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thesis topics for digital marketing

Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics List (28 Examples) For Your Research

Mark Nov 5, 2019 Jun 5, 2020 Digital , Marketing No Comments

The concept of digital marketing has gained a lot of attention in this era of technology and digitalization. For those who are looking for digital marketing dissertation topics, we provide a list of trendies, new, and creative ideas. Our list of advertising dissertation topics can also be viewed for more innovative ideas for dissertation topics. […]

digital marketing dissertation topics

The concept of digital marketing has gained a lot of attention in this era of technology and digitalization. For those who are looking for digital marketing dissertation topics, we provide a list of trendies, new, and creative ideas. Our list of advertising dissertation topics can also be viewed for more innovative ideas for dissertation topics. Below is a list of digital marketing dissertation topics and project topics on digital marketing. Our team of expert writers offer quality writing services and can provide research on digital marketing topics selected by our clients in the best possible manner.

A list Of digital marketing dissertaton topics

Effectiveness of online marketing on integrated marketing communication in the 21st Century.

Application of digital marketing strategies to increase the profitability of organisations.

Studying the advantages of a landing page in digital marketing.

Examining the framework for programmatic directions for digital marketing.

Literature review on misleading perceptions related to digital marketing.

Identifying the online marketing metrics that significantly influence digital marketing.

Studying the ethical and moral limitations related to digital marketing strategies.

Analysing the modern techniques of digital marketing and how these are affected by the different cultures.

Examining the response of consumers to the internet and digital marketing.

Studying the transformation and evaluation from traditional to digital marketing.

Analysing the role of digital marketing in analysing consumer psychology.

To what extent the digital marketing motivates the consumer purchasing decisions.

To study the impact of digital marketing on the strategies of firms and consumer’s post-purchase behaviour.

Impact of digital marketing on the customer’s perceptions related to brand. Check more branding dissertation topics

The concept of chatbot in the digital marketing context.

Does digital marketing increase the level of engagement with customers?

Studying the emergence of integration of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies.

The role of emerging digital marketing technologies in the success of businesses.

Can using artificial intelligence help marketers in achieving marketing goals?

How the change in consumer behaviour and trends have influenced businesses to adopt digital marketing strategies?

What is the role of personalisation in the context of digital marketing?

The growing use of social networking sites has influenced the digital marketing strategies adopted by business.

Identifying the factors that can contribute to the successful integration of digital marketing tactics.

Analysing the emerging trends that are reshaping the digital marketing.

Examining the automation in marketing platforms and its impact on employee engagement.

Identifying factors that have reshaped digital marketing and brand-customer relationship.

To what extent the growing consumer trends are influencing the digital marketing trends.

Examining how the use of social videos is increasing in the field of digital marketing.

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Exploring Innovative Topics for Your Next Research Project

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Top Marketing Research Project Ideas to Elevate Your Strategy

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The ultimate list: 100 exceptional marketing thesis topics for 2024.

Welcome to Research Rebels, the innovative academic support platform for marketing students embarking on the exciting yet challenging journey of thesis writing. As we approach 2024, we've curated 'The Ultimate List: 100 Exceptional Marketing Thesis Topics' to spark your curiosity and guide your research endeavors. Our list encompasses a wide range of topics, from the ethics of pharmaceutical marketing to the nuances of international business leadership. Each topic is designed to inspire your analytical skills and help you create a compelling dissertation that stands out. Dive into our list and discover the perfect subject for your academic masterpiece!

Key Takeaways

  • Our list provides a diverse range of marketing thesis topics that cater to various interests and academic focuses.
  • Each topic is chosen to challenge students to think critically and apply innovative research methods.
  • The topics cover current trends and ethical considerations in marketing, reflecting the dynamic nature of the field.
  • Students can leverage these topics to showcase their understanding of complex marketing concepts and strategies.
  • Research Rebels is committed to supporting students throughout their thesis journey with engaging content and expert guidance.

1. Pharmaceutical Marketing Ethics

Let's talk about the elephant in the room: Is pharmaceutical marketing ethical? It's a question that's been on everyone's lips, especially when you consider the fine line between informing and influencing patients. Now, you're diving into a thesis topic that's as controversial as it is crucial.

First off, you'll want to explore the ethical dilemmas faced by pharmaceutical companies. This includes the tug-of-war between profit motives and patient well-being. How do they balance the scales? And what about the role of healthcare professionals in this marketing mix?

Here's a quick list to get your gears turning:

  • The impact of direct-to-consumer advertising on patient choices.
  • Regulations surrounding pharmaceutical marketing practices.
  • Case studies of ethical breaches and their consequences.

Remember, your thesis isn't just an academic exercise; it's a chance to contribute to a vital conversation. With journals like 'Clinical Ethics' and 'Research Ethics' delving deep into these issues, you've got a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to tackle the ethical quandaries of pharmaceutical marketing head-on!

2. Gender Differences in Purchase Behavior

Ever wondered why your shopping habits might differ from those of your best friend of the opposite gender? Well, you're not alone! Gender differences in purchase behavior are a hot topic in marketing research. It turns out, men and women often have distinct approaches to buying, influenced by a variety of factors including emotions, practicality, and even societal expectations.

For instance, studies have shown that women are more likely to engage in hedonistic shopping, seeking pleasure and entertainment, while men tend to focus on the functionality and efficiency of their purchases. This isn't just about who prefers shopping for shoes over power tools; it's about understanding the underlying motivations that drive purchase decisions.

  • Women are more likely to be influenced by social media trends.
  • Men often prioritize product specifications and quality.
  • Both genders value price, but may weigh it differently against other factors.

Recognizing these differences can be crucial for businesses aiming to target their marketing strategies effectively. If you're diving into a thesis on this subject, consider exploring how gender impacts consumer preferences and decision-making styles . You'll find a wealth of information, from academic writing guides to interview studies, that can help you craft a compelling argument or uncover new insights into consumer behavior.

3. Impulse Buying and Effective Advertising

Ever wondered why you end up with a cart full of items you didn't plan to buy? Welcome to the world of impulse buying , a marketer's dream and your wallet's nemesis. Advertisements are designed to evoke emotions within consumers, as emotions can greatly influence impulsive buying decisions. By appealing to consumers' desires, marketers can tap into the spontaneous side of shopping.

The relationship between time pressure and consumers' impulsive buying is a hot topic for any marketing thesis. This study will help e-commerce retailers and broadcasters understand consumers' impulse buying behavior better and develop more flexible marketing strategies. Here's a quick list to get you started on the factors influencing impulse purchases:

  • Persuasion by social media and targeted advertisements
  • Limited-time offers creating a sense of urgency
  • Product placement and in-store promotions
  • The role of convenience in online shopping environments

Acting on a sudden urge to buy can be triggered by various online antecedents, especially for young consumers. Persuasion by social media and targeted advertisements act as primers for impulsive shopping in online environments. So next time you click 'Add to Cart' on a whim, remember, there's a whole science behind that urge!

4. Social Media Marketing

Hey there, future marketing maven! Ready to dive into the dynamic world of social media marketing ? It's a digital playground where creativity meets strategy, and the rules are always evolving. Stay ahead of the game by exploring the latest trends and research topics that will dominate in 2024.

For starters, let's talk about the trends. Video content is still king, but now there's a twist— long-form content is making waves, offering depth to the usual quick clips. And playful content? It's becoming the new face of brand personality, so don't be afraid to let loose and have some fun with your campaigns.

When it comes to research, there's a goldmine of topics to explore. From the influence of social media on mental health to its effects on child development, the scope is vast. And let's not forget about the SEO power of social media video —it's a must for your strategy.

Here's a quick list of hot topics you might want to consider for your thesis:

  • The impact of posting times on social media engagement
  • AI in social media data sorting: efficiency vs. trust
  • Digital marketing strategies of streaming giants like Netflix
  • The unique role of micro-influencers on Instagram

Remember, the key to nailing your thesis is to pick a topic that not only excites you but also has the potential to add value to the field. So, go on, pick a topic that sparks your curiosity and could potentially revolutionize the way we think about social media marketing!

5. Black Friday Analysis

So, you're diving into the Black Friday frenzy, huh? Well, it's not just about snagging the best deals anymore. Understanding consumer behavior during this shopping extravaganza can be a goldmine for your thesis. Let's break it down:

First off, consider the psychological triggers that drive people to camp outside stores at ungodly hours. Is it the discounts, the competition, or just the thrill? Then, there's the digital battlefield—how online retailers are changing the game with targeted ads and flash sales.

Here's a quick list to get you started on your Black Friday analysis:

  • The evolution of Black Friday sales strategies over the years.
  • Consumer sentiment analysis: Are people loving or loathing the chaos?
  • The impact of social media buzz on Black Friday sales.

And hey, don't forget to check out the latest research on the topic. Despite the importance of the topic, research on understanding the role of companies in societal change through activism is scarce. Using institutional theory, you could explore how Black Friday might reflect broader societal trends. Also, keep an eye on those websites offering tools for thesis writing, academic projects, and research proposals. They can be a lifesaver when you're knee-deep in data and need some structured guidance.

6. Social Media Influencers and Brand Awareness

Let's dive into the world of social media influencers and their impact on brand awareness. You've seen them everywhere – from Instagram to YouTube, these digital trendsetters are reshaping the marketing landscape. Influencers have the power to amplify a brand's message , reaching audiences in a way that feels personal and authentic.

Consider this: a study on the impact of social media influencers found that brand awareness reached by influencer endorsement can significantly affect consumers' intention to purchase. It's not just about the number of followers; it's the persuasive power these influencers wield that can boost perceived brand credibility and, ultimately, purchase intention.

Here's a quick list to keep in mind when thinking about influencer marketing:

  • Authenticity is key – followers can spot a forced partnership a mile away.
  • Engagement rates matter more than follower counts.
  • A well-matched influencer aligns with your brand values and resonates with your target audience.

Remember, it's not just about picking someone with a huge following. It's about finding the right fit for your brand, someone who can genuinely connect with your audience and create a buzz around your products. So, go ahead, explore the persuasive power of influencers and watch your brand awareness soar!

7. Telemarketing Success Rate

Ever wondered why some telemarketing campaigns take off while others fizzle out? It's all about the success rate, and let's be real, you want to be on the winning side. Understanding the factors that influence telemarketing success is crucial for your thesis. Dive into the socio-demographics of your target audience, because, believe it or not, they play a significant role in the game. Research suggests that aspects of mental health, like happiness, could impact victimization data, hinting at a complex relationship between consumer psychology and telemarketing effectiveness.

But hey, it's not just about the callers and the called. The structure of your campaign matters too. Here's a quick list to keep in mind:

  • Crafting a compelling script
  • Training telemarketers for effective communication
  • Timing the calls just right
  • Following up without being a nuisance

And let's not forget the tools and resources that can make or break your strategy. Academic writing platforms offer a treasure trove of worksheets, guides, and even thesis action plans to help you map out your research. Remember, a well-structured thesis can highlight the nuances of telemarketing success, from the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) model to the nitty-gritty of call analytics.

So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to explore the fascinating world of telemarketing. With the right approach, your thesis could provide valuable insights into what makes a campaign resonate with its audience—or what sends it straight to voicemail.

8. Customer Loyalty Programs

Ever wondered how those points you rack up every time you swipe your loyalty card actually work to keep you coming back? Well, you're not alone. Customer loyalty programs are a gold mine for research, and they're evolving every day. From your local coffee shop's punch card to sophisticated algorithmic personalization , there's a lot to explore.

Here's a quick rundown of potential angles:

  • The psychological triggers behind loyalty schemes
  • Comparing the effectiveness of various loyalty program structures
  • The role of data analytics in personalizing rewards

And if you're diving into the deep end, consider how these programs influence customers beyond just repeat purchases. Do they actually enhance brand perception? Or are they simply a transactional tool? These are the kinds of questions that can turn your thesis from ho-hum to groundbreaking.

Don't forget, there are plenty of resources out there to help you craft the perfect thesis. Websites offer tools for thesis writing , academic projects, and research proposals. They provide guides on academic writing, dissertation writing, and interview studies. So, gear up to dissect these loyalty programs and uncover what really makes them tick!

9. Cultural Differences Affecting Advertising

Ever wondered why an ad campaign that's a hit in one country can flop in another? It's all about cultural nuances, my friend. Understanding cultural differences is crucial when creating advertising that resonates across borders. For instance, the values associated with luxury consumption vary significantly between cultures, as highlighted in the study titled 'The Influence of Culture and Gender in Luxury Brand Consumption'.

Let's break it down with a few examples:

  • In Western countries, individualism often drives advertising narratives, focusing on personal achievement and success.
  • Eastern cultures may respond better to community-oriented messages that emphasize collective well-being and harmony.

This isn't just about tweaking the language or images; it's about deep insights into what makes different cultures tick. The study 'A Cross-Cultural Study on the Role of Message Framing in the...' sheds light on how message framing techniques need to be tailored to cultural contexts to promote fair-trade consumption effectively.

Looking ahead to 2024, the outlook for multicultural marketing is all about inclusivity and personalization. According to 'Outlook for Multicultural Marketing and Diversity in 2024', data-driven decisions and cultural personalization will define successful campaigns. So, if you're diving into a marketing thesis this year, consider exploring the rich tapestry of cultural diversity and its impact on advertising strategies.

10. Ecological Awareness in Advertising

Hey there, future marketing mavens! Let's dive into the green side of ads. Ecological awareness in advertising isn't just a trend; it's a movement reshaping the marketing landscape. As a savvy researcher, you'll explore how brands are turning over a new leaf to appeal to the eco-conscious consumer. Here's a quick rundown of what you might cover:

  • The rise of green marketing strategies and their impact on consumer perception.
  • Case studies on successful campaigns that married profitability with sustainability.
  • The role of social media in amplifying ecological messages.

But wait, there's more! You could also look into how ecological awareness influences brand loyalty and purchasing decisions. Imagine dissecting the strategies of companies that have nailed this balance. It's not just about slapping a green label on products; it's about genuine commitment and transparent communication .

Remember, your thesis could be a game-changer. It's not just an academic exercise; it's a chance to contribute to a sustainable future in marketing. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to dig into the green goldmine of eco-friendly advertising!

11. Product Quality Impact on Consumer Satisfaction

Let's dive into how product quality can make or break consumer satisfaction. You know the drill: you buy something, and it either meets your expectations or it doesn't. But here's the kicker: the effect of product quality on satisfaction is huge . It's not just about whether a product works; it's about how it makes you feel.

Consider this: a study titled '(PDF) Examining the Product Quality Attributes That Influences ...' suggests that even when products are low-priced, their quality still plays a pivotal role in customer satisfaction. So, if you're thinking about exploring this topic for your thesis, you're onto something big. Here's a quick list to get you started:

  • Assess the direct impact of product quality on customer loyalty.
  • Explore the role of quality in brand perception among consumers.
  • Analyze the relationship between product quality and consumer trust.

And remember, a website that offers a thesis action plan and academic project tools can be a goldmine for resources. It's not just about the data; it's about understanding the customer satisfaction journey from a holistic perspective. So, gear up and get ready to uncover the intricate ties between product quality and the hearts of consumers.

12. Consumer Understanding of Brand Values

Hey there, future marketing mavens! Let's dive into the world of brand values and how they resonate with consumers. New research shows that brand values influence what companies consumers choose , and it's not just about the product anymore. It's about what the brand stands for, its ethics, and the overall customer experience.

Consider this: a brand is like a promise, a commitment to certain values and principles. When consumers understand and align with these values, they're more likely to become loyal advocates. For instance, a study comparing Starbucks and McDonald's revealed how consumer perceptions of brand values can significantly impact their buying decisions.

But how do you measure this understanding? Here's a quick list to get you started:

  • Conduct surveys to gauge consumer awareness of your brand's values.
  • Analyze social media engagement to see how consumers interact with your brand's message.
  • Study brand evangelism and how it relates to consumer loyalty.

Remember, building a personal brand in academia or the business world involves reflecting on strengths and being consistent. It's all about creating a unique identity that people trust and want to follow. So, keep these insights in mind as you craft your thesis on the ever-evolving landscape of consumer-brand relationships!

13. Digital Methods for Brand Salience

Hey there, future marketing mavens! Ready to dive into the digital deep end? Let's talk about boosting your brand's visibility in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Brand salience isn't just about being seen; it's about being remembered. And in 2024, it's all about leveraging cutting-edge digital methods to make sure your brand sticks in the minds of consumers.

First things first, you've got to understand the digital ethics of the game. It's a moral maze out there, with human rights and misinformation battles to navigate. But don't sweat it; with integrity as your compass, you'll find your way through. Now, onto the fun stuff!

Here's a quick list to get you started on your path to digital dominance:

  • Utilize AI-driven analytics to track brand awareness and consumer perceptions.
  • Engage with your audience through personalized content that resonates.
  • Implement social media strategies that align with your brand values and speak to your target demographic.
  • Explore the power of micro-influencers who can amplify your message authentically.

Remember, it's not just about throwing your brand into the digital void and hoping for the best. It's about crafting a strategy that's as dynamic as the platforms you're using. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to set your brand apart with a killer brand awareness strategy that's powered by strong social media marketing. And hey, if you ever feel lost, just think of this as your Ultimate Brand Awareness Guide for 2024!

14. Product Availability Impact on SME Brand Image

Imagine you're a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) trying to carve out your niche in a crowded market. Your brand image is everything, right? Now, think about how product availability can make or break that image. When your products are readily available , customers see you as reliable and trustworthy. But if they're often out of stock, frustration mounts and your brand image could take a hit.

Here's a quick list to consider when evaluating product availability's impact on your brand image:

  • Consistency in stock levels
  • Communication with customers about availability
  • Strategies for managing supply chain disruptions

Remember, your brand image isn't just about the logo or the catchy slogan; it's about the customer's entire experience with your company. And yes, that includes whether they can get their hands on your products when they want them. Need some guidance on this topic? Websites offer tools and resources for academic writing, thesis revision, and dissertation writing, including guides, templates, and tips for students and professors. They can be a goldmine for your research!

15. Brand Reputation Transition Across Industries

You've seen it happen: a brand that's a household name in one industry decides to leap into another, and suddenly, it's like they're a whole new player. But how do they do it? It's all about the art of rebranding and adapting core values to resonate with a new audience. Take Virgin Cola, for example, which tried to bring its rebellious spirit from music and airlines to the soft drink industry.

When you're tackling this topic, you'll want to dive into case studies that show the strategies and lessons learnt from those who've done it successfully. Here's a sneak peek into what you might explore:

  • The importance of maintaining brand integrity while innovating
  • How consumer perceptions can shift with industry changes
  • The role of marketing campaigns in repositioning a brand

And if you're looking for resources to guide your thesis, websites like Research Rebels offer tools and academic writing guides that can be a game-changer for your project. They provide not just content, but a supportive community to help you navigate the complexities of academic writing.

16. Beauty Brands' Direct Marketing on YouTube

Hey there, future marketing guru! If you're eyeing the beauty industry, you've got to understand the power of YouTube. It's not just about slapping ads on videos; it's about crafting a strategy that speaks directly to your audience. Beauty brands have found a goldmine in YouTube's direct marketing capabilities , and here's why:

  • Authenticity is key. Viewers crave real, relatable content, and beauty brands that deliver this can see a significant boost in engagement.
  • Collaboration with influencers can skyrocket your brand's visibility. Think tutorials, reviews, and the ever-popular 'get ready with me' videos.
  • Analytics are your best friend. YouTube offers deep insights into viewer behavior, allowing you to tailor your content for maximum impact.

Remember, it's not just about the products; it's about the story you tell and the community you build. Dive into the world of YouTube marketing with these insights, and you'll be setting yourself up for a thesis that's as compelling as the latest beauty vlog.

17. Internet Marketing for Global Companies

As you dive into the world of internet marketing for global companies, remember that the landscape is constantly evolving. Navigating this dynamic field requires a keen understanding of both the technological and cultural nuances that influence consumer behavior across borders.

Start by exploring foundational resources like ' Internet Marketing: A Beginner's Guide in 2024 ' from Forbes Advisor, which can offer you a solid grounding in the basics. Then, deepen your knowledge with insights from the Journal of International Marketing , a peer-reviewed journal that's all about advancing international marketing practice, research, and theory.

Don't forget to draw inspiration from successful campaigns. For instance, check out the global marketing strategies of brands like Airbnb and Spotify, as highlighted by VeraContent. These case studies can spark ideas for how to scale your business and resonate with an international audience.

Here's a quick list to get you started on your journey:

  • Understand the digital landscape and its tools
  • Study cultural differences and consumer behavior
  • Analyze successful global marketing campaigns
  • Keep up with the latest trends in search engine marketing and social media ads

Embrace the challenge, and you might just find your brand becoming a household name across the globe.

18. International Market Failure Causes

Ever wondered why some companies make it big internationally while others stumble? Let's dive into the causes of international market failure . First off, it's not just about having a killer product or service. There's a whole lot more at play.

For starters, cultural misunderstandings can tank your global ambitions faster than you can say 'faux pas'. Imagine launching a campaign that's a hit at home but offends overseas customers – yikes! And don't get me started on the legal and regulatory hurdles. Each country has its own maze of rules, and one wrong step can mean game over.

Here's a quick list of common pitfalls:

  • Inadequate market research
  • Poor understanding of local consumer behavior
  • Underestimating language barriers
  • Overlooking local competition
  • Failing to adapt your marketing mix

Remember, knowledge is power. Equip yourself with the right thesis tools and academic guides to navigate these choppy waters. Whether it's templates, planners, or tips for academic excellence, make sure you're prepared. After all, you don't want to be a case study in what not to do, right?

