16 Ideas for Student Projects Using Google Docs, Slides, and Forms

July 31, 2016

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As you probably know, Google Drive is far more than a place to store files online. It also includes a suite of versatile creation tools, many of which perform the same functions as the ones we use in other spaces. These include  Google Docs,  a word processing program that behaves similarly to Microsoft Word,  Google Slides,  a presentation program similar to PowerPoint, and  Google Forms,  a survey-creation tool similar to Survey Monkey.  Although Drive also includes other tools, these three are particularly useful for creating rigorous, academically robust projects. If your school uses Google Classroom or at least gives students access to Google Drive, your students are probably already using these tools to write papers or create slideshow presentations, but there are other projects they could be doing that you may not have thought of.

Below I have listed 16 great ideas for projects using Google Docs, Slides, and Forms.

Annotated Bibliography By the time a student reaches the later years of high school, and certainly by the time she’s gotten to college, it’s likely that she’ll be required to write an annotated bibliography, a list of resources that not only includes the bibliographical information of each source, but also a short paragraph summarizing the resource and reflecting on its usefulness for a given project. Usually an annotated bibliography is required as a part of a larger research paper, but it could stand alone as an assignment that tasks students with seeking out and evaluating sources just for the practice of doing so. And the research tools in Google Docs allow students to locate, read, and cite their sources all in one place. To learn more, see this guide from Cornell University Library on How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography .

Book Review Instead of a book report, have students write a book review instead. This is certainly not a new idea, but publishing the work electronically allows students to enhance the final product with the book’s cover image, a link to the book’s page on Amazon, and even links to other titles the author has written or articles on related topics. For models and inspiration, elementary and middle school students can read student-written reviews on sites like Spaghetti Book Club . Older or advanced students might work toward more sophisticated, nuanced review styles like book reviews written on Oprah.com .

Collaborative Story Because Google Docs is cloud-based, multiple people can work on a Doc at the same time. So students can work together on a story, a script for a play, or any other kind of group writing project. They can use the comments feature to give each other feedback and make decisions together. And because students can work from any location with an Internet connection, collaboration isn’t restricted to school hours; each group member can work on the project from any location whenever they have time.

Media-Rich Research Paper Any kind of research paper can be given a big boost when done in a Google Doc, because students can insert images, drawings, and links to other relevant resources, like articles and videos. Using the research tools built into Docs, students can research their topics and include in-text citations with footnotes.

Super Simple Blog If you don’t want to mess with actual blogging platforms, but want students to be able to experience writing blog posts that contain images and hyperlinks to other websites, this could be accomplished easily in a single running Google Doc.

Table Being able to organize information visually is an important skill, and students who understand how to build a table in Google Docs will have a skill for presenting all kinds of information in the future. They can be used as a compare and contrast exercise, to display data from an experiment, or even put together a schedule. Yes, you could do these things yourself, print them, and have students fill them out, but why not have students practice creating the tables themselves? 

Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Story Because slides can contain hyperlinks to other slides, students could build a whole story where the reader chooses different options at key points in the story, leading them down completely different paths. The reader would consume the content as a slideshow, clicking on the links themselves as they go through. This could be a pretty massive undertaking, but we all know students who would be totally up for the challenge.

E-book These could take a variety of forms: mini-textbooks, children’s books, cookbooks or how-to manuals, personal art or writing portfolios, even yearbook-style memory books. To learn more about the possibilities, see my post from earlier this year on  Student E-Books .

Magazine Along the same lines as an e-book, students could use a similar template to create a PDF magazine or newsletter that is shared online on a regular schedule. The possibilities here are endless, useful for student clubs or sports teams, classroom or grade-level newsletters, or magazines put out by groups of students who share a common interest, like gaming systems, soccer, or books.

Museum Kiosk Imagine if we could enhance science fair projects with a looping video display that provides the audience with vivid visuals and text about our topic. Or imagine an art show, where a self-running informational slideshow could be placed beside an art display to share the story behind the piece and photos of the work in progress? This is possible and EASY in Google Slides: Simply create a slideshow, then use the “Publish to the Web” feature to create a slideshow that auto-advances and has no need for a presenter. Pop that up on an iPad or laptop and you’re all set. This mock-up of a slideshow on Coral Reefs shows you what it could look like (click the image to open in a new window).

