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An Event Planner is a professional who is in charge of logistics like choosing locations, hiring caterers, and coordinating with other vendors such as entertainment or other aspects to ensure a successful event.

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This Event Planner job description template is optimized for posting on online job boards or careers pages and easy to customize. Feel free to modify this job description to meet the needs of your company, whether you're hiring for an event planner, coordinator, or manager.

Event Planner responsibilities include:

event planner job description

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We are looking for a successful and enthusiastic Event Planner to produce events from conception through to completion. Event Coordinator responsibilities include providing outstanding customer service and organizing memorable events that meet quality expectations.


Requirements and skills

Frequently asked questions

What does an event planner do.

Event Planners do everything from choosing locations to hiring caterers and entertainment to ensure that all moving parts come together perfectly. In addition, they are charged with creating experiences and bringing visions into reality.

What are the duties and responsibilities of an Event Planner?

The Event Planner is responsible for coordinating all of the moving parts involved in ensuring events go smoothly, including choosing venues, catering services, and hiring performers. They plan and coordinate all the details before the event and handle day-of logistics.

What makes a good Event Planner?

A good Event Planner is ambitious and optimistic with strong persuasive skills to match their motivational nature. They have excellent leadership, budgeting, multitasking, and negotiating skills.

Who does an Event Planner work with?

Event Planners can work in various industries like weddings or conferences, and they can work independently or for a company. They usually work directly with an Event Coordinator or Hospitality Manager.

Hiring Event Planner job description

Post this event planner job description job ad to 18+ free job boards with one submission.

Start a free Workable trial and post your ad on the most popular job boards today.

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101 Planners

Homework Planner

Our free homework planner printable will keep you organized and on top of your homework assignments. We also offer a digital version if you prefer. Both are free.

Homework planner

Homework Planner Template

Our free homework planner printable will keep you organized and on top of your homework assignments. If you prefer a digital version, you can open the PDF homework trackers on an iPad and write on them with a note-taking app and stylus (see digital planner ).

Select any homework planner template from the selection below. Select a format that you think will work best for you.

Homework Calendar

When I was a student, I personally loved using a homework calendar. It helped me see the bigger picture and take all of my obligations into account. You can use the homework calendar template as is or you can edit it to suit your needs. Add your list of assignments below. Add each assignment to the calendar on the due date. This is a blank calendar that you can use for any month.

Homework Calendar

Word | Editable PDF | Image

The following homework schedule is similar to the one above but it doesn’t have a list of assignments.

Homework Calendar Template

Add your list of assignments or homework on the due date. Mark each one once you have completed it.

Daily Homework Planner

This daily homework planner will help you keep track of assignments received and due.

Homework Planner

Word | Editable PDF | Image | Excel

Homeword Planner

Editable PDF | Image

Weekly Homework Planner

This weekly school planner will keep track of the assignments and homework you received all week and when each one is due. There is also a checkbox to mark it when it is complete.

Homeword tracker

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

Homework Tracker

Thursday and Friday

Homework Planner Template

Homework Checklist

Homework Checklist

If you select the Excel version, then there is a dropdown list to select the subject, priority, and status. You can edit the list of subjects under the “subjects” tab. Each subject is automatically assigned a color code. All assignments that are due the next day are colored red. Assignments due that week are orange and those that are due that month are yellow.

Word | Editable PDF | Excel | PNG

This homework tracker can track your homework assignments, the subjects, due dates, and the status of each assignment. There is a dropdown list to select the subject and each subject will be marked with a different color. To change the list of subjects, go to the subject tab and list each subject. The priority can be either urgent, high, normal, or low. The status is either “to do” or “done”. You can change the priority or the status in the tabs.

Assignment Tracker

This Excel spreadsheet keeps track of assignments, who is responsible for each, and when each assignment is due. The color of each assignment changes according to the due date. When the assignment is due it will turn yellow. You can also open this spreadsheet on Google Sheets.

Assignment tracker

Excel Spreadsheet

What is a homework planner?

This is a planner to track your homework and assignments to ensure that you prepare and submit everything on time. An assignment planner can keep track of all your assignments and is a great tool for priority management. However, if you have other obligations such as tests, social and family gatherings, etc, it might be better to prepare a planner that takes all your obligations into account. If you have a family gathering the day before a test, then you will know you will need to start studying one day earlier than you would have. If you don’t keep track of deadlines and everything you need to do, you might find yourself stressed or too late to get everything done. Planning will take the stress out of school and help you be more productive and organized.

How to use an assignment tracker?