19. Small Companies with Global Appeal

Ever wondered how a small startup can transform into a global phenomenon? It's all about mastering the global markets and connecting with consumers in the most effective way. Small companies with global appeal often share a few key traits: they're agile, innovative, and they understand the power of a strong online presence.

  • Agility allows them to adapt quickly to new markets.
  • Innovation keeps them competitive against larger corporations.
  • Online presence is crucial for reaching a worldwide audience without the need for a physical footprint.

But it's not just about having a slick website or a catchy hashtag. It's about crafting a marketing strategy that resonates across cultures and languages. Take a look at 'What is Global Marketing? See 13 Businesses with Brilliant Strategies' for some inspiration. Remember, resources like Research Rebels can provide an academic project planner and tools for your research proposal, ensuring you're well-equipped to tackle your thesis on this topic.

20. International Business Leadership

So, you're diving into the world of international business leadership , huh? It's a wild ride, with every decision echoing across borders. Leadership in a global context isn't just about being the boss; it's about understanding the nuances of different cultures and markets. Here's a quick rundown of what you need to keep in mind:

  • Cultural Sensitivity : You've got to speak the language, both literally and figuratively. Knowing the customs and values of your international colleagues can make or break your success.
  • Strategic Vision : Seeing the big picture is crucial. How do your decisions align with global trends and economic shifts?
  • Adaptability : Markets fluctuate, politics change, and businesses must evolve. Can you pivot on the fly?
  • Ethical Leadership : With great power comes great responsibility. Are your business practices benefiting everyone involved?

Remember, the goal is to not just lead, but to inspire and drive progress on a global scale. And if you're feeling overwhelmed, don't sweat it. There are plenty of resources out there to help you on this journey, like Research Rebels , which offers tools and resources for academic writing , including thesis action plan, worksheets, and guides for students and professors. They even have articles on academic writing and research to make your thesis journey less daunting.

21. Cultural Differences Impact on Business

Ever wondered why some businesses thrive in international waters while others barely stay afloat? It's all about understanding and adapting to cultural differences . Culture shapes every aspect of a business , from management styles to employee expectations, and it's crucial for success in the global market.

Here's a quick rundown of areas where cultural nuances play a pivotal role:

  • Management and leadership approaches
  • Marketing and advertising strategies
  • Customer service expectations
  • Negotiation and communication styles

For instance, what works in terms of marketing in one country might be a complete turn-off in another due to cultural sensitivities. And when it comes to leadership, the socio-cultural background of management can significantly influence relationships within the company. If you're diving into a thesis on this topic, consider exploring the impact of cultural differences on various business aspects. You'll find a wealth of resources and tools for academic writing, including thesis action plans and guides, to help you navigate through this complex subject. Remember, in the world of international business, cultural intelligence is not just an asset; it's a necessity.

22. War Effects on Companies' Profits

When you think about war, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn't the stock market or corporate profits. Yet, believe it or not, war can have a profound impact on businesses, sometimes even benefiting certain sectors. Despite the ethical concerns , companies in the defense industry often experience a surge in demand, leading to increased profits during wartime.

But it's not just about weapons manufacturers; other industries can be affected too. Here's a quick rundown of how war might influence different business sectors:

  • Defense and Aerospace : Increased government contracts for military equipment.
  • Oil and Gas : Fluctuations in oil prices can lead to windfall profits or losses.
  • Construction : Rebuilding efforts post-conflict can boost demand for construction services.
  • Healthcare : Heightened need for medical supplies and services in conflict zones.

Remember, while some companies might see a temporary boost, war can also disrupt global supply chains, leading to losses for businesses reliant on international trade. If you're diving into this topic for your thesis, consider exploring the ethical implications and long-term effects on the global economy. And if you need help shaping your research, websites like Research Rebels offer thesis writing tools , academic guides, and resources to support students and professors through the process.

23. Successful International Brands Case Studies

Let's dive into the world of international brands that have made a splash across borders. You know the ones—they're the brands that seem to have cracked the code on global appeal. Take the "Share a Coke" campaign , for instance. It's a classic example of a marketing initiative that resonated worldwide, turning a simple beverage into a personalized experience.

But it's not just about clever campaigns. A deep dive into the strategies of these brands reveals a treasure trove of insights. For example, examining the Coca-Cola brand's international strategy can provide a wealth of knowledge on how to propel a brand's presence in various markets.

Here's a quick list of what you can learn from these case studies:

  • The importance of cultural sensitivity and adaptation
  • Innovative marketing tactics that transcend language barriers
  • Building a consistent brand image while catering to local tastes

Remember, every brand's journey offers unique lessons. Whether it's the holistic approach of Research Rebels or the comprehensive analysis of Coca-Cola's international strategy, there's a goldmine of wisdom waiting for you. So, grab your notebook and get ready to uncover the secrets behind some of the most successful international brands!

24. Top Business Languages

Ever wondered why some folks seem to have a knack for international business? Well, it might just be their mastery of top business languages . Knowing the right language can open doors to new markets and opportunities. But hey, don't sweat it if you're not a polyglot yet; starting with any of these languages can give you a leg up in the global business arena.

Here's a quick rundown of languages that are making waves in the business world:

  • English: The undisputed champion of business communication.
  • Mandarin: A must-know for anyone eyeing the Chinese market.
  • Spanish: Widely spoken across the Americas and growing in business influence.
  • German: The language of Europe's largest economy.
  • French: Not just the language of love, but also a key player in African markets.

Remember, it's not just about speaking the language; it's about understanding the culture that comes with it. Dive into resources like the Journal of Interactive Marketing to get a grip on how language shapes business interactions. And if you're knee-deep in thesis work, don't overlook websites offering thesis-related tools and academic writing guides. They can be a lifesaver when you're trying to make sense of international business lingo and practices.

25. Changes in International Trade and more

As you dive into the complexities of international trade, you'll find that 2024 is a year brimming with transformative trends and policies. Last year's policy developments are set to have a profound impact on how global trade operates, especially with the increasing importance of data flows between countries and the emphasis on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria.

Here's a snapshot of what to watch out for:

  • The rise of e-commerce and its integration into traditional trade systems.
  • Mexico's growing role in international trade, expanding its footprint beyond expectations.
  • The unfolding situation of Section 301 China duties and its implications for trade relations.

These topics are not just academic; they're real-world issues that will affect economies and businesses worldwide. Whether you're examining the enforcement of labor standards or the strategic moves of international brands, understanding these dynamics is crucial for any marketing thesis that aims to be relevant and insightful.

In the dynamic world of international trade, staying informed and adapting to changes is crucial for success. Our comprehensive guide, '25. Changes in International Trade and more' , offers valuable insights into the latest trends and strategies in the global market. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills. Visit our website now to explore the guide and take the first step towards mastering international trade!

Wrapping It Up: Your Marketing Thesis Adventure Awaits!

Phew! That was quite the expedition through the marketing thesis jungle, wasn't it? We've armed you with 100 exceptional topics to kickstart your research odyssey in 2024. Remember, whether you're dissecting consumer behavior or exploring the digital marketing cosmos, your thesis is more than just an academic requirement—it's your chance to contribute to the ever-evolving marketing landscape. So, take a deep breath, pick a topic that ignites your passion, and dive in! And hey, if you ever feel lost, just swing back to Research Rebels for a pep talk or a pointer. We're here to help you navigate through the thicket of research and emerge victorious. Ready to become a Research Rebel? Let's make your thesis journey one for the books!

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Certainly, Research Rebels addresses the intersection of technology and marketing, offering topics on internet marketing for global companies, the efficacy of direct marketing on YouTube, and the role of social media in e-commerce, among others.

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thesis topics for digital marketing

Social media and Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics

Which is the best topic in digital marketing? Are you looking for help with digital marketing dissertation topics? Here we’ve got the best research proposal topics and dissertation topics on digital marketing. You can use these for your undergrad and master’s research projects. Moreover, we can help you in completing your dissertations on any of […]

Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics

Table of Contents

Which is the best topic in digital marketing?

Are you looking for help with digital marketing dissertation topics? Here we’ve got the best research proposal topics and dissertation topics on digital marketing. You can use these for your undergrad and master’s research projects. Moreover, we can help you in completing your dissertations on any of the selected digital marketing dissertation topics.

Topic 1: “The Evolution of Digital Marketing Strategies in a Post-Pandemic World”

Brief : This dissertation topic delves into the transformation of digital marketing strategies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It explores how businesses have adapted their approaches in a rapidly changing landscape, focusing on shifts in content, social media, e-commerce, and consumer behavior.

This research aims to provide insights into the strategies that proved effective during the pandemic, shedding light on the evolving role of digital marketing in the new normal. It is a timely and relevant topic that addresses the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

 Topic 2: “The Impact of Social Media Influencers on Brand Promotion and Consumer Engagement”

Brief : This dissertation topic delves into the dynamic world of social media marketing, focusing on the role of social media influencers in brand promotion and consumer engagement. It seeks to explore the strategies employed by brands to collaborate with influencers and the impact of these collaborations on brand awareness, consumer trust, and purchase behavior.

The research aims to understand how influencers leverage their online presence and audience trust to amplify brand messages, dissecting the effectiveness of influencer marketing across different industries and platforms. By analyzing real-world case studies and conducting consumer surveys, this study investigates the nuanced relationship between influencers, brands, and consumers in the social media landscape.

The findings will contribute to a deeper understanding of the strategies and challenges in leveraging social media influencers for brand promotion.

More Marketing Post.

You can check our website for more topics on other related fields, including marketing , sociology , business management , advertising , branding , and business administration .

Top Trending Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics

  • The Impact of Social Media Influencers on Consumer Behavior: A Comparative Study across Different Industries.
  • Personalization in E-commerce: Strategies, Challenges, and Consumer Perceptions.
  • The Role of Content Marketing in Building Brand Loyalty: A Case Study Approach.
  • Mobile Marketing Trends: Analyzing the Effectiveness of Mobile Apps versus Mobile Websites.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Best Practices: A Comprehensive Analysis of Techniques and Algorithms.
  • The Rise of Voice Search: Implications for SEO and Digital Marketing Strategies.
  • Email Marketing Effectiveness in the Age of GDPR: Compliance and Consumer Engagement.
  • Video Marketing: Exploring its Influence on Brand Awareness and Consumer Engagement.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing: Opportunities and Challenges for Marketers.
  • Gamification in Marketing: Engaging Consumers through Interactive Content.
  • The Role of Augmented Reality (AR) in Enhancing the Consumer Experience: A Comparative Study.
  • Chatbots in Customer Service: Evaluating their Impact on Customer Satisfaction and Brand Perception.
  • Influencer Marketing Metrics: Assessing ROI and Performance Measurement Strategies.
  • Data Privacy and Consumer Trust: Navigating the Ethical Landscape of Digital Marketing.
  • Omnichannel Marketing Strategies: Integration and Coordination across Multiple Platforms.
  • Consumer Behavior in the Age of Digital Transformation: Trends and Insights.
  • The Influence of Online Reviews on Consumer Decision-Making: A Meta-Analysis.
  • Blockchain Technology in Digital Marketing: Applications and Future Prospects.
  • Social Media Crisis Management: Strategies for Maintaining Brand Reputation.
  • Sustainability Marketing in the Digital Era: Strategies for Green Brands.
  • Neuromarketing: Understanding Consumer Behavior through Neuroscience Techniques.
  • The Role of User-Generated Content (UGC) in Shaping Brand Perception.
  • The Effect of COVID-19 on Digital Marketing Practices: Adaptation Strategies and Future Trends.

More Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics

Here is the list of some Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics and Research Topics for master’s and undergraduate student.

  • Assessing the perspectives on setting the future of digital and social media marketing research.
  • Evaluating the importance of customer satisfaction for a digital marketing agency.
  • A case study analysis of Google Search Engine marketing – case example
  • To explore the impact of Google, double-click on new product launches.
  • Examining the types of social media strategies for the online shopping cart.
  • What are the skills that marketers need to develop for impressive digital marketing based on social media?
  • A comparative analysis of traditional marketing and digital marketing
  • Evaluating the role of Facebook Analytics for targeted marketing.
  • To find out the preferences of customers on coupon-based promotional activities.
  • To what extent do the discount coupons act as a digital marketing tool to drive sales and achieve customer loyalty
  • A strategic comparison and evaluation of tools to analyze digital marketing competitors.
  • An impact of visual keyword tools for search engine marketing.
  • How has video marketing evolved in the past 5 years?
  • How knowledge of good SEO strategy helps marketers in enhancing the brand site ranking.
  • Is the pay-per-click advertising effective for brands?
  • How can marketers improve visual search by managing digital content?
  • What is the difference between content marketing and digital copywriting?
  • An exploration of effective strategies for social media management and marketing
  • Examining the critical role of email marketing in the context of digital marketing?
  • How can marketers design effective emails to attract and influence potential customers?
  • To what extent do social media stories influence the behavior and perceptions of consumers?
  • How can digital marketers take advantage of voice search commands to meet customer needs?
  • The role of social media in boosting sales for restaurants in 2023
  • Is the e-commerce model less risky in this era of the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Exploring the emerging concept of micro-moments in the online world of commerce
  • How are marketers taking advantage of omnichannel tracking in the banking industry?
  • Examining the growing use of browser push notifications in the marketing model.
  • To find out how marketers are taking advantage of augmented reading (AR) and immersive technologies.
  • To study the digital commerce world focusing on the impact of disrupted technology of Industry 4.0.
  • How does geofencing contribute to effective marketing communication?
  • Exploring the role of user-generated content in building brand image and reputation.
  • How are progressive web apps being used by multinational brands?
  • To find out the impact of advancing digital marketing trends on customer perceptions.
  • To study the role of individual personalization through digital marketing tools to achieve customer loyalty.
  • To examine the implementation of blockchain technology in the field of digital marketing.
  • Studying the concept of SERP position zero in the SEO world and its impact on digital marketing goals.
  • To what extent does artificial intelligence provide commercial opportunities to businesses in this era of e-commerce?
  • How digital marketers are coping with the challenges and risks brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • An analysis of effective digital content management tools and techniques.
  • How are chatbots helping marketers in meeting customer needs?
  • Exploring the importance of personalizing the marketing content to influence the target customers.
  • How are digital influencers playing their role in word-of-mouth marketing?
  • Are the growing social messaging apps contributing to the achievement of digital marketing tools?
  • Has Google Lens contributed to brand recognition in recent years?
  • Examining the impact of different laws and regulations that influence digital marketing tactics in Middle East countries.
  • To find out the best email marketing strategies for e-commerce businesses.
  • To study the evolution of Google algorithms and their impact on brand strategies.
  • How does content marketing facilitate achieving marketing goals?
  • Examining the impact of social commerce on the emerging opportunities for sales.

Social Media Marketing Dissertation Topics

These dissertation topics cover a wide range of aspects in the field of social media marketing, providing opportunities for in-depth research and contributions to the evolving digital marketing landscape.

  • The Role of Influencer Marketing in Shaping Consumer Brand Perception.
  • Analyzing the Impact of Social Media Advertising on Consumer Purchase Intent.
  • Measuring Social Media Engagement and Its Effects on Brand Loyalty.
  • Investigating the Effectiveness of User-Generated Content in Social Media Campaigns.
  • The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Personalized Social Media Marketing.
  • The Ethical Implications of Data Privacy in Social Media Advertising.
  • The Influence of Social Media on Impulse Buying Behavior.
  • The Effectiveness of Storytelling in Social Media Marketing Campaigns.
  • The Role of Social Media in Crisis Management and Brand Reputation.
  • The Use of Augmented Reality (AR) in Social Media Marketing.
  • Analyzing the Impact of Video Content on Social Media Marketing Success.
  • Exploring Cross-Platform Social Media Strategies for Multinational Brands.
  • Measuring the Effect of Social Media Marketing on E-commerce Sales.
  • The Impact of Social Media on Political Campaigns and Voter Behavior.
  • Investigating the Role of User Engagement in Social Media Algorithm Changes.
  • The Effectiveness of Social Media Contests and Giveaways in Brand Promotion.
  • The Influence of Social Media on Sustainability Branding and Consumer Choices.
  • The Use of Chatbots and AI in Social Media Customer Service.
  • The Role of Social Media in Shaping Beauty Standards and Body Image.
  • Analyzing the Impact of Social Media Marketing on B2B Sales and Lead Generation.

In conclusion, the dissertation topics explored herein offer a comprehensive glimpse into the dynamic realm of digital marketing. From the influence of social media influencers to the impact of emerging technologies like AI and AR, each topic underscores the evolving nature of consumer behavior, technological innovation, and ethical considerations within the digital landscape.

As marketers navigate this ever-changing terrain, these topics serve as signposts for informed decision-making, strategic adaptation, and continued exploration of new opportunities in the digital marketing sphere.

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Paid Topic Mini Proposal (500 Words)

You will get the topics first and then the mini proposal which includes:

  • An explanation why we choose this topic.
  • 2-3 research questions.
  • Key literature resources identification.
  • Suitable methodology including raw sample size and data collection method
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Topic brief help

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Research Topics & Ideas: Marketing

50+ Marketing Research Topic Ideas To Fast-Track Your Project

Marketing and advertising-based research topics

Finding and choosing a strong research topic is the critical first step when it comes to crafting a high-quality dissertation, thesis or research project. If you’ve landed on this post, chances are you’re looking for a marketing-related research topic , but aren’t sure where to start. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Here, we’ll explore a variety of marketing-related research ideas and topic thought-starters, covering both traditional marketing (offline media) and digital marketing (including social media marketing, content marketing and the like). We’ll also look at actual dissertations and theses from marketing students to give you a view of what a well-defined research topic looks like.

NB – This is just the start…

The topic ideation and evaluation process has multiple steps . In this post, we’ll kickstart the process by sharing some research topic ideas within the marketing domain. This is the starting point, but to develop a well-defined research topic, you’ll need to identify a clear and convincing research gap , along with a well-justified plan of action to fill that gap.

If you’re new to the oftentimes perplexing world of research, or if this is your first time undertaking a formal academic research project, be sure to check out our free dissertation mini-course. In it, we cover the process of writing a dissertation or thesis from start to end. Be sure to also sign up for our free webinar that explores how to find a high-quality research topic. 

Overview: Marketing-Related Topics

  • How to find a research topic (video)
  • Traditional (offline) marketing topics/ideas
  • Digital (online) marketing topics/ideas
  • Examples of actual dissertation topics
  • Free Webinar : Topic Ideation 101
  • Where to get extra help

How To Find A Research Topic

Before we look at specific research ideas and topics, it’s useful to first understand what the topic ideation process entails and how to go about finding and refining viable topic ideas. In the video below, we cover exactly that. So, if you’re a first-time researcher, be sure to watch this tutorial before jumping into the collection of marketing research topics we present below. 

Research topic idea mega list

Now that you’ve got a big-picture view of the topic ideation process, we can dive into a few research ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Please note that these research topic ideas are intentionally broad and generic, so you will need to refine them a fair deal using the techniques we discussed in the video above.

To make life a little easier for you, we’ve grouped the topic ideas based on two main categories – traditional marketing and digital / online marketing . For the latter, we’ve divided it up into a few subcategories, including social media marketing, content marketing and search marketing. That said, there is naturally some overlap between topics, so keep this in mind.

Research Ideas: Traditional Marketing

  • The perceived effectiveness of different types of direct mail campaigns (e.g., postcards, catalogues, brochures) among small business owners in New York
  • The perception and use of traditional marketing in creating and nurturing customer loyalty and retention among UK Financial Firms.
  • The impact of demographic targeting on traditional marketing performance among green businesses
  • The perception of different types of sales promotion (e.g., discounts, coupons, contests) among GenZ consumers
  • The continued use of celebrity endorsements in traditional marketing campaigns, post-2020.
  • Exploring factors related to outdoor advertising recall in India
  • Measuring the ROI of traditional marketing efforts: a review of current methods
  • Comparing the effectiveness of different traditional media channels (e.g., television, radio, print) in driving engagement and conversions among established brands
  • The use of public relations in traditional marketing campaigns among large insurance companies
  • The role of event marketing in building brand awareness and engagement: perceptions among marketing professionals in the UK

Free Webinar: How To Find A Dissertation Research Topic

Research Ideas: Digital/Online Marketing

Social media marketing

  • The use of artificial intelligence in social media marketing among online fashion companies in Sweden
  • The impact of social media on public relations and media relations: a Case Study of Nandos
  • The role of Twitter in crisis communication and reputation management: a discourse analysis
  • The impact of social media influencer presence on brand loyalty and customer retention among Gen X.
  • The use of social media for market research and consumer insights among SMEs in Kenya
  • The impact of social media on consumer buying behaviour of fast food in Italy
  • The challenges and opportunities of social media in global and multicultural marketing: perceptions of marketing departments in large corporations
  • The relationship between social media engagement and website traffic: an analysis of fitness brands
  • The effectiveness of influencer marketing on social media platforms for household cleaning products in the UK
  • The perceptions and understanding of paid vs organic social media advertising among Gen Z consumers in San Francisco

Content marketing

  • The use and understanding of micro-moments in creating personalized content experiences among content creators in the USA
  • Comparing the effectiveness of methods of personalization of content marketing: an evaluation of best practice
  • The experiences and use of SEO in content marketing strategy among small online businesses
  • The use of social media influencers in content marketing campaigns: a Case Study of Hello Fresh
  • Comparing different content distribution channels for different types of content: perceptions of best practices among content marketing experts
  • The use of user-generated content in building brand trust and engagement among green companies in the UK
  • Measuring the ROI of content marketing efforts among luxury brands
  • The perception and use of Chat GPT in content creation among small online businesses
  • The perceptions of interactive and immersive content formats (e.g., virtual reality, augmented reality) in marketing among consumers: an experimental study
  • Comparing image and text-based content formats in driving engagement and conversions on social media: a multi-case study of NGOs

Research topic evaluator

Search engine marketing

  • The effectiveness of different ad formats (e.g., text ads, shopping ads, video ads) in Search Engine Marketing for tourist destinations
  • The impact of search engine algorithm updates on Search Engine Marketing performance – who are the winners and losers?
  • The perception and use of AI and machine learning in Search Engine Marketing strategy and bidding optimization within a UK marketing agency
  • The use of voice search and its impact on Search Engine Marketing among food retailers in Switzerland
  • The role of local SEO in driving brick-and-mortar sales: a case study of a local fashion outlet in France
  • The impact of mobile optimization on Search Engine Marketing performance and conversion rates in Nigeria
  • Comparing analytical tools for measuring ROI of Search Engine Marketing campaigns
  • The effectiveness of different types of keywords and search queries in driving traffic towards restaurants in Italy
  • The use of remarketing and retargeting in search engine marketing campaigns among marketers
  • The understanding and use of schema markup and structured data in improving Search engine marketing performance among Start-Ups

Research Topic Kickstarter - Need Help Finding A Research Topic?