Short Film Students can upload their own images and add text boxes to a slideshow to create an animated story, then record the slideshow with a Google extension called Screencastify . They can either record their own voice as narration, add background music, or both. There are so many different kinds of films students could produce: illustrated stories or poems, final reflections for a 20 Time or Genius Hour project, video textbooks on content-related topics, or news-like feature stories of school or community events. In this quick sample, I added music from YouTube’s library of royalty-free music that anyone can use to enhance their recordings:

Video Tutorial Using the same screencasting software mentioned above, students could also create their own video tutorials by creating a Slides presentation on their topic (such as “How to Open a Combination Lock”), then recording the slideshow with narration. This would make a nice final product for a unit on informational writing or a way for students to demonstrate their learning at the end of a unit in science (“How to Take Care of Lab Equipment”), social studies (“How to Measure Distance on a Map”), or math (“How to Multiply Fractions”). Student-made tutorials could even be created to teach classroom procedures. And any tutorials students make could be stored for later, so other students can also benefit from them.  Learn more about how Screencastify works right inside Chrome .

Peer Survey Whenever students need to gather data to support an argumentative essay or speech, let them gather data quickly and easily by creating a survey with Google Forms. Links to the survey can be sent out via email, QR codes , or through a post in a learning management system like Edmodo or Google Classroom. When results come in, students can use them to support whatever claim they are trying to make in their argument, or make adjustments based on what they discover in their research.

Feedback Form Have students provide feedback to each other’s presentations, speeches, even videos using Google Forms. Here’s how it would work: Each student creates her own form, asking for the kind of feedback she wants on the project. As other students view or the project, they can be sent to a form to offer praise or constructive criticism, which the creator would then be able to view privately and use to improve the project. Students could even use their feedback to write a reflection on their process after the project is done.

Quiz One great way to learn material is to create a test or quiz over the content. Have students use Google Forms to create their own multiple-choice, True/False, fill-in-the-blank, or open-ended quizzes on the content they are learning.

Visual Representation of Data Sets Whenever people enter responses to a Form, Google allows the form creator to view responses in charts and graphs. Have students gain a better understanding of how data can be represented visually by accepting responses (or entering their own fake ones) into a Form, then looking at how the numbers are represented in graphs. This could work well as a series of math lessons.

Way Beyond Worksheets

Just this morning on Twitter, someone posted a comment along these lines: “A worksheet on a Google Doc is STILL a worksheet. Students should be using tech to create!” I’ve heard this sentiment over and over, and it’s exactly why I’ve put this list together. Google offers some incredibly powerful tools if we know how to use them. I hope this list has given you a few new ideas to put into your students’ hands. ♦

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This is wonderful.

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This is my first year teaching in an alternative high school. All students have IEP’s as well as social and emotional disabilities. I really want to focus on literacy as many are well below grade-level, ability wise. Writing of course is a big part of literacy. I’m looking for ideas that they can collaborate on, via Google Docs, Slides, etc. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Check out Boomwriter: A Fun Twist on Collaborative Writing . Lots of good resources there that you might like. Also take a look at Student-Made E-Books: A Beautiful Way to Demonstrate Learning .

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I am an RSP teacher in Anaheim. For summer school I am going to have them build a “Bucket List” in Google slides.

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Thanks for compiling these resources. I use many already but haven’t tried Screencastify yet. My district uses Google Classroom, but the forms app is blocked on student accounts- I think because it’s a perfect medium for under-the-radar cyberbullying (“How much do you hate Linda?…A little, a lot, a ton…”). Before teachers plan a lesson using forms, they should make sure the feature is enabled for students in their district. In my district, students can access forms and create them but they cannot send them to other students.

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Thanks, Robyn. Good to know!

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I love these ideas! You are so creative and now I have GREAT ideas for my SS project! Thanks! XD

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this is all true

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Our district is allowing extra credit this year and I have always been totally opposed to offering extra credit. These ideas are worth extra credit, and my focus this year is on what the students can teach me and the rest of their peers.

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This gave me some good ideas for culminating activities. Thanks!

