Quarry Business Plan Sample

Quarry business plan guide, – executive summary.

Operating a quarry is capital intensive. This is because heavy machinery take up a good chunk of the costs. Running costs are additional expenses incurred during operations. Therefore the financial implications are enormous. We seek to raise the sum of $1,500,000.00. This sum will be raising solely from loans. We have a preference for low interest loans. About 80% of this sum will be spent on equipment purchase. However, 20% will be channeled into operational costs.

 i. Strength

  ii. weakness,    iii. opportunities.

We are in business for the opportunities. Hence our determination to do all it takes within legal boundaries to promote our business. The boom in the construction industry has become our major motivation. Also, this doesn’t seem short-lived. Therefore we have hired the best hands in the industry. Such team will streamline our activities towards achieving set targets. We also seek to adapt to circumstances as they unfold.

iv. Threats

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Quarry/Granite Stone Business Plan Download PDF and Msword

This is a complete quarry/granite/ business plan pdf that you can download from executive summary to financial to cashflow which you can use to apply for NIRSAL micro finance bank loan, Bank of Industry Loan, TEF grant or CBN SMES loan.

In case you want to apply for loan and has been searching quarry business plan that you can submit to get the loan, here is granite stone quarry business plan in Nigeria.

If you are into marble quarry and you need the business plan sample or complete business for quarry, below is the business plan you can download.

1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1  Basic Assumptions 2.0EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2.1 Our Products 2.2 Our Vision 2.3 Our Mission 2.4 The Company 2.5 The Project 2.6 The Industry 3.0 MANAGEMENT AND STAFFING 3.1 Operational Structure 3.2 Profile of key staff 3.3 Management Staff 3.4  Other staff 3.5 Roles and Responsibility 4.0 TECHNICAL CONSIDERATIONS 4.1 Location and Environmental factor 4.2 Environmental factor 4.3 Installation and Test Running 4.4 Utilities and Infrastructure 4.5 Technology/Production Process 4.6 Production Diversification

5.0 THE MARKETING AND MARKET   5.1  Project Identification 5.2 Supply Analysis 5.3 Demand Analysis 5.4 Supply Gap 5.5 Market Arrangement 5.6 Market Prospect 5.7 Benefit of the Project

6.0 SWOT ANALYSIS 6.1  Strength 6.2 Weakness 6.3 Opportunities 6.4 Threat

7.0 FINANCIAL ANALYSIS   7.1 SCHEDULES 7.2 Projected Cash Flow Statements 7.3 Projected Profit and Loss Accounts 8.0RISK AND INCENTIVES 8.1 Insurable 8.2 Non-Insurable


1.0 introduction.

The quarry business being proposed in this report is about a quarry site where large deposits of stone/granites will be blasted and crushed into ‘chippings’ of varying sizes/Stone/granites deposits have been identified.

The site will support the production of chippings for quite a long period of time. The Reserve Deposit is estimated to last for 50 years at a yearly production of 100,000 tons/year.

Chippings are basic inputs in road construction works, buildings, landscaping, construction of bridges and a host of other civil engineering works. Activities in these areas by governments, corporate entities and individuals are presently at their peak.

The situation is given a boost by the infrastructural development policies/programmes of the three tiers of government, especially at the State level. The market for chippings is so large that saturation in the near future is out of the question.

If anything, the quantum and tempo of infrastructural development activities is of the magnitude that is capable of constraining supply and creating a seller’s market in which big players in the quarry business will continue to call the shots for a long time.

Company Limited is aware of this business opportunity and intends to exploit it.


Although we are starting out on a small scale as a cottage company, but that will not in any way stop us from maximizing our potential in the stone crushing line of business by supplying crushed granite, dimension granite, gravels, and aggregates – stones.

As a business, we are willing to go the extra mile to invest in owning our own world – class and environmental friendly stone quarry and also to hire efficient and dedicated employees.

In the nearest future, we will ensure that we create a wide range of distribution channels all across the state. With that, we know we will be able to maximize profits in our business. Regimental Works Ventures will at all-time demonstrate her commitment to sustainability, both individually and as a firm, by actively participating in our communities and integrating sustainable business practices wherever possible.

We will ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting our customers’ needs precisely and completely. We will cultivate a working environment that provides a human, sustainable approach to earning a living, and living in our world, for our partners, employees and for our customers.


KABALA QUARRY ENTERPRISES was established with the aim of maximizing profits in the construction cum building industry. We want to compete favorably with the leaders in the industry which is why we have put in place a competent team that will ensure that our products are of highest standard.

We will work hard to ensure that KABALA QUARRY ENTERPRISES is not just accepted in Kaduna State but also in other neighbouring states where we intend supplying our products.


Our vision as a stone quarry company is to engage in national distribution of crushed granite, dimension granite, aggregates – stones, rocks, across major construction sites in the state.


Our mission is to establish a standard and world class – environmental friendly stone quarry company that in our own capacity will favorably compete with leaders in the industry on the global stage. We want to build a stone crushing company that will be listed amongst the top 5 stone quarry company brands in Nigeria and Africa in general.


KABALA QUARRY ENTERPRISES was registered with Corporate Affairs Commission of Federal Republic of Nigeria under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1, 1990 on 21 st day of April, 2017 with Registration number BN 3502000.

The company decided to venture into Stone crushing works under the Solid Mineral sector after realizing that Nigeria is endowed with abundant mineral resources. However, not much has been done with regards to exploration and exploitation of these solid minerals.

Most of quarrying activities were concentrated and dominated by the Nigeria Railway Corporation for its construction of the railway line that needed the product badly at that time. During the collapse of railway transport over the years the demand dropped and then now shifted to only few construction companies where the demand of the products is not as high as with the Nigerian Railway Corporation.