Email marketing

  • The perception and use of AI and machine learning in email marketing among NGOs: a focus on personalized content and dynamic segmentation
  • The effectiveness of email subject line strategies in driving open and click-through rates: an experimental study
  • Comparing A/B testing and multivariate testing in improving email marketing performance: a case study
  • The use of personalization on email marketing performance among craft bloggers
  • The impact of automated email marketing among local online retailers on customer loyalty and retention
  • The use of automation and triggered emails in increasing engagement and conversion rates for online courses
  • The perception and understanding of GDPR and other data privacy regulations on email marketing among SMEs
  • The role of mobile optimization in email marketing targeting Gen Z consumers
  • The challenges of measuring the ROI of email marketing campaigns: perceptions of SMEs
  • The effectiveness of different email formats (e.g., text-based, HTML, interactive) in driving engagement: A/B testing for a small online retailer

Marketing-Related Dissertations & Theses

While the ideas we’ve presented above are a decent starting point for finding marketing-related research topic, they are fairly generic and non-specific. So, it helps to look at actual dissertations and theses to see how this all comes together.

Below, we’ve included a selection of research projects from various marketing-related degree programs to help refine your thinking. These are actual dissertations and theses, written as part of Master’s and PhD-level programs, so they can provide some useful insight as to what a research topic looks like in practice.

  • The Influences of Brand Personality, Culture, and Social Media on Iconic Brand Preferences (Whelan, 2021)
  • Customer Success and the Transformation of Customer Relationships (Raines, 2022)
  • The Effects of Online Incentivized Reviews on Organic Review Ratings (Jeong, 2020)
  • Are You For Real? The Consumption-Driven Self-Authentication Process And Its Effects On Perceived Brand Authenticity (Kuchmaner, 2020)
  • You Are What You Eat: How Food Texture And Packaging Influence Consumer Well-Being (Ning, 2020)
  • Social Dialogic Listening: Connecting Marketing Activity To Strategy (Collins, 2020)
  • Millennials’ Attitudes Towards Influencer Marketing And Purchase Intentions (Yu, 2019)
  • Cannibalization between Two Mercedes-Benz Models and Consumer Behavior (Ma, 2020)
  • Selling and Buying Aspects of Used Products That Are Brand Anthropomorphized (Kim, 2019)
  • Global Identity: Conceptualization, Measurement, And Implications For Marketing Strategy (Yoruk, 2022)
  • The Intersection of Organizational Frontline Marketing and a High-Tech World (Krotz, 2021)
  • The Unexplored Impacts of Communication Elements in Marketing (Trinh, 2022)
  • Founder Social Identity As A Predictor Of Customer And Competitor Orientation In Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises (Rutherford, 2021)

Looking at these titles, you can probably pick up that the research topics here are far more specific and narrowly-focused , compared to the generic ones presented earlier. This is an important thing to keep in mind as you develop your own research topic. That is to say, to create a top-notch research topic, you must be precise and target a specific context with specific variables of interest . In other words, you need to identify a clear, well-justified research gap.

Fast-Track Your Research Topic

If you’re still feeling a bit unsure about how to find a research topic for your marketing dissertation or thesis, check out our 1-on-1 private coaching services below.

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80 Digital Marketing Research Topics

FacebookXEmailWhatsAppRedditPinterestLinkedInAre you a student at the undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral level seeking captivating research topics in the field of digital marketing? Look no further. With our comprehensive list of digital marketing research topics, you can find inspiration and select a research area that aligns with your interests and academic goals. Digital marketing has become an […]

digital marketing research topics

Are you a student at the undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral level seeking captivating research topics in the field of digital marketing? Look no further. With our comprehensive list of digital marketing research topics, you can find inspiration and select a research area that aligns with your interests and academic goals.

Digital marketing has become an integral part of modern business strategies, and as such, there are numerous exciting research avenues to explore. The possibilities are vast, from emerging technologies and social media marketing to data analytics and consumer behaviour in the digital age. Whether you’re looking to investigate the effectiveness of digital advertising , explore the impact of influencer marketing , or delve into the ethical considerations of data privacy in digital marketing, there is a wealth of research opportunities awaiting you. Embark on your research journey and make valuable contributions to the ever-evolving field of digital marketing.

A List Of Potential Research Topics In Digital Marketing:

  • Assessing the effectiveness of virtual events and webinars in digital marketing post-Covid-19.
  • The influence of social media advertising on consumer perceptions of brand authenticity.
  • Analyzing the impact of influencer marketing on brand loyalty and repeat purchase behaviour.
  • Cultural and regional differences influence digital marketing strategies in different parts of the UK.
  • The role of digital marketing in supporting local businesses and economic recovery post-Covid-19.
  • The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on consumer behaviour and digital marketing strategies.
  • The effectiveness of personalized email marketing campaigns in the UK market.
  • Adapting influencer marketing strategies to the changing consumer landscape post-Covid-19.
  • The impact of online customer service on customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • The effectiveness of location-based mobile advertising in driving foot traffic to physical stores.
  • The role of online brand communities in fostering customer engagement and loyalty.
  • The role of social media platforms in connecting brands with consumers during and after the pandemic.
  • Exploring the influence of online customer reviews on brand reputation and purchase intention.
  • Exploring the adoption and impact of voice search technology on digital marketing in the UK.
  • Analyzing the impact of influencer authenticity on consumer trust and brand credibility.
  • Exploring the effectiveness of retargeting strategies in increasing conversion rates.
  • The role of social media influencers in promoting UK brands and products.
  • Assessing the impact of digital advertising budget reallocation strategies in the post-Covid marketing landscape.
  • The role of online customer reviews in shaping brand reputation and consumer trust.
  • The impact of virtual reality (VR) technology on consumer behaviour and brand perception.
  • The effectiveness of personalized email marketing campaigns in nurturing customer relationships post-COVID-19.
  • The role of customer relationship management (CRM) systems in personalized digital marketing post-Covid-19.
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of video marketing campaigns on YouTube.
  • Exploring the ethical implications of data collection and privacy in digital marketing.
  • The use of chatbots in enhancing customer experience and engagement.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of social media marketing campaigns in generating leads and conversions.
  • Health and safety concerns influence consumer perceptions of digital marketing messages.
  • Investigating the role of video content marketing in driving brand awareness and engagement in the UK.
  • Exploring the role of mobile marketing and app engagement in the post-pandemic era.
  • Consumer trust and online reviews: A study of their influence on purchasing decisions.
  • The role of social media listening and sentiment analysis in monitoring consumer sentiments during and after the pandemic.
  • The use of virtual assistants (e.g., Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant) in enhancing customer experiences.
  • Analyzing the impact of online reviews and trust signals in the post-pandemic consumer decision-making.
  • The role of social media platforms in shaping consumer perceptions of luxury brands.
  • The impact of personalized recommendations in e-commerce on customer satisfaction and purchase behaviour.
  • The role of augmented reality (AR) in enhancing customer engagement and brand experiences.
  • The impact of Brexit on digital marketing strategies in the UK.
  • Assessing the impact of mobile apps on customer engagement and loyalty in the UK market.
  • The role of gamification in digital marketing and its impact on consumer engagement.
  • Analyzing the impact of user-generated content and social proof in the post-Covid digital marketing environment.
  • Analyzing the role of online communities in building brand loyalty and advocacy.
  • Data analytics and AI use in optimizing digital marketing campaigns in the aftermath of Covid-19.
  • The role of content marketing in building brand authority and thought leadership.
  • The influence of brand purpose and corporate social responsibility (CSR) in digital marketing post-Covid-19.
  • Investigating the role of user-generated content in shaping brand perceptions in the UK.
  • Investigating the effectiveness of influencer marketing campaigns in the UK market.
  • The use of big data analytics in optimizing digital marketing campaigns.
  • The influence of e-commerce and online shopping behaviour in the post-pandemic era.
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies in driving website traffic.
  • Analyzing the impact of Brexit on UK consumer attitudes and perceptions towards digital marketing activities.
  • The role of online customer reviews and ratings in influencing UK consumer purchasing decisions.
  • The impact of remote work and virtual collaborations on digital marketing teams.
  • The effectiveness of social media contests and giveaways in increasing brand awareness.
  • The impact of artificial intelligence on personalized marketing strategies.
  • The impact of mobile app marketing on customer retention and lifetime value.
  • The influence of online advertising formats (e.g., display ads, native ads) on consumer perception and engagement.
  • The impact of user-generated content on brand awareness and customer engagement.
  • The role of social media influencers in brand promotion and consumer engagement.
  • The influence of social media platforms on UK consumer behaviour and purchasing habits.
  • Exploring the use of chatbots and AI-powered customer service in UK digital marketing strategies.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of social media advertising campaigns in reaching UK consumers.
  • The impact of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) on consumer trust in digital marketing practices in the UK.
  • The impact of personalization in digital marketing on customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of location-based mobile marketing in the UK market.
  • Adapting digital marketing strategies to the “new normal” post-COVID-19.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of digital advertising regulations in the UK.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns in driving customer loyalty.
  • The effectiveness of influencer marketing in reaching niche target audiences.
  • Exploring the effectiveness of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in immersive digital marketing experiences post-COVID-19.
  • Exploring the use of chatbots in customer service and their impact on customer satisfaction.
  • Exploring the role of social media platforms in crisis communication and brand reputation management .
  • Analyzing the influence of user experience (UX) design on website engagement and conversion rates.
  • Analyzing the impact of sustainability and ethical considerations on digital marketing practices in the UK.
  • Exploring the role of online content consumption and engagement in the post-Covid digital landscape.
  • Mobile advertising and its influence on consumer behaviour in the digital age.
  • Exploring the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in personalizing digital marketing experiences in the UK.
  • The role of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in enhancing digital marketing experiences in the UK.
  • The influence of social media advertising on impulse buying behavior.
  • Exploring the role of emotional appeals in digital advertising and consumer response.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of social media influencers in driving e-commerce sales.

In conclusion, digital marketing presents a vast and ever-evolving landscape for students pursuing dissertation research at various degree levels. The provided list of research topics in digital marketing serves as a valuable resource to inspire and guide students in exploring this dynamic field. Whether you are an undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral student, these topics offer various possibilities to investigate the intricacies of digital marketing strategies, consumer behaviour, technological advancements, and industry trends. Embark on your dissertation journey with a compelling topic, curiosity, and dedication, and make your mark in digital marketing research.

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35 Digital Marketing Research Topics & Titles

Published by Alvin Nicolas at January 4th, 2023 , Revised On February 2, 2024

Digital marketing has emerged as one of the most popular subareas of marketing in the last decade. If the digital world has caught your attention and you are pursuing a degree in the field of digital marketing, it’s safe to assume that you’re looking for innovative digital marketing ideas and strategies because you will need to come up with a unique digital marketing topic for your research project.

Here is a list of fascinating and pertinent research topics related to digital marketing that can provide some inspiration. You can choose any of the below topics on internet marketing or request a custom quote for our dissertation writing service that comes with topic suggestions, research proposal , tailored delivery schedules, data analysis and free revisions.

List of Digital Marketing Research Topics

  • Evaluating the viewpoints for deciding the direction of study in digital and social media marketing.
  • Consider the elements that go into choosing a brand ambassador.
  • Evaluating a digital marketing agency’s view of the value of customer satisfaction.
  • An example of a case study analysis of google search engine marketing.
  • Examining marketers’ over-reliance on digital material to increase sales.
  • To investigate the effects of google, double-click on the introduction of new products.
  • Examining various social media marketing tactics for the online store.
  • Evaluation of the YouTube direct sales potential for vision brands
  • What talents do marketers need to master to execute effective social media-based digital marketing?
  • How does brand perception in SMEs relate to product availability?
  • Analysing traditional and digital marketing side by side
  • Assessing Facebook Analytics’ contribution to targeted marketing.
  • An examination of what the clients want in terms of coupon-based promotional activity.
  • How can businesses use social media to cultivate relationships with customers?
  • How well do discount coupons serve as a digital marketing technique to increase sales and win over customers?
  • An analysis of methods for comparing and evaluating competitors in digital marketing.
  • How do SEO tactics aid marketers in raising the rating of brand websites?
  • How can marketers use digital content management to enhance visual search?
  • Understand how hospitality marketers use SEO to increase sales and gain a competitive advantage over their rivals.
  • How would an AI-driven marketing strategy impact a company’s marketing activities?
  • Evaluate the benefits of Big Data analytics for healthcare and understand how it impacts patient satisfaction.
  • Explain why ratings and reviews on social media are critical to growing a customer base.
  • An examination of successful marketing and management techniques for social media?
  • An examination of the crucial function of email marketing in the context of digital marketing?
  • How can marketers create compelling emails to engage and persuade new customers?
  • To what extent do social media stories influence people’s behaviour and perceptions of products?
  • How can digital marketers use voice search commands to serve their customers better
  • Exploring the emerging concept of micro-moments in the world of online commerce.
  • In what ways are marketers in the banking sector using omnichannel tracking?
  • To explore the marketing model’s increasing use of push notifications in the browser.
  • To explore how digital marketing tools are used for customisation to attract customers.
  • To explore how blockchain technology is being used in the world of digital marketing.
  • To explore the idea of SERP position zero in the context of SEO and how it influences digital marketing goals.
  • What commercial opportunities does artificial intelligence offer businesses in the age of e-commerce?
  • Examine the importance of tailoring marketing content to the target audience.

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  • History Thesis Topics

Tips to Find the Best Digital Marketing Research Topic

Have an understanding of the future.

Students always lack an understanding of the future to determine whether the topic they have chosen will be important in the future or not. Therefore, you should always predict to determine whether the topic will be suitable or helpful in writing in the future.

Choose a Simple Topic

Throwing yourself into something complex and believing that you will succeed is only helpful for something as simple as school homework. However, choosing a tricky topic for the research paper is not beneficial in the long run and therefore does not make sense. Instead of fretting over something difficult, decide on a simple topic that is quick to research and easy to write about.

Write about your Area of Interest

Choosing an intriguing topic is crucial for a dissertation in digital marketing because a boring topic makes the argument less exciting and harder to conclude. A fascinating topic, on the other hand, piques the reader’s interest and encourages them to research further and present their thesis.

Background Research

Don’t forget to gather background information so that you can decide whether the topic is worth writing about. Students believe it is a good idea to choose thesis topics that make it easy to gather a lot of information and ensure that the work is worth what they put into it.

Adhere to the University Standards

The topic of the digital marketing thesis must comply with your university standards. It means that the dissertation format must meet the requirements of the individual universities, each of which has its terms and conditions.

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As a guide to help students, we have provided the top digital marketing topics and marketing dissertation topics on EssaysUK . These topics are intended to guide students of all academic levels, including Master’s and PhD.

Because a topic also defines the scope of the dissertation research work, it would be sensible to spend sufficient time finding gaps in the literature that you could fill.

Frequently Asked Questions

How digital marketing transforms the way of marketing.

Digital marketing revolutionizes marketing by leveraging online platforms, data analytics, and targeted approaches to reach and engage audiences effectively, providing measurable results and real-time interactions, making it more efficient and adaptable in today’s digital age.

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Marketing Dissertation Topics

Published by Jamie Walker at January 11th, 2023 , Revised On April 16, 2024

Marketing is a business-focused subject, so you’ll be exposed to much more than just creativity. You’ll learn how to set budgets, find new customers, enter international markets, and decide on prices or profits.

As a marketing student, you will be required to complete a marketing dissertation to complete your degree programme. Your dissertation topic can relate to branding, relationship marketing, online/digital marketing, marketing ethics, and any other field of marketing.

To help you get started with brainstorming for marketing topic ideas, we have developed a list of the latest topics that can be used for writing your marketing dissertation.

These topics have been developed by PhD-qualified writers of our team , so you can trust to use these topics for drafting your dissertation.

Review the step-by-step guide on how to write your dissertation here.

You may also want to start your dissertation by requesting  a brief research proposal  from our writers on any of these topics, which includes an  introduction  to the topic,  research question , aim and objectives,  literature review , and the proposed research methodology conducted.  Let us know  if you need any help in getting started.

Check our  dissertation example to get an idea of  how to structure your dissertation .

You can review step by step guide on how to write your dissertation here .

Review Our Best Dissertation Topics complete list.

2024 Marketing Dissertation Topics

Topic 1: assessing the role of communication strategies in fashion marketing- a case study of uk.

Research Aim: The purpose of this study is to investigate the role of communication strategies in the world of   UK fashion marketing. This will also give us an understanding of how new fashion remanufacturing should be communicated to the consumers. Focusing on how information and messages about the brands or products should be labelled to attract the audience.

Topic 2: How Influential are Retail Stores and Fast Fashion on each other? A case study of Zara

Research Aim: Fast fashion is an idea in which retailers target their business strategies, reducing the time it takes to get products into the store, using an in-season purchasing strategy to keep the products in the market updated during the season. This study aims to find the impact or influence of fast fashion and retail stores on each other, focusing on Zara as it is considered as the famous brand among consumers. It will look at what happens to fast fashion when it is delivered to retail outlets, as well as the adaption of fast fashion in the retail sector and how it is communicated to customers.

Topic 3: Assessing the Key Ethical Issues in the marketing of Pharmaceutical Products in the UK.

Research Aim: Pharmacists may occasionally be led to unethical behaviours during contact; that’s why it is important to understand these behaviours. Pharmaceutical products are sensitive to advertising, and minor misconduct can lead to loss of public trust in the industry. The current study will examine the challenges faced and the key ethical issues that occur during the marketing of pharmaceuticals products focusing on the UK pharmaceutical industry; through quantitative research analysis.

Topic 4: Brand Marketing to a Global World and its impact on local cultural beliefs and attitudes- A literature review.

Research Aim: Different cultures in different countries act as challenges to global marketing. The aim of this study is to develop an understanding of how brand marketing in a global world has a huge impact on the cultural beliefs and attitudes of people. It will provide an experience of international and local consumer cultures and their mutual influence on many consumer behaviours and their effect on their decision-making process.

Topic 5: E-sports marketing- Investigating purpose and scope in current times.

Research Aim: This study aims to find the emerging trend of esports marketing and its scope in current times. It will also explore the collaborative efforts of gaming companies, players and different online communities and how they play an important role in maintaining and enriching the value of Esports consumption.   of   It will provide a societal impact of esports and by applying different strategies

Marketing Dissertation Topics for 2023

Topic 1: impact of product packaging on organisational sales: a case study of the uk retail sector.

Research Aim: Due to intense competition in the UK retail sector, product packaging has gained significant importance concerning consumer purchase decisions. This research will focus on how product packaging (colour, shape, and other attributes) influences consumer purchase behaviour which in return increases or decreases the sales of the organisation.

Topic 2: Impact of E-marketing on consumer purchase decisions: Case of the UK luxury industry

Research Aim: The main purpose of the research is to analyze the impact of electronic marketing on consumer purchase decisions. Different modes of e-marketing will be assessed, and based on the results of each e-marketing channel, the dissertation will be concluded. The focus of this research will be the UK luxury industry.

Topic 3: Analysing the customer-centric marketing strategies in attaining competitive advantage for the firm and sustaining business success

Research Aim: In today’s competitive corporate world, organizations are formulating and implementing customer-centric marketing strategies. These strategies are devised, keeping in mind customer behaviour, customer pattern, customer preferences, customer trends, etc. Considering all these and many other customer-related aspects, companies assess what is successful for their business. This research will discuss the different characteristics of customers that should be studied and how formulating related strategies will help the company gain a competitive advantage and generate profits.

Topic 4: The role of information technology in revolutionizing marketers' approach towards manipulative advertisement

Research Aim: The digital media or the digital world has provided a very effective and large platform for marketers to market and advertise their products. However, this platform can also be used to manipulate customers through deceptive marketing techniques. The main purpose of the research is to analyse the role of information technology in revolutionizing marketers’ approach towards manipulative advertisements. In addition to this, the research will also talk about how marketers use digital media channels to deceive customers who also harm the company’s reputation.

