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Advertising research

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Journal of Interactive Advertising 5 (1)

Michelle Nelson , Ronald A Yaros

Using netnography and questionnaires, we examine how commercial practices are interpreted by electronic game-players. An analysis of 805 postings on Slashdot (2002-2004) revealed active discussions and insight into gamers' beliefs about the effectiveness and appropriateness of marketers' tactics as well as the perceived impact on self. Players were fairly positive about brands in games when they added realism. Those who were negative about product placements were also negative about advertising. While some players did not think they were influenced by product placements, others reported instances of learning about and then purchasing new brands. A survey of gamers empirically tested observations from the netnography. Positive relationships between attitudes toward advertising in general and attitudes toward product placement in games were noted, and each of these was positively related to perceived impact on purchasing behaviors. Attitudes toward product placements in games partially mediated the effect of attitudes toward advertising on respondents' perceived purchasing behaviors.

advertising research paper pdf

Journal of Advertising

Mark Nichter , Gary Giovino

International Journal of Advertising

Cleopatra Veloutsou

Andrew Booth , Karl Taylor , Alan Brennan

michael polonsky

Abstract The question has been raised in academia whether there is global inclusion of authors in publishing. This has generally not been explored in the 30 years of research on advertising research activity and those works that do exist in advertising have generally only examined three North American focused journals. This paper expands the set of journals to five advertising focused journals and thus is a global examination of publishing in advertising.

Joseph Sarkis

The authors develop and test a comprehensive model for media selection utilising the Analytic Network Process (ANP). ANP is a flexible and powerful multi-attribute decision aid developed by Saaty (1996) for solving complex decision-making problems. It is aimed at integrating different measures (both qualitative/intangible and quantitative/tangible) into a single overall score for ranking decision alternatives.

American Academy of …

Kelty Logan , Shu-Chuan Chu , Terry Daugherty

Sport Marketing Quarterly, 22(December), 123-128.

Advertising, sponsorships, and other marketing communications are commonplace in the contemporary world of sports. Are sports fans irritated and annoyed by this commercial bombardment or are they accepting of the role of sports advertising? This study investigates consumers’ perceptions of commercial messages during televised sporting events. The results indicate that fans of two of the most popular U.S. sports (NFL and NASCAR) generally have high levels of sport commercial acceptance (SCA) in televised broadcasts. NASCAR fans—particularly those highly identified with the sport—are the most tolerant of commercial messages. While older fans are more likely to be annoyed by commercial messages, women are more tolerant. To test the potential implication for sports marketers, the study also measured customers’ brand perceptions of Miller Lite beer—a prominent NFL and NASCAR advertiser. Beyond greater commercial acceptance, NASCAR fans who drink Miller Lite also demonstrated higher perceptions of brand equity and emotional attachment to Miller Lite compared to the brand’s customers who were NFL fans.

Haider Iqbal

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Academy of Taiwan Business management Review, 9 (3), 122-131

Swaminathan T N

Journalism and Mass Communication

Hina Nawazish

E.K. Bonney

Renita Coleman

Hans M Thjomoe , Erik L. Olson

Addiction (Abingdon, England)

Mark Nichter

Journal of Marketing Communications

Cristel Russell

Dr. Syed V A L I U L L A H Bakhtiyari

huzaifa shahid

Sandy Bulmer

ezegwu T O O C H U K W U daniel , Chioma Agbasimelo

Sakinah Zin

Dr. Israel Kofi Nyarko, FICWLS, FCIML, CMC, ChPA

barisua justice

Iklan Kereta


Ajimotokan Matthew

Publishing India Group

Euro Asia International Journals

soji israel

Christian Agutaya

Asad Munir Lecturer Mass Communication

Texila International Journal of Management

Texila International Journal

Journal of Rural and Industrial Development

Rose Marie Pical



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