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Best IELTS Academic Writing Books 2024

Janice Thompson

Updated On Feb 05, 2024

book ielts writing essay

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Best IELTS Academic Writing Books 2024

Limited-Time Offer : Access a FREE 10-Day IELTS Study Plan!

IELTS books can help you prepare and increase your total band score based on your skills. This is especially true for the IELTS writing test module, which many students find the most challenging. This is due to the fact that you must create two difficult longform pieces in a short period of time.

When preparing for the IELTS examination , it is consequential that you choose the correct material type. After all, whatever is specifically designed for the General IELTS will not particularly fulfill the needs of those attempting the IELTS Academic exam and vice versa.

So, if you are going to attempt the IELTS Academic exam and are unable to improve the Writing module , we have brought a list of the best IELTS Academic Writing books for you. Let us move to the next portion of this article for the list.

IELTS Academic Writing Books

Here is the list of some of the best IELTS Academic Writing books you can consider buying for your preparation:

Comprehensive IELTS Writing (Academic) Band 8 Preparation Course

Comprehensive IELTS Writing (Academic) Band 8 Preparation Course

This is the best book for IELTS Academic Writing that covers more than 6 hours of video content to help you prepare for the Writing module. In it, you will find both Writing sections 1 and 2 along with quizzes and practice assignments. Along with that, you get an additional eBook worth $25, absolutely free. Additionally, you can also get a 1:1 free counselling session with an IELTS-certified trainer.

Get IELTS Band 9 in Writing Task 1 Data Charts and Graphs

Get IELTS Band 9 In Writing Task 1 Data Charts and Graphs

Dedicated to Writing Task 1, this IELTS Academic Writing book teaches you how to deal with data, charts and graphs. It helps you evaluate the charts, identify movement and static data and understand the structure effectively. With the help of an extensive range of examples, you learn numerous things. The book has up to 12 model essays written according to the standards of Band 9 essays.

Download here

IELTS for Academic Purposes: A Short Intensive Course (Ebook)

IELTS for Academic Purposes A Short Intensive Course

Helping you prepare for the Academic IELTS, the primary objective of the course is to help you achieve a higher overall band score. With this IELTS academic writing book, you can develop your writing skills to improve your essays. Along with that, you can also improve vocabulary and grammar and practice with exam tasks. You will find valuable advice and information regarding this section and the overall IELTS exam.

Get IELTS Band 9 in Academic Writing – Book 2 – Essay Planning

Get IELTS Band 9 In Academic Writing

If you are not sure how to go ahead with Writing task 2 essays, this book plays the part of your guide. It comes with 15 perfect model essays. Each of the essays is backed up by comments from the examiner, helping you score a band 9. Moreover, the book has complete explanations of varying essay types as well.

High-Scoring IELTS Writing Model Answers

High-Scoring IELTS Writing Model Answers

This one is based on previous papers and covers some of the best and most important features of the IELTS exam. Inside, you will find up to 79 test questions that have been cautiously chosen from hundreds of questions. You will also find model essays written by experienced teachers. Varying between 200 – 300 word count, the answers have been written in simple language to familiarise with the structure.

Visuals: Writing About Graphs, Tables and Diagrams for IELTS Writing Task 1

Visuals Writing About Graphs Tables and Diagrams for IELTS Writing Task 1

With practical and precise explanations, this eBook comprises up to 64 pages. It helps you learn the tactics of writing the introduction, expressions of time and measurement. Along with that, you also learn how to write contrasting and trending information, correlations, and modifiers. Not just that, but you also get to improve your vocabulary and grammar to a great extent with this book.

Achieve IELTS Academic Writing Success – Julie Hall

Achieve IELTS Academic Writing Success

This is a comprehensive, all-inclusive study guide for academic essay writing. The book offers up to 35 writing questions (16 task 1 and 16 task 2), helpful lessons and exercises, as well as model answers to each question; thus, improving your writing. Moreover, every question has a helpful explanation about certain aspects of IELTS writing.

Academic Writing Practice for IELTS by Sam McCarter

Academic Writing Practice for IELTS by Sam McCarter

Filled up with academic writing examples, this book has been divided into six essential sections. In the first section, you will find writing practice task 1 and the second section covers writing practice task 2. The third section has checking and editing, while the fourth one has additional practice tests. Lastly, the two sections are dedicated to key and appendix.

Top 20 Great Grammar for Great Writing

Top 20 Great Grammar for Great Writing

This book covers some of the essential areas of grammar to improve your writing skills. It emphasizes on helping you discover the gap between your language and the correct English. As you learn how to discover common grammatical errors and mistakes, the book gives you original writing pieces.

Final Words

So, that was the complete list of the best IELTS Academic Writing books for 2022. By now, you will be familiar with your strengths and weaknesses. Keeping them in mind, evaluate these books further and choose the one that matches your requirements and helps you become a better writer.

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Janice Thompson

Janice Thompson

Soon after graduating with a Master’s in Literature from Southern Arkansas University, she joined an institute as an English language trainer. She has had innumerous student interactions and has produced a couple of research papers on English language teaching. She soon found that non-native speakers struggled to meet the English language requirements set by foreign universities. It was when she decided to jump ship into IELTS training. From then on, she has been mentoring IELTS aspirants. She joined IELTSMaterial about a year ago, and her contributions have been exceptional. Her essay ideas and vocabulary have taken many students to a band 9.

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Books For IELTS Writing – Best 7 Books To Get 8+ Band

books for ielts writing

  • Post author By admin
  • November 30, 2022

Are you preparing for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam and looking for the best books to improve your writing skills? 

Writing is an important module of the IELTS exam, and preparing from the right resources can help you improve your chances of getting a high score. 

In this blog, we will explore some of the best books for IELTS writing that can help you improve in the IELTS writing section. 

So let’s start now!

Table of Contents

Quick format of IELTS Writing

Before discussing any further, let’s just quickly go through the format of the IELTS Writing. 

The IELTS Academic test’s Writing section consists of two tasks.

IELTS Writing Task 1 Academic : In task 1, you will be given a Diagram or a Graph, and you are asked to describe that diagram or graph.

IELTS Writing Task 2 : In task 2, you have to write an essay as we discussed above.    

Task 2, which is the Essay writing part is of more weightage than task 1. So, it is advised to spend more time on task 2.

The Secret to Ace IELTS Writing

Do you remember school how we used to prepare for Essay writing? We used to learn and go through 5-6 Essays on different topics and understand the structure, so when in exam we come across a random topic at least we had the vocabulary and the structure in our minds. 

The secret to acing the IELTS writing section is the same. You will have to go through and learn a number of different articles and understand their structure. But how will you find those?

This blog is just to solve this exact problem of yours. There are a number of amazing books for IELTS writing in the market. But the problem with having too many choices is that we can’t decide which will be the best for us.

In this blog, I will provide you with a list of the 7 best books for IELTS Writing. You will also get all the information required about these books to help you make the best decision while purchasing.

List of the Best Books for IELTS Writing

Get ielts band 9 in academic writing.

This book is the first in the list because of its unique structure and experienced authors. Get IELTS Band 9 in Academic Writing is one of the best five books for IELTS writing as Cambridge IELTS Consultants author it. These consultants are the best trainers for IELTS. The IELTS writing section can be hard even for native speakers of English. 

This book will help you to analyze the task quickly, plan your essay with relevant ideas and write it using advanced English. This book gives you the perfect practical roadmap to quickly create an essay plan for any tasks you will meet in the writing test. 

Cambridge IELTS Consultants have included fifteen essay plans, each with a Band 9 model essay and helpful notes from the examiner explaining why the essay is so successful.

The authors claim that Getting IELTS Band 9 in Academic Writing has helped thousands of people worldwide have already used these methods to raise their writing scores. This book is my recommendation to you if you aim to get the best score in the Writing section.

Get IELTS Band 9 in Academic Writing is available on Amazon at a price of rupees 199. This book also has a rating of 4.1 stars by 41 ratings.

Academic Writing Practice for IELTS

This book is one of the best Books for IELTS Writing. Academic Writing Practice for IELTS is the right book for you if you aim to achieve a Band Score of 6 or more in the Academic Writing section of the IELTS. 

Academic Writing Practice for IELTS contains six sections: Section I: Writing Practice for Task I; Section 2: Writing Practice for Task 2; Section 3: Checking and Editing; Section 4: Practice Writing Tests; a Key and an Appendix.

The author of this book is Sam McCarter. He has written a number of books for all the different sections, Sam McCarter suggests you use this book as a supplement to A Book for IELTS by McCarter, Easton, and Ash; IELTS Reading Tests by McCarter, and Ash; A Book On Writing by Sam McCarter or as a supplement to a course book or for self-study.

The special low-priced edition of Academic Writing Practice for IELTS is available only in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

This book is available on Amazon at rupees 245. Academic Writing Practice for IELTS has gained a 4-star rating from 50 reviews.

Achieve IELTS Academic Writing Success

This book stands up to its title- Achieve IELTS Academic Writing Success. This book by Julie Hall is a complete study guide for IELTS academic essay writing. Julie Hall is a qualified, experienced IELTS teacher. 

Achieve IELTS Academic Writing Success provides you with all the study resources that have been used in IELTS preparation classrooms and have been proven effective. This book provides a leap to your preparation with 35 writing questions, model answers to every question, and helpful lessons and exercises to help you improve your writing. 

This book will help you develop a writing pattern that is specific to the IELTS academic writing test. The book claims that many students have significantly improved their IELTS academic writing band scores by using the materials and techniques outlined in this book.

 Achieve IELTS Academic Writing Success will provide you with all the information you need to study independently and improve your academic IELTS writing scores. The exercises and instructions in this book have been gathered over ten years and include effective and relevant study resources.

This amazing book which has made it to our list of the best books for IELTS writing, is available on Amazon at a low price of rupees 214.

IELTS Academic Writing: Important Tips & High Scoring Sample Answers

If you need a high score in the IELTS writing section, then this book is a must for you. IELTS Academic Writing: Important tips and High Scoring sample answers are in one book which provides you with the finest model high-scoring answers.

The important tips given for the writing part serve as a cherry on top. If you want to achieve 7-9 bands in the IELTS writing section, a thorough reading of this book will help you achieve your desired score. In this book, you’ll see exactly how an IELTS professional writes high-scoring answers! 

IELTS Academic Writing: Important tips and High Scoring sample answers provide sample answers that are exactly what the examiners look for. It’s important that if you are in the search for model answers, then you study only those answers that are accurate examples and are approved by the examiners.

This book is available on Amazon at a price of rupees 760 with a rating of 3.5. But I would suggest you go through the contents of this book once.

Get IELTS Band 9 in Writing Task 1 Data Charts and Graphs

The above-mentioned best books for IELTS Writing were focused on Task 2 of the writing section is Essay writing, but it is also important to score well in task 1 which comprises Data Charts and Graphs to build your overall score. 

Get IELTS Band 9 in Writing Task 1 Data Charts and Graphs is one of the best books for the preparation of Task 1 of the writing section. This book is authored by Cambridge IELTS Consultants, which is one of the finest when it comes to IELTS books. 

This book is designed for you in a 3-step process. The process starts with analyzing the Task and then writing your essay, using a wide range of examples including tables, bar charts, graphs and pie charts.

Get IELTS Band 9 in Writing Task 1 Data Charts and Graphs also offer you 12 model essays written to Band 9 standard. These essays come with the examiner’s comments explaining why the essays are so successful.

Task 1 of the writing section may seem easy but many students ignore it and just prepare for the essay writing task. I would strongly suggest you to prepare task 1 equally. This book by the Cambridge IELTS consultants would be enough to get you prepared for Task 1.

IELTS Advantage: Writing Skills

“IELTS Advantage: Writing Skills” is a complete guide that focuses on improving your writing abilities for both Task 1 and Task 2 of the IELTS writing test.  

This book is written by two famous writers, Richard Brown and Lewis Richards, who are known for their works.

This book provides step-by-step guidance, useful tips or tricks, and a number of practice exercises to improve your writing skills. It covers various general topics and provides sample answers for them. 

It also focuses on vocabulary and grammatical structures, the two most important components of the IELTS writing test. 

This book is highly recommended if you aim to score 6+ in IELTS writing.

You can purchase this book from Amazon at the price of INR 195. This book has a rating of 4.3 stars in 189 reviews or ratings.

Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS Advanced

Building a strong vocabulary is crucial for IELTS writing success, and this book by a famous English writer, “Pauline Cullen” helps you build vocabulary for advanced IELTS writing preparation.  

“Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS Advanced” offers extensive vocabulary exercises and explanations specifically designed to improve your linguistic resources for the exam. 

This book helps you familiarize yourself with the academic vocabulary necessary to express your ideas effectively and precisely.

This book will help you strengthen your vocabulary and score high marks in IELTS writing.

This book is recommended if you aim to score 6.5+ band score.

You can purchase this book from Amazon at the price of INR 3124. This book has a rating of 4.5 stars in 478 reviews or ratings.

In this blog, I have discussed the best books for IELTS writing. Effective preparation is the key to success in the IELTS writing module. 

Using the right study materials, such as the books mentioned in this blog, can improve your writing skills and increase your chances of getting a high band score. 

Remember to practice regularly, familiarizing yourself with the exam format can help you score high in the IELTS exam.

I hope this blog has cleared all your queries about the best books for IELTS writing, but if you still have any questions, please contact our experts .

For interesting and informative content like this, keep visiting CourseMentor™.

What is the best book for IELTS academic writing?

Top 5 IELTS Preparation Books 1. Barron’s IELTS Superpack. 2. The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS. 3. Cambridge IELTS 14 Academic Student’s Book with Answers with Audio. 4. Official IELTS Practice Materials. 5. Road to IELTS.

How can I improve my writing in IELTS?

Top tips to improve your writing score 1. Use your time wisely. 2. Check the number of words. 3. Understand the task. 4. Organise your ideas logically. 5. Know your approach. 6. Think about style. 7. Check your work! 

Are these books suitable for both IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training?

The recommended books are suitable for both IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. They help you improve the required skill for success in both exam formats.

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IELTS Advantage

IELTS Preparation Courses

100 Band 7, 8 + 9 IELTS Writing Task 2 Essay Samples

Are you preparing for the IELTS Writing Task 2 exam and looking for some inspiration and guidance? Look no further! In this blog post, we have compiled a list of 100 Band 7, 8, and 9 IELTS Writing Task 2 essay samples to help you improve your writing skills and boost your chances of achieving a high score on the exam. These sample essays cover a wide range of topics, from education and technology to health and environment, and are a valuable resource for students at all levels of proficiency. Whether you’re just starting to prepare for the IELTS or are looking to fine-tune your writing skills, this blog post is an essential guide to acing your next Writing Task 2 test. So, please check out our IELTS sample essays and start preparing for the test today! Please note that these are real student samples. They contain mistakes because mistakes are totally normal for Band 7, 8, and even 9 students. All of the essays below have been checked by more than one former examiner, and all of the students achieved a Band 7, 8, or 9 in their real IELTS test.

Task 2 Samples

Some people think that parents should teach their children how to be good members of society. Others, however, believe that school is the best place to learn this. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Some people believe that children should be taught by their parents about how to function as useful members of society, while others believe that sending children to educational institutions is the best way for them to study this. Although the latter opinion can be beneficial in some cases, I believe that family upbringing plays a more important role in educating children to be good parts of the community.

Schools can be considered suitable places for children to learn to be good citizens. With standardized educational methods, schools can foster children’s cognitive development so that they are able to contribute to society in the future. For example, Trung Vuong school and Vinschool are well known for having nurtured successful alumni such as Professor Ngo Bao, Professor Nguyen Hung who have devoted their talents to the development of the country. However, these people only represent a small fraction of the total number of students attending schools, and thus sending children to schools cannot be the best method of educating them to be good members of society. 

I believe that parents play a more important role in teaching them how to be good citizens. In Vietnam, the average class size is 20 students, which makes it difficult for educators to provide proper schooling for each student. One to one lessons at home, on the other hand, allow children to progress faster. Furthermore, parents form stronger bonds with their offspring and thus, it is easier for them to shape children’s personalities at an early age. For example, by telling stories such as Robin Hood, Cinderella before bedtime, parents can instil a sense of compassion and integrity into them. These children are likely to become good members of society when they grow up.

In conclusion, although sending children to schools can be seen as a way of teaching them how to be good citizens, I believe that domestic upbringing has a bigger impact on determining who they are in the future.

There is an increasing trend around the world of married couples deciding not to have children. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages for couples who decide to do this.

An increasing number of married couples around the world choosing to remain childless. The main benefits of not having a child for couples are that they can focus on their careers and have more time for themselves. The main drawbacks are that they could not fit into their peers’ group and have no one to look after them when they get old. 

One primary advantage of remaining childless for married couples is that they can focus on their work. This is because they have less responsibility and distractions in their lives compared to the couples that have a child. Another advantage of this is that they have more spare time. Looking after a child is a full-time job for parents and taking most of their time, while child-free couples have lots of free time after work. For example, many couples stop going out late with their friends after having a child as they have to stay at home for looking after their children. 

One disadvantage of couples deciding not to have children is that they can struggle to hang with their peers after most of them have children. Most parents prefer to spend more time with other couples that have children as well. Moreover, do not have anyone to look after them in their elderliness is another disadvantage. Children are the ones who take care of their parents when they get old because their parents did the same for them when they were young. For instance, the vast majority of the people who live in care homes have no child. 

In conclusion, the main benefits of staying child-free for couples are that they can be more career-oriented and have more free time for themselves, and the main drawbacks are that they could have problems about fitting into their friends’ group and having no one to take care of them when they become older.

Some would say that parents should teach their offspring how to be good members of society, while others are of the opinion that school is the best in this regard. This essay agrees with the latter point and will show that, despite the practical experiences that parents give their children, school lessons can give deep insights into what it takes to be good citizens.

Some believe that parents can educate their children about being good members of society based on their life experiences. This is because the life experiences that parents can give their children are straightforward, down-to-earth, and so they can easily apply what their parents teach them in reality. For example, many children in Thailand become more polite, honest, and caring to everyone as a direct result of the practical lessons that their parents give them at home. However, I believe that parents now are so busy and do not spend much time with their children teaching them.

Lessons at school can provide children with valuable insights into being good members of society. In class, students can receive lessons about different traits of a truly good person that society needs, and then they put what they learn into practice by creating real-life problems and solving them together. For instance, after receiving lessons in civic education at school, many Vietnamese students are more willing to help their neighbors and even strangers, and they feel extremely happy after doing something good for others. For this reason, I believe that school lessons are more influential to young children. 

In conclusion, despite the practical experiences that parents can give their children at home, this essay believes that school lessons can help students deepen their understanding of being good members of society.

In many professional sports, there is an increase in the number of athletes using banned substances to improve their performance.

What are the causes of the phenomenon and what are some of the possible solutions?

In many professional sports, it is becoming commonplace for athletes to abuse prohibited substances to boost their overall performance. This essay will discuss how stiff competition and lax testing systems are the main cause of this problem, and the most suitable solutions are imposing heavier punishments on violators and revamping testing facilities.

The main cause of this problem is the fierce competition that exists in any sports. In other words, most many professional athletes feel that they have to take substances like steroids to give themselves an advantage over other strong opponents. Another reason is the lack of strictness in testing procedures. Many athletes who take advantage of banned substances can still get off scot-free due to the holes in testing systems. For example, a high-profile mix martial artist named Jon John who is notorious for using PED described how easy it was to get away with cheating in an interview in 2015.

A viable solution is to heavily punish lawbreakers. If sports clubs and establishments raise the fine for using banned substances, many athletes will think twice before making attempt to cheat. Another the way to deal with this issue is to upgrade testing amenities. This will eradicate any holes existing in the system and ensure that the test result is highly accurate. For instance, after the UFC had made major investments to provide their staff with the latest testing equipment, many fighters in their organization got caught.

In conclusion, strong competition and ineffective testing systems are the main cause of this problem, and the most suitable solutions are enforcing harsher punishments on violators and reforming testing facilities.

Details of politicians’ private lives should not be published in newspapers. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is thought that the information regarding politicians’ personal lives should not be shared in print media. This essay strongly agrees with this suggestion because publishing these details could be harmful to their families, and obtaining this type of information might require breaking the law.

First and foremost, what makes that the details related to private aspects of politicians’ lives should not be shared in newspapers is that it could be harmful not only to these individuals but also to their families. This is because revealing some details from their personal lives could expose them to unwanted comments or allegations, which might lead to a great deal of distress. In Poland, for instance, in 2015, the vice-prime minister committed suicide due to not handling the pressure caused by the paparazzi invading his and his family’s private life.

Furthermore, obtaining this type of information, in most cases, means breaking the law. This is because the right to privacy is one of the most fundamental policies in society, and anyone who wants to access the lives of politicians must obtain their consent. However, not only are paparazzi hired to invade properties belonging to politicians to take photos without their permission, but also politicians’ colleagues and relatives are bribed to share confidential facts from their lives. For instance, an accident in which Princess Diana was killed was partly caused by the paparazzi who followed her car, trying to take photos of her and her boyfriend against their will.

In conclusion, I strongly support the suggestion that politicians’ lives should not be subject to the interest of newspapers because revealing personal facts from politicians lives could destroy their family life and the process of obtaining these details often required wrongdoing.

Some say that music, art and drama are as important as other school subjects, especially at the primary level. Do you agree or disagree? Some people believe that arts-related subjects are as important as other school subjects, especially for primary school children. I totally agree with this statement because this can help children to discover their talents from an early age and can increase their confidence. 

One of the reasons I agree that creative subjects have the same importance as other school courses in primary school is that it allows students to find out their potential talents early on. That is to say, school-age is the most convenient time for students to learn more about their interests by trying different activities as they are young enough to pursue their hobbies. They will probably not have any other chance later in their lives to discover that because they will be busy with difficult exams when they get older. For example, most famous singers were discovered by their music teachers at school from a young age, and they claimed that they could not be that successful if their teachers did not find out their talents when they were young.

Moreover, music, art and drama subjects help students to boost their confidence. That is because creative lessons teach students how to perform in front of lots of people and give them a chance to socialise with other students. As a result, students can realise their real potential and act more confidently. For instance, many psychologists suggest to students who are struggling with social anxiety to take drama lessons as it helps to enhance confidence. 

In conclusion, this essay completely agrees that music, art and drama have the same value as other subjects in primary school because it allows children to discover their hidden talents early on and increases their self-confidence.

Some individuals believe that the right place to teach children how to become good citizens is the school, while others argue that parents should be the ones responsible for that. Although parents might influence their children more than anyone else, I believe that educational institutions are more trained and equipped to teach children how to become successful members of the community. 

Parents influence their children more than anyone else. This is due to the fact that mothers and fathers are the ones who raise and spend most of the time with their children which dramatically influences the way children act and think. If parents act in a good manner, their children will indirectly imitate them. This fortifies the fact that no one might exert such a strong influence on their children. For example, a study in Britain showed that children are two times more influenced by their parents than their teachers. However, I believe that this is not enough and that school should be the place teaching children to become good people in society.

Schools are trained to build good citizens. Teachers spent their undergraduate years studying how to deal with children and train them to become better individuals in their communities. For this reason, educational institutions should be the place where children can safely acquire the needed behaviors to become better individuals in the future. For example, a recent study in the USA showed that 90% of schools train teachers how to help students to become better citizens. For this reason, I believe that the best place to do this is the school.

In conclusion, although parents have a strong influence on their children, I believe that the best place to create better citizens is the school because tutors are trained to do that.

