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Seat assignment on Lufthansa flight booked through united - Air Travel Forum

Seat assignment on Lufthansa flight booked through united

' class=

Turns out that the SFO-> Frankfurt flight is on United, the remaining are on Lufthansa (codeshare). If I book it all on United.com I get a really reasonable price, and can upgrade to economy plus for minimal $$$ on the United flight and cannot get seat assignments on the remaining flights .

If I go and book on Lufthansa, I can reserve seats on the other two flights , but not the United flight , and it will cost over twice as much (the total cost of the ticket).

Buying them each on their own airline website will then cause the price to increase three times.

I have knee implants and need to get the seats with the extra legroom. Waiting until 23 hours before my flight does not give me hope of sitting anywhere except the way back middle. Plus 23 hours before our last flight we'll be in the Serengeti on safari and there's a big chance we won't be able to check in until we arrive at the airport a few hours before our flight .

I know that codeshare partners don't like to let anybody reserve seats unless you are flying their airline and booked on their website. I have read that when you reserve your flight United will give you both a United confirmation number and a Lufthansa confirmation number and you can then call Lufthansa and they will let you purchase a seat assignment for $200. Is this true? I tried calling both airlines but after waiting as long time on hold decided to ask the expert community first.

lufthansa seat selection booked through united

The biggest hassles I have had with codeshares are with LH/UA. Their systems just don't work well with each other.

You MUST book your flight using LH's flight number to be able to preselect or purchase the seats you want before the 24 hour check in time. If you book through UA and your flight shows a UA flight number, you are out-of-luck. When you book your ticket call UA and tell them what you want to do. The agents are able to book it under a LH flight number, but you won't be able to do it online.

I never had an issue either way and have done it often. You need to get your record locator number for both carriers (they are not the same). For example get your LH record locator number from UA and use it to get your LH seats.

lufthansa seat selection booked through united

Ive had this issue on occasion when using ANA/LH codeshares.

My experience is that LH will initially tell you it is not possible. I have found that I can sometimes get a seat assignment if i am persistent.

Search the page

Main content, seat selection and advance seat reservation.

Regardless of whether it is a window or aisle seat or a seat with more legroom: Lufthansa offers you the opportunity of reserving seats for yourself and your travelling companions in advance or of selecting them at check-in.

lufthansa seat selection booked through united

How do I reserve a seat?

Book your preferred seat directly while booking your flight, or at a later time.

Advance seat reservation in Economy and Premium Economy Class

You can find all the information on chargeable advance seat reservation in Premium Economy Class and Economy Class here:

Further information and details about advance seat reservation

In what circumstances can i reserve a seat.

If you have not reserved your seat during the booking process, you can still do this even after your booking has been completed. Retrieve your trip under ‘My bookings’ and book or change* your seat there afterwards.

Please note that a confirmed advance seat reservation does not constitute a legal right to a specific seat on board the aircraft (e.g. seat 3A). It relates solely to the selected category (e.g. standard seat, seat in the preferred seating zone, seat with more legroom). An advance seat reservation only applies per flight segment.

As soon as check-in for the relevant flight begins (usually from 23 hours before departure), you can, of course, still select any of the remaining seats free of charge, if the fare conditions permit this. Please note that, in this case, the choice can in some circumstances be limited.

* Changes are only possible to seats at the same or a lower price, and charges already paid will not be reimbursed.

Business and First Class

On intercontinental flights as well as on continental feeder flights, advance seat reservation is free of charge for passengers in Business and First Class.

Those accompanying HON Circle Members and Senators

Lufthansa HON Circle Members and Senators travelling with up to three companions can reserve seats free of charge on flights operated by Lufthansa, Lufthansa Regional and Lufthansa Cityline in all booking classes (apart from on the ‘Economy Light’ fare on short-haul flights).

