll touch on some pre sentation design tips to help you get visual with your slide decks. Read on for the best creative presentation ideas.

Tip #2: Identify one core message to center your presentation design around

We know from David Paradi’s survey that audiences are easily overwhelmed with lots of text and data, especially when presentations are long.

confused woman meme

(You when you see a presentation with lots of text and data and it’s long)

So unlike in a white paper , report , or essay , you can’t expect to tackle many complex ideas within a single presentation.

That would be a recipe for disaster.

Instead, identify a single central message that you would like to communicate to your audience. Then build your presentation around that core message.

By identifying that core message, you can ensure that everything you include in your presentation supports the goal of the presentation .

As seen below, a great presentation tells you exactly what you’re going to learn (the core message), then gets right to the facts (the supporting information).

Nutrition Creative Presentation Template

To ensure you create an asset that’s clear, concise, impactful, and easy to follow, design your presentation around a single core message.

Tip #3: Create a strong presentation outline to keep you focused

Think of your outline as a roadmap for your presentation. Creating a strong presentation outline straight away helps make sure that you’re hitting all of the key points you need to cover to convey a persuasive presentation .

Take this presentation outline example:

  • Introduction and hellos
  • Vision and value proposition
  • Financial profit
  • Your investment
  • Thanks and questions

These are all things that we know we need to talk about within the presentation.

Creating a presentation outline makes it much easier to know what to say when it comes to creating the actual presentation slides.

Corporate pitch deck template

You could even include your presentation outline as a separate slide so that your audience knows what to expect:

Topics of discussion presentation outline example template

The opening moments of your presentation hold immense power – check out these 15 ways to start a presentation to set the stage and captivate your audience.

Tip #4: Eliminate any information that doesn’t support the core message

Next, use that core message to identify everything that doesn’t belong in the presentation.

Aim to eliminate everything that isn’t immediately relevant to the topic at hand, and anything remotely redundant. Cut any information that isn’t absolutely essential to understanding the core message.

By cutting these extra details, you can transform forgettable text-heavy slides:

Infographic Presentation Template

Into memorable slides with minimal text:

Infographic Presentation Template

Here’s a quick checklist to help you cut out any extra detail:

Get rid of:

  • Detailed descriptions
  • Background information
  • Redundant statements
  • Explanations of common knowledge
  • Persuasive facts and figures
  • Illustrative examples
  • Impactful quotes

presentation design

This step may seem obvious, but when you’re presenting on a topic that you’re passionate about, it’s easy to get carried away with extraneous detail. Use the recommendations above to keep your text in check.

Clarity is key, especially if you’re presenting virtually rather than in-person. However, Lisa Schneider (Chief Growth Officer at Merriam-Webster) has had plenty of experience making that adjustment. She recently shared her tips for adapting in-person presentations into virtual presentations on Venngage that you can check out. 

Tip #5: Use text to reinforce, not repeat, what you’re saying

According to presentation guru  Nancy Duarte , your audience should be able to discern the meaning of your slides in 6 seconds or less.

Since your audience will tend to read every word you place on each slide, you must keep your text to an absolute minimum. The text on your slides should provide support for what you’re saying without being distracting.

Never write out, word for word, what you’re going to be saying out loud. If you’re relying on text to remember certain points, resist the urge to cram them into your slides. Instead, use a tool like Venngage’s speaker notes to highlight particular talking points. These can be imported into PowerPoint — along with the rest of your presentation — and will only be viewable to you, not your audience.

Speaker notes by Venngage

For the actual slides, text should only be used to reinforce what you’re saying. Like in the presentation design below, paraphrase long paragraphs into short bulleted lists or statements by eliminating adjectives and articles (like “the” and “a”).

word summary presentation

Pull out quotes and important numbers, and make them a focus of each slide.

word summary presentation

Tip #6: Design your presentation with one major takeaway per slide

As I mentioned above, audiences struggle when too much information is presented on a single slide.

To make sure you don’t overwhelm your audiences with too much information, spread out your content to cover one major takeaway per slide.