It is argued that newspapers ought not to publish the details of private lives of politicians. This essay strongly disagrees with this view because politicians build a public image through such news and they could be held accountable for any wrongdoings.

On the one hand, politicians can gain public trust by building a positive image through newspapers. Being the focus of media, sometimes details of their personal interests end up on the front pages of newspapers, which allows them to gain popularity among masses, especially when their interests match with the general public. Recently, the pictures of a famous politician of Milan, while playing football with local school children were published in many newspapers, and he instantly became famous among school and college students. Hence, it helps them gain popularity by depicting themselves in a positive way. 

On the other hand, publishing details of private affairs disclose the corruption of politicians and make them accountable. Many politicians usually hold a public office and are entrusted with managing public funds. If they do not spend the money on the wellbeing of people and are involved in corruption, newspapers expose their private life and put them under accountability. For example, when details of the lavish spending of the Mayor of London, while on a vacation, were revealed in the SUN, it prompted questions from many sections of the society, eventually exposing his corruption with the public money. Therefore, it is important that newspapers publish these details.

In conclusion, private matters of politicians should be published in newspaper because it allows them to gain popularity and expose their corrupt affairs.

Some say that music, art and drama are as important as other school subjects, especially at the primary level. Do you agree or disagree?

Some people believe that arts education is as significant as the study of other subjects, especially for primary students. I completely agree with this viewpoint because some educational content could be better illustrated in the forms of arts, and the study of arts is one key consideration which fosters all-rounded growth of young students.

The arts could deliver information to students, especially to those attending primary schools, in a way that words in textbooks sometimes cannot. Children may become bored and tired if they have to read or listen to too much educational content in textbooks. A colorful painting or a catchy song, on the other hand, can be much more appealing and thus more effective in conveying information to these children. For example, the Ghen Covy song has been taught at most schools in Vietnam and has become one of children’s favorite songs. This song has effectively highlighted the importance of hand washing as a means of disease prevention, and has made it easier for many children to remember every step of hand sanitization for its catchy melody and appealing dancing moves.

Furthermore, the study of arts is one factor that contributes to a comprehensive development of young students. While academic subjects focus on children’s cognitive development, arts education help children to develop their social-emotional skills. By singing a song or drawing a picture, these children are likely to express their feelings and nurture their sense of community. For example, thousands of Vietnamese children, who were encouraged by their teaching staff, drew pictures of sunflowers to deliver messages of love and support for pediatric cancer patients.

In conclusion, the arts can sometimes be better at transmitting knowledge than textbooks, and the provision of both academic and arts education is necessary for an all-rounded growth of young students. I firmly believe that the study of arts should never be underestimated in any child educational institution.

Some people think that all university students should study whatever they like. Others believe that they should only be allowed to study subjects that will be useful in the future, such as those related to science and technology. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Some would argue that all students in universities have to study the subject they like, while others think that they have to only study something useful for their future, for example, those related to science and technology sectors. Although learning about the latter subjects is crucial to secure a good job and salary, I believe that enrollment in whatever subject they favor leads to students being successful in their fields.

Studying science and technology during third-level education makes students able to easily find a job that pays high wages. That is to say, working in the majority of modern workplaces requires up-to-date technological information aiming to improve the quality of work and to compete with others, and, in turn, those employees will earn good remuneration. For instance, many IT graduates from the University of Toronto were able to have high positions and good wages in many renowned business companies. However, I think that the passion for what students study is more important than how much their earnings are in the future.

It is very important for university students to study the subjects they like because this is the reason behind a successful career. That is because the love for this particular subject allows them to go beyond their limits, be creative, and be eager to improve, and, thus, they might be promoted. For instance, many well-known musicians decided to study music because they were passionate about it and this positive spirit helps them climb their professional ladder. Therefore, I support this school of thought because studying a favorite subject is more important.

To conclude, despite the fact that a course in science and technology can provide postgraduates with a good future career and enough income, in my view, studying whatever they prefer is better because this leads to success in their field.

In some countries, younger people are neglecting their right to vote.

What problems does this cause and what are some of the possible solutions?

It is argued that in certain nations youth are not using their right to vote. This would hinder the political change, and it would also result in policies made that are not beneficial for these young people. The most viable solutions would be to create awareness among the younger generation and promote them to participate in politics. 

Not participating in elections would mean that it would be difficult to change the government which is necessary for some countries across the globe. This is because, in any functional democracy, the only way to change the ruling party is by casting votes in the electoral process. Furthermore, if young individuals forge their right to vote, it would result in policies made that do not benefit them. As a result, they would feel that the state is not addressing their concerns and end up leaving the country. For instance, every year thousands of young adults from developing countries immigrate to Europe and North America because they are unhappy with their government’s performance.

One way to tackle these issues is to inform these people about the power of vote. Campaigns should be held in universities, and colleges to educate youth about their political rights. Another solution is to promote these young people to come into politics. Doing this it would ensure their representation and their voices being heard. For example, Nelson Mandela was a young political activist who successfully fought against racism and became the first black President of South Africa.

In conclusion, neglecting to vote by the young generation would delay the necessary government change, and laws made that are not in their favor. However, encouraging youth participation in politics and awareness campaigns can be possible solutions to tackle these problems.

In certain parts of the world, the younger generation is not using their right to vote.

This phenomenon may result in younger people being apathetic toward politics and election results that do not reflect public opinion, and the most viable solutions are to educate younger people about the importance of voting and incentivize them to vote.

One major problem of this is that younger people may adopt an uncaring attitude toward politics. If younger people do not take part in the election, which is the most significant political event, they are unlikely to pay heed to anything related to politics later on. Another issue is that the result of the election might be undermined. Since only older people give their votes, the winner may not be the one that the majority want to put in charge. For example, it is commonly seen in my country that politicians with older supporters tend to win again candidates that appeal to the young since most of them do not give their votes.

One suitable solution for this is to run a public awareness campaign to emphasize to younger people the significance of voting. Once they realize that if they abandon their right to vote, the consequences will be immense, they will change their minds and begin to vote. Another way to overcome this is to provide them with certain incentives to start voting. Many younger people find voting a waste of time and, therefore, if they are given incentives, they are more likely to take the time to vote. For instance, younger people in my country are often given a small amount of money as a way of motivating them to vote.

In conclusion, the problems that may stem from this are younger people’s indifferent attitude toward political matters and an ineffective election, and some ways to deal with them are educating and incentivizing younger people to vote.

Some people say that the best way to improve public health is by increasing the number of sports facilities. Others, however, say that this would have little effect on public health and that other measures are required. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

It is argued that the sports facilities should be increased in number to improve citizens’ health, while others claim that other initiatives are more essential to be conducted. While I support the idea that installing more sports facilities would help ordinary people to enhance their general health, I am more convinced that other effective measures should be taken. 

On the one hand, people’s general health status could have been improved greatly via exercising. It is proven that working out fastens the amount of oxygen to the brain, helping people be more concentrative and optimistic. Therefore, lack of physical exercise or insufficient physical movements one’s working performance may be impacted and less productive. For example, Hanoi citizens are reported to be healthier than they were because of the availability of exercise equipment right at the local parts. However, I believe that this measure just improves partially not whole the public’s health. 

On the other hand, there is a wide range of conducts to prevents poor health conditions. Improving diet quality is one of the effective measures that should not be neglected. A good physical health is indeed contributed by many elements, and a full nutrient meal makes consumers stronger and strongly resistant to some diseases. In Vietnam, there used to be a program of introducing milk into daily meals to deter malnutrition for children. After 2 years of conducting this campaign, the number of underweight children was minimised noticeably. Therefore, I completely advocate other solutions to implement to warrant the public’s general health. 

In conclusion, although launching more sports facilities would benefit the overall health of citizens, I think that this matter could be addressed better by other methods.

Some people think that it is better to educate boys and girls in separate schools. Others, however, believe that boys and girls benefit more from attending mixed schools. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

A number of people argue that it is better for boys and girls to get an education from different schools, while others believe that it is more beneficial for children if they attend combined schools. Although studying in separate schools will help boys and girls to focus more on their studies, I believe learning from co-educational institutions will help them to become more social in society. 

On the one hand, when boys and girls attend separate schools, they will spend more time focusing on their studies. This is because there will not be any opposite gender to be attracted to and to get involved in any affairs. The schooling hours will be fully utilised to learn something rather than being diverted from studies and spending time with the ones they might have affair with in the school. For example, in Nepal, students from St. Mary’s Girls School showed a better academic performance than the girls who completed their school years from a co-educational institution. However, I believe that children attending mixed school will learn to be more social in the future.

On the other hand, co-education is more beneficial for children because they will learn some social skills during their school years. This is to say that children of both genders will be allowed to have combined studies and will learn how to deal politely with a person of the opposite sex, an important skill which is highly accepted by society. For example, boys who finished their studies at co-educational schools showed more courtesy towards ladies by offering some help when required. For this reason, it is better for children to attend mixed schools as it helps them to learn essential social skills.

In conclusion, although educating children in separate schools will help them to focus on their studies, I believe that co-education is much better for girls and boys as they will learn essential social skills in school.

Being a celebrity, such as a famous film star or sports personality, brings problems as well as benefits. Do you think that being a celebrity brings more benefits or more problems?

Lives of celebrities, like famous movie stars or sports people, bring benefits as well as problems. Although earning huge amounts of money is an advantage for celebrities, I believe the lack of privacy in their lives is a major problem that outweighs the benefit. 

The main advantage for celebrities is that they receive a huge remuneration. That is to say, such people are paid large amounts of money for their efforts or performance. Celebrities usually decide how much they should be paid, and the people who pay them do not negotiate as they are confident in their star value. For example, Avengers star casts were paid in high amounts even before they read the script of the film series because of their previous performances in the older series. However, I think celebrities are also human beings and money cannot replace the happiness or freedom they need in their lives.

One of the downsides of being a celebrity is that it is not possible for them to lead a private life. This means that because of their fame and popularity, they are continuously followed by the media, and by their fans who eagerly wait to know what is happening in their favorite stars’ lives. As such, celebrities lose their freedom and cannot enjoy their personal time with their families or friends. For instance, when Sachin Tendulkar became famous after his remarkable performance in cricket, he claimed that he could not walk down the streets of Mumbai as he used to do in the past. Thus, I believe celebrities cannot be carefree, and they always have to face the media in one or the other way.

To conclude, I think the problem of being a celebrity is that their privacy is interrupted, and this overshadows the benefit of making large amounts of money as a celebrity.

Being a famous person, such as a movie star or sports athlete, has many disadvantages and advantages. Although famous people will earn more money, I believe that there are more drawbacks because famous people will not be safe in public places. 

The biggest advantage is that well-known individuals will earn loads of money. This is because they will get colossal amounts of money from their sponsors for promoting their products, such as mobile phones, laptops or cars. As a result, notable individuals will become affluent around the nation. Floyd Mayweather, for instance, is a famous boxer as well as a wealthy person in the United States of America. Each year he gets around millions of dollars from Burger Kings and Rolls Royal sponsors for promoting their products during boxing matches. However, I believe that famous celebrities face huge problems whenever they go out because their frenzied fans will annoy them.

The major drawback is that famous individuals’ lives will be in danger in common places. This is because their foes will try to harm them whenever they go out either alone or with their family members, such as in parks or malls. As a result, they will have to hire some security guards to protect themselves against vicious-minded individuals. Jennifer Lopez, for instance, always goes out with five bodyguards. The reason is that in the past, some deranged fans attacked her in New York park and broke her left arm. Therefore, I believe that celebrities always face difficulties in common places because someone will assault them. 

In conclusion, although well-known individuals earn big amounts of money from sponsors, notable people’s lives will be in danger because evil-minded people will harm them. For these reasons, I believe that drawbacks are more than benefits.

It is being argued that media houses should not disclose the personal lives of statesmen. I completely agree with this statement because it will not only violate their right to privacy, but also they should focus their resources on more pressing issues that need immediate attention such as poverty.

It is the fundamental right of every human being to have their privacy. Even though they are public figures, their private lives should be away from the eyes of the media. They should only be judged against the service towards their countries and not for what is happening in their day-to-day affairs. The prime example of this can be seen in the Constitution of the USA, which gives its citizens the right to privacy.

In addition to this, it is the responsibility of newspapers to address important matters including poverty. Media can be a very powerful medium, so rather than talking about other people’s life, resources should be diverted towards putting pressure on public officials to engage them in solving real-life problems. Using their influence to the benefit of the general public should be the main focus of newspapers. For example, during the Great Depression, The Guardian was the main voice of people in protesting against the poor living conditions. 

In conclusion, I do not support the argument of newspapers publishing the personal information of government officials. This is because it will result in the violation of their privacy and also the primary focus of news agencies should be to highlight key issues concerning the nation.

Some people say that television is useful for education, while others say it is useful only for entertainment. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Television is considered useful for education by some, while others claim that it only serves entertainment purposes. While certain people believe television is only for entertainment as it steals time, this essay claims that it is valuable as educational programs on television can help a child’s intellect.

Some believe television is only useful for entertainment since it takes away time. This is because they feel that children who spend too much time in front of the television may miss out on life’s opportunities and that it is much more productive to spend time with friends, to work on homework, to go outside, or to relax instead of watching television. For example, kids who watch too much television tend to work less on their homework, which results in poor performance in school. However, I would argue that television is important as education programs can aid in boosting children’s intellect.

Educational programs on television can help children become more intelligent. Kids who watch informative and educational shows learn to solve problems and develop strong mental maths skills. For instance, several studies have shown that kids are more likely to outperform their peers on tests when they watch educational shows. Additionally, studies have shown that children who watch cartoons most of the time score less than those who watch educational shows. Therefore, I strongly believe educational shows on television encourage intellectual development in children.

In conclusion, while television is seen as only useful for entertainment because it eats up time, watching informative educational shows on television can develop a child’s intellectual skills.

Being a famous person, for example a popular actor or a sports star, is problematic as well as beneficial. This essay believes that fame has more negative effects because it comes with the cost of being a burden to the star’s family, and it can threaten the star’s mental health.

The first negative effect fame has on the star’s life is the burden it puts on his family. That is not only because of the paparazzi that keep chasing them everywhere they go and eventually putting them at physical risk, but also because of the pink media which posts news about them that completely breach privacy and are often related to intimate relationships. For example, it is very well known how much detrimental the role of paparazzi and pink media was on Princess Diana’s sons and they report that those publications and breaking news scarred them for a lifetime just because they come from a famous family.

The second reason behind the negativity of being a star is that it creates an unsafe environment that may endanger the star’s mental health. Being constantly under the spotlights and lacking the minimum amount of privacy in the person’s life is documented to be detrimental to this latter’s mental health. For instance, the famous movie star Marilyn Monroe is known to have committed suicide because she could not cope with a life with no privacy at all, and the same applies to the famous Egyptian star Souad Husni and many others.

In conclusion, in my opinion, the negative aspects of fame outweigh the positive ones especially because it puts a burden on the star’s family and puts their mental health in danger.

Multinational companies are becoming increasingly common in developing countries. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?

It is becoming more popular in developing nations to see multinational corporations. There are some benefits for this trend such as the progress in the economy they create in these countries and the availability of jobs, however, the shut down of some small local businesses and the lower selling rate of local products can be its drawbacks.

The main advantage of the increasing number of these types of companies is the economic progress. That is to say, if multinational organizations operate in less-developed nations, this can bring wealth which boosts industries, trade, and other aspects of the economy. Moreover, more jobs will be available for the local people. That is because more workers and managers are needed to work for these companies which can be a good opportunity for locals to find a job. For instance, after opening a branch of Apple company in Dubai, many local graduates were thrilled by the good news of being accepted to work under this renowned company. 

However, one of the main disadvantages of this trend is the drop in the selling rate of the local products. That is because of the good reputations and qualities of international items, and, thus, citizens might refrain from buying their local products. Another disadvantage is that some small local shops could be closed. That is due to the unfair competition with these huge strong establishments, and as a result, some might be shut down or go bankrupt. For example, many amateur Syrian entrepreneurs, and after the harsh competition they had with international textile corporation, were forced to close their fabric factories. 

In conclusion, although the advantages of the popularity of multinational organizations in developing countries are the economic progress and the improvement in the job market, nonetheless, its downsides are the drop in the average selling of local products and the closure of some small businesses.

A number of individuals believe that television can help with education, while others feel it is only used for entertaining people. Although entertainment television programs are the most popular programs on TV, this essay argues that television is helpful in education if people utilize it properly.

On the one hand, nowadays, entertainment television programs have become the most well-liked TV programs. That is because those programs give people an escape from their home lives or occupations, and it is also a great way to spend time with. For example, in the United States of America the Ellen Show is one of the most popular shows which has lasted almost twenty years. However, I believe that entertainment television programs are people’s favorite television programs does not mean television cannot be useful for education.

On the other hand, television can be a helpful tool in education if people use it in a proper way. Television can help people to study through informative videos, TV shows, or documents, and those videos can help people form a visual representation of their thoughts. For instance, it can be commonly seen in many schools that teachers introduce TVs in their lectures to help students understand complicated and difficult subjects. For this reason, this essay believes that television is a useful tool for education.

In conclusion, although programs for entertaining people are the most well-liked television programs, I maintain that television is useful for education because it is a helpful tool for education if it is utilized properly.

In many countries, the government prioritises economic growth above all other concerns. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this.

Economic growth is a sphere that receives more attention than any other national domain in many states all over the world. The principal benefits of this phenomenon are lower unemployment and wealthier citizens, and the main downsides are higher costs of living for most and insufficient support for the poorest. 

On the one hand, what makes that prioritizing economic expansion is beneficial for the public is the fact that fever residents remain unemployed. This is because governments boost establishing various businesses, which will require many workers to operate. In addition, not only does a country become more powerful economically, but also many residents have an opportunity to become affluent. When companies generate more profit, it reflects how much money employees can make. In Poland, for example, 30 years after communism collapsed, average salaries offered for a middle-management position have tripled.

On the other hand, as a country’s economy thrives, costs of living increase. The most compelling reason for that could be the fact that since workers are paid more , their services become more expensive, which results in higher prices of many products. Moreover, in many cases, a state whose main priority is its economy offers little support for those who need it. If authorities believe that a strong economy is of the greatest importance, they are rather reluctant to offer help to those who do not contribute to the nation’s prosperity. To illustrate, when Donald Trump, who was a big advocate of a strong economy, became the president of the USA, the funds for jobless migrants were caught. 

In conclusion, as with anything in life, prioritizing economic growth by authorities has its pros and cons. While more have jobs that allow them to become wealthy, costs of living are going up, and those who need to rely on the social care system are marginalized.

It is argued that parents should be the ones to familiarise their children with basic teachings of morals and ethics and how to implement them to become better individuals in the society, while many believe educational institutes are the best places to learn them from. While parents can pay individual attention to their kids, I believe that schools provide an ideal environment in learning and grooming.

On the one hand, parents serve as role models and they are perfectly capable of paying undivided attention to their kids. That is to say that they can tell their kids stories containing lessons about differentiating right from wrong and good from bad. Furthermore, by demonstrating responsible behaviour, elders are instilling good habits in their young. As a result, children follow their elders and grow up to be better human beings. For example, on the dining table parents should tell their kids to eat quietly and not make unnecessary noises which can develop into a good habit. However , I believe that parents cannot consistently teach and monitor their kids’ behaviour patterns due to lack of time.

On the other hand, educational centres provide a specialised environment for minors in both academic and moral fields. That is to say that a child is more keen to learn and grow when one steps outside the comfort zone. By interacting with fellow students and actively participating in multiple social activities youngsters are able to perform to the best of their abilities. For instance, primary schools around the world include social activities and role plays in their curriculum to teach students how to become model citizens. Therefore, this option is preferable because it benefits the child in the long run as well as the society..

In conclusion, although parents can demonstrate moral teachings to their children in an effective manner, learning them at schools would make them rather more confident and productive members for the community.

In some countries, even though the rates of serious crimes are decreasing, people feel less safe than ever before. What do you think are the causes of this problem and what measures could be taken to solve it?

Although grievous offences are reducing, some people feel more insecure than they used to. The main reason behind this is the increase of cyber bullying and hate-crimes, and the solution would be to raise the general awareness among the masses and by promulgating new laws.

The primary cause of people not feeling safe than they used to is because the arena of crime has changed. More people are interacting virtually over the internet, which is mostly unregulated. Therefore, people are easily subject to harassment and bullying on social medias. Moreover, people are also subject to hate-crimes which is a consequence of constant portrayal of a certain group of people as evil by the media. For example, labeling the activities of criminals, who professes the Islamic faith, as terrorists has resulted in an increase in hate-crimes against Muslims across America. 

The solution to such problems would be in educating the general people so that they are more aware. This will allow them to act more responsibly. Also, the government can play their part by enacting new laws that addresses the needs of time. This will make their citizens feel more secure because they can have their problems redressed. For instance, the government of Bangladesh recently enacted Digital Security Act, 2018 and Digital Security Rules, 2020 in order to penalize offences that take place in the cyberspace, as crimes like online harassment and cyber bullying was not previously defined as an offence. 

In conclusion, insecurity among some section of the population is still prevailing due to the change in the nature of crimes that are being committed nowadays. However, this can easily be addressed by making people aware and also by making new laws.

Most high-level positions in companies are filled by men even though the workforce in many developed countries is more than 50 per cent female. Companies should be required to allocate a certain percentage of these positions to women. To what extent do you agree?

Although women account for more than 50 per cent of the workforce in developed nations, a number of managerial positions are still occupied by men. Some believe that a certain proportion of these vacancies should be allocated to females. This essay, however, strongly disagrees with this statement because this can discourage qualified men to work hard, and such a policy can encourage organisations to find some wrong ways to outsmart the system.

Reserving a certain proportion of high-level positions for women because of their gender may prevent educated males from making a contribution to the progress of a company. This is because any employee naturally wants to have equal opportunities for promotion irrespective of gender. If males at workplace are deprived of it, they are not motivated to work hard. For example, psychologists claim that the motivation and hard work of subordinates directly hinge on the promotional system of a company. 

Furthermore, imposing a quota will make companies seek for some illegal ways to outwit this regulation since the priority of most companies is to reward employees with high-level positions according to their knowledge and experience, not their genders. Hence, if any law contradicts the policy of a company based on gender, the owners of that company are more likely to make modifications to outsmart the system, which benefits neither of them. For example, not to compulsively hire female employees to the top management of a company, owners can change the tittle of a position to just to fill a vacancy. 

In conclusion, I strongly disagree with the idea of allocation of certain high-level posts to females because of their gender since this can discourage qualified males to work hard and make companies find alternative ways to outwit the law.

Some people think that the teenage years are the happiest time of most people’s lives. Others think that adult life brings more happiness, in spite of greater responsibility. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

It is argued that adolescence years are the happiest years in one’s life, while others believe that adulthood is the most joyful phase to live despite having bigger responsibilities. This essay believes that, although adolescents are free of responsibilities, adults enjoy their life more because they are free to make their own choices.

On the one hand, adolescents are thought to live the happiest moments of their life because they are not asked to be responsible. Basically, a teenager lives with his parents, who not only provide him shelter, food, and education, but also, in some cases, would try to meet his fantasies. For instance, in my country, teenagers make a great example of spoiled people who spend their money carelessly and always ask for more, though they do not seem to be happy.However, I believe that not being obliged to worry about any responsibility is not what happiness is all about, and consequently adolescents do not live their happiest days.

