Criminal Justice Research Paper Best Topics and Ideas

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10 Sep 2019

criminal justice research paper

To become a respectable specialist, one needs to pass a range of exams, complete countless assignments, and gain extensive knowledge that can be put in practice. If you chose law to be your field of academic study, looking for research paper topics for criminal justice must be a part of your studying routine.

Statistics claim that academic assignments in criminal justice take the 2 nd place after those in general law in terms of difficulty. They require accuracy and an extensive number of credible sources to support arguments and ideas. The primary task for the students is to find such topics for criminal justice research papers that are both relevant and reliable. It may be a challenging task with the majority of the topics being either too narrow or overly broad.

If you’re looking for inspirational help, we’ll gladly provide it to you. In this post, you’ll find some helpful tips on how to write a criminal justice research paper, as well as ideas for your vision when choosing a topic for the future essay.

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General Topics for Criminal Justice Research Paper

The science of criminal justice studies illegal acts, analyzes them, and educates on how to prevent them from happening. The majority of students, who deal with the academic assignments in law, get to prepare either reviews of the articles or topics on problem solution that aim to analyze the existing challenges and find the most efficient resolutions. From a solid thesis statement to criminal justice research paper format and structure, college professors expect the students to prepare the essays that are 50/50 mix of existing valid information and their personal scientific contribution. Avoiding plagiarism and supporting each paragraph with sufficient number of credible sources are the key requirements.

Whichever type of academic paper you’re assigned to prepare, make sure that the issue you focus on is clear and definite. Topics on criminal justice can be called limited and flexible at the same time as the hypothesis they offer should be based on widely-known case studies or legislative acts.

When choosing a topic for your forthcoming paper, it’s best to opt for something that you find both exciting and interesting. Writing on an issue which you’re indifferent to, might result in a boring essay and losing your readers’ focus. If you aren’t confident that your professor will accept an original direction of scientific research, it’s best to stick to a standard generalized topic – something, that’s gained wide popularity on mass media and the Internet. You can explore the existing scientific theories, examine the roots of a problem or make discoveries, comparisons, and predictions. In any case, make sure to back up your argument with the relevant quotes and real-life examples. Here’re a few great examples of general topics for a research paper on criminal justice:

Good Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics on Controversial Issues

A controversial topic considers several opposite points of view. You can build your research around an opinion which you believe to be the most logical and provide evidence to back it up. Alternatively, you can analyze all the existing opinions objectively and let your readers decide which one is the most trustworthy. In the list below, you can find some good examples of controversial topics for a winning criminal justice essay:

Criminal Justice Research Paper Examples of Debate Topics

Debate topics focus on ethical issues and other problems that, despite being relevant and concerning a significant number of people, still have no clear solution. These might be some of the most exciting topics on criminal justice to research for. The following examples may inspire you for an outstanding essay:

We hope that our bits of advice and examples of topics will help you create an excellent essay on criminal justice. However, if you find it difficult to choose the right topic and support it with solid evidence, you can address the best research paper writing service for academic help. A team of experienced writers will help you at any stage of writing or offer 100% original custom research papers for sale .

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Criminology is the study of crime in a social phenomena, criminal behavior, causes of crime and any other aspect of crime. The criminal justice department is comprised of three primary divisions of law. They are created to operate within the confines of law.

Law enforcement This are federal agents,  police officers from different  government departments.

Court systems   state, local, federal courts, defence attorney and prosecutors., correctional facilities this deals with jail, probation, prisons and parole., process of a criminal justice.

The process begins when a when a crime is;

Reported Report is received from witness, victim or other parties.

Investigation   officers of the law try to find evidence, suspects or any link leading to arrests., arrest and citation officers may arrest suspect/s, or issue a citation for the suspect to appear in court. should there be no evidence or suspect the case remains open., how to write research papers, topic choice choose a topic that interests you. focus on a limited  aspect, avoid overly technical subjects and those with narrow range of sources., find information find books, surf the internet, check out public university libraries, government institutions, or contact knowledgeable people in the field for an interview., thesis statement this statement is a clear declaration of your belief in the subject matter.your essay will consist of your defense or support on this belief., make a tentative outline your outline should consist of an introduction, body and conclusion. the purpose of the outline is to enable you logically organised your thoughts and writing., organised  your notes devise a method to organised your notes. sections in your outline must be identified at a glance. you can group your notes with codes or roman numeral numbers., write your first draft start with your first topic in the outline. summarize, quote, paraphrase each idea you have in the essay., revise your outline and draft double check your paper for grammar  or any content errors. re-organize the paper if necessary and always remember to keep your audience in mind., list of 57 great criminal justice research paper topics.