By limiting each slide to a single simple statement, you focus your audience’s attention on the topic at hand.

My favorite way to do this is to pick out the core message of whatever I’m talking about and express it in a few keywords, as seen in this presentation slide below.

word summary presentation

This helps ensure that the visuals remain the focus of the slide.

word summary presentation

Using the text in this way, to simply state a single fact per slide, is a sure-fire way to make an impact in your presentation.

Alternatively, pull out a significant statistic that you want to stick in your audience’s minds and make it a visual focus of the slide, as seen in this popular presentation by Officevibe .

presentation design

This might mean you end up with a slide deck with a ton of slides. But that’s totally ok!

I’ve talked to many professionals who are pressured by their management teams to create presentations with a specific number of slides (usually as few as 10 or 15 slides for a 30-minute presentation).

If you ask me, this approach is completely flawed. In my mind, the longer I spend sitting on a single slide, the more likely I am to lose the interest of my audience.

How many slides should I use for a 10 minute presentation?

A good rule of thumb is to have at least as many slides as minutes in your presentation. So for a 10 minute presentation you should have at least 10 slides .

Use as many slides as you need, as long as you are presenting a single message on each slide, (as seen in the lengthy presentation template below). This is especially important if you’re presenting your business, or delivering a product presentation. You want to wow your audience, not bore them.

word summary presentation

Tip #7: Use visuals to highlight the key message on each slide

As important as having one major takeaway per slide is having visuals that highlight the major takeaway on each slide.

Unique visuals will help make your message memorable.

Visuals are a great way to eliminate extra text, too.

You can add visuals by creating a timeline infographic to group and integrate information into visual frameworks like this:

word summary presentation

Or create a flowchart  and funnels:

word summary presentation

Or by representing simple concepts with icons, as seen in the modern presentation design below. Using the same color for every icon helps create a polished look.

Using visuals in this way is perfect for when you have to convey messages quickly to audiences that you aren’t familiar with – such as at conferences. This would also make the ideal interview presentation template.

word summary presentation

You can alternatively use icons in different colors, like in the presentation templates below. Just make sure the colors are complimentary, and style is consistent throughout the presentation (i.e. don’t use sleek, modern icons on one slide and whimsically illustrated icons on another). In this example, presentation clipart style icons have been used.

word summary presentation

Any time you have important stats or trends you want your audience to remember, consider using a chart or data visualization to drive your point home. Confident public speaking combined with strong visualizations can really make an impact, encouraging your audience to act upon your message.

One of my personal favorite presentations (created by a professional designer) takes this “key message plus a visual” concept to the extreme, resulting in a slide deck that’s downright irresistible.

presentation design

When applying this concept, don’t fall into the trap of using bad stock photos . Irrelevant or poorly chosen visuals can hurt you as much as they help you.

Below is an example of how to use stock photos effectively. They are more thematic than literal and are customized with fun, bright icons that set a playful tone.

word summary presentation

The content and visual design of a presentation should be seamless.

It should never seem like your text and visuals are plopped onto a template. The format and design of the slides should contribute to and support the audience’s understanding of the content.

Impactful presenation templates

Tip #8: Use scaffolding slides to orient your audience and keep them engaged

It’s easy for audiences to get lost during long presentations, especially if you have lots of slides. And audiences zone out when they get lost.

To help reorient your audience every once in a while, you can use something I like to call scaffolding slides. Scaffolding slides appear throughout a presentation to denote the start and end of major sections.

The core scaffolding slide is the agenda slide, which should appear right after the introduction or title slide. It outlines the major sections of the presentation.

At the beginning of each section, you should show that agenda again but highlight the relevant section title, as seen below.

word summary presentation

This gives audiences the sense that you’re making progress through the presentation and helps keep them anchored and engaged.

Alternatively, you can achieve a similar effect by numbering your sections and showing that number on every slide. Or use a progress bar at the bottom of each slide to indicate how far along you are in your presentation. Just make sure it doesn’t distract from the main content of the slides.

word summary presentation

You can imagine using this “progress bar” idea for a research presentation, or any presentation where you have a lot of information to get through.