On the other hand, others see that adulthood is a happier phase because adults are free to make the choices that fit their aspirations. Having the freedom of choice will eventually be followed by achievements and a sense of self-accomplishment, which is a primary source of joy. For example, many adults in my country are happy because of the choice of career or commitment they took on their own, and they see themselves happier than when they were teenagers. Therefore, I believe adulthood is the most enjoyable time because one can not be happy if they have to follow others’ plans even it comes with no responsibilities.

In conclusion, despite having no responsibilities on their shoulders, adolescents do not live the happiest moments of their life. This essay believes that it is adulthood which is the most enjoyable in light of the fact that adults are free to make their own choices.

In some countries, it is becoming increasingly common for people to follow a vegetarian diet. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

In a number of countries, following a vegetarian diet has become very popular. Although being a vegetarian can limit the options when eating, I believe the advantages outweigh the disadvantages because it allows the body to work properly. 

For vegetarian people it is difficult to find varied options to eat. Since the majority of the worldwide population have a diet that includes animal products, these type of food is the one that is normally available at food businesses. Therefore, people with a vegetarian diet have to choose between a limited number of plates or products when buying food or eating out. For example, in many popular restaurants in Colombia, the menu has only a short vegetarian section which includes only two or three plates that are completely vegetarian. However, I believe that those options that are offered are healthier than plates that are sold in large quantities.

Following a vegetarian diet allows the body to work better. This is because science has shown that when our human system digests animal products, such as meat, it has to work harder to process the food that it is not designed to receive. Thus, people that have a diet based on plants and seeds are more prone to have a healthier life because they allow their bodies to focus their energy in its normal processes. For instance, people who become vegetarian are less prone to get sick because their immune system has all the energy focused on fighting bacteria and not causing chronic inflammation because of the food. That is why I consider that following a vegetarian diet can have more benefits in the long term. 

In conclusion, although vegetarian people have fewer options when buying products without animal ingredients, it is my belief that following a vegetarian diet has a positive impact in the body functions.

Some claim that families should educate their offspring on being good members of community, while others say that school is the most suitable place to do that. Although school has professional ways to teach children about being good in society, I believe that teaching them by parents is more appropriate because parents have more influence on children. 

On the one hand, school should tech children how to interact in good way in society because it has academic methods to better educate children on that. Any school curriculum is examined by experts before being used, so it contains no mistakes or unsuitable context. For example, to design a school national curriculum, governments hire the most experienced and knowledgeable teachers nationwide. However, I believe that children follow parent’s instructions better than school’s instructions. 

On the other hand, parents are more influent in teaching children about being good in society. That is because parents are close to children, so children are more likely to believe in them. As a result, children are effectively learn how is it important to behave well in society. For instance, the vast majority of children gain their good habits from their parents as they eager to transmit the good attitude to their children. Therefore, I believe that families are the most suitable teacher for children when it comes to be good in society. 

In conclusion, despite the fact that school has professional methods to educate children on being good in society, I believe that parents are more successful doing that because they have better influence on children.

It is thought by some that their happiest years were during their teenage years. Others, however, believe that happiness comes during adult life later on, despite the great deal of responsibilities. Although being an adult means having enough money to enjoy many life activities, teenagers have an enormous amount of time to spend on leisure activities, and for this reason, I stand with the latter view.

Undoubtedly, adults usually have the money to spend on entertaining activities and create joyful moments. Due to the fact that adults usually have the financial means to travel somewhere far, attend a concert, or even rent an expensive car, many express their happiest moments to be during their thirties and the years after while their health is still perfect and they enough money to spend. For example, a 35-year-old man can always travel to Spain during summer time and be able to create an unforgettable moments. However, in my opinion, most adults are so engaged mentally with work and family responsibilities that they do not have the time to spend or travel but rarely.

On the other hand, during adolescence, teenagers have all the time they need to have fun. Having no serious tasks or long working hours, teenagers often spend their time partying with their cool friends throughout the week while having absolutely no responsibility on their shoulders. As a result, people usually remember these days as their happiest. For example, teenagers usually have their own party places that open during week days, especially when they become university students, they become happier as their social network also expands. Personally, I believe that having no responsibilties is the key to create happy moments to remember. 

To conclude, while being an adult means having more money to spend on entertaining events, teenagers have all the time in the world to be with their firends and party, and that, in my view, is the reason why people remember these days as their happiest.

Global companies are gaining more popularity among third-world countries. The main advantages of this are that they generate more employment in a country and provide good benefits to employees. However, the major drawbacks are long working hours and unsecured jobs.

One benefit of multinational companies is that they employ a large workforce. This is because these big companies have more than two or three branches around the country, thereby, increasing the employment rate within the country. Moreover, these companies have good benefits for their staff, as compared to local companies, such as yearly travel compensation and full coverage family insurance. For instance, Amazon provides a yearly international trip to the employee and their family, covering accommodation and return tickets.

On the other hand, having to work extremely long hours is the major disadvantage of being in such companies. This is because these companies handle clients who work in different time zone. Hence, the employees have to work in their local time zone as well as per client time zone, which can be several hours apart. Furthermore, losing a job at any time is the biggest fear of employees working for such organizations, unlike government sector, where an employee cannot be fired from the job easily. For example, in Apple Inc., it is reported several times that the employees are fired due to their grudges with their boss.

In conclusion, multinational organizations have benefitted developing countries by increasing the employment rate and making the lives of employees better by providing good benefits. However, it does not have strict policies for their staff as they have to work long hours and fear of losing their job at any time.

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In modern times, children are spending less time with their families and more time with their friends. Why has this change occurred? Do you think parents should force their children to spend more time at home?

Nowadays, children spend more time with their friends than with their families. This change has occurred because children do not want to feel left out amongst their peers and parents should not force children to stay home because they will resent their parents for it.

Young ones do not want to miss out on social activities with their friends. Since the invention of technology, many activities that people carry out, especially teenagers, are now being posted online. As a result, children want to engage more in activities with their peers so they would also have fun stories to post on their social media pages and not be the odd one among their peers. For example, many young people in South Korea are known to shop and visit fun places with their friends rather than their parents, so as to show off the fun activities they engage in on Wechat, a popular social media platform.

Children whose parents mandate spending more time at home might hold a grudge towards their parents. This is because if children are forced by their parents to spend more time at home, they may interpret this as a form of punishment and develop a negative attitude towards their parents, which defeats the goal of family time. However, if they are encouraged to play with their siblings and bond with the family, children will be more willing to stay at home. For example, most children in Nigeria, even though they spend time with their friends, look forward to family time because parents in Nigeria emphasize the benefits of spending more time with family. 

In conclusion, children want to engage in activities with their friends and not be left out, and parents should encourage their children to stay at home more, rather than force them so that their children will not resent them.

It is believed by some that adolescent years are the happiest period of most people’s lives, while others believe that adulthood brings more content, despite having more responsibilities. Although teenagers obtain new experiences in their teenage years, I believe that adults can enjoy in the things they have accomplished.

On the one hand, experiences that adolescents gain before their reach adulthood make them happy. This is because many teenagers get more freedom to do the things that they like without being controlled by their parents. A sense of freedom gives them opportunity to socialise with their contemporaries and many of them fall in love for the first time. These are unprecedented experiences that makes them feel very happy. For example, many dwellers of Sarajevo have said that teenage years were the happiest years of their lives. However, I think that adolescents do not know what a real happiness is at such a young age. 

On the other hand, adults can appreciate the things they have achieved. This is to say that many adults set goals when they were younger, such as having prosperous careers, because they knew achieving their goals would make them content. They worked hard to get closer to their goals, and when they finally achieved their targets, they felt contentment. For instance, many Bosnians dreamed about owning a property, and after purchasing housing they were ecstatic. Therefore, I believe that adults can value happiness at a greater level.

In conclusion, although pre-adulthood brings new experiences, I believe that adults enjoy the perks of their hard work.

In many professional sports, there is an increase in the number of athletes using banned substances to improve their performance. What are the causes of the phenomenon and what are some of the possible solutions?

The number of sportspeople using illegal substances to improve their performance has increased in many sporting events. This essay believes that many athletes are taking banned substances to win the competition and exceed capabilities beyond their limits. This can be prevented by requiring athletes to take drug tests before the competition and punish them if they have violated the rules.

Some sportsmen are taking banned substances because they want to be the best athlete in the competition. It is in their nature to be on top among other competitors, and winning is their main goal. In addition, using illegal substances help exceed their abilities by boosting their physical strength. They are tempted to do this because it helps them to handle such excruciating trainings needed to achieve their goals. For instance, Michael Phelps, a professional swimmer, confessed that the use of an illegal substance has helped him become an Olympic Gold medallist.

One solution to eradicate this problem is to test all athletes before the competition so that they will be discouraged from using banned substances, allowing fair competition among athletes. Moreover, sports organizations should also punish athletes who are taking performance-enhancing drugs, such as banning them from playing any sports event. This will give them lessons and take away the temptations of using illegal substances. For example, the Tour de France organization has banned Edward Armstrong from entering the bike racing competition and stripped down all his trophies because of his drug violations. 

In conclusion, many athletes nowadays use illegal substances to win the competition and exceed their physical capabilities. However, it is vital to have fair competition, and this can be eradicated by requiring the athletes to do drug tests and ban them if found guilty.

Some people argue that television helps in learning while others believe that its only purpose is to entertain us. Although television is widely used for enjoyment and leisure, in my opinion, it also helps in other ways like getting news and information from all over the world.

For decades, people have been watching television for fun and leisure because it is the most common entertainment product in every household. Furthermore, it offers a variety of channels and programs with just clicks of some buttons which help children and adults to relax and enjoy when they feel tired after studies or work. Entertainment programs such as The Kapil Sharma Show have always been the most popular programs because they spread laughter and joy among the people and help them unwind the day. However, I think that other than entertainment, people have many reasons to watch television such as getting educated about major events around the world.

On the other side, many people argue that beyond the entertainment, there are various news and educational programs aired on television that are watched by a large number of people. Many shows on television play a vital role in educating citizens about various issues and current affairs and help them increase their knowledge. Many news programs, for example, Prime-Time with Ravish Kumar on NDTV pick one of the events happened during the day and discuss different perspectives about it in details and educate people on how it affects their lives. Moreover, these types of shows have become more interesting and entertaining due to the use of advanced technology and presentation methods.

In conclusion, while the most people watch television for pleasure and relax, I believe that it is not fair to tag it as an entertainment tool because it is still a main source of news and information for the majority people around the world.

Some argue that newspaper journalists should not report on the personal lives of the people in politics. This essay emphatically disagrees with this view because citizens are entitled to be informed about their politicians’ lives before they elect them, and because politicians need to be kept in check to stop them from misusing their powers.

Politicians are public servants who have taken an oath to serve the citizens of a nation. In a democracy, politicians are elected on the basis of two important factors – their vision and their values. While the vision is communicated by politicians during their campaign, the values can only be depicted through the way the way they have lived their personal lives. Journalists are trained to investigate all kinds of information. Hence, for a well-rounded evaluation, it is essential that newspapers give a complete account of the values of a politician through a coverage of their personal lives. For instance, in 2016, many supporters of Donald Trump lost their trust in him after newspapers uncovered the story of the sexual harassment allegations against him.

Furthermore, politicians hold great power because of their ranks. It would be very easy for politicians to misuse this power to benefit their own personal lives. On behalf of the public, journalists own the authority to keep politicians’ personal lives in check. For example, President Bill Clinton wrongly took advantage his position by having an affair with an intern. The American citizens were informed of this through newspapers and other media platforms.

In conclusion, it is extremely important that newspaper publishers cover the private lives of politicians so that they can be fairly evaluated before elections, and to ensure that their power is kept in check while they’re serving the public.

During the course of history, crime term is viewed as a negative blow on both society and each individual. Although a reducing crime statistic in some particular countries has been publicly recognized in recent decades, other kinds of crime might cause local residents a sense of less safety than previous times, especially juvenile crime, so some policies need to be implemented to ensure tackle this phenomenon.

There is several compelling evidence that crime under the age of 18 has been a contributor to unsafe feelings. With the aid of technological advancement, teenagers nowadays are frequently exposed to violence in the media and mimic violent acts whose brains are not fully developed and can not tell the difference between right and wrong. Violent scenes on Youtube, for example, are usually starred by adults who are likely to become negative role models, leading to the growth of juvenile crime after watching those videos, especially turning to bullies in school. Thus, parents will have a fear of their offspring not only befriending these bullies but also becoming a potential crime if they can not control the information absorbed by their children due to hectic working schedules.

With regard to the responsibility of the government to assure residents do not feel unsafe, banning violence-related contents on the Internet should be adopted. This policy required producer companies to minimize scenes containing violence before publicizing final products. In addition, adults also are in charge by teaching their infants to identify wrongdoings to avoid. By spending time with those, parents could either diminish unsafe feelings or intervene at the right time whether friends of their youngsters are good or not.

In conclusion, juvenile crime is a major indicator of increasing fearness of society despite a drop in serious crime rate. Government must take immediate action by passing violence- content restriction on stakeholders on a national scale and parents should dedicate more time to their children to help authorities to address these issues.

It is generally believed that some people are born with certain talents, for instance for sport or music, and others are not. However, it is sometimes claimed that any child can be taught to become a good sports person or musician. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

While some think that people can not succeed in sports or music unless they have some natural talents that a few people have, others reckon that any child can be educated to become successful in those areas. This essay agrees with the former view because, although children are able to get access to many professional training programs, natural gifts enable owners to excel at their subjects such as music or sports.

Some argue that all children can become good at music and sports as soon as they receive the appropriate learning programs. This is because now children are taught by many professional teachers, and the programs that they are involved in are far more modern and systematic. Therefore, they do not need talents to become successful. For instance, many renowned musicians and sports athletes in Vietnam admit that they are not talented, but they can thrive in their areas mainly because of their hard work in many years and the intensive training programs that their tutors gave them. However, I think that some subjects like music or sports have some unique features that require learners some talents to master them.

Gifted people can thrive because their natural gifts help them quickly master knowledge. The immense level of their innate skills enables them to completely grasp anything they learn in a short amount of time, and they can creatively and successfully put them into practice. Let’s take Mozart as a musical genius of all ages, with an extraordinary memory, he could remember any details of music like melodies and lyrics and composed thousands of famous songs of all time. For this reason, I believe that some inborn qualities play a crucial part for people to thrive in some areas like music or sports. 

In conclusion, despite any professional programs that schools now offer, this essay thinks that children need to have some talents to become professional athletes or skilled musicians.

Some say that educating boys and girls in a single-gender school is more beneficial, while others feel that mixing both genders is a better idea. I believe that while separation can reduce the amount of classroom disruption, mixed schools have a better impact on both genders because it prepares them for their future in the real world.

On the one hand, a single gender educational environment can reduce distraction between peers during the class. Children try to impress or get the attention of the opposite gender by talking or showing off, which leads to lack of focus in the class and causes interruptions to other students. For instance, girls and boys tend to find their first crushes at school. It distracts them because instead of paying attention to studying, they are focused on getting into relationships. Despite this, I would argue that both boys and girls can benefit more from being mixed because it helps them to be prepared for the future life.

On the other hand, mixed-sex schools where boys and girls are not separated, can prepare children for their future life. When young males and females attend co-educational school, they can develop relationships with other people. In their future they will work with opposite sex so educating students in single-sex schools limits their opportunity to work cooperatively with the opposite gender. For example, if children are used to have contact with many peers from their childhood, they will not have a problem to adjust to a mixed-sex environment in their future such as work area or daily life. I therefore believe that this method is better as it helps to interact with the opposite sex.

In conclusion, while separating boys and girls at school can help them to be more focused during their classes, I think that mixing both genders gives them the ability to learn how to build relationships with different genders, which is valuable later in life.

Following a vegetarian diet is becoming very popular in some nations. Although without meat it is hard to get the required amount of protein, I believe that the benefits of consuming high fibre and low saturated fat while on this diet far outweigh any drawbacks.

The main disadvantage of the vegetarian diet is that without meat people may have a protein deficiency. That is to say, people by nature are omnivorous more than herbivorous, and by avoiding consuming animal products, protein levels will decrease, and this deficiency can have consequences on muscles, bones and immunity system. By following this type of strict diet in certain religious groups in India, for instance, people might suffer not only from fatigue and bone fractures, but also from disturbance in their immune system. However, I think that a well-planned diet provides people with all nutrients including enough protein.

The positive feature of this diet is that it contains high fibre and low saturated fat, which can help decrease heart problems. In other words, high amounts of fats are found in animal products, this can accumulate on blood vessels causing clots and predisposing to certain heart diseases, and by controlling fat levels and consuming more fibre as in vegetarian diet, the risk of heart disease can be reduced. That is why many physicians, for instance, advise their patients to go on this healthy diet which plays a major role in decreasing their risk of suffering from heart problems. Therefore, in my view, protecting people from this type of illness by recommending such a regimen is very beneficial.

To conclude, while it is difficult to have enough protein from a vegetarian diet, in my opinion, the advantages of protecting people from heart disease with its high level of fibre and low saturated fat far outweigh any disadvantages.

Nowadays more and more people have to compete with young people for the same jobs. What problems does this cause? What are some possible solutions?

These days the competition for the same job has increased, as more young people apply for it. The main problems this causes are high competition for one job and an increased unemployment rate. The most viable solutions are creating special programs for young people and expanding the job market by introducing special positions for others. 

Having a high number of people applying for the same job creates high competition for one position, among younger and older people. As a result, for one position apply hundreds of people, and only one, mainly young people, is hired. Additionally, this leads to unemployment, as there are not many positions available to people and not everyone finds a job. In Ukraine, for example, every year many people in their forties or fifties file for unemployment insurance, as they were not able to find a job due to the companies prefer hiring younger candidates rather them. 

One way for governments to overcome this difficulty is to create special positions for the elder and senior people, like to be trainers. In such a way, they will not lose their jobs and will be able to pass their knowledge to the younger generations. Another solution is for organizations to introduce more internships or traineeships. Creating such opportunities will assist people in having at least temporary jobs. For example, every year a well-known Ukrainian mobile company Life hires the younger for one year program with a future potential full-time employment, as they want to retain their current employees and provide future job opportunities for younger generations. 

In conclusion, having more young people applying for the same job creates high competition and unemployment. In order to overcome this, the government should introduce more positions, like trainers for elderly and current employees, and offer more internships for the younger generation.

Some companies have uniforms for their staff which must be worn at all times. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this.

Employees of some companies must wear their uniforms all the time. The main advantages of this are that wearing uniforms can be a source for advertising their products and helps to bring a sense of belonging, while the disadvantages are that wearing inappropriate clothing for work and hampering employee’s performance.

Employees who wear uniforms can be a source of marketing for their own products. This is because when employees step out from their company, then people will notice their logos and make a good impression of them, as a result, they might end up buying their items. Moreover, staff wearing uniforms can also help to grow a sense of belonging. That is to say that if staff wear the same clothes every time, this would lead to a feeling of team spirit and better production in the company. To illustrate this, the workers of Lux company always dress up in the same uniforms; thus, they become an inevitable part of the marketing team of Lux in Bangladesh.

On the other hand, employees who always wear uniforms might end up wearing inappropriate clothes for their work. This is because they do not have any idea of the specific material or right sizes of the clothes that they should wear at the workplace. Wearing uniforms by employees can also hamper their better performance. This is mainly because of making poorly designed work clothes and, this might cause difficulties in work since they find the uniforms constricting their work output. For instance, flight stewardesses wearing pencil skirts and high heels may look good, but at the same time, it also causes discomfort to them and the passengers.

To conclude, the main advantages of wearing uniforms are that it can be a key element of marketing and helps to grow a sense of belonging; however, the disadvantages are the inappropriacy of wearing uniforms and restricted performance.

Nowadays the way many people interact with each other has changed because of technology. In what ways has technology affected the types of relationships people make? Is this a positive or negative development?

Because of developments in technology, the way we communicate with each other has changed. As a result of this, people are making friends and even started to find themselves a partner through the internet. I believe that it is a negative trend because people try to take advantage of us after they know about our personal life.

Many have started making friends and dating online. Social media users follow individuals whom they do not know and interact with them by commenting on their posts or texting to each other from these platforms. Some teenagers and even adults use dating websites to find themselves a date. In such platforms internet normally pair them up with a random person and they make conversation with each other. For example, the dating website called Omegle is getting popular among individuals.

People often get threatened by their online friends. After they earn their friend’s trust, and get familiar with their personal life, they start demanding money, and if a person refuses to give them what they want they begin threatening them telling them that they will hurt their loved ones. For instance, more than thousands of social media users in Uzbekistan are becoming the victims of such crimes every year.

In conclusion, as a result of improvements in technology the way we interact with each other has changed. Because of this people are dating and making friends online. I am of the opinion that it is a negative development because people often get threatened by their online friends.

Today people are travelling more than ever before. Why is this the case? What are the benefits of travelling for the traveller?

People are travelling more than ever before in recent times. Achieving quality education from abroad is the main reason for this, and the major benefits of travelling for the traveller are they will be entertained by watching exciting things around them and personality development.

The main reason of people travelling more today is to achieve quality education from abroad. This is because, degrees from their own countries may not have more value. Instead, if they have degrees from abroad, people can compete with other individuals for amazing jobs, and by having such jobs, people’s standard of living improves. For example, many engineers in India are travelling abroad in order to complete their higher education and by achieving quality education from abroad, they can get a phenomenal job anywhere across the world.

One benefit of travelling for the traveller is that they are ammused by watching exciting things while travelling.This is because, usually people at home have a hectic life style and they do their normal routine work. While travelling, travellers observe mesmerizing lights and new things on their way and get entertained. Moreover, travelling helps in personality development of a traveller. This is because, in an airbus they have to wait for a long time for their destination to come, which develops the quality of patience in travellers. For example, while travelling from Melbourne to Hyderabad, travellers have to wait for 16 hours in an aircraft which develops patience and overall personality development in them.

In conclusion, today people are travelling more than ever before, to achieve quality education from abroad is the main reason of travelling, and the main benefits of travelling for the traveller are getting entertained by watching exciting things while travelling and personality development.

It is the view of some people that individuals who have talents in certain areas such as sports or music are born with it, while others believe that a child can learn to be good at these skills. Although, it is true that people are talented in these fields because they can achieve great feats with no training or with minimal effort, I believe that any child can learn to become good at certain skills if they work hard.

People who are naturally talented at sports or music can perform excellently well in these areas without training. Some people who perform very well in sports or music do not need to learn or practice to become proficient at these skills because it comes naturally to them, unlike others who have to train for a long time to reach the same level. For example, Michael Jackson, a musical legend, is widely known to be talented in singing and dancing because he displayed these skills from childhood without training. However, I believe that even those who are talented in certain fields need to learn and practice in other to perform at maximum capacity.

Children can be taught to become good sportsmen and women and outstanding musicians if they work hard at it. It is possible to teach someone different skills, especially a young child, because they learn faster and with practice they too can become very good in music and sports. For example, Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as the rock, was taught how to wrestle from an early age and now holds many wrestling titles. For this reason, I believe that children can be learn to be good at these skills by working hard even if they were not born with such talents.

In conclusion, even though some people can perform well in sports or music because they are talented, I believe that young people who are not talented can learn to be skilled at sports or music if they work hard.

Many people are now opting to provide technology companies with their personal data in exchange for access to software. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

These days many individuals are choosing to give tech companies their personal information to gain access to software. Although using this software makes people’s life easier, I believe that the benefits do not outweigh the drawbacks because companies are able to constantly influence consumers’ choices.