Seats in the preferred seating zone in Economy Class

The preferred seating zone is located in front of Economy Class, directly behind Business or Premium Economy Class. These seats enable you to leave the aircraft quickly after landing, making your journey even easier and more flexible.

Seats with more legroom in Economy Class

In Economy Class, Lufthansa offers the opportunity to reserve seats with more legroom on almost all aircraft types. Some of these seats are located in the emergency exit rows. You can find their exact location on the seat map.

Seats in the emergency exit rows

Seats in the emergency exit rows can only be booked for passengers who meet the following requirements:

In order to ensure safety on board, Lufthansa may allocate a different seat to passengers who do not meet these requirements.

Please also note that any carry-on baggage must be stowed in overhead bins as no items may be put in the seating area or under the seats during take-off and landing.

Seat change subject to a fee at check-in for European flights with the Light fare

The Economy Light fare on European routes does not include any free advance seat reservations. You will be allocated a seat automatically when checking in. If you would like to change this seat, an amendment fee starting from EUR 25/CHF 30/USD 30 will be charged.

Operationally necessary seat changes

If Lufthansa has to change your advance seat reservation, e.g. because of a late change in the aircraft type used, Lufthansa will do its best to reserve an equivalent new seat for you. In such cases, priority is first given to seating passengers who are travelling together, e.g. families, next to each other again. After this, seats with more legroom in the emergency exit rows, and the aisle, window and middle seats are allocated.

If a new seat allocation is not possible in the same category (e.g. aisle, window, seat with more legroom), you can arrange a reimbursement of the fee you have paid via the Lufthansa Service Center.

Advance seat reservations on flights to and from Italy

In accordance with the Italian ENAC regulation, on flights to and from Italy you are entitled to an advance seat reservation free of charge if you fulfil one of the following conditions:

In these cases, at check-in, the Lufthansa Group will seat you together free of charge.

Advance seat reservations on flights not operated by Lufthansa, Lufthansa Regional or Austrian Airlines

Please note that advance seat reservations on flights not operated by Lufthansa, Lufthansa Regional or Austrian Airlines, in particular in Economy Class, are possible only to a limited extent or not at all. Please contact the airline operating the flight.

Advance seat reservations on intercontinental flights operated by Lufthansa as code-share flights

You can also make advance seat reservations on intercontinental flights if the flights are booked with another airline  but operated by Lufthansa as so-called code-share flights.

Please note that this will lead to a separate contract being concluded between you as the passenger and Lufthansa as the operating airline. This contract is legally independent of your existing flight booking with another airline.

Ticket rebookings and reimbursements

You can rebook or cancel your flight ticket with an existing advance seat reservation easily and conveniently yourself under My bookings . If you have paid for an advance seat reservation on the flight you wish to change, Lufthansa will automatically try to book you an equivalent seat on the new flight. Please note that this is only possible when your flight route and airline remain the same. Failing this, fees already paid for advance seat reservations cannot be reimbursed, even if there are no equivalent seats available on the new flight.

The fee for already paid advance seat reservations can be reimbursed in the following cases:

You can request your reimbursement in the lufthansa.com service area under My bookings or via the Lufthansa Service Center , but not directly at the airport nor on board. Please contact Lufthansa as soon as possible after your flight for any reimbursements.

Fees paid for advance seat reservations cannot be reimbursed if the following apply:

lufthansa seat selection booked through united

lufthansa seat selection booked through united

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Booking Lufthansa flight through United

lufthansa seat selection booked through united

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A work-around for booking seats on Lufthansa

One of my upcoming flights has a mish-mash of Star Alliance airlines. I booked thru United, but there's also Air Canada and Lufhansa segments.

When booking seats on united.com, I was able to book all except the Lufthansa segment. So, I went to Lufthansa's web site and wasn't able to book it there. I tried calling and got the standard, "our phone lines are unusually busy at this time..." and I hung up. I called United (I have status with them, so got right through), but the agent told me aren't able to book Lufthansa seats. On a lark, I went to Air Canada's web site, brought up my flights, and was able to book the Lufthansa seat there! I doubt this would have worked if I didn't have an Air Cinda segment, but it's worth a try. Sure beats staying on hold forever.