Learning how to manage your time is an essential skill that will be needed later on in life as well. Time management is something that sets efficient people apart from those who do not manage their time well and get little done or even fall apart when stressed. Our job as parents is to give our children the skills and tools to manage their time well and get things done, even when they have a lot on their plate.

Start helping your kids to get organized when they are young. Help them write their assignments in their planner. Help them organize their time and schedule. The younger they are, the less they have on their plate. This is the time to help them acquire the skills they will need when they are older and obligations start to become more overwhelming. Remind your kids to review their planner regularly until it becomes a habit. By the time they are older, in high school or college, they will be able to manage their time efficiently.

It isn’t enough to write assignments and homework in a planner when you receive them. In order for a planner to be efficient, you will need to review it regularly. Start a daily habit where you check your homework calendar daily to see what needs to be done. This should be part of your child’s daily routine. If it isn’t feasible to check daily, then it should happen at least once or twice a week. If that doesn’t work, then try setting reminders on your phone.

How to make a homework planner?

Choose whether you want a weekly assignment planner or a daily or monthly planner. Whatever works for you. Scan the templates on this page and see which one you think will be the most helpful. If you like it as-is then download the PDF version. If you prefer to edit it to meet your specific needs then select the Microsoft Word version and edit as you please. Make it work for you.

If you feel comfortable using a spreadsheet then try the assignment deadline spreadsheet template above.

If you are a college student, then you might want a comprehensive student planner that includes a homework tracker:

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1 thought on “Homework Planner”

amazing resources for students- thank you.

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Homework Planner Template

The best thing I can say about this homework planner is that my own kids like it enough to want me to print a copy for them each week. The design for this planner came from a mash-up of the techniques that my brother and I used in college to organize our time. I've refined the design based on feedback from my kids (one high-schooler and two home-schoolers).

How It Works : This planner combines two very useful tools for keeping track of your homework assignments, both on a single page. First, on the left is a homework check list for each of your classes. Use it to list the assignments, due dates, and the estimated time to complete each assignment. List upcoming exams and plan times to study. Second, on the right side you can plan your week to figure out how you will get everything done.

Printable Homework Planners

The following PDF files can be printed as needed. The main difference is in the weekly schedule because high-schoolers and home-schoolers tend to do their homework at different times of the day.

Student Homework Planner PDF

License : Private Use (not for distribution or resale)

Authors: Jon Wittwer and Jim Wittwer


This spreadsheet includes two separate worksheets with slightly different designs. The Homeschool design doesn't include the "time" column because we found it wasn't as critical to predict how much time a particular assignment would take. However, for high school and college, estimating the time to complete each assignment can be extremely helpful.

We designed it so that you can either print blank copies of the planner, or edit it electronically. You may be able to store and edit this planner on your mobile device if you are using Excel for iPad/iPhone or Google Sheets.

Tips for Students:

1. Customize the template: Using Excel or Word, enter your class names on the left and your typical weekly schedule. For example, use the schedule to highlight the times for each of your classes, your extracurricular activities, part-time jobs, etc.

2. Print blank copies: After customizing the template, you can print as many of these planner pages as you need, and you won't need to enter your typical weekly schedule each time.

3. Don't forget incomplete assignments: When switching to a new page each week, don't forget to go through your list of assignments and transfer the incomplete assignments to the new page.

4. Don't lose it: Keep your planner page in a folder that you always have with you. If you are worried about misplacing it, try taking a picture of it with your phone as a backup.

5. Use a mobile app: If you have a phone with the Excel or Word app or Google Docs app, and you are allowed to use a mobile device in school, you could try going paperless and editing the template on your phone. You could also try using one of the many "student planner" or "homework planner" mobile apps. The problem with this approach is that phones can be a huge distraction. If you are obsessed with Instagram or texting, it may be better to avoid using your phone if you want to get anything done.

Note to Teachers:

You are welcome to print copies of this planner to give to your students. The worksheet is pretty intuitive, but don't assume that students will know how to use it. Teach them about managing their time and help them learn how a planner can help.

One important thing that you can do to help your students is to give them a realistic estimate of how much time each assignment will take. If you get a lot of students complaining that an assignment took longer than you said, either cut back the work (if it was excessive), or use the feedback to give a better estimate next time around.

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Assignment Planner Template

Download free printable Assignment Planner Template. For more similar Student templates, browse our free printable library. Simply download and print them at home or office.

Assignment Planner Template

Scroll down for print and download options

Free printable assignment planner template to help students plan and keep track of their assignments and projects efficiently.

They can write the subject, assignment details and due date for that assignment. They can also check off the corresponding box when they are done with the assignment.

Simply download and print.