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Thank you so much for sharing these ideas about creating projects by using the Google Drive! The middle school I teach at implemented a 1:1 program last year with Chromebooks, so the students have easy access to all of the Google apps. I had always grown up using Word docs and I was a little hesitant to start using Google docs at first. After just a few weeks, I absolutely fell in love with it! It is amazing how you can access all of your docs, forms, slides that you create from any device you’re using and the fact that everything automatically saves is just the cherry on top. I am grateful for this feature, especially working in a middle school where it is easy for students to forget to save something before exiting out. Although I teach Math, I found a lot of your project ideas to be utilized cross-curriculum and I truly appreciate it. I got my feet wet last year and had my students create google slides presentations in groups. At the beginning of this year, I started with a google form I created where students answered review questions from 6th grade Math. I love that when you get the results from all of the forms, you can easily see which areas students are struggling in and which areas they are proficient in because it is presented the results in graphs and charts. I just learned recently that you can create quizzes now, which is awesome because all of the testing in my district is done on the computers, so this will help prepare my students. I want to borrow your idea of having students create peer surveys that they can post on Google classroom in order to gather information and analyze results. This is a great skill for students to have. Thanks again, I truly enjoy reading your blogs!

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Be positive at all time

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Great collection of resources! Easy to read and very helpful for teachers who often do not get the tutorials they need to instruct with GAFE. I particular like the Museum Kiosk idea. It will work great will my history classes.

– Kevin

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Hi everyone! I also would like to suggest my own (free) templates site. Im designing these presentations using “free” resources from other sites such as FreePik, FlatIcon,… and I think the result is pretty good. I invite you to have a look. The site is https://slidesppt.com

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In the section of student blog posts, can you clarify how all the students in one class could be writing and posting a running blog which everyone in the class can read and respond to ?

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This is Holly Burcham, a Customer Experience Manager. The idea Jenn laid out here is to simply create a shared Google Doc where each student would basically be responsible for his/her own page (literally page 1, page 2, etc.). Within a shared Doc, everyone with permission can be in and typing at the same time. Once “posts” are written, students can go in and add comments to others’ work. The comments would show up in the margins and would be arranged by corresponding content, not time like a typical blog post.

But, as you can imagine, this could quickly become very convoluted and a bit messy. The thought behind using Docs as a student blog is more for writing practice, getting the feel for writing a blog post without doing the real thing…

So, if you’re interested in your students truly creating a blog, we highly recommend checking out Edublogs and Kidblog . Hope this helps!

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How are these good for projects? you said that these are for kid presentations, all I see are essay templates and idea’s for teachers to map out their classroom jobs(other then the coral)

Hi, Isaac! I’m not sure what could be used to map out classroom jobs specifically from this post, and I think the ideas here go way beyond essay outlines–please get back to me to clarify exactly what you’re referring to, because we believe all the ideas here are good for student use. Thanks!

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You might update this post. Google Forms now supports branching which would be much easier to create a “choose your own” adventure type experience.

Thanks for the suggestion. I can picture how that would work, yes, but I guess the aesthetic experience might be lacking in a Google Form. With Slides you have complete creative freedom to design the slides like a real book. I guess it would be a matter of personal preference?

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Where do I go to find accessibility features of Google docs, slides, and forms? I am a teacher of the blind and visually impaired. This technology is wonderful but without the ability to navigate the site independently, my students are at a lost. Can you direct me?

Hi! A couple of things that may be of help: Go to “Tools” in the menu bar and select Voice Typing (use Google Chrome). You can also click on Add-Ons in the menu bar and add the Speech Recognition Soundwriter extension for free. Here’s a link to find more Google Accessibility features — you just have to spend a bit of time looking through the list to see what may be relevant to your needs. I hope this helps!

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You can also combine Google forms and docs to simplify book reports for elementary students: https://electriceducator.blogspot.com/2016/03/elementary-book-report-machine.html?m=1

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Is there an available rubric or assessment piece for the museum kiosk activity?

Hi Colleen! No, sorry, I don’t have anything on that!

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Hi I am a teacher at a elementary school and I was wondering if you had any ideas for what I could do for an autobiography book report.

Hi Madison,

There really are so many things you can have the kids do — I would first think about what you’re expecting the kids to be able to do in the end. What will actually be assessed and what will they be accountable for? (I suggest checking out Understanding Backward Design if you haven’t already.) From there, they can choose how to present what they learned, meeting the assessment criteria. I think using some of the ideas in the Slides section of the post could work really well, especially Student Made E-Books , or making a short film.