The main advantage of sharing your private data with tech companies is that the software they provide you makes your life simpler. This is because this software offers users personalized help in their daily matters so that they can avoid wasting time and energy doing things that they can easily do with the aid of technology. For example, Google Drive offers you a free cloud-based storage where all your documents and pictures are automatically saved and you can access them from any device at any time, without worrying about saving them on a pen drive that you might lose. However, I believe that this argument is weaker because people should prioritize their privacy.

One of the disadvantages is that once they have access to your data, tech corporations can use them to control your choices at all times. This is to say that tech companies harvest the data you agreed to share with them, and through an in-depth analysis performed by artificial intelligence and through complex algorithms, they create profiles based on your interests, likes and dislikes. These profiles are then sold to third-party companies for advertising purposes. For example, Google records all your google searches and all the videos you watch on YouTube and then decides what type of advertisement you would be more susceptible to. This targeted marketing has proven extremely successful. I believe this argument is stronger because people are deceived from these companies to generate revenues. 

In conclusion, although providing confidential information to tech firms in order to use software simplifies your life, I believe that being continuously influenced in your decisions is a major drawback. For these reasons, I think that the negatives far outweigh the positives.

While some argue that building more sports facilities is the best possible method of improving public health, others believe that this approach is not very effective, and other actions are needed. I agree with the latter opinion as although doing sports plays a key role in leading a healthy way of life, mass educational activities about different ways of health improvement are a better option because they can target more people. 

On the one hand, doing sports influences people’s health and well-being enormously. Not only does it make us stronger and more resilient, but it also trains our cardiovascular systems and, thus, reduces the chances to die earlier than we could have. In contrast, those who lead a sedentary lifestyle deprive themselves of these benefits. Hence, the more sports facilities will be available to the public, the more people could do sports and, thus, stay healthy. However, I do not agree that this is the best way to improve public health as the majority of people either just do not want to or can not go in for sports because of different reasons. 

On the other hand, informing and educating people about different ways of improving their health is a foundation of health and well-being. If people knew the consequences of drinking too much alcohol and why they need to eat healthy food and avoid ultra-processed food, for example, then they would take a more sensible approach to their health and would have more motivation. Hence, I am convinced that this approach is much better than just opening more sports facilities as it targets all people and not just a small part of them. 

To conclude, although opening more sports facilities will make some people healthier, I believe that educating people is more important as it will target more people overall.

In few countries, the population of vegetarians is increasing rapidly. Although this trend might be a cause of unemployment among a particular group whose livelihood is dependent on the meat business; this essay thinks that the advantages like the positive effect on the environment outweigh the disadvantages.

The drawback of a large population of a country turning vegetarian is that some people lose their business. That is to say that there are thousands of farmers whose livelihood depends on the livestock business, they farm animals like cows and pigs, and sell the meat in local meat markets. These markets might close if a large population turns vegetarian resulting in these people losing their livelihood. For example, in India, there are thousands of individuals, especially in coastal cities like Mumbai or Chennai, who earn their living through huge meet markets established in these cities, these people will get unemployed if the markets close. However, this essay believes that individuals would find an alternative source of income if these markets close.

The major advantage of people choosing a vegetarian lifestyle is that it is eco-friendly. In other words, livestock requires vast areas of land to live in; they eat a huge quantity of food which would be enough for multiple people to survive; they produce double the carbon dioxide in a day than an average human. Due to these reasons farming livestock is takes a heavy toll on the environment. For example, according to research at the University of California, farm animals are the number one cause of global warming, greater than emissions from cars and gasses released from industries. This essay believes that the environmental impact of the vegetarian lifestyle outweighs the drawbacks.

In conclusion, if a large population of a country turns vegetarian, a certain group might lose their income, but this essay believes that the advantages of positive environmental impact outweigh the drawbacks.

Most high-ranking positions in companies are being filled by men, despite that more than 50 per cent of the employees are women in a lot of high-income countries. Companies should be forced to dispense a certain proportion of these posts to women. This essay totally agrees with this statement because, by doing this, the relative level of competence in the company as well as the ability to cooperate would increase. 

By allocating a certain per cent of high-level positions to women, companies would reach a higher competence level. This is because a lot of women with the right competence are overlooked, since the tradition of male executives are very strong. Allocated recruitment would result in women with high competence rather than mediocre men in those high-level positions. For example, an audit of the relative competence level in one of the biggest investment banks in Sweden showed a significant increase after they decided to allocate at least 40 per cent of their leading positions to women. 

Companies with gender equality show better cooperation. In other words, both male and female leaders are needed in a company because men and women contribute with different aspects to the group dynamics. For example, in space shuttles the crew is always formed with a certain per cent of both female and male crewmembers, since cooperation is so vital. 

In conclusion, this essay totally agrees with the statement that companies should be obliged to recruit women for a certain percentage of the leading positions because this is a way of increasing both the level of competence and the cooperation in the company.

There is an increasing trend for people in some nations to have vegetarian foods for their meals. This essay thinks that the benefits do not outweigh the drawbacks because although vegetarian diets can reduce carbon footprints, consuming vegetables only may lead to nutritional deficiencies.

The main advantage of having a vegetarian diet is that carbon emissions can be reduced. Animal agriculture accounts for a significant portion of carbon footprints because animal feed has to be transported a long way to farmers, and animals release a large amount of carbon dioxide after they eat the feed. For example, a research by the University of Australia found that around 35% of carbon emissions around the world is from animal agriculture, and if everyone eats vegetables, carbon footprint in animal agriculture can be reduced by one third. However, this essay argues that people may not be able to get nutrients which is available only in meats if they solely consume vegetables.

One disadvantage is that vegetarian diets may cause nutritional deficiencies. That is because vegetables do not contain nutrients or minerals that are available in meats, and in the long run vegetarian may suffer from diseases caused by nutritional deficiencies. For instance, meats provide minerals such as iron to strengthen the red blood cells. If people do not gain enough iron, their immune systems will be weakened, and in most serious case, brain functions will be impaired. Therefore, this essay believes that a balanced diet with meats and vegetables should be followed.

In conclusion, although eating vegetables solely can reduce carbon emissions, unbalanced diets with only vegetables may lead to nutritional deficiency.

Nowadays, people are travelling more than at any time in the past. The main reason for this is that it is cheaper to travel now, and the main benefits of travelling for the traveller are that they can expose to different cultures and expand their social network. 

One of the main reasons people are travelling more now is that it is not as expensive as before. That is to say that there are many new travel transportation companies exist now, such as flight and bus companies, while there were only a few of them in the past. As a result, there is a big competition between these companies to attract more customers, which results in massive price reduction. For example, Ryanair, a famous flight company in Europe, sells tickets starting from $15 during the sale, from London to European countries. 

One of the main benefits of travelling for the traveller is that they can understand different cultures better. This is because when people travel to a new country, they have a chance to spend time with locals and experience their traditions. Also, museums and monuments are mainly visited by tourists to learn more about the country’s culture. Furthermore, being able to enlarge their social circle is another benefit of travelling. Visitors can meet a plethora of people from different nations while travelling. For instance, people who are using Couchsurfing app, which allows people to stay at locals’ houses when travelling, are making friends from all around the globe. 

In conclusion, the principal reason why people are travelling more than ever before is that it is less costly now, and the main advantages of this are that travellers can learn about different cultures and can meet with people from all around the world.

Some would argue that certain fields, such as sport or music are meant only for naturally talented children, while others believe that it is something which can be learned by anyone. While kids with the aptitude for certain skills are given a head start in life, this essay argues that such skill sets can be mastered by working hard.

On the one hand, children who are gifted with a particular inborn talent often achieve their goal early in their lives. This is because when someone is very good at what they are doing, it usually does not take much effort for them to strive for excellence in that specific area. For instance, there are many talented singers who have already established a successful singing career before they even become teenagers. However, I believe that talent alone does not guarantee success in the long-run, and that a person can only reach the highest level in their profession if they combine their innate ability with hard work.

On the other hand, many people think that anything is achievable in this life through practice and training. That is to say that it may take extra time and energy for an individual with average potential to harness a skill, but success is possible as long as one has the will, determination and the passion to work for it. For example, the world is filled with many star athletes who start off as a mediocre in the beginning, but they challenge and push themselves to their limit, which ultimately help them to attain the greatest version of themselves. I believe this view point is more practical because majority of the people are born average, and hard work beats talent in many cases. 

In conclusion, although it is easier for children with extraordinary ability to accomplish their dreams at the beginning of their lives, this essay finds that hard skills, even though time taking to master, can be earned by coaching and experience.

The multinational type of companies is increasing in the developed nations. While the advantages of such phenomenon are economical as these companies create large number of jobs and invest significant capitals for their operations, the effects on the environment and the over exploitation of natural resources are the disadvantages.

The advantages of these companies are economical, and one of the benefits is creating job vacancies. Owing to the nature of these companies and their high standard, their operations are carried out under certain standards that require significant number of employees. As a result, they tend to employ many people from local communities. In addition, those Firms usually invest huge capital in order to establish their local presence and facilities such as headquarters and accommodation for their staff. For example, IBM, a computer manufacturer, invested hugely in China as part of their plan to establish their manufacturing plants there.

On the other hand, one of the disadvantages of these companies are their bad effects on the environment. For those multinational firms, in most cases, making profit precedence over any other consideration including the nature and the environment. Their activities usually produce enormous amount of toxic chemicals and gases that cause global warming. In addition, in order to meet their large production capacity, they consume the natural resources in a sustainable way, cause irreversible damage to the nature. For instance, mutlinational mining companies seeking marble in the mountains of Italy have severely devastated the area and these highlands.

To conclude, the benefits of multinational companies are economical as they create job vacancies and invest significant liquidity, whereas the effects on the environment and the exhaustion of natural resources are the disadvantages resulting from such companies.

Music, art, and drama are deemed by some to be of the same importance as other subjects, particularly in primary school. This essay agrees with the statement because these subjects have a tremendous impact on students’ creativity at this age, and they might help some to choose a career path.

The inclusion of fine art in the primary school curriculum positively affects pupils creative thinking. During these classes, not only do students have an opportunity to paint, sing or act, but also their creativity is challenged. This is because one correct outcome does not exist when painting or playing an instrument; thus, students discover that engagement in music, art, and drama offers them a plethora of ways of expressing themselves. In Scandinavia, for example, where primary schools offer a sound number of these types of classes, young people demonstrate outstanding ability to be creative, which reflects in a number of designers and architects coming from this region. 

Having an opportunity to participate in music, art, and drama classes could potentially help some youngsters figure out what they are really passionate about. As a result, this passion could turn into a career path. Should primary school offer frequent exposure to fine art, then it could create empowering atmosphere, where pupils feel encouraged to believe that they can become artists. To illustrate, most of the famous artists decided to pursue this type of career due to a primary school teacher who awoke this interest in them. 

In conclusion, I personally agree with a belief that the importance of fine art in the primary level of education is equal to other subjects because it stimulates creativity, and in some cases, empowers youth to become painters, sculptresses, or actors.

While some people argue that watching TV is beneficial for learning new things, others are convinced that it is only a source of entertainment. This essay believes that television can do both as it helps people to unwind, but it also presents complicated information in an easily digestible form. 

For many people watching TV programmes is the easiest way to distract from the everyday routine and relax after a hard-working day. This is because one just needs to switch on the TV, and he or she will have immediate access to the programmes that could easily spark the brightest emotions, forcing them to laugh out loud or have a good cry. Besides, entertainment programmes account for the largest portion of the content on television. For these reasons, some people use it only for relaxation. However, I disagree that this is the only way that people use it as, in the modern world, television is much more than that. 

Television provides not only plain information but also audio and video content that helps to remember information in an easier way. For instance, if one watches a documentary about the history of London, sound and picture will help to engross a viewer into the atmosphere of the city and the way people behaved themselves. This might contribute to remembering the information for a longer time than if one just reads an article about it. For this reason, I believe that television can foster the learning process.

To conclude, even though for some people television is just a source of amusement, I believe that it is not the only useful way to use it. This is because through television people can also learn new things about the world in a way that is easy to comprehend.

Details of politicians’ private lives should not be publicized in the media. This essay completely agrees with this statement because keeping the private lives of politicians away from the media helps them to maintain a sound mental health and also helps to protect them from danger.

Keeping the private lives of politicians away from the public helps their mental health. Politicians are usually stressed mentally as a result of the pressure that comes with their jobs. Making their private lives open to the public adds to the level of pressure they experience because it is during their private times that they engage in activities that help to relieve them of stress. Therefore, making this important time of their life open to the public is dangerous to their mental health. For instance, in Nigeria, in order to maintain a sound mind, politicians keep their occasions private so that they can be themselves without being pressured to behave in a certain way.

Protection from danger is another reason why private lives of politicians should not be made public. Due to the high rate of insecurity in some countries, activities of politicians which are not for the service of the people should not be disclosed. This is because these individuals have opponents who are ready to harm them when given an opportunity therefore giving out information about their private lives is an easy way to expose them to danger. For instance, in Nigeria a governor’s house was burnt and it was discovered that the criminals who did this got his home address from social media.

In conclusion, the details of politicians’ private life should be kept away from the media because it benefits their mental health and helps to secure them from danger.

Because of technology, many men and women today interact with each other in new ways. This essay will suggest that people have more regular contact, and that the interaction has changed from physical to digital due to technology. I believe this is a negative development because humans need physical contact as part of their interaction to stay healthy.

Technology has made it possible for people to have more regular contact with each other through social media. This is because smartphones have applications, like Facebook and WhatsApp, which are designed to make it easy to talk, write messages and send pictures to other people. As a result of this, the interaction between humans has also changed from mainly physical to mostly digital. For example, an average Swedish person interacts with 15 friends every day through social media but only have physical contact with two. 

This development must be seen as negative, because physical meetings are needed for human health. It is important to meet other humans in person, because it creates an environment where people can interact in a more complex way. This is because all senses can be used, making it is possible to touch, smell and hear things that would be impossible through an application. For example, during the Corona-pandemic, many people work from home and Swedish doctors have noticed an increase in the number of patients with mental illness due to the lack of physical contact with friends and colleagues.

In conclusion, people´s interactions have changed because of technology and the relationships nowadays are more regular but less physical. I believe this is a negative development because humans need physical meetings to feel good.

Some people prefer to live in a house, while others feel that there are more advantages to living in an apartment. Are there more advantages than disadvantages of living in a house compared with living in an apartment?

Some people feel that it is better to live in a house, while it is the view of others that living in an apartment is more advantageous. Although it is more expensive to live in a house, I believe that there are more advantages than disadvantages of living in a house because houses are bigger in size.

Living in a house is less cost-effective in comparison to living in an apartment. This is because houses are usually bigger in size and offer more privacy to its inhabitants, as a result, the cost of owing or renting and maintaining a house is usually higher than for an apartment. For example, in Nigeria, people who live in houses spend on average three times more money than those who live in apartments because of the higher cost of mortgages and maintenance, such as utility bills, involved in living in houses. However, I believe that with appropriate planning and financial discipline, this extra expense can easily be paid off. 

An advantage of living in a house is that houses are more spacious. Houses are usually built to be more accommodating than apartments, and this is an important factor to consider, especially for large families who require playgrounds and gardens for their children. To illustrate, in Nairobi, the average size of a house measures around 700 square meters, which is large enough to accommodate a private car park, a garden and children’s playground, as compared to an apartment, which does not have enough space for these amenities. Therefore, I believe that there are more advantages than there are disadvantages of residing in a house than in an apartment.

In conclusion, even though it costs more to live in houses than in apartments, I believe that there are more benefits than drawbacks to living in a house because houses are more accommodating.

At present, travelling is more popular than it was in the past. This essay will discuss that this is because nowadays flying is cheaper and that the benefits of travelling are learning about new cultures and experiencing new adventures. 

People are travelling more than ever because flying has become more economic. This is because now there are many low-cost airline companies that offer cheap flight tickets to visit several countries, and this did not exist two decades ago. As a result, more people have the opportunity to travel to new places without spending a huge amount of money, while in the past flying was only affordable for rich people. For example, Ryanair is a low-cost company that provides extremely cheap flight tickets to visit countries around Europe, sometimes for the cost of 10 euros. 

One benefit of travelling is that people can learn about other countries’ culture. That is to say, when people visit a new nation, they go to local shops, eat typical food and visit museums where they can learn about the history of that country. Another advantage that travelling has is that travellers can live new adventures. This is because people who travel often choose to do activities that they cannot do in their own country. For example, is very common for travellers that visit South Africa to do a safari in Kruger, one of the biggest national parks to visit wild animals in the world, since this is an activity that most countries do not offer. 

In conclusion, travelling has become more popular because flying is cheaper than it was in the past and the advantages that this gives to travellers is the possibility to learn about new cultures and experience new adventures.

Some companies require their employees to wear uniforms at all times. The advantages of this are, it helps promote the company and helps customers distinguish the roles of staffs. However, employees may find it difficult to wear uniforms at all times and most company do not provide enough sets of uniforms.

Having staff wear uniforms at all times helps distinguish a company. It promotes a company’s identity to help customers differentiate it from other entities. Another benefit is that companies can better classify their services by the type or color of uniforms they wear which helps improve the customer experience. For example, in my hospital workplace, all patients are able to better distinguish which is a nurse or a doctor, because all nurses are only required to wear a blue scrub suit, meanwhile all doctors wear maroon scrub suits.

On the other hand, employees may find it uncomfortable to wear a uniform. Some uniforms are uncomfortable and poorly fitted that it adds to an employee’s unhappiness. Another disadvantage is that most companies do not provide enough uniforms for their employees. It becomes a financial burden for the employee because he may need to purchase a new set of uniform. For example, my brother who works twelve hours a day and six days a week, paid two thousand pesos to a local tailor just to make him three sets of custom fit uniforms because his employer only gave him two sets.

In conclusion, having a staff to wear uniforms at all times is a great way to promote a company and helps their customers distinguish their employees. On the other hand, employees may find it distracting to wear a uniform and companies may pass the burden of expense to their staff to buy extra uniforms.

Newspapers should not issue stories of politicians’ private lives. I totally disagree with the statement because it is in the public interests to publish, and some readers get interested in politics after reading the stories.

Printing the details of politicians’ private lives in newspapers is in the public interests. Readers can understand more on politicians’ values through the stories, and it gives voters information who have the same values with them. For example, some lawmakers put their families in first priority and they often do volunteer work with their children. If voters see these stories in newspapers and if they have the same values with them, they are likely to vote them in the next election because the politicians may propose laws that protect the values of family. Therefore, I completely disagree that stories of politicians’ private lives should not be published.

After reading stories of politicians’ private lives in newspapers, some readers become more interested in politics. Readers who get interested in stories of politicians will read further on things that are related to the politicians, and this leads them to become more interests in politics. For example, the former US President Donald Trump appeared in newspapers several time during his presidency, and the stories covered his relationship with the First Lady. Some readers found these stories interesting and they started following policy that Trump proposed to make, and later on demonstrations of support were held by them. Therefore, I totally disagree with the statement that newspapers should not issue the stories of politicians’ private lives.

In conclusion, I completely disagree that stories of politicians’ private lives should not be printed because it is in the public interests, and some readers become more interested in politics after reading the stories.

Economic growth is prioritized above all other concerns by the state, in many nations. The advantages of this are, improved quality of life of people and good infrastructure. The disadvantages of prioritizing economic growth above all other concerns are unaffordable cost of living and more environmental damage.

The main advantage of giving importance to economic growth is, it improves the quality if life of people. This is because with economic progress, states generate lots of revenue which can be used to provide high quality services such as free education, good public transportation and sophisticated health care system. Another advantage is developing good infrastructure. When a government prioritizes economic growth, they would build a good infrastructure to attract both domestic and foreign investments. So infrastructure in a nation is usually developed when economic growth is prioritized. For example, in India many highways and an international airport is built in the National Capital Region which attracted thousands of companies to establish a branch in that region.

One of the main disadvantages of prioritizing economic growth is unaffordable cost of living. That is to say, with economic growth, prices of consumer products and real estate increases rapidly making it difficult for low-income families to afford the cost of living. Another disadvantage is more environmental damage. This is because, to develop the industries and to get maximum profits, nations tend to use the most accessible and locally available sources of energy. This leads to more and more use of fossil fuels and thus causing more environmental damage. For example, coal is widely used in China to supply energy to its industries because it is cheap and can be mined within the country. 

In conclusion, the advantages of the prioritizing economic growth above all other concerns are improved quality of life of people and good infrastructure. The disadvantages are unaffordable cost of living and more environmental damage.

In many places around the world, people are choosing to follow a vegetarian diet. The disadvantages are that meat related businesses are being badly impacted and it causes protein deficiency in people. The advantages are that fewer animals are being butchered and it protects people from meat related deceases. This essay argues that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

On the one hand, meat related businesses are badly impacted. When people follow a vegetarian diet, it decreases the demand of meat, which forces the businesses to lower the meat prices. Another disadvantage is that vegetarian people develop protein deficiency. That is to say that meat has significantly more protein than vegetables, and it is difficult to consume a sufficient amount of protein just from vegetables. For example, in Mumbai, people eat only vegetarian food and consume less protein, and this is the primary reason for their lethargy. However, this essay believes that people can fulfil their daily protein needs from vegetables if they consume more nutritious vegetables everyday. 

On the other hand, lesser number of animals are being killed. When people decide not to consume meat, it plummets the demand, which results in lesser number of animals killed. Another advantage is that vegetarian people are less prone to the meat related deceases. A vegetarian diet prevents people from any meat related virus going inside the body and develop any sickness. For example, in Sudan, people don’t consume meat and the country has the lowest number of people with medical conditions. In my opinion, a vegetarian diet should be preferred because it prevents a person from many deceases in the long run. 

In conclusion, while vegetarian diet is not good for meat related businesses and people tend to develop protein deficiency, lesser number of animals are being killed and prevents people from meat related deceases. This essay believes that advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

The majority of the chief positions in business organizations are occupied by males, despite the fact that more than half of the workforce in numerous developed nations is made up of women. It is believed that corporations should be asked to designate a certain portion of high-level roles for females. This essay completely disagrees with this statement because selecting employees should be based on merit, and companies need to focus on profit. 

The main reason is that candidates should be selected according to meritocracy. This is to say that employees should be recruited for their work experience, their qualifications and their soft skills, rather than their gender. In other words, the high-profile positions should be given to the candidates who deserve them the most. For example, if a man and a woman apply for the same position, a woman should not have a priority over a man, but a fair selection on merit should be conducted to find out who is the most suitable person for the advertised role, considering skills, abilities and knowledge.

Another reason why I disagree is that the main goal for companies is profit. This is to say that if a company wants to thrive, it needs to have the best possible employees which are not necessarily one gender or the other. If companies were to select staff members on gender, they could end up putting at risk the smooth running of the business and causing financial losses. Therefore, choices should be made by the human resources team only by bearing in mind which candidate would be an asset for the business. For example, in Italy soccer teams are almost exclusively run by men because they usually know more about this business.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that companies should not be asked to allocate a certain number of executive positions to women because candidates should be selected considering merit, and profit is the top priority for a business.

In recent years, there has been a rise in the popularity of second-hand clothing amongst the younger generation. Why is this happening? Do you think it’s a positive or negative development?

In recent years, buying used clothes has become popular among youngsters. This is because many adolescents try to be like famous people, and I think it is a positive development because teenagers can save money for other useful things. 