Leila Janah, founder of Sama Group, is great at this. Her  Innovation and Inspire  talk about Sama Group is an example of a presentation that is well organized and very easy to follow.

Her presentation follows a logical, steady stream of ideas. She seems comfortable talking in front of a crowd but doesn’t make any attempts to engage directly with them.

Tip #9: Use text size, weight and color for emphasis

Every slide should have a visual focal point. Something that immediately draws the eye at first glance.

That focal point should be whatever is most important on that slide, be it an important number, a keyword, or simply the slide title.

presentation design

We can create visual focal points by varying the size, weight, and color of each element on the slide. Larger, brighter, bolder elements will command our audience’s attention, while smaller, lighter elements will tend to fade into the background.

word summary presentation

As seen in the presentation template above, this technique can be especially useful for drawing attention to important words within a long passage of text. Consider using this technique whenever you have more than 5 words on a slide.

And if you really want your audience to pay attention, pick a high-contrast color scheme like the one below.

presentation design

When picking fonts for your presentation, keep this technique in mind. Pick a font that has a noticeable difference between the “bold” font face and the “regular” font face. Source Sans Pro, Times New Roman, Montserrat, Arvo, Roboto, and Open Sans are all good options.

Presentation Fonts

The last thing to remember when using size, weight, and color to create emphasis on a slide: don’t try to emphasize too many things on one slide.

If everything is highlighted, nothing is highlighted.

Tip #10: Apply design choices consistently to avoid distraction

Audiences are quick to pick out, and focus on, any inconsistencies in your presentation design. As a result, messy, inconsistent slide decks lead to distracted, disengaged audiences.

Design choices (fonts and colors, especially), must be applied consistently across a slide deck. The last thing you want is for your audience to pay attention to your design choices before your content.

To keep your design in check, it can be helpful to create a color palette and type hierarchy before you start creating your deck, and outline it in a basic style guide like this one:

word summary presentation

I know it can sometimes be tempting to fiddle around with text sizes to fit longer bits of text on a slide, but don’t do it! If the text is too long to fit on a slide, it should be split up onto multiple slides anyway.

And remember, a consistent design isn’t necessarily a boring one. This social media marketing presentation applies a bright color scheme to a variety of 3-column and 2-column layouts, remaining consistent but still using creative presentation ideas.

word summary presentation

Tip #11: Split a group presentation by topic

When giving a group presentation it’s always difficult to find the right balance of who should present which part.

Splitting a group presentation by topic is the most natural way to give everybody the chance to attempt without it seeming disjointed.

word summary presentation

When presenting this slide deck to investors or potential clients, the team can easily take one topic each. One person can discuss the business model slide, and somebody else can talk about the marketing strategy.

Top tips for group presentations:

  • Split your group presentation by topic
  • Introduce the next speaker at the end of your slide
  • Become an ‘expert’ in the slide that you are presenting
  • Rehearse your presentation in advance so that everybody knows their cue to start speaking

Tip #12: Use a variety of page layouts to maintain your audience’s interest

Page after page of the same layout can become repetitive and boring. Mix up the layout of your slides to keep your audience interested.

In this example, the designer has used a variety of combinations of images, text, and icons to create an interesting and varied style.

Yellow start up pitch deck presentation template

There are hundreds of different combinations of presentation layers and presentation styles that you can use to help create an engaging presentation . This style is great for when you need to present a variety of information and statistics, like if you were presenting to financial investors, or you were giving a research presentation.

Using a variety of layouts to keep an audience engaged is something that Elon Musk is an expert in. An engaged audience is a hyped audience. Check out this Elon Musk presentation revealing a new model Tesla for a masterclass on how to vary your slides in an interesting way:

Tip #13: Use presentation templates to help you get started

It can be overwhelming to build your own presentation from scratch. Fortunately, my team at Venngage has created hundreds of professional presentation templates , which make it easy to implement these design principles and ensure your audience isn’t deterred by text-heavy slides.

Using a presentation template is a quick and easy way to create professional-looking presentation skills, without any design experience. You can edit all of the text easily, as well as change the colors, fonts, or photos. Plus you can download your work in a PowerPoint or PDF Presentation format.