It is therefore, envisaged that with the New Economic Reforms of the Federal Government with its great emphasis on Railway Transport Revitalization, it is expected that the demand shall be more than the production. We are with the opinion that the benefits derivable due to establishment of this venture shall be enormous considering the economic empowerment of industrial development within the Mining Sector.


The project is to be engaged in the Stone Crushing for local consumption. The plant is expected to operate 6 days a week. The major raw material is Stone Hardcore, which is all year round product. During the peak period (rainy season) from April to September the climate and weather, conditions are favourable to ensure that supply is surplus of demand.

The prices are lower and it is therefore a good period to stock pile raw material to keep production at optimal capacity during off-season (dry season). The project shall engage experienced technicians, mining/geological engineers and skilled work force who will make sure that high quality and right sizes of aggregates are produced and sold to the end users.

The market for the product is diverse especially with the various railway lines. The project was conceptualized with the following key factors in mind

How to Download the Complete Quarry/Granite stone Business Plan

The above is just the introductory part, the full business plan is 24 pages and you can download it for N5000 . You can download the full Quarry Business Plan

For you to download the complete business plan straight to your email,kindly Click the>> DOWNLOAD for immediate response.

You’ll pay the sum of #5000


Immediately after the payment, send your email address through text message to 08133717775 and I will send you the full Quarry/granite/stones Business Plan.

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How to Start a Granite Quarry – Sample Business Plan Template

Do you want to start a granite quarry company from scratch? Or you need a sample granite quarry business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on. Construction Companies cannot do without granites; they use granite in the construction of buildings, roads, bridges, etc; and depending on how big the contract they are handling, they always need granite supply in very large quantities; and thus they depend on granite quarry owners to handle the supplies.

If you have access to a large start up capital, a granite quarry may be a good business idea for you. You can tap into the granite supply business and make thousands of dollars from supplying granite to construction companies. This article will give you a basic idea of how to start a granite quarry business, and a subtopic on why you should invest in a granite quarry business, and factors to consider before paying for a quarry.

Why You Should Invest in a Granite Quarry Business

High demand.

There is always demand for granite in bulk quantities by construction companies and tile manufacturers; and as long as construction is concerned, there will always be a demand for granites. So starting granite quarry means you are investing in a well sort after product.

High Returns on Investments

Starting a granite quarry is very capital intensive, whether you are buying an already existing granite quarry or starting your own from scratch; you will need a large capital to get start. The bulk of the capital will go into long term leasing or buying of a quarry and the purchase of heavy machineries that will be used in processing the rocks to smaller bit granites.

Be Your Own Boss

Starting your own business makes you a boss; and as a boss, you work at your own time schedule, and no orders from top chain authority. So starting of a granite quarry business will make you your own boss.

Starting a Granite Quarry – Sample Business Plan Template

1. write down a business plan.

For a business as complex as a granite quarry, you need to have a very detailed business plan.

The granite quarry business plan should have a detail of all aspects of your business including; the estimated capital you need to get started, how the capital will be sourced, the ideal location for your quarry, equipments you will need, the number of workers that will work on the quarry; the business structure of the quarry.

Whether it will operate as a sole proprietorship business with you as the sole owner, or will it operate a Limited liability business with partners; what will be the duty and contribution of each partner towards the growth of the business and how profit will be shared amongst the partners; will the business go public in the near future.

You need to give a detailed answer to these questions because it will serve as blue print for the business plan. You can work with a business analyst or developer to develop a professional business plan. Your business plan is very important because investors will ask for it, bank will also require your business plan to approve your loan, even partners will require for your business plan before they come on board.

2. Company Registration

You have to register your business to run as a legal entity. Visit the Company Registration Bureau in your State and go through the registration process; Tax Identification Number (TIN), and Employee Identification Number (EIN) to allow you bid for Federal Government supply contracts.

3. Source for Capital

I mentioned earlier on that this business is capital intensive to start especially if you are starting out on a large or medium scale; few ways you can access loan to start off the business are;

Your partners can contribute financially to the growth of the company, while you overseer the day to day running of the company

Angel Investors

Angel investors are people with assess to large capital that look for promising business ventures to invest in for a timely profit. You can search online on information on any Angel Investor groups in your State. You may have to do a detailed presentation for the angel investors, to give them an idea of your business plans and the goals you wish to accomplish for the company.

This is the next option you have to raise capital to fund your quarry business; as I mentioned in the business plan point, banks will require your business plan before they can issue put a loan for you. Also make sure that your loan repayment condition will not place a financial stress on the company in its early months and years.

4. Quarry Leasing

If you have the funds, you can out rightly buy off the quarry, but if not, you can make a long term lease deal with the appropriate authority in charge of it.

You don’t just buy a quarry because of the volumes of granite rocks in it, there are other factors to consider before making a payment for a quarry; one of which is the proximity to buyers. You have to consider the closeness of the quarry site to your buyers to avoid sending some excess money on transportation to buyer; which will reduce your profits.

5. Buy  Equipment

You will need some massive equipment to convert the rocks to different sizes of granites, and most of these machineries are heavy duty machines. They include: Excavator, Payloader, Crusher, Waybridge, Dumper an Carriage trucks for transportation from the quarry site to the buyer’s location.

6. Start Productions

You have to start production of granites as soon as your company is ready because you will need to send already processed samples of granites to companies. This will involve hiring the first set of workers for the quarry. You can produce like the first 200 tons of granites to be able to handle at least your first order.

7. Market Your Product

The finally step is to market samples of your granites to potential buyers. Since you know that your potential clients are Construction Companies; you can make out a list of Construction companies within your location and schedule a business meeting with the top managers to proposal a granite supply deal with your company.

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