Topic 5: Assessing the impact of integrated marketing communication on consumer impulsive buying behaviour

Research Aim: Consumer impulsive buying behaviour has become an important phenomenon in today’s global world. Companies have been able to acquire a high market share through the impulsive buying behaviour of the consumer. Therefore, this research focuses on analyzing the impact of integrated marketing communication on consumer impulsive buying behaviour.

Topic 6: The Impact of digital marketing on businesses throughout the world

Research Aim: Digital Marketing has changed the face of marketing in today’s world. More and more companies are now adopting this new technique to gain a competitive edge over traditional marketing methods. This research will address the impact of different digital marketing channels on businesses and how each channel can help companies earn more.

Topic 7: Traditional vs Digital Marketing: A comparative study of the last ten years

Research Aim: With the emergence of digital marketing in the global world today, more and more companies are abandoning traditional marketing techniques. This research will compare traditional and digital marketing methods and present data over the past ten years. Through this data, a conclusive analysis will be conducted to determine which marketing is more successful in today’s times.

Topic 8: Studying customers’ responses to automated interactions in the services industry: How does it impact the business?

Research Aim: Many companies have now completely automated their business operations. They have streamlined standard responses given to customers. This research will mainly assess the impact of automated responses on customers, whether or not they impact them in terms of generating and converting leads, and ultimately how it impacts the business overall.

Topic 9: Capturing and analyzing the Voice of Customer (VOC) through Artificial Intelligence: How effective is the technology?

Research Aim: Voice of Customer (VOC) is not a new concept. Companies have been working and collecting data on it for the past several years. It is a method to gather customers’ feedback about their expectations and experiences with respect to your product or service. This research will study how companies gather, assess, and analyse this data through artificial intelligence and how effective it is for businesses. The research will utilise quantitative analysis to conclude whether or not this new technology and strategy is successful.

Topic 10: Online search queries – Can businesses benefit from them and better market their products and services?

Research Aim: Keyword targeting, search engine optimization (SEO), click trend, search trend, etc., are all ways to find how consumers search for a particular product, brand or website online. With more business being done online and with companies focusing more on online marketing, understanding online search queries have become crucial for the business’s success. This research will focus on the different ways through which companies can assess online search queries and whether or not they can benefit from them. Data from past years will be fetched and included to conduct authentic research and conclude accurately.

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“Our expert dissertation writers can help you with all stages of the dissertation writing process including topic research and selection, dissertation plan, dissertation proposal, methodology, statistical analysis, primary and secondary research, findings and analysis and complete dissertation writing”. Learn more here .

Relationship Marketing Dissertation Topics

Relationship marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on long-term goals such as building customer loyalty and increasing customer retention. In relationship marketing, products are provided based on relationships and not traditional marketing. This type of marketing helps firms acquire more customers and build loyalty. The more loyal and satisfied a customer is, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Under relationship marketing, the purchasing pattern, the contact details, and the entire profile of customers are maintained. Normally, firms assign executives to one or more major customers to maintain relationships and satisfy their needs. It is a very useful marketing tool and also an excellent topic to research on. You can choose a topic for your relationship marketing dissertation topic from any of the topics listed below:

Topic 11:Customer loyalty – Behaviour or an attitude? A mixed-method analysis

Research Aim: This research will analyse how customer loyalty is determined, whether it is an attitude or behaviour. A comparative analysis, comparing different elements of attitudes and behaviours, will be conducted.

Topic 12: The usefulness of relationship marketing in the UK fashion industry: To what extent have organisations incorporated club-style membership schemes for their customer and their impact on businesses?

Research Aim: This research will focus on one important aspect of relationship marketing – memberships. The research will revolve around the UK fashion industry, and the impact memberships have on customers and business organisations.

Topic 13: The impact of relationship marketing on customer loyalty: An analysis of Honda Motors

Research Aim: This dissertation will assess how customer loyalty is impacted by relationship marketing. The main focus of this study will be Honda Motors, how the company maintains customer relationships.

Topic 14: Loyalty schemes and customer satisfaction: Do they really have an impact?

Research Aim: This research will analyse whether or not loyalty schemes impact customer satisfaction. If yes, then the various means will be explored.

Topic 15: The interrelationship between switching costs and consumers' resistance to switching brands' loyalty

Research Aim: The relationship between costs and brand loyalty will be assessed in this research. This research will discuss circumstances under which customers decide to switch brand loyalty.

Topic 16:Loyalty schemes and their relationship with sales: An exploratory analysis of the UK retail industry.

Research Aim: This dissertation will conduct an exploratory analysis to conclude whether or not there is a relationship between loyalty schemes and sales of companies.

Topic 17:Maintaining customer relations through relationship marketing. A case of ASDA

Research Aim: The main focus of this research will be to study how ASDA maintains customer relations and whether they prove to be successful for the business or not.

Topic 18:Exploring the effectiveness of online marketing – Does digital marketing help companies build customer loyalty?

Research Aim: This dissertation will analyse how effective online marketing is for companies to help build and maintain customer loyalty. And whether online marketing can be used to build customer loyalty.

Topic 19: Assessing customer satisfaction in the UK tourism and hospitality industry

Research Aim: The UK tourism and hospitality industry will be assessed in this study for customer satisfaction. The dissertation will conclude to answer how the UK tourism and hospitality industry has maintained customer satisfaction.

Topic 20:Technology driven customer engagement – Does it lead to better customer satisfaction as compared to traditional engagement methods?

Research Aim: This dissertation will discuss how technology has impacted customer engagement. Furthermore, it will analyze how effective technology has been in driving customer engagement compared to traditional methods.

Branding Dissertation Topics

Branding involves creating a unique image and name for a product in the minds of the customers. This is done through creative advertising using a brand theme used consistently in all the advertisements. Branding also entails creating a unique logo and name for a distinguished product.

Some consumers compare prices before purchasing a product, but mostly a purchase is made by focusing on the quality of goods and brand loyalty. There is a misconception that branding is the same as marketing, but it can be distinguished based on the former being one of marketing strategy fundamentals.

For successful branding, there should be truthfulness and clarity in every phase through interaction with customers, which will help improve the value and brand perception of a company.

Branding provides companies with a competitive edge over other organizations and has become a very popular topic for research among undergraduate and postgraduate students. When looking to work on a branding related dissertation, you can choose from the dissertation topics below:

Topic 21:Maintaining brand equity through innovation: A case study of Apple Inc.

Research Aim: Innovation has a huge impact on brand equity. The same will be discussed in this research, with Apple Inc. as the main focus.

Topic 22:Building brand equity through celebrity endorsement: Analysis of the fashion industry

Research Aim: Celebrity endorsement is an excellent way to build brand equity. In this dissertation, the same will be discussed concerning the UK fashion industry or another country of your choice.

Topic 23:Brand attitudes and advertisements: Evidence from the past five years

Research Aim: This study will talk about how advertisements shape brand attitudes. Evidence from the past five years will be presented to conclude whether advertisements impact the brand attitude or not.

Topic 24: Packaging as a brand marketing strategy: Assessing its effectiveness in the retail sector

Research Aim: The success of a brand marketing strategy depends on several factors. This dissertation will assess how important packaging is in a brand marketing strategy.

Topic 25:Effect of branding on consumers of Coca Cola and Pepsi: A comparative analysis

Research Aim: Branding has a huge impact on consumers. Competitors utilise this strategy to build customer loyalty. This research will compare two big rivals – Coca-Cola and Pepsi concerning branding.

Topic 26:Branding strategies: Impact and application

Research Aim:  The different types of branding strategies and their implementation process will be discussed in this study.

Topic 27:Analysis of the consumer: Comparative analysis between good quality products and brand loyalty.

Research Aim: This study will discuss how good quality products impact consumers and how it helps companies build brand loyalty.

Topic 28:Building, retaining and maintaining the brand image in the market – Studying MNCs in the UK industry

Research Aim: Brand image and reputation are something that companies should pay close attention to. This research will talk about leading MNCs and how they should build and retain the brand image.

Topic 29:Importance of brand and reliability in the automotive industry – Case of Toyota Motors

Research Aim: Reliability is a huge factor in building a brand. With a specific focus on Toyota, this study will discuss how reliability impacts the brand.

Topic 30:Building brand awareness and equity through online marketing – Assessing its effectiveness

Research Aim: This research will assess the effectiveness of online marketing in building brand awareness and equity.

Topic 31:International brand building in the digital age: The role of digital marketing

Research Aim: Building a brand with the help of digital marketing will be discussed in this research.

Topic 32:Corporate social responsibility and brand management: A case of Nestle

Research Aim: Giving back to the community creates a positive image of the company. This research will discuss how fulfilling corporate social responsibility helps the company maintain its brand.

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Direct Marketing Dissertation Topics

Direct marketing is a marketing phenomenon that involves direct selling to customers. This includes telephone selling, email selling, direct mail selling, etc. No retailer is involved in the process. The product/service flow includes only two parties, the company and the consumer.

Direct marketing allows businesses and non-profit organizations to communicate with customers directly. It relies on advertisements on the internet, television, or radio.

There are different types and forms of direct marketing, with internet marketing being the most popular. Online marketing helps companies to interact directly with their customers without any middleman. In this manner, companies can gain insight into customers, expectations, and feedback on the product/service.

Below is a list of topics that you can base your dissertation on under the direct marketing theme.

Topic 33:Loyalty schemes and direct selling – Does it help businesses to market directly to customers?

Research Aim: Loyalty schemes are an old but extremely effective marketing tool. This research will discuss and analyze whether direct marketing can be done through these schemes or not.

Topic 34:How customers can protect themselves from deceitful direct marketing techniques?

Research Aim: This study will highlight the unlawful and unethical ways companies adapt through digital marketing and how customers can protect themselves.

Topic 35:Direct Marketing: Effects and implications

Research Aim: The main concept, theory, and framework of direct marketing will be discussed and analysed in this research. The effects and implications of direct marketing will be the main focus of this study.

Topic 36:Do customers respond differently to direct and digital marketing?

Research Aim: Direct and digital marketing will be compared and analysed in this research. Their responses will then be evaluated as to which one is the most effective.

Topic 37:The relationship between the duration of a voice message and the success of Tele-marketing? A case of mobile Industry.

Research Aim: Telemarketing is a successful marketing tool. This research will study the relationship between the duration of a voice message and its success for companies operating in the mobile industry.

Topic 38:Developing a marketing information system for direct marketing: Analysing its effectiveness

Research Aim: A marketing information system is extremely essential for companies today. This research will discuss how a marketing information system can be developed and how effective it is for direct marketing.

Topic 39:The role of business and artificial intelligence in direct marketing – How can companies gain advantage?

Research Aim: Artificial Intelligence is the big thing in the marketing industry these days. Incorporating it into your business for marketing will help you achieve a competitive advantage. The same will be studied and evaluated in this research.

Topic 40:Internet marketing as a direct marketing technique – Assessing its effectiveness and profitability

Research Aim: Internet marketing can be used a direct marketing technique. This research will assess how effective and profitable this technique can be for businesses.

Topic 41:Protecting consumer data and privacy in direct marketing techniques – Evaluating its importance.

Research Aim: Companies do not pay much attention to customer privacy. This research will discuss how direct marketing can help companies protect customer data and privacy.

Marketing Across Cultures Dissertation Topics

Every culture is different. Thus, what is acceptable in one, may not be acceptable in the other. This is why firms must adopt different techniques while operating in different cultures. Before introducing any product, companies need to analyse the cultural aspect of the market.

This has become a very important and deciding factor for the successful operation of a business. Cultures have a deep impact on consumer behaviour, and it plays a key role in shaping the buying behaviour and the attitude of the customer.

There is no doubt that this marketing aspect is worth some research. Some intriguing and current dissertation topics in the field of cultures and marketing are given below:

Topic 42:Impact of culture on the trading Market: A case of general motors through an analysis of the imports and exports.

Research Aim: Marketing is based on different cultures. This research will discuss the impact of culture on the trading market, focusing on general motors’ imports and exports.

Topic 43: Does language impact the identity of a brand? A case of Coca-Cola

Research Aim: Language is an important element of a culture. This study will research and analyze whether or not the language impacts a brand and will utilize Coca-Cola as its main focus.

Topic 44: Amalgamating and assessing the regional differences within the national culture of marketing

Research Aim: This research will study the various regional differences that exist in the marketing culture and how they impact businesses.

Topic 45: The impact of collectivism and individualism on purchasing smartphones

Research Aim: Different cultures have a different impact on society. This research will conduct a cross-cultural analysis to understand how culture impacts marketing strategies

Topic 46:Cross-cultural marketing and how it impacts a business – A specific focus on the FMCG sector

Research Aim: Cross-cultural marketing is utilised by companies operating in different cultures. This research will talk about how cross-cultural marketing is formulated, devised, and implemented in the FMCG Sector and whether it is successful for the company or not.

Topic 47:Belief, religion and values: Do they have an impact on businesses across the world

Research Aim: There can be many cultures in one market. Thus, it becomes challenging for companies to market their product according to cultures. This research will assess this issue by focusing on two different cultures.

Topic 48: Application of marketing mix in a culturally diverse society: Assessing two different cultures

Topic 49: same marketing tact in different markets: how it leads to business failures.

Research Aim: Companies cannot utilise similar marketing techniques for different cultures. This research will assess how this act can lead to the failure of businesses.

Topic 50:Cultural differences and the subsequent effect on supermarkets across the United Kingdom

Research Aim: This research will talk about how various cultural differences impact supermarkets operating in the United Kingdom.

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Online Marketing Dissertation Topics

When marketing evolved from traditional to online or digital marketing, it was observed that all the rules that traditional marketing followed were no longer useful. The needs and demands of the market had changed, thus online marketing emerged. Digital marketing has been a game-changer in the field of marketing.

New tools, new rules, and new methods have set the marketing game field. Every player entering the business world needs to be well versed with all these new aspects or else it can go out of business quickly.

Online marketing helps business organisations to understand and evaluate customers’ responses to a particular marketing strategy very efficiently. So businesses are now aware of their customer behaviour, trends, what they look for in a product, what are they interested in, etc.

However, while collecting and storing all this customer information, organisations need to ensure the privacy of their consumers to avoid losing their trust. Companies are now in an era where they can efficiently interact and engage their consumers.

Based on their responses, they can devise subsequent marketing strategies. Online marketing is now a powerful marketing tool as it allows organizations to develop specific strategies to suit the needs of their consumers.

The field of digital marketing is worth the research. You can spend hours learning about this facet of marketing, and still will be left with the urge to learn more. Some interesting topic suggestions are given below if you want to base your dissertation on online marketing.

Topic 51:How online marketing impacts the retail sector during the Covid-19 pandemic? - Entering the field of internet marketing

Research aim: This research will aim to discover the impact of the covid-19 pandemic on the performance of the retail sector in any country of your choice. How did the retail stores move to online marketing to overcome the losses?

Topic 52: Organisations and their use of personalised products: How do companies decide who to market?

Research Aim: There are times when companies launch personalised services or products for a specific group of customers. To identify this need, traditional research is not useful. Customers do not want to give out this type of information. With online marketing and its various tools, companies can now gather this data. This research will delve deep into how that happens.

Visit our topics database to view 100s of dissertation topics in your research area.

Topic 53:The role of online marketing in driving sales: Studying the retail sector

Research Aim: The main focus of this research will be to understand how the retail sector is impacted through online marketing and its role.

Topic 54:Implications and application of online marketing

Research Aim: Online marketing tools are extremely powerful. Various tools will be discussed and analysed in this research to conclude how well they perform.

Topic 55:How can companies overcome the hate speech of unhappy customers?

Research Aim: With the ease of gathering data, online marketing and tools can also lead to hate speech from customers. This research will evaluate different ways through which companies can overcome this issue.

Topic 56:What attributes are preferred by customers for online search, purchasing and comparison?

Research Aim: The different types of research, search, purchasing, and comparing attributes undertaken by customers will be assessed in this study. Moreover, their impact on business will be studied.

Topic 57:The power of online marketing tools – Assessing their effectiveness with respect to sales

Research Aim: Different marketing tools will be analysed and studied in this research. They will be assessed based on their effectiveness concerning sales.

Topic 58:Analysis of change in behaviour of customers in offline and online marketing

Research Aim: Online and offline marketing are extremely different. This research will analyse how customers behave differently in an online marketing setting as compared to an offline marketing setting.

Topic 59:Impact of appearance and visual effects for the effectiveness of online marketing

Research Aim: Online marketing utilises different appearance and visual effects to attract customers. This research will analyze how effective these techniques are for the company.

Topic 60:Websites and E-commerce – Do they influence customer behaviour? A case study of the UK fashion industry

Research Aim: With online marketing, it is essential that you have a website and an online store if you’re selling products. The impact of both website and e-commerce on marketing in the UK fashion industry will be assessed.

The 4Ps (Price, Product, Promotion, Place) of Marketing Mix Dissertation Topics

Price, product, promotion, and place are also known as the four pillars of marketing. Referred to as the marketing mix, these four components help companies decide on a product and/or marketing strategy.

These four factors (4Ps) are the key ingredients of a successful marketing strategy since they allow for an in-depth analysis of the market and marketing strategies concerning any particular product. The companies analyse the culture, the product itself, and the pricing of other similar products to gain a competitive edge for their business and production processes.

To understand more about these components and how they impact businesses, you can research this area. Some relevant topics in this area of marketing are listed below for you to base your dissertation on:

Topic 61:Understanding the importance of location for customers Starbucks USA vs Starbucks UAE

Research Aim: Location has a great impact on the company’s sales and marketing efforts. This research will assess how impactful location is for customers by comparing Starbucks located in the US and the UAE.

Topic 62: Pricing war between competitors: Analysing the case of Coca-Cola and Pepsi

Research Aim: Companies usually price their product to competitors to stay relevant and to help their products succeed. This research will analyze how competitors price their products by assessing the pricing strategies of Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

Topic 63:Impact of point-of-purchase promotion on sales: A case study of ZARA

Research Aim: Promotions are an effective way of selling products. This research will study the point of purchase promotion and its impact by focusing on ZARA.

Topic 64: Product packaging and its impact on buying decision – An exploratory analysis

Research Aim: The packaging of a product has a huge impact on the buying and purchasing decisions of customers. This research will conduct an exploratory analysis to understand this impact.

Topic 65:International pricing strategies and their Impact on the brand image: A case study of iTunes

Research Aim: Pricing strategies may or may not differ in different locations. This research will analyze whether iTunes has gained or not by its pricing strategies in different locations.

Topic 66: Impact of price adjustment strategies in online and offline setting

Research Aim: Prices vary in different settings. This research will study the price strategy adjustment in online and offline marketing.

Topic 67:Should Online Reviews and Word of Mouth be a New Component in the Marketing Mix?

Research Aim: Word of mouth and online reviews have proved to be extremely effective marketing tools in recent times. These components concerning the marketing mix will be studied in this research.

Topic 68:Difference between Online and Offline Promotions – How do They Impact Brand Image

Research Aim: A variety of marketing promotion techniques exist. This research will talk about the different online and offline promotional tools and how they impact brand image.

Topic 69:Impact of Traditional Promotions vs Social Media Promotions – Analyzing Burberry’s Promotional Campaigns

Research Aim: Social media promotional campaigns gain a lot of traction. With a specific focus on Burberry’s promotional campaigns, this research will analyse traditional and social media campaigns.

Topic 70:Effect of Premium Pricing Strategies on Consumers. A case of Apple Products

Research Aim: Of different pricing strategies, premium pricing strategies are adopted for luxury products. The effect of this type of pricing strategy on luxury products (Apple products) will be analyzed in this study.

Topic 71:Impact of Cultural Values in Promotional Activities

Research Aim: Culture has a huge impact on the marketing efforts of a company. This research will talk about the various cultural values and how they impact the promotional activities of businesses.

Topic 72:Placing Products in a Central Location and Ease of Access: Assessing its Impact on Customers

Research Aim: Location affects the sales of products and services. This research will assess the impact of customers when products are placed in a central location and when they are offered ease of access.

Topic 73:Influence of celebrity endorsement on sale: A comparative analysis of Nike and Rebook

Research Aim: Celebrity endorsement is a highly effective way to increase sales. A comparative analysis between celebrity endorsement done by Nike and Reebok will be evaluated in this research.

Topic 74:Impact of promotions upon customer’s perception

Research Aim: Customers may or may not change their perception after marketing promotion efforts. This research will discuss whether promotions can change perceptions or not.

Topic 75: Analysing the impact of cartoon characters on children

Research Aim: Products marketed towards children are tricky to market. This research will study whether including a cartoon character to attract children helps businesses or not.

Marketing and Consumer Psychology Dissertation Topics

Marketing is fundamentally based on consumer behaviour. Studying consumer behaviour helps businesses understand the customer in a better manner. Not only this, but it also helps them improve their marketing strategies by understanding the problems of a consumer with a specific focus on their perception of products. It is very important to understand the psychology of consumers and the various influences that the environment may have on their psychology. Studying these behaviours and patterns helps companies know how they should target their customers and what aspects they should focus on.

Consumer psychology comes in very handy for online marketing. When marketing digitally, companies have little or no information regarding their consumers. Thus, understanding their way of thinking, behaviour, buying patterns, trends, etc., helps businesses understand what the customer expects.

The study of consumer behaviour is very interesting and therefore provides an ideal topic for dissertations.

Topic 76:An investigation of consumer psychology and perceptions and their impact on marketing fashion products

Research Aim: Consumer psychology and their perceptions will be evaluated in this research. These two factors concerning the marketing of fashion products will be assessed.