' src=

Madison, I love the idea of using Google Slides for autobiography book report. I’m thinking about Jennifer’s Slides suggestions and just tailoring it to your book report criteria/rubric. Thoughts?

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thank you very much!!

' src=

Thank you! I can’t wait to explore some of these options more. This list is very much appreciated! 🙂

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I really appreciate your kindness and your efforts and I’m going to try everything you have mentioned in this wonderful article

' src=

Thanks. Higher Ed ESOL Prof -no lesson prep for me… but I DO have my reading list for the next several (10-12) hours! All suggestions added to the original post are appreciated.

' src=

I am a huge fan of Google resources, but you have showed me some new ways I can use these. Thank you for sharing!

' src=

Thanks for some great ideas! I have another suggestion that I have used before- my students really liked it- a collaborative Google Slides presentation. I did this for types of organic molecules as an intro to organic chemistry. Each pair of students in the class was assigned a specific molecule to research. They had to create 1 slide with some specific information and add to a collaborative google slides presentation that I shared on Google Classroom. When the slideshow was complete, they could all access it, and they used it to take notes.

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Great suggestion Susan! Thanks so much for sharing this idea.

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I am wondering if I can find similar google instructions to send to my students now that we are teaching remotely and 90% of them probably don’t know how to use Google. This would be a fantastic use of their time. Thank you

Take a look at Jenn’s Google Drive Basics video course ! I think it’s got what you’re looking for – it’s for teachers and students!

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I am thinking about doing a Rap Challenge in which they (as teams based on which class period they are in) create lyrics using WWII vocabulary we have used.

I create raps for my students and my though was that I would take parts of ALL of their submissions and create a WWII rap to add to the collection they have heard already.

Which of the Google Drive features would be my best bet for collaboration like that while the students are all working from home?

Hi Jim! I think this could be done in Google Docs pretty easily, as they are just writing a script, correct? If you want to share video or audio, you can just put these files into a shared folder in Drive and give all students access to those files. I hope this helps!

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Amazing ideas

' src=

An innovative way to eliminate paper.

' src=

Hi! I love this site. I am beginning to use technology in my higehr education classroom. Could you help me to suggest some kind of game to use in Communication Skilss? Thanks a lot

Hi! Check out our Gamification Pinterest board and see what might be relevant. Hope this helps!

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I’m a college student (who is now a nanny which brought me to this page) and for the screen recording, I highly reccomend Loom over Screencastify. In my experience using both during the remote learning period, the video quality is much higher on Loom, the user interface is easier, and you can’t edit Screencastify videos in an external editor like iMovie. (I had to do a group presentation and since partner lived in Kuwait we used this vs Zoom, etc. to record the presentation since we weren’t recording at the same time. It was very difficult to figure out how to merge our parts of the presentation into a single file.)

Also with screencastify the time limit per video on the free version (5 min I think) was frustrating as my work was longer. May not be a problem for students but for educators using the tool who don’t have the premium, this could be highly inconvenient. With Loom there isn’t a time limit.

' src=

What an adventure for me, who’s relatively new to this google drive thing. Mind blowing resources. It’s amazing. I’m excited as to what I can do with and in google drive. I’m definitely taking it one day at a time, will surely enjoy this ‘CRUISE’. Thank you Jennifer.

' src=

What does it mean to type I am from Germany?

Hi Flannery! It can mean a few different things depending on the context–either typing on a keyboard or the “kind” of something (“What type of ice cream do you like?”). We’d love to give a specific answer, so please let us know which part of the post or which comment you saw that you’d like more clarification on. Thanks!

' src=

Thanks for sharing these ideas. July 2021

' src=

I love all the awesome ways to incorporate technology in the classroom. This post had so many options to choose from and some that I personally loved when I was in school. There are so many different ways to make learning fun with technology!

' src=

So glad you enjoyed the post!

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Creative Product Ideas for College Students

41 Creative and New Product Ideas for College Students (2023)

Looking for creative product ideas for college students? Then here we will find the innovative and creative product ideas that college students can use to make products or start their commercial businesses.