I have booked Lufthansa flights through United in the past and have been able to log in to Lufthansa and by using the Lufthansa Confirmation number I have been able to select seats on the Lufthansa website.

Claudia Sails

We usually fly Delta and it's partners for international flights. In the past I too could make seat changes from the Delta site on partner airline flights. I recently made reservations for flights next year and Delta would not let me alter the seats on an Air France flight that is part of the reservation. Once I logged onto Air France I had no trouble. This may be a change due to all the flight issues this year.

Smiling Sam

I have found that choosing seats within an Alliance may be airline dependent. It seems like if the Alliance partner is more or less an equal airline then they are more accommodating in the seat selection process (either choose the seat directly or allow you to use the reservation code provided by them to go through the seat selection process).

By this I mean: Delta / Air France / KLM are more or less "equal" partners United / Lufthansa are more or less "equal" partners American / British Airways are more or less "equal" partners

That isn't/may not be the case for airlines like (without paying an additional fee):

American / Finnair United / Egypt Air

JohnS I have booked Lufthansa flights through United in the past and have been able to log in to Lufthansa and by using the Lufthansa Confirmation number I have been able to select seats on the Lufthansa website.

No idea why, but that didn't work on this flight. I probably have done it before.


We are traveling to Europe on Lufthansa and returning on United. Tauck provided us with confirmation numbers for both airlines, so we were able to select all of our seats. We will be leaving out of the new Terminal "C" in Orlando which is about to open this month. It looks pretty nice. Hoping Lufthansa doesn't go on strike again. The pilots were out on Friday, before that it was the ground crews. Fingers crossed.

Am unable to select my seat on Lufthansa for upcoming Tauck trip in October. Can’t do it on Lufthansa website or on United with booking numbers. Tried calling United and that was a joke. Don’t know what else to try or just wait.


Having the Confirmation Code for each leg/airline usually gets me to seat charts, though it can take some searching to track down all the codes, and yes, different airlines work differently, alliance being a rather vague term.


Am I correct in thinking if Tauck book you flights, you can’t change seats until they are ticketed which is quite near the departure date. Our upcoming flights that we booked months ago with Tauck, the plane was changed last week. We had previously chosen our seats. Even though we got on line straight away as Invited by the airline, by the time we did, there were just three seat choices left. I’ll just be glad to get on a plane going to the correct destination and with my suitcase waiting for me when I get off the plane. Oh for the bygone days when you dressed up, got to the airport, poddled around the duty free shops and excitedly got on the plane and arranged for your kids to visit the cockpit. That all seems so bizarre now.


The one or two times a flight/aircraft configuration changed, Tauck notified us right away with new seat selections and wanted to make sure we agreed with the selection. I'm confused why Tauck didn't contact you. I recommend giving them a call. They will rectify the situation.

Regarding the bygone days of air travel, don't forget when aircraft/airline pins were always handed out to the children. Well behaved and well dressed children!

When I have a similar star alliance itinerary, I find that United always includes the other airlines confirmation number. I rarely have a problem using that confirmation number and booking my seats on that airline. Lufthansa is great. Swiss charges for advanced seat reservations, even in business. There may be a few seats available at no charge but most or not. The only problem I ever had was with LOT, the Polish airline but I tweeted to them with my seat request and they eventually got back to me and assigned my ****. Most airlines will respond to DM’s on Twitter. They don’t make it easy for you these days.


BKMD: were you using the LH PNR number (which will NEVER be the same as United's)? The United PNR number may work on AC which would explain the difference. If the LH site (using the check flight status option) said something like "record not found," that would be consistent with trying to use the UA PNR. If it showed you the itinerary but wouldn't let you assign seats, that's a different issue though I've done it as recently as last month.