Topic 77:How does consumer knowledge affect the purchase of products and their buying decision

Research Aim: Consumer knowledge influences their buying or purchasing decision. This research will talk about how this knowledge and its impacts the marketing decisions of a company.

Topic 78:The impact of negative publicity on consumer behavior

Research Aim: Consumers cannot be tricked. They are aware of when companies utilize techniques or tools to create a negative image of other companies. This research will talk about such techniques and their impact on consumers.

Topic 79:Consumer attitude towards in-store shopping and online shopping in Wall-Mart

Research Aim: This research will investigate the attitude of customers shopping in-store (physical stores) versus customers shopping online (digital stores). Walmart’s customers will be the focus.

Topic 80:Understanding consumer psychology to devise effective marketing strategies

Research Aim: Customer psychology will first be discussed in this research. Then, the research will talk about how effective marketing strategies will be devised.

Topic 81:Assessing the consumer behaviour and perceptions in relation to luxury

Research Aim: This research will discuss consumer behaviour when customers opt for luxury products, i.e. what drives them to purchase high-priced products.

Topic 82:Measuring consumer response to new products launched by Nestle

Research Aim: Companies should always measure consumer response to assess their marketing activities. This research will discuss different ways through which customer response to new products launched by nestle is assessed.

Topic 83:Consumer perceptions related to discounts and promotions when purchasing products

Research Aim: Every customer likes to purchase products at discounted prices. This research will discuss consumer perceptions concerning discounts, sales, and promotions when purchasing products.

Topic 84:Creating profitable relationships with consumers

Research Aim: This research will analyse the various ways through which companies can create profitable relationships with customers.

Topic 85:Switching costs – Do consumers think about it when abandoning a brand?

Research Aim: There are different reasons for switching a brand or abandoning it completely. These reasons will be the main focus of this research, and customer perceptions will also be studied.

Marketing and Social Networks Dissertation Topics

Social networks (Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter) have played a decisive role in using the internet and purchasing online. Companies need to understand these social networks and tools from a marketing perspective in today’s business world. Businesses that do not make use of the different social media platforms are entirely out of the race.

This is the power of social networks in today’s corporate world. Not only is it competitive, but these networks also help companies interact with their customers and gain feedback in real-time.

This means that they can launch a product, post and market it on social networks, and assess customer reaction. Companies have done well by utilizing these platforms, and all businesses must have a social media presence and interact with customers.

However, it should be noted that organisations face various challenges using social media as a tool to market their products and services. Social media can make or break things for businesses.

If done right and if the accounts are handled appropriately, nothing can stop the business from achieving success. However, one small mistake can cause a lot of trouble for the company. The backlash on social media is extreme, and the company will have to spend months to bring back its reputation.

Thus, considering the challenging nature of these platforms, it is interesting to conduct researches and studies around various related topics. The following is a list of topics that can be undertaken as a part of social networks and marketing dissertation:

Topic 86:The role of Facebook as a marketing tool

Research Aim: The research will explore the various events in Indian film history that have allowed it to become a global sensation. The paper will analyse its market-driven triumph against Hollywood imports starting from the 1930s. The paper will also examine the nationalist social views of films produced in Bollywood during the 1950s.

Topic 87:Social media marketing vs. traditional marketing evaluating the success rate

Research Aim: Social media marketing is the new trend. But does it really reap results? This will be the main focus of this research, and the results of online marketing and traditional marketing methods will be compared.

Topic 88:Building relationships with customers through social media.

Research Aim: Social media not only helps in networking and connecting people but also enables companies to get in touch with their customers. This research will talk about companies use it as a medium to build relationships with their customers.

Topic 89:How social media influences consumers’ buying preferences

Research Aim: Social media trends are followed by everyone. This research will discuss how these trends are shaped and how it influences the buying and purchasing decision of customers.

Topic 90:How businesses gather Information from social media: A deep insight into customer privacy concerns

Research Aim: A lot is argued about the loss of privacy and data for online customers. This research will investigate the various ways data is collected online and whether or not there are data security breaches.

Topic 91:Consumer perception of social media marketing and its impact on brand image

Research Aim: Consumer perception regarding social media marketing will be assessed in this research. Moreover, the impact of this perception on the brand image will be evaluated.

Topic 92:Is Banner advertisement a good idea in social media marketing? A global comparative analysis

Research Aim: Online Banner advertisements are utilised by almost all companies in the market. This research will discuss various banner advertisement campaigns and their effectiveness.

Topic 93:The role of online stores in the traditional marketing mix

Research Aim: The traditional marketing mix does not take into consideration online marketing. This research will talk about the importance of online and social media marketing in the corporate world today and the role of online stores in the marketing mix.

Topic 94:Why is there more focus on the use of Facebook for marketing rather than other platforms for social media marketing?

Research Aim: Facebook advertising is considered the most powerful amongst all other social media marketing tools. There are various reasons due to which Facebook is considered a powerful tool. All these will be discussed, analyzed, and evaluated in this research.

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Marketing Ethics Dissertation Topics

Marketing Ethics Dissertation Topics Marketing ethics is a thought-provoking issue in the field of marketing. Where marketers are making efforts to run effective and profitable marketing campaigns for their companies, they should also consider marketing ethics.

The continuous evolution of customers’ attitudes customers over media has a significant impact on businesses worldwide. People nowadays are more concerned about the company’s ethical behaviour and the use of ethics employed by their marketing experts.

They are more concerned about their corporate social responsibility programs and the values of society. Companies must run various social corporate responsibility campaigns, through which they not only create a good reputation but also give back to the community.

These campaigns indeed help businesses to build a reputation and become a preferred brand for consumers. Acts such as animal cruelty and the use of prohibited products hit hard, and a company can lose its long-built strong reputation in a matter of minutes.

There are various ethical concerns that organisations must abide by to have a successful operating and marketing campaign. A dissertation on marketing ethics can be based on any of the following topics:

Topic 95:Ethics and consumer perception: What do consumers really expect from companies?

Research Aim: Corporate and marketing ethics are extremely important for companies. This research will talk about what customers expect from the company regarding ethics and how it shapes their perceptions.

Topic 96:Impact of unethical behaviour of an organisation on sales: Studying unsuccessful marketing campaigns

Research Aim: Unethical organizational behaviour leads to unsuccessful marketing campaigns. The main focus of this research will be the unethical behaviours undertaken by companies and how it adversely affects their sales.

Topic 97:How firms mislead people to enhance product sales and the effect this has on their business

Research Aim: A number of companies mislead their consumers only to enhance their sales. This research will discuss the different ways through which companies mislead people and the impact it has on their business.

Topic 98:How country laws shape business and marketing

Research Aim: When operating in a country, companies have to abide by the laws, rules, and regulations set out by the government. This research will talk about how these laws and regulations shape the business environment.

Topic 99:Ethical considerations and brand loyalty

Research Aim: This research will discuss whether or not ethical business operations have an impact on brand loyalty or do consumers continue to buy from companies who operate unethically.

Topic 100:Spam laws and online marketing – A critical analysis

Research Aim: Online marketing has its own rules. Companies have to abide by spam laws, or else they will be blacklisted. These rules and how companies should abide by them will be analyzed in this study.

Topic 101:Exploring the relationship between marketing ethics and corporate social responsibility

Research Aim: Companies have a responsibility to fulfill. They have to give back to the community, thus operate with corporate social responsibility. This research will discuss whether or not marketing ethics are directly related to corporate social responsibility.

Topic 102: Building company reputation and brand equity through various corporate social responsibility initiatives

Research Aim: The main focus of this research will be to explore whether or not corporate social responsibility initiatives build company reputation or brand equity.

Topic 103: Do cause-related marketing campaigns impact consumer purchase decisions?

Research Aim: This research will explore whether cause-related marketing has an impact on consumer purchase decisions or not.

Topic 104: Public relations and consumer boycotts: Learning lessons from Shell and Nestle

Research Aim: Consumers can boycott a company based on a variety of reasons. This research will discuss the different reasons why consumers boycott and how it impacts public relations, with a special focus on Shell and Nestle.

Important Notes:

As a student of marketing looking to get good grades, it is essential to develop new ideas and experiment on existing marketing theories – i.e., to add value and interest in the topic of your research.

The field of marketing is vast and interrelated to so many other academic disciplines like civil engineering ,  construction ,  law , engineering management , healthcare , mental health , artificial intelligence , tourism , physiotherapy , sociology , management , and nursing . That is why it is imperative to create a project management dissertation topic that is articular, sound, and actually solves a practical problem that may be rampant in the field.

We can’t stress how important it is to develop a logical research topic; it is the basis of your entire research. There are several significant downfalls to getting your topic wrong; your supervisor may not be interested in working on it, the topic has no academic creditability, the research may not make logical sense, there is a possibility that the study is not viable.

This impacts your time and efforts in  writing your dissertation  as you may end up in the cycle of rejection at the very initial stage of the dissertation. That is why we recommend reviewing existing research to develop a topic, taking advice from your supervisor, and even asking for help in this particular stage of your dissertation.

While developing a research topic, keeping our advice in mind will allow you to pick one of the best marketing dissertation topics that fulfill your requirement of writing a research paper and add to the body of knowledge.

Therefore, it is recommended that when finalizing your dissertation topic, you read recently published literature to identify gaps in the research that you may help fill.

Remember- dissertation topics need to be unique, solve an identified problem, be logical, and can also be practically implemented. Take a look at some of our sample marketing dissertation topics to get an idea for your own dissertation.

How to Structure your Marketing Dissertation

A well-structured   dissertation can help students   to achieve a high overall academic grade.

  • A Title Page
  • Acknowledgments
  • Declaration
  • Abstract: A summary of the research completed
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction : This chapter includes the project rationale, research background, key research aims and objectives, and the research problems to be addressed. An outline of the structure of a dissertation  can also be added to this chapter.
  • Literature Review :  This chapter presents relevant theories and frameworks by analysing published and unpublished literature available on the chosen research topic, in light of  research questions  to be addressed. The purpose is to highlight and discuss the relative weaknesses and strengths of the selected research area whilst identifying any research gaps. Break down of the topic, and key terms can have a positive impact on your dissertation and your tutor.
  • Methodology:  The  data collection  and  analysis  methods and techniques employed by the researcher are presented in the Methodology chapter which usually includes  research design, research philosophy, research limitations, code of conduct, ethical consideration, data collection methods, and  data analysis strategy .
  • Findings and Analysis:  Findings of the research are analysed in detail under the Findings and Analysis chapter. All key findings/results are outlined in this chapter without interpreting the data or drawing any conclusions. It can be useful to include  graphs ,  charts, and  tables in this chapter to identify meaningful trends and relationships.
  • Discussion  and  Conclusion: The researcher presents his interpretation of results in this chapter, and states whether the research hypothesis has been verified or not. An essential aspect of this section of the paper is to draw a linkage between the results and evidence from the literature. Recommendations with regards to implications of the findings and directions for the future may also be provided. Finally, a summary of the overall research, along with final judgments, opinions, and comments, must be included in the form of suggestions for improvement.
  • References:  This should be completed in accordance with your University’s requirements
  • Bibliography
  • Appendices:  Any additional information, diagrams, graphs that were used to  complete the  dissertation  but not part of the dissertation should be included in the Appendices chapter. Essentially, the purpose is to expand the information/data.

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How to find dissertation topics about marketing.

For marketing dissertation topics:

  • Study recent industry trends.
  • Explore consumer behavior shifts.
  • Investigate digital marketing innovations.
  • Analyze branding or market strategies.
  • Consider social and ethical aspects.
  • Select a topic resonating with your passion and research goals.

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15 Best Digital Marketing Thesis Topics

Looking for the best dissertation topics and research proposals related to digital marketing? We have you covered, as we have gathered some of the most interesting abstracts and proposals for master's and undergraduate studies. Moreover, we can help you with other digital marketing thesis topics related to this subject. Due to the rise of digital marketing, many students are choosing to pursue a degree in digital marketing.

thesis topics for digital marketing

However, there are no risks associated with adopting new trends and advancements. Instead, we recommend that you consider taking advantage of the opportunities that digital marketing provides and start planning for your future. This article aims to help marketing students prepare their thesis by providing them with a list of marketing topics on which they can base their research.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a type of advertising that involves using various platforms, such as social media, search engines, and apps. It can reach consumers through their mobile devices and other smart gadgets. It is a type of marketing that involves connecting with potential customers through various forms of digital media.

This marketing process involves various digital channels to promote a product or service. These include social media, web applications, email, and search engines.

Aside from driving traffic and generating leads, digital marketing also helps increase brand awareness. Check out the 15 best and most exciting digital marketing thesis topics −

How does social media affect the behaviour of customers?

The future of online and social media marketing and research.

The importance of customer satisfaction for a digital marketing agency.

Landing pages: Role of landing pages and their importance.

Interaction of customers with digital platforms.

Optimization of social media strategies for better results.

Detailed analysis of traditional and digital marketing.

Difference between Facebook marketing and targeted marketing.

Analysis of tools used to optimise SEO techniques.

The growth of digital marketing in the real world.

Which marketing is effective PPC vs SEO?

How can block chain technology be implemented in digital marketing?

How does digital marketing help in achieving marketing goals?

The necessity of online or digital marketing.

Misleading perception in the career of digital marketing.

Marketing Dissertation Topics

This article aims to help marketing students prepare their dissertations by providing a list of topics on which you can base your research. Some of these include branding, international marketing, social listening, online marketing, marketing mix, marketing ethics, and relationship marketing. The field of marketing is a broad discipline that can be applied to various areas such as sociology, anthropology, psychology, and business.

Branding Dissertation Topics

A company's brand is the promise of its existence to its customers. It is an umbrella term that refers to various literature that examines how businesses can leverage their brands to gain a competitive advantage. Some of these include launching new global brands, building brand equity, managing their global brands, and more. Marketing dissertation topics related to branding can be found here.

Relationship between perceived risk and brand equity.

How to improve brand value?

What are tangible and intangible brand values?

Ethical and unethical behaviour affect the brand's image.

Ways to attract customers using social media marketing.

How are companies using digital devices for their brand's benefit?

Strategies to improve the reach of a brand.

How does innovation impact consumer brand resonance?

Online Marketing Dissertation Topics

When it comes to online marketing, traditional marketing rules no longer apply. There are many new ways to approach marketing that is designed to make it more effective. Some of these include the ability to customize and personalize the experience of consumers, the security of data, and the interaction between offline and online mediums.

Due to the increasing importance of online marketing, it has become a vital part of organizations' operations to enhance their competitive advantage. There are various suggestions that you can make in your dissertation to make the most of this area of research.

Digital Marketing: Impact on a company's performance.

Benefits and challenges faced in a social media marketing campaign.

Use of web analytics for digital marketing to enhance brand performance.

Use of marketing to personalize the products.

How do geography and gender affect online marketing?

Combining online and offline marketing

Understanding consumer behavior using online or digital marketing

How do you run a successful digital marketing campaign?

Social Media Marketing Dissertation Topics

The rise of social media networks has changed the way consumers behave and interact with brands. They are also presenting new challenges to marketers when it comes to reaching out to their customers.

Due to the increasing popularity of social media networks, a marketing dissertation is becoming more timely. It will reflect the latest marketing research.

Analysis of designing a marketing post for Facebook

How to use data to improve the reach and growth of a product?

How Facebook and Instagram can help in the growth of a business?

Analyzing banner advertising on different social media networks

How to measure the success of a campaign?

Measure the ROI of a social media marketing campaign effectively

Social Media Marketing: Impact on consumer behavior

Influencer marketing vs. ad marketing

Best Practices for Your Digital Marketing Thesis

It can be challenging to write a thesis, especially if you have to put in the effort required to reach its dead-end. Since you have a shorter time frame, focusing solely on the writing process can be hard. You might also have to face a potential delivery delay due to your other priorities.

Most students tend to procrastinate, which is an incurable disease. It could be prevented by starting earlier rather than late. Also, students tend to underestimate how long it takes to write a piece.

One of the biggest mistakes that students make is viewing the progress of their friends while they are still in the process of finishing their thesis. This can lead to depression if they are not getting the results they want. Instead, students should do everything themselves.

As you go through the process of exploring, keep taking notes. These will help you come up with a list of points that you can easily incorporate in your thesis.

Here, we have provided some of the best and most exciting digital marketing thesis topics. All these topics are unique and quite helpful in completing your thesis. It is difficult to find the best digital or online marketing thesis topics, but we have compiled a list of all ideas in one place.

Shivam Jadoun

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thesis topics for digital marketing

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thesis topics for digital marketing

Dissertation Topics in Marketing

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  • Updated on  
  • May 8, 2023

Dissertation Topics in Marketing (1)

As a Marketing graduate, you are expected to submit a Dissertation as a part of your degree or PhD programme. Your Marketing Dissertation topic can connect to various areas including, branding, link marketing, wire/automated marketing, retailing principles, or any alternative field of marketing. Often, students have difficulty finding the correct dissertation topic for their Marketing course. Hence, to encourage you to get established with topic suggestions, we have acquired a list of the recent arguments you can use to create your Marketing Dissertation. Keep reading this blog to know more!

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This Blog Includes:

Dissertation topics for marketing, topics for mba marketing, b2b marketing topics , topics on digital marketing, relationship marketing dissertation topics, branding dissertation topics, direct marketing dissertation topics, cultural and marketing dissertation topics, online marketing dissertation topics, mobile marketing dissertation topics, the 4ps of (price, product, promotion, place) of marketing mix, consumer psychology and marketing dissertation topics, social media marketing dissertation topics, ethics in marketing dissertation topics , explore the well-crafted marketing dissertation topics  , present the perfectly written dissertation on marketing.

Marketing: Dissertation Topics

  • What are the incentives and intentions behind support programs for corporations to engage consumers in the long series?
  • To what degree does Caffe Nero’s app foster consumer allegiance?
  • How and why can communication marketing be employed to entice new clients through social elements?
  • How does production variety influence policy patriotism among high and low-contact producers?
  • Can leisure goods merchants avoid obstacles by replacing bolt-in clients with a different set of benefits and products?
  • How do entrepreneurs grapple with polygamous behaviour among users?
  • Computerised communication economics in the age of COVID-19: Analysing the magnitude of personalisation and customisation.
  • Growing policy support through long-value distribution management–an event study of UK health brands.
  • What are the challenges for Tesco’s support card system in now’s cutthroat factory environment?
  • An investigation of the relationship between observed risk and brand investment: A correlation of department store retailers in the UK .
  • How does modernisation impact customer brand resonance? A process study of reception brands who were forced to innovate due to COVID-19.
  • Do purchasers really figure out a company’s brand benefits? The process of Starbucks vs McDonald’s.

Students of the MBA Marketing course can refer to the following list of marketing dissertation topics.

  • Involving communal systems when seeking different markets and developing the market interest.
  • Systems companies use acting on customer boycotts.
  • The job of joint buy in a poor industry.
  • Are modernisations useful in building up the number of clients?
  • The relationship between the geographic position and the nature of a system.
  • The benefits groups get from the customisation of their works.
  • Mobile commerce: its powers and shortcomings.
  • The change in prices on offline and wire markets of properties.
  • How serious is the job of branding in the progress of a business?
  • Are there proper limitations in brand selling plans?
  • What are the key features of Internet commerce?

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Here are some dissertation topics for B2B marketing.

  • Altering the Marketing Management. What are the new models, functions, processes, and techniques?
  • Making the Idea Organisation: How to use expected control to set up brand advantage, develop leads, and interest clients.
  • Getting to Love the Data Burst. Carrying out the potential of analytics for increased planning, margin control, and outcome.
  • Drawing up for the B2B Social Buyer. Establishing the appropriate commerce difference between conventional customs and the new civil user.
  • Sales Channel Enablement. Increasing the impact from your portfolio of enablement movements across direct and ancillary demand channels.
  • Next Generation Account-Paltry Commerce. Developing the model, mix, and workforce across the full businesses and distribution cycle.

Given below is a list of Digital Marketing dissertation topics.

  • How does the value of things that affect wire trade differ corresponding to the amount type in the works trade in the UK?
  • Do consumers react negatively to low and high-term actions in an aggressive networked status? The process of wire record deals.
  • In what respects do available wire conversation areas affect users’ return to direct selling promotions in civil form sets?
  • Evaluating the power of vision brands’ direct selling via YouTube.
  • How does the telemarketers’ community (tone) affect consumer feedback in a more diversified global business situation?
  • Do users learn how to care for themselves from dishonest direct selling ploys employed by civil forms advertising firms?

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Relationship Marketing is a marketing tactic to build long-term relationships with customers. This strategy allows companies to acquire customers, while also maintaining customer loyalty that further results in repeated customs for the respective company. In the modern business world today, Relationship Marketing can be a great base for your marketing dissertation as it provides you with a diverse range of dissertation topics:

  • Digital relationship marketing in the age of COVID-19: Analysing the importance of personalisation and customisation.
  • Analyzing the customer-centric marketing strategies in attaining competitive advantage for the firm and sustaining business success.
  • The role of information technology in revolutionizing marketers’ approach towards manipulative advertisement.
  • Customer loyalty – Behaviour or attitude? A mixed-method analysis.
  • The relationship marketing strategies of Nike: A critical analysis.

In simple terms, a Brand is who you are while marketing is how you choose to build awareness about the brand. Basically, promoting a brand’s products and the services provided as a whole. Branding refers to the analysis of how businesses can use their brands to achieve a competitive advantage, through building brand equity, launching brand extensions, managing global brands, and more. Listed below are some Branding Dissertation Topics to begin with:

  • How does innovation impact consumer brand resonance? A case study of hospitality brands who were forced to innovate as a result of COVID-19.
  • Do consumers really understand a company’s brand values: Starbucks vs McDonald’s.
  • A case study: Using digital methods to increase brand salience.
  • Using social media marketing to attract customers to brands of small companies.
  • The consequences of Unethical behaviour on the brand image: The cases of Shell, Nike and Starbucks.