As a college or high school student, you can start many businesses but a business runs on an idea or product. Here you find some profitable and unique product ideas for college students that you can use to start a profitable and innovative business.

Table of Contents

41 Creative Product Ideas for College Students

Here are the 41 unique and creative product ideas for college students:

Fragrance Products

North America is the largest global market when it comes to fragrance products, and the global fragrance market was over 43 billion in 2022 and was valued at over 52 billion by 2025, as per data available online.

More and more small brands are creating their fragrance products, and it’s not just a product left to be developed by celebrities and super brands – everyone can create their fragrance with the right know-how. It is one of the best creative product ideas for college students.

If you are looking for a product idea in the personal care industry, consider creating perfumes, colognes, home fragrances, or hair fragrances (yes, that is a thing!).

Just keep in mind that shipping some fragrances like perfumes and colognes may come with problems as they may not be able to ship by air, so be sure to do your due diligence.

Life clock is not just a watch, it is the first product that can save lives. Inside it contains a survival kit with all the basic items you would need to survive an emergency or natural disaster.

It is comprised of five selected basic relief items, an emergency card, and a disaster and safety manual through extensive studies and expert consultation. This product will create a high demand in the market as the need for it is obvious.

As a college student, you may have seen many events where you need something that saves your lives, but you have to wait for the healthcare centers to take action. So, create a Life Clock that supports you as a friend in tough times.

Turn Your Bike Into an E-Bike

Copenhagen Wheel, a part that replaces the rear plate of our common bicycle, to transform it into an electric bicycle. It is a 4-year development from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) that integrates the entire system, motor, batteries, etc in a single wheel.

The user will simply have to replace his with this one and will have an electric bike in a matter of seconds. An invention that will help us find more sustainable mobility.

Starting a business like this is quite profitable and there are only a few companies that make products like this. Maybe in your country, you have not seen products like this then you have analyzed the demand for the product and started this business.

Planners and Journals for College Students

Planners and magazines have become more popular over the years, and all sorts of niche planners are selling them to consumers all over the world. Whether it’s regular magazines or organized planners, consumers are hungry for the next best scheduling product that makes them better people – or at least more organized.

This product helps people in many ways such as they can keep track of their work deadlines, setting goals, and seeing the process. This product can be sold both in offline stores and online platforms.

Planners and Journals can be used for growth and long terms goals also. Many customers are using them extensively so there is a large opportunity for college students.

Niche Food and Beverage

Whether it’s your famous hot sauce recipe or your grandma’s favorite cake recipe, you can make your food and drink recipes and sell them to the masses.

The topic of sustainable development is very important now and consumers are looking for new products that will help them live more earth-friendly. Whether it’s reusable bags, non-plastic straws, biodegradable disposable coffee cups, or even beeswax “plastic” packaging, consumers are open to trying new and innovative products if it means a greener life.

Think of all the products you use daily that are not sustainable or reusable, and find a way to make a similar product.

Sunglasses Product Ideas

These types of products are relatively easy and inexpensive to obtain and are small to ship, which means you will incur less shipping costs, plus they are also highly branded, making them a great contender for entrepreneurs looking to start a new business.

Also, many people around us want to look fashionable so sunglasses play an important role in that. Also, these products help us to keep our eyes safe from different environments and modern gadgets.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel with this business idea, you can simply take the technology that already exists for sunglasses and eyewear products and create a cool frame design that will appeal to your target market.

Haircare Products

Haircare is a personal care sector that is gaining traction right now as consumers are becoming more and more aware of the types of products they use for hair care, as well as the types of ingredients that are contained in their products.

There are so many different niches in the hair care industry such as consumers with colored hair, consumers with curly hair, consumers with fine hair, consumers struggling with hair loss, etc. – that you can choose a niche and create hair care products specifically for that niche.

Nowadays more and more people are suffering from hair problems so haircare products have a great potential to thrive. But you need to provide quality products as now people are more aware of the types of products and indigents contained in those products.

Protein Bars & Energy Bars

This food-related business idea deserves a scream of its own due to how popular these types of foods have been over the past few years. This market has grown a lot and it looks like it will continue to grow.

Health-conscious consumers on the go are looking to protein bars and energy bars to keep them full throughout the day, and with so many consumer eating habits, creating bars that fit niche needs can be beneficial.