Many adolescents buy used clothes because they want to be like famous people. That is to say that they need different outfits for any occasion and that is expensive. That is because they cannot cope with the financial burden of buying new clothes from stores, such as Prada or Gucci. As a result, many youngsters buy second-hand clothes. For example, in the United States, many teenagers buy used Gucci products in order to wear them and be like their idols. 

I think it is a positive development because teenagers who buy used shirts or pants can save money for other useful things, such as a computer or a car. That is to say that, if these adolescents have a computer, they could use it for the school or even to work in computer related jobs. For example, many teenagers can work as a freelancer in many jobs that do not require high skills to do it, such as making presentations or translating works from other language and as a result earn money and save it. 

In conclusion, many adolescents are buying used clothes because they want to be like their idols, and I think it is a positive development because they can use the money they do not spend in useful things.

In many countries today, more and more people are following a vegetarian diet. Although it causes a deficiency of important nutrients in the body, I believe that the advantage of a reduction in the number of obese people due to this outweighs any disadvantage it may have.

Following a vegetarian diet leads to a lack of vital nutrients. Many vitamins, especially vitamins B12 and B6, are sourced majorly from meat, which is not part of the vegetarian diet. As a result of this, vegetarians will be deficient in these nutrients, thereby predisposing themselves to illnesses associated with the deficiency of these nutrients. For example, according to a report by the health ministry of Brazil, vegetarians in the country account for the highest percentage of pernicious anemia and sensory nervous disorders due to a deficiency of vitamin B12 in their diet. However, I believe that these vitamins and many other nutrients which are absent in vegetarian diets can be gotten from supplements in vitamin tablets.

Vegetarian diet causes a decrease in the prevalence of obesity. As obesity is a risk factor for many cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, following a vegetarian diet, which is low in calories and fat, will mean that there will be a decline in the weight of people, which therefore reduces the risk of these diseases in people. To illustrate, in Japan, where a large number of people abstain from meat and eat mostly vegetables, the rate of obesity related illnesses is one of the lowest globally. Therefore, I believe that it is of greater advantage for more people to follow a vegetarian diet.

To conclude, even though adhering to a vegetarian diet leads to a lack of vital nutrients in the body, I believe that the advantage of reducing the problem of obesity outweighs any advantage this may have.

In some corporations, it is mandatory for employees to wear a uniform. The main benefits of wearing a uniform are that it brings uniformity to the workplace and helps to increase the output of companies; however, the increase in the expenditure of organizations and monotony among employees are the main drawbacks of compulsory uniforms.

The first main positive of a mandatory uniform is that it creates equality among workers. When employees wear uniforms, they do not know each other’s socio-economic background because they all look the same, and as a result, they treat each other equally. Furthermore, uniforms help companies to enhance their overall sales. This is because uniforms help people to develop good relationships with others, and when people have a good bonding with others, they usually help each other, and it increases the output of corporations. For example, In India, the sales of those automobile companies are higher where uniforms are mandatory because, in these corporations, people have good relationships with others.

The main disadvantage of the compulsory uniform is that it creates monotony among workers. When employees have to wear the same clothes regularly, they feel bored and sometimes, it has a negative impact on their productivity. Furthermore, the obligation to wear a uniform also increases the expenses of organizations. This is to say that in those corporations, where uniforms are mandatory, companies have to allocate some money for new and worn-out uniforms. For instance, the spending of the famous footwear company, Bata, is around 5% more than its rival companies because in this company a uniform is mandatory, and the company allocates some money for uniforms. 

In conclusion, the main advantages of the compulsory uniform are that it brings uniformity among employees and increases companies’ overall sales, and the main disadvantages are boredom among workers and an increase in the expenditure of corporations.

Some think that in most people’s lives the happiest moment are the time when they were teenagers while other people think that, despite taking up more responsibilities, adult life is happier. I agree with the latter statement that, although teenagers generally do not need to worry about their finances, adults can do everything they want legitimately.

Most people in the teenage years do not need to take care of their finances. That is because teenagers are usually supported by their families financially, and their parents pay all kinds of expenses for them. For example, most parents in Hong Kong give their teenage children US$20 a week pocket money. Their parents also buy new video games they want or they pay for tuition fees of interest classes. Despite the fact that most people do not need to worry about their finances when they were teenagers, I consider that, in spite of more responsibilities, adult life is happier because adults can do legally whatever they want.

Adults can do anything they like as allowed by law. They can get married and have their own families, and they can create their own childhood joys. Of course, the adults have greater responsibility as they need to support themselves and their families, and they need to take care of their spouses and children. For instance, people work so hard to make a living and they are usually exhausted when they leave the office. But when they come home, their cheerful spouse and children are there to support them and they feel loved and cared for. Therefore, I think that there is more happiness in adult life.

In conclusion, although teenagers generally do not need to worry about their finances, being adults are happier even though they have greater responsibility, because they can do anything they want legally.

Some would argue that people are happiest during adolescence, while others believe that adulthood offers more happiness, irrespective of the numerous responsibilities. Although some people think that teenagers are because of the care and support from their family members, I feel that adult life avails people the most happiness, regardless of having multiple roles due to an immense sense of accomplishment.

On the one hand, some believe that people are happiest during the teenage years because adolescents enjoy family support. Parents and relatives are so concerned about teenagers’ welfare, and they do not have to think about how to eat or wear clothing because their parents provide for their needs, which makes them happy with little or no responsibilities. For example, a group of teenagers in my community responded that they were full of happiness because of the family support. However, I believe that one can still be happy during adulthood because of a sense of accomplishment.

On the other hand, some feel that adult life enables people to be full of happiness because of achievement, despite responsibility. That is to say that when people realize what they achieve in life, like higher qualifications, good partners, and children, and as a result, they are pleased. For example, many married couples in my school club confirmed that they are happier because of their fulfillment, even though they have many roles. For this reason, I believe that individuals are more contented during adulthood than in adolescence.

In conclusion, although adolescents tend to be happier because they enjoy support from their families, I believe that adult life brings more joy because of life fulfillment, irrespective of more responsibilities.

Nowadays, many people are commuting more than past. This is because people now can afford travel expenses. There are two main benefits of traveling such as people can gain knowledge and embrace other cultures.

One of the main reasons why the number of tourism has increased is that travel is much more affordable than it used to be. This is partly because of salary rises and partly because the price for essential goods such as food and clothing has fallen. Many families now have two income earners rather than one, they have fewer kids and often have a car. All of these factors increase the likelihood of people becoming tourists. For example, in the past, it might have cost the average person a year’s salary to travel from India to Singapore, but these days it is possible for Indian tourists to enjoy their holidays in another country for the cost of half a month’s pay. 

This growth in travel means that many people can now enjoy the benefits of traveling, Firstly, traveling can help to broaden people’s horizons and adds upon knowledge. People can travel to different places and can gain knowledge of other religions, cultures, and western lifestyles. Meeting different people from vast cultures and societies provides an education that is impossible to get in a traditional school, college, or a university. Secondly, one can explore and embrace the good qualities of other cultures through traveling. For example, foreigners visiting India are often fascinated by Indian customs and traditions and always try to imitate these valuable traditions.

In conclusion, greater affordability is the main reason for increased travel, and the benefits for travelers include enhanced knowledge and increased appreciation of other cultures.

While some think that adding more and and more sport centers is the most beneficial way to improve people’s health, others think that there are better ways to do this. Although increasing the the number of gyms would motivate people to exercise more and become healthier, educating them about health is far more effective. 

On the one hand, building more sport centers would encourage people to start doing physical activities. People will have no excuse if there is a gym next to their work place or house. That is why increasing the number of sports facilities will ensure that the vast majority of people have easy access to sport centers and this would eventually improve their health. For example, in 2016, fifty new gyms were opened in Baghdad and a large number of people started exercising for the first time in their lives and they became healthier. However, I think that this is a temporary fix and better steps should be taken. 

On the other hand, educating people about the importance of health is a better, long-lasting solution. The media should focus more on encouraging people to take good care about their health and warn them about the possible health diseases such as heart failure and diabetes. Even in schools, young children should be educated about health from a young age in order to grow as healthy adults. For example, people in Japan are one of the healthiest people in the world because they teach their students about the importance of health. I therefore believe that this is the best way to maintain and improve health. 

In conclusion, while increasing the number of sports facilities can encourage people to exercise more and improve their health, educating them about health is better because it lasts longer.

In some nations, despite declining rates of dangerous crimes, people tend to feel less secure compared to the past. The most obvious causes are previously committed crimes and detailed description of such scenes on news can make people feel less safe, and the most viable solutions are more safety measures in place and detailed description of any serious crimes should be banned on news channels.

Sometimes, previously committed crimes can make people feel less protected. This is because they still have memories of horrible crimes in their minds and make them feel frightened. As a result, they find it difficult to trust anyone and feel less secure in strengers’ presence. In addition, watching detailed descriptions of any dangerous crimes on television can have a destructive effect on people’s mental health. In other words, a negative visualization of such crimes can result in crime happening in people’s heads and making them feel less safe. For example, 1 in every 30 adults in the UK feel frightened after watching detailed news of serious crimes on television, and not wanting to go out.

A possible solution to this issue is to put more safety measures in place in order for people to feel safe. This gives them a sense of security and a way to seek help if in any danger. Another possible solution is a ban on a detailed description of any serious crimes on television. This will help people keep away from a negative visualisation and their damaging effects on their mental health to make them feel unsafe. For example, recently in India a show called ‘crime patrol’ was prohibited on news channels because it had a negative psychological impact on people after watching it.

In conclusion, previously committed crimes and detailed news on any serious crimes can lead to people feeling less safe. However, this can simply be prevented by putting extra safety measures in place and compelling news channels to stop showing comprehensive details of dangerous crimes.

Some companies make their workers always wearing uniforms. The main benefits of this is that companies are shown as reliable for their clients and their workers feel safe wearing them. However, the key drawbacks are that their staff can feel uncomfortable on hot days and demotivated by wearing the same every day.

Companies in which uniforms are always worn show their clients that they can trust them. When employees look neat wearing their uniforms, clients trust in the services that are provided by a company because it shows professionalism and order. Another advantage is that workers feel protected. In some types of jobs, employees who work with dangerous products can feel safe wearing their uniforms all day because they prevent them from getting hurt. For example, builders demand their uniforms as a basic element for their protection before starting a construction. 

However, employees can feel uncomfortable in days with high temperatures. On hot days, wearing uniforms can reduce worker’s comfort because they cannot change their clothes to avoid the heat. Another key drawback is that repeating the same clothing can demotivate workers. Employees can feel tired of always looking the same because they cannot choose what they want to wear. For instance, a recent survey showed that 60.3% of people who wear uniforms do not like to wear them, and they would like to make decisions about their outfit at work. 

In conclusion, although having uniforms for staff makes a company looks reliable for its clients and provides safety for its workers, they can feel uncomfortable on hot days and unmotivated due to the fact that they constantly have to wear the same clothing.

In some nations, following a vegetarian diet is becoming more popular. Although having a vegetarian diet can help to protect animals, I believe that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages because they do not incorporate all the nutrients they need. 

One benefit of not eating meat is that animals are being protected. That is to say, if more people start opting to eat meals that do not include meat, fewer animals will be tortured and killed. This is because animals are reproduced, kept in small and uncomfortable places, and then killed and sold to supermarkets and butchers for human consumption. For example, cow’s meat in Argentina is the basis of people’s nutrition, so thousands of cows are reproduced and killed every year just for human consumption. However, I believe that avoiding eating meat will not make a significant difference on animals’ protection. 

One drawback of having a vegetarian diet is that the nutrients incorporated through this diet are insufficient. This is because meat has several vitamins and other important components, such as iron, that are very difficult to replace with fruits and vegetables. If people are not aware of this and do not visit a specialist, it can be dangerous and lead to several diseases. For example, many vegetarian people are anemic because of the lack of iron in their diet, so they need to be supplemented with iron tablets. Therefore, I believe that having a healthy and complete diet is more important than any other thing. 

In conclusion, although animals can be protected if more people start following a vegetarian diet, I believe that having a balanced diet with all the nutrients and vitamins that a person needs is far more important. Therefore, I consider that the drawbacks of a vegetarian diet outweigh the benefits.

In many nations, governments give precedence to economic growth over other issues. The advantages of this are that numbers of employed residents will increase and residents’ standards of living will be improved. However, this can cause serious environmental problems and health problems.

One major benefit of prioritising economic development is that numbers of employed citizens will significantly increase. In other words, countries, where their economies are growing, require substantial workforces to produce sufficient supplies of goods in order to meet markets’ demand. As a result, more and more citizens are in employment. Moreover, this will also offer citizens a better quality of life. This is because, when economies are growing, governments will gain more taxes from trading and can spend them on people’s welfare. For example, Singapore has been improved its economy for the last 40 years. As a result, Singaporeans have excellent public transports and the well-organised health care system. 

On the other hand, focusing only on economic development results in serious environmental damage. This is because, manufacturing processes generate CO2 and other fumes, sewage, and industrial waste which are released to environments and cause air, water and soil pollution. Furthermore, industrial pollution will negatively affect people’s health by precipitating respiratory diseases as well as some types of cancer. For example, Beijing, a big city in China, is facing smog which comes from manufacturing and incomplete combustion of logistic vehicles. This leads to an increase in the number of asthma-exacerbated patients.

To conclude, while prioritisng economic development will result in an increase in employment and a better quality of life, the serious downsides that come with this are environmental pollution and residents’ health issues.

Some organizations force their employees to wear uniforms whenever they are at work. The advantages of this approach are creating a sense of discipline and displaying their professionalism. The disadvantages are that it may hurt employees’ confidence and cause them to feel stressed.

One benefit of this measure is that it would result in them being more disciplined. Every time they put on that suit or dress, they would be reminded that they are working as part of the company and that they have a job to take care of, making them more responsible. Moreover, these employees will come across as more professional when they meet clients. This is because uniforms are often designed to be more suitable for business than casual clothes. For example, how appropriate staff members’ outfits are is often cited by clients as one of the reasons they choose to do or not do business with a company.

One drawback of this policy is that it tends to make each individual feel less confident. This is because they all have their own styles of fashion, so they may feel uncomfortable putting on something that had been chosen for them. This is compounded by the fact that they must wear these outfits daily, which can be highly stressful. In other words, it is terribly frustrating having to wear the same thing in a long period of time. For instance, many major companies in Vietnam have a scheme to change the design of their uniforms every six months to slightly reduce the frustration caused by wearing the same outfit repeatedly.

In conclusion, while having a dress code can instill a sense of discipline in the workforce and make them appear more professional in the eyes of customers, this may also come with a drop in employees’ self-esteem and an increase in their levels of frustration.

In many nations, governments put more focus on improving their economies than improving other sectors. Although, residents’ earnings will increase, I personally believe that the main drawback outweighs the main benefit as this will cause environmental pollution.

The main benefit of prioritising economic growth rather than other issues by governments is that people will earn higher income. This is because governments will support companies to run their businesses more effectively. As a result, companies will gain more profits and consequentially pay their employees bigger bonuses or higher wages. For instance, In China, businesses make huge revenue due to its strong economy. Therefore, Chinese citizens are paid higher and can spend money on luxuary products and travelling abroad. However, I personally believe that earning more money cannot offset pollution problems that happen after economic growth prioritisation.

The primary downside of putting more focus on economic development than other concerns by governments is that environments will be polluted. This is because there will be far more new-built factories for supporting the economic expansion. Without ecological concerns, the air will be polluted from carbon dioxide and fumes which are emitted from these factories, and rivers will be polluted by industrial sewage from manufacturing and chemical processes. For example, Beijing, China, is facing a hazardous level of the air pollution caused by fuel burning and chemical reactions from industrial areas. As a clean environment is extremely vital for a human life, I therefore think that the main drawback outweighs its key benefit.

To conclude, although people will earn higher income if the government prioritises the economic sector rather than other sectors, the serious drawback as pollution problems far outweighs the advantage.

In recent years, advancements in technology have changed how people connect with each other. This has turned people into making much more friends but has also reduced the depth of those relationships. In my opinion, this is a harmful change due to the fact that it makes human less able to communicate their personal feelings.

Technology’s influence has enabled people to make much more friends than they possibly could in the past. This is largely owing to social media, which revolutionizes communication and helps people to keep touch with each other regardless of their geographical locations. Another change in human relationships caused by modern technology is that the number of intimate relationships made has been substantially less significant. With so many people to care about, social media deters users from strengthening bonds. For instance, a stark difference can be observed in Vietnam, where most young adults 20 years ago – when the internet was underdeveloped, had much deeper connections than their modern counterparts.

The changes made to the types of relationships people make nowadays is largely a disadvantageous one, for it deters people from having deep connections. Lacking valuable bonds means that they have almost no one to confide during depressive episodes that are inevitable for most humans, and thereby increase the possibility of making unwise decisions. Examples of this can be found all over the world, where the cases of depression that cause suicidal behaviors are becoming more and more common, and one of the primary contributing factors is victims having no one to share their burdens with. 

In conclusion, despite having much more ability to connect, people are making less meaningful relationships; thus, the quality of relationships diminishes and harms their wellbeing.

Nowadays, passion for a journey from one place to another has been increasing among people. This essay will first discuss that an increasing number of tour packages is the prominent reason behind this, and it will then explain that cultural awareness and being healthy are the two prime advantages of this.

Many tour companies around the world are enticing people to travel more than ever before. That is to say, people are being offered appealing and discounted tour packages, especially during the holiday season, to explore other places. Whereas in the past travelling was very expensive and people could not afford it; however, these companies have made it possible to visit one place to another by spending a small chunk of money. For example, Travel Magazine estimated that more than 40% of Australian people travelled nationally and internationally, in the year 2019, because of cheap tour deals they grabbed from the Flight centre.

The first major benefit of travelling is that it allows a traveller to know about different cultures. By visiting other parts of the world, people get an opportunity to experience the various culture, cuisines and languages. The other significant advantage is stress relaxation through holidays. This is especially true for a significant number of people who are working many hours a week to earn their livings. During holidays, they choose to travel to different destinations around the world, and this greatly helps them to relieve their stress and keep their health in a sound condition. For example, a recent study by the Indian Medical Institute concluded that frequent travellers are happier and more satisfied with their life than those who do not.

In conclusion, people travel more often than in the past because of the tour deals they are being offered, and travelling does not only provide a traveller with knowledge about a different culture, but it also helps them to stay away from a hectic schedule

In recent years, the operation of big corporations is ubiquitous in developing nations. The essay will first suggest that economic growth is the prime benefit, while the excessive use of emergent nations’ natural resources is the main drawback.

One evident benefit of the operation of transitional companies in less developed countries is the prosperity of the local economy. That is to say, multination companies provide an inflow of capital into developing countries. This investment not only creates job opportunities for the people in developing nations, but it also helps to build better infrastructure, such as bridges, roads, and transportation facilities, for them. For example, the role of Foreign Direct Investment in the year 2010 was undeniable because it uplifted the Indian economy so fast and increased GDP and created so many jobs for locals. 

The prime disadvantage is that these companies use the natural resources of developing nations recklessly, which affects the environment. In other words, Smaller, less developed governments often trade an increase in revenue for access to natural resources. This extraction of raw materials, such as oil, diamond, rubber and fuel, can cause environmental externalities- polluted rivers and loss of natural landscape. For instance, many Chinese private enterprises have been heavily criticised for using the resources of countries like Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippine and for polluting the environment.

In conclusion, huge global companies benefit less developed nation economically is the prime advantage of this, and the extraction of raw materials for the sake of profit is the main disadvantage.

How To Use IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Essays

IELTS Writing Task 2 sample essays can be a great resource for students preparing for the test. However, it’s important to use them correctly in order to get the most out of them. Here are some steps students can take to make the most of these samples:

  • Understand the question: Before looking at any sample essays, make sure you understand the question you’ll be answering on the test. This will help you focus on the relevant parts of the sample essays and understand how to apply the strategies used in them to your own writing.
  • Analyze the structure: Look at the structure of the sample essays, paying close attention to how the writer has organized their ideas. Make note of the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion and how they are linked.
  • Study the vocabulary: Take note of the vocabulary used in the sample essays and try to incorporate similar words and phrases into your own writing.
  • Practice with different topics: Use sample essays on different topics to get a feel for the different types of questions you might encounter on the test.
  • Don’t copy: It is important to remember that you must not copy the sample essays word for word. This will lead to plagiarism and can result in a low score. Instead, use the sample essays as inspiration and practice for your own writing.

In conclusion, IELTS Writing Task 2 sample essays can be a valuable resource for students preparing for the test. However, it’s important to use them correctly in order to improve your score. Use them as a guide, not as a final answer key. Remember to stay original, use them to understand the question and structure, analyze vocabulary and practice different topics. Remember, you will be marked on your ability to clearly communicate in English, not on your ability to memorise answers.

IELTS Task 2 Sample Essays Next Steps

If you need more help, please check out our further Writing Task 2 resources here .

If you wish to view the Official Marking Criteria for IELTS Writing Task 2, you can do so here .

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Top picks for ielts writing: the best books ielts writing books.

  • Last Update: July 5, 2023
  • April 5, 2023
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  • Yamini Habade
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Table of Contents


IELTS writing skills are essential for anyone looking to pursue higher education, employment or migration in an English-speaking country. The IELTS exam assesses a test-takers proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills, with writing being one of the most challenging aspects of the exam. Good writing skills are crucial for achieving a high score in the IELTS exam, as it accounts for 25% of the overall score. Using the right study materials, such as writing books, can make a significant difference in achieving a higher score on the IELTS writing exam. They offer structured and targeted preparation, providing students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and practice to excel in the exam.

Fortunately, there are various study materials available to help test-takers prepare for the IELTS writing exam, with IELTS writing books being among the most popular and effective resources. These books provide test-takers with comprehensive guidance on how to improve their writing skills, including practical tips and techniques, as well as sample essays and exercises.

However, with so many books available, it can be challenging to choose the right one. In this blog post, we will help you navigate through the options and recommend some of the best writing books available on the market.

What To Look For In An IELTS Writing Book

When it comes to selecting the right book, there are a few key factors to consider. Firstly, 

  • It should be well-structured and provide a clear explanation. 
  • It should also provide ample practice exercises, sample essays, and feedback to help students improve their writing skills. 
  • Additionally, it should be up-to-date with the latest exam trends and include strategies for approaching the different types of writing tasks. 
  • There are various types of IELTS writing books available in the market, including comprehensive study guides, workbooks, and essay collections.
  • Each type of book has its strengths and weaknesses, and the best type will depend on the individual’s learning style and needs. 
  • When selecting the books, key features to look for include sample essays that have been graded by examiners, clear explanations of grammar and vocabulary, and exercises with detailed feedback.

Top IELTS Writing Books: Features And Reviews

Ielts advantage: writing skills by richard brown and lewis richards (available on amazon).

IELTS Writing books

It provides practical guidance on academic writing skills required for the exam and includes sample essays and exercises to practice. The book is well-structured, covering different types of essays such as opinion, discussion, and problem-solution essays. The authors provide clear instructions on how to approach each type of essay, including planning and writing strategies. Overall, this book is a highly recommended writing book for those aiming to achieve a high band score in the exam.