It's unhelpful that United doesn't show the LH PNR on the confirmation email, but if you log into the United web site and open the trip, it'll be shown.

Portolan - Yes, I was using the LH confirmation code. It's listed under the United code on the United web page with flight details. All the flights and already assigned seats come up on LH's site. There was just no link to click on to choose a seat.

BKMD – One thing I did was sign up for an account with Lufthansa. All the miles on Lufthansa are credited to United. I believe you can specify on your Lufthansa account that United is your primary frequent flyer program. You may or may not have done that, but I thought I would mention it. That might make a difference on being able to select seats.

Kfnknfzk, thank you for the suggestion, if we called Tauck, the wait might cause less choice, that was our concern. We now have seats one behind the other in business class which doesn’t really matter. We don’t call Tauck very often, one call to book everything for each tour is usually sufficient for us, unless it is too early in the booking to talk flights. I know others do, but no wonder the waits are so long. We have had to call so much more during this Pandemic as they cancel tours or flights are changed, as I suppose everyone else does. So many questions people have for Tauck that they already have answers for on their web pages.

British - You're welcome. I think the wait times are no longer an issue, but I might be wrong. I agree that people should not clog the phone lines with frivolous questions such as..."what time do we get to xxx?", "where does the boat dock?", "how many restroom breaks are there?", et al.

Actually on short flights and depending on the aircraft configuration, we have asked for front/back seats. Good luck and enjoy your trip.

Lufthansa Seat Selection

I am currently planning a trip to Italy in spring 2022. I am booking airline tickets through United, but realized that the flight is actually operated by Lufthansa. I was planning to buy a standard economy ticket rather than a basic economy ticket to be able to choose my seat and have more flexibility with rescheduling the trip if necessary. However, it will not let me select my seat on the United website when booking my ticket because it is a Lufthansa flight. I have read other forums and know that this is sometimes a complicated issue between the two airlines. I know that I can retrieve my Lufthansa booking number from United to try and reserve the seats through Lufthansa directly.

My question is- has anyone had recent success with this? I am paying extra through United to have free seat selection as this is important to me and my travel companions. Will I have to pay additional fees through Lufthansa to reserve my seat? I know that Lufthansa seat selection is pretty pricey on flights to Europe and I want to make sure that I am not paying extra through United just to be hit with additional fees from Lufthansa.

Thanks in advance! Any information would be helpful!

I can't answer about whether you will be allowed into LH's seat purchase section. But I can tell you that over the last several years we have taken 12 legs between Philadelphia and Frankfurt, with connections either after arrival in Frankfurt or prior to FRA on our way home. We never paid for seats, and in every case (i.e all legs) we were able to select decent seating by logging in to LH as soon as check-in opened. If seat selection is important, I should think you can direct a question to United's Customer Service and ask how you would make the selection you have paid for on the code-share.

Or, have you priced the same flights directly on Lufthansa?

Why not book the flight direct with Lufthansa instead?

I recall that when I had this situation, within the last 2 or 3 years but not more recently, I was able to reserve seats for the United operated legs at the time of booking, but I was unable to book the Lufthansa legs until 23 hours before departure. I was flying in Economy, with the prepaid baggage and seat selection.

Super annoying, but I think I had ensured that my transcontinental flights were United, so it was only my shorter hops within Europe where I had delayed seat selection. And on those flights there were not a lot of pre-booked seats, so at 23 hours I still had a lot of options.

I do recall being able to reserve seats sooner than the stated 23 hours before that leg's departure - it seems like it was 23 hours before the first leg of my flight, as I recall it was a pleasant surprise. But I might be mis-remembering that.

+1 for BooksMusicTravel. It's annoying, but it has worked for me. Sometimes I've had a brief delay (up to 3 days) before the Lufthansa confirmation number was provided to me. I always put both confirmations on my typed itinerary for us to carry, in case I need to know while traveling. I find Lufthansa flights to be more comfortable and better run than comparable United-operated flights.