After your presentation, consider summarizing your presentation in an engaging manner to r each a wider audience through a LinkedIn presentation .

Tip #14: Include examples of inspiring people

People like having role models to look up to. If you want to motivate your audience, include examples of people who demonstrate the traits or achievements, or who have found success through the topic you are presenting.

Tip #15: Dedicate slides to poignant questions

While you might be tempted to fill your slides with decorative visuals and splashes of color, consider that sometimes simplicity is more effective than complexity. The simpler your slide is, the more you can focus on one thought-provoking idea.

word summary presentation

Tip #16: Find quotes that will inspire your audience

A really good quote can stick in a person’s mind for weeks after your presentation. Ending your presentation with a quote can be a nice way to either begin or finish your presentation.

A great example of this is Tim Ferriss’ TED talk:

tim ferriss inspiration presentation example

Check out the full talk below.

Tip #17: Emphasize key points with text and images

When you pair concise text with an image, you’re presenting the information to your audience in two simultaneous ways. This can make the information easier to remember, and more memorable.

Use your images and text on slides to reinforce what you’re saying out loud.

Doing this achieves two things:

  • When the audience hears a point and simultaneously read it on the screen, it’s easier to retain.
  • Audience members can photograph/ screencap the slide and share it with their networks.

Don’t believe us? See this tip in action with a presentation our Chief Marketing Officer Nadya gave recently at Unbounce’s CTA Conference . The combination of text and images on screen leads to a memorable presentation.

Nadya Unbounce Presentation Example

Tip #18: Label your slides to prompt your memory

Often, presenters will write out an entire script for their presentation and read it off a teleprompter. The problem is, that can often make your presentation seem  too  rehearsed and wooden.

But even if you don’t write a complete script, you can still put key phrases on your slides to prompt jog your memory. The one thing you have to be wary of is looking back at your slides too much.

A good presentation gets things moving! Check out the top qualities of awesome presentations and learn all about how to make a good presentation to help you nail that captivating delivery.

Audiences don’t want to watch presentations with slide decks jam-packed with text. Too much text only hurts audience engagement and understanding. Your presentation design is as important as your presentation style. 

By summarizing our text and creating slides with a visual focus, we can give more exciting, memorable and impactful presentations.

Give it a try with one of our popular presentation templates:

presentation design

Want more presentation design tips? This post should get you started:

120+ Best Presentation Ideas, Design Tips & Examples

presentation design

word summary presentation

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Home Blog Presentation Ideas Powerful Words to Use in Presentations: Ultra Long List 

Powerful Words to Use in Presentations: Ultra Long List 

Powerful Words to Use in Presentations: Ultra Long List PPT Template

The power of words is immense and palpable when it comes to sharing ideas with others. The way you frame your sentences and cherry-pick specific words will affect how the audience preserves you. Not just that. Well-selected power words can shape narratives around businesses, distort (positively and negatively) their perception, and impact the listener’s decision to purchase. That’s why top copywriters and public speakers alike spend a great deal of time brainstorming different word combos and obsessing over their selection of action verbs, adjectives, and linking phrases.

Granted, you no longer need to do that. Just grab a PowerPoint template of your choice and start populating it with our big list of power words! 

What are Power Words?

Power words are persuasive words and phrases that evoke a positive or negative emotional response. Our selection of verbs, adjectives, and adverbs can convey different emotions from slight excitement to rightful outrate. That’s why public speakers , authors, and copywriters always carefully choose their words to convey the right idea and sentiment. 

Power words and phrases can make the same idea sound very different. Let’s take Apple’s famous slogan as an example: Think different. 

You can also convey the same idea using other descriptive words: Don’t think like everybody else, think outside the box, be creative 

Powerful Words Think Different PPT Template

However, each variation has a somewhat different ring to it. Ultimately, your word choice also impacts how others perceive you based on your speech.