Looking for more organized student planner?

Make sure to check out this Printable Student Planner .

Printable Student Planner

This one comes with 20+ printable pages to organize your student life in school, college or university.

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Student Weekly Planner Template

Assignment Tracker

Assignment Tracker

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Library Book Tracker

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Student Binder Cover Template

Student Planner Binder

Student Planner Binder

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Books to Read Tracker

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Student Vision Board Template

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Student Weekly Schedule Template

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Printable Homework Planner Template for College Students

assignment planner template free

Free Homework Tracker Template

weekly assignment tracker template on greyish background with palm frond leaves

In today’s post, I have an awesome new freebie to share with you – a homework planner template!

Whether you have trouble remembering assignments or just looove being organized, these printable worksheets will come in clutch.

Homework Planner for College Students

The template I designed has 2 parts to it. Plus, 2 different fonts to choose from!

The first two pages are for keeping track of the assignments for all your classes.

2 page homework planner template in purple

It’s super easy to make a note of what you need to do for each class if you keep these in a folder or binder that’s always in your backpack.

Or if you’re a real go-getter:

Use your class syllabi to plan out weekly assignments for the whole semester.

purple assignment tracker printable for college students with two pages

The third page will help you make a game plan for completing the homework.

example of what the homework planner template with purple design

Nothing triggers feelings of procrastination more than a big assignment or project.

However, when you break it down into smaller tasks it doesn’t seem as difficult. And you’ll realize that you’ve got this!

purple printable homework planner for college students

And that’s the gist of how these printables work. They’re a simple way to work smarter, not harder!

How to download the free printable homework planner template

Interested in using my college homework planner printables?

Get instant access to the PDF files by becoming an email subscriber.

In addition:

You’ll have unlimited access to 25+ free printables for college students.

Grab both versions of the homework tracker templates for FREE by entering your information down below.


Get the Homework Planner for free when you enter your email below. You’ll receive access to both versions + a whole library full of exclusive printable content for college students.



Just want the dang printables? No problem. You can unsubscribe with one click.

Check your inbox!

There’s just one more step between you and your free template. Download it ASAP by confirming your email address .

TIP: if the confirmation email hasn’t arrived within a few minutes, try checking your spam folder .


Wrapping up with the homework planner template

At college you’ll have a lot of homework to do, essays to write, and reading assignments to complete. But a little forethought and organization can go a long way.

I hope these printables help you handle it all in stride!

Have a printable you want me to make? Leave a comment to let me know.

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Charlie is the co-founder of College Life Made Easy and author of the book 175+ Things to Do Before You Graduate College . She’s a 2015 graduate who teaches overwhelmed students and parents of students how to confidently navigate the whole college thing. As a former broke college kid, she’s passionate about helping students develop the skills they need in order to thrive (instead of just survive), stress less, and actually enjoy the full college experience.

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Thank you Charlie! I was having difficulty trying to stay on top of my class assignments and was able to download your PDF weekly planner for homework! I’m so excited to use it !

I’ve tried to different email addresses and I haven’t got the templates yet… All I’ve gotten is to subscribe to the newsletter.

All of our free printables are located in the resource library here. The initial email you get when you subscribe to our newsletter has the password to access the printables. The password for the resource library is also in the footer of each newsletter. Hope that helps!

I am homeschooling my teenage daughter for the first time this semester and I believe that your weekly planner will be very helpful, Thanks so much

Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, Kate. 🙂 You’re so welcome!

I am homeschooling my teenage daughter for the first time this semester and I believe your weekly planners will be very helpful. Thanks

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Interactive resources you can assign in your digital classroom from TPT.

assignment planner template free

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assignment planner template free

Easel Assessments

Unlock access to 4 million resources — at no cost to you — with a school-funded subscription..

weekly homework planner

All Formats

Resource types, all resource types, results for weekly homework planner.

Digital Assignment Notebook, Weekly Planner, Homework Tracker {Google Slides}

Digital Assignment Notebook, Weekly Planner, Homework Tracker {Google Slides}

Teacher Mom Power

Planner/Agenda Pages for Students *Editable* {Weekly and Monthly}

Planner/Agenda Pages for Students *Editable* {Weekly and Monthly}

Molding Minds in Elementary

DIGITAL PLANNER - Google Classroom - Student Planner and Teacher Plan Book

Teaching With Potential

EDITABLE Weekly Student Planner Agenda (UPDATED 2022-23 dates)

Mrs Dahlface

Editable Homework 4th Grade

Reagan Tunstall

Editable Homework First Grade

Editable Homework 2nd Grade

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2023 Editable Calendars - Weekly Calendar Template (Editable)