Using the Lufthansa booking confirmation number on the Lufthansa website, as described above, should work. I have not flown United or Lufthansa, but I have done this on Emirates, Qantas, and Japan Airline flights I booked with our Alaska miles. Alaska gives you the other airline’s booking confirmation number right away.

If that does not work, try the FlyerTalk forum for Lufthansa Airlines; people who frequent frequent FlyerTalk are generally very knowledgeable and helpful.


I have flights booked through United with Lufthansa code shares for the last outbound / first inbound legs. Also unable to select seats via the web, even using the Lufthansa booking code on the Lufthansa web site. Last year I had the same situation, and was able to select seats by calling their CSR number, but they charged me $60 each way. After I cancelled last year's trip, I got fully refunded for the flights by United (my ORD->MUC flight disappeared) but ended up eating the $120.

This year I'm not playing that game, particularly since I'm only two weeks from departure and still may bag the whole thing.

I just made this same mistake in booking flights through United that are actually Lufthansa's. We're going premium economy because seat selection is key to us. I called Lufthansa and happened to get a great csr. He very efficiently walked through seat selection on all our legs and to my surprise there were still desirable choices left (our flight was three weeks away). He did at first say I would be charged for each leg, but when he finished processing it, the costs did not show up. I then told him I had booked through United and that seemed to explain the $0 charge. Maybe I just got lucky?

Call up Lufthansa and ask for the UA Booking Reference PNR Code. I have booked a mixed airline itinerary before and was able to select seats on the international portion by getting their PNR#. Generally on your E-Ticket it should show you both the UA and LH Booking Reference#s.

Also sometimes partner airlines will not allow you to book seats on airlines booked via Lufthansa or vice versa. Sometimes airlines require you to pay a seat assignment fee and others don't.

United may give you free assignments but then LH may charge you so you would be billed on the LH website. Me personally I don't mind paying for seat assignments to get the ones I want. I find its best to take care of this before you fly. Also seatmaps may only open up 100 days before the flight depending on the airline so you can ask when they will open up to get your fair share of seats.

Good luck and Happy Travels!

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Seat reservation for Lufthansa flight booked on United

I booked a flight through United Airlines which is operated by Lufthansa. Is it possible to select a seat in advance?

When I view my reservation on United.com and click "View / Change Seats", I get the message "Come back within 23 hours of departure to Check in and select a seat through Lufthansa".

I was also able to find the Lufthansa confirmation number, and can view the reservation on lufthansa.com, but the "Seat Reservations" tab doesn't show any seats, and doesn't appear to offer anything to click on.

I would much prefer not to wait until check-in time, since it's pretty important to me to get the kind of seat I want. I would be willing to pay a fee if necessary.

(Before you ask, no, I couldn't have booked directly with Lufthansa, due to the Fly America Act .)

The cabin is economy, the routes are SFO-FRA and FRA-DEN, and the booking class is L.

Nate Eldredge's user avatar

2 Answers 2

Lufthansa is much more restrictive than United is when it comes to seat reservations in the economy cabin. According to the Seat reservations for Economy Class passengers page on its website, it may not be possible at all for you to request a seat more than 23 hours in advance of your flight because it does not have a Lufthansa flight number.

Economy Class passengers can reserve seats in advance on all flights operated by Lufthansa, Lufthansa Regional and Austrian Airlines, dependent on the chosen fare/the chosen booking class, under the following conditions: Only for flights and Lufthansa Express Rail connections under LH flight numbers Only for flights which are operated by Lufthansa, Lufthansa Regional (Lufthansa Cityline, Eurowings, Air Dolomiti) or Austrian Airlines Only for confirmed bookings (no waiting list bookings) The planned departure time of the flight in question is more than 52 hours in the future

Had you booked with an LH flight number, you would be allowed to request a seat, but would have been required to pay a fee for the privilege. According to the same page, passengers on W/S/T/L/K fares must pay an additional 25 EUR/35 USD for a standard seat on a long-haul flight— even more for a "seat with more legroom."

choster's user avatar

When booking a Lufthansa flight through United you can not pre select seats. The way around this is to call the Lufthansa number listed on United's booking site. It will cost you $200 more per ticket but you can select your seats at the time of booking.