Researchers found that word selection can have a massive impact on people, businesses, and society as a whole. Individual word choices can indicate the speaker’s mental state and impact the outcomes of a negotiation. Business power words shape customer experience with the brand and affect conversions. Action words, chose by the media, influence public perception of a social issue. 

Interestingly a group of researchers from Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada and Wharton in the US also found that word choices impact the song’s popularity. By applying text mining analytics to Billboard charts, the group found that songs with somewhat more unique texts performed better than those with pretty standard lyrics. A 16% differentiation in lyrical topics within a song was enough to propel it higher than songs in similar genres. 

The takeaway:

Our word choices have a profound impact on how others perceive us, as well as the actions they take afterward. Thus, if you want to be a Rockstar presenter , you need to choose your words carefully and prioritize powerful words! 

People Cheering for Speaker PPT Template

List of Powerful Words to Use in Presentations 

The English language has about 170,000 words in use . But an average person has an active vocabulary of 20,000 – 30,000 words. Among them is a smaller range of powerful adjectives and action verbs to make your presentations and speeches more impactful. 

Action Verbs to Use in Your PowerPoint Presentation

As the name implies, action verbs denote some dynamics — state, movement, result, etc. We use action verbs in our everyday speech a lot to describe what and how we do things. As author Elwyn Brooks White suggests : 

“Write with nouns and verbs, not with adjectives and adverbs. The adjective hasn’t been built that can pull a weak or inaccurate noun out of a tight place.”

Strong verbs don’t need adverbs to reinforce them. Compare these two statements: 

  • I walked quickly towards the door. 
  • I rushed out of the door. 

The first sentence merely states the fact. But the second one better conveys the emotion, the urgency of getting out of the room. It adds color to the narrative and sets the right mood.

In business presentations, action verbs help imply action to the user. They are good to use for both throughout the copy and the closing slide when you describe: 

  • Main action points 
  • Accomplishments
  • Next steps 
  • Results 

As you proofread your slide deck, look for weaker verbs and then replace them with stronger synonyms. Some common offenders include: 

  • State-of-being verbs such as am, does, do, could, might, etc. While they have their merit, oftentimes, you can find a more descriptive alternative, conveying an extra emotion. 
  • Verbs ending in -ing : wishing, planning, forgetting. Be bolder. Use present or past tenses instead. 
  • Verbs in conjunction with an adjective: walked quickly, talked loudly, etc. Again, these can be replaced with snappier one-word alternatives. 

List of powerful verbs to make your language more persuasive: 

  • Accelerate 
  • Alter 
  • Maintain 
  • Regard 
  • Convince 
  • Boost 
  • Ignite 
  • Surge 
  • Disrupt 
  • Rejuvenate 
  • Smash 
  • Supercharge 
  • Report 
  • Change 
  • Explore 
  • Re-define 
  • Strategize 
  • Maximize 
  • Capture 
  • Achieve 

Man Speaking in Megaphone Powerful Words PPT Template

Powerful Adjectives to Use In Your Presentation 

The goal of adjectives is to reinforce your nouns and verbs. Use them to convey specific emotions and set the scene for the audience. 

But be sparring. You are not writing a novel. Too many adjectives can make your slide deck look cluttered, as you’d have to skim on white space to fit longer sentences. Also, excessive use of adjectives can muddle the main idea behind your key statements.

Below is our quick collection of power adjectives you can use to punch up your presentation: 

Power Words for Motivation

  • Awe-inspiring
  • Exquisite 
  • Blissful 
  • Brilliant 
  • Dynamic 
  • Burgeoning 
  • Breathtaking
  • Accomplished
  • Successful 
  • Enterprising 
  • Venturesome
  • Life-changing
  • Encouraging 
  • Baffling 
  • Sensational 
  • Incredible 

Power Words for Sales (Adjectives) 

  • Cost-effective 
  • Exorbitant 
  • Knock-out 
  • Science-proofed 
  • Limited-time 
  • Fully-booked
  • Refundable 
  • Negotiable 
  • Below market average 
  • Too-good-to-miss
  • Budget-friendly
  • Optimal 
  • Exclusive 
  • Time-sensitive
  • Efficacious
  • Sensible 
  • Stylish 
  • Unique 
  • Profitable 