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As technology is evolving, the concept of Direct Marketing is a boon for companies as it allows companies to connect with customers directly through advertising services such as emails, online adverts, flyers, database marketing, promotional letters, newspapers, outdoor advertising, phone text messaging, magazine adverts, coupons, phone calls, postcards, and websites. Direct Marketing allows companies to understand a customer’s specific needs to provide them with the most relevant products and services. Listed below are some topics for Direct Marketing Dissertation:

  • In what ways do free online chat rooms influence consumers’ responses to direct sales promotions in social media environments?
  • The effectiveness of beauty brands’ direct marketing via YouTube: Analysis
  • Using SMS and email to connect with customers: Advantages and limitations of direct marketing.
  • Using social media to reduce the cost of direct marketing
  • Brand Loyalty And Customer Satisfaction In Online Retailing Company: A Case Study On Amazon

As businesses are expanding throughout the globe, Culture plays an important role in the interaction of marketers with customers. Culture has a great impact on international marketing due to the increase of globalisation in the business world. Companies are required to gain in-depth knowledge of the local culture before offering a product to them as effective communication is a major factor that contributes to customers buying the products. Listed below are some topics for your reference in the Cultural and Marketing Dissertation:

  • Native advertising: Exploring its effectiveness in the UK, China, and the US.
  • The effect of culture on marketing communications: The case of Coca-Cola in India
  • How do supermarket chains overcome language differences in Switzerland?
  • Effects of social media on organisational culture in the UK’s fashion industry.
  • How does language impact brand identity? The case of Coca-Cola in the People’s Republic of China.

Online Marketing is an essential part of Marketing as it allows companies to build relationships with customers and spread awareness about the brand through digital marketing such as Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-Click, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Marketing Analytics and Affiliate Marketing. Unlike the traditional way of marketing that included print, billboard, television and radio advertisements, Online Marketing is a lot more affordable and effective. A dissertation on Online Marketing can definitely provide you with a wide range of topics. Listed below are some of the topics for a dissertation on Online Marketing:

  • The case of Apple: How can firms customise their products?
  • The impact of digital marketing innovation on Apple’s performance
  • Pop-up advertisements: Hit or a miss
  • Celebrities and influencers: Have they changed the game of online marketing?
  • Analyzing customers’ psychology and its role in digital marketing.

Due to the increase in Internet browsing on mobile phones nowadays, Mobile Marketing has become an essential part of marketing communication. It aims to reach out to mobile users through different methods such as mobile-optimized ads, push notifications and mobile applications. Listed below are some topics for a Mobile Marketing Dissertation:

  • Can a strong brand image be built through mobile marketing techniques?
  • What do customers want from mobile marketing messages?
  • How does location influence mobile marketing communications?
  • What role does timeliness play in mobile marketing communications?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of push-and-pull mobile marketing strategies?

The 4Ps of Marketing are widely used by marketers to influence consumer decision-making. Listed below are some topics you can use as a base for writing a Dissertation on Marketing Mix:

  • The impact of product information availability and persuasive advertising on consumer behaviour.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of online advertising in international marketing.
  • The Importance of Marketing mix on non-profit organisations.
  • Is word-of-mouth (i.e. online customer reviews) the new element of the Marketing mix?
  • Case of iTunes: Can an overt international pricing strategy negatively affect the brand image? 

Marketing is ultimately underpinned by customer behaviour, which may be explained in large part by studying consumer psychology. This focuses on how consumers behave at each stage of the purchasing process and why they react the way they do. Marketers can use this information to create and implement communication strategies that target specific client groups based on their psychological characteristics. Here are some ideas for marketing dissertation topics based on marketing and consumer psychology:

  • What drives customers to buy things from Amazon?
  • What are the benefits and advantages of customer internet reviews?
  • What impact do marketing intelligence and planning have on sports marketing?
  • How can businesses use Big Data to obtain a better knowledge of their customers’ psychology?
  • What do customers think about green marketing?
  • What are customers’ feelings about Burberry’s digital marketing efforts?
  • What were the forefathers of word-of-mouth communication? A case study in blockbuster marketing.
  • How does gender influence information processing among luxury goods consumers?

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter are widely used mediums for reaching out to customers online. Social media has become an essential part of both local and international companies. Some topics for Social Media Dissertation are:

  • A content analysis of Food brands Instagram posts.
  • The impact of social media marketing on brand loyalty.
  • Instagram, influencer marking and trust – a critical analysis.
  • Partnering with YouTube content creators and influences – An effective marketing strategy for brands.
  • Implications for marketing managers: limitations of social media marketing.

Ethics in Marketing is the implication of standards of fairness, or moral rights and wrongs, to marketing decision-making, behaviour, and practice in the firm. Using unethical marketing practices may put a company’s viability at risk and cost its reputation which might have taken years to build. From ethical business practices to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), several research options are available for a marketing dissertation. Some topics to begin with a dissertation on Ethics in Marketing are as listed:

  • How have spam laws improved marketing ethics online?
  • What impact does published codes of conduct have on customer buying behaviour? The cases of The Body Shop, Levi Strauss, and Marks and Spencer
  • The influence of local culture on business ethics of immigrants- A case study of the UK
  • Vegan vs cruelty-free: the politics of labelling and why it matters
  • What factors distinguish a consumer’s choice of most and least socially responsible firms?
  • Exploring how organizations use corporate social responsibility (CSR) to reinforce brand equity

Marketing is a process through which companies be they Local or International use to create and build brand awareness, and customer relations, and for increasing business profits. Marketing is a great field for research as it provides you with a large number of research topics and sources. Listed below are some Marketing Dissertation Topics to start from niche:

  • Analysis and determination of consumer buying behaviour for Coca-Cola
  • Critical research on how AI will help make better marketing decisions
  • Brand advertising and political campaigns: a possible interwoven impact?
  • Analysis of how brands exploit impulsive buying
  • Marketing budgets included by BREXIT
  • The effect of COVID-19 on the global economy
  • The decline in organic reach on social media platforms
  • Do people appreciate being click baited into sponsored posts?
  • How the extraordinary content offered by intelligent chatbots can help sports teams strengthen fan loyalty

A dissertation requires a lot of independent research so it may get a bit difficult to start with. Demonstrating your ability to think critically and analytically is what you’re supposed to bring in your Marketing Dissertation. A marketing dissertation requires you to conduct extensive research and present an argumentation in a particular claim of the topic you have chosen. The very first step to presenting a perfectly written marketing dissertation is to choose a topic you’re genuinely interested in, this allows you to understand and present the arguments well. However, you should make sure that the topic chosen is capable enough of contributing to your future in career aspects. You can look for marketing topic ideas from present scenarios, academic journals and scholarly books. In the aftermath of choosing the topic, you’re supposed to develop a research question. While creating a research question you must keep in mind your ability to answer it through primary and secondary sources. Gather the necessary material for your research and prepare an outline for your Marketing Dissertation. The last and final step of presenting a perfectly written marketing dissertation is to revise, edit and proofread your dissertation and make changes if required. Revise your marketing dissertation as many times as you can until you are fully satisfied with the paper. 

The best research topics in digital marketing include Artificial Intelligence, Conversational Marketing, Video Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Influencer marketing, Pay per Click Advertising, Visual Search, and Social Media Management and Marketing.

Some special dissertation topics in commerce are: 1) Write about the influence that advertising picks up on the performance of purchasers. 2) Address about the scholars can be trained among the mobile phone business. 3)Write about how foreign commerce can manage standardisation.

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The Most Interesting Marketing Dissertation Topics 2022

The latest years have been characterised by the explosion of applications to such universities as Bath, Leeds, or Lancaster, with students showing increased interest in marketing. It’s not surprising as it could be viewed as a profession of the past, present, and future: it is all-encompassing, and marketing techniques are at the centre of biggest money exchange in the world.

Dissertation is a climax of studies, but complications arise prior to any research because you have to decide what to write about. Marketing dissertation topics are diverse and you have to select one that stirs your interest at least a little bit. Personal involvement is crucial in such an assignment type. If you’re being in search of professional dissertation help , you can always find it with our writers; if you search for ideas for inspiration, look at the list below.

improve marketing skills

List of the Top Marketing Dissertation Ideas for 2022

For best results, we’ve divided this complex subject into 11 topics.

Marketing Dissertation Topics

  • Relationship between Clients and Representatives
  • Intricacies of Marketing Communication to Attract Students’ Attention to a Specific University
  • Building Friendly Relations with Influencers: Reasons, Methods, and Expected Results
  • Campaigns Based on Sexual Exposure: Appeal & Target Audience
  • Three Major Tactics for Making a Horror Movie Draw the Attention of Audience
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Marketing Management Dissertation Topics

The field of marketing is quite complex, yet choosing marketing dissertation topics, you must remember that the key is to deliver your information correctly. If something is not clear, always discuss it with your academic advisor or try using different wording. See these examples below to get creative:

  • Why marketing on children’s television brings up controversies.
  • Social media marketing versus physical marketing methods.
  • Military academies marketing styles.
  • Aggressive marketing: pros and cons.
  • Should e-commerce marketing involve large budgets to succeed?

Branding Dissertation Topics

Branding represents logos, advertisement methods, graphic design, and many other aspects that help to create a brand. Hearing of Rolls Royce, we already turn to historical aspects, yet it is not only about quality but also about the ways how advertisement has been target towards wealthy individuals through the years.

  • Political aspect of television branding.
  • Branding style of Apple Inc and social bias.
  • Why branding and outsourcing do not work together.
  • scouting: an example of a successful branding system.
  • Male vs female branding specialists: gender bias in the outcome.
  • Principles of Creating Relatable Brand: Common Points with Consumers
  • Superior Brand Positioning for New Hotel Business
  • Brand Development: Individuals vs. Companies. Differences in Approach
  • Best Colour Combination for Modern Branding Types
  • UK Food Logos: Making Brands Distinguished

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Direct Marketing Topics

Direct marketing means situations when every client is targeted either individually or by using an individual approach. You can think about your milkman or delivery of newspapers by the children when they talk to you directly, thus making you a valued client. See some of these examples:

  • Direct marketing in e-commerce vs word of mouth strategies.
  • Does social media help in direct communication with customers: pros and cons.
  • Volunteering and direct marketing campaigns.
  • Newspaper delivery history: direct marketing.
  • Understanding customer needs: basics of preliminary customer analysis through the lens of perception
  • Direct Contact with Consumers: Do’s & Don’ts
  • Direct Mail and Its Connection to Ecology
  • Evaluating Success of Conducted Mail Campaign
  • Top Five Promotion Objects to Use for Making Direct Campaign Successful
  • Impulsive Shopping: Psychological & Social Aspects

Topics on Marketing across Cultures

Marketing across cultures may compare local culture and marketing styles with the rest of the world. For example, we all know that people have their unique vision of a good ad, which will differ from those visions that the American people may have. See dissertation marketing topics list for inspiration:

  • An Indian influence in society in fashion marketing.
  • perception of luxury vs the United States.
  • Wrong perception of marketing peculiarities by the immigrants.
  • Royal family and intentional style marketing abroad.
  • Perception of marketing styles in the United States.
  • Peculiarities of Launching Campaigns in the United Arab Emirates
  • Differences & Similarities between Luxury Brands for Developed & Developing Countries
  • Three Ways of Improving Bad International Production Outcomes
  • Five Creative Techniques of Integrating Elements from Specific Culture into International Campaigns
  • UK, Australia, New Zealand Differences in Trading

Consumer Behaviour

Why do some people buy certain products or ignore certain brands entirely? Why do people listen to certain advertisements and tend to learn about something new by listening to old-time celebrities? It is all covered by the consumer behaviour dissertation topics. See some of these examples:

  • Is Apple Inc. approached the same way as in the United States?
  • Social dividing in target marketing of consumer goods.
  • Consumerism: a historical analysis.
  • Conservative attitudes to brands in society.
  • Winning loyalty of customers: case studies of foreign companies.
  • Influence of Belonging to Certain Social Group on Buying Decisions
  • Three Factors that Alienate Consumers from the Brand
  • Reasons for Consumers Migrating to Other Brands
  • Emotions-Motivated Buying Decisions: Their Ground & Perspectives of Their Usage
  • Methods of Loyalty Cultivation Among the New-Age Customers

Marketing and Social Networks Topics

We all know that the majority of commercial deals are being made online with the help of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. While it is too early to say that social networks marketing is the future, it is still vital to approach various topics like the ones below:

  • The role of influencers in SMM.
  • Why social media must be supported by blog posts.
  • The most common misconceptions regarding the immediate success of Facebook advertising.
  • Transformation of customers into sales with the help of Instagram.
  • The dark side of SMM: controversial issues and hacking occasions.
  • Most Efficient Social Network from Perspective of Promotions
  • Three Methods of Reaching the Maximal Amount of Customers via Facebook
  • Instagram, Influencers, and Promotional Posts: An Improved System of Achieving Customers’ Recognition
  • 5 Common Mistakes in Communication with Clients via Social Networks
  • Advertising Launched via Social Media Platforms

Marketing Ethics Topics

Students often choose ethical aspects when dealing with marketing because people are historically aware of all the importance related to high morals and responsibility. Today’s marketing principles have shifted significantly, yet proper research can help improve the situation. See some marketing ethics dissertation topics below:

  • Human Rights Violations during news advertisement marketing strategies.
  • Biased coverage of social campaigns in the media.
  • political shows: another way of marketing propaganda or analytical work?
  • How honest is advertisement of foods and beverages?
  • Should the advertisement of alcohol and tobacco be made illegal?
  • People’s Rights Violation During Marketing Research, Their Kinds, & Alleviation Methods
  • Problematic Cases: Thin Line between Lies, Obfuscation, and Vagueness
  • Work and Mistakes Committed by Puffery During Campaigns
  • Marketing vs Propaganda: Concept Differences & Similarities
  • Health Dangers in Advertising Medical Products

Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics

Digital marketing is not necessarily related to social media. Think about video game ads or various mobile alerts that you receive once you are done talking to your university friends or parents. Digital marketing dissertation ideas can deal with anything where computers or any electronic devices are involved.

  • Digital marketing challenges during Covid-19.
  • The use of AI tools in digital marketing: benefits and drawbacks.
  • The benefits of customer targeting and data mining principles.
  • Commercial side of digital marketing and related risks.
  • Digital marketing in the bank sector.
  • How Do Demands Change According To Generation?
  • Pay-per-click Kinds of Marketing, Its Efficiency and Drawbacks
  • Peculiarities of Search for what Keywords to Use for Online Ads
  • Online Ads that Customers Find Annoying: Their Characteristics and Tactics for Addressing Them
  • Promotions through Influencers, Email, Search Engine Optimisation

Advertising Dissertation Topics

It is one of the most challenging topics to explore because we all know enough about advertising, yet coming up with a good advertising dissertation topic is not always possible. If you are stuck with ideas, see some of these examples below to start with:

  • Advertising and grammar school children: the lessons to learn.
  • Should real people (non staged) be allowed to participate in advertising?
  • Use of street advertisement: way.
  • Structure of classic advertising: a historical analysis.
  • Why advertisement is no longer efficient when using print ads?
  • Seven Ways in Which Advertising Influences Children’s Minds
  • History of Alcohol Ads & Harm They Caused During Years
  • Celebrity Endorsement as Outdated Advertising Trend
  • Is TV Still Good for Ads?
  • When Advertising Becomes Annoying

Event Management Topics

Event management is not only about organisational and management aspects, which is why writing dissertation on event management, remember that managing an event always depends on type and target audience. For example, you can think about safety rules or financial aspects between children’s festival and a large political event.

  • Planning an event for all male vs all-female groups.
  • Event management and safety rules: pros and cons.
  • Event planning industry during pandemic times.
  • The limitations in the work of event managers during children’s events.
  • music marketing during festivals and time management issues.
  • Functions Performed by Event Managers
  • Event Planners & Responsibilities They Must Entail
  • Organising an Event: Five Core Factors that Must Be Considered
  • Popular Trends in Events Industry
  • Using Event Management to Boost Profits

Fashion Marketing Dissertation Topics

Fashion marketing belongs to those new marketing topics. Even though it has always been popular it has only recently received scientific attention. If you want to brainstorm fashion marketing dissertation topics, have a look at some of the ideas we came up with below:

  • Gender bias in perception of marketing ads.
  • Children’s fashion: how should we discuss it with the children?
  • Celebrity involvement in fashion industry.
  • Social media and related impact on distorted body image.
  • What makes a fashion icon in modern society?
  • Gender Differences that Affect the Structure of Fashion Marketing
  • Fashion Icons and Their Contributions to Products Advertising
  • Factors Affecting Decision Of Fashion Products Purchase
  • How Fashion Uses Ads
  • Body Positivity vs Fashion Advertising

Social Media Marketing Dissertation Topics

The role of social media in marketing these days cannot be underestimated, which is why numerous students choose social media marketing topics for their dissertation. You can explore anything from influencers to online sales like in topics below:

  • The role of storytelling in social media marketing.
  • Influencers vs private approaches.
  • Real-time marketing on social media.
  • The use of guest posting in social media marketing.
  • Goal setting strategies on social media.
  • Live streams as the social media marketing future.
  • Tourism marketing campaigns online.
  • Augmented reality challenges: pros and cons.
  • Use of social trends in marketing on Facebook.
  • Memes and social media marketing: main benefits and limitations.

International Marketing Dissertation Topics

International marketing usually deals with perception of local marketing practices abroad or vice versa. Explore various topics that we have presented below and see what aspects may be narrowed down:

  • The use of outsourcing in online marketing.
  • Legal disputes and international marketing cheating.
  • Why do people tend to avoid international marketing practices.
  • Marketing and modern delivery methods.
  • Skype and Zoom as international marketing tools during Covid-19 times.
  • Healthcare concerns and accurate translation of international medical ads.
  • International business ethics between and Australian ways of life.
  • Consumerism in the field of tourism marketing in the United States.
  • expert of goods to India: the cultural bias.
  • International marketing in post-Brexit society.

Sports Marketing Dissertation Topics

Sports marketing is a popular topic not only among college athletes but also among students pursuing healthcare careers.

  • The use of famous athletes for advertising.
  • Should athletes show their political preferences as a part of a sports campaign.
  • Inequality of access to sports accessories.
  • Perception of Wimbledon marketing beyond.
  • Advertisement of youth sports club in Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • Should the boarding schools advertise their sports facilities?
  • An ethical aspect of medication advertising by athletes?
  • Nike vs Adidas brand analysis in society.
  • Should politicians participate in sports competitions.
  • Bias in media coverage of sports events.

Dissertation Topics On Marketing For MBA

As a rule, MBA students pursuing marketing dissertation topics will focus on anything from bizarre advertising schemes to consumerism and ethics. See mba marketing dissertation topics below to help your creativity flow:

  • Influence of celebrities and consumerism.
  • The negative aspect of customer satisfaction methods.
  • Advertisement of Irish pubs abroad: controversial aspects.
  • Factors affecting male vs female consumer preferences.
  • Is radio advertising still efficient?
  • Analysis of online consumer behaviours.
  • Privacy vs target marketing online.
  • Corporate ethics and brand advertising strategies.
  • TV advertising: an outdated approach or the NLP approach?
  • Relationship marketing: the safest methods of advertising to children.

Business Marketing Dissertation Topics

This field of marketing studies business relations through the lens of marketing and advertisement. See some examples of marketing topics for dissertation business subjects below:

  • The most common misconceptions about marketing ethics.
  • Advertising to a young person: the list of things to know.
  • Expanding business marketing abroad: pros and cons.
  • Small business marketing strategies that are purely.
  • Analysis of business marketing analysis methods.

Retail Marketing Dissertation Topics

Retail marketing sector has undergone significant challenges during the post-Brexit period and then during pandemic restrictions. It is best to reflect in your dissertation writing as done below:

  • Addressing the issue of food shortages in Wales.
  • Retail prices in Manchester vs Blackpool.
  • Retail marketing and relationship marketing during Covid-19 times.
  • Supply-and-demand changes during post-Brexit period.
  • Retail marketing and political bias in logistics.

Marketing Communications Dissertation Topics

The most important aspect of successful marketing is communication and being able to focus on correction of mistakes.

  • The most common marketing communications mistakes made by non-UK businesses.
  • How to communicate one’s brand and message without turning to aggressive marketing?
  • Marketing communications specifics on social media.
  • How do people perceive information: music marketing examples.
  • Consumerism and communicational barrier: Corner Shop case study analysis.

Green Marketing Dissertation Topics

Green marketing is more than just a popular trend in society, which is why composing your dissertation on green marketing, you are bound to achieve success. See social, moral, and environmental aspects as you choose one of the popular topics below:

  • Controversy about genetically-modified foods.
  • Logistic service providers and green marketing methods.
  • Socio-material analysis: green retailing.
  • Environmental concerns and advertising.
  • Freight transportation: analysis of services.

In addition to all those titles, you could also check economics dissertation topics . These two fields are often interrelated, and you could find something interesting there.

Have Chosen A Topic, What’s Next?

So, you have looked through various dissertation topics in marketing and have even selected your favourite, but still have no time to write it? Writix writers provide different kinds of help for students who need help with starting or finishing dissertations. You could tell them, “ Do my dissertation ”, and our experts would instantly get to work.