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lufthansa seat selection booked through united

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UA and Lufthansa - cannot choose seats

lufthansa seat selection booked through united

Hello - so I have an upcoming flight to Milan with United there and Lufthansa on the way back. I booked through United. First issue, I did a Polaris mileage + co-pay upgrade on the way there but have not received any confirmation on the seat upgrade. I do not have status, but was wondering if anyone knows how long it usually takes before confirmed. Two, I cannot choose a seat on my Lufthansa flight back for some reason, the Lufthansa website does not allow it and United's website says I need to reserve the seat through Lufthansa. Has anyone resolved this issue? Thanks

' src=

Unless I'm missing something here, make sure you use the Lufthansa Confirmation code (not the United one). At worst, you should be able to call Lufthansa and work this out.

Yes - appears impossible online which seems very silly.

When you view your reservation in the app or online it should say upgrade waitlisted, or something similar. If that’s the case, then it’s just a waiting game — the upgrade will clear when it clears and there is nothing you can do about it. If it doesn’t say upgrade waitlisted, then something’s up and you need to call or reach out on Twitter to actually get on the list.

That’s what it says - my worry is I will miss out on premium economy seats if I keep waiting and do not end up getting the seats. Is there a normal timeframe within which upgrades clear? Seems very convoluted.

The upgrade may not clear until 24 hours out. It depends on availability and your status.

Make sure to use your Lufthansa confirmation number when looking up your flight on the Lufthansa website to book a seat.

Check the seat map for each flight because your chances depend on how many empty seats are available in business. Upgrade notice depends on your UA status but I have had to call the 1k line to push acceptance even on the day of flight.

That’s the thing, they all are available in the seat map view. I don’t understand why upgrading is so complicated….

Ok finally got through to Lufthansa - but because the flight is UA branded I was only able to upgrade to a better economy seat. I spoke with United about re-booking as LH coded tickets on the way back, but they are telling me I need to switch to an "M" fare class ticket for $631 each passenger just to be able to upgrade my seat (and not actually upgrade).... something doesn't seem right. Any ideas? Why would it be so difficult to just upgrade to premium economy or biz class on the LH flight?

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Lufthansa flight operated by United seat change

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Manage Airlines Booking

Lufthansa Airlines Advance Seat Selection- How to Choose a Seat?

Lufthansa seat selection

Want to sit in the aisle or need a window seat on the plane? Well, when you book flights on any airline and forget to select seats while booking, they assign you a random seat during check-in. This means you have to sit on a seat assigned by the airline, and you can’t get it changed later on. So it becomes necessary to select a seat before you get on with the airport procedures to get a desired seat on the plane. Lufthansa seat selection process allows you to choose your favorite seats onboard. This process not only ensures your seamless journey but also makes sure that all the passengers on your itinerary sit together.

Moreover, you can enjoy the awarding benefits of flying Lufthansa without spending more than your limits. That’s what Lufthansa is for all; it provides effortless booking, helps you plan ahead of time, and lets you choose your favorite seats from the ones available. The icing on the cake is that you can simply perform this process online using the Lufthansa manage booking service on their website.

When can I select a preferred seat onboard?

With the help of the Lufthansa Seat selection process, you can select the desired seat, but when? When will be the right time to choose a seat on board? Lets’ find out!

No matter which way you’ll choose, the Lufthansa airlines seat selection process will require a certain fee. Once the passenger makes the payment, he can sit on that particular seat onboard.