There are so many different types of home furnishings that you can sell online, including pillows, towels, bedding, throws, vases, lamps, dishes, furniture, tiles, etc., so if you are looking for ideas for home business online, look no further. You can make your homemade products, find wholesale suppliers, or even throw up some homemade products!

Fake Flowers Products

Real flowers are difficult to sell online, but if you are interested in the flora and fauna business, then fake flowers are a great alternative. There are so many different ways to make fake flowers, be it silk, plastic, fabric, etc.

So if you are interested in creating your products, find a fake flower supplier to create one for you, or look for fake flower wholesalers. Fake flowers can be a truly profitable business – the more real they look, the more they can be sold to consumers.

Fake flower products have been popular for many years because they are used to decorate homes, offices, and events. These products are cost-effective and long-lasting which is why they are highly demanded.

Everyday Wear and Small Leather Goods

Small leather goods are those small items that you carry with you every day that you usually don’t think about, but which are very useful. Think wallets, key chains, laptop bags, pocket knives, bottle openers, money clips, and more.

People buy these products because they have favorable characteristics and are long-lasting. The value these leather goods provide is not comparable to any other product. That is why there is a large market for these goods.

There is a passionate niche around these products and consumers looking to spend good money on high-quality, beautiful, and well-designed versions of these items.

Phone Cases

Phone cases are big right now and every time a new phone is released there is a fresh demand for stylish smartphone cases. Consumers have a wide range of tastes in phone case design and are looking for cases that meet their aesthetic and durable requirements.

How often do you see someone with a smartphone who doesn’t have a case for it? Exactly – usually not so often. So if you are looking for small products that can be custom-made, wholesale, or bespoke, then consider phone cases.

The potential of this business is great. The only thing you need is to be updated with the latest trends and new smartphone releases. Make sure you make phone cases that target both the male and female groups.

Products and Accessories for Pets

People spend a lot on their pets and there are so many different types of pet supplies that you can sell them online. Whether you want to design your pet products or create pet accessories like collars and leashes.

Even diving into the pet food industry – there are many different pet products out there. Think about what pets use and need, or what products will make life easier for pet owners.

It is a very profitable business and has a profit margin starting from 35 to 45%. Although the actual figure depends on how large your business is and how your products are performing.

Books and Stationery

Books and stationery aren’t dying out yet – although the online world has influenced these industries a little, people still love to read physical books and write things down on paper. If you are into books or stationery, make your products, or find wholesale or dropshipping products related to these industries.

These are lucrative products that offer promising benefits but it also depends on how you grow in this business and the location you choose to sell these products.

As we all know books and stationery products perform well in locations such as schools, offices, and universities. So, choose your location wisely and analyze your competition as well.

Arts, Prints, and Posters

If you are an artist or designer or want to commission someone who is, you can create canvases, prints, or posters and sell them to consumers online. This is a great way to monetize your passion if you are creating art for fun right now, and it can be a great way to grab the attention and audience for your work.

There are many small niches that you can choose from in arts, print, and posters but the best niche you can choose is to analyze the market and see what customers are demanding.

As we all know now people use the internet almost for everything so take advantage and research online about the niche you should choose. As our recommendation will be one that reflects your own personality and real-life events.

Fabrics Products

Your art can not only be printed on canvas or poster but it can also be printed on fabric. It’s a pretty niche business idea, but there is a market for fabric buyers out there whether they are looking to make clothing, household items, or anything else that requires fabric, so do your due diligence and see if there is potential for your designs in the world of fabrics.

The fabric industry is one of the oldest and it contributes to the development of economies so what are waiting for? Choose a design that you want to print on fabrics and start your own business.

Please remember these products have high competition in the market so you need to analyze the gaps where you will fit yourself to make it successful.

Fitness Products

The fitness industry is currently experiencing explosive growth and consumers are looking for fitness products that meet their exercise requirements. Items such as fitness bands, mats, gloves, towels, water bottles, running shoes, sports bags, sports equipment, etc. are now in demand and are products that you can manufacture, in bulk or with a dropper.

People are becoming more conscious about their health and fitness so the demand for fitness products is increasing day by day. Also, many gym centers want the best product that they can use and recommend to their clients.