Power Adjectives to Persuade

  • Verified 
  • Risk-free 
  • Effective 
  • Tested 
  • Solution-oriented
  • Vetted 
  • Non-negotiable
  • Quality-controlled 
  • Reliable 
  • Legitimate 
  • Lifetime 
  • Market-tested 
  • Foolproof 
  • Surefire 
  • Ingenious 
  • Innovative 
  • Cutting-edge 
  • Exceptional 
  • Game-changing
  • Ground-breaking
  • Flagship 
  • Assured 
  • Collateralized 
  • Painless 
  • Diciest 
  • Tamperproof
  • Immutable 

Coherence Markers 

Coherence markers are conversational words and phrases we use to denote logical connections between different ideas. They are not meaningful standalone words. Yet, they play a huge role in making your presentation copy more compelling.

Take a look at these two versions of Dove ad copy:

  • Your skin’s natural oils keep it silky and supple. As you age, it becomes less elastic, and the production of oil slows down. Aging can cause dull, dehydrated skin.
  • Your skin’s natural oils keep it silky and supple. But as you age, your skin becomes less elastic, and the production of oil slows down. That is why aging can cause dull, dehydrated skin.

The bolded coherence markers help digest the claims by establishing logical connections between the ideas. Research shows that adding such links to any copy (or speech) improves clarity and boosts persuasion. Therefore, sprinkle some coherence markers in your presentation to help the reader or lister mentally justify what you are saying. 

Coherence Markers to Use in a Presentation 

  • Now do it 
  • So go ahead
  • Due to 
  • That’s why 
  • Given that 
  • Here’s the deal:
  • That’s right 
  • By contrast 
  • Beyond that 
  • For starters
  • What’s the bottom line?
  • You might be wondering
  • By now you should 
  • Better still…
  • The general conclusion is that
  • Compound this with 
  • What does this mean for you?
  • Inferring from above 
  • Just imagine
  • You’ve tried everything. But
  • You start to worry that
  • Let me guess 
  • What’s the catch?
  • I know that’s what you’re thinking, right?
  • But one thing’s for sure
  • Let me say this straight
  • Now consider it this way 
  • It gest better (or worse)
  • But here’s the kicker
  • As if that’s not enough
  • Best of all


A metaphor is a figure of speech used to represent or symbolize another object or concept. For example, time is the greatest gift given to you . 

Writers love using metaphors to act depth and eloquence to their narrative. At the same time, top presenters use these to help the reader picture an intangible concept. 

As research found, metaphors help with persuasion by helping the reader or listener form a concrete mental image of the discussed concept. For example, you can say that your printing equipment works fast. But how fast do you mean? A metaphor can help make it more clear, e.g., “Our printing machines an equivalent of Ferrari in terms of speed.”  

Check our complete guide to using metaphors in presentations for more insights. Or swipe of some of the examples from our list below: 

Powerful Words Before And After Metaphor PPT Template

Metaphors for Professional Presentations 

  • Zeus-like 
  • Drag-and-drop interfaces 
  • To be worth waiting for 
  • Glue for the Internet 
  • To stay afloat 
  • Off the shelf 
  • Custom-made 
  • To get up to speed
  • App-like functionality 
  • blue ocean / red ocean 
  • Bumps on the road 
  • Jump on the bandwagon 
  • Tossed its cap
  • The veneer on the credenza.
  • Moonshot project
  • More complicated than one-color puzzles.
  • Lion-tamer-sky-diver fun
  • Pack a punch 
  • At the foothold of new 
  • Buckets of questions 
  • Going against the grain
  • The epitome of something else
  • From full throttle to a halt

To Conclude

Positive power words speak straight to the hearts and minds of the audiences. They encourage, inspire, motivate, bring up, and help move on in the right direction. If your goal is to hammer in a clear idea and prompt subsequent desirable action, these words are your best buddies to use all through your presentation slides and during delivery! 

1. 12 Tips List PowerPoint Templates

word summary presentation

If you´re searching for a PowerPoint Template that is very flexible and can be used to create lists, the 12 Tips List PowerPoint Template is a great choice. 