Steps to Select preferred seats online

In order to make Lufthansa business class seat selection, passengers can follow the steps mentioned below:

Once the Lufthansa seat Selection is complete, you can look forward to your amazing vacation while sitting on your favorite seats onboard.

Necessary Points and Guidelines to initiate the Seat Selection service

How To Get Free Seat Selection On Lufthansa?

Selecting seats in Lufthansa Airlines is free for some fare categories. The time you choose your seat also determines if you can get the chair without a fee. 

Under these conditions, you will not have to pay anything to get your preferred seat:

Verify if you have to pay Lufthansa’s prices on seat selection or if you can choose a seat for free by dialling the Lufthansa phone number 1 (800) 645-3880.

What Are The Different Types Of Economy Class On Lufthansa? 

Lufthansa offers two options in the lowest fare category: Economy and Premium Economy. The latter has more amenities and comes at a slightly higher price. 

Economy Seats: Reserving seats in Lufthansa at the lowest price is possible with this fare category. You will still receive benefits such as in-flight entertainment on long-haul flights and a wide variety of food and beverages to choose from.

Premium Economy: Get 50% more space, a travel kit, 11-12 inches of monitor, and a complimentary non-alcoholic drink. Hence, get everything extra and lesser cost for Lufthansa seat selection. 

Sometimes, you may get your seat for free at premium economy when you book in advance. Check your email regularly for such free upgrades from the airline.

Related Articles:

How do I speak to Lufthansa airlines?

FAQs For Seat Selection In Lufthansa Airlines

Yes, under some circumstances. You can select the seat in Lufthansa Airlines online for free 23 hours before the scheduled take-off from the available seats. Passengers must pay a variable charge to secure a seat in economy class.

The preferred seating in the Economy class cabin are the front row seats where you will get more comfort . However, the number of seats on the front depends upon the aircraft type.

You cannot book seats in Lufthansa Airlines when 52 hours or less time is left before the flight’s scheduled departure. Otherwise, there might be a problem with the payment method because it usually allows picking a seat on any fare type.

The Lufthansa seat selection cost starts at EUR 12 for a standard seat in the zone 1 category. This charge will increase as you reserve a chair for zone 2-5. This price would further increase when choosing seats in the premium economy category.

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  1. Seat assignment on Lufthansa flight booked through united

    You MUST book your flight using LH's flight number to be able to preselect or purchase the seats you want before the 24 hour check in time. If you book through

  2. Advance seat reservation

    Book your preferred seat directly while booking your flight, or at a later time. Reserve seat now. Advance seat reservation in Economy and Premium Economy Class.

  3. Booking Lufthansa flight through United

    If you decide to book through UA. You can call up UA - give them the UA PNR and get the LH PNR. Then you can use the LH PNR to book your seat on

  4. A work-around for booking seats on Lufthansa

    I have booked Lufthansa flights through United in the past and have been able to log in to Lufthansa and by using the Lufthansa Confirmation

  5. Lufthansa Seat Selection

    Call up Lufthansa and ask for the UA Booking Reference PNR Code. I have booked a mixed airline itinerary before and was able to select seats on

  6. Seat reservation for Lufthansa flight booked on United

    When booking a Lufthansa flight through United you can not pre select seats. The way around this is to call the

  7. Lufthansa seat selection for United Codeshare : r/travel

    I've booked United Australia-USA-Europe return which is through United however some legs are Lufthansa. I'm United Gold so was able to get…

  8. UA and Lufthansa

    Calling Lufthansa now about seats on the way back. Lufthansa website states: Conditions of your ticket do not allow for seat reservations on LH.

  9. Lufthansa flight operated by United seat change

    Viking should be able to give you the United confirmation number. Or, you can call United, give them the details, and they should give it to you

  10. Advance Seat Selection-Select Seats on Lufthansa Flights

    When can I select a preferred seat onboard? · Select seats during the flight booking process. · Choose where you want to sit during check-in · Use the manage