You can choose these products for your business and make a decent amount of profit. As a college student, you have more knowledge about the trends of fitness products that today’s youth use.

Camping, Outdoors, and Protective Clothing

There is a strong market for camping gear, outdoor products, and safety gear, so if this is a niche market that interests you, then find online business ideas based on what you would like to see exist. Products like tents, sleeping bags, portable solar panels, outdoor cooking supplies, camping clothing, outdoor camping shoes, first aid kits, and more are all viable products to sell online in this niche.

Camping and outdoor products are gained so much popularity in the last few years. Now people enjoy going to the mountains rather than going to parks and gardens so if you sell camping products it will be very beneficial for you.

The reason you can thrive in this business is that the camping business is hight competitive but at the same time existing business rent or sell products at a high price. If you start a business and sell products at genuine prices it will increase your popularity and demand in the market.

Similar to designers and magazine products, laptops are now also big business as consumers are constantly looking for the next laptop for work or personal projects. Consumers are also design-oriented, so if you’re interested in selling laptops online, think about what might attract buyers aesthetically and create laptop collections that target that.

Clothing Business

Clothing is always a popular business idea and the apparel industry is not going anywhere soon. You can make your clothes or you can curate garments from various wholesale suppliers to create your online boutique. You can also even sell garments (and other merchandise!) like T-shirts, leggings, dresses, shorts, and swimwear.

Jewelry Business

Starting a jewelry business can be extremely profitable and there is so much freedom to create the kind of product that you want to exist. Or make your jewelry, source from wholesalers, or work with a manufacturer to custom design for you.

In this type of business people usually order custom stylish designs. Make sure you know to make one.

Crystals Business

Crystals are certainly a trending product now, but they are mostly in demand by people interested in their medicinal properties and/or decorative appeal. Selling crystals in their raw form is one business idea, or think about how to incorporate crystals into other products or accessories.

Personalized Products

Consumers love personalized products, and the personalization of all kinds of products, from water bottles to pens to laptops, is in demand today. Think about the products that consumers in your target market would like to personalize, and find a way to make it a reality for them.

Skincare Products

Skincare is a huge business, and niche skincare brands that meet consumer needs have great potential to build a passionate audience. You can purchase skincare products through manufacturing, private labeling, and wholesaling.

If you are interested in making skincare products, be sure to research and understand laws and regulations in your area and around the world to comply with all requirements. There may also be some special rules and regulations for your skincare products, so be sure to check that out as well.

Another sustainable market that isn’t going anywhere, if you have shoe designs that will appeal to your target market then why not create a shoe brand? There are all kinds of shoe products that you can create your versions with the manufacturer, or source the shoes through wholesalers or even dropshippers to sell directly to your customers.

Evapolar Products

These are the types of personal air conditioners. It is an alternative that, in addition to saving you time, space and money, is friendly to the environment.

The evaporative cooling effect lowers the air temperature in your area, be it a workspace, bedroom, or other large space. This device does not require any type of chemical substance to function.

Livin Farms

With this amazing invention, you can grow healthy and sustainable food based on insects. The desktop hive is a functional product for edible insects in which up to 500 g of protein-rich flour could be grown.

This replaces roughly the same amount of protein that would otherwise be consumed in meat, animal products, or other protein foods. The mini-farm includes a starter kit consisting of larvae, these must be placed on the top of the farm. The idea is for insects to reproduce and mature into food.

Smart Lunch Box

A lunch box that is amplified through a mobile application, with which you can be inspired by fresh and exciting ideas from professional chefs and nutritionists designed to adapt to a wide range of diets, appetites, and health goals, in order so you can enjoy a different lunch every day.

Glasses from Old Jeans

Manufactures sunglasses from jeans that already have their useful life. With this innovative idea, the fabric of this type of pants has a new opportunity, in addition to contributing to the environment.

The most interesting of all is that each pair of glasses should be unique and unrepeatable since they are produced from batches of denim, that is, fabrics that are used in the production of jeans or jeans-type pants, which vary in their sizes, colors, and textures.

Bracelet Wallet

Have you ever lost your wallet and worried that someone found it and is using your bank documents? Well, the Artefact company designed Token, a payment device to help you be a smarter consumer.