Also, check interesting ideas for a psychology dissertation or criminology dissertation topics — we cover all subjects to meet even particularly demanding tastes. Enjoy research, contact us if assistance is needed, and earn your diploma!

  • What topics can be chosen for marketing dissertation purposes?

You can choose anything from social media marketing to consumer relations and MBA marketing topics. If you cannot find your field of science in the list of topics above, contact us with your marketing dissertation questions.

  • How to choose a marketing dissertation topic?

The safest way to choose your marketing dissertation topic is knowing your subject well and making additional research as you check similar works. Remember that your marketing research topic must inspire you. Think over your wording and connect it with your thesis statement. Most importantly, take care of your structure and include only that information, which has been approved by your academic advisor.

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Digital Commons @ University of South Florida

  • USF Research
  • USF Libraries

Digital Commons @ USF > Muma College of Business > Marketing > Theses and Dissertations

Marketing Theses and Dissertations

Theses/dissertations from 2023 2023.

How Feeling Like a Minority Affects Preferences for Autonomous Digital Interfaces , Ye Seul Kim

Theses/Dissertations from 2022 2022

Spillover Effects in Product Customization , Samuel Babu Sekar

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

External and Internal Factors of Sports Sponsorship Selling Cycles in North American Professional Sports , Dan Kaufmann

Increasing Personal and Product Influence Through Background Auditory and Visual Cues , Zhihao Yu

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

The Effects of Product Recalls on Competitors’ Market Value and Recalling Firm’s Reputation , Dong Liu

Corporate Brand Impact on Sales / Revenue Per Share , Brad A. Puckey

Competition in Upstream Humanitarian Supply Chain: Investigation of Food Banks , Iana Shaheen

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

How Digital versus Non-Digital Modes of Food Ordering Influence Menu Healthfulness Perceptions and Food Choices , Annika Abell

Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

The Impact of Digital Marketing Decisions on Market Outcomes in Residential Real Estate , Denise Hunter Gravatt

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

Hate is a Strong Word: The Influence of Hate-Acknowledging Advertising on Brand Outcomes , Lisa Monahan

The Effects of Loneliness on Consumers’ Digital Engagement with Social Media Ads , Yu Qin

Product Shadows and Ad Evaluations , Nazuk Sharma

Theses/Dissertations from 2016 2016

Understanding the Complexity of Product Returns Management: A Complex Adaptive Systems Theory Perspective , Jennifer Anne Espinosa

Branding Implications of Co-Created Social Responsibility , Alexander J. Kull

Theses/Dissertations from 2015 2015

How You Categorize Influences How Helpful You Are: The Effect of Categorization Mindset on Consumers’ Social Decisions , Hsiao-Ching Kuo

Theses/Dissertations from 2014 2014

Taken for Granted or Taken with Gratitude? An Examination of the Differential Effects of Donations of Time and Money on Consumers' Evaluation of Corporate Philanthropy , Ryan Langan

Essays on Consumer's Psychological and Behavioral Responses toward Social Coupons , Chinintorn Nakhata

Muscling Consumers to Optimal Option Differentiation: The Influence of Incidental Muscular Sensations on Option Differentiation , Courtney Szocs

Theses/Dissertations from 2012 2012

Essays on Mental Accounting and Consumers' Decision Making , Ali Besharat

Perceived Firm Transparency: Scale and Model Development , Jennifer Dapko

Theses/Dissertations from 2010 2010

Antecedents and Consequences of Channel Alienation: An Empirical Investigation within Franchised Channels of Distribution , Ivan Lapuka

Theses/Dissertations from 2009 2009

An Empirical Examination of the Dark Side of Relationship Marketing within a Business to Business Context , Brent L. Baker

Developing the Nomological Network of Perceived Corporate Affinity for Technology: A Three Essay Dissertation , David Earl Fleming

Theses/Dissertations from 2008 2008

Self-Directed Learning: Measures and Models for Salesperson Training and Development , Stefanie Leigh Boyer

Emotional Exhaustion and Its Role in Service Sabotage among Boundary Spanners , Diane R. Edmondson

Theses/Dissertations from 2007 2007

Essays on multiple identities and motivated consumption: Exploring the role of identity centrality on self-brand connections , Tracy R. Harmon

The impact of organizational climate variables of perceived organizational support, workplace isolation, and ethical climate on salesperson psychological and behavioral work outcomes , Robert J. Riggle

Theses/Dissertations from 2005 2005

The Effect of Perceived Entitativity on Implicit Image Transfer in Multiple Sponsorships , FrancoÌ?is Anthony Carrillat

Theses/Dissertations from 2004 2004

Relationship Advertising: Investigating the Strategic Appeal of Intimacy (Disclosure) in Services Marketing , Andrea Diahann Gaye Scott

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40+ Exclusive Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics by Experts

Know 40+ Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics by Assignment Desk

Table of Contents

What Is Digital Marketing and its Purpose?

Trending digital marketing dissertation topics (40+ ideas), how to choose an ideal digital marketing dissertation topic, still looking for an ideal digital marketing dissertation topic try us.

Digital marketing has gained so much popularity in recent times; this is why students are tempted to pursue it. However, there is no harm in getting attracted to something that is trending. Thus, if you are thinking of pursuing this as your career, you must know that you have to prepare a dissertation on the same. Furthermore, to draft it, you need to search for effective digital marketing dissertation topics. Although this blog is drafted with various topics, before that, you need to have an overview of this field. Thus, the following section will help you with the same and act as digital marketing dissertation examples that guide you toward success.

Digital marketing is a sub-field of marketing that is done using electronic devices and social media platforms. It is becoming one of the fastest-growing techniques to market a product or a service. This is so because it enables a business to spread its customers in a limited time and to large audiences. Although this is an effective way to advertise any product, it is challenging to ace when it comes to academic tasks. It is why seeking  dissertation help  from us is the smartest choice. Moreover, before drafting any document, you need to select a theme for it. Thus, in this blog, you will explore numerous digital marketing dissertation topics to build your paper on.

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To advance your career, you need to pursue higher-degree courses, and for this, you need to draft a dissertation. However, constructing this is already a tedious task, and selecting dissertation topics for digital marketing adds more challenges. Thus, in this section, we have listed the most trending themes that you can use to remove your workload. 

Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics for 2023

In this section, we have listed the latest dissertation topics for digital marketing that are trending in the current year. 

1. Study the impact of digital marketing on organisational performance

2. What is the impact of social media on consumer behavior in the fashion industry?

3. Evaluate the customers' psychology and its role in digital marketing.

4. Perform a comparative study of the use of search engine optimization in digital marketing campaigns.

5. How does customer interaction with employees and machines use the optimum ratio to maximize sales?

6. Why does brand experience affect consumers purchasing decisions?

7. A study on investigation of the impact of emerging technologies on the evolution of digital marketing practices.

8. How does innovation of digital marketing management in b2b markets?

9. To articulate the importance of ratings on social media channels for increasing customer base: A description

10. What is the relationship between influencer marketing and lifestyle branding?

These are some digital marketing topics for dissertation that can help you to impress your professor.

Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics for 2022 

In this segment, you will find the digital marketing dissertation topic on which you can build your paper and get the attention of the audience easily. 

11. Analyse the effect of integrated marketing communication on consumer buying behavior

12. What is the role of communication strategies in fashion marketing?

13. Explain how to maximize sales and its optimum ratio to do it.

14. Studying customers' responses to automated interactions in the services industry.

15. Explain how the content of food brands on Instagram can increase their reach.

These are some effective digital marketing dissertation topics that you can use to construct your document on.

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Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics for 2021 

Here are the topics listed by professional  dissertation writers in UK  that you can use and draft a dissertation on.

16. How to use information to improve the growth of a specific product?

17. Evaluate the design of a marketing post for Facebook.

18. A comparative study on influencer marketing vs. Ad marketing

19. What is the use of marketing to personalize the different products?

20. An overview of consumer behavior using digital marketing.

21. What are tangible and intangible brand values? An explanation

22. What is the relationship between perceived risk and brand equity?

These are the topics that you can choose from and reduce your burden. Moreover, if you are still struggling, you can  buy dissertation  from us and ace the document without much ado.

Unique Digital Marketing Topics for Dissertation

In this segment of the blog, you will be exploring the most unique dissertation topics in digital marketing to grab the reader's attention without much ado.

23. What are the major differences between b2c and b2b marketing strategies?

24. Evaluate the factors involved in choosing a brand ambassador.

25. Perform a comparative analysis of marketing campaigns targeting millennials and generation z

26. What is the role of brand attachment role in invoking targeted emotions in consumers?

27. Why e-marketing is becoming challenging, especially with promotional emails?

28. How does language become a barrier to efficient online marketing campaigns for bigger brands?

29. Evaluating the ROI of most commonly used digital marketing strategies.

30. Why do females tend to buy more clothes than men?

31. What is the effect of YouTube ads on how consumers view different products?

32. How to build a strong brand online among all types of audiences?

These are the topics listed by the experts at digital marketing dissertation help  platform to ease your task.

Effective and Engaging Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics

In this section, you will explore the digital marketing dissertation topics that are currently in the field.

33. Define a historical point of view of complex marketing in the 21st century

34. Evaluate the scope of marketing for perishable products

35. Explain how the 5 P's of marketing are transforming with time.

36. Why does group dynamics are essential in identifying the right message for marketing?

37. Analyse the determinants of advertising sales promotion or salesmanship

38. Evaluate the several marketing management philosophies

39. What affects the decisions for products, distribution, and prices?

40. How does marketing enhance a particular society from various perspectives?

41. Why does a market plan is essential in the initial stages?

42. What is the role of marketing collateral in advertising strategies?

43. Why do fashion marketing techniques focus on women?

These are the digital marketing dissertation topics that you can consider and use to draft an ideal paper. Moreover, selecting one from this ocean can be tricky, but knowing the procedure to choose can ease the work.

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As you know, selecting ideal dissertation topics on digital marketing is a challenging task. But this is the foremost that you need to do, as without this, you cannot move ahead with your document. It is so because, without any theme, you will not have any base to construct the document. So, here are the steps by the experts at marketing dissertation help for the same:

Keep Your Interest on Priority

It is the first thing you must do while analyzing digital marketing dissertation topics. This is so because if the theme is engaging, you will not get bored while working on the document.

Narrow Down the Theme

Narrowing down the theme is crucial, as without it, you might not focus on a particular thing. Thus, you must go through digital marketing dissertation examples if you have any confusion.

Conduct a Thorough Research

Conducting a thorough research process is necessary to select digital marketing dissertation topics. It is so because, after this, you will have an idea about the direction to move in.

Finalize the Ideal Topic

This is it; now you have conducted research and analyzed what is trending and what is your area of interest. Thus, now you are ready to finalize your dissertation topics in digital marketing. Moreover, if you are still struggling, you can hire an expert to reduce your burden.

If you are still baffled by the process of selecting digital marketing topics for dissertation, then share your issues with us. At Assignment Desk, we have specialists in the field who can guide you in the right direction. Our  dissertation writing services  will help you to choose an ideal topic to impress your professor. 

However, if you have any other doubts than selecting digital marketing dissertation topics, you can still reach out to us. Our team has the finest members who can assist you in drafting the entire dissertation from scratch as well. Thus, do not struggle alone anymore, as we are here to support you in each step. So, do not waste more time and hire our experts now. 

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Dissertation Topics in Marketing Actual in 2024


Table of contents

  • 1 How to Choose the Right Topic for Your Marketing Dissertation
  • 2 Branding Dissertation Topics
  • 3 Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics
  • 4 MBA Marketing Dissertation Topics
  • 5 Interesting Marketing Dissertation Topics
  • 6 Social Media Marketing Dissertation Topics
  • 7 Relationship Marketing Dissertation Topics
  • 8 Fashion Marketing Dissertation Topics
  • 9 Sports Marketing Dissertation Topics
  • 10 Ethics in Marketing Dissertation Topics
  • 11 Consumer Behaviour Dissertation Topics

We’ve compiled a list of about 100 of the best international marketing dissertation topics. Use these examples comfortably and create your idea.

How to Choose the Right Topic for Your Marketing Dissertation

To choose the right topic for your dissertation , you have to pick something actual and relevant to the field. Moreover, your choice must be interesting for reading. But not something filled with many scientific terms.

The idea must be based on a case that other people have already researched. That will give you enough credible sources to use for your work.

When writing your dissertation , remember that it revolves around data. Thus, using credible academic references with correct information is best.

While doing that, a good thing to remember is to look for ideas with gaps that have great potential. They will allow you to create a good piece that will be interesting to read. But given how hard these are to notice, you should get dissertation assistance . You can get help from our team of professionals or ask your professor for suggestions.

Branding Dissertation Topics

Branding is a term that comes from the business world, and you will often see it in the field. The word refers to many processes that give meaning to various organizations, businesses, services, and goods.

In that sense, branding can be a way for the company to promote its products and achieve an edge over competitors by building its brand. It can be a promise to the customers or the appeal of a good or service.

  • Brand value, and how the consumers perceive it. Case of Pepsi versus Coca-Cola.
  • The company branding and its effect on business productivity.
  • What is the significance of social media marketing for brand development?
  • Is there cultural meaning in brands, and why?
  • Branding and its nature. Comprehensive evolution study.
  • The relations between the brand, customers, and their emotions.
  • Why is brand management essential for achieving profitability?
  • Branding and the importance of having a top product that attracts customers.
  • How can the use of digital methods increase brand standing?
  • Smartphone apps, and how businesses can use them to improve their brand equity.

Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics

Without a doubt, this is the future of commerce in the current age. That is due to the significant increase in online shopping. With the growth of online sales and new e-commerce, experts must develop unique strategies to boost their sales.

Because of that, we have prepared a few ideas about digital marketing thesis topics for you:

  • Modern customers and how social media applications can affect their behavior.
  • Marketing and landing pages, and why they are so important to have.
  • Google and Amazon ads and how they are a necessity for online commerce.
  • Digitalized platforms and the adoption of automated service interaction. How they affect clients and companies.
  • What exactly is the role of the Internet? How does it influence customers’ behavior?
  • Smart devices and their effects on boosting company sales.
  • Is it essential to analyze the consumer’s psychology in marketing strategies?
  • How have stars and influencers affected online sales and strategies?
  • Digital marketing. Is it better for the customer to interact with a machine or an employee?
  • Email strategies. Are they outdated, and what are the most common mistakes of this strategy?

MBA Marketing Dissertation Topics

Having a Master’s can be essential as it opens a new path for you and allows you to learn more. In that sense, it also shows you know about marketing in general. So, picking the right dissertation topic is crucial because you have to prove your knowledge.

  • Digital and mobile marketing. What are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • Note the difference between offline and online market goods and how clients respond to them.
  • Management and its response to boycotts. What is the proper reaction?
  • What are the customer’s reactions during periods of recession and crisis?
  • Customer profile gender, age, and ethnicity. How do they affect online purchases?
  • What is the importance of a successful branding strategy, and how does it attract loyal customers?
  • How does color relate to brands and affect sales in the clothing industry?
  • Strategies about charity. Why are they important, and how do people regard them?
  • Best sales strategies that make consumers buy food online.
  • E-commerce, and how a loyalty program encourages the customers to spend more.

Interesting Marketing Dissertation Topics

No matter what you are writing about, you must pick an interesting topic. Then you will have an easy time researching and writing.

Marketing is a field connected to a lot of data, and that can make writing your Master’s dissertation hard. Thus, striving to pick a compelling case to write about will help you immensely.

  • Should we combine offline with online techniques to increase sales in the digital business model?
  • Politics and their effects on marketing strategies.
  • What are the best and worst parts of SMS marketing? Is it an actual concept?
  • The concept of standardization in the field and how it affects the clients.
  • How does brand value affect the customer’s decision?
  • How do retention and innovation go hand in hand? What are the effects?
  • Family packs and oriented online commerce strategies.
  • Online trends and their impact on marketing techniques. How have they changed during the past ten years?
  • The power of customization in e-commerce and how it affects sales.
  • Market segmentation and its effects on sales channels. Is it a good or bad strategy?

Social Media Marketing Dissertation Topics

In the current commerce world, many, if not most, marketing campaigns and deals take place online. With that, the importance of social media and other widespread online platforms increases. So, social media marketing strategies are a must for the success of any thriving business.

  • Are Google, Amazon, and Facebook ads convenient for digital trade?
  • Effects of social media and the impact they have on customers.
  • Marketing, E-commerce, and the importance of proper SEO. Effects and aftermaths.
  • Is it good for huge corporations to use social media and focus on younger customer groups?
  • How can products and online services affect customer loyalty to the brand?
  • Are influencers and famous actors a good strategy to increase your audience?
  • Social media and its significance in modern marketing promotion campaigns.
  • How can online content marketing build a larger presence and loyal customers?
  • Are social media suitable for branding or just boosting a company’s sales?
  • Should a company build online value through transparent customer reviews? Best ways to do it.

Relationship Marketing Dissertation Topics

Customer association is crucial for the success and good sales of every business. Thus, customer relationships are often vital to a good marketing approach. That is because such techniques rely on how well you know your customers and what you want to focus on when approaching them.

  • How has customer retention changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and how does that affect marketing strategies?
  • Modern consumer behavior. Is it reasonable to push clients to change their customer style or not?
  • How can the decision-making process affect cultural or ethical influences?
  • Big corporations and their strategies. Why do customers stay loyal and abide by global marketing rules?
  • Why is it important for a company to learn more about its client’s psychoanalytical model?
  • Differences between the classes and racial discrimination when targeting different ethnicities.
  • E-commerce and shopping application. How can customers achieve satisfaction through verbal communication?
  • What is the risk when dealing with unhappy customers and boycotts?
  • When is it reasonable to change prices, and how do clients see these changes?
  • Customization: The best way to personalize your company’s product to suit your customers.

Marketing dissertation topics can include areas such as pricing strategy, brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, etc. Writing a dissertation on a marketing topic can be a difficult task. That is why services such as custom dissertation writing services are available to alleviate this stress and make the process easier.

Fashion Marketing Dissertation Topics

Fashion marketing aims to resolve or create promotion issues connected to a clothing brand. Many of the strategies in the field include publications on specialized blogs. They can also have websites, Google Ads, and campaigns with influencers.

Below, we have prepared a few exciting topics from that field. Please take a look at them and gain inspiration about your dissertation topic:

  • Are fashion marketing strategies mainly aimed at women, and why?
  • Social media applications and their influence over fashion commerce strategies.
  • Fashion marketing techniques and logistics. The importance of proper planning.
  • What are the best ways to identify your clients in fashion marketing?
  • Best ways to create the ultimate customer experience in fashion.
  • Should fashion strategies spin around famous influencers or not?
  • Can sales be predicted effectively in fashion marketing, and how?
  • Best ways to attract younger customers. Goal-oriented campaigns and their benefits.
  • How can data suggest the best decisions in fashion promotion, and why?
  • The importance of researching and properly planning product prices.

Sports Marketing Dissertation Topics

In the modern world, sports are present in everyone’s life. So naturally, sports-related advertising significantly impacts a company’s brand sales and income.

Given how important that is, we have prepared a few of the best marketing-related dissertation topics in the field. Use them to gain inspiration and choose a suitable case.

  • Is it a good idea to use famous sports stars in promotion strategies?
  • World Cup 2022 and its importance for great marketing campaigns.
  • How can Esports be a suitable advertising platform? Best practices in the field.
  • Are behind-the-scenes images a good move in promotion strategies or not?
  • Advertising and betting platforms. Correlations and how these companies advertise on sports media.
  • How can bets influence sports marketing, and how are they connected?
  • Best advertising strategies. Teasers and previews before the start of a competition.
  • Women in sports and how they advance sports marketing.
  • What is the role of artificial intelligence, and can it change the shape of marketing in sports fields?
  • Ticket purchases. Why is it one of the best promotion revenue streams?


Ethics in Marketing Dissertation Topics

Marketing ethics are concerned with various business practices and company responsibilities. They are usually influenced by the clients’ behavior or change in attitude.

Nowadays, these are common, thanks to the influence of social media platforms. Below you can see a few suggestions for such topics.

  • What is the impact of goods labels on the clients’ purchase behavior?
  • Exploring the depths of Amazonia jungles. Is it green or greenwashing?
  • How do corporate behavior and ethics influence customer sales? Investigation.
  • Why does labeling matter, and what are its effects? Vegan versus the cruelty-free label.
  • How have spam rules and laws improved online ethics for consumers?
  • Pharmaceutical representatives and their gifts. Business ethics and morality investigation.
  • Gender difference and its impact on corporate social responsibility perceptions. What is the corporate marketing outcome?
  • The effects of the code of conduct of some stores. How does it affect customers?
  • Ethics, marketing, and the relationship between CSR. Are they a priority to the stakeholders or the common good?
  • How WizzAir online fare pricing influenced the customer demand trends. Marketing pricing strategies.

Consumer Behaviour Dissertation Topics

Consumer behavior in marketing often refers to the customer’s needs. How they meet them with the purchase of goods, and how they use them. The same also refers to various services and even expands to clients disposing of goods.

An effective marketing strategy knows the ropes around consumer behavior. So, before starting a campaign targeted at a specific group, you must research. Here are some topics examples:

  • In what ways does a company determine consumer behavior and maximize the benefit from it?
  • Modern digital tools. The practice of finding consumer behavior and its benefits for social marketing strategies.
  • Client behavior study. Why do women purchase more fashion goods than men?
  • What are the aftereffects of neglecting your target group’s consumer behavior?
  • Consumer behavior. How can the use of indecent language influence the young population to buy more?
  • Why have goods like masks and disinfectants increased in popularity during and after the pandemic?
  • Client’s behavior and why it is difficult to market goods in today’s busy world.
  • Innovation is a way of retaining a brand’s value even after a recession.
  • Product outreach and the consumer’s behavior towards it.
  • Beauty product sales and male clients. Consumers behavior investigation.