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Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics and Ideas


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good criminal justice topics for research paper

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good criminal justice topics for research paper

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good criminal justice topics for research paper


Criminal Justice Research Topics

The common criminal justice research topics focus on six major categories including:

Forensic Science Research Topics

Forensic science is essentially grounded on the trace and extraction of details from the physical remnants of past actions. Therefore, Forensic Science is one of the major contributions of science to the provision of evidence in law courts. The forensic experts search, scrutinize and test the physical traces of data that can provide sufficient evidence to the various stages or dimensions of the criminal inquiry. The practice of Forensic Science also greatly depends on the expectations and the context of the criminal inquiry. In the last four decades, specifically since the start of the 21st century, the CJ (Criminal Justice) has widened with ever increasing number of modules at different academic levels that focus on the particular specialty.

The promising trend has also yielded a progressive growth of CJ PhDs, as well as, concomitant reductions in the impact of other disciplinary specialists on the trajectory and course of policy, research, and theory development in the CJ field. A section of scholars claims that this is a time-bound influence that will end when CJ realizes its full autonomy. However, the sociology departments have continued to maintain the most significant external impact on the CJ field of various disciplinary strategies. Together with the significant advancement of CJ programs, sociology departments have continued to retain most of their criminology curricula, yielding a large duplication of information.

Scholars and students with a significant policy orientation more often shift to CJ specialization. However, sociology specialists, particularly those who focus more on the theory, tend to pursue the cultural, ideological, and contextual dimensions in both the study of crime and the actual actions. Forensic Science focuses on five main areas:

Elderly Abuse Topics

Elderly abuse is also critical component of criminal justice research paper topics . Elderly abuse is a common phenomenon that has continued to gain more significance as a leading social issue, but definitions and terminology have continued to change in the last three decades. Elderly abuse research is also common in developed economies. However, citizens, organizations, and scientists have continued to view the abuse differently due to socioeconomic and cultural differences that exist between societies.

The results and observations of prevalence and incidence research have also continued to differ. Elderly abuse happens for a variety of reasons: some perpetrators groom and target their victims; while some carers abuse veterans due to stress and depression. The main areas covered in elderly abuse research includes:

Domestic Violence Topics

Domestic violence is also a fundamental component of criminal justice research topics. Domestic violence is influenced by a current history of a quick social shift in institutional practice and policy. Domestic violence main focuses on men’s violence against women. In most cases, female victims have reported both sexual and physical violence. The injuries are more often severe, and the victims experience both persistent emotional and health issues.

In cases where women are killed, the suspect is typically an intimate partner. Many reasons explain why assaulted women find it quite hard to leave an abusive relationship including the slow response of institutions; lack of sufficient support; and increased threats. Domestic violence research focuses on five critical areas including:

Death Penalty Topics

The death penalty has continued to dominate criminal justice research paper topics for a long time. The death penalty refers to a state-sanctioned punishment that involves taking a human life. In the recent past, most nations have abolished or restricted executions.

The momentous legal and social-political changes have significantly influenced the abolition of the death penalty. Powerful political and economic institutions like the EU have also made restriction of the death penalty as a prerequisite for membership. Additionally, newly formed nation-states have also embraced the concept of abolition. Death penalty research topics focus on five major areas:

Criminology Topics

The establishment of criminology as a distinct research and academic discipline dates back to the 1700s. The main conclusions for criminology include:

Criminology research focuses on five crucial areas:

Child Abuse Topics

Children have continued to be the primary victims of exploitation, neglect, and abuse. A case in point, over 3 million of child abuse cases are reported in the US each year. The exact magnitude is quite high considering that only 15 percent of child maltreatment cases are reported to the relevant agencies. The primary criminal justice research paper topics on child abuse include:

Other Major Research Topics on Criminal Justice

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List of 100 Criminal Justice Research Topics For Your Paper

criminal justice research topics

Most students know that one of the fundamentals of writing a great assignment is coming up with a good idea for a topic. We understand that this can be difficult at times, especially when one needs to come up with a research topic for criminal justice. This list of basic criminal justice topics covers a variety of legal areas and helps you get started with writing :

Criminal Justice Reform Topics for College

Good Criminal Justice Paper Topics for Law School

Criminal Justice Topics for High School

Controversial Topics in Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Paper Topics for Undergraduates

Criminal Justice Research Ideas for Graduate Students

Great Criminal Justice Research Paper Ideas

Easy Criminal Justice Controversial Topics

Excellent Criminal Justice Thesis Topics

Criminal Justice Research Proposal Topics

Criminal Justice Research Topics for Grad Students

Creative Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

Current Criminal Justice Essay Topics

The criminal justice research topics listed above are completely free to use and share. If they do not fit your assignment you can always modify them to topics that are far more manageable. You can also have one of our qualified thesis writers come up with a list of fresh criminal justice debate topics. Just contact our support staff and let us know what you need.

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