The token is a wearable bracelet connected to select payment accounts, from checking and savings accounts to credit cards, digital currencies, and PayPal accounts. Unlike a credit card, it has a security mechanism based on three aspects: unique biometrics with a fingerprint, a PIN or password, and the device itself.

Ecological Water Filters

The fully biodegradable tap water filter, with a capacity of 10 cups, it can be made from plant-based BPA (Bisphenol A) free plastic and coconut shell charcoal, and the pitcher has a stylish white oak wood handle.

The filters, which are certified by the Water Quality Association, have a recommended shelf life of two months and remove chlorine and other contaminants that make water taste bad. It is elegant, it is healthy, it is friendly to the environment, and the purchase helps those most in need to have running water.

Wake up With a Coffee

With a sophisticated and minimalist design, The Barisieur was born to become the alarm clock and coffee maker that we have all been waiting for.

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It is a project by British designer Josh Reno that promises to make your awakening a much more sensory and comfortable process.

The Barisieur is an alarm clock that brews coffee, transporting you to the morning with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee or tea. Ready for you to seize the day.

Digital Knitting Machine

The mission is to lower costs for small fashion companies. It is a digital knitting machine in the style of 3D printers. Like an industrial weaving machine, Kniterate is computer-controlled.

Using an online application, users can design garments from scratch, edit templates from the library, or upload their images. Kniterate will be in charge of “printing” these digital clothing files on the thread.

Affordable Gps Chips

Affordable GPS chips are one of the best ideas for products that students can make to try people and pet animals. Making a cheap GPS chip will help people to buy and will be very useful to them.

It will be used for tracking whether they use it for themselves, dogs, and other things. As we all know they are not cheap as their size but you can make them cheap and affordable and cheap so that even the general public can buy them.

Advance Hairbrush

By advanced hairbrush, I mean to say a hairbrush that has in-built liquid storage technology that will be used both for brushing hair and shampoo or conditioner. These brushes are one of the creative product ideas that a student can try in 2023.

Smart Stoplights

Stoplights have cameras in the building so that they change colors according to their conditions. Their conditions will be the traffic and other things on the road. Sometimes, there will be no traffic on road and people have to stop their vehicles until the green light came.

It will help change the colors as per the traffic also. Do you think, it is a creative idea for students and other professionals? Let’s know.

Flowerpot Vases

This is one of the innovative ideas that is suitable for new creative products and businesses. Make flower pot vases that have inbuild storage of water and will drop water as per the requirement. You can fill the water once per week to save time.

Mate Matching

Although mate matching is not a new idea, already many mate matching sites have added this algorithm to match the interest of people.

But still, you can do new matching apps and websites to show interesting people around them as per what they have mentioned in their profile. Not new but profitable.

Those who are inspired by the Netflix shows and want to date similar types of people can create a dating site to suggest single people other mates based on their Netflix profile.

Warming Shoes

Warming shoes are products that warm your feet via charger or battery. In simple words, it used electricity to warm the feet. This is a new idea for college students but make sure you make it safe so that even after there is a short circuit there will be no harm to the feet or the person.

Bluetooth Coffee Maker

Many people all around the world like Coffee when they woke up in the morning but they have manually done a lot of things to make coffee what if when they woke up they just pressed the button on the phone and the coffee maker will automatically make a coffee?

This is one of the most creative product ideas one can think of. Although there are such products available but on a small scale. If you want to make a difference in your product make sure you add some additional features.

Gadget Cleaner

You may have already heard about vacuum cleaners, maybe you use them at your home. But what if there was a device that clean our gadgets properly without making any damage to them?

It might be possible to create such a product. College students are very creative and they will find some ways to create one. Maybe someone has already created such a product but it needs to be perfect and should avoid any damage to the gadget whether it is a laptop, smartphone, or any other gadget.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you innovate a new product.

To innovate a new product needs a lot of hard work and a detailed analysis of the market. You have to analyze the needs of the customers that can be fulfilled with a product that is not available out there. If you find such a thing that people usually do and wish there was something that makes their life easier then your product will shine in the market and you will grow in no time.

What makes an idea creative?

There are several things that make an idea creative. It usually depends upon the value and innovation that is attached to the idea. If you have a unique idea and generate value when consumed then your idea is creative.

If you have any questions about creative product ideas for college students? Feel free to ask.

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