Suppose you have read everything. Now you know more about the different types of marketing dissertations. You saw great examples of marketing topics related to the field and now can easily use them to gain motivation for your work.

Selecting a compelling topic for a marketing dissertation can be overwhelming. However, with the help of the PapersOwl writing service , you can easily identify a focused dissertation topic that aligns with your research interests. Their team of experts will guide you in choosing the most relevant and interesting topics that will help you make an impact in your field of study. With their support, you can be sure to produce an exceptional marketing dissertation that stands out from the rest.

Remember, inspiration is crucial, as marketing students’ thesis topics revolve around it. So get your motivation, select the suitable case that interests you, and form your thesis.

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Top 120 Marketing Topics For Your Paper

marketing topics

Marketing is an essential sphere of the modern world and is, therefore, subject to intense research. The good news for researchers is that with this flood of data, writing a research paper should be easier. The bad news, however, is that with so much data, decision-making may not be so straightforward. Therefore, you have to choose the right marketing topics among this many options.

Best Marketing Research Paper Topics

Social media marketing topics, sports marketing topics, international marketing topics, content marketing topics, controversial marketing topics, digital marketing topics, marketing topics for presentation, marketing plan topics, trending marketing topics, interesting marketing dissertation topics, marketing topics ideas for essay.

Choosing marketing topics for your research may put you in a somewhat confusing situation. Although they are difficult to find, they needn’t be! Hence, this article focuses on hot marketing topics to write about. With our list of hot topics in marketing, you’ll not doubt as to where to focus and what topics to choose.

From marketing paper topics to marketing blog topics, we have got you covered! Here are 120 marketing topics just for you!

Are you into any kind of marketing research, or do you need some marketing essay topics for a college assignment? Then relax! We refuse to leave you out in the dark. With our marketing topics for research, you’ll be on top of your game. No bluffing – these marketing topics for research paper spans all forms of education. What do I mean? These marketing topics cover some marketing thesis topics, marketing dissertation topics, and marketing research topics for college students! Also, you can easily get qualified marketing thesis help from our experts. Are you ready for the list of marketing research topics? Let’s delve right in!

  • Evaluation of the best distribution strategies for new companies.
  • Mistakes to avoid when choosing marketing distribution channels.
  • The influence and opportunities of online shopping in China.
  • How social media impact the German Christmas market.
  • How consumer purchase decision influences e-marketing.
  • How Internet Marketing Affects Pharmaceutical Marketing And Ethics.
  • Gender And Its Effect On Buying Decision.
  • Factors That Influence Impulsive Buying And How Brands Exploit Them
  • How the Brand Extension Affects Brand Personality.
  • Black Friday Sales: How Companies Use And Benefit From These Sales.
  • Direct Marketing Strategies: Are Consumers Immune To Its Effect?

Social media marketing is no longer a new marketing concept. Many companies now use diverse social media platforms for marketing their brands and influencing people into getting hooked on their products or services. Here are some social media marketing topics that many companies will find interesting.

  • Social media and the survival of a business.
  • The best social media to use for baby products.
  • How to apply marketing mix on Facebook.
  • Facebook vs. Instagram, which is the best marketing platform?
  • Can Facebook help your business to grow?
  • How To Pick The Right Social Media Platforms For Your Business.
  • Effective Communication Of Brand Image Via Social Media Marketing.
  • Snapchat: Can This Platform Help Small Businesses Grow?
  • Instagram: How Customers Perceive Brands Who Advertise On This Platform.
  • What Makes People Want To Share Content With Their Friends?
  • How Does Social Media Advertising Impact Consumer Behavior?

Sports marketing is a trendy type of marketing. Here are some sports marketing research topics you should consider.

  • A Critical Analysis Of The Effect Of Traditional Advertising On Ticket Purchases.
  • A Study Of How Football Teams Use Social Media Platforms (Twitter) To Gain The Loyalty Of Their Fans.
  • Olympics: A Comparative Study Of The Trends In The Market Of The Host Country, And Growth Ratio.
  • Women In Sports: The Effect Of Female Athletes On The Brand Loyalty Of Sports Goods Consumers?
  • A Study On How Small And Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Can Support Sports Marketing.
  • The trending opportunities in sports marketing and how to make use of them.
  • The best way you can use to make use of wearable markets
  • Should seniors be permitted to participate in sports games?
  • How can intelligent sports chat boards help sports teams to strengthen their loyalty?
  • Should more women and children get into sports?

Marketing is one of the strings that hold the modern world together. Here are some international marketing topics that will dig deeper into global marketing and interest most readers.

  • Comparative Analysis Of International And Local Brands
  • How Companies Create Brand Awareness Via International Event Marketing.
  • How Manufacturers Can Market Their Products Internationally.
  • A Critical Acritical Of The Steps To Magnificent Multilingual Marketing Campaign.
  • A Study On How Businesses Can Be Successful At Localization.
  • How does globalization impact consumer behavior?
  • International brands vs. local brands, which one has an advantage?
  • How to create brand awareness through global event marketing.
  • Ways you can use to market your products on an international level.
  • How to utilize global event marketing when creating brand awareness.

Although most brands use content marketing, many are not good at it because it makes your business vulnerable. Marketers put their thoughts and ideas on the line hoping to see a good response. Here are some content marketing topics to help you study brands that got their content marketing right!

  • Why Coca-Cola’s “Share A Coke” Campaign Was A Huge Success.
  • A Study Of The Make-a-wish Batkid Campaign.
  • The Idea Behind Hootsuite’s Game Of Social Thrones Video.
  • How Velcro Made The Boring Fascinating.
  • How To Companies Like Okay Use Influence To Spread Powerful Messages.
  • Tips when creating content on Pinterest.
  • Guide on how to create content that your audience will want to share.
  • Five biggest graphic design mistakes that companies make when they are marketing their pieces.
  • Ways you can use to generate more leads and close sales using content marketing.
  • 10 steps to create a compelling marketing campaign.

Controversial marketing puts brands in the spotlight. These ads do pay off! Here are some controversial marketing topics for brands that made famous controversial marketing ads.

  • A Study On How Nike’s “Believe In Something” Ad Increased Their Stocks Prices.
  • Why Burger King’s “Whopper Neutrality” Got Millions Of Views.
  • Why Weight Watchers’ Partnership With DJ Khaled Increased Their Success.
  • Why Gillette’s “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be” Was A Controversial Ad.
  • How The Timing Of The Anheuser-Busch’s “Born The Hard Way” Ad Made It Controversial.
  • The truth about Google giving preferential treatment to big brands.
  • Is it true that social media affects SEO rankings?
  • TV ads and YouTube videos: which ones are more engaging?
  • Is the building of the email list an effective way to sell?
  • Will immersion technology through VR technology be accepted?

Digital marketing is rapidly growing, influencing millions of people across the world. Here are five digital marketing topics and digital marketing blog topics you should consider.

  • Search Engine Marketing: Critical Analysis Of Visual Keyword Tools.
  • Traditional Marketing Versus Digital Marketing: An Analytical Comparison.
  • ROI For Various Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Targeted Marketing: Facebook Analytics.
  • Coupon Code: Customer Preferences On These Promotional Activities.
  • What are the differences between paid search engines and organic search?
  • Tips that you can use to help you grow your paid ROAS.
  • Top 10 reasons you should follow your competitors on social media.
  • What are the dos and don’ts when you are using social media marketing?
  • Top SEO tactics that you should avoid.

Need to give a presentation on marketing? These five marketing presentation topics will enthrall your listeners!

  • How To Use The Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Fundamentals Of Marketing Management.
  • Digital And Social Media Marketing.
  • How To Effectively Manage Customer Service.
  • Essential Creative Thinking Skills All Marketing Managers Should Have.
  • What does in-house SEO entail?
  • What is the path to gaining and building your customers’ trust?
  • Which is better, brand awareness or ROI?
  • How to effectively personalize client’s communication
  • What are the best SEO strategies that increase site traffic?

Starting a business without a marketing plan could be suicidal. These marketing plan topics will help you preach the importance and place of marketing plans in the business world.

  • Why a Marketing Plan is a Crucial Aspect When Launching Your Business or Product.
  • Why you should have a strong marketing plan before launching your business.
  • How to build a tactical marketing plan
  • Marketing Strategy versus marketing plan: The differences.
  • Why do businesses lack proper marketing plans?
  • Ways you can use to build a tactical marketing plan
  • Is there a difference between a marketing plan and a marketing strategy?
  • What are the vital parts when you are writing a marketing plan?
  • What part does a marketing plan play in the success of a business or product launch?

Trends! Trends! Trends! Here are some trending marketing topics that almost everyone will find interesting!

  • The Era of Fake News: Why and How Marketing leaders should protect their brands.
  • How to Improve Your Martech Stack Effectiveness.
  • Why you should redesign your Websites to do what customers want.
  • Why we should pay attention to artificial intelligence.
  • What are the marketing strategies that airline companies in the US employ?
  • Why should you do a competitor analysis when creating a marketing strategy for your brand?
  • How do clients perceive businesses that use Facebook to market their business?
  • Is it possible for a business to grow simply by using Facebook marketing?
  • How to handle online marketing and deal with internet security.

Though there are several marketing strategies, they differ in the way that marketers employ them. If you are looking for interesting marketing strategies that you will use to impress your lecturer, here is a list of options to use.

  • What is the marketing strategy that is employed by the fashion industry?
  • Does gender have any impact on the family purchase decision?
  • Analyze how Apple was successful in global marketing.
  • Ways that companies differentiate their services based on social class.
  • Political campaign and brand marketing.
  • Is there a harmful impact of advertising on children?
  • What are the best marketing strategies for hotel businesses?
  • How do companies use smartphones to tap into the thinking of their clients?
  • Uber and Netflix: Compare the new market entry strategies used by these two companies.

Choosing a marketing topic idea for an essay can be overwhelming. However, to help you out, here are some ideas you can use to impress your lecturer.

  • What is the most effective form of marketing?
  • What form of marketing trends do you expect in the future?
  • What attributes can brands have that will help to increase brand loyalty?
  • Ways to rebuild trust in influencer marketing.
  • What causes a lack of personal branding, brand image, and professional reputation?
  • Is it possible for businesses to survive without marketing?
  • Top ten frustrating problems that are caused by inbound marketing.
  • A look at seven video content myths you must discard.
  • 20 social media campaign ideas for big brands.
  • Five effective ways you can use to increase traffic to your website.

So here we are! 120 marketing topics! Make your pick of the marketing topics you find workable or check out our business topics . Good luck with your work!

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70+ Dissertation Topics in Marketing 2024

Princi Rai Image

Princi Rai ,

Mar 4, 2024

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Dissertation topics in marketing include crucial topics such as marketing ethics, advertisement and branding techniques on various social media platforms and e-commerce platforms and sustainability of brand value.

70+ Dissertation Topics in Marketing 2024

Dissertation topics in marketing include a wide variety of topics on branding and advertising, consumer behaviour, social media marketing, international marketing, marketing ethics, marketing strategy, and product development dissertation topics.

Table of Contents

What are Dissertation Topics in Marketing?

Top 10 general marketing dissertation topics , top 10 branding and advertising dissertation topics, top 10 consumer behaviour dissertation topics.

  • Top 10 Social Media Marketing Dissertation Topics

Top 10 International Marketing Dissertation Topics

  • Top 10 Marketing Ethics Dissertation Topics
  • Top 10 Marketing Strategy Dissertation Topics
  • Top 10 Product Development Dissertation Topics

A study effort or academic paper that focuses on a particular facet or subject within the discipline of marketing is called a marketing dissertation. In marketing or similar fields, it is usually a significant piece of work that is needed for undergraduate, graduate, or doctorate degrees. 

Through original research, data analysis, and intellectual presentation of findings, a marketing dissertation seeks to advance the area of marketing by bringing fresh perspectives, ideas, or information to the table.

The top 10 general dissertation topics in marketing revolve around data privacy and successful e-commerce experience; a few of them are listed below for students' reference:

  • Artificial Intelligence's Effect on Personalized Marketing
  • Data Privacy and Digital Marketing
  • Ethical Considerations Influencer Marketing in the Metaverse
  • Functions of Voice Search in Content Strategy and SEO
  • Digital-era sustainability marketing
  • Consumer Behaviour after the Cookie Revolution
  • The Effect of Social Commerce on the Success of E-Commerce
  • Cross-Channel Attribution Models in Marketing
  • Strategies for Niche Markets in Digital Marketing
  • Augmented Reality's (AR) Function to Improve User Experience

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In this category, all the techniques associated with binding audience engagement and creating brand awareness are included. Dissertation topics in marketing associated with branding and advertising are listed below:

  • Storytelling's Place in Brand Development
  • Customer Views on Authenticity in Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising's Effect on the Sustainability of Brand Images 
  • Marketing Tactics and Customer Reaction
  • Celebrity Endorsements' Effect on Brand Equity
  • In the Age of E-commerce, Brand Loyalty
  • The Effectiveness of Humour in Advertising
  • In the Market for Luxury Goods and Branding
  • Brand Recognition and Advertising
  • Effects of Visual Identity on Consumers in the Metaverse

Topics focusing on consumer behavior and their point of view towards any brand are critically analysed. Dissertation topics in marketing on consumer behaviour are listed below:

  • Online Reviews' Effect on Consumer Purchase Decisions
  • Consumer Conduct in the Retail Environment Following the Pandemic
  • Consumer Behaviour Across Cultures in International Marketing
  • Consumer Reactions to Ethical and Sustainable Branding
  • Purchase Patterns in Internet Retail
  • The Mentality Behind Pricing Techniques
  • Social Influence's Significance in Consumer Behavior
  • Price sensitivity vs. brand loyalty
  • Customer Conduct for Subscription-Based Services
  • Consumer Behavior in Shopping Using Augmented Reality (AR)

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Top 10 Social Media Marketing Dissertation Topics 2024

Social media marketing primarily focuses on creating brand value on social media platforms; a few dissertation topics in marketing on social media are listed below:

  • Social Media Influencers' Function in Promoting Brands
  • Utilising Augmented Reality (AR) Filters for Social Media Promotion
  • The Impact of Social Media Advertising on Consumer Intentions to Purchase
  • Crisis Management on Social Media and Brand Image
  • User-Generated Content (UGC) and Its Place in Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Algorithms' Impact on Content Visibility
  • Social Media Marketing Techniques and Customer Conduct
  • Privacy Concerns' Effect on Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Using Social Media in the Metaverse
  • Chatbot's Application in Social Media Customer Support

Exploring multinational brands, adapting their branding strategies and investigating the challenges and opportunities faced by international companies in dissertation topics in marketing are listed below:

  • International Branding Approaches and Cross-Cultural Consumer Views
  • Approaches to Entering Emerging Markets
  • Political and Economic Aspects' Effects on International Marketing
  • Cross-Border Electronic Commerce and Global Consumer Trends
  • Cultural Modification of Marketing Messages for International Campaigns
  • International Marketing: Global Supply Chain Management and Sustainability
  • Localization's Significance in Global SEO
  • In International Marketing, Market Segmentation
  • Strategies for International Influencer Marketing
  • The Effect of Consumer Perceptions Across Cultures on Product Localization

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Top 10 Marketing Ethics Dissertation Topics 2024

Topics associated with all the marketing ethics and moral values are included in the dissertation topics in marketing ethics and are listed below:

  • Targeted Advertising's Ethical Consequences
  • Sustainability and Ethical Marketing Strategies
  • Data security and consumer privacy in electronic advertising
  • The Importance of Moral Leadership in Marketing Companies
  • Influencer Marketing Ethics
  • Fair Trade Promotion and Virtuous Consumer Conduct
  • Moral Issues in Cause-Related Advertising
  • Principles in Social Media and Accountability of Influencers
  • Challenges of Ethics in Cross-Cultural Marketing

Top 10 Marketing Strategy Dissertation Topics 2024

All the techniques associated with marketing strategies are listed in the dissertation topics in marketing strategies below for student's reference:

  • Marketing's Digital Evolution Strategies
  • Agile Strategies for Marketing in a Changing Setting
  • Difference and Competitive Positioning Approaches
  • Strategies for Entering and Expanding 
  • Markets Worldwide Brand Repositioning
  • Creative Techniques for Product Launches
  • Strategies for Content Marketing in the Digital Age
  • Strategies for Customer-Centric Marketing
  • Social Media Techniques for Engagement and Creation of Brands
  • Sustainable and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Marketing Strategies

Also Check: 100+ Dissertation Topics in Education in 2024

Top 10 Product Development Dissertation Topics 2024

Product development is a significant aspect, and dissertation topics in marketing based on product development are listed below for students:

  • Open Innovation and the Creation of New Products
  • Agile Methods for Product Development
  • Designing Sustainable Products
  • Product Innovation and User-Centred Design
  • Multifunctional Groups in the Creation of New Products
  • Networks of Development and Product Innovation
  • Technology's Place in Product Development
  • Verification and Testing of Markets for New Products
  • Co-creation with consumers and innovation in products
  • Discovery and Product Portfolio Planning


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Adopting the advancements and pursuing the degree program in digital marketing would be an exciting journey, but remember, every study file requires the same amount of effort to ace it. The same scenario is with the field of digital marketing. We have seen students coming to us with issues primarily related to their troubles in writing the digital marketing thesis. In general, thesis writing itself is a tough job to do, but when it’s for something that is recently being introduced and opt by the majority of the students these days; so it increases the complexity of the task. Whereas, when you have our back, you will bid a farewell to your problems. So, now, if you want to write digital marketing master thesis topics, we can get you covered without any hassle.

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List of digital marketing master thesis topics

  • How the behavior of consumer is effected by the existence of social media.
  • Are the pop-up adverstisments working in the favor of the companies or being a distraction to the customers?
  • How to maximize sales and what is the optimum ratio to do it.
  • How customers interact with machines and employes via the digital platforms?
  • Noticiable advancement in the technologies and how is it fruitful to boost the sales of a company?
  • What affects does landing pages have on marketing and what are the do and dont’s of landing pages?
  • What role does the influencers play in the sales of the company and is that beneficial for online marketing?
  • What are the commom mishaps of email marketing and how are they affecting the business sales?
  • The key role that word to mouth marketing plays in the digital world.
  • The importance of AI in the digital marketing culture.
  • Is there any chance of digital marketing being replaced with the traditional marketing?
  • Evaluation of the human trust mechanism through the online purchasing store.
  • How the digital marketing is brining the dynamic shift in the marketing era and sale of goods?
  • The content of food brands on the Instagram can increase the reach of the business page.
  • What is an effective digital marketing and what are its advantages on the company’s growth?
  • What is the future of digital marketing in the developed countries?
  • How the customer’s level of satisfaction is effected by the current digital marketing strategies?
  • The misleading perception in the educational career and its effect on digital marketing.
  • How the tradtitional marketing has been transformed on the digital marketing?
  • How the necessites of the students has made the start up of digital marketing strategies?

Tips to get started with your digital marketing thesis

How “the research guardian” can help you a lot.

Our top thesis writing experts are available 24/7 to assist you the right university projects. Whether its critical literature reviews to complete your PhD. or Master Levels thesis.

1. Don’t procrastinate

Procrastination seems like an incurable disease that is seen in most students. It would help if you always started working on it before it was too late. Students are seeing underestimating the part of writing, not knowing that it is a long process and you need to put in some extra effort. In this scenario, when they procrastinate on the work, then it is seen that they end up missing their deadlines and losing their hard-earned grades.

2. Keep the list of notes.

When you are in the exploring process, keep taking notes alongside it. Once you are done with notes, you will have a list of points in your mind that you can easily include in your thesis. You must invest a lot of time and data in your thesis since it is a lengthy academic document. Whereas, this even happens that when you fixed a few points in your mind that you have thought of including in your document, you might forget them when writing the final document. This is the reason why the noted points help you out.

3. Keep moving

This is likely to happen when working on your thesis that you might be stuck on any one section and cannot get over it. Like students might get stuck in finding the best digital marketing thesis topics, they shouldn’t just stop there; they should move further and work on the other part of the thesis rather than wasting their time on these things. So for the topic selection , you can lend our services and focus on other things that you can manage on your own by this, and you will be able to work more smartly.

4. Don’t look at your pal’s progress.

It is the biggest mistake that students usually do. They look at their friends’ progress and become slow if they are slow or go into a deep depression if they are near completion. The best way to deal with the thesis process effectively is by doing everything yourself; whtehr it is selection one perfect topic from the list of digital marketing thesis topics 2022 or other writing part. Once you focus on your work, you will be motivated to complete it quickly and submit it within the given deadline. Also, there won’t be any distraction if you focus on just your work.

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You don’t need to worry about finding a reliable digital marketing thesis topic when coming to us. We provide you with a whole bunch of services regarding the thesis topics. By looking at our offers, you won’t be able to look anywhere else to get assistance with the challenges of the topic.

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Take a review of different varieties of thesis topics and samples from our website TheResearchGuardian.com on multiple subjects for every educational level.

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    Marketing Dissertation Topics. This article aims to help marketing students prepare their dissertations by providing a list of topics on which you can base your research. Some of these include branding, international marketing, social listening, online marketing, marketing mix, marketing ethics, and relationship marketing.

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