Ratings: Amazon- 4.3/5 

Rate: 38.78 $

 IELTS Writing Task 1 and 2: Academic and General by Mike Wattie (Available on Amazon)

IELTS Writing books

This book is an excellent book for both academic and general test takers. It covers both Task 1 and Task 2 essays and provides step-by-step guidance on how to approach each task. The book is well-organized and easy to follow, with plenty of sample essays and exercises with answers for practice. The author provides useful tips and strategies for improving your writing skills and scoring higher on the IELTS exam. The book is a great resource for self-study, as well as for teachers and students in the classroom. 

Ratings: Goodreads- 4.⅗

Cost: $32.67.

Target Band 7: IELTS Academic Module – How to Maximize Your Score” by Simone Braverman (Available on Amazon)

IELTS Writing books

This book is a comprehensive writing book that provides practical strategies and exercises to help maximize your score on the IELTS Academic Module. The book includes a detailed overview of the IELTS exam format, along with specific guidance on how to approach each section. Braverman’s writing style is clear and concise, making the book easy to understand for non-native speakers. The exercises and sample essays are challenging yet realistic, giving readers a sense of what to expect on test day. 

Ratings: Amazon- 4.2/5 

Cost: 11.54 $

The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS by Pauline Cullen, Amanda French, and Vanessa Jakeman (Available on Amazon)

IELTS Writing books

It’s a highly recommended book that covers all aspects of the exam in great detail. The book is structured around the four skills tested in the IELTS exam: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The writing section, in particular, is well-developed, with numerous examples of essays, reports, and letters. The book provides clear and concise explanations of the various question types and provides practical tips on how to approach each one. The language used is academic yet accessible, making it suitable for both native and non-native speakers. 

Ratings: Amazon- 4.6/5

IELTS Writing Task 2: 99 Essays Band 8 by Ryan T. Higgins

The book is aimed at students aiming for a Band 8 score or higher and contains 99 essays that have been graded as such. Each essay is followed by detailed feedback and analysis, allowing readers to learn from the author’s writing techniques and apply them to their work. The essays cover a wide range of topics and are written in a clear and concise style, making them ideal for IELTS exam preparation. The language used is academic yet accessible, and the author provides numerous tips and strategies for success. 

In conclusion, a high score in the IELTS writing section can greatly improve your chances of admission to top universities or obtaining your desired job. To achieve this goal, investing in good IELTS writing books is crucial. It can help you to understand the exam structure and requirements, provide valuable tips and strategies, and offer ample practice exercises and sample essays for self-evaluation. 

However, simply purchasing these books is not enough. You must also develop a consistent study routine, dedicate ample time to practice, and seek feedback from teachers or tutors. Additionally, it is recommended to supplement your learning with other resources, such as online courses and workshops. By following these recommendations, you can increase your chances of achieving a high score in the IELTS writing section and ultimately achieve your academic and professional goals.

1. Can IELTS writing books guarantee a high score?

No, achieving a high score requires consistent practice and a thorough understanding of exam requirements and strategies. It’s simply a helpful tool for exam preparation.

2. Are older IELTS writing books still relevant?

It’s best to use the latest edition of these books as it will be updated with current exam trends and requirements.

3. How can I make the most of these books?

Develop a consistent study routine, seek feedback from teachers or tutors, and practice using the book’s exercises and sample essays.

4. Can I solely rely on IELTS writing books to prepare for the exam?

It is recommended to supplement your learning with other resources, such as online courses and workshops.

5. How often should I practice writing using my IELTS writing books?

Practice at least 3-4 times a week, with each session lasting between 30-60 minutes.

Thank you for reading the blog, for more such informative blogs, do read the following too.

  • All You Need To Know About IELTS Reading Test
  • How To Quickly Memorize IELTS Answers? Is It Good Practice?
  • A Beginner’s Guide To IELTS Listening Format

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✔   Understand the different types of questions

IELTS Writing Ebook $7

Ebook Contents

Here is an outline of what my IELTS Writing ebooks include:

book ielts writing essay

Book 1   – Introduction to the Writing Test

Test format

How the test is assessed

Top 10 Writing Tips 

book ielts writing essay

Book 2   – Academic Writing Task 1

Chapter 1 – Academic Writing Task 1

Chapter 2 – How To Understand and Analyse the Questions

Chapter 3 – How To Plan a Task 1 Essay

Chapter 4 – Vocabulary for Task 1 Essays

Chapter 5 – Grammar for Task 1 Essays

Chapter 6 – How To Write Bar Chart Essays

Chapter 7 – How To Write Line Graph Essays

Chapter 8 – How To Write Pie Chart Essays

Chapter 9 – How To Write Table Chart Essays

Chapter 10 – How To Write Map Essays

Chapter 11 – How To Write Process Diagram Essays

Chapter 12 – How To Write Multiple Graph Essays

book ielts writing essay

Book 3   – General Writing Task 1

Chapter 1 – Task 1 Letter Writing

Chapter 2 – Understanding the Marking Criteria

Chapter 3 – Letter Structure

Chapter 4 – How To Plan a Letter and Find Ideas

Chapter 5 – Formal and Formal Letters

Chapter 6 – Letter Writing Vocabulary

Chapter 7 – How To Write an Informal Letter

Chapter 8 – How To Write a Formal Letter

Chapter 9 – Letter Topics

Chapter 10 – How To Write a Request Letter

Chapter 11 – How To Write a Complaint Letter

Chapter 12 – How To Write a Letter of Apology

Chapter 13 – How To Write a Letter of Explanation

Chapter 14 – How To Write a Letter of Application or Resignation

Chapter 15 – How To Write an Invitation

Chapter 16 – How To Write a Letter To Make an Arrangement

book ielts writing essay

Book 4   – Writing Task 2

Chapter 1 – Writing Task 2

Chapter 2 – The 5 Types of Task 2 Essay

Chapter 3 – Understand and Analyse Task 2 Questions

Chapter 4 – Planning a Task 2 Essay

Chapter 5 – Task 2 Marking Criteria

Chapter 6 – Writing the Introduction

Chapter 7 – Writing the Main Body Paragraphs

Chapter 8 – Writing the Conclusion

Chapter 9 – How To Write Opinion Essays

Chapter 10 – How To Write Discussion Essays

Chapter 11 – How To Write Problem Solution Essays

Chapter 12 – How To Write Advantages and Disadvantages Essays

Chapter 13 – How To Write Double Question Essays

Fast Results

These 4 information-packed books build your skills and knowledge step-by-step. So,

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book ielts writing essay

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If you have any problems, just let me know via my Contact page and I'll reply as quickly as I can.

Please note: All the information in the ebooks is available for free on the website. These IELTS Writing ebooks have been created to offer the lessons in an easily accessible, downloadable format. They are set out in sequence to build your skills and knowledge step-by-step.

book ielts writing essay

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Preparing for IELTS Writing: Books, Tips, & Topics

book ielts writing essay

Many students find IELTS writing the most challenging part of the exam. Well, it’s indeed challenging! In addition to checking grammar and vocabulary, it also evaluates your ability to present and support your position. It is similar to other written assignments students face throughout their college path. However, there are some specific rules and ideas for IELTS topics you need to know to succeed.

So, explore our guide! Written by the IvyPanda team , it explains the essay structure and recommends some useful IELTS writing books. Also, you will learn the basics of academic style and find tools to practice your essay writing.

  • 📒 7 IELTS Books
  • 💻 IELTS Practice

📝 IELTS Writing Task 1

✍️ ielts writing task 2.

  • 💡 25 IELTS Topics
  • 👩‍🏫 IELTS Academic Style

📒 7 Best IELTS Writing Books

Let’s start by exploring the recommended preparation materials. While developing this study guide, we were relying on these books. They are helpful, so we advise you to get familiar with them. You will also find various exercises to enhance your writing skills.

The best practice books for IELTS writing are as follows:

  • IELTS Writing Task 1 + 2 by Rachel Mitchell.

This is an ultimate guide that will help you achieve a band score of 8+ without any struggles. The book includes top strategies for IELTS writing task 1 and task 2. The author believes that just 10 minutes of practice a day will lead to outstanding results. The unique and effective strategies and formulas presented in the book will help to reach success.

  • Grammar for IELTS by Diana Hopkins & Pauline Cullen.

This Cambridge edition book will become your guide to the world of grammar rules, essential for the IELTS test. The book will be useful for both Academic and General Training. Also, there are two versions: IELTS writing book with answers and without them.

  • Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS Advanced by Pauline Cullen.

Do you feel like your lexicon is insufficient? Do you forget words or cannot find suitable synonyms? Then, this book is what you need. Read it, enrich your vocabulary, and confident about your English skills.

  • Improve your IELTS Writing Skills by Sam McCarter.

The author created an entire series of books for IELTS preparation. There are four of them (Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing). Read them together to apply a complex preparation approach. Or choose the ones that you need. The writing part contains many valuable insights, so it is one of the best IELTS writing books for self-study.

  • Writing for the IELTS by Barron.

Barron’s IELTS writing book is your perfect assistant with exam preparation. The book has four key focuses:

  • vocabulary enhancement;
  • task achievement;
  • the improvement of coherence and cohesion;
  • grammatical accuracy.

Such a complex approach to IELTS writing part preparation guarantees outstanding results.

  • The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS by Pauline Cullen, Amanda French, Vanessa Jakeman.

It is a general IELTS preparation book with an excellent explanation for the writing part. Regardless of what exam you plan to take (Academic or General), consider studying this manual. And a delightful bonus: there are some free samples available on the website . Find this IELTS writing book online right now.

  • IELTS Writing book by Parthesh Thakkar.

In case you look for a comprehensive book that would explain all aspects of the writing part of the exam, consider this option. The IELTS writing book is for academic and general formats. It includes numerous materials, tips and prompts, IELTS essay topics, and even a grading rubric.

💻 IELTS Writing Practice Online

To use the theoretical knowledge from the IELTS writing books, it is essential to practice each task. We can offer our help with that as well.

Take a look at our list of free IELTS practice materials:

  • IELTS.org is an official IELTS website with a full range of preparation materials. Here you will find a clear description of each part and a lot of practical tasks. If you are looking for a resource that would contain all the necessary practice materials, IELTS.org should be your choice.
  • Canada Visa is another useful source that will help you to pass IELTS successfully. The website was initially designed for those who are planning to migrate to Canada. However, due to the richness of its practical tasks, it will help anyone who is preparing for the exam.
  • IELTS-Exam is your perfect guide throughout your preparation path. It will teach you how to follow the IELTS essay format, explain the difference between writing tasks 1 and 2, and, of course, present some essay samples.

As stated in every IELTS writing book, task 1 of the writing module weighs only 33% of the total writing score. It is also worth mentioning that this part differs for Academic and General Training types.

See the comparison in the table below:

Below, we dive deep into the aspects of IELTS Academic and General writing tests. You will find many tips on IELTS essay structure, the use of grammar and vocabulary , coherence and cohesion, and a lot more.

💌 General Writing Task 1

Let’s start with writing task 1 for General Training. Here, you will have around 20 minutes to compose a letter of at least 150 words.

You will be graded by the following criteria:

  • Task achievement – 25%
  • Grammar – 25%
  • Vocabulary – 25%
  • Coherence and cohesion – 25%

An IELTS essay structure for General Writing Task 1 should look like this:

IELTS essay structure for General Writing Task 1.

Wondering what are the types of letters that might be given in General IELTS writing task 1? There are only three options:

  • Formal letter. You address this letter to an official representative of some organization. You don’t know this person, so you should write formally.
  • Neutral/semi-formal letter. This type of letter is addressed to someone you know; however, the receiver is not a close person. It can be your employer, for example.
  • Informal letter. It is a letter for someone you know personally (to a friend, relative, classmate, etc.). Here, the tone of your message should be warm and friendly.

Writing any letter relies on the same strategy and IELTS essay structure for task 1. That’s what you should do to nail the task:

  • Start with a greeting.

Always greet the receiver and put a comma after the salutation. The greeting is different for every type of letter:

  • Explain the reason for writing.

Introduce your purpose. Be professional while writing formal and semi-formal letters and use the phrases like “I am writing to inform you…”, “I would like to express my interest in…” For informal letters, apply a friendly tone.

  • Write the first body paragraph.

Describe the situation you have got in and outline the problem. Make sure you covered all the bullet points mentioned in writing task 1. Failing to do so, you will lose the marks.

  • Add the second body paragraph.

Propose a possible solution to your problem. Here you can ask for help or request some kind of information. Remember to maintain an official tone while creating formal and semi-formal letters and a friendly manner in informal letters.

  • Summarize what has been said.

To give a feeling of closure to the receiver, wrap up your ideas in one concise sentence.

  • Finish with a goodbye.

The logical ending to any letter is to say goodbye. Again, this part differs for every type of letter. See the discrepancies below:

📊 Academic Writing Task 1

In Academic writing task 1, you should summarize the data presented on the graph, chart, table, or any other graphic image. Make sure that you convey information logically and coherently.

A general IELTS essay structure in Academic Writing Task 1 is as follows:

IELTS essay structure for Academic Writing Task 1.

There are several types of essays for Academic writing part 1:

  • Pie Chart A pie chart is presented in a shape of a circle, divided into several sections. At the bottom, you’ll find the necessary information, such as color codes, names of the categories, etc. Attentively explore the pie chart, make sure you understand all the details, and then describe it.
  • Overtime Graph Here, you will trace the dynamics of a given phenomenon over a specific period. Pay attention to the labels, the years/months/dates – they can be crucial! The wide range of vocabulary related to change and comparison will make your work professional.
  • Two Graphs It is a tricky task since you need to concentrate on two figures simultaneously. Pick the essential info from both graphs, compare and contrast it. Don’t go too far in unnecessary details.
  • Table Chart Here, you should catch up with the main trends and present them logically and clearly. Sometimes, it might seem that tables provide fewer data in comparison with pie charts or overtime graphs. So, ensure you have at least 150 words.
  • Process The process description is quite an uncommon task for Academic IELTS writing part 1. Yet, there is still a chance you will have it, so be prepared! Here, you will need to present a step-by-step process. To make your essay coherent, use appropriate linking words, such as to begin, then, after that, following this, finally .

Like General Training, Academic writing task 1 depends on the same structure, regardless of the essay type. Here are some tips on conquering it:

  • Get the idea of the question. First and foremost, understand what kind of task is given to you. What are the main objectives for the assignment? How can you reach the goal? Don’t try to comprehend the question after you started writing – you will get confused.
  • Don’t copy. If you use the words from the instructions, you will lose the points. Try to paraphrase as much as possible. Demonstrate your rich vocabulary and your knowledge of grammar . Also, as you prepare, don’t try to memorize the samples. Firstly, you won’t have precisely the same task. Secondly, the examiner might notice some suspicious similarities.
  • Start with general trends. In the single line, describe the whole picture of the chart/graph/table. Don’t try to present all the details at once. Start with a simple and concise overview.
  • Gradually go into details. As you described the general trends, you can move to more specific information. But be careful here! Make sure you interpret that data logically and present it clearly. Your essay should be well-structured and easy to read.
  • Take a look at examples. You can find those in a free essays database, which is usually filled with papers of every type imaginable. This tip is applicable to dealing with writing task 2 as well.

Does the IELTS writing task 1 seem difficult for you? Embrace yourself! Task 2 is even more challenging!

IELTS Writing Task 2 for IELTS Academic and General Training.

IELTS writing task 2 requires you to compose a formal essay on a given topic. The essay types can be various. The most popular ones are as follows:

  • cause and effect,
  • comparison and contrast,
  • advantage/disadvantage,
  • problem-solution,
  • agree-disagree.

Other essential information about IELTS writing task 2:

  • Estimated time limit : 40 minutes.
  • Word count : at least 250 words.
  • Grade weight : 66% of total writing band.
  • Task achievement – 15%;
  • Vocabulary – 25%;
  • Grammar – 25%;
  • Coherence and cohesion – 25%.

As with task 1, the IELTS essay structure for task 2 is not very type-specific. In any case, you will need to write 4-5 paragraphs connected by one topic and one thesis statement. Your plan of actions should be as follows:

  • Inspect the question. Before writing an essay, make sure you fully understand what is expected from you. Search for keywords to catch the main topic. Analyze the instruction to find out what type of essay you need to write.
  • Come up with a thesis statement. It should be clear, concise, and correspond to the essay’s topic. A strong thesis statement is a key to a high band. So, spend enough time and effort to develop it.
  • Outline your essay. Don’t miss this step! A good outline will help you to compose a well-structured essay and to present your arguments logically.
  • Write an introduction. A catchy one will make the examiner interested in your essay from the very beginning, so you increase your chances to get a high score. Put your thesis statement as the last sentence of your introduction.
  • Support your thesis in body paragraphs. Devote a separate body paragraph to every idea. Don’t try to include more than one argument in one part – this will make your essay difficult to follow. Ensure you fully covered all the points from your thesis statement in the body.
  • Finish with a conclusion. Wrap up your ideas in the last section. It should correspond to the introduction and provide a sense of closure to the readers.

In the following sections, we will dive deep into the aspects of each essay type for IELTS writing task 2.

💭 Opinion Essay

It is a type of essay when you are given a statement and asked whether you agree or disagree. Here, you need to present your opinion and support it with appropriate arguments.

There are several types of opinion essay :

  • Totally agree.
  • Totally disagree.
  • Partially agree or disagree (the question for this type is usually “for what extent do you agree or disagree?”).

Opinion IELTS essay structure looks like this:

IELTS opinion essay structure.

We’ve got even more valuable info for you! Here are some useful tips for creating a successful opinion essay for IELTS:

  • Decide on one side of the argument.
  • Clearly express your opinion in the thesis statement.
  • Stick to your opinion; don’t change it throughout the essay.
  • Support your position with solid arguments and examples.

🌟 Advantages & Disadvantages Essay

Pros and cons essay is a prevalent task for IELTS writing part 2. Here, you will need to present the positives and negatives of a particular issue.

There are two types of advantages & disadvantages essay:

  • Simple advantage-disadvantage essay.

It aims to present the pros and cons of a phenomenon, event, or idea. For example, possible advantages and disadvantages essay IELTS topic might be the following:

Due to the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, the majority of organizations shifted to online operations. What are the advantages and disadvantages of remote working?

  • Outweigh essay.

Here, your task is to evaluate the benefits and shortcomings of a specific issue and decide whether the pros outweigh the cons. The sample topic for this type of essay might look like this:

Sometimes, students decide to take a gap year after school before entering a university. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages or not?

In case you are wondering what the advantages-disadvantages essay consists of, we prepared its structure for you.

Adventages & Disadventages Essay Structure for IELTS.

To make your essay writing process easier, we listed some pieces of advice for you:

  • Create a thesis statement where you mention both advantages and disadvantages.
  • Make sure you have solid examples for your points.
  • Chose only one advantage and one disadvantage – you won’t have time to do more.
  • Clearly express your opinion, especially if you are writing an outweigh essay.

👍 Solution Essay

With this type of essay, everything is quite simple. You are given a problem, and you need to come up with a solution. There are three main kinds of such essays :

  • Solution only essay: you only need to develop an idea of how to overcome a particular obstacle.
  • Cause-solution essay : you find out the cause of the problem and suggest a solution.
  • Problem-solution essay: you are given a situation; firstly, you should determine the issues it may cause; secondly, you need to offer a solution.

In this case, the IELTS essay structure for task 2 will be the following:

IELTS discussion essay structure.

Now, let’s explore some insightful tips for the IELTS essay.

  • Quality over quantity: chose a maximum of two problems/causes and a maximum of two solutions.
  • Make sure that your solutions correspond to the problems.
  • Read the instructions carefully to understand the exact type of solution essay you are expected to write.

🗣 ️ Discussion Essay

With this type of essay, you will be given a statement. Your task is to analyze the problem and present both sides of the issue. There are two types of discussion essay:

  • Two sides of the same problem. For example: Some people support online shopping, while other people do not. Discuss both sides.
  • Two different problems. For example: Some people believe that it is better to have a well-paid but unpleasant job, while other people think it is more important to have a pleasant job even if the salary is low. Discuss both sides and present your point of view.

Do you need to discuss both views? Your IELTS essay structure should look as follows:

Discussion Essay Structure for IELTS.

We’ve also got some valuable tips for writing a discussion essay:

  • Analyze both sides of the argument.
  • Make your body paragraphs equal. Even if you disagree with the point, discuss it.
  • Describe the point you disagree with first.
  • Express your position as straightforward as possible.

❓ Double Question Essay

This essay type is not very common. Still, you should be ready to face it. A double question essay (sometimes referred to as a “two-question” or “direct question” essay) includes one statement with several questions after it.

There are no specific types of double question essays. Each task may vary in topics and the number of questions. Sometimes, the instructions contain only one question; sometimes, three of them.

IELTS double question essay structure.

Take a look at our essential double question essay tips:

  • Make the body paragraphs equal.
  • Make sure to answer every question.
  • Be concise – don’t try to come up with as many ideas as possible.
  • A double question essay is not an opinion or discussion essay – don’t mix them up.

💡 25 Ideas for IELTS Topics: Task 2

As we have discussed theory, let’s move to the practical part! This section is full of ideas for IELTS topics for task 2.

To practice IELTS writing task 1, visit this website . Here, you will find all the graphs, charts, tables, and schemes necessary for training and learning.

Our essay ideas for IELTS writing task 2 are divided accordingly to the essay types:

⭕ Opinion Essay

  • The rapid globalization of the world leads to the loss of cultural diversity. To what extent do you agree?
  • Some people consider men and women as equals; thus, women can handle any job. Other people believe that some jobs are not suitable for women. What is your opinion?
  • Violence in social media is a direct cause of violence in society. To what extent do you agree?
  • Sex education should be a compulsory subject in high school. Do you agree or disagree with this idea? Present your own opinion.
  • Education is a basic human right; however, since it is expensive, not everyone can afford it. Therefore, education should be free for everyone. To what extent do you agree?

⭕ Advantages & Disadvantages Essay

  • With rapid technological development, e-books have become increasingly popular. Some people find it beneficial, while others do not approve of e-books. What are the pros and cons of using them instead of paper books?
  • Fast food restaurants have helped people save time and keep up with the high speed of modern life. However, it has harmful effects on human health. What are the pros and cons of fast food? Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?
  • The trend of taking a gap year between school and college became incredibly popular. What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking a gap year?
  • Many families prefer to put older people in nursing homes instead of looking after them at home. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this decision?
  • Some people believe that online learning will soon replace traditional schools. What are the benefits of remote education? Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

⭕ Solution Essay

  • The rapid technological progress in developing countries is one of the leading causes of global warming. What is the possible solution to this problem?
  • Cyberbullying has become a serious problem the majority of children and teenagers face nowadays. How can parents prevent their children from cyberbullying? Suggest some solutions.
  • Overpopulation of the urban areas leads to a number of problems. Least several of them and come up with effective solutions.
  • Due to the low wages in developing countries, people migrate to developed countries for work purposes. What are some problems of this tendency, and what solutions can you suggest?
  • Since children spend too much time on their smartphones, they do not lead an active life. What problems can a sedentary lifestyle cause? What can be done to solve this problem?

⭕ Discussion Essay

  • Some people think that music classes should be compulsory at school. Others believe that parents must decide themselves whether they want their children to take them. Discuss both points of view.
  • If some people believe that environmental problems should be solved locally, others claim that there should be a global approach to such issues. Discuss both sides and express your own point of view.
  • Some people believe that the death penalty is too cruel, so it should be banned. Others state that it is a fair punishment. Discuss both sides.
  • Some people think that a high-quality university education guarantees employment. Other people believe that work experience is a key to getting a job. Discuss both points of view and express your own position.
  • One group of people claim that life in a big city is more convenient. In contrast, another group states that it is better to live in the countryside. Discuss both points of view.