Use This Template

word summary presentation

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But there's no point in watching a two-hour-long presentation only to know it does not contain any relevant information, right? Thankfully, that's where summarizing a presentation can help. It's like creating a short description that reveals what the viewers can expect from the long slideshow. 

So, how to summarize a presentation , especially when you don't have enough time for it? In this guide, I'll reveal my tried and tested tips to create a short summary. 

What is a Presentation Summary? 

A presentation summary is a short, sweet, and meaningful version of the long video in which you introduce the different components of the presentation and a few key points that you’re talking about. 

In other words, it typically includes the main points or key takeaways that'll provide you with the gist of the presentation — without you having to watch the presentation from start to end. 

Here, you're not trying to convey the entire business strategy or selling points — instead, your goal here is to help the attendees understand the core concept of the presentation. 

Conducting a presentation with a summary

How to Summarize a Presentation  

As a freelance writer who wears all the hats of the business, I try to save as much time as I can. As much as I value my time, I look for ways to save energy and effort for my audience. Writing a summary of lengthy videos , articles, documents, interviews , and presentations is one method to help everyone get all the important information in a clear and concise way. However, condensing all information into a few paragraphs (or one page) isn't an easy task. 

Here's the process I follow to summarize presentations in a few paragraphs. 

Identify the Main Goal 

People love free stuff — but only if it's useful. Nobody wants to waste their time and/or effort watching a presentation that does not have the information they need. That's why your first step is to identify the main goal or objective . Here, you'll need to tell them what the presentation is about, what it includes, and what the key takeaways are. 

Write the Summary 

Your ultimate goal is to write the key points in the most concise, easy-to-read way possible. Before you're tempted to include everything in the summary, know that viewers are looking for specific information before they watch the presentation. Tell them why they should spend time on the presentation and fearlessly let them know who the presentation is not meant for. 

Use Visual Aids

While summarizing the presentation, write as though you're talking to someone whose attention you don't want to lose. Get your ideas with the fewest, most effective words possible — but don't forget to add visual aids that keep the audience engaged. It's a great practice for every writer to help their audience not feel overwhelmed with a wall of texts. 

Use visual aids during the presentation

Include Examples and Quotations 

Any presentation is incomplete if you don't include proper examples and quotations. When you write the summary, allot some space for writing examples (two examples per page). Remember, holding onto the reader's attention is very important — and quotations can help you do just that. 

Example of a Presentation Summary 

The presentation summary begins with a hook that draws the audience in, helps them understand the value you offer, provides some proof, and finally ends with a strong CTA. It's relatively easy to incorporate these elements and create a summary. But if you're still finding it hard, here's a real-life presentation summary example for inspiration. 

Today, we are excited to share with you our new Product X — the future of eyewear technology. At Company X, glasses aren't just for style — but it's a combination of comfort, innovation, and productivity.  That's why we developed Product X, which combines two top technologies — AI and AR. The users reported a 20% boost in productivity and a 40% reduction in eye fatigue. It's now available for everyone — and anyone can place their orders on the website. 

Tips for Summarizing a Presentation 

Summaries can be incredibly effective for both hosts and audiences — only if you know how to craft attention-grabbing ones. Here, I'll show you how I summarize a presentation that gets positive responses from almost all the attendees. 

Use Simple Language 

The best presentation summary should be clear, concise, direct, and descriptive . Your main aim is to use simple language and give the attendees what they want. 

My best tip is to: write for your audience, not yourself — and, for this, you need to put yourself in the shoes of a specific audience as you write. 

Use simple language while summarizing the presentation

Be Scannable 

Use bullet points, numbers, and/or bolding to make your summary skimmable and digestible — that emphasizes the key points. The success of the summary will depend upon making the presentation's key takeaways easy for your readers to quickly process the main points. 

Use AI Presentation Summarizer 

If you struggle to condense information into a basic, short summary, give Notta a try. Unlike nearly all other AI presentation summarizer apps on the market, Notta is a more accurate transcriber and summarizer that can condense long audio/video files into an informative summary. 