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The Traveling Educator

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ADHD and Executive Functioning Weekly HOMEWORK Planner

ADHD and Executive Functioning Weekly HOMEWORK Planner

Mental Fills Counseling Tools

Also included in:  ADHD and Executive Functioning for Rigid Thinkers BUNDLE

Student Planner (Editable Covers) Weekly Organizer w/ Reference Charts

Student Planner (Editable Covers) Weekly Organizer w/ Reference Charts

Teaching on Lemon Lane

Also included in:  THRIVE GUIDE: Back to School Activities Icebreakers All About Me Build Community

Editable Homework 3rd Grade

Editable Homework 3rd Grade

Student Homework Planner

Student Homework Planner

Janet Burgeson

Editable Homework Kindergarten

Student Planner Editable Print and Digital 2022-2023 Weekly TO DO LIST | Agenda

Student Planner Editable Print and Digital 2022-2023 Weekly TO DO LIST | Agenda

Wendy's Works

Student Weekly Planner

Katie Price

Book challenge log and weekly reading response homework calendar


*NEW* 2022-2023 Dated Weekly AVID Agenda Pages for Planner Binder

*NEW* 2022-2023 Dated Weekly AVID Agenda Pages for Planner Binder

Adventures in Upper Elementary

Weekly Homework Planner

Amber Franklin

Homework for Functional Language Skills & Independent Routines

Autism The Teen Years

Weekly Homework Planner for Student, Editable Google Slides

Online knowledge resources

Daily Classroom Slide for Agenda/Planner + Homework | Women's History Month

Miss Fairchild Creates

Weekly Homework Planner-School Theme

Inspired Bilingual

Student Planner - Editable Student Binder

Caffeine and Classy

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Five day homework planner.

This is a weekly homework planner for keeping track of what is being done on a day-to-day basis. In includes sections for the five weekdays, plus one more section for the weekend.

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Get Free Homework Planner Templates In Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides

Homework Planner - free Google Docs Template - 4026

Homework Planner

Convenient Homework Planner - free Google Docs Template - 998

Convenient Homework Planner

Brown Homework Planner - free Google Docs Template - 997

Brown Homework Planner

Blue Homework Planner - free Google Docs Template - 996

Blue Homework Planner

Orange Homework Planner - free Google Docs Template - 1014

Orange Homework Planner

Cute Homework Planner - free Google Docs Template - 1013

Cute Homework Planner

Are you having trouble optimizing your homework time? Or do you constantly forget to do it, and then you have to get bad grades? To get rid of this inattention, we advise you to write down all tasks and duties received. And to make this process fast, modern, and simple, we recommend using our homework planner templates. With our options, with a user-friendly structure, easy-to-read, eye-pleasing and cute design, and many built-in tools, you will achieve maximum productivity in school and at home when doing homework.

Why is it worth using our services? TheGoodocs is the largest provider of free templates. Our designers with vast experience and high skills in creating editable layouts are ready to help you. We employ only the best template developers for Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets presets. And you can see it personally! Right now, we offer you to check out all the advantages of our platform and find out why our services are preferred by tens of thousands of people around the world.

Use the Services of the Largest Template Provider

Our platform has been operating for a long time. During the function of the website, more than three thousand unique and exclusive custom templates on any subject have been added. Now, we are visited by people from every corner of the world and are simplifying their routine work with documents, designs for business cards, and flyers, and helping with a search for a free homework planner template. And we will give you access to any template! We are very glad you have decided to visit our website, and believe us, we will not disappoint you!

Free Templates Available Now

You can start customizing your favorite homework planner in Google Docs, Google Slides, or Google Sheets without restrictions. All you have to do is select the appropriate template, go to its page and click on the red "Edit Template" button. Right after that, you will get access to the desired homework planner and will be able to start filling and customizing it.

And is that all that is needed to use our layouts? Exactly! We do not force you to give us good ratings, register, or buy any subscription to access the service. The platform was launched for you to choose the printable template and make work easier!

Continuous Work to Improve the Website

Although there are already more than three thousand actual templates available to our users, we are not going to stop there. Our professionals are working on creating new, relevant templates for any topic. Every day we add more than ten options that become available to users worldwide.

Also, on our website, you will find a "Requests" section. There you can always leave your comments and wishes for further development, which we will take into account.

Simple and Convenient Customization

You can start working on customizing the homework planner template in Google Docs right now. We suggest using Google Docs, Google Slides, or Google Sheets formats. But this does not mean that everything is limited to this. You can always download the layout to a convenient device and use other online or offline editors.

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