⭕ Double Question Essay

  • Fake information often spreads around the Internet. Have you ever been a victim of fake news? How to distinguish reliable sources of information from unreliable ones?
  • Numerous people agree that it is impossible to buy happiness for money. What is your opinion regarding this issue? Is money an essential element of a happy life? Can a rich person be unhappy, and a poor one be happy?
  • In schools, intelligence is often measured by school grades. Is it the right approach? Do school grades always reflect the person’s real level of intelligence?
  • With the development of the Internet, people gained more opportunities. In what ways has it improved our lives? What are the most crucial benefits of the Internet?
  • Travelling expands the horizons. How do you interpret this phrase? In what ways can trips be beneficial for people? What knowledge can you gain while visiting new countries?

👩‍🏫 IELTS Writing Tips: Academic Style

We have discussed each essay type separately. Yet, there is one more aspect that is worth mentioning – academic style. It should be applied to every IELTS essay (except informal/semi-formal letters in task 1). In the following section, we will discuss the academic style features you should consider while completing the IELTS writing part.

While composing an essay for IELTS, make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • Avoid slang. Don’t include words like wanna or dude in your essay. Write in clear English.
  • Construct full sentences. Make sure you have an independent clause with a subject and verb in every sentence.
  • Avoid redundancy. Repeated terms and ideas will demonstrate your poor vocabulary. Make sure you use a wide range of words.
  • Follow an IELTS essay structure. Allocate separate paragraphs for each of your ideas. Don’t try to put more than one argument in a section. You will only confuse your reader.
  • Use a neutral tone. Maintain a calm and thoughtful tone throughout the entire essay. Don’t go to extremes. For example, instead of saying: I can’t stand villages, say: life in the countryside has a number of negative aspects.

Thank you for visiting our page! We hope our comprehensive guide was helpful. Share it with your friends who are going to take an exam as well. And good luck with IELTS writing!

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Grammar for IELTS Writing [2017]

This was my first IELTS book, and I wrote it while working as a lecturer in China for the University of Worcester. It contains all the most important parts of English grammar that you need to know in order to succeed in IELTS. Included in this book are guides to the different English tenses, a basic overview of punctuation, and information about making your writing formal. It is available on Amazon or you can purchase a PDF copy directly from me using the links at the bottom of this page.

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Following the success of my grammar book, I decided to write a longer book about IELTS writing. This one is much more wide-ranging. It gives an overview of both task 1 and task 2 of the academic IELTS writing test.

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In this book, you will find sample essays and advice for describing line graphs, bar charts, and process diagrams, as well as the usual task 2 essay questions. You can read more about its contents here .

This book is available on Amazon Kindle and as a PDF, which you can buy below.

How to Write the Perfect Essay for IELTS [2019]

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My latest book is a more detailed guide to task 2 of the IELTS writing exam. This one is divided into 4 sections that examine exactly what you need to do to score highly for each part of the marking rubric:

  • Task Achievement
  • Coherence and Cohesion
  • Lexical Resource
  • Grammatical Range and Accuracy

If you are worried about doing well in IELTS writing task 2, then this is the best book for you. It is now available on Amazon as both a Kindle book and a printed book. You can click that previous link for the US Amazon page, or search the book’s title on your local Amazon website. 😀

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My first three books were all about IELTS academic and so I decided to write one about IELTS general . This latest book is all about how to write a great letter for IELTS. In it, you will find out how to use formal, informal, and semi-formal language, how to structure your essay, and how to avoid common mistakes.

This book is intended for people aiming at band 7 and higher and it will explain exactly what you need to do to achieve that sort of progress. I have included an incredible 34 sample letters, all of which are fully annotated to explain why I have written certain things.

It is available as a printed book , a Kindle title , and as a PDF below.

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IELTS Sample Essays

Here you will find IELTS Sample Essays for a variety of common topics that appear in the writing exam.

The model answers all have tips and strategies for how you may approach the question and comments on the sample answer.

You can also view sample essays with band scores on this page. 

Looking at IELTS essay topics with answers is a great way to help you to prepare for the test. 

These IELTS sample essays have been categorised in a way that makes it easy for you to see how certain essay question types require you to provide certain responses to ensure the question is fully answered. 

Specifically these are:

  • Agree / Disagree
  • Discuss Two Opinions
  • Problems and Solutions
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Other Types

Agree / Disagree Type Questions

In these types of question you are given one opinion and you then have to state the extent to which you agree or disagree with that opinion:

  • Advertising
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Spending on the Arts
  • Human Cloning
  • Social Interaction & the Internet
  • Airline Tax
  • Free University Education
  • Scientific Research
  • Banning Smoking
  • Employing Older People
  • Vegetarianism
  • Paying Taxes  
  • Examinations or Formal Assessment 
  • Multinational Organisations and Culture
  • Internet vs Newspapers
  • Technology Development  
  • Dying of Languages
  • Animal Extinction
  • Truth in Relationships
  • Role of Schools
  • Return of Historical Artefacts

Discuss Two Opinions Type Questions

In this essay question type you are given two opinions, and you have to discuss both of these and then give your own view:

  • University Education
  • Reducing Crime
  • Animal Rights
  • Child Development
  • Diet & Health
  • Donating Money to Charity
  • Closing Zoos   
  • Becoming Independent  
  • Formal and Informal Education  
  • Influence of Scientists and Politicians
  • Sources for Stories
  • Searching for Extraterrestrial Life

Cause Type Questions

There are a variety of 'cause type' essay questions. In these you first have to give the reasons why something has happened, in other words the causes, but then discuss a different aspect of it, such as the effects, solutions or the extent to whether it is a positive or negative development:

Causes & Effects:

  • Child Obesity
  • Skin Whitening Creams
  • Family Size
  • Having Children Later in Life
  • Time Away from Family

Causes and Solutions:

  • Youth Crime
  • Global Warming
  • Paying Attention in Class
  • International Travel & Prejudice 
  • Museums & Historical Places
  • Disappearance of Traditions
  • Communication Between Generations

Causes, Pros & Cons:

  • Family Closeness
  • Living Alone
  • Rural to Urban Migration

Problems & Solutions Type Questions

In these type of questions, instead of discussing the causes of a problem, you need to discuss the problems related to a particular issue in society, and then suggest what can be to solve these problems:

  • Overpopulation
  • Competing for Jobs  
  • Professionals Immigrating

Advantage & Disadvantages Type Questions

In these type of questions you are asked to discuss the positive and negative sides of a particular topic. You will usually be asked this in the context of giving an opinion ( e.g. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? Is it a positive or negative development? ): 

  • Traffic Problems
  • Food Additives
  • Computer Games
  • Age Discrimination at Work  
  • Children using Tablets and Computers  
  • Cell Phones, Internet, & Communication  
  • Working from Home 
  • Eating Locally grown  Produce  
  • Oil and Gas Essay  
  • Peer Pressure on Young People
  • Online Fraud

'Hybrid' Types of Essay Question

There are sometimes questions that don't fit easily into a particular category as above. I've called these 'hybrid', as they are of mixed character, are composed of different elements from other types of essay, or are perhaps just worded differently. 

  • Protecting Old Buildings
  • Animal Testing
  • Fear of Crime
  • Communication Technology
  • Influence of Children's Friends  

Sample Essays with Band Scores

You can also view some sample essays that have been written by candidates practising for the test and have band scores and comments by an experienced ex-IELTS Examiner based on the IELTS marking criteria. 

  • IELTS Band 8 Essay Samples
  • IELTS Band 7 Essay Samples
  • IELTS Band 6 Essay Samples
  • IELTS Band 5 Essay Samples
  • IELTS Band 4 Essay Samples

Student Sample Essays

For more IELTS essay topics with answers you can also view essays that have been written by students. Some have feedback from other students or IELTS teachers:

  • Student Model Essays  (with comments by other students)
  • Student Model Essays (with comments by IELTS buddy)

Any comments or questions about this page or about IELTS? Post them here. Your email will not be published or shared.

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Improving Sentences: E-books and paper books

Improve your academic writing skills for IELTS writing task 2.

In recent years, more and more people are choosing to read e-books rather than paper books. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

The statements below are taken from a student’s essay and contain some mistakes. Can you re-write these sentences so that they are not only correct but also higher band score?

  • In my point of view, reading digital books have more advantages compared with printed books.
  • First and foremost, E-book is been accessed, nowadays, easily by the people in a fraction of seconds through the advanced modern communication technologies.
  • Secondly, buying an electronic version books are easier than the printed paper books.
  • On the other hand, People health will affect when they spend more time to read books by using the modern gadgets such as laptop, mobile phones and tablets.
  • In conclusion, in my view, electronic version books bring more pleasure and easily to access.
  • In my opinion, reading digital books has more advantages compared to printed books. (“reading digital books” is the subject and it is actually singular so the verb must be “has” not “have”)
  • First and foremost, e-books can be easily accessed by people in only a fraction of a second through the use of advanced modern technology. ( The phrase “a fraction of a second” can’t be plural and must be written as it is. It’s a nice phrase to use and can be used for academic writing – just make sure you write it correctly)
  • Secondly, buying electronic books online is easier for the consumer than purchasing printed paper books.
  • On the other hand, spending too much time reading e-books on bright screens from gadgets such as laptops or tablets, can have an adverse effect on people’s health.
  • In conclusion, I think that e-books are more accessible to both read and buy for the consumer than conventional paper books.

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' src=

E-books have become increasingly popular as reading options over physical books. I believe that the benefits of this trend far overshadow the drawbacks.

One of the main disadvantages of reading digital books could be the harm it causes to human eyes. Staring at the screen when reading e-books for a prolonged period may cause strain on the eyes, whereas one can enjoy reading paper books as long as they wish with the proper lighting. Furthermore, eBooks may not always be accessible; readers sometimes struggle to find some old or scientific books in a digital format, as they are often available in a physical format in libraries. In addition, another drawback of e-books may be that they lack the tactile and sensory experience of a physical book. Most people find it joyful to experience the feeling of turning the pages, smelling the ink, and the overall authenticity of traditional books.

However, there are plenty of convincing reasons for digital books to become more popular and advantageous. Firstly, the mobility of eBooks is one of the main factors contributing to their popularity. Digital books are portable and lighter than printed books, and a single device may accommodate a whole library with thousands of them. Secondly, e-books are often remarkably cheaper than their physical counterparts, making them affordable for many readers. Moreover, it requires the cutting of a huge number of trees in order to produce paper and print physical books, which, as a result, harms the environment. In contrast, digital books do not require any paper, ink, or energy, making them more environmentally friendly than conventional books.

To conclude, despite having some minor disadvantages, I believe the benefits of e-reading outweigh the drawbacks. Electronic books are convenient, accessible, and affordable, making them a substantially popular choice among readers.

' src=

This website is really helpful for ielts. I have learnt many things from this website. Thanks a lot madam for your kind cooperation and help.

' src=

Is it important to follow the (task 2)structure,introduction like….paraphrase,thesis,outline. Body paragraph 1 ●topic sentence ●reason ●example ●effect Same as second body paragraph. Actually i am baffled about this structure because I do not understand how I write in example. Please tell me, how I can do😕

' src=

No. You should not be fixing a structure like that. It is completely inflexible and not suitable for all essays. The content of your body paragraphs depends on the ideas you use. The body paragraphs are simply – main idea followed by explanation in whatever form suits the idea. See my model essays and see the flexible range of developing ideas: https://ieltsliz.com/ielts-writing-task-2/

' src=

Hello, Liz! This is my first time to take IELTS. Could you please tell me that – In Writing task2 essay conclusion part, can we write “By considering both sides of the views, i would like to conclude that” following by my opinion. Can we write like that in discussion types of essays?

Don’t memorise long chunks of language!! Memorise linking words, but not 13 words in a row. IELTS do not accept memorised language and you are not given a higher mark for it.

' src=

Hey Liz I bought your lesson on Advantage Disadvantage essay and learnt the intricacies thoroughly. However, i still have a doubt. The above question talks about e-books and then mentions paper books in the statement. So do i have to follow the same order while writing the essay or can i alter it? In your lesson on the same topic, when you discuss about the essay on ‘advantages outweigh disadvantages’ you have followed the same logical order as mentioned in topic question (topic about children doing paid work) can i talk about paper book first(admittedly, there are some basic benefits of using paper books…) and then mention e-books (nevertheless, despite the advantages..)? Is it alright to change the order?

Always have a logical structure. The order in your introduction will be the order in your essay. Also use clear signposts in your essay so the reader knows immediately which paragraph is about which issue. The examiner is testing logical organisation and clear linking.

' src=

hi liz, should i write the advantages or disadvantages ? thank you .

You need to explain which one is more important that the other.

' src=

Hello,Liz! This is my first time to take ielts..could you please have a look at my essay and give me your feedback 🙂

Nowadays, a majority of people choose to rely on electronic gadgets to read rather than traditional books.Despite of the daggers drawn as a results of e-books, it has numerous merits.

First of all, it is preferable to choose e-books as they are convenient and extremely portable. For instance,instead of packing a bunch of books to keep your self entertained while you are on a holiday, you can carry a pocket-size device where you can store multiple books of different genres.Apart from its convenience, it is possible to magnify and adjust the font and size of the words according to the reader’s preference and therefore, it makes it enjoyable to read.This is also a blessing to people who has eye-related problems. Moreover, probably many people spend most of their money on buying new books. It is affordable to buy a laptop or an ipad instead of wasting your money on printed counterparts.

However, on the other hand, it is perceived that e-books possess numerous negative impacts. People tend to spend innumerable hours glued to the device to read a story. This possibly has myriads detrimental health hazards. For example, radiations can destroy your nerve cells,not only this but excessive use of electronic devices damages your eyes as well.

In conclusion, too much of anything ruins it. E-books receives many tremendous benefits to people.So, to avoid missing any of them and protect yourself from their harms, it is advisable to limit the number of reading hours.


' src=

In “advantages outweigh disadvantages” essays, if we are taking side of “advantages”, do we need to mention disadvantages?im bit confused about tgis type of essays

“Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?” This means if you agree the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, you need to show that the advantages are more important and the disadvantages are less important. As you see, you tackle both but lean clearly to one side more than the other side. This means you don’t choose one side and ignore the other – you tackle both but with a very clear position of each.

' src=

Thank you so much, it really helped and I will keep practicing until I get it better. Thank you again for your help and for all your dedication.

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IELTS Essay Samples of Band 8

  • IELTS Essays - Band 8 , IELTS Writing Samples

IELTS Model Essay Samples Band 8, 2023

Here you can find IELTS Essay samples of Band 8 on many topics, written by students and graded by an IELTS teacher. Click on one of the topics below to jump to essays on that topic.

book ielts writing essay

Celebrities Crime and Punishment Culture Education Environment Family and Children Food and Diet Global Issues Government and Laws Health Housing and Town Planning Media and Advertising Money Reading Society and Social Matters Sport and Exercise Technology Tourism Work Young People

Note: the task prompt of each essay appears when you hold the mouse over the link. Every essay is checked, marked, has comments and suggestions. Hold the mouse over to see suggested corrections. The teacher’s summary is at the bottom of each essay.

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Celebrities

Celebrities earn more money than politicians (reasons and solutions) – Sample essay 1

Celebrities can be poor role models for teenagers (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 2

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Crime and Punishment

Why criminals commit another offence after punishment – Sample essay 1

Crime rates are likely to decline due to the advancements in technology – Sample essay 2

If a child commits a crime, should the child or the parents be punished? – Sample essay 3

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Culture

In the past people wore their traditional clothes – Sample essay 1

Museums and art galleries should present only the national art (agree/disagree)- Sample essay 2

People should follow the customs and traditions of their new country (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 3

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Education

Computers instead of teachers – Sample essay 1

Will computers replace teachers? – Sample essay 2

Financial education at school – Sample essay 3

Schools should select students by their academic abilities (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 4

Unpaid community work should be mandatory in high school (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 5

Teachers are more responsible for social and intellectual development of students than parents (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 6

Education in financial management should be a mandatory component of the school program, agree/disagree (from Target Band 7 book) – Sample essay 7

What are the difficulties of learning a foreign language, and how to overcome them? – Sample essay 8

Many university students nowadays live away from home and their parents (advantages/disadvantages) – Sample essay 9

Part time courses are on the rise (advantages/disadvantages) – Sample essay 10

The purpose of education is to make individuals useful to society (discuss + opinion) – Sample essay 11

Use of computers and mobile phones to communicate has a negative impact on reading and writing skills (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 12

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Environment

Some people believe that preserving natural environment is crucial but make no effort to do so (reasons and solutions) – Sample essay 1

Who should be responsible for protecting the environment, individuals or the government? – Sample essay 2

The best way to solve environmental problems is to increase the price of fuel (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 3

In many countries, the number of animals and plants is declining (reasons and solutions) – Sample essay 4

Too much attention and resources are given to the protection of wild animals and birds (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 5

Some countries invest a significant amount of money in promoting the use of bicycles (reasons and effects) – Sample essay 6

Transportation of products and people is the main source of pollution (discuss + opinion) – Sample essay 7

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Family and Children

Children and rules – Sample essay 1

Children should be engaged in paid work (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 2

Children these days are suffering from obesity (reasons and solutions) – Sample essay 3

Should children grow up in the city or countryside (advantages/disadvantages)? – Sample essay 4

Nowadays families move to different countries for work and some think it has a negative effect on children (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 5

Childcare training courses should be mandatory for all parents (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 6

Some think that children should leave their family home early – Sample essay 7

Children today are spending more time watching TV than in the past, is it a positive or a negative change? – Sample essay 8

Excessive use of modern technologies is negatively affecting the reading and writing skills of children (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 9

Who should discipline the children, parents or the government? (discuss + opinion) – Sample essay 10

The role of parents in the future success of a person is more important than school (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 11

New parents should attend parenting classes to learn how to bring up their children well (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 12

People are spending more and more time away from their families (reasons and effects) – Sample essay 13

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Food and Diet

Dieting can change a person’s life for better or worse (from Target Band 7 book) – Sample essay 1

Nowadays people waste a lot of food (reasons and solutions) – Sample essay 2

Nowadays many people choose ready made food instead of cooking (advantages/disadvantages) – Sample essay 3

In many countries a lot of food is wasted (reasons and solutions) – Sample essay 4

Many people today are drinking sugar-based drinks (reasons and solutions) – Sample essay 5

Many people do not exercise enough and eat an unhealthy diet – Sample essay 6

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Global Issues

The good and bad of globalization – Sample essay 1

Rich countries should help the poor – Sample essay 2

The positive and negative sides of globalization – Sample essay 3

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Government and Laws

Some argue that governments should create nutrition and food choice laws to improve public health (discuss + opinion) – Sample essay 1

Many people believe that reducing speed limits is the best option for road safety improvement (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 2

Changing drivers age limits is the best way to reduce traffic accidents (from Target Band 7 book) – Sample essay 3

The education system is the only critical factor in the development of a country, agree/disagree (from Target Band 7 book) – Sample essay 4

Some people say that arts subjects are as essential as academic ones and should be part of school syllabus (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 5

Some believe the government should take care of retirees, while others think everyone should save for their own retirement (opinion) – Sample essay 6

Some people think that public health in a country can be improved by government making laws regarding nutritious food (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 7

Some people believe that countries should produce all the food necessary to feed their populations and import as little food as possible (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 8

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Health

Obesity is becoming common among children, give reasons and solutions (from Target Band 7 book) – Sample essay 1

Some people use the Internet to search for solutions to their medical problems, is this a positive or negative development? – Sample essay 2

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Housing and Town Planning

When new towns are planned, it is important to build more public parks or sports facilities than shopping centers (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 1

High-rise vs. low-rise buildings, which solution is better for a growing population? – Sample essay 2

Some say that new homes should be constructed in existing cities while others argue that new towns should be built (advantages/disadvantages) – Sample essay 3

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Media and Advertising

Advertising affects what people think is important and has a negative effect on their lives (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 1

Some people say that all popular TV entertainment programmes should aim to educate viewers about important social issues (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 2

Newspapers have a significant influence on people’s ideas and opinions (reasons and solutions) – Sample essay 3

Reading newspapers and watching TV news is a waste of time (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 4

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Money

Should people spend a lot on weddings and birthday parties? – Sample essay 1

Some people think it is better to make more money rather than have free time (discuss + opinion) – Sample essay 2

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Reading

People who read for pleasure develop their imagination more and acquire better language skills compared to people who prefer watching television (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 1

Public libraries should only provide books, not videos or DVD (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 2

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Society and Social Matters

Events bringing people together – Sample essay 1

Some people claim that it is acceptable to use animals in medical research (discuss) – Sample essay 2

Many museums charge for admission while others are free (advantages/disadvantages) – Sample essay 3

The proportion of older people is increasing (problems and solutions) – Sample essay 4

People should not work beyond the age of retirement (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 5

Nowadays more and more people want to live by themselves (reasons and solutions) – Sample essay 6

Nowadays that many women have full time jobs, it is logical to share the housework evenly between men and women (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 7

Many people support animal testing while others believe it isn’t appropriate (discuss) – Sample essay 8

Some people believe that women should be treated as equal to men when applying for a job with the police or the military (opinion) – Sample essay 9

In the modern world it is possible to shop, work and communicate via internet without face-to-face contact – Sample essay 10

Some think that hosting an international sporting event is beneficial for a country while others disagree (advantages/disadvantages) – Sample essay 11

Some people tend to buy products or get services instantly (reasons and effects) – Sample essay 12

Social media helps people to keep in touch with friends (advantages/disadvantages) – Sample essay 13

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Sport and Exercise

Some people think that it is fine for professional athletes to misbehave on or off the field (opinion) – Sample essay 1

Despite the benefits of walking, very few people walk nowadays (reasons and solutions) – Sample essay 2

More and more people participate in extreme sports (reasons and solutions) – Sample essay 3

Some people argue that sports are essential (discuss) – Sample essay 4

Some people think that dangerous sports should be banned (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 5

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Technology

The development of technology causes traditional skills to die out (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 1

Some believe that modern technology is increasing the gap between the rich and poor (discuss) – Sample essay 2

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Tourism

Many believe international tourism is bad for their country (reasons and solutions) – Sample essay 1

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Work

Senior managers should have higher salaries than other employees (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 1

Should employers pay more attention to personal qualities rather than qualifications? – Sample essay 2

In many workplaces online communication has overtaken face to face meetings (advantages/disadvantages) – Sample essay 3

Many people try to achieve a work-life balance but fail (reasons and solutions) – Sample essay 4

People in senior positions should be compensated with significantly higher salaries (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 5

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Young People

Some parents encourage young people to leave home while others think they should stay with the family – Sample essay 1

In many countries young people start living on their own after high school – Sample essay 2

Some think that young people should be free to choose any career they like – Sample essay 3

Young people are finding it harder to find permanent jobs (reasons and solutions) – Sample essay 4

Today’s young generation is facing many problems at school and at home (reasons and solutions) – Sample essay 5

Young people aren’t spending their weekends doing outdoor activities such as hiking or mountaineering (reasons and solutions) – Sample essay 6

Young people don’t communicate with older people as much as they used to (reasons and solutions) – Sample essay 7

Note: the essays were checked by an IELTS teacher, not an IELTS examiner or examiner trainer. All the band scores are approximate.