What I really found useful is Notta's ability to structure a summary into an overview, key chapters, and action items. You can even share this summarized version with the presentation attendees once the meeting is over — helping them understand what was covered in the presentation and what the next steps are. 

Notta AI templates

Try Notta - the best online transcription & summarization tool. Transcribe and summarize your conversations and meetings quickly with high accuracy.

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How to Do a Good Summary on PowerPoint? 

PowerPoint has become synonymous with presentations — it's a free tool where you can make a slide deck and collaborate with your team. A good summary on PowerPoint can attract more audience to your presentation and even help the attendees get more clarity. Here, I'll reveal the three pillars of writing a good summary. 

Include Key Points: The first thing is to write the key (or main) points in a concise and focused way. You can even use bullet points or some visual aids to keep things clear and uncluttered on slides. 

Identify & Summarize Each Section: If you're giving a lengthy presentation, I'm assuming you've categorized it into different sections. While summarizing, you'll need to focus on each section and identify the key takeaway from it. 

Highlight the Main Takeaway: If the presentation focuses on any problem and offers a solution, it's time to highlight it. As a presenter, you'll need to introduce the problem in the first line, followed by the solution that's offered in the presentation. 

Is There an AI that Summarizes PowerPoint Slides? 

Yes, there are many AI online summarizers that can summarize PowerPoint slides. Copilot in PowerPoint, for example, can read through the slides and provide a bulleted summary with key points. If you've pre-recorded presentation recordings, you are probably searching for a dedicated way to summarize the slides. 

Notta is one powerful and popular AI note-taking application — and, that too, for a good reason. There's a summarizing feature for almost imaginable purposes: just upload the presentation audio/video, and Notta will automatically transcribe the spoken words and then summarize the content. 

Key Takeaways 

Once you discover the power of summaries, the temptation to create summaries for everything is real. But this can leave you with a new problem: a lot of manual work. So, how to summarize a presentation without much time and effort? That's where the third-party AI summary generators make it easy for you.

Notta is an AI note-taking and AI presentation summarizer tool, especially for people who are not making presentations for fun. It comes with a free generous plan and affordable paid plans that help you record, transcribe, and then summarize media files (including presentations) — with high accuracy.

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How to Make a “Good” Presentation “Great”

  • Guy Kawasaki

word summary presentation

Remember: Less is more.

A strong presentation is so much more than information pasted onto a series of slides with fancy backgrounds. Whether you’re pitching an idea, reporting market research, or sharing something else, a great presentation can give you a competitive advantage, and be a powerful tool when aiming to persuade, educate, or inspire others. Here are some unique elements that make a presentation stand out.

  • Fonts: Sans Serif fonts such as Helvetica or Arial are preferred for their clean lines, which make them easy to digest at various sizes and distances. Limit the number of font styles to two: one for headings and another for body text, to avoid visual confusion or distractions.
  • Colors: Colors can evoke emotions and highlight critical points, but their overuse can lead to a cluttered and confusing presentation. A limited palette of two to three main colors, complemented by a simple background, can help you draw attention to key elements without overwhelming the audience.
  • Pictures: Pictures can communicate complex ideas quickly and memorably but choosing the right images is key. Images or pictures should be big (perhaps 20-25% of the page), bold, and have a clear purpose that complements the slide’s text.
  • Layout: Don’t overcrowd your slides with too much information. When in doubt, adhere to the principle of simplicity, and aim for a clean and uncluttered layout with plenty of white space around text and images. Think phrases and bullets, not sentences.

As an intern or early career professional, chances are that you’ll be tasked with making or giving a presentation in the near future. Whether you’re pitching an idea, reporting market research, or sharing something else, a great presentation can give you a competitive advantage, and be a powerful tool when aiming to persuade, educate, or inspire others.

word summary presentation

  • Guy Kawasaki is the chief evangelist at Canva and was the former chief evangelist at Apple. Guy is the author of 16 books including Think Remarkable : 9 Paths to Transform Your Life and Make a Difference.

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