How To Write an IELTS Band 8 Essay

Essay samples are useful to get an idea what a Band 8 essay looks like, but how can YOU write a Band 8 essay? As you know, an IELTS essay is scored using 4 criteria:

1. Task Response 2. Coherence and Cohesion 3. Lexical Resource 4. Grammatical Range and Accuracy

Many test takers are unsure what is wrong with their essay, why they keep scoring Band 6.5 and how to take their writing to Band 8 level. Is that how you feel, too? Keep reading then, because we are just about to analyse a Band 6.5 essay and show you what to change in it, to get a Band 8 score in IELTS.

Colours show elements relating to each criterion that affect the Band Score of this sample IELTS essay. Hold mouse over highlighted words (or tap on mobile) to see the comments, suggestions and corrections.

IELTS Essay Analysed and Rewritten from Band 6.5 to Band 8

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experience.

IELTS Sample Essay – Task Response, Coherence and Cohesion and Lexical Resource Analysis

1. Task Response Analysis: This essay follows the task requirements quite well. Both points of view are discussed (in paragraphs 2 and 3) and the writer’s personal opinion is offered (in the introduction, paragraph 4 and the conclusion). The opinion is clear. The paragraph on money is not very well developed and not entirely clear. Approximate score for Task Response: Band 7.

2. Coherence and Cohesion Analysis: Most linking expressions are appropriate but two are not (see asterisk *). Coherence is concerned with the effectiveness of what the essay is trying to communicate. The essay is well structured – each paragraph announces its topic clearly [TS] and the introduction announces the opinion of the writer. Sometimes the ideas are not entirely clear inside the paragraphs (see NC). Also the writer has a tendency to be repetitive. Approximate score for Coherence and Cohesion: Band 7.

3. Lexical Resource Analysis : The use of vocabulary seems quite reasonable but attempts to use a wider range are not always successful (see corrections above). Probably not quite good enough for a 7. Approximate score for Lexical Resource: Band 6 or 6.5.

The same IELTS Sample Essay – Grammatical Range and Accuracy Analysis

Certainly, money is an important part in our lives. It is hard for any persons to accept a partner which does not have money or at least a job to take care of future family . Hence, said “marry for money” (#5) also has its right in some extent .

However, love should be the root of any marriages . Firstly, it is because love is such a glue to connect two persons which have their own lives, become one. So, they can share each other’s the sadness , happiness to overcome any difficulties in daily lives . Moreover, love makes people growing up because they do not only have responsibility to themselves, but also to their partners as well. That is why marrying with love is always encouraged.

In my opinion, I think that both love and money is both necessary. Marriage relying on money would be rapidly disintegrated when unfortunately the money is run out . In contrary , marriage relying on love would sometimes come to end when they could not earn money to carry out family , such as paying bills, buying food, etc . Therefore, love and money should stand together in marriage even though their contribution could be unbalanced.

As we have seen, marriage without either money or love would come to an unhappy ending. So I believe that they both have their own contribution to a merry family.

4. Grammatical Range and Accuracy Analysis : Although the essay is quite easy to follow, it has too many grammatical errors in too many sentences to merit a 7 score (see corrections highlighted above). The range of grammatical constructions used seems quite good. Approximate score for Grammatical Range and Accuracy: Band 6 or 6.5.

Improving the Sample Essay to Achieve an IELTS Band 7

The same essay now at around a Band 7 level might look something like this. Read it carefully and compare it with the original:

Certainly, money plays an important part in our lives. It is hard for any persons to accept a partner who does not have money or at least a job to take care of their future family. Hence, it is said, “marry for money” is right in some extent.

However, love should be the root of any marriage. Firstly, it is because love is such a strong bond between two persons who have their own lives, and become one. So, they can share each other’s sadness, happiness to overcome any difficulties in their daily lives. Moreover, love makes people grow up because they do not only have responsibility to themselves, but also to their partners as well. That is why marrying for love is always encouraged.

In my opinion, I think that love and money are both necessary. A marriage relying on money would rapidly disintegrate when unfortunately the money ran out. In contrary, a marriage relying on love would sometimes come to end when they could not earn money to carry out family duties such as paying bills, buying food, etc. Therefore, love and money should stand together in marriage even though their contribution could be unbalanced.

As we have seen, marriage without either money or love would come to an unhappy end. So I believe that they both make their own contribution to a merry family.

Improving the Sample Essay to Achieve an IELTS Band 8

To turn the Band 7 sample essay into a Band 8 one would require further improvement in range and accuracy of grammar, greater clarity and better connection of ideas, and a wider range of appropriate, higher level vocabulary.

So the same sample essay now at around a Band 8 level might look something like this. Once again, read it carefully and compare it with the original:

Clearly, love should be the foundation of any marriage. This is because firstly, love is such a strong bond between two persons, who have their own lives, yet become one. They can share each other’s sadness or happiness in order to overcome any difficulties in daily lives. Moreover, love fosters maturity because each member of a couple no longer has responsibility only for themselves, but also for their partner. These are just two, key reasons why marrying for love should always be encouraged.

In my opinion, love and money are equally necessary. A marriage relying solely on money might rapidly disintegrate in the unfortunate event of the money running out. Similarly, a marriage relying on love alone might sometimes come to an end if the couple could not earn enough money to manage their family’s obligations such as paying bills, or buying food. Therefore, love and money should stand together in marriage, even though their contribution might often be somewhat unequal.

To summarise, marriage without either money or love could come to an unfortunate end. For that reason, I would claim that they both make their own, vital contribution to the creation of a happy family.

If after reading these sample essays you are still missing something and can’t write at Band 8 level, don’t panic. We have a book that can help to improve your grammar and sentence formation, teach you how to connect your ideas better and give you a wide range of appropriate, higher level vocabulary. Go here to discover the “IELTS Success Formula” book .

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We would love to make one! What kind of app would you find useful?

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how can i get my essays corrected and essessed?

That is very easy! All you need to do is visit the Writing Correction page and purchase a package. We will email you instructions how to send your tasks (via email) and our teachers will also be returning your checked work via email.

this website was so helpful

Thank you! I’m glad it helps.

There’s no doubt that these essay samples of band 8 are very well written, students will remember it during exams.

Great to hear, thanks Benard!

I have my exam in 2 weeks. I hardly get the time to prepare for it due to my work. So, literally I’m panicking right now. Came across your content, and really loved it. They way you’ve put it forward with mistakes and errors highlighted. It gives me a little hope that i can prepare for my ielts by following your resources. Thankyou so much!!

Hello, I’ve my ilets exam in two weeks and I hardly find time to prepare it due to my job. I was panicking, and luckily came across your website and found the content so helpful. They way you habe put forward the esaay and highlighted the errors and mistakes makes it so easy to understand. Thankyou. You’re doing an amazing job!!

Thank you so much for your feedback, Areeb. You’re going through some stressful time, and it’s really great to hear that our resources are helping. Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions about anything IELTS-related.

Hello how are you

Hi Asilbek, welcome to IELTS-Blog.com! How can I help? Did you have a question about your IELTS preparation?

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Well, this is a huge collection for the aspirants of IELTS

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IELTS Task 2 Essay – Digital and Printed Books

IELTS Task 2 Essay – Digital and Printed Books

Prompt : In the future, nobody will buy printed newspapers or books because they will be able to read everything they want online without paying. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

With the vast free content on the internet, it is said that consumers will no longer have to pay or subscribe to printed materials such as newspapers, magazines, or books. I do disagree with this notion because of the publishing industry and loyal consumers .

Book publishers offer free online materials or digital versions of certain books; however, no publisher will ever give their whole catalog for free and be readily available online. This is because the publishing industry is a behemoth and it generates millions of jobs and stimulates the economy.  For instance, schools and universities are connected with publishers that produce academic paper books for students, and every year students have to buy these books. This industry cannot survive without printed materials being sold.

Although there are some free eBooks and newspapers online, some consumers prefer to have the physical copy because most consumers want to experience the product not just by sight but also using their other senses. Book collectors have a sense of accomplishment when they manage to collect all books of their favorite authors. Others love the scent of paper-bound and certain books have particular smells that are very intoxicating for the readers, and other likes to touch the pages. These experiences can only be found in physical books and consumers are willing to pay to have these.

In conclusion, although there are free eBooks and newspapers online, people will still buy printed materials because of the book business and the experiences one can get by acquiring the physical form. Therefore, I disagree that one will ever buy physical books.

Ian Tanpiuco 2023 - Educatorian

Ian Tanpiuco is an ESL and virtual assistant. With a decade of experience, he has become an expert in his field. Dedicated to helping others achieve their goals, Ian works tirelessly in the classroom or as a virtual assistant.

book ielts writing essay

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IELTS Podcast

Pass IELTS with expert help.

Writing Task 2 – Plan your essay and end: MY MIND GOES BLANK

March 13, 2024 By Ben W Leave a Comment

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Ever experienced that dreaded moment when your mind goes blank in the middle of an essay? 

Fear not, because in our latest podcast episode, we’re unraveling the secrets to conquer writer’s block and craft stellar Writing Task 2 essays effortlessly!

Here’s a sneak peek into what you’ll discover:

– Demystifying Writer’s Block: Understand why many students struggle to generate ideas and learn why it’s not your fault!

– The Power of Brainstorming: Unlock the process of brainstorming effectively, turning the blank canvas of your mind into a treasure trove of ideas.

– Skills That Seal the Deal: Delve into the essential skills needed to ace Writing Task 2 and learn how to acquire them efficiently.

– From Blank to Brilliant: Discover actionable techniques to transform a blank mind into an essay powerhouse in just one afternoon!

Whether you’re struggling with writer’s block or striving to enhance your essay-writing skills, this episode is your ultimate guide to success.

Tune in now and unleash your writing potential!

Join many other students who have achieved  IELTS success  with our  online course  or get instant writing feedback with our  online IELTS essay checker . 

You can download or listen to the audio version here:

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Ielts essay # 1488 - reading books keeps a person’s mind active, ielts writing task 2/ ielts essay:, reading books keeps a person’s mind active, whereas watching films and television is passive and does not require a person to use their imagination., to what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement.

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book ielts writing essay

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Independent versus integrated writing tasks for IELTS Writing: A mixed methods study


Aek Phakiti

Date Published:

8th March 2024

Examiners and Scoring - Writing

IELTS Test - Writing

The current project aims to understand test-takers' and raters’ reactions, leading to empirical analysis to investigate the following areas:

  • the relationships between reported official IELTS scores, independent writing scores, and integrated writing scores
  • writing processes to complete the integrated writing task
  • scoring processes of integrated writing responses
  • features of integrated writing responses across different success levels
  • perceptions toward the usefulness of an integrated essay task by test-takers and raters.

A mixed methods research design was adopted to address these areas of investigation. Quantitative data were from 154 ESL international students who provided their previous official IELTS scores (overall, Reading and Writing scores), took an online writing test that included an independent writing task and integrated writing task, and answered two subsequent questionnaires about their test-taking processes and perceptions toward an integrated writing task.

Eight test-takers with different success levels in the integrated writing task were recruited for an individual interview about their test-taking experiences and perceptions of the usefulness of an integrated writing task for their study preparation before university commencement. Two domestic students were also recruited for an interview after they completed the test.

Two IELTS examiners were employed to rate test-takers’ responses to both writing tasks. Whenever they could, they were asked to provide comments on test-takers’ responses after they rated. They were also interviewed about their rating processes and perceptions toward an integrated writing task.

Key findings in the current study include:

  • there were statistical relationships between official IELTS scores and independent and integrated writing performance (with moderate statistical effect sizes)
  • independent writing scores accounted for about 25% of the integrated writing score variance
  • test-takers performed significantly better on the independent writing task than the integrated writing task
  • there were statistical relationships between reported test-taking and writing processes in the independent and integrated writing tasks
  • prominent features of integrated writing essays between different success levels based on raters’ comments were identified, particularly in relation to critical issues of source text use
  • quantitative and qualitative data suggested that test-takers found an integrated writing task useful to help them prepare for university study
  • raters reported concerns about the practicality of an integrated writing task in terms of their cognitive load, preparation prior to rating, and required time for accurate evaluation.

The current study has shed new light on the interrelationships between independent and integrated writing performances, unique features of integrated writing performance and processes, individual differences in integrated writing performance, and perceptions toward the usefulness and feasibility of an integrated writing task that may be adopted as part of the IELTS. Implications and limitations of the current study are discussed.

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book ielts writing essay

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IELTS Writing Task 1 and why it is essential for your Writing band score

book ielts writing essay

A common notion I hear quite commonly is that the essay is the more important task out of the two Writing tasks in the IELTS exams, and we should spend most of our time there. Some even write the essay first to ensure that it is written to the best of their abilities, with generous time and thought. Candidates often disregard the first task simply because it carries less weight, but little do they notice that the report is still the easier part to finish. 

Most candidates believe at least one of the following:

For all latest news, follow The Daily Star's Google News channel.

  • Task 1 is the shorter piece, so spend the majority of the time on Task 2.
  • Task 2 carries more weight, so focus there instead of Task 1.
  • A candidate can write a good essay and a bad report and still get good marks.

All these are simply bad practices. Here are some reasons why you should focus on Task 1 as much as you do on Task 2.

  • This task analyses factual data presented in the form of graphs, charts, maps, or diagrams. The format is consistent, and you understand what type of information you need to process and present. 
  • Guides readers through a clear journey, beginning with an introduction, followed by a bird's-eye view, pinpointing crucial aspects, and concluding with a notable summary. Leverage templates (and these you should prepare on your own) and rephrase strategically to optimise engagement and clarity.
  • This task demands the use of technical vocabulary specific to data analysis and trend identification, though the depth and range are less extensive compared to Task 2. 
  • Additionally, the writing style must strictly adhere to objectivity and ensure an accurate representation of the data through precise grammar usage. 

Let us now look at some tips you can easily employ to score a better Task 1 band score.

Understand the marking criteria : Most candidates do not have a clear idea of the requirements of Task 1. The examiners evaluate your Task 1 based on Task Achievement, Lexical Resource, Grammatical Range and Accuracy, and Coherence and Cohesion. Try to identify and understand the items included in these four criteria- only then you will be able to write a report that has everything the examiners want to see.

Know the format : Familiarise yourself with the different types of data you might encounter (graphs, charts, maps, diagrams) and what each requires in terms of description and analysis.

Data breakdown : Practise identifying key features, trends, and comparisons within the data presented. Don't just paraphrase the information; analyse and interpret it objectively. You do not get good grades for just writing the numbers in sentences. 

Grammar : Review key grammar structures for objective writing, such as passive voice, noun clauses, and reported speech. Ensure accuracy in tenses, subject-verb agreement, and punctuation. 

The matter of the overview : Write a concise overview summarising the main features of the data in the first/ last paragraph. Do not miss the overview as it is one of the more specific requirements in the Task Achievement criterion.

Examine past papers : Utilise official IELTS sample tasks- both candidate and examiner pieces alongside the examiner feedback (mainly from the Cambridge IELTS books) to get familiar with the format and expectations. Read the pointers with reference to the written piece and you will then only have a better idea of the requirements and most common mistakes.

Remember, consistent practice and focusing on relevant skills are keys to success in IELTS Writing Task 1. Good luck!

The writer is the Head of IELTS programmes at Mentors' Education Limited.


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University in Michigan to enrol two AI students

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book ielts writing essay

A guide to navigating law exams

The Daily Star

যারা পাটকলের ইজারা পেয়েছেন, তারা বিদেশি বিনিয়োগকারী আনবেন: প্রধানমন্ত্রী

প্রধানমন্ত্রী শেখ হাসিনা বলেছেন, রপ্তানি বাড়াতে নতুন পাটজাত পণ্য আবিষ্কার এবং বিদেশে নতুন বাজার খুঁজে বের করুন।

সৌদি যুবরাজ সালমান বাংলাদেশ সফরে আসছেন এ বছরই

push notification

The Cowardice of Guernica

The literary magazine Guernica ’s decision to retract an essay about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict reveals much about how the war is hardening human sentiment.

People looking at Guernica

In the days after October 7, the writer and translator Joanna Chen spoke with a neighbor in Israel whose children were frightened by the constant sound of warplanes. “I tell them these are good booms,” the neighbor said to Chen with a grimace. “I understood the subtext,” Chen wrote later in an essay published in Guernica magazine on March 4, titled “From the Edges of a Broken World.” The booms were, of course, the Israeli army bombing Gaza, part of a campaign that has left at least 30,000 civilians and combatants dead so far.

The moment is just one observation in a much longer meditative piece of writing in which Chen weighs her principles—she refused service in the Israeli military, for years has volunteered at a charity providing transportation for Palestinian children needing medical care, and works on Arabic and Hebrew translations to bridge cultural divides—against the more turbulent feelings of fear, inadequacy, and split allegiances that have cropped up for her after October 7, when 1,200 people were killed and 250 taken hostage in Hamas’s assault on Israel. But the conversation with the neighbor is a sharp, novelistic, and telling moment. The mother, aware of the perversity of recasting bombs killing children mere miles away as “good booms,” does so anyway because she is a mother, and her children are frightened. The act, at once callous and caring, will stay with me.

Not with the readers of Guernica , though. The magazine , once a prominent publication for fiction, poetry, and literary nonfiction, with a focus on global art and politics, quickly found itself imploding as its all-volunteer staff revolted over the essay. One of the magazine’s nonfiction editors posted on social media that she was leaving over Chen’s publication. “Parts of the essay felt particularly harmful and disorienting to read, such as the line where a person is quoted saying ‘I tell them these are good booms.’” Soon a poetry editor resigned as well, calling Chen’s essay a “horrific settler normalization essay”— settler here seeming to refer to all Israelis, because Chen does not live in the occupied territories. More staff members followed, including the senior nonfiction editor and one of the co-publishers (who criticized the essay as “a hand-wringing apologia for Zionism”). Amid this flurry of cascading outrage, on March 10 Guernica pulled the essay from its website, with the note: “ Guernica regrets having published this piece, and has retracted it. A more fulsome explanation will follow.” As of today, this explanation is still pending, and my request for comment from the editor in chief, Jina Moore Ngarambe, has gone unanswered.

Read: Beware the language that erases reality

Blowups at literary journals are not the most pressing news of the day, but the incident at Guernica reveals the extent to which elite American literary outlets may now be beholden to the narrowest polemical and moralistic approaches to literature. After the publication of Chen’s essay, a parade of mutual incomprehension occurred across social media, with pro-Palestine writers announcing what they declared to be the self-evident awfulness of the essay (publishing the essay made Guernica “a pillar of eugenicist white colonialism masquerading as goodness,” wrote one of the now-former editors), while reader after reader who came to it because of the controversy—an archived version can still be accessed—commented that they didn’t understand what was objectionable. One reader seemed to have mistakenly assumed that Guernica had pulled the essay in response to pressure from pro-Israel critics. “Oh buddy you can’t have your civilian population empathizing with the people you’re ethnically cleansing,” he wrote, with obvious sarcasm. When another reader pointed out that he had it backwards, he responded, “This chain of events is bizarre.”

Some people saw anti-Semitism in the decision. James Palmer, a deputy editor of Foreign Policy , noted how absurd it was to suggest that the author approved of the “good bombs” sentiment, and wrote that the outcry was “one step toward trying to exclude Jews from discourse altogether.” And it is hard not to see some anti-Semitism at play. One of the resigning editors claimed that the essay “includes random untrue fantasies about Hamas and centers the suffering of oppressors” (Chen briefly mentions the well-documented atrocities of October 7; caring for an Israeli family that lost a daughter, son-in-law, and nephew; and her worries about the fate of Palestinians she knows who have links to Israel).

Madhuri Sastry, one of the co-publishers, notes in her resignation post that she’d earlier successfully insisted on barring a previous essay of Chen’s from the magazine’s Voices on Palestine compilation. In that same compilation, Guernica chose to include an interview with Alice Walker, the author of a poem that asks “Are Goyim (us) meant to be slaves of Jews,” and who once recommended to readers of The New York Times a book that claims that “a small Jewish clique” helped plan the Russian Revolution, World Wars I and II, and “coldly calculated” the Holocaust. No one at Guernica publicly resigned over the magazine’s association with Walker.

However, to merely dismiss all of the critics out of hand as insane or intolerant or anti-Semitic would ironically run counter to the spirit of Chen’s essay itself. She writes of her desire to reach out to those on the other side of the conflict, people she’s worked with or known and who would be angered or horrified by some of the other experiences she relates in the essay, such as the conversation about the “good booms.” Given the realities of the conflict, she knows this attempt to connect is just a first step, and an often-frustrating one. Writing to a Palestinian she’d once worked with as a reporter, she laments her failure to come up with something meaningful to say: “I also felt stupid—this was war, and whether I liked it or not, Nuha and I were standing at opposite ends of the very bridge I hoped to cross. I had been naive … I was inadequate.” In another scene, she notes how even before October 7, when groups of Palestinians and Israelis joined together to share their stories, their goodwill failed “to straddle the chasm that divided us.”

Read: Why activism leads to so much bad writing

After the publication of Chen’s essay, one writer after another pulled their work from the magazine. One wrote, “I will not allow my work to be curated alongside settler angst,” while another, the Texas-based Palestinian American poet Fady Joudah, wrote that Chen’s essay “is humiliating to Palestinians in any time let alone during a genocide. An essay as if a dispatch from a colonial century ago. Oh how good you are to the natives.” I find it hard to read the essay that way, but it would be a mistake, as Chen herself suggests, to ignore such sentiments. For those who more naturally sympathize with the Israeli mother than the Gazan hiding from the bombs, these responses exist across that chasm Chen describes, one that empathy alone is incapable of bridging.

That doesn’t mean empathy isn’t a start, though. Which is why the retraction of the article is more than an act of cowardice and a betrayal of a writer whose work the magazine shepherded to publication. It’s a betrayal of the task of literature, which cannot end wars but can help us see why people wage them, oppose them, or become complicit in them.

Empathy here does not justify or condemn. Empathy is just a tool. The writer needs it to accurately depict their subject; the peacemaker needs it to be able to trace the possibilities for negotiation; even the soldier needs it to understand his adversary. Before we act, we must see war’s human terrain in all its complexity, no matter how disorienting and painful that might be. Which means seeing Israelis as well as Palestinians—and not simply the mother comforting her children as the bombs fall and the essayist reaching out across the divide, but far harsher and more unsettling perspectives. Peace is not made between angels and demons but between human beings, and the real hell of life, as Jean Renoir once noted, is that everybody has their reasons. If your journal can’t publish work that deals with such messy realities, then your editors might as well resign, because you’ve turned your back on literature.


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    Get IELTS Band 9 In Academic Writing - Book 2 - Essay Planning. Focusing on the Writing task 2 essays, this book is an ideal pick for those facing trouble forming their essays and communicating the message effectively. The book has 15 excellently written model essays for Task 2 Academic Writing.

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    Step one: Plan your time. The Writing test (consisting of Writing tasks 1 and 2) takes approximately 60 minutes. Plan to spend around 20 minutes on your first task, and 40 minutes on your essay task. A sample plan for your time might be: 5 to 10 minutes reading the essay question and planning your answer. 15 to 20 minutes writing your first draft.

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    1. IELTS Writing Task 2 Test Information. Learn about your IELTS writing task 2 test. IELTS recommend you spend no more than 40 mins on writing task 2. However, the time is yours to manage as you wish. You should write over 250 words. In the lessons below you will learn about word count and essay length.

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    Following the success of my grammar book, I decided to write a longer book about IELTS writing. This one is much more wide-ranging. ... In this book, you will find sample essays and advice for describing line graphs, bar charts, and process diagrams, as well as the usual task 2 essay questions. You can read more about its contents here.

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